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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 159-Pt 3-K&K

    Sipping a steaming mug of the Terran beverage 'capuccino' which Marlene Angel had just introduced him to he mused over the events of the past few weeks. If Kei, her tro-cons, the 'UG' and the 3WA knew the 'real' story, they would, perhaps, understand the extreme urgency of the current situation. They would then also realise why the late and revered Father of the Gallifreyan Time Lords (Lord Rathelon) had already paid the tro-cons several visits. However, the High Council had insisted that 'Kaltrox' keep silent about this newest enemy of 'Gallifrey'- and the universe itself- who had only recently surfaced!

    End of Chapter 159. Chapter 160 'Gallifreyan Nightmare' or 'Demonic Angels' soon. Happy 2008 and SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twist I just tossed in? My good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 160
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 160-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Lord Barusa, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 160 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 160

    'Gallifreyan Nightmare' or 'Demonic Angels'

    It seemed taht a terrible demon god, a warlord- 'Trigon'- had joined forces with the time lords' archenemy- 'Dr. Davros', the creator of the most evil race of alien cyborgs that the universe had ever known- the dreaded 'Daleks'!

    The 'Daleks of Skarran' had originally been a very contented and peaceful race of gentle beings who looked for all the cosmos like masses of a gelatinous substance. Green in colour, they were not unlike great blobs of lime Jell-o! Then 'Davros' showed up and all jigoku broke loose!

    He experimented on them extensively and relentlessly, eventually succeeding in instilling in them the belief that they were and always had been destined to rule the cosmos! To facilitate this ambition he had constructed the 'Mark Five Mobile Travel Unit' for them. Resembling a gigantic Terran salt/pepper shaker it had several stalklike appendages allowing its occupant to see, hear, read minds, fight, kill and generally give anyone unfortunate enough to encounter him a very bad day indeed!

    The device was designed to roll like a toy and could trundle around merrily on any flat surface. The 'Dalek' itself which was only about half a meter across by another meter or so in width occupied a small compartment built into the top of the machine.

    'Davros' taught them many things and nowadays their most favorite word of all was 'ex-ter-mi-nate' which they screeched at their enemies in combat! They killed with abandonment and that coupled with both 'Davros's' sheer genius and 'Trigon's' dark magic as well as the demon lord's armies of demons and android zombie robotic killers, they were indeed quite capable of conquering the universe!

    Their own efforts proving futile owing to the time lords' code of never ever taking any kind of life, the 'Gallifreyans' had contacted their 'sleeper agent' within the 3WA and 'UG' and asked that he beg them for their aid in dealing with these dual menaces. The High Council had agreed albeit reluctantly to allow the use of fatal deadly force to subdue both alien leaders. Still they would prefer that the tro-cons resort to this only as a last resort hence the exclusion of O'Halloran from the mission!

    As Barusa had explained it all to him the original rift caused by Keisie in AD 2140 had undoubtedly awakened 'Trigon' who had mad certain that his minion 'the Master' had used his TARDIS to materialise himself and his two Terran passengers Naraku and Kikyo in AD 2251 aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2' to act as both his aizu and ears onboard for his unknowing and unwitting 'accomplice'- John Berringer!

    Using JB's wave of attacks as cover 'Trigon' had materialised on 'Skarran' and revived 'Davros' and his deposed army of 'Daleks'! His plan was to use them, his own demons and androidal armies to conquer and ultimately control the peace-loving time lords as well as their world- 'Gallifrey'! To this end he had arranged for both 'Slade Wilson' and 'Warp' to travel to 'Gysymeo' for the sole purpose of being captured by the 3WA's tro-cons. Why? So they'd be sent on to 'Gallifrey' where he would have them easily to hand to use in his other nefarious plot to conquer not only the entire universe but time itself!

    The Castelein (time lords' chief of staff) insisted that as soon as O'Halloran had succeeded in 'plugging up' that final hole at 'Arcturis' that everyone would return to both where and when they originated and the status quo would again be restored. Hopefully that all would happen but just in case it didn't it was best to have a backup lan waiting in the wings so to speak.

    How simple life would be if they could just fly to 'Namek' and use Bulma Brief's 'dragonball radar' to find and assembele those seven lovely golden balls decorated with stars. Then they could awaken 'Porunga' the eternal dragon of 'Namek' and wish everything back to the way it used to be!

    Two things wrong with that pleasanr little scenario- One: Both of the Saiyyans- Goku and Vegeeta- agreed that the eternal dragon did not possess the necessary powers to grant such a wish and

    Two: 'Porunga' had died and the dragonballs had vanished upon the death of the eldest Namek- 'Guru' so they were all on their own.

    'Kaltrox' finished his capuccino and yawned. Then he collapsed on his bunk and slept.

    Meanwhile across the universe and nearing 'Arcturis' the TARDIS had almost reached its destination--

    "Time to awaken my dear Miss O'Halloran." The speaker was the floating disembodied head of Lord Rathelon. Kei yawned and sat up in her bunk, rubbing the sleep out of her green aizu.

    "Gozaimasu er good morning, my Lord. Ka-Mi! Have I been asleep for four whole days, man? Are we at 'Arcturis' already? (Kei suddenly realised her attire consisted of a tank top and bikini briefs and nothing else!) Er, would you mind turning around for a moment onegai?" said a red-faced Keirran O'Halloran who beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom having first grabbed an outfit from her closet.

    "Sorry my child. I do beg your pardon." replied Rathelon, doing as he'd been bidden. The bathroom door slammed aginst the wall as the redhead returned to her bedroom.

    "OK. I'm er decent now, Rathie." she said, looking gorgeous in sweater, chino and sneakers. She was binding a Kelly green ribbon around her fiery mane when the old time lord spun back to face her.

    "To answer your earlier question, my child- you are yet one more solar day away from 'Arcturis' but I have brought you a small gift, my dear- one which should finally restore the universe to its status quo. (A tap came on the door) Ah! Come in, Doctor and show the child oro we have brought for her." said Rathelon.

    Doctor 2 held a strange crystalline stauette in his hands which sparkled with an inner fire.

    "That, my dear, is the 'Universal Key of Time' which the Doctor and I have only just acquired from the 'White Guardian' of the cosmos. You will load it into your sonic cannon and fire it at full force into the vortex on 'Arcturis' once you reach 'E' space. The Doctor will then materialise his TARDIS around your 'Angel 2' and beat a hasty retreat back to 'N' space. Then he will reverse the process and rematerialise his TARDIS aboard your ship once again.

    Should you run into any difficulties, Doctor 4 is your backup er I believe the Terran term is 'getaway car driver'. In any case he will if necessary rematerialise his TARDIS around both the 'Angel 2' and Doctor 2's TARDIS and get you both to safety. When I am convinced you have no more need of my services or assistance I will return home to 'Gallifrey'. Any questions, my dear? Nai? Then return to your interrupted slumbers, my dear child. Sorry to have awakened you. I will remain on your bridge. Good night, my dear Keirran. Godd night, Doctor." said Rathelon and vanished.

    "G'Night, Rathie, Doc." said a sleepy Kei.

