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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 146- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Doctor 'Q', it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 146 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 146

    'Sontarran Stopover' or 'The 'EA' Wants to Stay'

    The speaker was-- Trace Edwards!!

    "Tracey? Are you baka nuts! That thing can rearrange the frigging universe for Kami's sake!" yelled Kei.

    "That may well be, however, as Mr. G says it simply must be fired once more so- either you do it or I will, ma'am!" cried Tracey with a vengeance.

    "I er do appreciate the offer, Lieutenant Edwards, however, only a 'UG' officer can be allowed to operate our 'God Gun'. It is far too hazardous to be fired by an inexperienced novice." said Garner firmly yet not unkindly.

    "But, sir, er I--" began the 'Kaguran' officer.

    "Stow it, kid. Charlie knows damned well that I'll fire the Fxxxing thing no matter how much I rant and rave otherwise." replied Kei quietly.

    "Onegai gomen er excuse us, Lieutenant, just for a few moments." said Garner to Tracey.

    Trace looked at the 3WA's TSC and frowned.

    "OK, Tracey. Go see if you can help Gene on the bridge and that's an order." said Kei, hitting the door release and ushering him to the hallway. Then she closed the door and sealed it.

    "OK, Chuckie. You win. I'll do it. Where and when?" asked the rdhead, stubbing out her cheroot and lighting another one.

    "The 25th at 0403 hours- exactly. Sorry but you will have to leave here as soon as possible so no 'Sontarran' stopovers, I'm afraid. Just pick up supplies there. (Kei scowled at him.) OK. One day. You can stay overnight but then you'll have to really move your ass! You have got to be in position by 0403 on the 25th without fail. You got that, Kei?" said Garner

    "Where?" she yelled impatiently and he sighed.

    "Activate your vidmap starcharts for the 'Beta' Quad. (Kei did so.) You see that small asteroid just North of 'Kalufrax'? (Kei again nodded) That is 'Onizuka Paladin VI' and in the exact centre of it is a cavern. You must fire the gun into it- at full force. You should have a good seven and a half minutes to clear the ensuing shockwave blast. (Kei was in open-mouthed shock!) Deirdre, I guarantee, I swear by all that's holy that this 'will' do it. I'll contact Yuri to let her know you'll be delayed another week or so and I'll have her and Kome and Marlene code the cannon for you. Good luck, Katie, me darlin'. Garner out."

    The TSC had blanked his vidscreen a scant five seconds before Kei threw the ashtray at the relay box! "Dam you, Garner! You know I hate that name!" she screeched at the top of her lungs and a severe pounding began on her door!

    "Boss! Open up! For Kami's sake, open up! Are you OK in there? Answer me, dammit!" yelled Saavik.

    "OK. OK. Just a frigging minute!" barked Kei. The door flashed open when Kei hit the release bar and Saavie rushed inside. "I'm OK, Saavie. Just mad is all. Nai, don't ask. Have Rally call a meeting for all hands after dinner in the rec room- say at 1830 hours. I've got more bad news." said Kei who was still fuming.

    "We can't go to 'Sontarra' eh? They'll all be disappointed of course but-" began Saavie.

    "It ain't that, kid. We'll still be going there but just for overnight. There's more but I'll taht to all of you tonight. Off you go now Saav and arigatou for your concern but I'm just fine. Bye." said Kei, ushering her out and then crashing onto the sofa to mull over her problems until din-din time.

    A few minutes later the PA speakers blared out Rally's announcement. Kei was dozing when the next klaxon awakened her. "Food! Come and get it!" howled Goat Smith over the speakers.

    "How the Hell can 'Coop' and 'Kiva' (not Nerese, this one's the 'MEGAS' pilot- their er giant robot in Jersey- remember?) put up with those two baka morons?" thought Kei. "Dam! It's hot in here all of a sudden! 'CC', lower the temp to 14 degrees Kelvin. Where the Hell are we anyway?" grumbled Kei.

    "Well Katie er sorry I meant Kei, we're an hour and a half away from 'Sontarra' and I do believe I just heard Mr. Smith calling us to dinner." said 'CC'.

    Kei pulled off her sweats and changed into a polo shirt and biker shorts. "Time to fuel up. See you, tomo mine." she said, ignoring the 'Katie' slip.

    "Oro'd ya make for us, guys?" she asked when she got to the rec room and sat down at the bar.

    "Beef Bourbougne, potatoes Lorraine, asparagus spears, hot Parker House rolls and baked Alaska. Tracey boy has done us proud, man." answered Jamie.

    "Great. Gimme the works. And a 'Jameson's' please- straight up er no ice. Where is everybody anyway? I thought everyone aboard would have heard Goat's bellowing." said Kei, fishing out a cheroot and igniting it while she waited.

    "Well! Here's a bloody switch! The Boss is the first one down for dinner!" joked Gene who had just arrived with the flight crew.

    "Mugghi's got the comm, gang." said Jimbo.

    "Siddown, Gene. How come it's so friggin' hot all of a sudden like?" complained a sweltering Kei.

    "At least it got you into something besides pants for once! We're near to the 'Helix Rahxephon', one of this system's triple suns. Cheer up. In another half hour it'll be freezing cold . It gets colder the nearer we draw to 'Sontarra' but a few days off there will be quite relaxing nonetheless." he said.

    "They sure would be." agreed Kei quietly.

    "Oro do you mean by that?" he asked suspiciously and she whispered into his ear.

    "Well, one day's better than none, I suppose. That oro the big powwow's for tonight, Boss?" replied the pilot.

    "Sota." she said and told him the rest of it.

    "You're gonna fire that blasted 'Go--" yelled Gene before Kei slapped a gloved hand across his yap.

    "Let 'em eat in peace before I drop that bombshell on 'em, OK?" she said and Gene nodded. She took her hand away from his mouth.

    "When?" he sighed.

    "The 25th at 0403- exactly." replied Kei, her mouth full of baked Alaska.

    "You gotta do something on time? Kami help us all!" chuckled Gene Starwind.

    Clunk! Kei's sneakered foot connected with his shin.

    "OW! Man, am I glad you aren't wearing boots, you little minx! I'll get you for that!" whispered Gene, mouth full of Beef Bourbougne. "Hmmn! I'm gonna really miss Tracey's cooking when I get back to my 'Star'." he moaned.

    "Why not offer him a job?" murmurred Kei.

    "Oro? What? He won't work for bounty hunters! He's a cop!" replied Gene.

    "He'll be er needing a new job if he decides to stick with Nat likee I think he will. I know she likes it here a lot and so do those two kids of hers. She'd make a great addition to the 'Star' too, Gene. Weapons expert?" suggested Kei with an impishgrin.

    "Maybe I will but er won't the three of 'em go back home soon anyway- whether they want to or not?" said Gene. Kei stared straight ahead before replying.

    "I wonder-? Excuse me for a bit willya?" she replied. She took the lift back up to her cabin.

    "Rally? Any calls for us?" trilled the redhead.

