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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 161-Pt 4-K&K

    "Roger that, Citadel. This is 'Seti Alpha VI'. We copy. Oro can I do for you, Suzie? This is Victor. Over." replied Subaltern Victor Walters. Kei grabbed the mike from Suzuna.

    "Christ almighty! Cut out the shimatta crap, will ya! This is O'Halloran- Admiral O'Halloran of the 'UG' and the 3WA, kid. Patch me through to your kommandant- stat! Over." yelled the Boss. There was a slight pause. Then-

    "Major William Kolshack here. That you, Kei? Over." said the prison governor.

    "Hiya Willy and yeah, it's me. I need to question a couple of your inmates- Slade, Warp and Sutek to be precise." she replied and Willy went white. He hesitated a minute or so. Then he recalled that she did have carte blanche authority from the 'Ultimate Tribunal' of 'UG' themselves!

    "Very well. I'll need some time to set up a comm web relay in their cells, Kei. I sure as Hell will not have them brought up here to the tower! Gimme fifteen minutes. OK?" asked the major.

    "Ya got five, Willy. Trill me. Kei out." she replied. Fifteen minutes later she was about to relay Kolshack again when-

    "Admiral? Major Kolshack's on vid two. Please pick up." said Suzuna.

    "Yeah, Willy? Kei here." she barked impatiently.

    "Here's your three tomos, Kei." he replied and behind him she could see that Sutek, Warp and Slade were plainly visible on Willy's vidscreen.

    "One question, gentlemen. Is 'Trigon's' demonic magic powerful enough to keep a vortex in the continuum open and mask it so that we'll think it's already been sealed?" demanded Kei.

    The trio nodded. "He is quite powerful enough to do so, my dear child." said Slade in a monotone.

    "That despot is even more powerful than Sutek here!" agreed Warp.

    "He can not only keep it open, Madam. He can also 'cloak' that opening so it looks for all the cosmoses like it's already been closed tight." explained Sutek. Kei pondered a bit.

    "If we can determine where that hole is and if I then fire the 'God Gun' into it, will that finally close the damned thing for good?" she demanded eagerly, however, both Sutek and Warp looked doubtful while Slade merely shook his head.

    "No, my dear. For that to work, you would need two 'God Guns'- one to be fired from 'N' space and the other to be fired from 'E' space directly across the galaxies from each other but from opposite sides of the universe. And they would have to be fired simultaneously that is at the same exact instant, Miss O'Halloran. Even then the odds of it's being effective would still be one hundred to one against it." he answered quietly.

    "Then we're just gonna have to risk it, kids. Like the Terran US Marine used to say- 'the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a bit longer'. Let's do it, Admiral!" said a new voice.

    "We've made a career outta doing the impossible, Boss. Besides, we've beaten 'Trigon' before!" added a second new voice.

    "Solo? Robbie?" cried an astonished Kei.

    "If you got the sonic, we still got the boom, babe!" piped up a third new voice.

    "Cyborg? The Titans?" yelled Tommy Tanaka or Kaltrox of Prydonia to give him his actual moniker.

    "I reclaimed my 'Millenium Falcon' from your folks at 'Seto K' and returned to 'Shimougou' to offer my assistance. When I found out that you'd gone to 'Gallifrey' I wasted no time in following you. Robin and his pals tagged along to help out. So ya see Boss- now we have got a better than good fighting chance of defeating 'Trigon' and fixin' up the universe! By the way Love- did ya know that that creep is really our Raven's daddy?" said Han Solo with a grin.

    "Where the Fxxx did ya leave yer ship, Solo?" yelled Kei.

    "Relax, Princess. She's moored on a small asteroid behind a moon. My 'Flying Falcon's' in the Citadel courtyard. I left the 'Justice League' in reserve on the big ship to cover our asses. Now where exactly is this remainin' hole we gotta go and patch up?" chuckled the ex-pirate.

    "Who else is here with you, Han?" asked Yuri Donovan.

    "KR, Annie, Ella, Zoe, Rally, the 'Blonde Bomber', Legato, Shade, Star Sapphire and your two chiefs, Duchess. Calm down, kiddies. Oro the Hell was that bloody noise?" demanded a worried Han Solo.

    "Just me and 'BB', man! Our tummies are a-rumbling something fierce!" answered Cyborg.

    "Oro a surprise." observed a deadpan Raven.

    "But we only had lunch with Han an hour ago, guys!" cried Robin.