    "Night, my Lord, Miss O'Halloran, er I mean Kei. Er, where should I put this thing?" said Doctor 2.

    "Put oro?" asked the Boss crossly.

    "The 'Key of Time'!" he replied testily.

    "Leave it on the coffee table I guess. G'Night, Doc." she said, shoving him out the door after he had placed the ice-like staue on Zoe's table. Remember that she was using Zoe's sitting room and bedroom on the TARDIS.

    He returned to his study and began to write once more. Meanwhile aboard the 'Midoriko'--

    Yuri Donovan yawned and stretched her arms. "Is er this 'Bankotsu', Tommy? It's like really quite pleasnt. Warm and not at all frigid. Not at all like 'Gysymeo' was. I thought you said we'd need our snuggies her, Tommy? Oro the frigging Hell!" she said angrily.

    "Gomen er sorry kids but I'm afraid I've been deceiving you. My name is not really Tommy Tanaka and I'm not a 'Shimougouan' either. My real name is 'Kaltrox' and I am an undercover agent from--" began the pseudo Tommy.

    "The er 'High Council of Gallifrey', my dear children. I apologise for the deception, however, I assure you that it was most necessary." explained the floating head of Lord Rathelon.

    "Lord Rathelon, sire? I had no idea that matters had become so urgent! I understood from the Lord President that you had accompanied Miss O'Halloran and the second Doctor to 'Arcturis' with the fourth Doctor for backup." said 'Kaltrox' with an astonished look on his face.

    "Greetings my dear tomo. Things are indeed dire. 'Davros' and an army of his 'Daleks' surround the capitol. 'Trigon' and his armies of demons and zombie androids have reached the outer fringes of the 'Dead Lands' (site of Rathelon's own tower) and will be joining 'Davros' in another four days or so. Where are your three passengers, 'Kaltrox of Prydonia'?" asked the absent-minded Rathelon.

    "Where you ordered me to take them, sire. At present they are with the 'High Council' at the 'Citadel'. (Tommy/Kaltrox had transmatted the trio to the surface of 'Gallifrey' just as soon as he had touched down with the 'Midoriko'. Then his mentor had shown up.) My Lord, you er do realise that if the need arises they er will not hesitate to kill, do you not?" asked Kaltrox.

    Cont in Ch 160-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 160-Pt 2-K&K

    "Of course I do, my son which is why you will disarm them of any lethal wepons of their own and then re-arm them with our stasis weapons only. It is most important that you explain to them that the real enemies are 'Davros' and 'Trigon' and not their minions. If I deem it necessary I will personally end the lives of the two leaders myself. Hopefully Miss O'Halloran's current mission will make this a moot point and they will all be returned to the void from whence they sprang. I pray that the extra weapon she has will be effective." said Rathelon.

    "What have you given the kid, sire?" asked Kaltrox.

    "The 'Universal Key of Time' itself to be fired into the voided vortex from 'E' space, my tomo." he replied quietly. Kaltrox/Tommy was in shock!

    "What! You have entrusted the most powerful weapon in the cosmos to that hot-headed firebrand! Have you gone loco, man! She could destroy creation with it! I do beg your forgiveness, sire for speaking so rudely to you. I apologise, my liege but with all due respect- you just do not know Kei O'Halloran, my Lord!" he said worriedly.

    "On the contrary, 'Prydonian', I do know oro she can do with that thing, however, I have looked deep into her heart and soul and I trust the child implicitly. She will not let us down, my tomo. Now as to our current problem:

    You will take command of the 'Citadel Guard' and divide them into four teams. Place one of our tro-cons in charge of one of those divisions while you command the remaining one. Miss Donovan will defend the main gateway at the city's Northern end. Miss Angel will defend the Southern Gate. Miss Sawaguchi will defend the Council chambers and you will defend the capitol's 'Citadel'. Is that clearly understood, Colonel Kaltrox? Don't look so shocked, my son. You have earned this promotion. Barusa suggested it to us you know." said Rathelon.

    "I understand totally and I will not fail you, sire." replied the new colonel, saluting.

    "Then off you go and may Kami protect you all, my son." said Rathelon and he vanished.

    Kaltrox struck the intercom comm box. "This is Kaltrox, your commander. Kritus, Kordon, Keltock and Komstock are hereby ordered to report to me immediately. I am in the assembly hall. Commodore Donovan, Lieutenant Angel and Ensign Sawaguchi of the 3WA are to report as well. That is all for now. Kaltrox out." he announced curtly.

    He belted a stasis pistol to his hip, picked up a stasis rifle and slung it across his back. He wore the magenta uniform of the 'Gallifreyan Citadel Guard'. On the table he laid out three identical uniforms along with three white bandoliers, three web belts with holstered stasis pistols and ammo pouches and three stasis rifles. Stasis weapons incapacitate but do not kill nor do they do any lasting damage to anyone they are used on. As an afterthought he added three pairs of white gauntlets, three pairs of highly polished white jackboots, three matching white helmets and three armoured tunics.

    As he expected, his three most trusted lieutenants arrived first and he gave them their orders. Kritus was assigned to Yuri, Kordon to Marlene and Keltock to Kome. His own exec, Komstock, would be his second in command. Marlene and Kome came next wearing sweats. Yuri was the last one to arrive, stretching and yawning. All she had done was to toss a kimono on over her pajamas.

    Kaltrox informed them of Rathelon's plans and introduced them to their execs. Then he pointed to the table. "You will wear these uniforms, boots, helmets and armour. You will use these weapons and only these weapons. Therefore I must ask that you surrender your own weapons immediately. (Kome lloked belligerent, Yuri was confused and Marlene quietly asked him why.) Our creed forbids the taking of life- any life- so unless absolutely necessary there will be no killing done on 'Gallifrey'. Is that understood, ladies? (They nodded. Yuri tossed down a Mark III, Mar handed over a brace of Mark XIII's and Kome finally reluctantly and angrily threw down three Mark XII's, a disruptor pistol, a laser sword, a flashbomb and a handful of kunai (Ninja daggers) and shurikins (Ninja throwing stars) along with a Glock 7 automatic pistol.) Thank you so much for your cooperation. You are all dismissed. Report to your posts in one hour- in uniform." commanded Kaltrox of Prydonia. And halfway across the universe--

    Doctor 2 was gently shaking the redhead's shoulder. "Kei? My dear? We're here. Time to get up, child. 'Warrior's Gate', Kei. Rise and shine, sleepyhead." he said while pulling on her arm.

    "A really bad idea, man!" as Zoe would have said. She'd already been one of Kei's victims!

    The hapless 'Gallifreyan' was violently shaken off and- Whamm-o! Kei's swinging left fist caught him crisply on the chin with an uppercut so hard that his teeth rattled and he staggered several steps backward until he tripped over an ottoman and went down hard on his backside!

    "Ouch! That was really most uncalled for, young lady! If I were only 175 years younger-" yelled the Doctor, sitting up on the floor and rubbing his chin.

