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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 149- K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Beast Boy, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 149 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 149

    'On to Onizuka' or 'Zero Hour Arrives'

    "Why?" replied the Boss Lady. "It's 'cause we've sighted 'Op-Six' and we'll be there by twenty hundred er eight o'clock tonight, kids. So I want you three in the 'zero room' right after chow. Got everything you'll be needing? (All three nodded) Did you give Spike and Jett everything you came onboard with yet? (Again they nodded) OK, have a nice relaxing meal and I'll walk you down to your new digs afterwards and lock you in." said Kei, picking up a menu.

    Nat brightened and signalled for service. "Tracey said he was er making something special for tonight, Jamie but I don't see it on the menu.?" asked Nat.

    "We didn't have time to redo the menus, Contessa. We got chateaubriand, potatoes au gratin, broccoli, hot rolls, hazelnut java, champagne cocktails, cherries jubilee and fortune cookies. Bon appetit, mamselle." replied the Terran.

    After a leisurely dinner, the young admiral escorted them downstairs to Sublevel Three and locked them in the 'zero room' for the upcoming four days. If everything went according to Hoyle they'd all be reunited after the 'God Gun' was used for- hopefully- the last time.

    Morning came quickly and sharp at 0300 the two 'cowboys' blasted off in Jett's 'Hammerhead' bound for the asteroid's central plain. All things went accordingly and an hour later at 0400 Spike fired the Mark XXI creating an opening into which Jett hurled the duffel bag as far as he could before they both sprang back aboard the shuttle.

    "Keisie! Get us the Hell outta here- stat!" yelled Spike over his comlink. Before he had finished speaking a giant hand had grasped the vessel and begun to haul it back towards the 'Angel' like a bat outta Hell! Keisie had activated the 'tractor beam' and yanked the 'Hammerhead' back into the bays.

    While all this was going on Boss Kei had activated the gun's ionic generator and set its firing controls to full blast. Now she waited, one hand on the targeting traverse and one finger poised to hit the blast panel while her foot was on the firing trigger. She was keeping an aizu on the chromo which now stood at 0400 hours. And Kei was sweating energy beams!

    "C'mon Jett! Let's go, Spikey! Keisie! Are they back aboard yet?" trilled Kei.

    "Another minutes, Boss." was Keisie's reply. "0401, 0402, thirty seconds to go, twenty, fifteen, ten, five, four, three-- Boss! They're back and you're good to go, girl!" trilled Keisie excitedly.

    "OK, I am firing- now!" cried Kei, hitting the blast panel and depressing the gun's foot trigger. Then she threw herself into a gunner's chair, strapped in and held on for all she was worth!

    The hand of Kami shook the 'Angel' to its very foundations as the 'God Gun' expelled a blast of pure white energy half a kilo in width through the cosmos and directly into the vortex's core on 'Onizuka Paladin VI' and hopefully across the universe to the opposite side which would finally force the two halves back together once again!

    Suddenly a 'G' force of more than 10,000 struck the immense vessel! Gene's chair lifted clear of the deck it was bolted to and slammed into the far bulkhead. Jimbo was tossed about in his seat like a ragdoll but his chair remained attached to the deck. Kei's chair, however, was spun wildly backwards and forwards until the tro-con began to feel quite queasy. Next door Faye and Rally were slammed headfirst into the console. Saavie was clinging to a ceiling support beam like all the domons of the nine Hells were trying to dislodge the Vulcan from her perch. Several levels below them Cy had grabbed Robbie in a bone-crushing bearhug and then attached himself to the bulkhead. Another floor further down Jamie, Goat and Tracey were hanging onto the barstools which they'd lashed to the bulkhead.

    Almost at the very base or keel of the ship, however, peace reigned supreme on Sublevel Three in the 'zero room' where Flaysie was writing letters (how she expected to have them mailed for anybody's guess!), Nat was watching Terran films on the viddisk player and Caggie was perusing a schematic drawing of a starship's engine housing. All three of them were totally oblivious to the buffetting the 'Angel' was enduring high above them!

    Kei and Keisie finally managed to rech the console and together they punched the 'hyperthrust' panel. Their speed soared instantly! Warp 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 49.8 and there it held.

    " 'CC', equalize interior pressure to compensate for that 'G' force differential!" yelled Kei, screaming to be heard over the whining of the afterburners and the roaring of the hyperthrusters. Finally the sounds began diminishing and they were able to relax.

    "Gene? You OK over there, kid? Jimbo? Keisie?" asked the worried redhead.

    Gene waved a hand from his seat by the far wall and Jimbo gave her a two thumbs up OK signal.

    "It'll take a Helluva lot more than a shimatta ten grand 'G' to stop yours truly, Boss!" boasted her counterpart.

    Rally and Faye ran out of the nav room holding balled up tissues to theior noses to staunch their nosebleeds.

    "Hey! Elda, Honey! You can let go of the ceiling now!" yelled Rally. Saavie did so and stumbled next door to the bridge- quite dizzy and soaked with sweat from head to toe.

    "Cy? Robbie? You dudes still in one piece down there?" trilled the Vulcan.

    "Fine and dandy!" trilled Cyborg.

    "Tracey? Goat? Jamie boy? You guys still there?" trilled Keisie.

    "Yeah, we're all OK! Are we all through playing 'blow up the asteroids' now?" asked Jamie.

    "How's about our other two 'cowboys'?" asked the Boss.

    "We're still on the 'Hammerhead', Reds. We are A-OK." trilled Spike Steigel.

    "Nat? Caggie? Flaysie? You guys OK down there?" trilled the redhead.

    "Sure we are, Boss. Oro's wrong?" asked a puzzled Nat. Both of the ensigns were listening to stuff on headphones and had removed their comlinks.

    "Never mind. Have a nice day." trilled Kei.

    "Rally! Back to the scanners and lemme know when we've put a few lightyears betwixt us and that shockwave! Faye! Relay the 'G Twins' that we were successfull! All of you- well done! We'll celebrate at a more civilised hour. Gene, go to 'George' and keep us accellerating until noon. That should get us far enough away from that thing. Who's gonna stay on the bridge with Rally?" said Kei with a yawn.

    "I'll stay. I ain't sleepy anyhow." volunteered Saavie.

    "Swell. Then the rest of us can go back to beddie-bye." said Faye.

    "Give as a 1200 hours alarm call, 'CC'. We'll skip breakfast today. Faye, did you relay Garner and Gooley yet? (Faye nodded and continued to the lift) OK, See all of you folks at lunch. Bye." said Kei who opted to walk down to her cabin and spurned the lifts.

    "Looks like it's just us, Vincent. Can you er handle things out here for a bit? I need a shower and a fresh uniform." said Saavie and Rally nodded to her.

    "Sure, Saav. Go ahead and when you're done we'll eat." replied the Terran, her aizu still glued to the scanner's vidscreens. Elda headed for the lift.

    "Saavie?" called Rally.

    "Hai, Vincent? Oro?" replied the Vulcan girl.

    "Use one of the bedrooms back there behind the bridge. They got tons of fuku in 'em, man. I'm leery of that shockwave following us so onegai stay on this level." siad Rally.