    "Nope." trilled Rally.

    "Yo, 'CC', put in a call to 'Q'- our 'Q' and trill me when you get him." said Kei into the air.

    "He's on two, Kei." replied 'CC' a few seconds later.

    "Arigatou. I got it." she said, activating vidscreen two.

    "Hiya Doc. Hypothetical query- Suppose just suppose that one of my er 'guests' wants to stay in this time era. Would such a thing be at all possible?" asked the redhead. Doctor 'Q' stared at her.

    "Naturle Badgiruel? (Kei nodded) Thought so. Perhaps- if er Miss Athna and Miss Allster also decided to remain here it might just work. OK. Before you fire that thing, place them all in a 'zero room' shielded with an element known as 'Kryptonite'- either red or green. They must remain there for twenty-four Terran hours- a full solar day and night. That should save them from the pull of the rift's closing. The same holds true for any of our other 'guests', O'Halloran. Good luck if you decide to try it. 'CC' can rep up the 'K' stuff quite easily. Just keep it far away from 'Superman' or you'll destroy the guy. 'Q' out." said the 3WA scientist, winking at Kei.

    "Dam his arrogance! The nerve of that creep! And after I defended his ass against Anton too!" thought Kei as she launched a kick at the vidscreen. "OW! Dammit!" she howled in pain when her sneakered foot crunched into the relay box's Kelvinite frame.

    "Wonder if the other two will agree to stay just so Nat can? Wonder if she loves Tracey enough to wanna stay here? Wonder if--" thought Kei. "Aw, the Hell with it! Why not? OK. Let's do it! Let's try it!" she mused aloud.

    "Let's do oro, Kei?" asked 'CC' politely.

    " 'CC', I want you to do something for me. Don't ask why and don't tell anyone about it. It's a secret, a surprise- got it?" said Kei, pulling off her polo shirt and stepping out of her biker shorts.

    "You er are the commander so er yes of course I will, Kei." replied 'CC' guardedly.

    Kei kicked off her sneakers and sat to pull off her socks. "I want you to create a shielded chamber large enough to accommodate three people in in comfort for a few days. Furnish it with a replicator, fridge, microwave oven, stove, vidphones, vidtvs, bunks, sofa, chairs, a bathroom and shower- Hell- you know the drill by now! Use one of our storage areas on one of the sublevels. Shield it with either red or green Kryptonite- use whichever one's stronger and do it immediately, 'CC'. Trill me when it's ready." said Kei, pulling on a turtleneck.

    Cont in Ch 146- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 146-Pt 2-K&K

    "Your wish is my command, tomo. Anything else you'd like?" replied 'CC' and Kei thought a bit.

    "Yeah. Quietly trill Lt. Badgiruel and Ensigns Allster and Athna. Ask them to please meet me in my ready room at 1930 hours. Trill me after you've told them and 'CC', please make it quite clear that this is not an order but rather it is for their own benefit. I--" said Kei, one leg in her uniform trousers.

    "I get your drift, Boss lady. Lemme take care of it for ya. You just finish putting your pants on, baby!" chuckled 'CC' and Kei rankled.

    "You pervert! Have you been getting yourself an aizuful all this time? From now on you keep your vidsensors 'off' when you come in here! And er arigatou, tomo watashi." she said and yanked up her pants and belted them on.

    "The time is 1820 Kei and you've got a meeting downstairs at 1830 so I'm gone." chortled 'CC' while Kei pulled on her new 3WA blazer with the gold and silver pips and epaulettes which proclaimed the young tro-con to be a full-fledged admiral. Then she pulled on fresh socks and slid on short black ankle boots. The debated whether or not to arm herself when-

    "A 3WA/'United galactica' officer is not in uniform unless he or she is under arms, my dear admiral." advised 'CC' so Kei buckled on gunsash, fanny pack/ammo pouches and holster before she spun her trusty old Mark XIII ion cannon into its holster and tying it down to her right hip. She completed her ensemble by binding a Kelly green ribbon around her fiery mane.

    "You can activate your vidsensors, 'CC'. How do I look, tomo?" she asked, her hand on the door controls.

    "Fit to kill, kiddo so go tell 'em the bad news, baby! And er oh yeah- I've prepared a chamber per your specifications on Sublevel Three and next to the fuel lockers. It's marked 'Private' and 'No Unauthorised Entry' so even you can't miss it. I delivered your message to the lieutenant and her two ensigns. They'll be here at 1930 they said. Oh er did ya know that Miss Allster's are hot pink, Miss Athna's are fluorescent green and Miss Badgiruel's are basic black?" said 'CC' mysteriously.

    "Oro are?" asked Kei idly.

    "Yours are a kawaii shade of pale aoishi (blue) today, love." replied 'CC' innocently and realization finally dawned on Kei!

    "Underbriefs! You will deactivate your vidsensors whenever you enter any of the cabins on this ship and that includes this one and my ready room and the nav room upstairs too, you lecher! Ja mata, boyo." said the redhead, zipping up her blazer.

    "Kei, I do think that they'll agree and I do think that everyone knows how serious this meeting of yours really is. The lieutenant and her ensigns have no ties back home and will probably agree to stay in this era." said 'CC' confidently.

    "And the 'serious' bit?" demanded Kei, glancing at her wristchromo which now stood at 1827 hours.

    "You'll see, ma'am. Better get a move on now and may the force be with you, love." said 'CC' in a mock serious tone.

    "Aw, go to jigoku!" she chuckled, dashing for the gantryway and racing down the steps two at a time. Kei shoved open the rec room's door and did a double take!

    Every single man and woman-jack of her crew was wearing full 3WA uniforms! Rally, nat, Caggie, Saavie, Faye, Keisie and all the guys were wearing pants while Flaysie (natch!) had chosen a microminiskirt, in fact the same one that Kome had harped so much about when Kei had made her wear the damned thing!

    "Admiral's on the deck! Ten-Hut!" cried Robin, leaping to attention and snapping off a salute. Everyone else did the same. Kei blinked, returned their salutes and said "At ease. Onegai osawaru er please sit down folks."

    "I see that you've all guessed that it's bad news I've got to tell you eh? Well here goes-" said Kei, explaining her her orders in full detail to them. She concluded with- "--And just you remember not to wear those uniforms down on 'Sontarra' even if we are only staying overnight. Dismissed." she said.

    At 1900, Gene announced their arrival at 'Sontarra' and Jett was dispatched to pick up supplies. A half hour later saw Kei in her ready room once agin wearing her comfy sweats and sneakers. Man, are those new bloody uniforms hot! The redhead was perusing the starcharts around their objective when- "Kei? Open up onegai." was heard outside in the corridor.

    "C'mon in, kiddies." she replied and hit the door release controls to admit Nat, Cag and Flay.

    All three were in full 3WA uniforms. In addition each one had two suitcases with them. All three were armed with Mark IV disruptor guns which were belted to their right thighs. In addition Nat had a laser sword hilt stuck in her belt while the two ensigns each had a plasma rifle slung over her shoulder since the trio had the upcoming guard mount.

