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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 156-Pt2-K&K

    "Roger. Er, Yurika's griping about never seeing Earth er Terra again and Akito's mad because you don't have any robots for him to fly or 'Gekigangar' vids for him to watch. Like I said before- they're both idiots, Yuri." trilled Ruhri while she powered the nacelles and cut the afterburners. Then she eased down on the thrusters until her airspeed was at Subwarp five and her groundspeed had dropped to Subwarp four. Next she killed the warp drive and shut down the warp core.

    "OK. That's all done. Oro now?" trilled the Terran youngster.

    "Set your nav yaw on those markers, lock it, put the ship on 'George' and you'll drift right on into 'Furool Spaceport' in a couple of more days, Ruhri. Understood?" trilled Yuri who wanted to get to bed.

    "Affirmative. Ruhri out." trilled the kid. Ruhri really envied her old shipmates- Yurika and Akito. Akito'd been assigned to weapons maintenance while Yurika was assigned to babysitting detail with the scouts. Their jobs meant that both of 'em could sleep at night which was exactly oro the Hell they were doing right now aboard the 'Leonardo'.

    Gene Starwind would take over for Ruhri at 0600 so she could get some food, rest, a shower and a change of clothes. Ruhri likewise envied the 3WA personnel whose dress code was so casual that most of 'em didn't even have to wear a uniform- but- even if they had to wear one the 3WA uniforms were ever so rad- so totally cool, man! Boots, blazers and most important of all for Ruhri anyway- pants! Trousers instead of shorts or skirts!

    Aboard the 'Nadesico' on the other hand- the dress code was so strict and so rigidly enforced too! Take her own pilot's uniform for example: Tam O'Shanter cap, blouse, tie, vest, jacket, sash, belt, holster, weapon, microminiskirt, stockings, leggings, shoes and even gloves! A Helluva lot for an eleven year old to have to wear! Everyone though Ruhri was either twelve, thirteen or even fourteen but in fact she was only eleven! The rest of her crew were practically all kids too. Yurika was their eighteen year old captain. Akito was a twenty year old robotics pilot. The navigator was fourteen, their gunners were twelve and thirteen, their engineer was sixteen and the list went on and on!

    That was exactly the reason why Ruhri hadn't been at all shocked an exec officer who was only nineteen and already a commodore and a commander who at twenty was a full-fledged admiral and that both of 'em were girls! Oro did knock her for a loop and a half was when Mr. Garner had told her that the Boss and Miss D. had been with the 3WA since they'd been fourteen and that the duo was considered to be the best tro-cons in the business- bar none!

    Kei er the Boss was efficiency itself while Yuri was a strong leader as well. Ruhri simply adored the uniform given to her by Admiral O'Halloran herself- a sleeveless tanktop and a blazer, shoulder harness rig, holster and blaster and oh joy of joys- pants! Hats, gloves and vests were all optional and to be worn only if she wanted them! Kei seemed to only have one rule and that was very strictly enforced- every crewman or woman or kid even had to be armed at all times! Even if Ruhri was just getting up at night to go to the can or the shower room she had better be 'packing heat' as Mikey had put it- or else!

    Strange that Mikey and his brothers, their sister April O'Neal, their cousin Casey Jones and their dad sensei Master Splinter had all vanished together at the same time as those three cute Terran 'Valley' girls- Sammy, Alex and Clover! Yet Ruhri, Yurika and Akita who'd all arrived at practically the same moment in time- were still here in AD 2251!

    "Ruhri! Ruhri! Dammit all girl! Answer me!" trilled Yuri.

    Ruhri sat up and brushed away the cobwebs inside her head. "Sorry ma'am but I was a zillion miles away, Miss Yuri. Oro's up?" she trilled.

    "You haven't changed your course heading yet and you are not on 'George' either. Lock onto those inner markers and set your damned autopilot, kid! Then you can put your feet up and relax for awhile. You can go to sleep but do not leave the control room. Who relieves you and when?" trilled Yuri.

    "OK. Heading's locked and the ship's on 'George', ma'am. Captain Starwind spells me at 0600." trilled Ruhri.

    "Fine, kiddo. See you ashita morning. Pleasant dreams. Yuri out." trilled Yuri.

    "G'Night, Miss Yuri. Ruhri out." yawned her pilot, stretching and kicking off her boots and laying her blaster on the console in front of her. Then she slipped off her blazer and shoulder harness and locked and sealed the portals (all of 'em? I wonder?) before slipping off her uniform pants and putting her feet up on the console. She tossed her blazer over herself like a blanket and Ruhri had soon drifted into a fitful sleep. Her wristchromo read 2250 hours- ten minutes before eleven of the clock at night.

    Meanwhile two ships behind the 'Raph' aboard the 'Leo'- the order was 'Raphael', 'Michaelangelo', Leonardo', 'Donnatella', 'Outlaw Star', 'Emerald Queen', 'Hammerhead' and 'Flying Falcon' behind their point vessel the 'Coriander'- young Ed of 'Bebop' fame was to put it mildly- bored! She had gone to bed (unwillingly of course) at 2100 or nine of the clock at night and she'd done nothing but toss and turn in her bunk ever since. Ed just was not tired and she was bored right outta her little skull! So--

    Ed quietly got up, pulled on a tee shirt and jeans, slipped on a pair of sandals, scooped up Ein and went for a stroll- to the engine room! Standing on the catwalk overlooking the warp core, which arigatou Kami had been shut down, Ein slipped out of her arms and fell into the core below.

    "Shit! I'm really gonna get it now unless I can somehow get Ein back." she thought to herself and then tried to squeeze through the catwalk railings and reach down into the core for him but she got stuck when she'd pulled herself halfway through them.

    "Maybe- if I loosen my jeans just a little bit I can reach him." she thought while unbuckling her belt and top snap and then beginning to unzip her jeans. Ed pulled and pulled until- Swoosh! Clunk!- she pulled herself out of her pants and landed on poor Ein! She tried and tried to reach up for her jeans but it was all in vain. Reluctantly she trilled her new tomo aboard the 'Raphael'.

    A slight trilling sound awakened a drowsy Ruhri. "Yeah? Who is it, dammit?" she trilled irritably.

    "Hi there, Miss Ruhri. It's er Ed back on the 'Leo'. I er accidentlally fell into the warp core with Ein and I er lost my pants too. Oro? Nai! Don't call Auntie Yuri or Auntie Kome- they'll kill me! Who? Send Auntie Keisie down to get us out. Onegai! OK. Arigatou. We'll be right here. Bye." trilled the tennaged cowgirl.

    Now Ruhri heard a low whistle beside her. "Not that I'm er complaining, Miss Ruhri but if you get too warm er just tell me and I'll lower the temperature for you. However, babe, you do have real kawaii legs for a kid, man!" admired 'CC'.

    "How in the Sam Hell would you know that? Whoops! I forgot that I took my pants off too! Lower the temp in here to 66 degrees Kelvin and er turn off your vid cams when you come in here from now on! While you're at it, trill Keisie on the 'Leo' and send her down to the engine room to rescue Ed and Ein from the warp core. That's an order, 'CC'." said Ruhri who had been hurriedly pulling on her pants and blazer and stepping back into her boots. She slipped the small Mark III into her pocket and checked her wristchromo. 0130 hours and that baka idiot Ed was stuck in the warp core two ships back!

    "Oro the Fxxx are you doing down here, young lady?" demanded Keisie savagely.

    "It er wasn't my fault this time, Auntie Keisie- really! Ein fell in here and I er lost my pants trying to pull him back up!" said Ed.