    "OK, Vincent. You win. Back in ten minutes." replied Elda Saavik. She had soon found an empty suite and peeled off her sweat-drenched uniform and kicked off her boots and socks. Her underthings soon followed them. The water really felt great on her aching body. After a short drying alcove session she pulled on fresh underthings and socks. Then she slipped into a fresh crisp uniform and slippers. Her boots she carried back to the bridge.

    "I'm back, Vincent." she called from the rear of the bridge.

    "Good. Then we'll have breakfast and er Saavie? It's just Rally if you don't mind." said the Terran.

    "Sorry, Rally. Onegai call me Elda if you like." she replied.

    Both girls were eaters who believed in hearty breakfasts. Toast, jam, bacon, sausage, eggs, cereal, popovers, Danish pastries, tea for Elda and java for Rally were soon repped up or cooked and then speedily consumed.

    Elda watched the scanners for Rally while she changed into fresh togs and slippers. She likewise carried her boots back onto the bridge with her.

    By 0700 they both agreed that the immediate danger was past since that telltale shockwave was now a comfortable six lightyears behind them. Rally wasted no time trilling the good news to the Boss who was smoking a ceroot and pleasantly chatting with someone she'd managed to raise at 'Starfleet Command' HQ! Who could it possibly be? (This one's for the Trekkies out there!)

    END of Chapter 149. 'On to Onizuka' or 'Zero Hour Arrives' Chapter 150 Major Revelations' or 'Taking Stock' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 150
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 150- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Saavie, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 150 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 150

    'Major Revelations' or 'Taking Stock'

    "I still can't believe that our own little 'Klutzy' (the speaker meant Ensign Elda Saavik it seemed) is on a 'UG' starship and a 3WA cop starship to boot! Er congratulations on your newest promotion, man. An admiral no less! And to think how overjoyed I was when I made 'lieutenant' in 'Starfleet' way back when." said Lt. Commander Worf.

    "Well, it musta been a real honour for you to have been the very first 'Klingon' in 'Starfleet', Commander." replied Boss Lady Kei and continued to tap out a report for Garner and company.

    "Yes, ma'am. It surely was. My Uncle G'Taahrw (Getock) was quite proud of my achievement and my er father- well, we cannot pick our families now, can we?" replied the Klingon officer.

    "You're sure you don't mind relaying my message to Commodore Donovan er Yuri, Commander?" asked Kei.

    "Nat at all, ma'am. So as our Vulcan brethren say 'Live long and prosper'. Gotta go, Reds. I'll send that relay out to Yuri babe right away. Ciao!" said Worf, signing off quickly to answer another call.

    At 0700, Kei was having java and doughnuts when-

    "Lt. Commander Worf calling 'Lovely Angel 2' from 'Starfleet Command' HQ. Come in Admiral Reds. Over." said Worf.

    Kei tapped her relay vid switch and replied. "Roger that, Commander. I read you. Oro's up? Over." she said and Worf responded at once.

    "Good news, ma'am. Commodore Donovan OK then- Yuri reports that a Major Makoto Kucinagi and a Captain Batou along with their er 'Ta-ch-ko-ma' thingy have vanished from her fleet. Over." reported the Klingon and Kei nodded abstractedly.

    "So it has finally begun, eh? Onegai let her know that our experiment here was a success- so far. Arigatou, Commander. O'Halloran out." said Kei and blanked her vidscreen. Then she checked three names off of her vidpad list.

    At 0900 Rally trilled her Boss. "Rally to Kei. Boss, we're now 9.6 lightyears in front of that thing. According to Cy, we're outta the danger zone now so can we onegai head for home, Mom?" trilled the Terran Chicagoan bounty hunter and kei chuckled.

    "Sorry I ain't your Mom, Vincent but yeah, we'll er head for home in three more hours- at noon. Arigatou, kiddo. Ka-Mi! I just love it when a plan comes together! You and Saavie take it easy up there and play some vidgames or something but don't nuke anything. Until 1200, Rally. Kei out." trilled the redhead.

    Elda stared at her new tomo in arms. "Well?" she asked.

    "We can do whatever the Hell we want short of blowing up the ship. We leave here at noon. We're going home, Elda! Hoo-ray!" yelled Rally.

    Saavie turned to Rally with a puzzled look on her face. "Er, gomen (excuse or pardon) my asking, er Rally but oro do you do back home on Terra in this Chi-ca-go place?" asked a curious Vulcan.

    "Nai, I don't mind at all, Elda. We're er cowgirls, I guess. We're bounty hunters- me and Minnie Mae that is." answered Rally and Saavie paled. Vulcans are usually known for keeping their emotions in check but not our Saavie and definitely not today!

    "Oro? The 'Blonde Bomber' and you? And er Terra's still there?" yelled the Vulcan.

    "Yeah, our handle's the 'Gunsmith Cats' back home. Relax, girl. All Mae usually gets to play with are smoke bombs and some C-4 plastiques." replied Rally.

    "Back home maybe that's all she has to play with but Keisie gave her some 'nitroglycine' the other day!" said Saavik.

    At 1200 hours Gene headed the 'Angel' towards 'Shimougou' and home.

    Meanwhile two centuries in the past on ancient Terra in 'New Port City', a sector of old 'Neo Tokyo' in old Japan--

    "Batou! You OK?" said the Major, dusting herself off after picking herself off the floor where they'd landed when the rift closed.

    "Yeah er I guess so, Major. Hey! That uniform really suits you, man! Aw, you're taking it off. I suppose these uniforms themselves mean that these past few weeks were the real thing and not just a dive, Makoto. I was sorta hoping it was all just a bad dream, Honey." answered Batou.

    "Nai, it was real enough and these damned uniforms we got on prove it." replied Section Nine's commander quietly- Major Makoto Kucinagi who was no relation to Momiji 'Kucinada's' protector. "How's Tachikoma number 46897 doing?" she added.

    "Aw, Major. You just hurt her feelings. 'Tachi' is getting along just great. Hey! I'm er picking up something on the World News frequency. Listen? Can you hear it too? (The Major nodded and shedded her 3WA blazer, pullover and pants. She decided to keep the boots though) 'And our final story today is about the founding formation of a new intergalactic peace-keeping force called the 'World Welfare Works Association' which is a branch of the recently formed 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies' or simply the '3WA' as it's been dubbed back on it's home base planet of 'Shimougou'in the 'Aquarian Galaxy'. This is where they have their two headquarters in the cities of 'Furool or Foo-Lon City' in the East and the city of 'Elenore City' in the Western part of the planet. And now we'll move along to today's sports--' (Batou tuned out the frequency receiver in his cybernetic brain and stared at his boss lady) So- where do we go from here, kiddo?" said Batou.

    "We tell nobody anything about this 3WA jazz we've just been through- agreed? (The big guy nodded) We'll er tell Chief Aramaki that we just took a little vacation for the last couple of weeks. Think the old man will buy that one?" she replied and batou shook his head.

    "No way in holy or even unholy Hell, babe! We're gonna both be on the carpet this time, ma'am." replied Batou. "The old ape will nail our hides to the cross for sure, Makoto honey." he added.

    She had idly glanced at the calendar and then at the holopape on the table and did a double take!

    "Batou! Look at the date on this holopape (newspaper)! According to that pape we've er only been gone for a day at most! But that sure as Hell don't figure, does it?" said a puzzled major.