    "Siddown and make yourselves comfy. If you guys remain under arms I gotta consider ya still on duty and I can't offer you a drink. Ditch the thundersticks, disruptors and blazers if you like and er it's just us gals if you wanna get rid of it all. Kimonos and sandals in that closet. Now then- Nat, has Gene perhaps already told you why I've asked you all up here?" asked kei, pouring drinks for them all- champagne no less! Nat nodded.

    She and Caggie had preferred to simply remove their blazers while Flaysie had gone the whole route and padded back to the table barefooted and wearing a kawaii violet kimono. Nat pretended not to notice but inwardly she frowned at her young ensign's affrontery!

    Nat drained her glass and poured herself another one. Kei and the ensigns had left their untouched.

    "We've all talked it over and decided there's nothing back home for us. We're loners and we've no ties back there to worry about. All I'd want back there would be a ship of my own but here I can either enter the 3WA or join Trace on Gene's 'Star'- as security officer. Trace has already accepted Gene's offer to serve as chef on the 'Outlaw Star' and er Gene's offered me the post of security and weapons officer as well as the captaincy of a shuttle every now and then. Those two wanna buy their own ship and go into the trding business like Mr. Solo. So er how do we make all this stuff happen, Reds?" said Nat.

    "Do you recall exactly oro you guys had along with you and oro you were all wearing when you first came aboard my ship?" asked Kei, sipping her champagne and pouring Nat another.

    "I er think so." said Nat and Flaysie made a wry face.

    "Caggie and me come aboard in our undies and nothing else!" she said and blushed while Cagalli nodded her agreement. Nat pursed her lips in thought.

    "Let me see- I had my saucer cap, tunic jacket, turtleneck, skirt, shoes, gloves, leggings, knee highs, pistol belt, holster, pistol, lanyard, guardstrap, leg holster, derringer, dagger, slip, girdle, brassiere and underbriefs. Those two had only brassieres and underbriefs. Of course we had some personal jewelry and I had a few things in my pockets too, however, I think that about covers it all. Why?" asked Nat.

    "Because that's oro the Hell we gotta jettison into the rift- all of it and any other jewelry or personal jazz you brought aboard as well. Then you three gotta remain in a sealed and shielded room belowdecks on Sub Three for a few days and this has all gotta be done before I fire the 'God Gun' on the 25th at 0403 hours. So pack up oroever else you'll be needing, say all your farewells just in case it doesn't work and report to that chamber by the 24th. If you'll all follow me, I'll show ya where it's at. Flaysie, it's awful cold down there so you'd better get back into uniform and put on your shoes. You two will need your blazers again. Don't forget your weapons. You got the next guard mount, don't you?" said Kei, pulling on her flight jacket while Nat and cag had both put their blazers back on. Flaysie grabbed her castoff stuff and made a beeline to the bathroom. When she returned she was once again an ensign in the 3WA.

    Kei escorted the trio to her personal express lift and they jetted down to Sublevel Three in a jiffy. Then she showed them their new home for the next few days where they'd be locked in until January 28th. Sure, Doc 'Q' had said twenty-four hours, a full solar day but he'd been wrong before so Kei was taking no unecessary chances. The 'EA' group left their suitcases and returned with Kei to her ready room. After warning them not to wear their uniforms on 'Sontarra' and to be back aboard the 'Angel' before 1030 hours ashita, she dismissed them for their guard detail.

    Cont in Ch 146- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 146- Pt 3-K&K

    At 2000 hours she briefed the rest of the crew and dismissed them. "Have fun and remember that we lift off at 1045 ashita morning so get back aboard by 1030 hours." warned the redhead.

    Gene piloted one skysled and Robin had another. Flay and Caggie opted for skycycles and so did both Keisie and Saavie. Everyone else piled into the two skysleds and after 'Captain Donovan' (Gene of course) had reported to the 'Sontarran' shipping authorities, they all blasted off.

    Jett and Goat were collecting supplies and would return to the disguised 'Angel' later tonight. Kei, Mugghi and Nammo remained aboard. Kei was all curled up on the sofa in her cabin wrapped up in her fave green kimono emblazoned with red ryuu (dragons)(and wearing little else underneath it!) and she was barefoot. The tro-con was watching ancient Terran films on viddisks while Mugghi had the helm and Nammo had shut down to recharge. Kei had just dozed off during the most exciting chase scene of 'Magnum Force' when 'CC' trilled her awake.

    "Oro?" she grumbled and 'CC' really felt sorry to be the bearer of really bad news.

    "Gomen, ma'am. Sorry to disturb you but someone's trying to contact us- someone from 'Sontarra', Kei." advised 'CC' worriedly.

    "Not one of our people, I suppose?" she asked.

    "Nai. 'Sontarran Police'- a Lt. Hugo Kelsner wants to search our ship for contraband. Apparently all ships visiting this sector are to be searched. He did say it's just routine but he also said that if we refuse he is authorised to board by force, Boss." said 'CC'.

    "Great! On the outside we're just a plain ordinary old space cruiser pleasure ship but on the inside we're a galactic patrol starship cruiser because I seriously doubt that pleasure ships have brigs and guns on them! If they board us, we're sunk and if I 'clok', our cover's blown for sure! I sure as Hell can't fire on a the cops! So- wait! They do recognize 'Starfleet' authority and that gives me a scathingly brilliant idea! Stall them, pal! Tell 'em that ya gotta go wake up the OD left in command. Pray that Gene ain't given his exec officer a name yet! Oro level is Saavie er Ensign Saavik's suite on? The Fourth just aft of the laundry rooms? OK, I'll find it. Now stall for me! Try and gimme at least ten minutes, tomo mine! Use your negotiating skills. Pretend taht you're like C3PO or something. I'm depending on you, tomo!" siad Kei already racing for the gantryway stairs.

    While 'CC' was attempting to bluster and bluff out a delay for her Kei ran up the gantryway to Saavie's suite where by using her override codes she had soon gotten into the Vulcan girl's bedroom and yanked open her closets. She pulled out one of Saavie's 'work' uniforms and frowned at it. No way in Hell that an ensign would ever be the first or even second officer on any ship!

    Kei took out one of Saav's semi-formal 'Starfleet' uniforms and one of her full dress ones. Five minutes later by transferring epaulettes, pips, bars, stripes and badges from full to semi-formal and by adding some other crap she'd found in Saavie's bureaus Kei had oro she hoped looked enough like a 'Starfleet' lieutenant commander's uniform to fool a cop from 'Sontarra' at least!

    Saavie's uniform pants were of course miles too short for the tall redhead so reluctantly she slid on the horrid microminiskirt instead. Then she speedily changed into the rest of the getup and yanked on the high 'Starfleet' boots. She pulled on the gloves and adjusted the comm badge. Then she clicked her heels together, snapped to attention and saluted her reflection in the glass a few times.

