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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 152-Pt 3-K&K

    "E-nough! Maybe both of you should take her there! Did you two brainless baka idiots forget about the ion storms on that part of 'Namek' this season of the year? It's gonna take both of your 'chakra chi energies' to hold back those bloody tornadoes while the Boss Lady and I penetrate that 'timestorm portal gateway' with the key!" said the aoishi-maned bombshell.

    "Very well." agreed Vegeeta. "We will both accompany O'Halloran but Bulma- you will not be coming with us!" he added and his wife exploded with fury.

    "The Hell I ain't! Kei will need protection inside that thing until she gets to its core!" retorted Bulma.

    "Er, how far in is the centre of that shimatta bloody thing anyway?" asked Kei.

    "Six or seven kilos." answered Saavie smugly. Bulma grabbed her hubbby by his shirtfront and lifted him three inches off the floor!

    "And if you think that I am gonna let my best tomo in the whole cosmos go into that Fxxxing thing alone, you have got another think coming, Buster!" yelled Bulma defiantly.

    END of Chapter 152 'Blackfire's New Life' or 'An Ancient Prophecy'. Chapter 153 'Maelstrom in Space' or'Saiyaan Airlines- The Only Way to Fly!' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. See ya soon.-K&K

    Cont in Ch 153
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 153-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Starfire of Tamaran, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 153without further preamble:-

    Chapter 153

    'Maelstrom in Space' or 'Saiyaan Airlines- The Only Way to Fly!'

    "Christ Almighty, Bulma! OK! You can come with us! Legato, take the comm while we're gone. Keep us headed for home. OK guys- how the Hell do we do this?" asked Kei.

    "You two hold onto us very very tightly and we'll do the rest." said Goku.

    "Er, Kakkaroth is right for once. Hold on, Ladies and welcome to the friendly skies of Saiyaan Airlines. It's the 'only' way to fly!" chortled Vegeeta.

    Kei clipped the 'key' to her belt and clasped Bulma's hands in hers while Goku and Vegeeta wrapped their huge arms around both of the smaller girls. The room began to flicker on and off and then- POOF! They were all standing before a huge I mean at least three kilos wide opening in the atmosphere itself!

    Twenty thousand kilo winds with a 'G' force of over five thousand psi were howling all around them!

    "Get going! This shield's only gonna hold for about an hour and that's only if we both concentrate- hard- so off you go!" ordered the Saiyaan prince.

    Cannons in fists, the two kawaii beauties boldly went where no hu-man had gone before. They cautiously rocketed into the inner portal. Almost half an hour later they spotted a shimmering white column of pure pulsating energy.

    "Throw it, Kei!" cried Bulma, struggling to be heard over the roaring of the energy field. Kei hefted the hourglass 'key' and hesitated.

    "Throw it!" screamed Bulma. With all of her strength, Kei hurled it into the pulsating column. FOOM! It disappeared in a shower of sparks.

    "Come on! Run!" yelled the aoishi-maned bombshell after she'd discovered that their jet packs no longer functioned inside of 'this damned thing' as she had christened the timestorm's inner chamber.

    "Christ, kid! The temps rising in here- and fast! It's already over two hundred Kelvin!" yelled Kei, checking her wristchromo's thermal detector.

    "In plain Universal, Boss?" cried Bulma.

    "Huh? Oh say- seven hundred fifty degrees or so Fahrenheit!" replied the redhead.

    "Dam! My boots are melting and my flightsuit's starting to burn too!" cried out the aoishi-maned Saiyaan tamer.

    "Run faster, dammit! Golu! Vegeeta! Get set to transport us off this bloody planet! We're almost there!" yelled Kei, tearing off her flaming flightsuit and racing as hard as she could pelt for the exit portal.

    "Ditch that flightsuit, Bulma! We're just about home free, girl!" screamed Kei as the walls began collapsing in on top of them!

    "Shit! I would pick today to wear my really sexy unies! Brand new too! Dammit! I just got 'em from 'Vittorio's Secret' and er--" cried Bulma, yanking off her smoldering jumpsuit and flinging it to one side.

    Suddenly her bare arm was grabbed and then gripped in a Kelvinite vise while Kei felt Goku's huge mitts around her own arm!

    "Take us home and quick, man! As Mikey would say 'totally awesome, dude! Hold on tight, Bulma! Now! Go-go-go!" shreiked the Boss.

    POW! The air itself exploded! Then both tro-con firebrand and human bombshell passed out!

    A little later- back aboard the 'Angel'--

    "Kei! Hold still so I can get this pullover on you! Goku! Didya get those sweatpants on her yet?" yelled Elda Saavik.

    "Kakkaroth! Do try and do something right, will you! Hold still, Bulma! I've got to get these damned pajama thingys on you! Mugghi! Where the Hell are those bathrobe things I sent you to get for them?" said Vegeeta angrily.

    "There we go, Admiral Boss Lady! Saavie? How about their boots? Yuck! These space boots of theirs are melted! Ka-Mi! They've fused to their blasted feet! If I try to pull 'em off, their skin's gonna come off with 'em! Oro should I do?" asked a panicky Goku Son.

    "Stand aside! Elda, hold their feet up so's I can blast 'em with a fire extinguisher, man!" yelled Legato.

    WHOOSH! "OK, guys- gently peel that greyish mess off their feet! I said gently, dammit, Vegeeta! Dammit! Be careful, Goku! Good! Now shove their feet into these inflatable med boots! Pump in a little bit of oxygen and there! That'll keep their tootsies warm until we catch up to Yuri's mob! Can you two get 'em up to sick bay and then stay with 'em? C'mon Saavie, we'd better get back to the bridge. Arigatou, Goku and you too, Vegeeta! Ja mata, guys." said Legato Bluesummers.

    "Who's left, dammit?" croaked Kei who was still trying to get outta her bunk in sick bay despite Goku's efforts to restrain her until- BAM! Vegeeta fist crashed into her jaw sending the fiery tro-con to 'Never-neverland'!

    "Wow! She'll be furious with you when she wakes up, Vegeeta!" whispered Goku.