    "And oro the Hell were you doing in the engine room with him? Didn't Auntie Kome tell you to stay outta here?" asked Keisie quietly while she was extricating Ed and Ein. "Never mind that now. We'll talk about it later. Gimme your hand. OK. Hand me Ein first. Now you. Upsy daisy! Got you both." said Keisie to a red-faced Ed who was quickly jumping back into her jeans. "Now get your ass back to bed and stay there! I mean it, Ed! Good night!" said Keisie as she shoved Ein into Ed's arms and pushed her into the corridor. Then she secured the portals and recoded them. Ed and Ein were long gone! "Mission accomplished, Ruhri. Ed went back to bed and so am I. Good night, kiddo." yawned Keisie.

    "Arigatou, Keisie and good night." trilled Ruhri. Christ! Another four and a half hours before Starwind would relieve her! So she settled down with a new vid game and the time passed quickly for her.

    Back in good old 'Furool or Foo-Lon City' Marlene Angel had just decided to do a little shopping so she had sped over to the 'Higurashi Mall', the nearest shopping mecca. Ironically it was the same place where this whole mess had begun ages ago or so it seemed to Mar anyway. She and the Boss Lady had been there after Legato Bluesummers. Now he was both a trusted tomo and a confidante of the 3WA and soon he'd be enrolled at the Academy before being assigned to either the Boss or Yuri to train.

    Go figure eh? Big Spike Miroku had been working here then too. Now he had been temporarily assigned to the 3WA and was currently on one of the shuttles or ships due her in another day or so. Of course she knew absolutely nothing about Kei's 'Arcturis' mission!

    Mar had been idly picking through some racks of suits when a huge mitt had crashed onto her shoulder!

    "Security, Miss. Onegai come with me, ma'am." said a burly fellow in a security guard's uniform who was not unlike Jett Black in stature and physique. "I've got her, Mr. H., sir. Oro? The er blonde, not the crazy bitch redhead though! Right, sir. On my way. Bakura out." he said into his vid-communicator.

    Cont in Ch 156-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 156-Part 3-K&K

    "Look- there's been some mistake here, sir. I am- (oro the Hell rank was she now?)- er Lieutenant Marlene Angel, 3WA, Unit Nine, one of the er 'Lovely Angels', sir and I--" began Mar and reached into her fanny pouch for her ID vid info when--

    WHAM! A crisp right cross to the maxilla sent the tro-con reeling into the wall where she slumped slowly to the floor- out cold! Bakura snatched the fanny pouch from her waist and dumped it on the floor.

    "Yes, sir. You were right. She is one of the 'Dirty Pair', sir! She admitted it! Oro? Damned right I searched her ass! She's got a Mark XIII- one of the really new ones! Yeah, I'll get Ishizaa to perform a complete search of her er person, sir. I er mean Miss Ishtar sir." said a flustered Bakura, hefting the girl to her feet. "C'mon now love. Upsy daisy." he said and lifted the tro-con onto his shoulders. He stopped at the security lounge where another blonde who was taller than Mar wore an identical security uniform to the big guy's. She assisted Bakura in lifting Mar down off his shoulders and then she half carried, half dragged the hapless 3WA operative out of the room. "Wait here, Bakki." she called over her shoulder.

    A few minutes later she returned with Marlene Angel. "She's clean, Bakki. Need any help with her?" she asked but he shook his head.

    "Nai thanks, Isshi. I can handle her OK. Thanks again." he said and once again hefted Mar to his shoulders and fireman-carried her to the lift which shot to the penthouse on the 215th floor of the mall's main building.

    Soto Higurashi was awaiting him and stood up to help Bakki with Marlene. She was propped up on a chair beside Soto's immense desk.

    "Did you really have to belt her that hard, Bakki?" yelled his boss.

    "She is one of the 'Dirty Pair' er them so I wasn't taking no chances, sir! Here's her ID vid stuff." he replied and handed Soto a vidphoto ID pass. Soto's aizu went wide.

    "Holy shit, Bakki! This ain't one of the 'Dirty Pair'! This is one of the most highly decorated tro-cons on the damned planet! Lt. Marlene Angel! There's gonna be Hell to pay if Garner or Gooley gets wind of this crap!" cried Soto angrily.

    End of Chapter 156 'Ruhri's Adventure' or 'Malls Can Be Deadly'. Chapter 157 'Soto's Dilemna' or 'Tommy Meets an Angel' soon. Have a nice day. SFN and may Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and lemme know your feelings. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 157
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 157-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Nammo, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 157 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 157

    'Soto's Dilemna' or 'Tommy Meets An Angel'

    Soto grabbed his vidphone and keyed it. "Send Ishizza Ishtar from Security up here quick and have my hovercraft speeder sent up to the roof now!" he said.

    "Come in." he called as a tap came on his inner office door. "Isshi! Any idea where our Miss Angel lives? Her ID gives an old address on 'Earth 2'- an old Terran space station I believe." asked Soto, sloshing 'Ketorxx' which was a bit like Terran Skotch whiskey into three glasses and handing one to Isshi and the other one to Bakki. He drained his own and refilled it.

    "Nai, sir. I think she just got back from that super hush-hush mission that our Mr. Miroku's been on with them. She only had the usual crapola in her fanny pouch except for a letter to a guy named 'Kucinagi' on this 'Earth 2' place. No other personal junk. Just a vidcrd chip with like- Wowie!- 125,000 credits on it! Man the 3WA really pay their people well, Boss Man!" said Isshi.

    "Well we sure as Hell can't just dump her ass at the 3WA HQ building like a damned foundling, can we? Who else knows her?" demanded Soto, pouring more booze for them all.

    "Hey! That sure looks like the hot babe my brother pulled over for speeding last week on Airway 611 North of the city! She was with two other chicks and one of 'em was dead drunk in the back seat! It was her craft she was driving and that lass's name was Chief Ella Hathaway from the 3WA! The other one was Chuck Garner's niece or Andy Gooley's! Can't recall her name though. Know this one's moniker?" asked a short guy at the door.

    "Tommy? Your brother knows Marlene Angel?" asked Soto hopefully.

    "Angel? That's O'Halloran's roomie. They live over on VanDread Boulevard at 'Nakatomi Towers' I think. Why?" asked Tommy Tanaka who had just come into the room.

    "Because we gotta get her ass the Hell home and quick! Tommy, you still got that memory gas crap that that dippy scientist freak Doc Cueball of the 3WA gave to you when he was in his cups last mont?" asked Soto Higurashi.

    Tommy fished a tiny ampule container out of his pocket and tossed it to his Boss.

    "OK then- you, Bakura and Ishtar take her home and use that 'forget me forever' gas on her. Then get back here and hopefully we can forget this entire unfortunate incident ever even happened, man! I don't think I need to remind you oro's gonna happen to us if Garner, Gooley, Gustav or Poporo gets wind of this, do I? And may Kami help us all if Donovan or O'Halloran ever find out! Where are they anyway?" said a three sheets to the wind and totally terrified Soto.

    "Luckily for us they're both still on a mission somewhere and so' Don and Anton. Gooley's on 'Alderaan 5' and Garner's there too I believe." said Tommy.

    The mall liked to keep a wary aizu on their neighbors at the 3WA HQ building. Strange that they never heard about the 'Black Ghost' or the 'Rifts in Time/Space' missions though.