    "I can whip up some yummy glorfberry stew in a jiffy!" offered Starfire. Both man/robot and shapeshifter fainted.

    "Kaltrox, prepare food for them at once. They are our honoured guests. Welcome, my dear friends." said Barusa.

    "Who's the bozo in drag, man?" BeastBoy wanted to know.

    "That's Barusa, dummy! He's the acting Lord President of Gallifrey! He's the time lords' leader, man!" whispered Marlene Angel.

    "No offense, han but even your 'Falcon' can't reach the other end of the universe in this lifetime!" pointed out Kei.

    "All of you people are idiots! Why cannot we simply transport Captain Solo's ship to one end of the cosmos and Admiral O'Halloran's ship to the other end? Then the 'God Guns' could be fired simultaneously!" cried the excited Castelein.

    "Of course! The TARDIS things! I forgot all about them!" yelled Robin.

    "Cool yer jets, guys. Sure, we can let the nice time lords deliver us to both ends of the spectrum, however, how the jigoku do we fire two 'God Guns' at the same time when we only got one?" roared the redhead.

    "Well er actually there is a second one, Love." said Kaltrox.

    "Oro the Fxxx do you mean, Tommy?" she demanded.

    "I er borrowed the prototype from Doc Q's lab. I've got it installed on the 'Midoriko'- on Level 'X' to be precise." he replied.

    "There's no such level on the 'Midoriko'! After four shimatta days aboard her I know that ship like the back of my hand, man!" cried Yuri.

    "Level 'X' is located between Levels Three and Four. It's a secret concealed deck which can only be accessed using a hidden gantryway that reaches from the top of the ship to its bottom. However, its only accesses are from Levels One or Five and they are both well camoflauged, Donovan. The gun is quite a bit smaller than the one aboard the 'Angel' but it's every bit as powerful, kiddo." explained Kaltrox/Tommy.

    "Great! Super! I'll fire mine from the 'Angel' and you can fire that one from the 'Midoriko', Tommy. Problem solved!" yelled Kei with satisfaction.

    "It is er not quite that simple, Deirdre." said Doctor 4.

    "No, indeed it is not, my dear." agreed Doctor 2.

    "Now oro's the Fxxxing problem?" cried the redhead.

    "The problem is that I'm a frigging time lord, O'Halloran so I cannot use any weapon except a stasis gun. Sorry, Admiral but no can do for me." said Kaltrox/Tommy quietly.

    "I'm a navigator and Kome's a comm officer. Yuri is needed here as our defense leader. The chiefs have had no training on the 'God Gun' and neither has Zoe. Rally and Mae never evn heard of a 'God Gun' before this mission and neither did the Titans nor the League. Nai, the only one who could possibly do it is him." said Marlene, cocking a thumb at Han Solo.

    "Me? I've only fired that shimatta thing in simulation on the Kami shimatta holodecks! I never, pardon the pun, 'soloed' before!" shouted Han.

    "Relax Honey. I'll walk ya through it and I'll be right there to hold your hand, Sweetie! It'll be OK, man!" said Ann Hathaway who had been standing quietly in the rear of the hall behind the Castelein whom she had startled when she had first spoken. Ann put a firm gloved hand on Zoron's shoulder and gently pressed him back down into his chair.

    "C'Mon Solo. Do it for me, eh?" coaxed Kei.

    "OK! OK! I'll do it already! Geesh!" replied Han.

    "My children! Listen to me! Mr. Slade is quite correct. Those weapons must be fired simultaneously, however, if either one is fired a micro-second too soon or too late then 'Trigon' wins for chaos will reign supreme- forever! So you must be as Mikey would say 'in sync' for this to work. I suggest using the cloister bells on the TARDISes as signals, that is, the Doctors will tell each of you when to fire. Agreed?" said Rathelon from above their heads. Both Han and Kei nodded.

    "Then the 'Angel' travels with Doctor 2 and the 'Midoriko' with Doctor 4. I have already fed the proper coordinates into each TARDIS, my children. Good luck." added the older time lord.

    "Where is the 'Midoriko', Kaltrox?" asked Doctor 4.

    Cont in Ch 161-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 161-Pt 5-K&K

    "And your ship, my dear?" asked Doctor 2.

    "Outside the Citadel's main gateway now, Doc." replied Kei.

    "Out in the courtyard, Doctor. We have been unloading the thing all morning. Remember?" answered Kaltrox/Tommy Tanaka.