    "Shit! My hair's a dead bloody giveaway!" she thought, raiding Flaysie's closets. She finally found a scruffy looking long blonde wig (with those awful old-fashioned dreadlocks popular in the ancient past on Terra!) which amply concealed her fiery tresses.

    After a fruitless search for Saavie's phaser she concluded that Saavie had either disobeyed orders or just figured that 'Starfleet' personnel were exempt from the 'no weapons' rule on 'Sontarra'! Then Kei remembered the phaser that Grand Admiral Kirk had given to her. She ran back down to her cabin and grabbed it, hastily slipping it into its holster. 'CC' coughed discreetly.

    "Kei, I'm afraid I can't stall very much longer. This Kelsner guy's getting downright nasty. Oh and do please try to remember that you are supposed to be a 'Vulcan'. They show no emotion and that means they do 'not' get angry! ('CC' chuckled) And er you do know that you look quite ridiculous in that get up and if Kelsner knows oro a 'Starfleet' lieutenant commander's uniform really looks like, the jig's up, don't you?" said a suddenly worried 'CC'. Kei grimaced and patted her pocket.

    "Yeah and that's exactly why I've got a 'stunner' with me! If he acts too suspicious, I'll 'stun' his ass and hold him in the brig until after we split ashita! OK, let's get this over with. Tell Kelsner that I will see him in my ready room. Go and tell him, pal." said Kei who was practicing her smiling.

    Kelsner turned out to be a tallish and handsome bloke and he sure as Fxxx looked damned familiar to the admiral! She clicked her heels together and gave him a snappy salute but all this dude did was smile and then yawn. Kei snapped to attention to address him and her miniskirt started its downward slide!

    "Lt. Commander Elda Saavik, First Security Officer, 'Galaxy Express 999' and just oro can I do for you, Lieutenant?" asked the redhead in oro she hoped was a flat noncommital tone of voice. "Onegai sit down, Lieutenant." she added, seating herself at her desk and finally remembering not to put her feet up on the console.

    Kelsner stared at her but he sat down across the table from her. He grinned at the tro-con.

    "Saavik? The last we met your name was O'Halloran, Captain and you were a 3WA trouble consultant operative too. Oro's the game, Kei?" he demanded, his aizu which were the colour of ice in a polar dawn were twinkling merrily away.

    END of Chapter 146 'Sontarran Stopover' or 'The 'EA' Wants to Stay'. Chapter 147 'The Kids Return' or 'When Old Tomos Meet' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. Wait- just had a thought here. That new video game 'Halo 3'? What is above an Angel's head? Right, a halo yet 'Halo' games are more akin to our kind of DP 'Lovely' Angels than to the ethereal kind, eh? See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 147
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 147- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Kelsner, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 147 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 147

    'The Kids Return' or 'When Old Tomos Meet'

    Kei had been fingering her stunner. "And oro the Hell were you when last we met, Hugo?" Kei fired back at him defiantly. He looked hurt.

    "Aww! You don't remember? Those few kawaii days on that lovely deserted island? Just you, me and Yuri baby! World's World? Nai? I'll never forget the kawaii sight of the pair of you in those hot springs! Nai, nothing? OK. Then you chased me over half that island in your unmentionables! So did Yuri baby! Nai? You told me 'I ain't giving out no free peeks either, pal!' Then you guys tied me to that tree and--" he recalled in a smooth and oily voice. (DP Flash fans will no doubt recall this one but the rest of you will find full details on DP Flash/Mission 2/Act 1/Part 3 'Steamy Hot Springs Romantic Tour').

    "Caldy? How the Hell'd you ever manage to con your way onto this moon's police force? When I tell 'em who the Fxxx you really are they'll lock your ass up and throw away the bloody key, man! You do know there is still an outstanding 3WA arrest warrant out on you, don't you, tomo mine?" yelled Kei with satisfaction. Kelsner/Caldy grinned at her.

    "And er just how the Hell will you explain a 3WA galactic patrol starship in 'taboo' territory, Captain O., ma'am? I've got an idea. How's about I just forget about you and you just forget about me?" he chuckled and arose from the table but Kei waved him down again.

    "It's 'admiral' now, Caldy. OK, you have yourself a deal- with one small proviso. You will quit the 'Sontarran' police force. When I reach 'Shimougou', the 'Sontarrans' will be warned about you. Is that agreeable to you, tomo mine?" demanded the redhead and Caldy nodded to her.

    "Fine. By the time you get back home, I'll be long gone from these parts, girl. Arigatou, Kei. I gotta tell you though- a blonde you ain't and a lieutenant-commander in 'Starfleet' does not rate double epaulettes nor would they be wearing a good conduct badge from the 'Romulan' empire! And er Kei? You'd better use a belt to hold that skirt of yours up or you'll be giving me a 'free peek' just like you did last time- remember?" said Caldy with a smirk.

    "Yeah. I remember and I also remember that I forgot to do this!" replied the Boss.

    WHAM! Her fist crunched into the con artist's jaw! "Now we're even, pal! I lift off ashita at 1045 hours and I seriously suggest that you be long gone before then! My crew includes quite a few bounty hunters, Caldy and you're considered a 'hot item' around the cosmos ya know! I promise you that they won't hear about you from me. It'll take us three weeks to get home and that's exactly how long you got before I blow the whistle on you- got it?" said Kei through clenched teeth.

    Caldy grinned like a Cheshire Cat at the redhead. "We'd better at least 'pretend' that an inspection's going on, Kei. How's about a tour of the 'Angel', kid?" he replied.

    "No way in the nine Hells, boyo! How's about settling for a late supper and a few drinks? It's now 2200 and at 2300 some of my crew may be returning so for your own safety- at 2300 you leave and you'd damned well better not blow my cover either! Follow me. My dining hall's downstairs not up here, pal." she said, yanking a belt around her waist and cinching it tight.

    The hour finally passed and it was time for Caldy to split. Kei glanced at the wall chromo.

    "OK, party's over. It's 2300 and my crew will be coming home. So- farewell, Caldy." she said, shaking hands with him. Then she led him down to the bays where his shuttle was berthed.

    Kelsner/Caldy had just lifted off when the Bebops returned with Rally Vincent in tow.

    "Jett and Spike are off-loading our supplies. Gimme a hand with Miss Vincent here. Some bounty hunter! Three 'Singapore Slings' and she's loaded! Rally-Poo? We're home. Time to get up and go to beddy-bye. Hey, Kei! Help me! She must weigh a ton!" said Faye Valentine, heaving the Terran girl into the redhead's arms.

    "Just a sec while I er retrieve Milady's garments." she added, reaching back into the skysled and pulling out a gold blazer, shirt, tie, shoes and a pair of black pants. Rally was wearing a yellow/red polo shirt bearing the words 'Sun City Centaurs' and a starburst sun logo. The 'Centaurs' were a local 'Sontarran' football team. She also had on a pair of yellow bikini briefs, grey knee-highs and- nothing else!