    "Kazuma reports the coast is clear and he's waiting for us on the roof with your speeder, Chief." said Ishizza who had just answered her vidcell. Marlene was very carefully carried up to the roof and gently placed on the craft's rear seat. Tommy took the driver's seat, Isshi climbed in beside him while Bakki Bakura rode shotgun. Kazuma was in back with the now unconscious tro-con. Tommy zipped across town driving as fast as he dared to without running the risk of being pulled over for speeding. He hovered at the entrance of the Towers while Bakki checked the mailboxes and discovered that Kei and Mar resided on the 138th floor of the 140 story main building- Flat 138-D. The he flew up to the roof and parked. They lugged Marlene down two flights of stairs to her flat because the lift was just too damned risky to use. Kazuma quickly picked the lock and decoded the security system. Then they dragged the hapless tro-con into her flat. Ishizza brewed coffee while Kazuma took Mar's parka and boots off her.

    Three cups of strong java later Marlene Angel came to and stared at them.

    "Ooh! My poor head! Where am I and why's my jaw feel so numb? Who are you idiots and oro the Hell are you doing in my house?" demanded a quite upset and very angry tro-con.

    "Just relax, Honey. You're going to go to sleep again for awhile, Miss Angel. There's absolutely nothing for you to worry about. When you awaken later on, you of course will not be able to remember any of this stuff, darling." said Tommy soothingly. Then suddenly-

    SPRIT! "Oro the Hell do you think you're going to do to--" cried Mar as she slowly drifted into Dreamland.

    "Help me get her to the bedroom, guys. I'll get her into her jammies and then we can all get the Fxxx outta here. Somebody wash that cup and straighten up the flat." said Ishizza.

    She shut the bedroom door and swiftly Mar was in her pajamas. Isshi hung Mar's clothes up in the closet and tossed her boots under the bed. Then she tucked the blonde into her bed and shut the door. She hung Mar's parka up in the hall closet and they all left after Kazuma had recoded the door and reset the locks. Up to the roof they dashed, piled into the hover car and jetted back to the mall.

    Hours later the blonde tro-con awakened- again. Her chromo stood at- oro the Hell?- 2200!

    "Where the devil has the day gone?" yawned Mar, sitting up in bed- in her jammies! And why had she hung her clothes up? She'd been picking up a lot of the Boss's bad habits and-- Something just did not feel quite right! Hadn't she gone shopping? She called down to the building's garage docks.

    "Hullo there, Harry. This is Marlene Angel up in 138-D. Onegai send my speeder to the roof if you will." she said into her intercom.

    "Gomen er sorry Miss but it isn't here. You never checked back in with it, ma'am." replied the young dock attendant- Harry Potter.

    "Sorry to have bothered you, Harry. I er must have left it at my office's docks. Arigatou." she said.

    This was really very curious indeed! Mar had never ever left her speeder at 3WA HQ overnight! Especially since HQ was fifteen kilometres across town from here! So- where the Hell was the blasted thing? Maybe she'd left it at the mall? Nai. That place was over near her office building! So- how the oni had she gotten home? She sure as Hell didn't recall either an airholo taxi or surfacecraft cab ride. She didn't even recall going to bed! And she sure as Hell would not have chosen to wear these 'Shortie babydoll' PJs either!

    " 'Artok'? Locate my speeder stat. Radius of say twenty kilometres from here. Trill me back. Arigatou. Angel out." she trilled.

    'Artok' was an extension program of old 'CC' at the 3WA HQ building and he was available for use by any 3WA operatives or tro-cons when they were ouside of HQ. 'Artie' trilled her back less than a minute later.

    "Speeder registered as Number 40126J6 to Angel, Marlene is currently docked in Slot 427R, North Docking Bay, Level Twelve, 'Higurashi Mall' and the address there is--" trilled 'Artie' before Mar silenced him.

    "Never mind that, 'Artie'. I already know the address. Arigatou, tomo. Angel out." she trilled and began pawing through her fanny pouch. She dug out her speeder's remote relay recall device and keyed in her code.

    "It's Showtime. Return to home base immediately." she said into the remote's mike.

    And at the mall-

    "Tristram Taylor calling Ishizza Ishtar. Onegai come in. Over." said a tall and slender mall security guard.

    "Yeah, Tris. Oro?" replied Isshi to his call. Taylor was the night gate security chief for the mall's docking bays.

    "Got a weird one for you, Isshi. A speeder just left- all on its own. Oro? Yeah, I figured that someone just forgot it and used their remote to recall it. However, this speeder's registered to one of the 3WA's er 'Lovely Angels'- a TC Trainee named Angel. Marlene Angel. Isn't she that cute blonde that was here with that crazy bitch redhead just before 'Kurisumasu' er Christmas? The one that wrecked the place? Kaz asked for me to keep an aizu out for her speeder. You're gonna handle it yourself? OK, Isshi. Arigatou. Taylor out." he replied.

    "Hiya, Sandy. This is Chief Ishtar in Security. Patch me through to Mr. Higurashi stat. priority staus- yellow alert." said Ishizza Ishtar to Soto's personal assistant (we can't call 'em secretaries any more it seems) Sandra Gooch-Sandoval.

    "Please hold, Miss." replied Sandy.

    "Mr. Higurashi? Sir, I have Miss Ishtar on two for you. A yellow alert priority call. Yes, I'll page them too, sir. Do itashimashite er you're quite welcome, sir." added Sandy.

    "Isshi? Soto. Oro's up now?" asked her Boss.

    Cont in Ch 157-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 157-Pt 2-K&K

    "Oro? So? The lieutenant reclaimed her speeder. Damned shame that we didn't think of dumping it somewhere else before she missed it but oro's done is done. Besides there's nothing that ties that speeder to us, is there? Nai, Isshi. I know that we can't just apologise to the 3WA. We could have if old 'Golden Gloves' Bakura hadn't of decked her ass! And then of course we did use that 'forget me forever' gas on her which we er 'borrowed' from the 3WA's own labs! Ah well- I am playing golf this weekend with Vito Galadriel and Andy Gooley so maybe I'll try explaining things to them. Oro? Yeah, maybe I should let them win the match. That er reminds me- I do need a golfing partner for this weekend, isshi. Do you er play at all? Nai? Too bad. Well, guess we can't do anything else tonight so why don't you, Bakki, Kaz and Tommy pack it in for now, eh? My treat. G'Night, Isshi." said Soto.

    "Sandy? I just told our security team to take off the rest of the night so you might as well too. I'm gonna leave Dave Dabura in charge. (He was the mall's manager and Big Spike Miroku's cousin to boot.) G'Night, Sandy." said her boss when he called Sandy Gooch-Sandoval a few moments later.

    Meanwhile back at Mar's flat in the Towers--

    Hiya. Er, Miss-- Angel? Harry down in the er garage docks of the building. You know- Harry Potter? Right. Your speeder just now showed up. Oh, I see. You recalled it by remoste. Fine. Ok, Ma'am. Er, do you still want it sent to the roof for you? Nai? OK. You got it, ma'am. G' Night." said the parking dock attendant- Harry Potter.

    Harry was puzzled. Miss Marlene Angel was a real nice lady and a swell gal but she was most definitely not a 'night owl'. So why had she been asking him for her speeder after ten o'clock at night? Man, her business trip must have really been murder. She had left with Miss McMaureen (Kei's cover name) back in November of last year just after that mall disaster and only now had she finally returned. Today of course was January 20th, AD 2251. Oh well, it's none of my business- Harry had been told that Marlene and the Boss were fashion buyers for a department store chain. He had no idea whatsoever that they were really cops in the 3WA!- Harry nonchalantly ran his 'reader' across Mar's craft to make sure she hadn't left anything in it. That was really strange! The boot was loaded with stuff! But hadn't Miss Angel told him that she had not gone shopping today? Harry activated the docks' teleport transporter and zapped the boot's contents upstairs to Mar's flat on 138. Then he tapped out a vidtext message for her on his vidcell and beamed it to Mar's vidphone. It ran: 'Boot contents of speeder sent up to your kitchen.- HP'

    Meanwhile the lass in question had decided to go for a brisk run before hitting the sack. She was about to just toss on a kimono over her pajamas since Mar was so used to shipboard routine until she recalled that she was now back amongst the civilised so instead she threw on sweats and sneakers. Then she belted on her fanny pouch and pulled an anorak on over her sweats. As an afterthought Mar slipped a small Mark III into her anorak's pocket. She went to the back lift and rode it down to the parking docks and let herself out through the grages waving to Harry as she sprinted past him.