    "Oro say we pick up a pizza somewhre, eh?" replied Batou.

    The major who was now in tank top and her skivvies was engaged in pulling on her chinos when she suddenly realised the tremendous significance of oro they had just been experiencing for the last half of a month! She was so dumbstruck that she dropped her pants causing Batou to chuckle loudly. "Hey babe! You can leave 'em down as far as I'm concerned!' he said.

    She hastily yanked them back up and belted them. Then she pulled on a bomber jacket and stuck her Beretta into her rear waistband. "I don't think so, sir! I really am not that kind of a girl!" she teased. "Seriously though, man- we've been travelling back and forth across the cosmos for more than a fortnight with people from an organization which didn't even exist until a few hours ago! That means, my tomo-- aw, the Hell with it! Let's try that new place on Karan Street- OK? I'm buying so you coming?" she asked.

    "You're buying? Damed right I'm coming, baby! C'mon 'Tachi'. Pizza time!" yelled Batou who had thrown an oversized jacket on over his 3WA finery.

    The brunette's kawaii fire opal aizu twinkled merrily as she picked up her speeder keys.

    "I'll drive, Batou. May Kami guide the rest of our fellow travellers safely home as well Amen." she intoned and opened the door.

    Cont in Ch 150- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 150- Pt 2 and a good stopping point guys- K&K

    "Amen to that, love." agreed Batou and he followed her out the door with 'Tachi' in tow.

    Back aboard the 'Michaelangelo', Yuri Donovan was tallying up her passenger manifest.

    "Let's see- Major Kucinagi, Captain Batou and "Tachi' are gone. Doctors 2 and 4 have taken Slade, Warp and Sutek along with them as well as that pesky 'Master'. Nyssa is with Doctor 2 while K-9 and Ann Hathaway are with Doctor 4. Serena and her scouts, Zoe, Jamie MacCrimmon and Yumi Ishiyama are with Kome aboard the 'Leo'. Ed and Ein and those two nekkos of the couts (Artemis and Luna) are with them too. Yuyu and the 'Blonde Bomber' are with Emma on the 'Emerald Queen'. Starfire, Raven and that animal thing Beast Boy are aboard the 'Raphael' with Legato Bluesummers. Kiva, Reg, Kitty and Tigress and the rest of the crew of the 'Coriander' are on their way to that 'Andalusian' uprising and I wished them all Kamispeed when they left. Ellen Rogers and Alex Skywalker Organa Daniels are aboard the 'Donnatella' with our own dear Keitarou Riff. Leila's with Han Solo on his 'Flying Falcon' and that accounts for my people. Kei has Cyborg, Robin and Saavie. She has already asked Mr. Gooley to contact his tomo at 'Starfleet Command', Chris Pike who was Lord of the Admiralty and 'Starfleet's' supreme commander to arrange for the Vulcan girl to be permanently transferred to the 3WA. She might get a liaison officer position but I doubt if even Uncle Vito could pull off such a coup as that! Saavie was just too darned valuable to 'Starfleet' and the Vulcan home world! Also aboard Kei's ship were Keisie, Tracey Edwards, Nat Badgiruel, Cagalli Yula Athna, Flaysie Allster- those last three were gonna be permanent residents of this era and would be aboard Gene Starwind's 'Outlaw Star' at least for awhile anyway. Eventually Caggie and Flaysie would wind up on 'Shimougou' when they began their space transport operation later on. For now Tracey was gonna be the 'Star's' chef and Nat was to be the ship's security chief and sometime shuttle commander. Wow! Kei had a lot of folks aboard. Rally Vincent, Gene Starwind, Jimbo Hawking, the 'Idiot Twins' OK Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith to be precise, Jett Black, Spike Steigel and Faye Valentine were also along for Kei's little joyride. Boy oh boy, Charlie and Fiona will really upchuck over this little gem when and if I tell them! Ellen Rogers and Alex S. O. Daniels who was really Han Solo's fiancee's long lost younger brother wanted to get hitched! When? Just as soon as their enrollments in the 3WA Academy were finalised by none other than good old Uncle Vito Galadriel himself! Emma had already told Arkie on the qt but his sister Starfire had been eavesdropping as usual and the little blabbermouth had told practically everyone in the entire quadrant! Anyway it seemed that old Vito knew Alex's mom very well indeed! After all, she was Tegan Trevanka, a direct descendant of one of both Doctor 4 and 5's travelling companions! The original Tegan had been a Terran- an Australian airline stewardess from Adelaide who had helped Doctor 4 foil one of the 'Master's' dastardly plots and-- Christ Almighty! This bloody frigging mission was turning into something like 'Eastenders' or "Peyton Place' or some other one of those ancient Terran soap operas that Raven, Starfire and Blackfire never shut the Hell up about!" thought Commodore Yuri Donovan while she tapped her PDO's keypad to prepare the report to be relayed to the 'G Twins', each of her four shuttle pilots and of course Keirran Deirdre O'Halloran!

    Yuri glanced at her wristchromo and frowned. Almost 2300 hours! Way too late to ask Han to do a 'pizza run' over to 'Shalimar' for her! 'Shalimar' was a small M-Class world near 'Io' which of course was one of the nine moons surrounding Jupiter. It was also the fifth planet out from 'Shimougou'.

    Repped pizzas just weren't the same as real ones and she didn't have the ingredients on any of the ships to bake her own like she'd do at home or aboard the 'Angel'! They were fresh out of yeast, tomatoes, agiago cheese which was Yuri's fave topping. Kei'd eat dogcrap if you stuck it on a pizza! Oh yeah and they were entirely out of flour too.

    "Maybe? Why the Hell not? I'll take a skysled and go get my own pizza! If I leave now I should make it back here by 2345 and it ain't like I got anything pressing I gotta get up early ashita to do, is there? So maybe- I'll do it! 'Mikey'? How far away are we from er 'Shalimar'?" she asked the last of this diatribe aloud.

    "Twelve parsecs. By skysled and travelling at a speed of Subwarp four- the flyway speed limit there is Subwarp eight, kiddo- you can get there and back in 47.9 solar minutes." answered her shuttle.

    "Arigatou, Mikey. Onegai prep a skysled for me and leave it by the ramp's airlock. I'll give you three minutes, pal. I'll be right there." called Yuri, pulling on a skirt, sailor top blouse and crosstie and a blazer. She was tying her Oxfords' laces when-

    "You'll er freeze your kawaii ass off in that getup, Donovan." said a voice from her vidphone's vidscreen and she glanced up at it.

    End of Chapter 150 'Major Revelations' or 'Taking Stock'. Chapter 151 'Moon Mayhem' or 'Pizza Anyone?' soon. Have a nice day. SFN and may Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and lemme know your feelings. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 151
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 151- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Blackfire of Tamaran, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 151 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 151

    'Moon Mayhem' or 'Pizza Anyone?'

    Staring at the kawaii violet-maned heartthrob was Arkton, Star and Black's Tamaranian brother and suddenly Yuri recalled that he was supposed to be with the 'shore leave' party!

    "Arkie! How long have you been there watching me and oro the Hell did you mean by that ass crack, boyo?" she demanded angrily.