    "Why me, Kakkaroth? You hit her!" replied the Saiyaan prince with a grin.

    "I did not! You did!" said Goku hotly.

    "So? I'm gonna tell her that you hit her." explained a smirking Vegeeta.

    "Vegeeta! Stop teasing Kakk-- er I mean- Goku! Leave him alone or I'll deck your ass, you big dumb oaf!" whispered Bulma in a huskier than usual tone of voice.

    Both she and the Boss Lady had received first as well as second degree burns over at least two-thirds of their bodies! The two Saiyaans had doused both of them quite liberally with a strange liquid which Elda had given to them- called 'Kolacydyl' which of course was a disinfectant-antibiotic-painkiller. However, the Saiyaans didn't know that!

    "Hey Legato! Better add this 'Kola' stuff to our shopping list! Why? It's delicious, man! Me and Vegeeta have drunk most of it! Huh? Yeah, we dumped two whole bottles of the stuff all over the girls! Should we er give 'em some of it to drink, man? Legato?" trilled Goku.

    "Kakkaroth! Wanna try some of this stuff? Tastes pretty damned good although it does smell a bit funny! Oro? It er says 'Syn-then-ol' on the label. Want some?" yelled Vegeeta.

    "Nai! He does 'not' want some and neither do you! Don't you baka idiots know oro the Hell that stuff is? 'Synthenol' is 'synthetic alcohol', a disinfectant! Medicine! That 'Kola' stuff is 'Kolacydyl', a disinfectant-antibiotic-painkiller! That carp'll kill a 'Silurian Kortoxydent' for Kami's sake!" yelled Saavik, grabbing the 'Synthenol' from Vegeeta and the 'Kolacydyl' from Goku.

    "Where's Yuri?" groaned Bulma Brief.

    "Damned if I know, kid! Legato's trying to figure out where the oni we are! That timestorm blew us off course! Oro the Hell happened to poor Reds?" replied the Vulcan.

    "My hubby!" squeaked Bulma.

    "Vegeeta?" asked Elda.

    "Who else?" croaked Bulma.

    Both hers as well as Kei's throat had been badly burnt and Goku had bandaged them both as best he could so of course the two of 'em resembled ancient Terran Egyptian mummies!

    Elda looked pointedly at Vegeeta. "She wouldn't hold still! I only belted her once, dammit!" sulked the Saiyaan prince. Saavie's comlink began to trill.

    "Hai? Legato? Yeah. I'll be right up, man. Dammit all! I'm an engineer not a frigging navigator!" trilled the Vulcan girl.

    "I thought Vulcans kept their emotions under control like Miss Rae does?" asked a startled Goku. 'Miss Rae' was one of the 'Evangelian' robot-thing pilots and like all 'Eva' pilots she was only a kid.

    Saavik stared at the tall Saiyaan. "Uncle Spock and his generation maybe but most of us younger Vulcans just cannot do it! Besides those two old Terran TV headshrinks- Doctor Phil and Doctor Brothers- said it er wasn't healthy to keep all your emotions bottled up inside like that! Bulma? You want a sedative to help you sleep? Nai? OK, I gotta go and see if I can figure out where the Hell we are. Want these guys to stay with you and the Boss? Nai? Then these two bozos can come upstairs with me. Maybe they'll recognize something around us. Ja ne, girl. c'mon Goku. Vegeeta. We're off to the bridge." said Elda, herding the Saiyaans out the door and into the lift.

    "Check those viewers, guys and see if you know where we are. Hi Legato. Sorry I was so cross with you down there. Any luck?" asked the svelte engineer.

    "Huh? Aw, that's allright, Elda honey. Nai. Nothing new. My kingdom for a navigator!" he replied while misquoting the 'Bard of Stratford-on-Avon'. Almost two hours later-

    "Dammit to jigoku! Not the 'Ligurian Formations' either!" yelled Saavik disgustedly. She had been trying to determine their whereabouts for the past couple of hours with no luck at all!

    "Oro about the 'Alien Nighmares'? Do they know this blasted sector at all?" asked Legato and Saavie shook her kawaii head.

    "Nai. No such luck. I sure wish that we had someone we could ask, Commander." sulked Elda.

    "Ahem! I am someone, Miss Saavik. Ask me, onegai. After all, that's oro I am here for you know." responded a grumpy and out of sorts 'CC'.

    "Christ! I forgot all about him!" apologised Legato.

    "Arigatou, 'CC'- er where are we, tomo mine?" asked Elda sweetly.

    "I was wondering when you'd get around to asking me that!" replied 'CC' testily.

    "Just answer her shimatta question!" yelled Legato.

    "OK. OK. Don't get into such a dither, sir! Ensign Saavik is quite correct. We have been er blown a 'tad' offcourse--" began 'CC'.

    "Define a 'tad'." said Elda, her arms folded.

    "Just er a few hundred thousand lightyears or so." replied 'CC' innocently.

    Cont in Ch 153-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 153-Pt 2-K&K

    "Oro! If you're right and unfortunately you usually are we'd have to be in--" began Legato.

    " 'N' space near the 'Kordai-Regulon Nebulae'! Show me a regional star vidchart, 'CC'. (The vidscreen now displayed a barren region of deep space with a few scattered asteroids dominated by an immense greenish 'M Class' planet orbited by two tiny moons) Ah! I thought so. That's 'Yocha' and the two moons orbiting it are 'Niogi' and 'Shack G' so this is the 'Sumerian System' in the 'Sigma Quadrant'. We're on the opposite side of the blasted universe! It's small wonder we can't raise Furool, Elenore, the shuttles, 'Kagura' or even Mars! We are way outta their range, gang!" explained a shaky Bulma who was leaning heavily on both Goku and her husband.

    END of Chapter 153.'Maelstrom in Space' or 'Saiyaan Airlines- The Only Way to Fly!' Chapter 154 'Anomaly Heaven' or 'Elda's Walkabout' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 154
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 154-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Miss O'Scrooge, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 154 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 154

    'Anomaly Heaven' or 'Elda's Walkabout'

    "Bulma! You should be resting and with a hundred and thirty cc's of 'Axileine 30' in you, you oughta be out colder than a mackerel, man!" cried Elda.