    Now here was the Marlene Angel Harry remembered- strong, energetic, athletic and- going out for a jog- at midnight? She sure has changed her tune. Thought Harry.

    Outside Mar jogged down the length of the esplanade until-

    "Marlene! Hey Mar! Wait up willya?" cried an out of breath Ella Hathaway.

    "Hi there Ella. Oro?" asked Marlene, slowing down just a bit to jog in place while she talked to her temporary boss.

    "The rest of your er troubadours are due back here ashita, kiddo- er except for your roomie. She- well-- er-- Great to see you again, Mar. have a good run. 'Night." said Ella and turned to leave.

    "Oro about the Boss? Oro's Kei up to now? C'mon Chief! Spill it!" said Mar with folded arms. Ella hesitated a little longer. Then-

    "OK but you did not hear this from me, kid. Kei's on her way to 'Arcturis' to fire the 'God Gun' and Legato and Saavie are with her and that is 'all' that I know about anything, Angel! G'Night." replied Ella and beat a hasty retreat towards Trappar Boulevard.

    "That Kami-forsaken 'God Gun' again! And Christ! Had she really just heard Ella say 'Arcturis'? That was clear over on the far side of the 'Omega Quad'! Even running flat out at Warp fifty the 'Angel' would take at least a year or two to get there! Hell- of course! She'd travel by TARDIS and tractor the 'Angel' with the gun to 'Arcturis'! Hopefully the fruitcake would make it home in time for Yuri and Yuyu's birthdays in March!" thought the blonde while she was jogging. She had gotten as far as the statue of the 'Third Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves' across from the 'Mithril Monument' before she began to retrace her steps. Suddenly Mar had become very hungry indeed!

    Back in her cosy little flat once more she tossed her anorak on a chair, threw her sweats on the bed, yanked off her trainers and socks and then headed for the kitchenette. Like all homes in the City the flat was equipped with replicators, however, Mar just 'loved' to cook and absolutely detested repped food so these last few months had been sheer Hell for the blonde! She checked her vidphone messages and read Harry's text. Mar hurried to the back pantry to put away her groceries.

    "So I did go shopping after all! 'Artok'? I want you to scan me for drugs- thoroughly! Check for barbituates, antidepressants, tranquilizers, anything at all!" she commanded and then stood perfectly still while 'Artok' raked her body with particle beams.

    "There are trace amounts of some unknown substance containing 'Duron 67' in your bloodstream, Lieutenant." reported 'Artok' when he had finished scanning her.

    "Oro the Hell is that 'Duron 67' stuff used for, tomo?" she demanded.

    "It is a sort of memory suppressing agent, Kieutenant. I believe that 'Q Lab' was experimen--" began 'Artok'.

    "Arigatou, 'Artok'. So my memory has been either suppressed or blocked. I wonder why?" she mused aloud.

    "The buckle of that sash belt you were wearing yesterday is a mini vidcorder, ma'am. Should I replay its vid disk for you?" asked 'Artok' helpfully.

    "Hai. Onegai, tomo." answered the blonde and sat down on the sofa to watch the replay.

    'Artok' replayed the disk while the usually serene and composed blonde watched in anger and fumed inwardly as she saw the shoddy way she had been treated my mall security personnel the previous or was it this day, dammit?

    "Those rotten dirty no good bastards! Dammitall, Kei! This is all totally your bloody fault! If only you hadn't of trashed their shimatta mall none of this crap would have ever happened to me! Darn you, Boss!" she yelled and then the door klaxon buzzed.

    Mar hit the vidcom. "Yeah? Who is it? Oro do you want with me this late, man?" answered Marlene. She keyed the door's video screen and did a double take!

    "You! You're that damned bloody copper that stopped me last week! Oro the Hell do you want at this hour?" she demanded.

    END of Ch 157. Ch 158 'The Prodigals Return' or 'Shopping Trip' coming soon. Please r/r/s away and have a great day. SFN and Kami bless you all. Have a joyous holiday and may good fortune be yours in 2008. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 158
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 158-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Bakki, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 158 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 158

    'The Prodigals Return' or 'Shopping Trip'

    "Sorry, Lieutenant or do you prefer Miss Angel? Anyway that cop was my brother. My name's Tanaka- Tommy Tanaka and I work for Soto Higurashi at the mall. I'm his co-chief of security there. May I come in please? I believe that I can explain a few things that may--" replied Tommy.

    A green kimono fluttered to the floor at Mar's feet. "You should not receive visitors like that, Lieutenant. Put that on before you admit Mr. Tanaka, my dear." said 'Artok' and Mar hastened to comply. Then she hit the door release panel and admitted the newcomer.

    "I er assume that you've discovered by now exactly oro was done to you yesterday, Lieutenant Angel?" he asked and Mar nodded, waving him to a chair.

    "Just how do you know that I'm a lieutenant, Mr. Tanaka? Harry downstairs thinks I'm a buyer for a department store chain." she asked suspiciously and Tommy smiled.

    "Because I've seen your ID and I know you're a 3WA tro-con of the highest calibre, Miss. Did 'Artok' mention 'all' of our little liberties yesterday?" asked Tommy and Mar went on the offensive.

    "Something like that, Mr. Tanaka and all of a sudden you seem to know a Helluva lot about the 3WA, boyo. Former tro-con perhaps?" she asked, pouring a wine cooler and holding up a glass.

    Tommy shook his head. "Nai. Currently I am a senior tro-con code named 'Ferret'. My mission was to find a leak at 3WA HQ and then plug it. I report directly to Uncle Vito Galadriel himself, Lieutenant. Mall security which is my cover job have orders to watch for known troublesome 3WA agents or tro-cons and report them. You can er breathe easy, kid. I found the leak if you can even call it that. Doc 'Q' blabs when he's in his cups. Look- I er had to allow that charade yesterday so as not to blow my cover, kiddo. Incidentally, that really was my brother that pulled you over last week. I apologise for any inconveniences we may have caused you and I trust my cover will remain unblown, ma'am?" said Tanaka quietly.

    Slowly Mar nodded her head and took a sip of her drink. "Call me Mar, Tommy. Gomen er sorry I yelled just now. Your cover's safe as houses with me. I won't even tell the Boss Lady- Kei O'Halloran about you." replied Marlene.

    "On second thought, I think I'll have that drink after all, Mar." chuckled Tommy.

    An hour or so later at 0330 hours he took his leave of the blonde having explained her loss of memory to Mar's satisfaction. After he had departed Mar keyed her vidcell and relayed a vidmessage to Fiona MacCrimmon in Garner's office.

    "This is Lieutenant Marlene Angel, 'Lovely Angel', Unit 9, 3WA tro-con officer. I'm er still feeling a little bit rocky so I'm afraid I won't be in ashita, Fiona. Arigatou and good night." she said. Then Mar yawned, threw off her kimono and went back to her bed.

    "Er 'Artok", call me at 0900 onegai." she said.

    "Very well, Lieutenant. Good night." replied 'Artok' and Mar had soon drifted into sleep.

    Meanwhile back at Yuri's fleet--

    "Commodore? Is that er 'Foo-lon City', ma'am?" asked Ruhri.