    Kei was at his side in an instant. "Sorry Doc but my nerves are like Kelvinite springs and I instinctively react whenever somebody grabs me! Don't ever try to awaken me like that again! Just trill me when it's time to get up. You gonna be OK, Doc? Anything busted?" asked Kei, the concern evident in her voice.

    "Just my pride, child!" he replied in a jovial tone.

    "Oro did ya want anyway? Why'd ya wake me up, Doc?" grumbled the Boss Lady who was back to her usual gruff self now that she saw the Doctor was unhurt.

    "Come and see for yourself, child." replied the little fellow quietly.

    Kei tossed on her green kimono emblazoned with scarlet ryuu (dragons) and slid her feet into sandals before following him to the TARDIS control room. He opened the blast shields to reveal the viewport window.

    "Take a look, my dear." he invited. Kei did so and saw a huge archway surrounded by nothingness- a white void. Through the archway she could just discern another milky white mist or fog.

    "Oro the Fxxx!" she began

    "Welcome to 'E' space, Keirran. 'E' for 'Empty'." said the Doctor and she looked again.

    "Where the Hell is my ship, Doc? Where the Fxxx is the 'Angel'?" she demanded angrily.

    THWACK! The Doctor's open-handed slap to her jaw rocked the tro-con and raised an angry red welt on the side of her face!

    "I warned you, didn't I? No swearing! This is a holy place. You stand at the very edge of creation itself- the end of the known universe!" said the small time lord, manipulating the controls until the huge pylon above his console began to piledrive up and down. The familiar 'whoosh' was heard and the pylon ceased to pulsate. "Look again, my child." he said and Kei did as she was bidden. This time she saw the rec room and bar of her own 'Lovely Angel 2'!

    "There is your ship, Admiral. This is your show and the ball is in your court now. You must maneuver the 'Angel' through 'Warrior's Gate' er the archway there. Then you will be beyond the known universe and outside of creation itself. Then you will load the 'Key' into your sonic cannon and fire it into the vortex of 'Arcturis' thus sealing the rift at both ends. Might I suggest, however, that you er change into something a bit more dignified than that kimono?" he said, smiling at her.

    Kei grinned back and tapped her bracelet causing her to be morphed into the familiar red/black bodysuit and short red boots. "You mean something like this, Doc?" she asked demurely.

    He laughed. "Ha ha. Touche (Too-shay)! I walked right into that one, did I not?" he said.

    "Coming, Doc? I could use your help." she invited.

    "Of course! I would not miss this for all the world or should I say cosmos, Kei!" replied the little fellow and Kei led the way to the lift. "Bridge. Stat." she ordered.

    "Welcome back, tomo watashi Kei." said 'CC'.

    "Arigatou, tomo watashi 'CC'. It feels good to be back. Bridge? Onegai?" replied the redhead.

    'CC' complied and soon she and the Doctor stepped off the lift and onto the command deck then hurried to the bridge. Kei quickly activated the impulse engines and slowly maneuvered the huge starship through the archway. Then she yawed 180 degrees to starboard so that the 'Angel' was facing back towards the archway. She sighted in the vortex on 'Arcturis' and locked the targeting controls. Then she turned to the time lord.

    "The er 'Key of Time', onegai." she requested and he handed her the small crystalline statuette which was actually a jigsaw-like assembly of six different chunks of pure clear crystal.

    "When you fire this into the void it will separate and scatter its six parts throughtout the universe in much the same way that the er golden dragonballs of your Saiyaan tomos are distributed on Earth and Namek. Good luck be with you, my child and aw- give 'em Hell, Kei!" cried Doctor 2 in elation. Kei smiled at him, waved and dashed for the lift.

    Cont in Ch 160-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 160-Pt 3-K&K

    "Level Five! Stat!" she shouted and leaped aboard the lift car. She rode down to Level Five, jumped off the lift almost before it had stopped moving and raced for the hidden spiral stairway. She code keyed the door open and back it shot revealing the concealed staircase.

    Kei bounded up the steps three and four at a time and loaded the 'Key' into the 'God Gun'. Another minute to recheck the ion beam generator and then another five to run all the way to the opposite end of the ship- half a kilo away- and open the gun's blast release portals. Ten minutes later, breathless and panting, she hustled back onto the bridge and set the gun to 'full power'.

    "This is it, Doc so keep your fingers crossed for us!" she shouted. Then she hit the firing panel and depressed the foot trigger. Several things happened simultaneously-

    An explosion shook the 'Angel' from stem to stern, slamming Kei and the Doctor into the bulkhead. Pure white light seemed to be everywhere and the ship began spinning- slowly at first then gradually faster and faster and faster still! Kei inexorably saw her life flash past before her aizu as did the Doctor. The 'Angel' finally came to a stop with a sudden and bone-jarring halt!

    "Where in the nine Hells are we, Keirran?" yelled the time lord. "Oh er forgive me, my dear for swearing on your bridge." he added.

    "Don't sweat it, Doc. I don't have a 'no swearing' policy on my 'Angel'. As to where we are- your guess is as good as mine. 'CC'? Activate exterior forward viewers. ('CC' complied) Holy shit! Nai! It can't be! It just can't! 'CC', confirm where the jigoku we are!" she demanded.

    "Our fifth moon, tomo Kei- 'Sakura' (Sock-a-rah)." replied 'CC' and the time lord gave her a curious look.

    "I just can't believe it, Doc! We're almost home, man! Two more days I'd say. This is the fifth moon of my world of 'Shimougou' and we have landed on that moon's surface- 'Sakura' it's called. Arigatou Ka-Mi for that!" said the redhead happily.

    "The other Doc's way too far away to hear me, I guess?" she said after trying to hail Doctor 4's TARDIS with no success. Then Doctor 2 had a brainstorm.

    "Er, 'CC'? Can you communicate with K-9?" he asked.

    "Of course he can, Master. We will return to 'Shimougou' at once. Congratulations, Master, Mistress. Sayonara." said Doctor 4's data dog robot.

    "My dear? You should be able to hail the commodore, should you not?" asked the 'Gallifreyan'.

    Kei snapped her fingers and crashed her right fist into her left palm. "Shimatta! Sure we can, Doc! Yuri? Mar? Kome? Any of ya readin' me? This is Kei er the Boss." she trilled. A slightly familiar although much older female voice answered her summons- to Kei's surprise."I am afeared they nae canna hear ye, love. They are nae here in 'Furool' (Foo-Lon)(City) nae more. Mister Tommy er I mean Mister Tanaka has taken them to er 'Bankotsu' until that Mister Luthor has been apprehended, my child. Och! It's yer pardon I beg! 'Tis me, lassie. Fiona. Fiona MacCrimmon- Mister Garner's pearsonal assistant. Are ye on yer way home at long last, lass? Is Mister Doctor with ye?" said the dour old but kind-hearted Scottish lady who both Kei and Yuri as well as Kome and Marlene had always thought of as their grandmother.

    "Have er any of our guests gone home yet, Gran?" asked Kei anxiously.