    Bulma gave her a rueful smile. "I er knocked your arm when you tried to inject me and you er hit Vegeeta with the autohypo. That crap won't work on Saiyaans so he didn't pass out. Anyway you need a navigator and I do know the terrain around these parts. Legato? Bring us about to bearing 397.8 due South. If we can find the 'Tze Xuan Ze Singularity' we'll at least be able to get back to our own spacial region. Still- unless we find us a wormhole or something near there we are looking at another week to even get back to 'Shalimar', folks! Oro's our speed? Warp 3.9? Take us up to 7.4 and hold it there. Watch out for a cluster of nana er I mean seven stars which sorta looks like the 'Pleiades' and 'Tze Xuan Ze' will be due East of it. That singularity looks like a Terran maelstrom or whirlpool and er- can we maybe get some grub up here? I am simply starving to death, man! And er Commander Bluesummers? Do you really think that your navigator oughtta be on the bridge dressed like this?" said the aoishi-maned bombshell who was attired in shortie 'Teddy Bear' pajamas, a sleeveless undershirt and was in her stocking feet! Legato chuckled.

    "Saavie, see if Yuri's got a spare flightsuit in one of those back rooms, willya?" he said.

    "Don't forget flight boots and a pullover too! And don't forget my grub either!" Bulma yelled after Elda's retreating form.

    "Got ya covered, Ms. Brief, ma'am. We remembered how to use the reppie things from the last time we were here." trilled a strange yet somehow hauntingly familiar voice in Bulma's ear.

    "Legato? Who else is aboard this tub?" she demanded.

    "Just us. Saavie, you, Reds, me and those two idiot Saiyaan freaks of yours. Why?" replied Legato.

    "Because I just got a comlink trill that my food was on its way!" said Bulma.

    "And here we are, Ms. Brief, ma'am." A very short and cute little redheaded girl stood at the doorway and she was clutching a starfish! Behind her stood two dark-haired boys carrying trays of covered dishes. The one kid wore a red baseball cap and had a tawny golden 'puppy' sitting on his shoulder. The other one was a few years older and just couldn't take his aizu off of Bulma!

    "Don't forget us, Mrs. Saiyaan Prince, ma'am!" said a small white nekko or cat who was also carrying a tray.

    "And us! Prepare for trouble!" chorused a grey-haired youth and a fiery redheaded teenaged girl walking behind the white nekko. The boy was lugging a huge coffee urn and the girl carried a folding table and a gym bag.

    Realization suddenly struck both Bulma and Legato!

    "Oh Christ! Nai! And make it double! Not you shimatta kids again! The 'Pokemon gang' and 'Team Rocket'!" cried Bulma and Legato added "Shit! Now way!" before rising to help James Rocket with the heavy urn.

    "Where the Hell's Saavie with my flightsuit?" demanded Bulma. Jessie pushed her way over to Bulma, set up the table and tossed her the gym bag.

    "The ensign asked me to give this to you, Ms. Brief." said Jessie. Meanwhile James was pouring out mugs of steaming hot java for all hands. Ash and Brock laid down their trays and Meowth had set down his as well. Piccachuu (Ash's golden puppy thing) was running all over the bridge while Misty was sitting on the console and cradling Tokapi, her starfish animal.

    "Arigatou, Jess. Gomen er excuse me guys. I'll be right back." So saying Bulma hefted the bag, went out the rear doors and down the hallway to the first bedroom behind the bridge to change.

    "Could you er please call Auntie Faye and let her know we're safe, Captain Bluesummers, so she won't be worrying about us, sir?" asked Misty and slowly Legato shook his head.

    "Sorry sweetie but no can do right now. We're way too far outta range to do that. Honey, where exactly was the 'Raphael' when you left it?" asked Legato.

    "Well- we could see a great big tall castle on a high white cliff. It had battlements, turrets and towers and Mr. Popo (Don Poporo of course) said they seemed to have er fixed it up real nice since er-" began Misty.

    "Since I blew it up three years ago, kiddo." All heads turned to the rear of the bridge. Standing there was Kei in sweats and sneakers looking a lot like death warmed over as Raphael the Ninja would have said!

    "Hiya Misty, Brock, Ash, Jess, James, Meowth. Hi there Piccachuu. Hi there Tokapi. Sorry to startle ya but when I heard that er Bulma was navigating--" she joked. Bulma bristled.

    "Just oro the Hell is wrong with my navigating, Admiral O'Halloran?" demanded the aoishi-maned bombshell angrily.

    "Cool your jets, kiddo! All I meant was why the jigoku did Legato need any help navigating in a region he er knows so shimatta well? Give me the bad news, Captain." ordered the redheaded firebrand.

    "We're er looking for the 'Tze Xuan Ze Singularity' so we get back to 'N' er I mean 'normal' space. Unless we find us a shortcut home from there it's gonna be a week before we reach 'Shalimar', Boss." explained Legato.

    "Bulma knows this system, Boss and that's why she's navigating." added Saavie. Kei grinned.

    "The 'Adonis Arch'- you've forgotten it. That will drop us almost at 'Koran' (another of 'Shimougou's' moons) and only three days from home weet home." said Kei, firing up a cheroot.

    "Dam it all! She's right of course. I did forget all about the 'Adonis Arch' and it is only a few hundred kilos from the other end of the singularity. No more than an hour away! Bulma? Elda? watch out for a cluster of seven stars. Get the kids to help you look for it. Trill me as soon as you spot it. Our objective's due East from it." trilled Legato.

    "Aye aye, Captain, sir!" chortled Bulma.

    "Misty. Brock. Ash. sit down by that monitor and watch for seven stars in a circle- like this." said Saavie and she tapped a few keys. Instantly an image of the Terran constellation 'Pleiades' appeared on the vidscreen.

    "Tell me or Auntie Bulma as soon as you see it- OK?" said the Vulcan and the kids nodded.

    "Yes, Auntie Elda. We will." replied Ash.