    "Long enough, love. Er, it's cold outside. Anyhow er doesn't 'Antonio's' )on 'Shalimar' it was the Angels' and Arkie's fave pizzeria) deliver?" replied Arkton.

    "Not twelve bloody parsecs out they won't! Not even for us! I know 'cause Kei er threatened to flatten Antonio if he didn't!" said Yuri.

    "And he 'still' refused?" asked an astounded Arkton.

    "Nai. I just told him to forget it." said Yuri. "Arkie, oro the devil did you call me for anyway?" she asked very sweetly.

    "Yuyu, Mae, Star, Black, Raven and Beastie Boy sneaked out to go to some nightclub near here called--" began Arkie.

    "The 'Moon Over Mayhem'!" finished Yuri. "Oh nai! Tell me the bad news." she added, pulling her brand spanking new full dress Commodore's uniform out of the closet and placing her new rankings on it. Arkie hemmed and hawed a bit until Yuri frowned at him and he finally gave in.

    "Er, Star swears that the stuff she ordered was plain old fruit juice even though it was coloured er aoishi and er--" he began and Yuri exploded.

    "Holy Christ! Romuland Ale! Oro else happened?" she demanded and suddenly realised that although she had indeed doffed her chilly schoolgirl outfit she had not as yet put anything else on and was standing in full view of Arkton wearing only a tee shirt and bikini underbriefs emblazoned with flowers! Yuri grabbed her dress blues and disappeared into the bathroom. "I'm still waiting, Sub-Lieutenant Arkton! Out with it! Tell me the rest of the bad news, kiddo!" she yelled.

    "Uh oh! Now she's really mad!" thought the tamaranian then he spoke aloud. "Lemme see er first- Yuyu decked a Klingon captain and then Mae threw a smoke grenade out of the window then (Yuri groaned) wait- it gets better. Raven and Blackfire did a striptease act and performed the 'Sisters' number for everyone. It's from that ancient Terran Kurisumasu (Christmas) chestnut 'White Christmas'. Er but this was all before they passed out, Maureen. The robotic cleaning droids er vacced up all their fuku and then atomised them so we locked both of 'em in the ladies' room. Then Beastie Boy caught a metmorphosis virus and he just can't stop transforming and sneezing. Starfire er sorta let the ladies' attendant in the sauna building next door help her off with her suit and er then she er couldn't locate the attendant. (Yuri took another 'Galusol' tablet to calm down her rocky tummy and observed 'Not too surprising since there are no sauna attendants next door to the club nor is there a sauna there even so I'd guess that Star's in the ladies' room as well?' Arkton nodded. 'Go on.' said Yuri who had pulled on a white shirt and was now cinching her narrow tie.) The 'ISSP' came and handed out some blankets. As I speak they are waiting for the wagons to show up before they arrest them all and take 'em to 'Io'. Since I dunno anyone in the 'ISSP' except for Dave Donnelly on Mars and Johnny Raven on Ganymede, I er- " stammered Arkton.

    Yuri pulled up her uniform's skirt, then dropped it and stepped into her uniform's pants instead. She zipped up her blazer and buckled on her gunsash and dropped her Mark III ion cannon into her side holster. She yanked on the highly polished jackboots and lastly she swirled her brand new white ankle length cloak around her shoulders and picked up her helmet.

    "So you called the next best thing- the 3WA! Well maybe they'll listen to a commodore, boyo. I'll see oro I can do. Be right there, tomo so stall 'em. Yuri out." she said, tossed down her vidphone and trilled Kome.

    "Kome? Yuri here. Get into Mar's new full dress blues' Lieutenant's uniform, get Big Spike Miroku into a captain's uniform, jump on a sled and meet me outside of that bar where you broke Ella Hathaway's arm- stat! Bring along three of your old TC trainee uniforms too and shoes or boots too. Why? I'll tell you later. Just do it! Yuri out." said Yuri and so saying she boarded her skysled.

    Yuri pulled on her gloves because it was frigid outside. Then she pulled on her helmet and dropped the blast shield across her face.

    "Mugghi? The 'Mikey' is yours. Just stay on course. I'll be back soon. Bye." she trilled and then she rocketed off to the battlemoon which was the site of the infamous 'Moon Over Mayhem' nightclub. When she got there Kome and Spike Miroku were waiting outside the club. Heads turned as the handsome and rugged 3WA 'captain', his cute 'lieutenant' and their stunning commodore strode inside and up to the 'ISSP' lieutenant in charge. He was polite but firm and refused point blank to release anybody to anyone! However, he did allow the teenaged 'lieutenant' to take the uniforms into the ladies' room for Star, Black and Raven but as soon as the newly clad trio emerged they were immediately forcebeam-cuffed!

    Since 'Captain' Miroku was having no luck with the guy in command the commodore decided to give it a try. "I am Commodore Yuri Donovan, Senior Tro-Con of the 3WA and 'United Galactica', Lieutenant and--" she bagan sternly.

    "I don't give a damn if you're the niece of Vittorio frigging Galadriel himself! I said 'no deal' and I meant it, ma'am! These 'yay-hoos' of yours are going to 'Io' and now!" said the 'ISSP' officer.

    Big Spike Miroku strolled across to them, lit a cheroot and drawled lazily "Well, ma'am- I guess we're just gonna have to call-- her. You er know who I mean, ma'am er don't you? Grand Admiral Keiterran Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran of the 'Lovely Angels' which some folks have the audacity to call the 'Dir--" began the 'captain' before the brave 'ISSP' guy went white!

    "Christ! The 'Dirty Pair'! So you're 'that' Donovan, eh? Nai! Onegai don't call that baka bitch! All of these prisoners are hereby released into your custody, Commodore, ma'am! As long as the 3WA and the 'UG' will agree to cover all the damages all of the charges will be dropped! Nai, don't thank me! Just get the Hell off this battlemoon as quickly as possible! Say-o-nara!" yelled the 'ISSP' guy as he hastily snapped off a salute and beat a hasty retreat out to his speeder. Yuri belatedly returned the salute and spun on her heel.

    "Kome, get those jackasses onto the sleds and let's get the Hell outta here before he changes his mind!" said Yuri and then she headed for the exit. Kome wasted neither time nor words.

    "Line up your sorry asses and march yourselves out onto those sleds stat! We are going home! When we get there you will all confine yourselves to quarters until further notice! The admiral will decide your fates in the morning! Let's go ladies and gents! You guys waiting for an engraved invitation? Move it! Move it! Move it!" yelled or rather roared Kome Sawaguchi.

    Properly chastised the 'shore leave' party quietly complied with her orders.

    "All personnel present and correct, sir!" reported 'Lt' Sawaguchi, saluting 'Captain' Miroku who at last realised that he was supposed to be her boss and returned her salute. Then he sat down at the controls of the second skysled.

    "Move over, stupid! Captains do not drive their own skysleds, you dummy!" whispered Kome, shoving Spike into the passenger's seat. In the lead skysled Arkton had just told the commodore the same thing and had taken over as her driver. Kome fired up the second sled's engines and yelled "Let's roll!" to Arkton in front of her.

    "If any of you guys make any cracks about this damned baka uniform of mine I'll pulverise your ass!" said Yuri Donovan quietly.