    "Weell- I dinna rightly know that now, do I, Miss Deirdre? Mister Garner has gone to 'Alderaan' to meet with Mister Gooley and some of the big high up muckety-mucks ye know. I have been given to understand that even Mister Galadriel himself will be a-coming. So- back here for the time being anyway Miss Hathaway is in charge, Miss Deirdre." said Fiona.

    "Ann? Ann's in charge there?" asked Kei incredulously.

    "A wee three year old lassie in charge of 3WA headquarters? Nae, I think not! It be Miss Ella Hathaway what's in charge here." replied Fiona. Then Kei and Doctor 2 realised oro Fiona had told them earlier.

    "Lex Luthor?" yelled Kei.

    "Tommy Tanaka?" cried the Doctor.

    "Those baka morons at Seto Kaiba let Lex escape? He hates us!" yelled the redhead.

    "I noo that, lassie. That be why Mister Tanaka has taken Miss Yuri, Miss Kome and Miss Marlene to 'Bankotsu' where they will be safe." assured Fiona MacCrimmon and the Doctor grinned.

    "Calm down, ladies. Your tomos should be safely on 'Gallifrey' by now. Mister Tanaka is er one of ours- a time lord named er 'Kaltrox of Prydonia'. He'll take good care of your three tro-cons." he said.

    "But why take 'em to 'Gallifrey', Doc? Why not 'Nioga' (a nearby world having a 3WA base) or even 'Shack G' (Yuri Donovan's home world. Kei O'Halloran's was 'Workoh' as you will no doubt recall) for that matter and why the deception?" asked Kei.

    "Och! I been wonderin' aboot that meself, yer worship, sir?" agreed Fiona.

    "Doc?" prompted an angry redhead and the time lord heaved a weary sigh.

    "Because we need them to help us. You see- an evil demon warlord named 'Trigon' has joined forces with your old pal, 'Doctor Davros' and his adorable 'Daleks'. Their intention is to of course conquer the universe. As er killing may become necessary and since we time lords have sworn an oath never to take a life ever no matter what, we er needed people having no such qualms." he explained uneasily.

    "Look Doc- 'Davros' and his 'Daleks' I know but who the Hell's this 'Trigon' character?" asked Kei.

    "The er King of the Demon World, my child and he is er also the 'Teen Titan' Raven's father." he said quietly and then explained to the fiery tro-con how 'Trigon' had used his own daughter as a portal to destroy Terra and of how Raven and the Titans had finally managed to defeat him and restore Terra after which 'Trigon' had been banished to the nether world until he had escaped with 'Sutek's' assistance. Kei's aizu blazed with green fire.

    "A few months ago, Doc if you'd told me that tale I'd have sent for the little men with the white coats and personally put you into a strait jacket! But now--" Kei left her sentence unfinished.

    He nodded his head to her. "Yes, my dear. I understand." replied the time lord.

    "Well Doc? Hadn't we better get a move on? 'Gallifrey' is a good ways from here, ain't it?" said the fiery redhead.

    "You don't mean that you want to go there too, do you?" asked the astonished 'Gallifreyan'.

    "Why not? You think I'm gonna leave my tomos to battle those things on their own? Oro are the coordinates for this planet of yours, Doc?" demanded the youngest admiral of the 'UG' impatiently.

    The Doctor reluctantly told her and soon the 'Angel' was whizzing through hyperspace at Warp 25 bound for the time lords' home planet. Meanwhile at their intended estination--

    "Our best plan of attack is to stop 'Davros' and his 'Daleks' first. Then we concentrate on 'Trigon' and his demon hordes and robotic androids. Sorry, Mister Castelein but someone very near and dear to me once told me that the best defense is a good offense so I say we attack the enemy now rather than waiting for them to attack us!" cried Yuri Donovan, stamping her foot for emphasis.

    "Right on, man! I totally agree with you, baby er Commodore, Yuri, ma'am!" put in Kome Sawaguchi. Yuri glanced at her remaining compadre.

    "Ordinarily I'd agree, Kome but not in this case. We don't know anything about this 'Davros', his 'Daleks', 'Trigon' nor his demons and 'droids. I wish we still had some of our own demons left. I recommend a reconnaissance scouting mission first." replied Marlene Angel.

    "I wish we had the 'Angel' here with our 'God Gun'! I wish that firebird baka jackass freak-a-zoid was here! Maybe she is nuts but she's still the best damned fighter I ever met- bar none!" said Kome.

    "Amen to that!" agreed Yuri.

    "Hai. I miss Admiral O'Halloran too but she's not here and I hate to say it but I don't think that even she could figure out how to stop this 'Trigon' and his demon hordes." said Marlene quietly.

    "Arigatou for the vote of confidence, guys! However, I beg to differ. The vacuumhead's right- for once! Hit 'em now and hit 'em hard! 'Davros' is a real fruitcake and his 'Daleks' can be easily subdued. Blind 'em and then smash that dome on top of 'em. The 'Dalek' itself is nothing but a spongy jell-o like mass about a half meter across. Blast it with ion beams and they'll paralyse it. Use 'stunners' on 'Davros' and incapacitate his ass! You can try that same trick on 'Trigon' and his demons but I doubt if that'll even phase 'em! You'll have to lure 'em to some dead world where we can use the 'God Gun' on 'em. Dam! I sure as jigoku wish we still had that mad monk Miroku and few of those sorcerers of ours left! We'll just have to make do and use oro we got! OK. Don't wait on me and the Doc. We're on our way there now but it'll late ashita no yobi er the day after tomorrow before we get there. 'Davros' thinks everyone's scared shitless of those overgrown salt shakers of his (the 'Daleks') so he won't be bothered with having too much of a bodyguard around him. Go on the offensive, kids! He's the squeaky warp drive so deal with him and his 'Daleks' first. Attack him directly and hit him with everything you've got! By the way- our mission was a complete success. We used the gun to fire the 'Key of Time' and we've finally managed to plug up that blasted hole in the universe at both ends. When we get there we can all put our heads together and come up with a plan to put the kibosh on 'Trigon', his 'droids and his demons. Our prayers go with you. Good luck. Kei out."

    She signed off and blanked her vidscreen.

    Cont in Ch 160-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 160-Pt 4-K&K-Whew!-

    "We'll need all the luck we can get to stop that cunning 'kyune' (a nine-tailed fox demon not to confused with a 'kitsune' like 'Shippou')!" observed Kei grimly.

    Back on 'Gallifrey' Kome had grabbed Tommy aka Kaltrox by the tunic and slammed him up against the wall.

    "Oro kinds of weapons do ya have on that pitiful thing ya call a ship?" she demanded angrily.

    "Mostly just standard issue 3WA crap! Why?" he snarled at her.

    "Why? Because we're gonna need everything we can carry to stop 'Davros' and his friends, that's why!" she roared.