    "Can we er help out too?" asked James Rocket.

    "Sure. Get on those plasma cannons. We may have to blast an asteroid or two." said Legato, pointing to the two gunners' seats. Jess and James each took one while Meowth sat on the console between them.

    "How far are we from this wormhole thing, Mr. Legato, sir?" asked James.

    "It's just plain old Legato, James. To answer your question though- a click er a thousand meters or a half a Terran mile or so away from the 'Lemurian Cluster' which is still a few thousand kilos or a couple of thousand miles away. Keep your aizu peeled for an asteroid belt which I really wanna avoid if at all possible." replied Legato.

    Misty and Tokapi were the first ones to spot the seven star cluster several hours later.

    "Auntie Elda? Is that it?" squealed Misty excitedly.

    "Yeah, kiddo. That's it. Legato? Bring us about to a due East heading of 3-4-0. Is that heading correct, Bulma? Oro? Legato- correction. That should be 3-4-0 point 6 due East. Saavik out." trilled the Vulcan.

    "Roger, kid. I see it. The 'Tse Xuan Ze' should be dead ahead. Better brace yourselves. That maelstrom is always unpredictable. Here we go, hazu. Hold on!" trilled Legato, steering the ship into the singularity and beginning to pick up speed rapidly.

    "7.4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.6, 12.8, 12.9- and holding. Legato, turn due North on my mark. 3, 2, 1 and mark. Kids, look for an arch- like a 'WcDonald's' sign arch." trilled Bulma.

    Brock soon spotted it and sang out.

    "There it is, Bulma, ma'am. Dead ahead- at five o'clock!" he yelled.

    "Legato? Come about Southeast to 3-9-6 point 7 on may mark. 3, 2, 1, mark." trilled Bulma.

    "roger that, kiddo. Entering the 'Adonis Arch' so brace yourselves for some turbulence. This is gonna be a real short jump." trilled Legato and a few moments later-

    "There! Look due West, guys. Those are the outer markers of 'Koran'- we're only three days from home!" he said and keyed his relay mike.

    " 'Angel' calling 'Raphael'. Onegai come in. Over." he said.

    "Roger, Legato. This is the 'Raphael'. Hi, it's me- Rally. How's it going, Cap? Over." said Rally Vincent.

    "Fine, kid. Tell Faye that the 'Pokemon' tribe and 'Team Rocket' are with us. Over." replied Legato.

    "Roger that. Over." responded Rally.

    "We'll meet you on 'Shimougou' in three days. We are just about to leave 'Koran'. Bluesummers out." he answered.

    "Bye, Cap." replied Rally, racing aft to give Faye Valentine the good news about the kiddies.

    "Arigatou Kami that they're all OK at least! Thanks Rally. Wanna drink?" invited the cowgirl but Rally declined the offer.

    Cont in Ch 154-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 154-Pt 2-K&K

    "Later. Gotta get back to the bridge. See ya, Faye." she replied.

    "Yeah. See ya around, Rally." said Faye disgustedly. Rally sat down beside her and patted her shoulder.

    "Oro is it, Faye? Oro's wrong?" asked Rally and Faye sighed.

    "Those poor damned kids! When they disappeared from here I'd hoped they'd gone back home but instead they're back aboard the 'Angel'! Will they ever get home? All of 'em, Rally? Fate sure can be a cruel mistress, can't she?" said a despondent cowgirl.

    "Don't talk like that, Faye! You know they'll all get back home- and soon!" replied Rally.

    "Do I? That "Kronos' thing's repaired. Kei's fired the 'God Gun' four times already and yet those poor kids are still here! Why? In Kami's name- why the Hell are they still here?" cried Faye.

    "How about you and Mae? Don't you guys miss your home too? Your tomos? Your relatives and stuff?" demanded Faye and Rally got up.

    "We have few tomos er friends and no relatives. Our house back home is a disaster area what with Mae's bombs and my target practice! The whole place reeks of cordite all the time! Nai Faye- if worse came to worse and we er couldn't get back home to Terra er Earth in our own era we'd have no regrets. Maybe we could join you on the 'Bebop' if you'll have us that is?" said Rally.

    "Sure, kiddo. Why not? Jett and Spike have already offered to take on Nat, Flay and Caggie but they got other plans apparently." replied Faye and Rally returned to the bridge after telling Faye not to worry so much. Meanwhile back aboard the aforesaid 'Angel'--

    'Team Rocket' and the 'Pokemon Tribe' had been put on laundry detail- again!

    "Why we gotta do laundry anyway?" complained Brock. "Why can't we just rep up new stuff when the old stuff gets dirty and throw the old junk away?" he asked.

    "Because I needed to give you kids something to keep you outta trouble, Brock. That's why." said Kei with a grin.

    "Miss O.! I didn't know you were there! I'm sorry for complaining! It's just that I--I--" stammered the Pokemon breeder wannabe.

    "That's OK, tomo. Look at it this way, kid- you've only got a small handful of folks aboard now so it ain't gonna be like when you had a couple of hundred to woryy about like last time." replied the redhead. "When you finish, you can all go play on the holodecks- OK?" she added.

    "Ooh! Can we really, Auntie Kei?" bubbled Misty.

    "Sure Honey. Jess? James? I want that you should go with 'em. One of you know how to use the holodecks?" asked the Boss Lady. Confused expressions greeted that remark until finally Brock spoke up.

    "Yeah, I do, ma'am. Miss Valentine showed me how to use 'em." he said.

    "Great! The sooner you get the laundry done, the sooner you get to play! Let's go, kids!" said Kei and went back upstairs.

    "Ain't that a real kick in the head! Since Fayesie ain't here, we get stuck babysitting the little rugrats!" grumbled Jessie Rocket.

    "Aw, it won't be too bad, Jess. Those holodecks are really awesome, man! Oro are we gonna play up there?" asked James.

    "How the Hell should I know! I guess oro ever the kids wanna play!" answered a disgusted Jessie.

    Down in the rec room, Elda was sitting at the bar and brooding.