    "We cannot let you people outta our sight for even a few hours without your getting into trouble!" admonished the Tamaranian officer.

    "I was gonna start home ashita but now I think we'll leave tonight instead!" said Yuri angrily and mad a funny growling noise.

    "Oro the Hell was that?" asked Raven curiously.

    "My empty tummy! Arkie, head for 'Antonio's' on 'Shalimar'. I want my pizza now!" said Yuri who suddenly recalled oro she'd been planning to do just before Arkie called her.

    "We er love pizza, dudes!" crowed 'Beast Boy' from his seat in the rear just before he 'morphed' into a green flamingo.

    Yuri yanked out her portable vidcell and called 'Antonio's' to place her pizza order. "OK, who wants oro on their pizza?" she asked and they all began yelling at the same time.

    Cont in Ch 151-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 151-Pt 2-K&K

    "E-enough! I think I got it now, gang. Huh? (The pizza guy had just picked up on 'Shalimar') Oh yeah er mushi mushi (hello) to you too, tomo. This is er Miss Donovan of the 3WA. Remember me? Nai, Miss O'Halloran is not here but er could I order some stuff for pickup? That's great. OK, twenty, er nai, better make that thirty super sized jumbos. Five with everything on 'em, five with anchovies, five with extra agiago cheese, five with pepperoni, five with sausage and five with hot peppers and tomatoes. Fifty gallons of spumoni ice cream, twenty cases of 'Koralony Cola', ten gallons of chocolate milkshakes, twenty-five javas er regular you know with milk and sugar in 'em and er I guess that's it. Oro? Nai, the Saiyaans went home. Now we got Titans, Robots and just plain pigs. You get the picture, Tony? Great. How much is all of that stuff? Ooh! Fifteen hundred credits! Darn it! I er left my vidchit credit disk (which was the substitute for money in the 23rd Century) back on my starship! Can we er add that teensy little bit to our tab, tomo watashi? Onegai? We can? Domo arigatou, pal. I'll be sure and credit your account just as soon as I get back to the 'Angel'. Oro? Nai, I'm on one of its shuttles- the 'Michaelangelo' right now but I'll be back aboard the 'Angel' real soon er unless you want me to send Kei over with the credits? Nai? OK, arigatou again and we're on our way. Twenty minutes? You rule, Tonio! Oro? Nai, I'm a senior tro-con now and I got me a promotion as well- Commodore. Kei's a senior TC too but she's an Admiral now. See you soon. Ja mata. Chou." said Yuri and closed her vidcell.

    "Hey! I sure as the oni don't recall having this with me before." she added with a puzzled look.

    "That's Jamie's, love. You forgot to give it back to him on Mars." replied Arkton, yawing hard to port at the 'Shalimar Gateway' exit. "Just another two hundred kilos to go, love. Hang on." he added as he rocketed through the opening in space.

    "Miss Yuri's stomach is making funny noises again." observed Starfire before Raven told her to cool it and just watch the stars outside.

    "Gomen er sorry, guys and girls. Guess my tummy was rumbling again." admitted a red-faced Yuri.

    "Don't sweat it, kiddo. That's our pizza palace, ain't it?" asked Arkton.

    "Hai, that's it. Pull over, Arkie. Spike, do me a favor and gimme a hand with this stuff." said Yuri and she hopped out of the skysled and ran into the pizzaria.

    "Ah! Miss Donovan. Miss O'Hall--" began Tonio.

    "- is nowhere near here, tomo mine. This guy's Captain er Spike Miroku. Yeah, it's the two skysleds out front there, Tonio. Just put the stuff in the boots. Here's my vidpass keycodes. Got my vidcheque ready? Good. There, it's all signed and legal. Arigatou again, tomo. Let's go, Spike." said Yuri while she held the door open for the big guy to carry an armload of pizzas out to the sleds.

    Antonio's brother, Giorgio, had already loaded up the rest of Yuri's order into the sleds and now he was chatting with the kawaii young tro-con trainee (or so he thought from her uniform anyway) whose hair was the colour of flame and who had told him that her name was Starfire.

    His cousin, Salvatore, was having a talk with the smallish brunette, Raven or rather he was yakking away and the Titan was pretending to be interested. "Ka-Mi! Will he ever shut up?" thought the 'Azarathi' maiden to herself.

    Arkton was keeping one aizu on the holopape he was reading and the other one on young Giorgio and his younger sister. Blackfire of course would have decked him by now!

    "Yuyu was pouting. Two handsome dudes and neither one had so much as even glanced in her direction! Shi-mat-ta! Dammit all- she was more kawaii than either that ebony-haired cold fish (Raven) or that auburn-maned lunatic floozy (Starfire)!

    'BB' was smitten again! He'd currently 'morphed' back into human form and it seemed to be holding for now anyway. Antonio's young daughter, Gina, had winked at him and he'd almost 'morphed' into a puppy like he'd done that time when Soto had mistaken him for his own long lost little green doggie! The sight of a green dog, however, would have probably sent Gina to the bathroom to upchuck! 'BB' could almost hear oro Cy's reaction would be. 'She ain't your type, kid!' was oro he'd be telling the naive young shapeshifter.

    However, if truth be told, folks, it was really Arkton that Gina had 'set her cap for', not 'BB'! Of course he was old enough to be her very elder brother at least!

    Minnie Mae Hopkins aka the 'Blonde Bomber' was extremely angry- Kome had taken away all of her noisemakers! Her smoke grenades, gas bombs, nitroglycine, C-4 blocks, stun grenades and even her Glock 7 automatic pistol were now all locked up in the boot of Yuri's skysled! That pink-headed freakazoid had searched her thoroughly in the ladies' room back at that 'Moon' club place and she'd even found Mae's secret stash of smoke powder and Mae had concealed that stuff in her underpants!

    Blackfire was fuming with rage! How in the name of the nine Hells could she have managed to get herself so wasted on that aoishi crap (Romulan Ale) that she and Raven had done an old-fashioned Terran burlesque number and they were practically in the altogether when they did it too!

    "The only good thing about tonight" thought Raven after her self-proclaimed paramour had gone back to work "is that O'Halloran hadn't shown up at the 'Moon over Mayhem'! Gad! The effect that the mere mention of her name had had on that poor 'ISSP' copper had been unbelievable! He hadn't been the least bit scared of Yuri Donovan and yet she was the other half of the 'DP' duo, wasn't she? Oh well- Legato had told them they'd be able to see the outer markers of this 'Shimougou' place in the morning and then they would make planetfall there in another fortnight or so." she mused to herself.

    Unlike the other Titans, Raven was not overly impressed with travelling back and forth across the cosmos. After all, she had originally come from the far off planet 'Azarath' so she'd already logged quite a few lightyears of travel time even before she had become a 'Teen Titan'! Like Starfire she also travelled without a starship!

    Spike Miroku and Riana, Antonio's cousin had finally finished loading pizzas and beverages into the sleds and were chatting away about life in 'Furool City'. It seems that Riana had attended 'Rukia Kuski Middle School' in Furool a few years back and now she was looking forward to attending 'Kenpachi Zaraki University' in the autumn. Anyway several years ago while she was still at 'RKMS' on a school prankster's dare Riana had 'lifted' some stuff from the 'Higurashi Mall' where Spike was then Chief of Security. He had caught her at it and given her a stern warning but he hadn't turned her in to the 'KP Squads' nor had he told Antonio about it. Riana had never forgotten Spike's kindness and she hadn't gotten into any michief since then. She sthought that Spike Miroku looked so dashing in his 3WA Captain's uniform.