    "She did a strip tease in the sports bar! Then she tried playing 'Wonder Woman' by jumping off the balcony but Gene caught her ass before she crashed onto the glass-topped piano! Needless to say, she'd already wrecked the place so the boys at 'UG' are gonna be getting a very hefty bill from Jett and Gene who paid for all the damages! Oro the Hell are you all made up for? Hall-o-we'en?" said the 'cowgirl' who was laughing so hard that she dropped Rally's stuff and had to gather them up all over again. Kei grinned impishly.

    "The 'Sontarrans' sent a cop aboard to check the ship for contraband so I impersonated the ship's security officer. I was er gonna tell 'em that we were an undercover 'Starfleet' vessel or something-" began the Boss. Faye chortled.

    "And they actually 'bought' that get-up? Oro'd you do- raid Saavie's closets? You've got more 'fruit salad' than Pike or Kirk even!" howled Faye.

    "I er lucked out. It turned out that the patrol officer was er an old tomo of sorts and I didn't need to lie about anything, Cowgirl. Let's get 'Gypsy Rose Lee' here up to her bunk eh?" replied Kei, making a wry face.

    "Nothing for us to worry about then?" asked Faye. Kei nodded abstractedly as they half dragged and half carried Rally to the lift.

    "Why the long face then?" asked the svelte bounty hunter.

    "I got gypped outta my night off! Any of the others following you?" asked the redhead, keying open Rally's suite.

    "Well, Jamie and Goat did wanna bring two space babes back here but Gene and Jimbo soon put the kibosh on that idea! Instead they're supposed to be rounding up Robbie and Cy before they come back here. Saavie's got Keisie and Nat and Tracey are with them. Keisie's drunk and er so's Nat. Flaysie and Caggie went shopping so I guess they'll be coming home soon as well." said Faye, pulling off Rally's top and knee-highs. Kei frowned at the sleeping Terran.

    "Great! That's just great! Rally's my comm relay officer. Now oro do I do for one?" complained Kei, spreading a second blanket over Rally and chuckling. "Guess you'll have to take her place, Faye." added Kei.

    "Why me! I dunno nothing about relays and stuff, man!" objected the 'cryogenic cowgirl'.

    "It's just like yakkin' on the vidphone and Spike says ya do that all of the time anyway so where's the problem?" replied Kei.

    "I didn't pour the booze down her throat ya know! OK, OK! I'll do it for ya! After I take a shower! Christ!" grumbled Faye.

    "Ashita, not tonight, kiddo. We're OK for now. And er Faye? Thanks a lot." said Kei just as the door to the suite crashed open.

    Naturle Badgiruel rushed into the room and grabbed Kei by the arm- hard!

    "How long can we hunt for them?" demanded the suddenly sober 'Earth Alliance' officer. Kei slowly shook her head.

    "Gomen. Sorry Nat but if they ain't here by ashita, we just cannot afford to wait for them. I've only got a few days to get to the 'Beta Quad' and fire that gun." apologised Kei and Nat hit the ceiling. She was furious.

    "Dammit all, Boss! How can just one more day matter to you? Just one, Kei? Ple-e-ase!" pleaded Nat. Finally Kei relented- a little.

    "OK, I'll give 'em just twelve more hours but that's it, Nat! Whether they are here or not, this ship blasts off sharp at 2300 hours ashita ban (tomorrow night)- got it?" replied Kei, picking up the relay mike.

    " 'GE 999' to 'Sontarran' control. Do you read me? Over." said Kei.

    "Roger that, 'GE 999'. I read you loud and clear. This is 'Sontarran Tower', Lt. Juan Pancherero here. How can I assist you? Over." replied the tower officer on the moon below.

    "Patch me through to the 'Sontarran Police'. I need to speak with Lt. Hugo Kelsner. Stat! Tell him it's er Lt. Commander Elda Saavik, 'Starfleet'. Over." replied Kei.

    "Roger, ma'am. Stand by. Over." said Lt. Pancherero from the tower. Several minutes passed. Then-

    " 'Sontarran Tower' to Commander Saavik. You still there, ma'am? Over." said Pancherero.

    "Roger, lieutenant. I'm here. You got Kelsner yet? Over." replied Kei.

    "He's on Tach 2. Pleasure talking to you, ma'am. Pancherero out." he said and signed off.

    Faye was glaring icy daggers at her commander. "Since when do you have contacts with the 'Sontarran' fuzz?" she demanded, tapping her boot on the floor.

    Cont in Ch 147- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 147- Pt 2-K&K

    "Since an hour ago! Now shut up, Cowgirl!" whispered Kei.

    "Lt. Kelsner? Hi Hugo- remmber me? Commander Saavik? Good. Can you talk? OK then- Caldy, I need a big favor. Fine. I'll give you a double fortnight before I blow the gaff on ya! Deal? OK. Here's oro I need from you. Two of our young ensigns, Flay Allster and Cagalli Athna are late back. Quietly see if you can find them and get them back to the ship before 1000 hours ashita morning. Whatever you do though- don't arrest 'em! Put out an 'APB' on 'em if you want but just say that they're missing persons or something. You get them back here so I don't miss my launch window you get yourself an extra fortnight's head start. Got it, Caldy?" explained Kei.

    By the way a 'fortnight' is fifteen days and is an ancient European Terran term.

    "Consider it done, Sweetie! Just send me over their vidphotos and descriptions. I'll take it from there. Nighty-night, katie me darlin'. Kelsner out." chuckled Caldy merrily. Faye stared at her Boss.

    "Yuri told us a story about some baka yoyo named Caldy on a deserted island on 'World's World' with you two sometime back. Was that him? And he's a cop now?" yelled Faye.

    "Don't say another word, Cowgirl! That's him. It's er a long story but nai, he ain't really a cop. He's er a wanted felon but he is strictly small fry and I need his help so you guys leave him alone! He's our best hope of finding Flay and Cag in time so Faye, don't tell a soul about this! That's an order dammit!" said Kei and Faye got to her feet and stretched her arms.

    "Guess I'd better get together a search party and go out and look for the kids too." she said, heading for the lift.

    "Loose lips vaporize starships!" called Kei after her retreating form.

    "Wait up, Faye! I'm going with you!" called Nat from her bedroom. Faye touched her earring.

    "Jett? I'm er borrowing the 'Hammerhead', OK?" she trilled.

    "The Hell you are! Spike, shake a leg! Gene, Jimbo, Jamie, Goat, Keisie! We're going hunting! Come on!" trilled the big cowboy with the metal arm.

    When they got to the bays Tracey, Cy, Saavie and Robin as well as Nat and Faye were impatiently waiting for them. "All aboard!" yelled Spike and they piled onto the shuttle. Seconds later the 'Hammerhead' blasted off in search of the erran juveniles.

    Kei, who was still in her borrowed 'Starfleet' get-up, was dozing on the bridge when Mugghi trilled her sometime later.

    "Huh? Whazzit? Some 'Sontarran' cop wants in? Who? Kelsner? Oh yeah- Caldy! Of course you can let him in, you baka! He must have the kids with him! Hurry up, Furball!" trilled Kei and she was already racing for the lifts.