    "I'm really gonna miss all you guys when I gotta go back to the 'Coriander' in a few more weeks." mused the Vulcan girl aloud.

    "You er do know that 'Starfleet' has a base or two on 'Shimougou', don't you? So you could get a transfer. Uncle Anton could get Chuck Garner to fix it with Pike and Kirk for you, Elda." said Legato helpfully and Saavie brightened up at once.

    "Really? Do you think he'd do that for little old me?" she asked.

    "Sure. The Boss Lady knows Kirk and Pike too and Donnie Popo's real good tomos with Janeway. I happen to know that Vittorio Galadriel himself want you transferred to the 3WA HQ at 'Elenore City' as a liaison officer to both the 3WA and the 'UG' and er Uncle Vito usually gets oro he wants, kiddo!" replied Legato.

    "Then let's really celebrate! I know there's afew more bottles of that aoishi ale around here somewhere." suggested Saavie, swiveling her kawaii tush over the bartop and dropping behind the bar counter. "Aha! Here we go, Cap!" she crowed exuberantly, popping the cork and pouring out two tumblers of the heady aoishi brew for both of them.

    "To the completion of another successful mission, Captain!" she toasted and then clinked glasses with the ex leader of the 'Gung Ho Guns'.

    "And to our future with 'UG' and the 3WA, Lieutenant!" toasted the soon to be 3WA tro-con trainee.

    "You er do mean Ensign, sir, don't you?" joked the Vulcan.

    "I know exactly oro I mean, Saavie. After you become a liaison officer you'll be promoted. Word of honour, kiddo!" replied Legato and he swallowed half of his ale.

    "I defer to your superior knowledge, sir." she said and gulped down her drink.

    "Easy on that stuff, Honey! It'll knock you on your ass if you try to swill it like beer!" warned Legato.

    "I can handle it! Boss Kei drinks it like that, don't she? Ooh! Why the Hell's the ship spinning? I er don't feel so good, man. I think I'll rep me up some java. Want some, Cap?" said Saavie who took one step and- WHAM! Her head struck the edge of the bartop and she crumpled to the floor.

    "Honey! Elda, you OK?" cried Legato, vaulting over the bar and trying to revive the girl but too late- she was out cold!

    "James? Get your ass down here to the rec room- stat! That's an order, dammit!" trilled Legato while he was dragging the Vulcan to a sofa.

    Five minutes later, james Rocket rushed into the room.

    "Gimme a hand here, James and help me to get Saavie upstairs before the Boss lady sees her, willya?" said Legato.

    "Sure, Cap." replied James and twixt the two of them they hoisted Elda to her feet. With James on one side of her and Legato on the other they half dragged, half carried her to the lift. "Is she on Level Three or Four, cap?" asked James.

    "Four, I think. It doesn't matter. Just tell lift control to take us to Ensign Saavik's quarters." replied Legato.

    "Lift? Onegai take us to Ensign Saavik's quarters. Arigatou." ordered James. The door snapped shut and the lift shot upwards two levels- from two to four- and stopped.

    They maneuvered Saavie down the corridor to her suite where Legato used Kei's override code to open the portals. Then they dumped the kid onto her bunk and yanked off her boots and tunic. Tossing a blanket across her, they left. James took Legato up to the holodecks where he rejoined Jess and the kids who were playing a game of 'Robin Hood and his Merrie Men'.

    Sometime later- Elda came to and decided it was too hot to sleep so she ditched her tank top, dropped her pants and stepped out of them and yanked off her socks. She then repped and drank a glass of warm milk and then she went for a stroll on the gantryways! When she reached Level Seven she entered the observation room and plopped down onto one of the recliners there. Putting her feet up, the gentle motion of the 'Angel' had soon lulled her to sleep. Of course all she had on now was a sporty black halter top and a pair of racy red bikini underbriefs!

    Thinking the Vulcan safely tucked in for the night Legato retired to his own bunk and was soon fast asleep.

    At 2230 Jess decided it was the kiddies' bedtime so she and James ushered Brock, Ash and Misty along with Tokapi, Piccachuu and whatever the Hell Brock's rock dragon snake's name was back to their rooms on Level Five. After they had all showerd or bathed, brushed their teeth and gotten into their pajamas, the Rockets tucked them in for the night.

    "Jessie, tell us a story! Please!" pleaded Misty and Jess shook her red head.

    "I dunno any stories, kiddo. Sorry." she replied.

    "Aw, please tell us one, Jessie! Please!" whimpered Misty.

    "OK, Honey. I'll tell you one. Just one and then you gotta promise to go to sleep. Right?" said James and Misty nodded her head./

    "We promise, James!" cried Meowth eagerly.

    "I was talking to them, Furball, not you!" said James irritably before he sighed and began.

    "Once upon a time long ago in the land of Egypt there lived a good and kinly pharaoh named Aton. He battled valiantly to protect his people and prevent their being plunged into the chaos of the shadow realm by his evil vizier- Mara.

    To assist him he had his good tomo and a powerful sorcerer to boot- the 'Master of Dragons'. His nemesis, Mara, however, had the ability to command a trio of powerful immortals- gods to do his bidding. He was a most accomplished and evil sorcerer.

    Finally the Pharaoh and the 'Master of Dragons' were able to defeat the evil vizier and imprison him and his three gods in a massive pyramid of light where they remained for five thousand years- in stasis form er suspended animation meaning they could not move at all!

    Fate had decreed long ago that the reincarnations of both the Pharaoh and his sorcerer tomo should do battle once again with the reincarnation of evil Mara and his three immortal gods. The vizier, however, had a sister who was a high preistess for the goddess Isis. She was determined to save her brother's soul by banishing his dark evil half to the shadow realm for all eternity.

    Cont in Ch 154-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 154-Pt 3-K&K

    With her aid, the kinly Pharoh and the 'master of Dragons' once again were able to subdue the vizier and his three immortals. In order to prevent this chaos from ever again threatening the Earth the Pharoh commanded his own wizard, the 'Mage of Light' to construct a sacred jewel (not the Shikon no Tama however!). Inside of this jewel he sealed himself, the evil vizier, his own wizard, his own 'Master of Dragons', the trio of immortal gods, his own 'Army of Light', Mara's 'Army of Darkness', the vizier's good and honourable sister and seven mystical objects- a puzzle, a rod, an ankh, a necklace, a key, an eye and a flail along with one other being whose identity was known only to the kindly Pharoh.