    "Captain Miroku, don't you work at the mall anymore?" she asked.

    "Sure but I'm er in the er 3WA Home Guard and this is a weekend training drill, Riana." he lied glibly.

    "Ka-Mi!" he thought. "I'll have to burn quite a few joss sticks and post a dozen sutras for that one!" he said to himself. "The 3WA Home Guard? Where the oni had that one come from? Must be from hanging around the Boss so much. Still that flaxen-headed kid was still cute." he mused while he watched Yuri board her skysled before he once more took his seat beside Kome in the rear sled.

    Twenty minutes later saw all of them back aboard the 'Mikey'. Then they all chowed down and watched some ancient Terran space flicks (Look at those antiques!) until 0230 when Spike decided they should call it a night and told Yuri.

    "OK, guys and gals! Bedtime! See ya ashita. G'Night." said the newly promoted Commodore.

    "Are we still confined to quarters, ma'am?" sniffled Starfire and Spike chuckled.

    "Nai, that was just for that 'ISSP' dude, Star! To convince him we were real 3WA officers disciplining you guys. Of course, I don't really think you're gonna get off that easy for that little stunt of yours!" chortled Spike Miroku.

    "You got that right! They're gonna clean this shuttle top to bottom! And no vid-tv watching for a whole week!" said their young Commodore.

    "I do hope that my dear sister is not becoming a nuisance to that nice Miss Emma." observed Starfire while she prepared for bed. Star was sharing quarters with Yuyu, Raven, Mae and until recently her sister, Blackfire. After seeing the animosity twixt the two Tamaranian siblings, Yuri had sent Blackfire over to Emma's ship the 'Emerald Queen' and kept Starfire aboard the 'Mikey'.

    While Starfire was busy worrying about her sister, Blackfire had just finished beating Kome at 'Shogi' or Japanese chess. She and Kome had almost polished off a two litre bottle of Chianti wine before Kome had returned home to the 'Leonardo' which she was currently commanding. Blackfire finished off the bottle and stumbled back to her own quarters.

    "Dammit! Will I ever be glad when we get to this 'Shimougou' place! How in the Fxxx can these baka tro-cons stand wearing these frigging uniforms? They are so hot!" she mumbled to herself and unzipped her blazer.

    Cont in Ch 151-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 151-Pt 3-K&K

    Suddenly she was blinded by a brilliant flash of cerulean light! Blackfire staggered, grabbed for a siderail and fell right through the bulkhead wall but not into the next room on the 'Queen'! Then the Tamaranian Hellcat passed out.

    "That's strange." she thought as she came to once again. "Now this crazy uniform doesn't feel hot anymore. In fact it feels so light it's like I was wearing nothing at all. Brrr! Man, now it's Fxxxing cold! It's frigging frigid! Dammit, it's freezing! 'CC', increase heat level in here to twenty-five degrees Kelvin immediately! Make it snappy!" she said aloud but there was no answer.

    "You baka robot-droid-thing! Dammit! I just told you to turn up the Kami shimatta heat in here to twenty-five Kelvin! Now do it!" she yelled. This time she was answered.

    "Silence in there, Troq! others wish to sleep! Another outburst like that tonight and you will be disciplined! Be quiet, #64189! Good night!" replied a heavy metallic male voice which came across as a clap of thunder! Blackfire involuntarity jumped and crashed onto the floor! A hard unforgiving floor of solid concrete- not the soft fuzzy carpeting of her own room aboard the 'Queen'!

    END of Chapter 151. 'Moon Mayhem' or 'Pizza Anyone?' Chapter 152 'Blackfire's New Life' or 'An Ancient Prophecy' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 152
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 152-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Warden Shelob, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 152 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 152

    'Blackfire's New Life' or 'An Ancient Prophecy'

    Blackfire pulled herself up and onto the bunk. She blinked a few times and then her aizu opened onto complete and utter darkness!

    " 'CC'! Get that Kami forsaken heat on and illuminate this dump! That's a Kami shimatta order, dammit to Hell!" she cried and again 'CC' did not respond.

    "Brrr! It is absolutely frigid in here, man! 'CC'? Oh yeah- wait a minute here. This ain't the 'Angel', is it? Maybe Emma hasn't got an automatic slave er computer program to do stuff for us. Guess I'll just have to do it myself." she said aloud and reached out to turn on her bedside lamp and it wasn't there!

    Blackfire got up and groped her way to the door cursing emphatically. She pressed the light panel and- nothing!

    "Oro a crummy ship! Oro a goddamned dump!" she thought and decided to have it out with that 'Green Baron' dude right now! She hit the door's release panel and the door didn't open! Further attempts also yielding no positive results really angered the Tamaranian and she beat on the door with both fists while kicking the oni out of it!

    "Locking me in? Oh- somebody is really gonna pay for this!" she yelled at the top of her lungs loud enough to awaken the dead from the beginning of time itself!

    "You have been warned, Troq! Now shut up and go to sleep or else!" roared same voice of thunder.

    Blackfire was both fuming and she was freezing her ass off! "Why in the Fxxx am I feeling so cold all of a sudden? These uniforms are stifling, not freezing!" she wondered aloud, slapping her hands to her sides and encountering bare skin and nothing else! Her breasts, torso, abdomen, legs and feet were likewise uninhibited by any clothing whatsoever!

    "No wonder I'm so damned cold! Somebody seems to have stripped me! Boy is somebody goona ever pay for this- big time! Yo! Where the Fxxx are my clothes, goddammit to Hell!" she bellowed and the door was violently flung open!

    "That is it, Troq! The last straw for you! Come along with me, #64189! Control- clothe #64189!" shouted a big hulking dude- fully three meters in height!

    Instantly Blackfire felt cloth against her skin practically everywhere as first undergarments then a tee shirt and jeans, socks and sandals magically materialized on her body! Finally a heavy jacket with hood and gloves materialized on the Tamaranian and she was roughly grabbed by 'Grendel' or so she thought anyway!

    "Control- transport #64189 and myself to Warden Shelob's office immediately!" he commanded and now Blackfire felt her body being dissolved and then almost simultaneously reassembled! Now she was standing in front of a desk and gazing into a pair of dewy yellow aizu which belonged to a small female snake-like creature! All at once Blackfire realized where the Hell she was- back in prison on 'Centauri 4'! She quickly lowered her head and stared at the floor in front of her aizu.

    "Gomen er I am truly sorry to have escaped, mum but it most certainly was not my doing, mum! I- er was sorta whisked off--" began Blackfire.

    "Hush, my child. You know that escape from here is both futile as well as impossible. You are in here in my office, however, because you refuse to go to sleep, child. Lean forward, my dear." said the snake thing softly and Blackfire was slammed face down across the desk.

    "Gently, Gortok. Gently. Now you may administer the 'Kaloxyn 151Z' to the child. Relax, my dear. This is merely a sedative to help you to sleep." said the warden soothingly.