    END of Chapter 160. Chapter 161 'War on Gallifrey' or 'The Siege' coming soon to a website near you (always wanted to say that!). Have a great day and SFN. Arigatou a lot for all of your help and interest in my Angels' saga. Kami bless you all and toodles until next time. See ya soon.-K&K PS- Don't forget to check out my biography updates with new chappie titles list! Ja Mata-K&K

    Cont in Ch 161
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 161-Pt 1-(A long one man)-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Miss McMarley, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 161 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 161

    'War on Gallifrey' or 'The Siege'

    "That does sound quite logical to me, sir. Why don't we check out the 'Midoriko' and see just oro she has to offer in way of weaponry, Colonel Kaltrox?" said Marlene Angel coolly.

    "Hai. Let's just do that." agreed Yuri Donovan. Ten minutes later the armoury and arsenol of Tommy's ship seemed to hold nothing of any use to them.

    "Blasters, ion cannons, plasma bombs, nitroglycine blocks, stunners, stasis rifles, disruptors, canisters filled with jamming gas and knockout vapor- just plain old junk! Hey, wait a minute! Hold the comlink! Sonic stun vaporising grenades! Kome, Yuri, Tommy, Kritus, Kordon, Keltock, Komstock, Castelein, Barusa- see if you guys can find any Mark XX's or XXI's anywhere! I just got the most scathingly brilliant idea! (Ain't gonna tell you where this one's from except to say it's from a flick filmed partly in Bryn Mawr, PA- USA!) We're gonna need a few netbombs too. And some 'Cyrol' or even something more powerful if you got anything! Yuri? Oro's the strongest sedative you can think of that works the quickest? Think, dammit! Keltock? You're a chemist, I believe? Great. Oro can we use for a fast-acting freezing agent? Non-lethal preferably, sir." yelled the usually calm and cool-headed blonde navigator.

    "Carbonite, Lieutenant Angel. Would that not work, Lord Keltock?" suggested Kordon.

    "Yes, son. I believe it would do nicely. We do know that it is certainly not lethal because General Solo was frozen in the stuff for several weeks many years ago on 'Tatooine'." agreed Keltock.

    "Er 'Zenethor 367', Mar. Six 'cc's (cubic centimeters) of that crap will fell a bull jacaronda in 4.9 seconds and keep it comatose for 72 to 96 solar hours. There should be some ampules of it in sick bay. Tommy? Where's sick bay on this tub?" asked Yuri and Tommy fumed.

    "Are these the weapons you need, Lady Marlene?" asked Kritus and Komstock, dumping an armload of Marks (they look like Terran bazookas or recoilless rifles) on the table.

    "You bet your ass they are, guys! Wow! Three Mark XX's and two Mark XXI's, Mar!" said an excited Kome.

    "And er whatever the devil these are, children." said the Castelein, holding aloft a Mark XXX oversized ion cannon.

    Tommy's face was quite red. "Er, a prototype that 'UG' and the 3WA are er field-testing, Mar." said Tommy sheepishly.

    "How many Mark XXX's did you 'borrow' from us, Tanaka?" demanded Kome angrily.

    "Just three of 'em, kiddo. And the proper word is 'steal' not 'borrow'. Yeah, I took 'em from 'Q' labs and why not? Ain't the 3WA and the 'UG' supposed to help out others in need? Is not dispensing justice your job as tro-cons, ladies? We asked politely for your help and we never got it! That is why I, 'Kaltrox of Prydonia' was ordered to infiltrate your 3WA. Then two days ago Acting Lord President Barusa (remember that Doctor 4 is the real president but he hates the job and never serves) informed me that 'davros' had joined forces with that demon despot satrap 'Trigon' and that I had to get back home with help- and pretty damned quick!" explained Tommy.

    "But I did not tell you to steal weapons nor did we tell you to kidnap these children, Colonel Kaltrox! That goes against our own codes of peace, honesty, loyalty, integrity, justice and honour!" cried the acting Lord President.

    "I did oro I believed to be necessary, sire." retorted Tommy/Kaltrox.

    "Children? Kids? You aren't much older than we are yourself, Tommy!" yelled Kome.

    Tommy Tanaka/Kaltrox of Prydonia roared with laughter while his subordinates chuckled, the Castelein coughed discreetly and even Barusa grinned.

    "Oro's so shimatta funny, pal?" demanded Kome, bristling with anger.

    "Just how old do you think I really am, Ensign?" asked Tommy. Kome thought a moment.

    "Well- I'm 16, Yuri's 19 and Mar's 23 so you must be about 25. Right?" she replied. This time the Castelein did smile.

    "Quite wrong, my dear. Although Lord Kaltrox is one of the youngest members of the High Council he is still 357 of your Terran solar years in age and has regenerated twice already, child." said the Castelein.

    "Timelords are a long-lived race and have the ability to 'regenerate' or renew themselves twelve times. I believe the Doctor is on either his 7th, 8th or possibly even 9th regeneration himself." explained Barusa.

    Yuri Donovan finally decided to exert her authority as the ranking tro-con. After all, she was a full-fledged commodore now, wasn't she?

    "That is all very interesting and amusing, folks, however, we seem to have er strayed off the subject at hand, haven't we? As long as the three of us are here on 'Gallifrey' I have decided that we will assist you. We will treat this as a 3WA Red Level A mission. The very first thing we need to do is to determine our best course of action. With that goal in mind, let's unload all of the weapons and ammo from the 'Midoriko'. Technically, Colonel Kaltrox, I do outrank you, however, since this is your turf, I'd like for you to command the mission. Everybody pitch in, grab something and bring it to the Council Chamber. We have got to know just oro the Hell we've got to work with before we can go after 'Davros', right Tommy?" said Yuri.

    "Absolutely, Yuri. Let's lay all of that stuff from the ship out on the long table in the Council Hall. Kritus, Kordon, Komstock, Keltock, Castelein! Do you guys need an engraved invitation? Get a move on! That ship won't unload itself!" roared Kaltrox.

    "Too bad ya didn't think of swipin' one of our 'God Guns' too!" grumbled Kome. Tommy grinned.

    "I er tried to kid but how the oni do ya sneak a half mile long contraption onto an X-Class starship?" chuckled the time lord.

    A half hour later Marlene handed the commodore a list of all the stuff from the 'Midoriko's' armouries and arsenols. Yuri glanced up after perusing Mar's vidpad.

    "We've got enough firepower here to start a shimatta war! Christ Tommy, how long have ya been collecting this junk?" she asked.

    "A few months." was his reply.

    "Well, we'd better start handin' it out, i guess. Since there are three of those Mark XXX prototypes I think one for Kome, one for me and one for Mar. OK?" said Yuri.

    "I'm not lugging that darn thing all over the place, Yuri! I'll take a Mark XX instead. Give Tommy or Kaltrox or whatever the jigoku his name is the last one. Kome! Come and help me to pass out this artillery!" said Marlene.

    "Sure thing. Be right there, old girl!" beamed Kome and the blonde frowned.

    "Knock it off, Kome or this 'old girl' is gonna brain ya! C'mon now folks! Don't be bashful! Come up here and get your weapons. It's gonna be noon before we finish this up, Yuri. Can ya hold off your briefing until after lunch?" asked Mar. Yuri nodded and hefted the Mark XXX.

    "Christ Almighty! Is this thing heavy! It weighs a bloody ton!" she complained.