    Inside the jewel they continue to do battle to this very day in order to keep chaos and shadow from the world. The end.

    Good night, children and pleasant dreams, kids. Wake up, Jess! Time to go to bed." said a yawning James Rocket. The Rockets and Meowth retired to their own rooms and soon they had drifted off to dreamland.

    At 0100 Kei decided to have a nightcap before bed so she wnt down to the bar. She had just finished her drink when she heard a weird pulsating noise and noticed a strange glowing white light atop a small structure beside the bar. She took no further notice of these things other than to muse to herself that one of the Doctors had returned.

    Then Kei became painfully aware that she'd wandered downstairs thinking that the rest of her crew had gone to beddy bye! She'd ditched sweats and sneakers on her lift on the way down and was seated at the bar in a racy halter top, cool green underbriefs and- nothing else!

    Normally our Kei does not give a good Kami dam who sees her in her unmentionables, however with these time lords- she always seemed to be much too embarrassed to have them see her unless she was properly dressed and fully clothed!

    Kei touched her wrist and realised she'd left her 'morphing' bracelet upstairs on the bridge. Discretion always seeming to be the better part of valor- she vaulted over the bar and beat a hasty retreat through the darkened dining hall and hid in the small powder room!

    Meanwhile on Level Seven- Ensign Elda Marie Dizer'g Saavik had one more nasty little habit to show to everyone aboard- sleepwalking! When Kei had overheard the two Docs (yes- both TARDISes had come back home at the same time!) say it was bedtime and was sure she'd heard both of 'em head for the lift she speedily raced to the back gantryway and up the stairway to Level Three where Kei quickly dressed in sweats again. She yanked on her sneakers and decided to check the bridge one last time before retiring. She rode her express lift up to the command deck's rear corridor on Level Nine, stepped out and into the hallway and where she practically collided with- Saavie!

    "Elda? Oro the Fxxx are you doing up here in your unmentionables? Did ya hear me, Ensign Saavik?" demanded Kei in a soft whisper. She was about to shake the Vulcan girl's shoulder when a hand came out of nowhere and grasped her own shoulder!

    END of Chapter 154.'Anomaly Heaven' or 'Elda's Walkabout'. Chapter 155 'Arcturis in Space' or 'Tale of the Tardises' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 155
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 155-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ruhri, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 155 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 155

    'Arcturis in Space' or 'Tale of the TARDISes'

    Kei felt her shoulder being gripped like pure Titanium! She turned to confront - Doctor 2!

    "Don't! You must never arouse a sleepwalker, my dear Admiral!" said the short time lord very quietly.

    "Oro the Hell are you doing up here on nine, Doc?" demanded the Boss Lady.

    "I er wanted to check some calculations with little Nammo. Then I saw the ensign. You must never ever startle a sleepwalker, my dear. It is extremely dangerous to awaken them too abruptly. Take the child gently by that arm while I get this one. Then we shall return her to her own bedroom down on Level--" said the little fellow.

    "Four." supplied Kei and twixt the pair of them they got Elda back downstairs and tucked into her bunk.

    "Are you alone, Doc?" asked the redhead and he ruefully shook his head.

    "No, my dear. That grinning scarf-wearing fool is here too. We left the 'Master', Sutek, Slade and Warp on 'Gallifrey'. Er, Keirran- this is most important so answer me truthfully. Has anyone else either appeared or disappeared from here since you fired your shiny new toy this time?" he asked.

    Kei thought for amoment and fired up a cheroot before she finally nodded.

    "Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, that nekko thing of theirs, Ash's golden puppy, Misty's starfish and oro ever the Hell that rock snake monstrosity of Brock's is- the 'Pokemon Tribe' and er 'Team Rocket' and their pets all materialized aboard my 'Angel' about thirty-six Terran solar hours ago, Doc. We're outta com range of Yuri's fleet si I really can't say whether they've either lost or gained anyone else. Why?" said Kei.

    "Because Khan, Vader, Musashi, Feb and her calendar girls crew and all of their minions materialized inside the 'Tower of Rathelon' on my world at about that same time, my dear." replied the time lord.

    "Another vortex has opened, Miss O'Halloran so I am very much afraid that your weapon must be used yet again, my child. You must travel to er 'Arcturis' and you must get there with all possible speed, my dear." Kei whirled about so quickly that her cheroot had singed the beard of a floating head hovering behind her!

    "I thought you were going to wait on the TARDIS!" yelled the Doctor.

    "It's a good thing I didn't! Were you ever going to tell the child oro she had to do? If I ever want anything done, I always end up having to do it myself!" roared the aforesaid head.

    "Lord Rathelon? I thought you went back to 'roshii' er being dead? Oro the Hell are you doing-- Hey! Just who are you calling a 'child'! Dammit, we can't really talk here in the hallway. Onegai follow me, er, gentlemen." said Kei, entering the lift.

    "Observation room, Level Seven. Stat." she said and the lift shot downwards. When the lift stopped, Kei led the way to the huge room known as the 'Observation Lounge' or as Starfire called it the 'Star Peek Room'. This was the same room from which Saavie had begun her sleepwalking excursion.

    "Osawaru, Doc er please sit down." she said and dropped into an easy chair. The time lord sat across from her while Rathie hovered over the coffee table between them. The Doctor tapped the replicator and asked for two regular javas. He handed one to Kei and took one for himself.

    Kei cradled her mug in her hand, put her feet up on the table and stared icily at the founder of the time lords.

    "Now- tell me oro the Hell this is all about, Rathie." she demanded. The head sighed and began.