    "These two yours, O'Halloran?" asked Caldy, a blonde uner one arm and a brunette under the other.

    Both girls were sleeping soundly and wearing pajamas- Cagalli in green ones while Flaysie was wearing aoishi-coloured 'Ralphie' bunny pajamas suitable for a four year old- completed with feet, paws, ears and mittens! (OK, the 'Ralphie' reference is to an old Terran movie 'A Christmas Story' but you'll just have to look it up to get the jest eh). Kei was trying to suppress a giggle.

    "Yup. They sure are mine, Caldy. You've got your extra fortnight. I won't turn the gendarmes loose until the end of February. Good luck, my tomo and er domo arigatou, pal." replied Kei, again shaking hands with the con artist extraordinaire. He gently lowered both sleeping beauties to the floor. With a farewell wave, the rogue blew her a kiss before boarding his vessel and lifting off for parts unknown!

    Kei closed the airlocks and sealed them. She threw one kid over each shoulder and trudged back to the lift. Back upstairs in the 'EA' suite, Kei tucked both kids into their bunks, closed the suite doors behind her and returned to the bridge to resume her interrupted nap. The chromos stood at 0415 hours.

    At 0700 hours- Mugghi admitted the 'search party' and all of them went to the bar for a quick nightcap before they turned in. Mugghi trilled Kei and the redhead changed back into sweats and sneakers before going down to meet them.

    "Gomen Boss but er we just could not find them! We looked everywhere, man!" groaned Gene.

    Faye and Keisie were of course already loaded. Nat, however, was cold stone sober and absolutely beside herself with rage!

    "One more day! Just one more Fxxxing day! That's all I wanted but would you give me that one day? Nai! Well? Now oro? Do I get that extra day now, Admiral?" yelled Nat.

    "Nai. You don't. (Nat had risen to her feet but shoved her back onto her barstool) Let me finish. Because you won't need it now. The kids are upstairs in their bunks asleep. A tomo of mine found 'em. Exhausted from all their shopping, they had sent all their new purchases ahead to 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' on 'Shimougou' and checked themselves into a youth hostel for the night and went to bed. He er brought them back home to us and er that's all there is to that. End of story. We'll lift off at noon ashita as planned. Nat, be sure you, Flay and cag are locked inside that 'zero room' on Sublevel Three on the 24th when we reach Op-Six (Jimbo's nickname for their destination of 'Onizuka Paladin VI') and you'll remain in there until the 28th just to be on the safe side. Better get some sleep, guys. G-Night er guess maybe I should say 'Gozaimasu' (Good Morning) instead eh?" said Kei with a yawn.

    Upstairs Flay and cagalli were just now awakening from the mild dose of 'Kolanda', a sedative that Caldy had administered to them as a precaution after he'd found them at 0300 in a youth hostel on Kaz Lane.

    "Man! Oro the Hell was in that damned cocoa we had last night, Cag? Think I'll call room service for some breakfast and coffee. You want anything?" asked Flaysie, reaching for the bedside vidphone and brushing her hand across Saavie's face!

    "Hey Mom! Lemme sleep! I don't wanna go to emotion control school today!" murmurred the Vulcan girl in her sleep.

    "Saavie? Cag, how the Hell'd we get back to the ship? All I remember is that damned landlady asking us if we'd like to borrow some pajamas!" yawned Flay, sitting up.

    "Yeah and then you started moaning over those dumbass bunny pajamas she gave ya!" giggled Cagalli from her bunk.

    "Yeah! Go ahead and laugh! At least you got real ones! I got stuck with the 'Ralphie' bunny ones!" grumbled Flaysie and Cag began laughing again until-

    "Ooh! My poor aching little head! Cocoa Hell! Somebody done slipped us a 'Mickey', girl!" complained Cagalli, pawing through her closet for a flight suit. Then she glanced at Flay who had unzipped her bunny down the front and was staring at herself in the mirror with a rueful expression on her kawaii face.

    "Take off that ridiculous crap, Flaysie! Hurry and get dressed so we can go downstairs for breakfast! No room service aboard the 'Angel' for us!" said Cagalli.

    A few minutes later and they were both downstairs at the bar for breakfast, however, unfortunately for them the kitchen crew was still asleep upstairs!

    "Yo! How's about some service out here dammit? Jamie? Goat? Tracey? Anybody?" yelled Cagalli.

    "Christ Almighty! There's nobody back there to cook, Caggie!" wailed Flaysie who had just run next door to the galley.

    "Oro's with all the racket dammit?" grumbled Faye, padding up to them, reaching across and under the bar for a glass and the vodka. "Save your breath, kiddies. They're all asleep. We were out all Kami shimatta night lokking for you two baka morons! We only got to bed an hour ago. If you're so damned hungry use the reps and make your own breakfasts. You can do me up some toast and coffee at the same time." yawned the cowgirl, pouring a vodka for herself.

    By 0830 the two kids were being rushed off their feet filling orders. By 0930 Tracey, Goat and Jamie had finally shown up to help out. The Boss strolled in with Keisie at 0945. Each of them had a hearty repast and then Kei handed out the assignments.

    First up- Nat, Cag and Flay were going to try to become permanent residents of this time era. Vittorio Galadriel himself had cleared away the red tape so that the trio was already accepted into the 'Shimougan Air Patrol'. The kids were to be promoted to lieutenants (jg of course) while Nat was to be the lieutenant-commander of a starship. The two kids would be assigned as her gunners. Temporarily Trace Edwards would be transferred to the 'SAP' as an adjutant so he could be with the kawaii former 'EA' lieutenant. Of course Nat and Tracey were to join Gene on the 'Star' while the two kids wanted to start their own space cargo business like Han Solo's but oro Uncle Vito didn't know couldn't hurt him!

    Cont in Ch 147- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 147- Pt 3-K&K

    For all of this to happen, however, the trio from the 'EA' had to survive the upcoming rift closing. To that end they were all three to enter the newly created 'zero room' belowdecks and remain locked in there until the 28th of January. If all went well they'd be able to avoid being sucked back through the vortex to their own time era and having to go back to the 'Earth Alliance' battlestar cruiser 'Archangel' from whenece they'd originally come.

    Second- Gene Starwind was assigned as pilot for the 'Angel' with Jimbo Hawking as his co-pilot. Navigational duties were to be shared by Rally and Saavie while Faye was to handle communications. Keisie was the weapons commander. Ther 'EA' trio was to be her gun crew until they reached 'Onizuka Paladin VI' or 'Op-Six' as Jimbo had christened their destination. That would be on the 24th which was when they'd enter the 'zero room' belowdecks. Their replacements were to be Spike Steigel, Jamey Wilson and Goat Smith. Cyborg got the Chief Engineering nod with Robin the Titan and Jett Black as his assistants.