    "Wait until ya see how heavy it gets after it's loaded, kiddo!" chortled Kaltrox.

    "Ya all got weapons? Good. Keltock, find us a few cylinders of 'Carbonite' and I'll get the 'Zenethor' ampules. We'll all meet up back here after lunch. Shall we say 1400 hours, guys?" said Yuri. Kaltrox opened the breech on her mark XXX and slammed in three shells. Suddenly a 75 kilo cannon became a 190 kilo cannon! Yuri unslung the thing and slammed it down on the table. Picking up a much lighter Mark XX1 she loaded three shells into it and slammed the breech shut.

    "Save that thing for Boss Kei. She'll love it! See ya at 1400." she said, striding back to the 'Midoriko' to pick up some 'Zenethor'. Keltock had somehow managed to locate six cylinders of 'Carbonite' while Kordon was loaded down with several canisters of 'jamming' gas.

    Lunch in the Citadel was a much more subdued affair than it usually was on the 'Angel'. Yuri and Kome had just begun eating when there were two distinct clicking sounds beside them. Mar smiled at them and then held up her left arm.

    "Our 'morphing' bracelets. I brought along one for each of us- just in case. I heard Kritus tell the Castelein that 'Davros' has been seen hiding in a cave somewhere in the "Dead lands' near the 'Plains of Rathelon' and he called that place the 'Frost Caverns'! If those caverns are anything like the ones on dear old 'Gysymeo' we're gonna freeze our asses off in those 'Citadel Guard' get-ups!" said Mar excitedly.

    "Arigatou, Mar." said Yuri, slipping hers onto her wrist.

    "Yeah. Thanks a lot, Mar. You're a real pal." agreed Kome before sliding hers on as well.We are gonna leave these three on 'Gallifrey' preparing for battle and turn our attention back to the 'Angel'.

    Kei was striding down the gantryways to the rec room. Why? 'Cause she needed a 'stiffener' (so oro else is new eh?). While she was seated at the bar and nursing a 'Jameson's' there came the all too familiar rushing air sound of a 'TARDIS' landing and then Doctor 4's TARDIS slowly materialised behind the redhead.

    "Any chance of some coffee, my child?" asked the tallish time lord.

    "Sure Doc. Help yourself. Ya know where it is by now, I hope." replied the the Boss.

    "Have you er seen the little fellow?" he asked while pouring out a steaming java for himself.

    "The little fellow is right here and I do wish you'd stop calling me that, Doctor!" replied a nettled Doctor 2 from the doorway of the dining room.

    "I forgot we left the cooks behind when we went to 'Arcturis', Deirdre." he complained.

    "Look Doc- I do wish you'd stop callin' me 'Deirdre'. Just call me Kei for Kami's sake." said the tro-con quietly.

    Cont in Ch 161-Part 2
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    Here's Ch 161-Pt 2-K&K

    "I see that her language has yet to improve, Doctor." observed Doctor 4.

    "You're lucky! You didn't have to put up with her for half a fortnight! Did you know that she cannot even cook? Oro with the drinking, smoking and swearing it is a wonder that we even got there and back here in one piece!" whined Doctor 2.

    "If you two are all through griping about me I've got some news for ya." she said and ignited a cheroot.

    "Well?" demanded Doctor 2.

    "Something of importance, I take it?" asked Doctor 4 seriously. Kei nodded.

    "You er might say that. Remember that baka demonic king Trigon that our Titans fought with back on Terra? (Both timelords nodded) And the Daleks' creator- Davros? (Again they nodded somewhat impatiently) Well boyos, they have joined forces and are marching on your Citadel. Yuri, Mar and Kome went to help fight them off along with Tommy Tanaka from 3WA Central HQ." she explained, downing her 'Jameson's' and pouring a refill.

    "You er cannot mean that they are on 'Gallifrey'? Not all three of 'em together?" yelled Doctor 4.

    "Your er tomo Barusa sent for 'em. According to 'Q' section, Tanaka stole enough weapons to start a small war and he even 'borrowed' three of our newest prototype energy cannons- the Mark XXX! The only Kami shimatta thing they ain't got is a bloddy 'God Gun'! This Barusa guy asked for the 3WA's help but he specifically said not to send 'that blasted red-headed baka Harpie' with them. By the way- oro the Hell is a 'Harpie' anyway? (Doctor 4 told her as tactfully as he could while Doctor 2 chuckled) SO I'm one of the winged 'Furies' who torments an old blind dude (Phineas the blind prophet in Terran Greek/Roman mythology) at the order of Zeus, am I! Well, I'll be Kami damned if I stay here while the purple-haired vacuumhead and the pink freak have all the fun!" roared the 3WA's newest and youngest admiral angrily.

    "Mugghi! Get the warp core online! We're liftin' off immediately if not sooner! Oro? I don't give a Fxxx oro the Hell that Barusa character said! They are my tro-cons and I am their bloody commander! Besides- they can't possibly defeat Trigon without my 'God Gun' for Christ's sake! Nammo! Make sure all of our weapons are fully loaded and charged! Call me names, will he! I'll show him that the 'wrath of a Gael' is a damned Helluva lot worse than the 'fury of a harpie' ever dared be! Gentlemen- to the bridge!" she yelled.

    "Oro do we do for a crew, Boss?" asked Doctor 4.

    "Mugghi! Get Ella Hathaway on the squawk-bo! Tell her we need a crew! We're goin' to 'Gallifrey' to help Yuri, Kome and Mar! Oro? I don't give a damn who the Hell she sends! Just tell her I wanna lift off of 'Sakura' by 1800 hours- today! Hai, that's right after dinner, Furball. Kei out." she trilled.

    "Docs? I'll need 'Gallifrey's' coordinates if you would be so kind? We'll rep up dinner upstairs. Follow me." said the Boss, leading the way to the lift, her aizu blazing with green fire. The Doctors began an arguement as to the route to be taken to get there the fastest.

    "The quickest way is through the 'Zaruthian Nebulae', Doctor." said Doctor 4.

    "No! The fastest route is across the 'Lemerian Belt'! Any fool knows that, Doctor!" replied Doctor 2 testily.

    "Will you two stop bickering and just work together for a change! I've got a headache, dammit! Make up your Kami shimatta minds! Sheesh!" yelled the redhead, massaging her temples.

    "Oh, you poor child. Here. Dissolve one of these packets in water and drink it. It will take your headache away quickly." said Doctor 2 soothingly.

    "Why don't you lie down and have a bit of a rest, Boss? We'll call you when Miss Hathaway returns your call." advised Doctor 4.

    "OK. Thanks. I'll be in the bedroom adjoing the ready room. Lay in a course for your planet and stop arguing already. Ja ne, Docs." said the Boss, leaving the bridge.

    "A 'temporal time flux', Doctor? That would explain O'Halloran repeating herself. Do you concur?" asked Doctor 4 and his compadre nodded in agreement.

    "Yes. Undoubtedly you are quite correct in your assumption, Doctor. Let us hope that the flux does not follow us to 'Gallifrey'. I have already laid in the fastest route home. It should take us only twelve to fourteen solar hours, Doctor." replied Doctor 2. Kei slept on as her 'Angel' drew ever nearer to 'Gallifrey'.