    "Back in 2140 when your baka twin blew up 'Kronos', she did not just open a tiny anomaly in the fabric of the continuum. Instead she blew a hole right straight through the entire universe. Each time you patched up one opening another one appeared somewhere else. Why? Because of the matching hole in the opposite end of the cosmos. 'Arcturis' is located directly opposite from 'Kronos' but all the way on the opposite side of the universe. This er floating junkyard of yours is nowhere near capable of producing the speed necessary to reach 'Arcturis' in time. Since your ship must be inside the void which is outside of the universe to fire your cannon, the er Saiyaans cannot help us this time. The only way to get you there is via a TARDIS. You can get there in a solar day or so if you leave immediately so--" explained Rathelon before Kei interrupted him.

    "Whoa boyo! Hold up there! Have you ever even 'seen' our 'God Gun', Rathie?" asked Kei.

    "I have. I believe it's on Deck Six if memory serves?" replied Doctor 2 helpfully.

    "It ain't 'on' Deck Six, Doc! It 'is' Deck Six! How do you bakas suggest that I carry a half mile long weapon across the whole shimatta universe inside a tincan the size of a 20th Century Terran phone booth?" she cried.

    "Yes, I was er beginning to wonder about that too, my lord." said the Doctor, finishing off Kei's java and then taking a drag on her cheroot.

    "When did you pick up that disgusting habit, Doctor?" demanded Rathelon.

    "You wanna whiskey chaser too, Doc?" chuckled the young admiral.

    "Gomen! I do beg your pardon, my dear! I'll rep you up another coffee." he said but Kei waved off his offer.

    "Never mind, Doc. You were saying, Rathie?" she demanded.

    "Your ship must be 'tractored' by one Type 40 (TARDIS) while the other one follows you. It is er quite possible that we will lose either your 'Angel' or one of our TARDISes or both after you fire your 'God Gun', my child. If that happens you will need the other TARDIS to get you back home." explained Rathelon quietly. Kei's gaze never wavered from the two Gallifreyans.

    "I cannot possibly sanction any of this bullcrap without Garner or Gooley's consent! We should be in hailing range of them by ashita and--" began Kei before Rathie roared in anger and frustration.

    "Oh for Kami's sake! If you really need to talk to him, here he is!" cried Rathelon as a loud thunderclap shook the 'Angel' and the bulkhead wall opposite Kei began to glow! Slowly the visage of Territorial Sector Chief Charles Augustus Garner materialized there as if the wall were a huge vidscreen.

    "He er knows everything we just told you, my dear." whispered the Doctor.

    "Sir, I er need your permission to er--" stammered the Red Admiral.

    "Done! I thought sure that I had given you carte blanche authority for this mission! You sure as Hell used it on Anton and Don enough times, didn't you? Do oro must be done and the Hell with the consequences! The er 'Lovely Angel 2' is expendable, however, a real 'Lovely Angel' is not! Destroy the ship if you really have to but do not take any unnecessary risks yourself, Katie. Come back home to us soon, me own darlin' kawaii colleen and that's an order, Admiral! Good luck. Garner out." he said, saluting her and she unconsciously returned his salute. For one of the few times in her young life words failed Kei- she was absolutely speechless! She had never before realised how very deeply Charlie Garner cared about them!

    "Er, one thing more, my dear. 'Arcturis' is an inhabited world which hates outsiders so wear something civilian rather than military and er it wouldn't hurt for you to look like a woman for once either!" advised Doctor 2.

    "Since I'll be the one 'tractoring' your 'Angel' I suppose you'll be riding in my TARDIS?" he added.

    "You got that right, boyo! I sure as Hell don't want you screwing up my ship! I'll meet you in the rec room in fifteen minutes, guys. If you gentlemen will er excuse me I'll go and get changed." replied Kei and the head vanished.

    "Why did you lie about being out of the shuttles' com range, Keirran?" asked the smaller of the two Doctors.

    "I'm really scared, Doc and I wanted an excuse not to have to go to 'Arcturis'! Ya happy now? I guess you'll go out now and tell everyone that Kei O'Halloran admitted she's an old 'fraidy cat!" said Kei.

    "On the contrary, my dear. It will not leave this room. Fear you see is a sign of good common sense. If you had not have been a little afraid then I would have feared having to accompany you all the way to 'Arcturis' and back again." replied the time lord.

    "By the way, Doc- where is this hole on 'Arcturis' and how do I find it?" asked Kei.

    "Oh, you won't have any trouble finding it, Deirdre, that's for darn sure!" chortled Doctor 4 from the doorway.

    "That's correct, Mistress. You will find it quite easily." said K-9, peeking around the corner.

    "If worse comes to worse then I suppose that I'll be er 'driving the getaway car' as young Mikey would have said." chuckled the tall time lord.

    "Oro the Hell do you mean when you say that I won't have any trouble finding it?" asked a suspicious redheaded firebrand.

    END of Chapter 155 'Arcturis in Space' or 'Tale of the TARDISes'. Chapter 156 'Ruhri's Adventure' or 'Malls Can Be Deadly' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. See ya soon.-K&K PS- Don't forget to check out my biography updates with new chappie titles list! Ja Mata-K&K

    Cont in Ch 156
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 156-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Yahiko, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 156 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 156

    'Ruhri's Adventure' or 'Malls Can Be Deadly'

    "He means that it's half again the size of the blasted planet, my dear Keirran." replied Doctor 2.

    "Yes, this time the little fellow is quite correct. That is oro I meant when I said you'd have no trouble finding it." said Doctor 4.

    "I do wish you'd all stop calling me the little fellow!" said Doctor 2 testily.

    "I suppose that we can't wait until ashita er tomorrow to leave for 'Arcturis', Doctors?" asked Kei.

    Both time lords shook their heads sadly. "Afraid not, my dear." said Doctor 2.

    "I'll be on my TARDIS er Deirdre. Doctor. Come along, K-9." said Doctor 4.

    "Good evening, Mistress. Doctor." said K-9 and he trundled along in his master's wake.

    "Legato?-" began Kei and then decided not to trill him.

    "Doctor, onegai accompany me while I awaken Legato if you will." she said.

    "Of course, Keirr er I mean Kei." he replied.

    Several decks down from the command deck Kei rapped on Legato's portal.