    "Call me Yuri. Hai, Ruhri. We'll all be landing there momentarily. That mammoth monstrosity in the distance is our 3WA HQ building. We live fifteen kilos away. Want me to get someone to land the 'Raphael' for you, kiddo?" asked Yuri.

    "Nai, Com- er Yuri. I think I can handle it OK. The 'Raphael' is a Helluva lot smaller than the 'Nadesico' and I have to land that thing all the time. Could you er contact the tower for me onegai? I don't know the call in procedures here yet. Arigatou." replied Ruhri.

    "Roger that, kid. Furool Tower. Come in please. This is Commodore Yuri Donovan, Senior Tro-Con, 3WA. Over." she relayed.

    "Roger, Donovan. This is Lieutenant Colton, SAC ('Shimougan Air Command') at Furool Spaceport Tower. Oro can I do for you? Over." relayed back Jack Colton.

    "We are requesting Priority One landing clearances for eight ships. We have six shuttlecrafts and two starships. Over." relayed Yuri sweetly.

    "Priority One, sister? By whose authority, Missy?" he demanded and Yuri bristled.

    "Mine! Commodore Yuri Donovan, 3WA! Over!" she replied through clenched teeth, trying hard to hold her composure.

    "Nice try, sister but you ain't on the frigging list, that you sure as Hell ain't! Sorry, Donovan! Over." sneered a smug-faced Jack Colton. Yuri was simply furious!

    "Roger that, Lieutenant! OK then- try this one on for size! Priority One Double A, Red Security Clearance Level One A One, Fleet Admiral Keirran O'Halloran, 3WA, 'Lovely Angel', Unit 9, Commanding Officer! Over!" yelled Yuri. 'Her' name as always did the trick!

    "Holy Christ! Don't tell me that you actually 'know' that crazy baka bitch! Nai! It just cannot be! You're er 'that' Donovan! But all you are is a second looey and screwloose is only a captain! Over." replied a suddenly worried Jack Colton.

    "We both got promoted, Lieutenant. Now can we land? Over." asked Yuri sweetly.

    "Sure thing, ma'am. Use Level 664, Sector 125-A, Docking Ports 3-A to 3-H, Miss. Sorry about the er mixup earlier, Commodore, ma'am. Have a pleasant stay. Colton out." he replied hurriedly and signed off.

    "Arigatou, Mr. Colton. Ja mata. Donovan out." replied Yuri.

    "See how easy it is to get things done by using a little kindly persuasion, Ruhri?" asked Yuri.

    "Oh, yeah. Especially when they're all scared shitless of our Boss Lady Kei! Right Yuri?" trilled Kome Sawaguchi from the 'Leonardo'. Yuri feigned shock.

    "I'm sure that I don't know oro you mean, Kome!" she teased.

    "You heard Mr. Colton's instructions, Ruhri? Good. You take 3-A for the 'Raphael'; Kome, put the 'Leo' in 3-B; I'll put the 'Mikey' in 3-C; Keitarou, put the 'Donnie' in 3-D; Han, the 'Flying Falcon' in 3-E please; Jett's 'Hammerhead' goes in 3-F; Emma, use 3-G for the 'Emerald Queen' and Molly, 3-H will be yours. Put the 'Outlaw Star' in it. Everyone got that?" trilled Yuri.

    "Yuri? Han here, Duchess. Jett ain't here. He's on the 'Angel' with Reds." drawled Han Solo.

    "OK. Leave 3-F for him then." trilled Yuri.

    "Oro about Auntie Kei?" demanded Keitarou Riff.

    Cont in Ch 158-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 158-Pt 2-K&K

    "Your Auntie Kei has a private docking port on Roof Level One, kid so don't worry about her. That thing of hers wouldn't fit in a docking port like these ones anyway." trilled Yuri patiently.

    An hour later at 1100 hours Yuri Donovan stepped off the 'Michaelangelo' and heard a familiar voice in her ears.

    "Well! It's about damned time you got here! Oro the oni took you guys so long? I've been back here for almost a fortnight, kid!" teased a pert blonde wearing a red suit and a black turtleneck. On her feet were black high-topped Cavalier boots.

    "Mar? Is that really you? Man, you look great! You bring your speeder? (Mar nodded) Cool! As soon as I've sorted out this mess you can give us a ride home. Lemme see- On the 'Angel' it's er 0100 today so Kei's still asleep. I'll call her tonight. She's still afew more weeks away from here so I'll bunk in with you for awhile if it's all OK with you? If I remember right, you guys have a spare bedroom too? (She nodded again) Then can Kome stay with us as well?" asked Yuri.

    "Sure, there's plenty of room, Yuri. Er, Tomoh's got 'Naruda' (Yuri's pet kitten) with him on 'Zeus 3' where he's on assignment until next month. Some top secret hush-hush work for Mr. galadriel himself or so I understand. Darn it! I almost forgot! Mr. Garner sent over a few airbuses to take your guests to their hotels. Let's go and get things sorted out." said Mar.

    By 1400 hours the very last of their stragglers had been loaded aboard an airbus, a 3WA tro-con had been placed in charge of each transport and all six airbuses had left for their destinations.

    "Oh, 'Artok'- onegai send my speeder to the roof of the spaceport. Arigatou, tomo." trilled Mar. Kome and Yuri joined her as soon as they had picked up their luggage which was being trundled on anti-grav trolleys by Mugghi and Nammo. When they got up to the roof docks all of the baggage was swiftly stowed away in the boot of Mar's small speeder. Mugghi and Nammo climbed into the rear seats while Kome squeezed in between them. Yuri took the front passenger seat and Mar jumped into the driver's seat.

    "Gomen er sorry for the close quarters, Kome but my speeder's only a four-seater. Don't worry though 'cause we'll be home in a jiffy, kids. Hang on to your shorts! Here we go!" said Mar, firing up the engines and jetting down the 'Melchior Flyway' until she'd reached the open atmosphere above the city. Then she rocketed along at Subwarp 7.6 and about nine minutes later she spotted 'Nakatome Towers', the apartment complex where they all lived.

    She landed atop the roof and instructed 'Artok' to have the luggage teleported down to her flat and her speeder sent back down to the garage docks. Mar keyed open the roof entry door and the lift had soon deposited the trio on the 138th floor. She then keycoded her flat's door open and led the way inside. Kome squealed with delight.

    "Real beds, real showers and even replicators! I thought Kei lived 'rough', Mar? Yo! Oro about that stupid nekko thing of yours, Yuri? Is it here?" said Kome.

    "Nai. Tomoh's got 'Naruda' with him on 'Zeus 3' until February. I'm gonna check in with Charlie er Mr. Garner. May be I can talk him into giving us some time off, guys. Dammit! Saavie's still got my vidcell with her. Mar? Can I onegai borrow yours?" asked Yuri.

    "Sure. It's on top of the rep machine in my bedroom. Help yourself." replied Mar who was busy cooking soup for their lunch.

    "Mmmn! I sure smell something yummy!" yelled Kome from the shower.

    "Shut up, Kome! I'm on the vidcell! Nai, not you, Fiona. Hi there. It's er Yuri Donovan. Remember me? Great. Can you onegai patch me through to Mr. Garner? Hai, I'll hold." she said and while she was waiting for her boss to come on the line Yuri was chattering away to Fiona and getting all of the very latest office gossip, news updates, personnel information and like crap until--

    "Yuri? Garner here. Sorry to keep you. Report." said TSC Charles Augustus Garner.

    Yuri quickly filled him in on all of the latest news and missions particulars. She just gave him the highlights, however, since she'd be vidfaxing him her complete reports ashita.