    Meanwhile at their intended destination the Citadel guards, the Angels, Tommy Tanaka aka Kaltrox and his four lieutenants had achieved a victory with their first sortie. After Kome had blasted three of his 'Daleks' causing minimal damage to the 'Skarran' life forms themselves (However, they told 'Davros' that Kome had fried all three of 'em to death!) 'Davros' conceded defeat and allowed himself to be frozen in 'Carbonite' after ordering his remaining 'Daleks' to surrender to Yuri's troops. So both the time lords and the tro-cons were celebrating (natch!) their almost bloodless victory when the report came in from the outermost listening posts that the 'Angel 2' had just been sighted. She was a mere six hours away from 'Gallifrey'.

    Yuri was just finishing her dessert when a hand fell on her shoulder!

    "Please come with me, Commodore Donovan. We have a slight er problem." whispered the Castelein who was a tall but slightly built man. In fact, in his grey hooded robe he quite resembled Naraku! Yuri arose to accompany him as did both Kome and Mar but Yuri waved them back into their chairs.

    "Don't worry, kids. I'll see you at the briefing later. Enjoy the party." said the commodore. The time lord led her to a small conference room and graciously stood aside for her to enter. He followed her in and closed the oaken door behind him. Then he bade her be seated and sat down across from the tro-con.

    "I er understand from oro Lord kaltrox says that this 'Angel 2' of yours is a rather large starship? Is that correct, Commodore?" he asked and Yuri nodded in agreement.

    "Nine surface levels and five sub-surface ones, sir." she replied. He frowned.

    "Unfortunately our spaceport here is much too small to accommodate such a grand vessel. I am afraid that your Admiral O'Halloran will have to land in the er 'Dead Lands' near the 'Tower of Rathelon' which is a good two days' journey from the Citadel." said the Castelein.

    "Not to worry, sir. The Boss will just use 'Raphael' to get here." explained Yuri.

    "Who?" asked the puzzled time lord.

    "Not who? Oro? One of our space shuttles, my Lord. That two days' trip will only take the Boss about an hour." answered the violet-maned vixen.

    "And this mystical magic weapon of yours? The er 'God Gun' I believe it is called?" he asked.

    "The 'Raphael' is equipped with a much smaller version of it but the big one on the 'Angel'- well it just stays on the 'Angel'. Hell, it 'is' the 'Angel', sir. Besides I am quite sure that it would be best to confront our enemy in the 'Dead Lands' rather than here in your Citadel so just leave this matter in our hands, sir. We do this kinda stuff a Helluva lot, ya know." she replied proudly.

    "Well- you er did manage to capture 'Davros' and subdue his 'Daleks' without killing anyone so I suppose you do know what you are doing, Miss Donovan. Very well. Tell me your plan. How are we going to stop 'Trigon', his 'androids' and his 'demons'?" asked the Castelein.

    "I haven't got a clue. Your guess is as good as mine, sir." stated Yuri quietly. Seeing the shocked look on his face she hastily explained. "The Boss is the palnner, sir, not me! I have the technical skills but Kei's the real fighter and strategist, Mr. 'C' and now could you do me a favor? Please call me Yuri. OK?" she said.

    "Of course, Yuri and please do call me Zoran. May I suggest that we get back to the others so you may commence your er briefing?" said the time lord.

    Yuri nodded and they both returned to the huge amphitheatre of the High Council where the remaining Angels, the Citadel Guard, Barusa, Kaltrox, his aides and the other time lords were already seated around the gigantic council table. The Castelein sat down and Yuri took her place at the centre of the immense table.

    "Our mission is to subdue 'Trigon' and his demonic forces preferably without bloodshed. First I'd like to assure you that Khan, Warp, Sutek and Slade have all been delivered to 'Seti Alpha Six' in the 'Andorian Sector'. Likewise as you know 'Davros' and his 'Daleks' are safely under lock and key in your own cells below. That means that 'Trigon' has no trusted comrades by his side. I'll now throw the floor open for suggestions, boys and girls." she said and took her seat.

    "Well- I'd say that he's still dangerous even without Slade and company. After all he 'is' king of the demons for Kami's sake! His minions have demonic powers as well so I say that we do nothing until your admiral gets here and can formulate a plan of attack for us." said Marlene quietly.

    "Here! Here! I second that proposal. All in favor?" yelled Kritus.

    "You cannot call for a vote, Kritus. This is Commodore Donovan's show, not ours." replied Keltock.

    "Yes. Perhaps we should await the arrival of Admiral O'Halloran before we attack but why not a recon patrol? Just to sorta check out where 'Trigon' is, oro firepower he's got and er stuff like that?" advised Kome, fingering the Mark XXX on the table in front of her.

    "Nai! No! Definitely not! It is much too dangerous for us! 'Davros' was deadly- sure- but at least he and his 'Daleks' couldn't use magic against us! This dude is a demon! He'll probably sense us no matter how careful we are! As the ranking officer here I forbid it!" yelled Yuri. Any other sensible suggestions?" she asked dubiously.

    Cont in Ch 161-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 161-Pt 3-K&K

    "If 'Trigon' could somehow be lured into the 'Matrix' one of us could challenge him to do battle- one on one. While he is trapped inside there we could construct a 'time corridor' similar to the one we used to imprison 'Sutek'" said a small robed figure seated in the shadows of the fireplace.

    "Yes, Lord Kolodius. That just might work, sire." replied the Castelein. Yuri turned towards the newcomer.

    "Three questions- One: Oro's time corridor? Two: Where's this Matrix of yours? and Three: Who the Hell are you, tomo?" she asked.

    "Madam, I will answer your questions in reverse order. I am Kolodius, Lord Reagent of the Dagamar clan. The 'Matrix' is a virtual world where the memories of all time lords are stored. Lastly- A 'time corridor', simply put, is a 'trap in time'. Once confined there, the victim is forced to repeat the selfsame actions over and over for all eternity much like a 'time loop', however, unlike a time loop merely repeating one's actions before the loop returns will not break the cycle of the corridor and thus the prisoner can never leave the 'corridor of time' in which he is confined forever." explained Kolodius.

    "But Madam- I do believe that we should await the arrival of your Admiral O'Halloran and abide by his decision. 'Trigon' really is much too hazardous to take on alone. I vote that we wait for the gentleman--" he added before guffaws of laughter broke out.

    "What is so blasted funny? It is a most sensible and logical suggestion!" demanded the incensed older time lord angrily.

    "It's funny, tomo because I'm O'Halloran and I sure as Hell ain't no gentleman!" said a tall green-aizued redhead wearing a red/black bodysuit and carrying a plasma rifle.

    "You sure as Hell ain't no lady either, Boss!" replied Kome.

    "Where'd ya leave the 'Angel', Kei?" asked Yuri.

    "In the 'Dead Lands' near Rathie's tower. We came over by skysled." she answered.

    "We?" asked Kome.