    Third- the morning after that (at 0300 on January 25th) Jett would ferry Cowboy Spike out to the asteroid with a Mark XXI sonic cannon in tow. The Mark XXI resembled an ancient Terran bazooka. At exactly 0400 hours Spike would fire a dummy shell into the asteroid's central core and Jett would toss the duffel bag containing all the 'EA' crew's worldly possessions which they'd originally arrived with into the opening created by the cowboy. Then they'd hightail it back aboard the 'Hammerhead' which Keisie would 'tractor' back aboard the 'Angel'. These tasks should be easily accomplished within the three minutes window allotted for them.

    Fourth- At exactly 0403 hours Boss Kei would fire the 'God Gun' at full power directly into that self same core opening which the Bebop duo had just used. Then they would have no more than seven and a half solar minutes to outrun the ensuing shockwave. That meant Warp forty or higher had to be sustained for at least five full solar minutes. Cyborg had assured them that this was 'no biggie' and Kei had taken that to mean that her starship would not accidentally implode from the additional hull pressure.

    Lastly- They should have a nice leisurely voyage back home to 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou' and Kei had promised them that a one week's stopover at either 'Lyoko' or 'Sontarra' enroute should pose no problems for them. So- barring the unforeseen- they should all reach home by the end of February or the beginning of March.

    Kei O'Halloran had already decided not to put the 3WA onto Caldy' trail- then or ever! All he did were minor con artist jobs making him strictly a 'small fish in a big pond' as the shorter time lord 'Doctor 2' would say.

    Yuri had told them that her tiny fleet would reach 'Furool City' by either the second or third week of February and the vacuumhead had assured the redhead that she'd call her just as soon as her 'guests' began leaving and give the Boss a current headcount as soon as she could manage it. Then all the headaches would start!

    End of Chapter 147 'The Kids return' or 'When Old Tomos Meet'. Chapter 148 'Daydreams' or 'A New Beginning' soon. Have a nice day. SFN and may Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and lemme know your feelings. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 148
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 148- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Danny, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 148 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 148

    'Daydreams' or 'A New Beginning'

    Why would the headaches start you say? Well, the 'UG' and the 3WA were now solely responsible for getting whoever the Hell was left back home to their own places and eras. After that was done, the 'Angels' missions would be complete and all of 'em could take that much needed and long overdue vacation!

    Boss Kei was going to the 'Horn of Nimon' in the 'Kaloric Cluster', the garden spot of the 'Thera Quadrant' and she was really gonna splurge! After all the 3WA was paying for it! The others had their own vacation plans and were keeping mum about them too.

    At 1200 hours Gene blasted off bound for 'Op-Six' while Nat and her two young ensigns had gone back to their rooms to pack up their kits. Nat put on her old 'EA' lieutenant's uniform for one final time and debated keeping part of it as a memento or a souvenir of that life but then told herself firmly that for this thing to work they all had to give up everything from their old lives on the 'Archangel' and 'Earth Alliance' from that now all but forgotten time era.

    Instead the kawaii brunette mad a list of every single item of fuku or clothing, jewelry and weaponry that she'd either had with her or been wearing when she had first come aboard the 'Angel'. She had ordered Cagalli and Flaysie to do likewise even though they had arrived wearing next to nothing at all! Nat then removed each article of her old 'EA' uniform and placed it in a small knapsack, carefully checking each thing off her list as she did so. Next door the kids were doing the same thing she hoped.

    "You had those fluorescent green underpants with the teddy bears on them and the matching brassiere. You had your wristchromo er I mean wristwatch, mood ring and necklace with the silver locket. Oh yeah- you had that 'Flaysie' ankle bracelet and your gold crucifix too, Flay. I had by basic black underbriefs and brassiere, my wristwatch and my charm bracelet. I think that covers everything, doesn't it?" asked Cagalli who was tying up the drawstrings on the tiny chamois sack into which they had both stowed away all the stuff from their former lives.

    "Yeah, Caggie. That's all of it. Any regrets on not wanting to go back to the 'Archangel'? Any at all?" asked the blonde with a whimper.

    "Back there all our peoples ever did was fight! And oro did it ever accomplish? Nothing. I'm happy that the 3WA's homeworld's airforce has acceted us evn if we do have other plans for ourseleves. It's the thought that counts you know. That Mr. Galadriel treated us like we were his own daughters! Nai, I got no regrets whatsoever, Flaysie. You?" replied Cagalli Yuna Athna.

    Flaysie shook her head and fought back tears. "We gotta think of Lt. Nat not ourseleves, Caggie. We owe everything we are to her. I want Nat to be happy and if that big dummy Tracey boy don't propose to her after all this, why- I'll bop him one, that I will!" yelled a sobbing Flay Allster.

    Next door Naturle Badgiruel had bathed and was standing in the drying alcove. "Heat off." she sighed and the humming of the heating units died away. She dressed quickly in a flightsuit and then pulled on her flight boots. A Mark IV ion cannon fitted into her hip holster and put on dark sunglasses and hefted her bag.

    In the ensigns' room Cagalli was flightsuited and ready. "You ready, Flaysie?" she asked.

    "Guess so." snivelled Flaysie who was still in her kimono and barefoot.

    "Flay! Get into your flightsuit and deck boots. Don't orget your dark glasses 'cause those triple suns are murder, man! Grab your Glock 7 and your gunsash. Hurry up! I'll be at the lift." said Cagalli.

    Nat had told them they'd all meet at the lift. Nat was waiting when Caggie got there and she again thanked her for sacrificing her old life back there for she and Tracey's happiness. Cag had promised herself not to cry and broke that promise! Flaysie joined them and pretty soon all three of 'em were bawling! They rode down to the bays and handed their parcels over to Cowboy Spike who stuck knapsack and chamois sack into a heavy canvas duffel bag which he stowed away on Jett's shuttle. That done he accompanied the three girls back upstairs to the bridge.

    Downstairs- Jamey and Goat were still attending to their galley details as was Tracey.

    "Do ya think that Uncle Vito er Mr. Galadriel is gonna get mad at us for not joining his air patrol, Nat?" asked Flaysie. Nat advised the ensign that she should address her as a lieutenant when they were on duty like they were now.

    Nat and Caggie were checking the plasma cannons and Flaysie was supposed to be loading the photon torpedo tubes. "Oh, I shouldn't really think so, Allster. After all, the experiment may very well fail you know." replied Nat. "Get those tubes loaded, Ensign. Athna, you about ready to test those plasma cannons?' she added.

    "Roger that, lieutenant. Ready when you are, ma'am." answered Caggie. Their weapons' tests completed Cag and Flay sat in their gunners' seats while Nat seated herself on the console between them. They relaxed and Nat began to muse to herself.

    "Just think- only san er three more yobis er days and we'll be at 'Onizuka Paladin VI' and Kei fires the gun again. Mr Garner had sworn this would be the last time Kei'd have to do that! All the while we'll be ensconced in that kawaii room belowdecks. Shi er four more days and then we'll know one way or the other if it worked and oro our futures hold in store for us." she thought.