    "Yeah? Oro the Hell is it dammit?" answered a sleepy Legato.

    "Sorry, old boy but might we have a word with you, Mr. Bluesummers?" asked Doctor 2.

    "One moment, Doc." said Legato and then his door swished aside. Kei shoved the little fellow inside and followed him in. Then she hit the door release and closed the door behind them.

    "Gomen er sorry Legato but I have to have you take command of the 'Angel' immediately." said Kei and then she and the Doctor quickly explained matters to him.

    "Of course, Boss. Doc. I'll be right up. Go to the TARDIS and I'll give you a trill when I'm ready for you to begin tractoring the 'Angel'." said Legato, ushering them out.

    "Right-o and thank you, Mr. Blue, sir." said the Doctor.

    "Arigatou, Legato. I owe you one." said Kei. "Let's stop at my place, Doc. I need a few things for the jaunt." said the Boss.

    "As you wish, my dear." he replied politely. Kei repped him a java when they got to her quarters and then excused herself to change. She quickly changed into sweats and pulled on her short boots. Her backpack was loaded up quickly and then she cinched a gunsash around her waist, spinning two Mark XIII's into its holsters. A plasma rifle she slung across her shoulder and lastly she clamped on a morphing bracelet and hefted her pack.

    "All set to go, Doc. You ready?" she asked. He swallowed the last of his coffee and stood up.

    "Ready and raring to go, Kei." he replied and led the way to the lift. "Please take us to the rec room on Level Two and thank you, 'CC'." said the amiable time lord.

    "Stat, 'CC', my tomo." added the Boss and the lift shot downwards rapidly. The Doctor led the way to his Type 40 Travel Unit aka a TARDIS and ushered her inside.

    "It's er bigger on the inside than it is on the outside and--" began the time lord but Kei waved off his explanations.

    "I know, Doc. I've already been on the other one quite a few times." said a grinning redhead.

    "Boss? Kei? I'm on the bridge. Should I shut down the engines or anything?" trilled Legato and Kei turned to the Doctor.

    "Well? You heard him too, I take it?" asked Kei.

    "No. That will not be necessary, Commander. Decrease your speed to Subwarp seven if you will be so kind. That's all and thank you, sir." trilled the Doctor.

    "Roger that. Go ahead with your tractoring whenever you want." trilled Legato.

    The Doctor pressed a few switches and pulled a lever on his console. He keyed in the coordinates for 'Arcturis' and pressed a large aoishi panel. The central pylon began to piledrive up and down while the engines hummed with a strange resonating tone.

    "How long?" asked the redhead, tapping out a cheroot.

    "No smoking in here, my dear, if you please and no drinking either." he said when Kei had pulled out her pocket flask.

    "Christ! Oro a bloody nag!" she grumbled.

    "And no swearing, Admiral!" yelled Doctor 2.

    "Sorry, Doc. How long before we get to 'Arcturis'?" repeated Kei.

    "A Terran day at most- probably half a day if luck is with us." answered the Doctor.

    Meanwhile Garner had finally contacted Yuri's flotilla. Yuri Donovan nodded when he told her the latest exploits and the uses of both the TARDISes as well as the 'Angel'. Then he told her Kei had to fire the 'God Gun'- again!

    "Oro? Are you guys completely baka! How many times do you think we can get away with firing that shimatta thing into deep space? When's it gonna end, sir?" asked Yuri who was almost in tears.

    "Buck up, Yuri! You are a damned commodore for Kami's sake! Look, I promise that this is absolutely the last- the very last time that we'll have to fire that gun! You have my word on it and you can take that to the bank, Donovan! Now that that's outta the way- how are your folks doing? How many more days before you reach 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City'?" asked Garner.

    "MY gang's doing just fine, sir. You heard we lost the Pokemon and Rocket kids, didn't you? (Garner nodded) How long, sir? Maybe another forty-eight Terran solar hours, say two more days. Sir? Is it er really gonna be that dangerous this time- for Kei I mean?" she asked and Garner sighed.

    "Hai, Yuri. It will be most perilous for her but don't forget the 'Galactic Oath' that you both took. She knows oro that means, Donovan and don't think she doesn't. She is ready to give up her own lifew, if necessary, to save the universe. Our prayers go with her. Call me when you get home, Yuri. Garner out." he replied.

    Yuri said 'sayonara, sir' and blanked her vidscreen. Seeing by her wristchromo that it was now almost 2230 hours Yuri decided to call the other ships in her little fleet in the morning. She hoped like Hell that Kei would come through this latest 'God Gun' firing OK and that she and the two time lords would all be safe. She also hoped that Uncle Charlie was right and that this would be the very last time that they'd have to fire that damned 'God Gun'- ever! A sudden trilling in her ear roused Yuri from her morbid musings.

    "Hai? Yuri here. Oro?" she trilled and a child's voice answered her.

    "Hai er sorry to call you so late, Commodore. This is Acting Captain Ruhri aboard the 'Raphael'. Over." trilled Ruhri who of course was the pilot of the Martian successor starship from Terra known as the 'Nadesico'. When Kei had yanked Legato to pilot her 'Angel', Miss Ruhri had gotten the nod to pilot the 'Raphael'.

    "Er- yeah, Ruhri and onegai just call me Yuri and you don't gotta be saying 'over' all the time either. Oro can I do for you, kiddo?" trilled a yawning Yuri.

    "I er just spotted the inner markers for this 'Shimougou' place, Yuri. Do I have to decrease my speed? Will we be towed or piloted in to this 'Furool City' place?" trilled a flustered Ruhri.

    "Oro is your current airspeed, Ruhri?" trilled Yuri.

    "Er- Warp two." trilled Ruhri.

    "Ground speed?" trilled the commodore.

    "Subwarp nine point four." trilled the kid.

    "Cut airspeed to Subwarp five and ground speed to Subwarp four. Kill the warp drive, shut down the core and run on impulse engines only. Furool has no tractor beams nor do they provide pilots for us, Ruhri. By the way- how are Yurika and Akito doing?" trilled Yuri.

    Cont in Ch 156-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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