    "Doctors! Mugghi! Nammo! Get your asses in here pronto!" she yelled.

    "We're coming, my dear! Must you shout and oro have we told you about your language, young lady?" scolded Doctor 2.

    "Why'd we have to leave the TARDISes on the ship, Boss? Come along, K-9. You too, Mugghi, Nammo." said Doctor 4.

    "Coming, Master." replied the metal data dog robot. Mugghi meowed while Nammo beeped and hooted. Kei glared at all of them and hooked a chair with her foot.

    "Here, Mugghi. Catch." she said and tossed her rifle to the huge white nekko. Then she sat down. "OK. To business. I overheard our Kome's lamebrained plan to recon 'Trigon' but it ain't really necessary now. We just flew over their encampment and man is it huge! We're outnumbered by at least five to one so even with the rest of my crew along to help it's still gonna be tough! All of 'em use magic and we don't for starters. We need us a mage, a wizard, a sorcerer or even a magician. The only one we got left is one of Johnny B's old cronies. I've already sent Ella, Ann and KR to 'Set Kaiba' to pick her up. Star Sapphire will be here soon along with that other dude- Shade. Oro good he'll be is anyone's guess but Star wouldn't agree to help us unless he came along so I had him released too. Don and Anton are accompanying them back here." explained the redhead, pouring out a cup of java for herself and then spiking it from her pocket flask.

    "Whose ship are they using, Reds?" asked Kaltrox.

    She jerked a thumb at Yuri. "Hers. The 'Lovely Angel 1', Tommy." she replied.

    "Oro I don't understand is- why? Why did 'Trigon' and 'Davros' decide to attack 'Gallifrey'? Oro do you have that they could possibly want? You guys are a bunch of 'Goody Two Shoes', ain't ya?" asked Kei curiously. Barusa answered her:

    "The 'Great Key of Rathelon', my child, of course. Using that key, they could open a vortex to another dimension and thus bring chaos to this universe, er, Admiral, ma'am." explained the acting Lord President.

    "Feh! All they would have had to do would have been to kidnap my 2140 counterpart! She'd be glad to do the job for 'em!" joked the tall redhead. A new voice replied:

    "Your counterpart (Keisie) merely opened a tiny rift in the cosmos, my dear. The 'Great Key of Rathelon' will tear apart the very fabric of both time and space forever. It will replace order with chaos. That is why the key must never fall into the wrong hands." said Lord Rathelon's head which was floating parallel with hers.

    "Sorry Rath but it was just a bloody joke, man. I know that key is quite deadly, sir." apologised the redhead.

    "Just where in the nine Hells is this shimatta great key of yours anyway?" demanded Kome.

    "In the 'Great Tower of Rathelon', my dear." answered Lord Barusa.

    "No, Lord President. It is most certainly not there. You have it yourself." corrected Rathelon.

    "But my Lord Rathelon- I most certainly do not possess the great key, sire!" exclaimed Barusa.

    "I did not say that you er knew that you had it, Lord President. Nevertheless, have it you most assuredly do. You hold it even now, sir." said the floating head. Barusa as well as all of the other members of the High Council looked as confused as jigoku except for the Castelein.

    "It is er the mighty 'Staff of Rathelon', is it not, sire?" he offered.

    "Of course it is! Some 'keys' do not resemble oro we call 'keys', gentlemen, ladies! The staff fits into its 'keyhole' there- in the floor just in front of the throne!" roared an exasperated Rathelon. Then he turned back to Kei. "You really should have brought the 'Angel' here to the Citadel with you. Now you must return to the 'Dead Lands' to retrieve it. Go quickly, my child and return here with it as soon as possible. Your 'God Gun' may be our only hope of ever defeating this 'Trigon'! (He turned a pair of solemn aizu on the Council) For this mission only, gentlemen, I hereby rescind the 'Code of the Time Lords' and grant you permission to end the life of this 'Trigon' demon." he said very quietly.

    Kei began clapping her hands which sounded like gunshots in the sombre room. "Very touching and quite moving, Rathie, however, since the guy's a bloody demon I seriously doubt if mere mortal weaponry can even harm him, let alone kill him! The best we can hope for is to send him back to the Hell he came from!" she said, extracting a small device from her ammo pouch which looked for all the worlds like a miniature Terran 21st Century walkie-talkie!

    "Oro exactly is that contraption, my dear, pray tell?" asked a curious Rathelon.

    "Watch and learn." She tapped a few panels on it and then spoke through her comlink earring. " 'CC'? Lock onto my signal and fly the 'Angel' to a point exactly 150 meters East of it. As quickly as ya can, tomo watashi. Kei out." trilled the grinning redhead. She held the device aloft. "A homing beacon. It emits a high-pitched sonic signal that marks my location. The 'Angel' should be here in ten minutes or so." she explained. "OK Rathie- I sealed taht shimatta hole up, the one in the universe, didn't I? So why the Hell haven't the rest of our visitors gone home? Or at least the ones that 'can' go home?" she demanded adamantly.

    "My dear, I honestly do not know. Perhaps some malfunction of this 'Kronos' project?" said a puzzled Rathelon.

    Suddenly Kei recalled something that Starfire had told her- something about 'Trigon' using 'Raven'- his own daughter- as a portal to wreak chaos and destruction on Terra! Kei had of course assumed that Star was just on another sugar high at that time but now--

    "Mr. Barusa. Lord President? Sir?" said kei, turning to the Gallifreyans' acting leader.

    "Yes, my dear child?" he replied softly.

    "Can your transmitters reach as far as the er 'Alpha Quadrant'? To the prison on 'Seti Alpha VI' in 'Andoria'?" asked the now worried redhead.

    "Castelein? Can they?" demanded Lord Barusa.

    "Yes, my lord. They most certainly can. Why?" asked a puzzled time lord.

    "I need to call them, that's why. I must talk to three of their prisoners tout sweet! Slade, Warp and Sutek! Take me to your shimatta communcations centre- now!" Kei's demand was no request- it was no-nonsense command of a leader who fully expected to be obeyed! The Castelein glanced at his superior who merely shrugged and nodded.

    "This way, my dear. Please follow me." he said and conducted the tro-con to the exit. Two floors above the Council Hall he threw open the portals of a huge tower complex. A girl in gold robes who seemed to be only five years older than Kei bowed to time lord and tro-con.

    "Greetings, my Lord Castelein. Greetings, Madam. It is an honour to meeet you. My name is Suzuna. How may I assist--" she began.

    "Ye gods! Don't any of you bakas ever just speak plain Universal? Look, kiddo- get the Kommandant of 'Seti Alpha VI' on the horn stat!" yelled Kei. She had had just about all she could stomach of this idiotic Gallifreyan protocol! Suzuna stared at the tall redhead until the Castelein came to her rescue.

    "Suzuna, please contact 'Alpha Sector Six' in Grid X491178Y for this young lady. Thank you." he instructed and Suzuna bowed once more and hastened to comply.

    " Gallifreyan Citadel calling AS6X491178Y. Urgent. Do you copy? Over." she said into her comm relay mike.

    Cont in Ch 161-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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