    "That's great, Yuri. We won't be needing you, Kome or Marlene until Kei returns so consider yourselves off duty until then. That is- after you've vidfaxed your mission reports to me ashita. Garner out." said her chief and then blanked the screen. Yuri waved bye bye to her big boss and then blanked Mar's vidcell screen.

    "Kome?" she called.

    "Yeah? Oro?" yelled the strawberry blonde teenager from the shower.

    "Did you bring the log disks for the missions with you?" asked Yuri.

    "Hell no! The Boss still has 'em with her!" yelled Kome, hunting for towels.

    "Mar! Where do you and Reds keep the Kami shimatta bath towels?" yelled Kome.

    "I dunno. Ask 'Artok'." called Marlene from the kitchen.

    "Mmm-mmmn! Something really smells good!" called Yuri.

    "Just a 'fritatta' (Italian omelette) and 'Minestrone' (Italian vegetable soup), kids. Sorry. I er forgot to give 'Artok' my shopping list yesterday." replied the sheepish blonde.

    "Don't apologise, Mar! That aroma is just divine- heavenly even! Real food again! Hooray!" crowed Yuri with delight. Barefoot, she had changed into a sleeveless top and hotpants.

    "Boy oh boy! Am I ever starved, guys!" said Kome, sitting down at the kitchen counter which served as their dining table. The cute strawberry blonde was in tank top and mini bikini briefs.

    "Kome! You are back amongst the civilised again so I'd appreciate it if you put on some clothes, please!" admonished their hostess.

    "OK, Mommy! Right after lunch!" she replied and they all chowed down.

    Lunch over, plans of the day were discussed.

    "Let's all go shopping!" yelled Yuri excitedly.

    "No way in Hell!" cried Mar and she proceeded to explain 'why' to them!

    "Well er we could go the the 'Eva' you know- the 'Neo Genesis Evangelian Mall' instead, couldn't we?" suggested Kome.

    "You are not setting foot in my speeder in you wear that damned getup again!" answered Mar when she saw Kome climbing into one of her obnoxious pink jumpsuits.

    "All the rest of my gear's still on the 'Angel' except for my 'trainee' uniform and I sure as Hell ain't gonna wear that!" she yelled indignantly.

    "Then wear something of Mar's, Kei's or mine and hurry up! We are leaving in exactly five minutes!" yelled Yuri, zipping up her boots. Kome returned momentarily wearing Kei's old black 'biker' outfit that she'd worn on 'Cybytron'. She pulled on dark glasses and grinned. She was toting a 'Saints' jacket while Yuri was pulling on her 'Bucs' warm-up jacket and Mar picked up her 'Patriots' jacket.

    "Wagons ho! Let's roll!" cried the blonde and the trio rode down in the lift to the garage docks where Mar reclaimed her speeder. Soon they were rocketing across town to the new 'NGE Mall' or the 'Eva' as most folks knew it. Kome and Mar bought a few outfits and shoes but Yuri practically emptied out the mall! Then they went foodshopping. Pizzas, sodas, wine coolers, beer, some desserts and rent a few viddisks before heading back home where Tommy Tanaka was waiting for them in the lobby of Mar's building when they returned. Mar smiled at him.

    "Hiya Tommy. This is my tomo Yuri er Davidson and my other tomo Kome er Sagawahara. Oro can I do for you?" said Mar and he handed her a small box, took their bags and led them to the lift. Placing his fingers across the blonde's lips, he shook his head while they rode up to Mar's floor. A glance from his stern face was enough to keep Yuri and Kome quiet. Mar keycoded her door open, they all entered and she closed it. Tommy dumped their parcels in the living room and extracted a strange looking device from the box Mar was carrying for him. He waved it around the air a few times then returned it to its box and beamed.

    "Is he all there, Mar?" whispered a worried Kome. Tommy turned to the three tro-cons.

    "It's OK, kiddies. All secure. I can't find any 'bugs' anywhere." said Tanaka. Yuri was livid!

    "I should certainly hope not, sir! Miss McMaureen (Kei's cover moniker) has the exterminators in every month!" replied Yuri. Kome and Mar stared at her like she had lobsters crawling out of her kawaii ears!

    END of Chapter 158. Chapter 159 'Tommy's Secret Mission' or 'Bankotsu Flight' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. See ya soon.-K&K PS- Don't forget to check out my biography updates with new chappie titles list! Ja Mata-K&K

    Cont in Ch 159
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 159- Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Tommy T., it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 159 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 159

    'Tommy's Secret Mission' or 'Bankotsu Flight'

    "You can drop the act, Donovan. I'm 3WA too." said Tommy.

    "Yeah he is, guys. He told me last night when he showed up here." admitted Mar.

    "Oro do you want, Tommy? You can speak freely. Kome is 3WA as well as us but you er knew that already, didn't you?" she added to which Tanaka nodded. His face became grim.

    "It's bad news I'm afraid, kiddies. Lex Luthor has escaped from Seto Kaiba and he's on his way here. He's after O'Halloran." he said softly.

    "That crazy baka! Why?" yelled Kome.

    "Kei's 'booby traps' on 'Gysymeo' killed John Berringer's pilot, Joey Moto along with 39 of John's gang. Joey was Lex's best tomo- they were like brothers so Lex wants blood- Kei's blood and yours too, Yuri." answered Tommy.

    "That's friggin' ridiculous!" yelled an arate Kome, running back into the living room. She'd taken off her borrowed biker outfit and now stood there fuming in tank top, mini bikini briefs emblzoned with tiny ruu (dragons)- and nothing else!

    "Kome! Clothes!" cried Yuri and Mar at the same time and the strawberry blonde teen disappeared into the bedroom.

    "Sorry about that but er why would Luthor follow us all the way back here for revenge? He sure as Hell can't penetrate 3WA security!" said Kome, who had put on a heavy woollen sweater and jeans.

    "Max Berringer did, din't he?" observed Marlene dryly. (See DP Flash/Mission 3/ Act 5 'Ash Grey Avenger' for full details on that mess).

    "When is Kei due back here?" asked Tommy.

    "She said it'd take her a day or two to get to 'Arcturis' and that's where she fires the 'you know oro' thingy and then she comes back here." replied Yuri.

    "A day or two? Is that all? A day or two to travel all the way across the frigging universe? Oro the Hell kind of engines do your er I mean our 3WA starships have now? I thought Warp 45 was about the absolute limit on 'em! Apparently we haven't done our homework very well, have we?" said Tommy. (There's a clue here folks).

    "Kei isn't on the 'Angel', Tommy. She with one of the Doctors er time lords on his TARDIS." explained Yuri.

    "But the er 'God Gun'? Surely the TARDIS does not have--" began Tommy.

    "They are 'tractoring' the 'Angel' which is why it's gonna take 'em a few days to get there." added Yuri patiently.

    "A few days to get there and then another few to get back here, eh? Lexie boy is due here in just two more days. He's stolen the 'Sol Bianca' as well as 'Black Ghost's' little toy." said Tanaka quietly.

    Yuri nd Kome just stared but Mar went dead white!

    "Dear Christ, no! Not that thing again!" she yelled and then turned to the other two tro-cons.

    "Remember when 'Starfleet's' ship the 'Defiant' tried to frag us but they weren't doing it? 'Black Ghost' was er using that little toy that he'd stolen from 'Doc Q' at our labs to control the 'Defiant's' systems- remember? Well, if Lex has got that damned gadget, it will be mere child's play for him to breach 3WA security! Tommy? You er haven't told us everything, have you?" said Mar softly and he shook his head.

    "He er also took one of the newest 'cloaking devices' and a set of schematics for the 'sonic beam ion cannon' before he left. He's got the technical know-how to build one and a week is more than enough time for him to construct one too. Since he departed from 'Set K' five days ago--" said Tommy before he trailed off.