    "Hey Nattie! Wake up kid! Are our guns operational?" asked Keisie, shaking her roughly.

    "Huh? Hai er Keisie. Our weapons are all fully functional. Oro time is it?" yawned Nat.

    "1430 hours. This is gonna be a Helluva long trip. You ever been to the 'Beta Quad' before, kid? (Keisie had apparently picked up the Boss's annoying habit of referring to everyone as 'kid' whether or not they were younger than she!) It's quite an adventurous region out there, man!" said Keisie, seating herself on the console beside the brunette. Nat shook her head.

    "Nai, Keisie. Never. You ever been to this 'Onizuka Paladin VI' place before?" asked Nat.

    "Nai. I never even heard of it before but if it's anything like 'Kikaider 12' we'll have us some real fun and games, girl, that we will!" chuckled the tro-con merrily. Seems that she and Yuyu had atomized a good chunk of 'K 12' back in 2138!

    "Will you two shut the Hell up! My head's still spinning from that 'Mickey Finn' we got from that damned 'Sontarran' copper last night, man! I dunno how Caggie can fall asleep like that. Wish I could!" grumbled Flaysie, her stockinged feet up on the console while her blazer, vest, tie, gunsash, pistol, cap and boots were strewn on the floor around her chair. Nat glanced up and grinned.

    "You er don't mind keeping your pants on, Flaysie, do you?" chortled her superior.

    Flay made a face and snuggled into her chair. Beside her Caggie was snoozing away with her booted feet stretched out in front of her and her arms folded across her chest. Of course Caggie hadn't removed any part of her uniform or equipment!

    To their left, Gene and Jimbo were trying to make some kind of sense out of the new 'route' that Saavie and Rally were feeding into their starcharts. All the way to starboard in their nav room Rally and Saavie were having a hard time playing navigator since neither one of 'em had ever even 'heard' of this 'Beta Quad' let alone 'Op-Six'!

    Faye Valentine made a wry face and shook her head. "Don't look at me, kiddies. We've er never been this far away from Mars before!" she said, relay mike in hand. She was trying desperately to get through to 'Kalufrax' to warn them of their approach so that some trigger-happy yay-hoo didn't decide to take a few potshots at them!

    "Kei! Hey Boss! I can't raise anybody on this 'Kalufrax' so since we can do it why don't be just er 'cloak', man?" trilled Faye.

    "Good idea, Cowgirl. You copy that, Gene? 'Cloak' us! Faye? Where's Jett and Spike?" trilled Kei.

    "Kei? We're cloaked." trilled Jimbo

    "Roger that." trilled the redhead.

    "The guys are down in the bays er giving the 'Hammerhead' a last minue checkup." trilled Faye.

    "Great. Arigatou Faye." trilled Kei. "Gene? Dinner's at 1700 but before you guys come down put the 'Angel' on 'George'. Nat, I wanna see you in my quarters at 1600. Kei out." she trilled. Then she glanced at the wallchromo and grimaced. "Shit! Almost 1500 and I still gotta get that gun cleaned and check on Engineering!" thought Kei to herself, pulling coveralls on over her polo shirt and cutoff shorts. Then she slipped on gum boots over her sneakers. A brisk walk took her to 'sick bay' where she swallowed some 'Artok' tablets for her headache. She strolled across the hall and into the warp core room where Cy and Robbie had the turbines humming smoothly.

    The young admiral did her best to assure them both that Gene would not exceed Warp twenty. Well for the next few days at least. Robin asked if there had been any word yet from Starfire, Raven or Beast Boy who were travelling with the Donovan flotilla but all Kei could do was shake her head and promise to inform them when they made contact with the group. When she got to the docking bays Kei almost went ballistic!

    The 'Hammerhead's' inner workings were scattered all over everywhere, however, both Jett and Spike swore that the vessel would be ready to go by the 25th- without fail!

    "It damned well better be!" she growled and returned to her cabin. At 1600 Nat arrived and sat down opposite Kei on the divan.

    Cont in Ch 148- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 148- Pt 2-K&K

    "I've er gotta ask you this one last time, kiddo. Sorry but are you absolutely sure about not wanting to go back home to your 'Archangel' or the 'Earth Alliance' in your own time era? If you do wanna stay here it's still cool with us- just so long as you guys don't decide to get homesick later on! This thing's a one shot deal, Nat. You won't get a second chance to change your mind again so lemme repeat my question. Are you still willing to give up everything and remain here in the 'Aquarian Galaxy' in AD 2251 with us? Caggie and Flaysie have already agreed to abide by your decision, Nat so- oro is your answer?" asked Kei quietly.

    Nat got to her feet, squared her shoulders and looked the redhead directly in the aizu coolly. " have made my decision, ma'am and I will stick to it. I er we all want to remain here with you folks in this time era. We er thank Mr. Galadriel for his generous offer and all of his efforts on our behalf but Tracey and I will be joing Gene on the 'Outlaw Star' while Cag and Flaysie are going into the trading business. Mr. Solo has agreed to locate them a good second-hand starship and he's also willing to loan them the credits to buy it. Now er Admiral, with your er permission, I'll return to my duties, ma'am." said Nat, unconsciously snapping off a salute which Kei abstractedly returned.

    "OK. Great. Vittorio did want me to ask you if you three or er four even might consider joining the 3WA. We're willing to promote you to captain and give you command of a patrol vessel like this one. The kids would become Subalterns while Tracey would be made a Sub-Commodore. All three would be assigned to your ship and er- (Nat shook her head) Well, I had to ask you, kid. The other two were adamant as well. Good luck, Naturle Badgiruel and welcome to the 23rd Century, girl." said Kei with a grin. Nat smiled, thanked her again and departed.

    Three days later on the 24th Gene Starwind announced the sighting of 'Op-Six' at 1600 hours.

    "Kei? We'll be in range of our destination in another four hours at twenty hundred. Might I suggest that Nattie and her kiddies enter the 'zero room' right after dinner tonight? If you agree?" trilled Gene.

    "Hai, I do indeed agree, tomo. I'll tell them at dinner. See you down there at 1700, boyo?" trilled the Boss.

    "Nai. Jimbo and I are eating up here. There is one humongous asteroid field betwixt us and 'Op-Six' and it's gonna be real tricky getting us through it." trilled the rogue captain.

    Accordingly at 1700 the three 'refugees' arrived for dinner casually attired in polo shirts, jeans, sneakers and jackets. Kei looked them over coolly and asked them:

    "Have you three said your sayonaras just in case this don't work?" asked Kei.

    "Aye. We've er burnt all of our bridges behind us, Boss." answered Nat.

    "Why?" Flaysie Allster wanted to know.

    END of Chapter 148 'Daydreams' or 'A New Beginning'. Chapter 149 'On to Onizuka' or 'Zero Hour Arrives' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. Wait- just had a thought here. That new video game 'Halo 3'? What is above an Angel's head? Right, a halo yet 'Halo' games are more akin to our kind of DP 'Lovely' Angels than to the ethereal kind, eh? See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 149
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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