    Blackfire felt her lower garments de-materialize and then a tingle of icy cold- the jab of an autohypo! Then she passed out and when she awakened this time light from the five suns of 'Centauri' was flooding her cell! Suddenly she was standing again in front of Warden Shelob with Gortok behind her. The snake-like thing which was of course a native of 'Centaurian' was eying her kindly. She seemed to be reading a log of some sort.

    "Greetings, my dear. My apologies for your treatment last evening. You are now no longer Prisoner #64189. In lieu of your accomplishments and the many hardships you were forced to endure while you were with this 3WA group in AD 2251 and since 'escaping' from here was not your own doing we have decided to commute your remaining sentence to one solar day. That day has now been served and therefore you are free to go, my dear Blackfire of Tamaran. Good luck to you, my child. Control- you will return all of this person's possessions and her transport craft starship to Blackfire of Tamaran. Unclothe Prisoner #64189." ordered Shelob and instinctively Blackfire clutched herself and huddled forward to conceal her bare chest and torso.

    "Control- clothe Visitor Blackfire of Tamaran in her original garments and jewelry." she added and now Blackfire felt familiar cloth against her body. Sporty brassiere and bikini underpants, socks, polo shirt, belted skirt, vest, jacket, gloves and knee high Cavalier boots! She had last worn this stuff oro felt like an eternity ago although it was really only five years!

    Gortok handed her a tiny blaster which Blackfire slipped into her hip holster. "Your remaining weapons and all of your other possessions are already loaded aboard your transport, Tro-- er I mean Miss Blackfire of Tamaran. ('Troq' is a derogatory term for a 'Tamaranian')" said Gortok and escorted her to the door.

    "Control- transport Visitor Blackfire and Corrections Officer Gortok to Level One docking bays, Berth A-21." he ordered and soon they were both standing beside a small starspeeder ship.

    "My Lord Ka-Mi! The 'Black Ember' itself! My old ship! I cannot believe it! I thought I'd never see her again! I was so damned sure you'd have er sold it for scrap by now!" cried Blackfire.

    Gortok was quite indignant. "We are certainly not thieves, Miss! We retain all clothing, jewelry, personal possessions, weapons and transport for every prisoner and every single solitary item is returned to him or her upon their release at the end of their sentence! Farewell, my child. I wish you good fortune, Miss Blackfire of Tamaran." said Gortok kindly and then vanished.

    Blackfire wasted absolutely no time in blasting off for-

    "Where the Hell can I go? Star and Galthor have banished me from Tamaran! Terra's no fun either! Hey! I know. I'll give 'Shimougou' a whirl! 'Ember'? Plot in a course for the er 'Aquarian Galaxy'- a planet called 'Shimougou'!" crowed Blackfire with satisfaction. The current year was AD 2004 and Blackfire of Tamaran was in for a rude awakening! 'Galactic Command' was the law out there now and would be for quite some time to come! 'United Galactica' and the 3WA were still decades off from coming into power there!

    Meanwhile back aboard the 'Emerald Queen' all that Emma could find of poor Blackfire was her borrowed 3WA uniform, jewelry, socks, boots and underthings!

    "The dark lassie left us just the way she came to us, dinna she?" asked Jamie MacCrimmon and Emma nodded.

    "A damned goot t'ing das yer time lord chap und his Fraulein Leila delifered das log to 'Centauri 4' back in 2004, Jamie!" said the 'Green Baron'.

    "Most bloody humiliating for the poor child to have to leave here in the er buff, don't you know!" observed Doctor 4 who had just returned with Leila.

    "The prison warden er assured us that Blackfire would be released from custody on the day following her return." said Leila.

    Emma nodded her thanks. "Arkie? You there, boyo? Star? Raven? Cy? 'BB'? Robbie? Kome? Yuri? Boss Kei? All of you there? Good. OK- Blackfire is gone. Hopefully she went back to her life in 2004 on 'Centauri 4'. The Doctor and Leila delivered that log book to the prison and Warden Shelob has assured them Blackfire would be released quite soon. Gomen er sorry everyone. Blackfire was a real swell kid and a good crewman. We're all gonna miss her a Helluva lot. Ja mata for now. Emma out." she trilled.

    Now the date was 26 January AD 2251 and--

    Aboard the 'Angel' the chromos were registering 2200 hours.

    Aboard Yuri's flotilla which included Emma's 'Queen', Han's 'Falcon' and Gene's 'Star' they stood at 1800 hours.

    In 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' on 'Shimougou' they were reading 0800 hours on 27 January AD 2251.

    Keirran Maureen Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran was perplexed to say the least having just been informed of Blackfire's exit from the 'Queen' and her subsequent reappearance on 'Centauri 4' in AD 2004 because--

    According to 'Doctor 'Know-It-All' Q' you could only be zapped back from wherever you had first appeared which in Blackfire's case would have been the 'Angel' yet she had certainly not been 'here' when the hapless kid had been 'spirited' away!

    " 'CC'? Get 'Doc Q' on the relay for me stat. I'll take it in my own quarters." trilled the Boss.

    When Kei did activate her vidscreen a few minutes later the man of the hour materialized onscreen immediately and he appeared to be worried!

    "Greetings, Kerry. (Now Kei was worried! He never ever called her 'Kerry' unless he had bad news- really bad news!) I know why you have called me, my child. The reason why Miss Blackfire left so abruptly and from Miss Emma's ship rather than having to be aboard yours is that a sort of er 'black hole' has appeared out of nowhere- at grid coordinates 94Y by 65J in the er 'Phi-Epsilon-Chi Quadrant' which of course is in 'N' space and is the site of the er planet known as er--" stammered the 3WA's chief scientist when suddenly--

    " 'Namek' " finished Elda Saavik who had quietly entered Kei's suite.

    Cont in Ch 152-Part 2
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    Here's Ch 152-Pt2-K&K

    "Yes. That is quite correct, my dear Miss Elda." he said.

    "Onegai forgive me for eavesdropping on you but when I first joined 'Starfleet', I served as a 'sapper' (private) aboard the 'Valiant' and we came across a ship that had been severly ravaged by intense solar storms. They told us that they had just come from a small world called 'Namek'. They er also told us some nonsense about seven golden balls! Seemed if you er collected all seven of 'em a dragon named 'Porunga' showed up and granted you a wish! Then those 'balls' and they called 'em 'dragon balls' of course, turned into plain old stones and scattered themselves across the planet! Then they er--" explained Saavie before Kei interrupted her monologue.

    "Oro a crock of shit! Did they er believe in elves and demons too?" chuckled the Boss.

    "Don't you baka idiots have some of each aboard your little convoy, Kerry?" demanded 'Doc Q'.

    "You know oro I mean, Doc!" she replied hotly. Then the meaning of Doc's earlier words came through belatedly as the redheaded firebrand realised oro he meant! She turned to the doorway.

    "Elda? Did you er want something?" she asked.

    "Yuri called. Nyssa and Alley are both gone. Miss Fiona reports they're both safe and sound back in 'Furool City', Boss." said Saavie.

    Kei was puzzled by that revelation. "Nyssa too? I wonder why? Saavie, onegai wait for me up in my ready room and I'll be up as soon as I finish this call. Arigatou, kiddo!" said Boss Lady Kei.