    "An ion cannon? Is that all? Big Fxxxing deal! He can't do much damage to us with one of those things even if he does manage to get into HQ!" assured a boastful Kome. After all she herself had personally helped to install the new state-of-the-arts security system at the HQ building!

    "The Hell he can't!" yelled Yuri.

    "Kome- the 'sonic beam ion cannon' is oro we call the 'God Gun'." explained Mar quietly.

    Kome began to rant and rave until- THWACK! Tommy Tanaka slapped the teenaged trainee right across the face.

    "Knock off the bloody hysterics, Ensign! My orders are to keep all you guys safe so pack a bag- you three are coming with me to a safe house where we can protect you from Lex." said Tommy.

    "We do not need your protection and anyway- you cannot force us to do anything, pal! I outrank your ass. I am a full commodore I'll have you know!" replied a defiant Yuri Donovan. Kome and Mar nodded adamantly as well.

    "That goes double for us too, Mr. Tanaka, sir!" they chorused.

    "Oh, can't I now?" said Tommy, flashing a vid ID card which was half dark aoishi and half deep crimson in colour.

    "Holy crapola! A red/aoishi card! Then you must report directly to Mr. Galadriel himself!" cried Yuri.

    "You got that right, kid. I'm special advisor to Uncle Vito himself. On second thought, the Hell with packing. This is all you'll really need so let's go." he said, picking up a replicator.

    "Oro about our dinner? We got pizzas, soda, beer, desserts and stuff. It's gonna spoil if--" began Kome.

    "OK already! Grab 'em and hurry up! We've got a long way to go!" yelled Tommy and ten minutes later they were all rocketing across town in Tommy's aircar.

    "Where exactly are we going?" asked Yuri.

    "Aerospaceport in 'Neo Kabuu Kichuu' where I have a ship waiting. I'm taking you to a small 'D Class' world in the 'Sholto Nebulae' called 'Bankotsu'. I'm afraid it's a bit like your 'Gysymeo' and you'll be staying in an ice cavern but that'll just be until Lex is apprehended, kids." replied Tommy without looking up from his vidmap's screen.

    "How far's this 'Neo Kabby Kichy' place, Tommy?" asked Kome and he glanced at his wristchromo.

    "We should get there by 0700 ashita. It's almost 1800 so why don't you guys eat your pizzas? (Yuri made a wry face) Oro's wrong, kiddo?" asked Tommy.

    "I spent three whole hours shopping today and then I had to leave all my stuf back at the dimwit's place, dammit!" replied a sulking and pouting commodore.

    "Why 'Bankotsu', Tommy?" asked Mar, changing the subject. "Why not 'Ganymede' where Johnny Raven's 'ISSP' boys could have protected us?" inquired the blonde reasonably.

    "We er chose 'Bankotsu' 'cause it's remote and it sure as Hell ain't gonna be the first place Lex'll come looking for you." explained Tommy wearily. He was tiring of all the questions.

    "I'm tired, man! When are we gonna stop for the night?" yawned Yuri but he shook his head.

    "We don't. We're flying all night. Those seats recline so you can sleep right here, kids. Christ! Will ya please stop all the damned whining! I feel just like a father with three bratty kids in the aircar's back seat! Play some vidgames or something but don't spill anything back there!" replied Tommy.

    "Tanaka calling Garner. Come in onegai. Over." relayed Tommy to the Chief.

    "Garner here. How goes it, Tommy? Over." relayed Charlie Garner.

    "It's er OK so far, Charlie. We're halfway to 'Neo kabuuu Kichuu' and we should get there by 0700 tomorrow. Could you make sure that my 'Midoriko' (Tommy's starship) is fully fueled and supplied and ready to go? I'm figuring it'll take us four days to get to 'Bankotsu'. Arigatou, Charlie. I'll relay you before I lift off. Oh yeah- one more thing. My vidcredchit's almost maxed out. Oro? Oh, I'd say about twenty thousand. OK. Domo arigatou, tomo watashi. Sayonara for now. Tanaka out." relayed Tommy Tanaka.

    The ladies settled down for the night and went to sleep. A few hours later--

    "Wakee wakee, kiddies! We're here. Welcome to my 'Midoriko'. I'll show you to your cabins but I'm afraid two of ya will have to share one. My mess hall's next door to my docking bays on this level (Tommy's ship had four levels). Sleeping quarters are one level up from here and my command deck's a level above there. One level below us is the engine room. Sorry but the 'Midoriko' is not really anything like your 'Angel', kids. Now if you'll gomen (excuse) me I'll get us airborne. Just tell 'Vance' where you want to go or oro you need and he'll take you there or get it for you. 'Vance' is my 'Artok', ladies. See you in a bit." said Tommy, bounding up the gantryway.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. Your replicator, Yuri. Catch." added Tommy, turning and lobbing it to her.

    Reaching his bridge, Tommy called the Tower for permission to take off. " 'Midoriko' calling 'NKK Tower'. We are requesting permission to lift off. Come in onegai. Over." relayed Tanaka.

    "Roger that, 'Midoriko'. You are cleared for liftoff. Have a pleasant voyage, sir. 'NKK Tower' out." relayed the Tower.

    "Arigatou, NKK. Out." relayed Tommy, warming up his twin impulse engines. A shadow fell across his console and a voice asked softly-

    "Need a hand, sir? I'm a fully trained navigator and a fully qualified pilot. I've logged more flight hours aboard the 'Angel 2' than anyone else and that includes Admiral O'Halloran, sir." said Marlene Angel from the doorway, flight gloves and helmet in hand. The blonde was wearing a ship's flightsuit and heavy boots. Tommy grinned at her.

    "Ever been to the 'Sholto Nebulae', Honey?" he asked and she smiled back at him.

    "Never even heard of it before but if it's on the navstar charts, I'll damned well find it, sir." replied Marlene Angel suavely.

    "Sit down over there, Lieutenant and lay in a course for the 'Gamma Quad'. I'll give you new coordinates when we get there." said Tommy.

    "Come about to a heading of 171.6 degrees on a NNW bearing on my mark. Mark. Any anomalies we can use for shortcuts, sir?" asked Mar.

    Cont in Ch 159-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 159-Pt 2-K&K

    "It's just Tommy please and nai, we do this the old-fashioned way, Blondie. OK. Warp core's online. Stand by on those thrusters. Go to Warp 5.467 on my mark. Mark. Stay on that speed for the next hour. Then increase it to Warp 9. Got that, Lieutenant?" asked Tommy.

    "Roger that, s-- er Tommy. It's just Marlene or plain old Mar, Tommy." replied the blonde.

    "Great. Keep up the good work, Lieut-- er I mean Mar." he said and mar nodded abstractedly while she was checking the trim, pitch and yaw of the small (by the 'Angel's' standards anyhow!) spacecraft. Tommy punched 'George' and the autopilot kicked in. He grabbed the PA mike and keyed it.

    "Yuri? Kome? You guys'll find flightsuits, helmets, gloves and boots in the cabins. May I suggest that you wear them? We'll be in the 'Gamma Quad' soon on our way to the 'Sholto Neb' where 'bankotsu' is located so it's gonna get damned cold real fast, kiddies. Mar's up here with me so don't worry about her. We'll have breakfast soon. Don't forget that my mess hall's next to my docking bays downstairs. See ya in a few minutes." said Tommy.

    "Boy! That Mar's a real work-a-holic, Yuri! Not aboard even five minutes and already she's offering to fly the ship for Tommy!" said Kome while climbing into a flightsuit.

    "Yeah. Brrr! Looks like you got a real good idea, kid. It's way too cold for these darn hot pants that's for sure!" replied Yuri who was yanking on jeans and reaching in the closet for a flightsuit.

    "Four more days." mused Tommy aloud.

    "Four more days? Until oro, Tommy?" asked Mar, catching Tanaka offguard.

    "Until we er get to 'Bankotsu', kiddo." stammered out Tommy Tanaka. And on the TARDIS:-

    "Are we there yet, Doc?" asked Kei O'Halloran for the umpteenth time in four days.

    "For the zillionth time- NO! It will take us another three solar days to reach 'Warrior's Gate', Kei." grumbled Doctor 2.

    "And just oro the Hell is this er 'Warrior's Gate', Doc?" demanded the redheaded firebrand.

    "It's er sort of like a 'Corallian' cloud (see 'Eureka 7' for details) that is it's like the portal to absolutely nothing at all, my dear. The entry out of time and space- we call it er 'E' space- 'E' for empty that is. According to Lord Rathelon you weapon- to be effective- must be fired from there back into and through the vortices of the er universe (he hesitated for over a minute while the Boss waited with folded arms) at er full force." explained the Doctor quietly.

    "Are you kiddin', Doc? Is Rathie baka? If I fire the 'God Gun' at full power it'll devastate creation itself! The universe will cease to exist or to ever even have existed at all! Even I couldn't--" cried Kei.

    "The effects of the blast will be totally absorbed by the opening and will completely close that hole from both sides. When that happens we will have at the very most a mere nine minutes to get both your 'Angel' and my TARDIS back into the 'N' er 'Normal' universe. 'Warrior's Gate' will no longer be there and- Dammit! There will no longer be an exit to 'E' space, Keirran!" yelled the time lord.

    Kei smiled. "I thought you said 'no swearing' on your TARDIS, Doc? Ya know I er just remembered something that Robbie the Titan kid told me once. He said 'we always seem to do the impossible' so I guess it's my turn to 'do the impossible', Doc." she replied.

    "That's the spirit, lass!" he said and clapped Kei on the back.

    "I've really worked up an appetite, Doc! Where's your closest replicator on this tub?" she asked.

    "I have a galley below and I sure hope you can cook because I am famished!" chortled the time lord.

    Kei was in shock! "No reps and you can't cook? (Doctor 2 shook his head) Well, I sure as Hell can't either but oro say we give it a go anyway, Doc?" said Kei with an impish grin.

    "I er believe we have what Zoe called 'TV Dinners' downstairs. They shouldn't be too awfully difficult to cook, my dear. Follow me." said the Gallifreyan, striding to the rear doors.

    "Man-sized dinners, eh? Whoever thought that these could be called 'man-sized' has obviously never run into any hanyous, youkais, demons or Saiyaans!" joked Kei.

    "You didn't too badly cooking these, my dear. They are really quite tasty!" complimented the Doctor.

    "Well, your galley's still in one piece at least. You shoulda seen our kitchen back home the last time I tried to make pizza! Even little 'Naruda', Yuri's pet kitten wouldn't touch the stuff!" said Kei, a tear forming in her aizu at the thought of home. Kei glanced at her wristchromo and then at the TARDIS's console. The Doctor put a fatherly arm around the young tro-con's shoulders.

    "Don't worry, my dear. You'll be home in plenty of time for Yuri's birthday, I'm sure." he murmurred quietlyand Kei suddenly broke away from his hold- roughly!

    "Do you read minds too, Doc? Just how in the nine Hells did ya know that I was thinkin' about the vacuumhead's birthday?" yelled Kei incredulously. The Doctor grinned.

    "Elementary, my dear child. On your birthday, Kome mentioned that Yuri and Yuyu's birthdays were in March- Donovan's on the third and Yuyu's on the eighteenth. That makes you two months older than Miss Donovan. You have just told me an anecdote which reminded you of home. You glanced at your wrist, however, that device shows time but not date so you looked over at the chronometer readout on my TARDIS console which shows time, day, date, year, era, century as well as sector grid coordinates. After that the deduction became quite a simple one." explained the Doctor.

    "Sheesh, Doc! You're just like that old Terran Victorian Era detective character guy that Mar's been reading about- Sherlot Holkes!" laughed the Boss Lady.

    "You mean Sherlock Holmes, my dear. He really is or rather was a very charming as well as efficient deductive reasoner even if he was a bit egotistical and quite the eccentric." observed the time lord, reaching for another biscuit.

    "Why don't you get some rest, my dear? I'll call if I need you. You may use Zoe's room if you wish- it's right across the corridor there. We still have three more days before we reach our final destination." said the Doctor kindly.

    Kei nodded, finished her chocolate custard, thanked him and toddled off to bed. He tossed the trays into the recycler, washed up silver and cups and tidied up the galley before he took his cup of cocoa to his study to work on his latest monologue- a treatise on the history of that great Terran leader known as Alexander the Great of Ancient Macedonia. Meanwhile aboard Tommy Tanaka's 'Midoriko'--

    "Yeah. Everyone including our three naive young tro-cons think that we are on our way to 'Bankotsu' if there even is such a place! I even had Lieutenant Angel plot in a heading for the 'Gamma Quadrant'! Nai, they have all retired to their rooms for the night. Hai sire, they should be in a deep statsis sleep by now. Why? Because I put enough 'Astronyk' in their java er coffee to keep them out for the duration of the trip, Lord President. Sorry Lord Barusa but I have been assigned to 'Shimougou' for so long that sometimes I do forget that I am really a 'Prydonian' time lord from 'Gallifrey'! Well er Lord Rathelon knows best of course but I still see no reson for all of this blasted deception, sire. If we could just er take Lieutenant Angel into our confidence, I am sure-- Yes my Lord. I understand and I will obey his orders without question, sire. By the way er where is Lex Luthor really? Oro? Transferred to 'Tigori 8' eh? Then he'll be transmatted back to Terra? I see, sire. Yes, a very devilishly cunning plan indeed! Oro? Yes my Lord, we shall arrive in just three more solar days. I will deliver Commodore Donovan, Lieutenant Angel and Ensign Sawaguchi to the Lord Castelein. Then I shall present my report to the High Council, sire. Just think of it- the time lords needing assistance from the 3WA! You er do know that they will not adhere to our policy of never taking any life whatsoever, sire, do you not? Eh? That is why you specifically did not have me bring the admiral. I know she's a bit wild, Lord Barusa but she always comes through in a pinch. She is the best tro-con on their force you know, sire. Ah yes- the er 'Calypso' disasters and the 'Gondor' explosions and the 'Mordoq' uprisings- OK sire, I get the picture now. Yuri Donovan is OK but not Keirran O'Halloran! Please stop screaming at me, sire. Now I know why Garner and Gooley were glad not having to be their units sector chiefs anymore! These three? Lieutenant Angel is the quiet one and very efficient too. Ensign Sawaguchi is the Hellraiser of the bunch although nowhere near to being in O'Halloran's league! Commodore Donovan is the whiner, however, she does have the most experience of the trio. Oh yes- Onegai do tell the Castelein that I am looking forward to that 'Shogi' rematch with him. Zoe and Jett Black have been giving me some pointers on the game and this time I do intend to finally beat him, sire. I will contact you again when we make planetfall in three days' time, my lord. 'Kaltrox' out." Tommy Tanaka or to use his true name- 'Kaltrox' of the 'Gallifreyan' house of 'Prydonia' at last finished his long diatribe and checked his coordinate settings one last time.

    'Gallifrey' the Time Lords' home planet is in the 'Phi-Bea-Chi Quadrant' of 'NE' or 'Neutral' space several million lightyears from Terra or Earth as they called it. Then Tommy set 'George' and retired to his own quarters.

    Cont in Ch 159-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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