    The Vulcan saluted and left.

    "Now, Doc- onegai tell me that I don't have to fire that frigging 'God Gun' into that 'black hole' near 'Namek'! Please!" cried Kei worriedly.

    "Fire a sonic cannon into a 'black hole'? Are you feeling quite well, Kerry? Nai, that 'black hole' will close up all by itself in a week or so." he replied hesitantly and paused.

    Kei was on the verge of really losing her temper!

    "Doc, this place of mine is soundproofed and even the vacuumhead doesn't know it. Savvie's six decks up so nobody can possibly overhear us. Just spit it out, Doc! Oro exactly do I gotta do this time?" demanded the fiery redhead, her arms folded and she was glowering at him.

    "When your team er captured Warp, they interfered with er time and history. He was destined to steal that time portal key from that Terran museum in 2004 and then travel forwards in time to that 'black hole' by 'Namek' where he would hurl the key into the maelstrom of that time vortex. He's now on his way to 'Gallifrey', the time chaps' home world deep in 'E' space and even more remote than 'Namek'. They could never get him back here in enough time if you will pardon the pun before that 'black hole' blows itself shut forever. Even your mighty 'Angel', Hathaway's, Riff's or even the Brief girl's timeship could never make it there in time. There really is only one way it can be done and that is for someone to use 'instantaneous transmission' to get there and hurl the key into that timestorm vortex." he said gravely.

    Kei stared at the older gent steadily for a moment or so. Then-

    "You er mean a Saiyaan, don't you? Like Vegeeta or Goku? I suppose I could er locate one of 'em for you through 'Capsule Corporation' on Terra and I'm certain Goku would do it for us but Vegeeta I do not trust one little bit! However, it's still hopeless since the damned key is on its way to 'Gallifrey' via Doctor 2's TARDIS!" cried Kei.

    "The key is still inside your safe aboard the 'Raphael', Kerry, however, no Saiyaan may touch it and live. Only a 'Beta Zoid' like Warp or a human, a specific human can. Kerry, oro I must tell to you now must be kept in the strictest confidence! In the year AD 2040 an ancient scroll was discovered by our scientists. As it was written in a strange unknown language since proven to be 'Amestrian' it took us some time to translate it and er earlier today we finally did just that, my child. It is a prophecy and it foretells that the 'Kronos Project' would be destroyed in AD 2140, that its destruction would directly cause the the rift in the continuum twixt space and time, that in another century a weapon of vast power dependent on the use of sound vibrations would be rediscovered and another one would be built and er used at least four times by a young female who was to born on 'Workoh', that her hair would be the colour of the fiery skies of 'Armageddon', that a 'Beta Zoid' male would return to the past and recover the 'Key to the portals of time and space' which would be capable of opening or closing the portals of time itself, that this key would be placed in the timestorm's portal gateway on a far distant world called 'Namek' and that this final act would once more close the portals of time and space and return the universe to 'nom quatar' which we have translated to mean 'status quo' or in Universal- normal. (Again the Doc hesitated until a scowl from Kei and a growl to 'get on with it, dammit!' prompted him to continue) This scroll also said that er should these events be interrupted in any way whatsoever the destruction of the universe must surely follow. However, the missive did provide us with an alternate solution. If this self same human female were to throw the key into the maelstrom then the 'nom quatar' would surely be restored thus saving the universe. So, my dear child, the fate of all mankind rests in your hands. Goku and Vegeeta have been contacted and will be here soon. Legato is on his way back here with the key. One of the Saiyaans will transport you and the key to 'Namek' where you must place that key in the exact centre of the inner portal. The Saiyaan can get you to 'Namek' OK but not inside the portal gateway itself. The barrier will allow humans to pass and 'Beta Zoids' but not Saiyaans nor any other alien race apparently. You will have to enter that gateway on your own, my dear. As soon as you've placed the key you must depart quickly and leave 'Namek' with all possible speed. The final line of the prophecy is quite grim and I will recite it ver batim (word for word): 'If this 'Workoh' human female be not back wheresoever she was when the 'timestorm portal gateway' came first into existence and before the portal be closed then utter chaos will reign supreme, the lines of astral force shall be breached, Heaven, Hell and Earth shall be intermingled and the time of the end of all of the universes will be at hand.' Oro all that palaver means is this- After you put the damned key in the central core of the vortex get your kawaii ass the Hell outta there and back to the Saiyaan who will zap you both back here before that portal seals again. That is the scenario, kid, however, the decision is still yours to make, my dear Kerry and none but you can make it, child." finished Doc Q at long last.

    Kei pondered a moment or so then lit another cheroot. "You already know the answer to that one, tomo watashi, don't you? Of course you know I will fulfill that prophecy and save all the universes. Funny but I always thought there was only one of 'em, boyo." replied the redhead.

    "You do realise, do you not, that no one will ever remember any of oro you are about to do because er technically er none of it will have ever really happened. You and I will be the only ones who will ever know." explained the scientist gently and Kei nodded.

    "I did not join the 3WA for fame and fortune, Doc! I joined to help make the universe a better place for everyone! So nobody else will ever know? So oro? We'll know and er that is all that's important, isn't it? That is quite good enough for this gal, sir!" answered Kei.

    "Good girl! You really and truly are a 'kawaii enjeru', a 'lovely angel'! The Saiyaan boys and Bulma should be up in your ready room with Miss Elda by now. Mr. Legato should be here in an hour or so. Good luck, Ker er I mean Kei. 'Q' out." said the scientist before he signed off.

    Kei blanked her vidscreen and rode her express lift up to her ready room.

    "So we meet again, Boss." greeted a grinning Goku Son.

    "Hullo there, Katie me darlin' " teased Vegeeta Brief.

    "Stop it, Vegeeta and behave yourself! Hi there, Kei." said Bulma Brief with a smile.

    "Hi guys. Hi Bulma. Domo arigatou for coming. Did er 'Doc Q' brief you? (They all nodded) OK, then we'll leave just as soon as Legato gets here with that key in another hour or so." said Kei.

    "The Hell with that, Missy! Gomen er pardon me for a second." said Vegeeta before vanishing and reappearing a nanosecond later with Legato Bluesummers in tow. Legato was clutching the 'Key to time and space' hourglass in his hands.

    "Here ya go, Boss. Take it." he said and shoved it into Kei's hands. Kei stared at the contrivance for a second or two before she raised her aizu to confront Legato.

    "Only specific humans and 'Beta Zoids' are supposed to be able to even touch this shimatta thing! So how is it that both you and Starfire were able to--" began the redhead before she trailed off.

    Legato grinned broadly. "Tamaranians were once part of the 'Beta Zoid' race so Tamaranians can touch it safely and as for me- where in the Hell did you think that my amazing powers of mind control came from, Boss? I'm a 'Beta Zoid', Kei." explained Legato. Kei glanced over at her three tomos once more.

    "Which one of you is gonna take me to 'Namek'?" she asked.

    "I am!" shouted both Saiyaans together.

    "The Hell you are, Kakkaroth! I will take her!" yelled Vegeeta.

    "No way, man! I'm taking her!" contradicted Goku Son.

    This arguement continued nonstop until finally Bulma put an end to it.

    Cont in Ch 152-Part 3
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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