    "Give them your exact locations on your way to the TARDISes. Miss Hathaway, you will accompany Doctor 4 and Mr. Solo. Admiral? Who will accompany you and Doctor 2?" asked Barusa.

    "Annie's goin' with Han so I'll take KR along with me, Lord President." she replied.

    Han, Ann and Doctor 4 were already racing towards his Type 40 police box.

    "Attention! All hands aboard the 'Angel' except KR will evacuate the ship immediately and report to Yuri Donovan in the Citadel for further orders. Use skysleds for the trip over here. KR will remain aboard and await my orders. Kei out." trilled the redhead while she and Doctor 2 jogged to his Type 40 craft.

    Kei was busily describing the area where she'd last parked the 'Angel' and the little fellow was attempting to pinpoint its location on his grid coordinator's screen when KR (Keitarou Riff who was Kei's godson) trilled him with the correct coordinates.

    Doctor 4 had already laid in his coordinates for the 'Midoriko' and had 'tractored' the mid-sized starship beside his TARDIS. Finally Doctor 2 had 'tractored' the 'Angel' safely alongside his TARDIS as well. KR meanwhile beamed over and joined his Auntie Kei and Doctor 2 in the TARDIS's control room.

    "Are you ready to leave, Doctor?" asked Doctor 4.

    "Of course we are! I suggest we leave together on 'three'- agreed?" replied Doctor 2.

    "On 'three' then. Ready? One, two, thr--" began Doctor 4 when--

    "Hold it! Where the Hell are the seats? We gotta be strapped in before we take off, don't we?" yelled Han Solo.

    "No seats, Captain. Just hold onto the console and brace yourself." grinned the Doctor. "Shall we try this again? Very well. One, two, three." said the tall grinning time lord as he pressed the 'Activate' panel and the by now familiar pulsing sound became audible while the box's top light began to wink.

    At that same instant Doctor 2 repeated the selfsame procedure and his TARDIS disappeared in the opposite direction as Doctor 4's craft had gone.

    "Apparently my dears, we are going back to 'Warrior's Gate'." said the smaller time lord.

    "And Annie, Han and Doctor 4, sir?" asked KR.

    "A terrible place, me lad. I am very much afraid that they are bound for 'Mordor'. Now pay attention. That was our last vocal communication. When they are in place and ready to go, the Doctor will ring his cloister bell twice and when we are ready to go I will ring our cloister bell twice. Then we will each count to ten- very slowly- and ring our bells again. That is when Captain Solo and you, my dear Keirran will fire. There must be absolutely no hesitation, girl- none at all- unless you want this universe plunged into total chaos!" warned Doctor 2.

    Hundreds of lightyears away and speeding towards their own fate Doctor 4 was giving Han and Annie the same speech.

    "I calculate that we will arrive at our destination by 0600 tomorrow. You will fire that thing of yours, have a hearty breakfast and then we will return to the Citadel. Any questions? No? Very well. We will have some food, relax a bit and turn in. K-9 will awaken us at 0500 so we will be ready in plenty of time." said the tall time lord.

    "One more thing, children. We must not remain on 'Mordor' longer than we deem to be absolutely necessary. The place is quite eveil and simply teems with villainous types." he warned.

    " 'Warrior's Gate' exists in both light and shadow so must be certain to leave it just as soon as we finish our mission there. Otherwise we could be trapped outside of time and space- forever." said Doctor 2 to Kei and KR.

    After dinner the little fellow stretched, yawned and said "0600 will be here soon enough, kiddies. I believe I shall turn in. We will be awakened at 0500 by 'Woozle', my data droid. Good night and sleep tight. Don't let the bed b- Oh you know the rest. See you in the morning." he said.

    As she prepared for bed and nursed her third 'Double Dew' Kei mused. "Would this bloody nighmare never end? Sure, she and Yuri had joined 'UG' and the 3WA to 'see the universe' but this was friggin' ridiculous! He'd been across the shimatta universe so often that she probably qualified for the Terrans' 'Guiness Word Record Book' somewhere! If 'UG' gave out 'frequent flyer' kilos she'd easily qualify for at least a thousand trips to 'Elysia' and back! Ah well, at least she wasn't alone in this fools' endeavour. Han- Kami bless him- was along for the ride too. Hopefully this would be the final time that she'd have to fire that Kami forsaken 'God Gun' at long last! With a little bit of luck there'd be no leftover stragglers this time. Here's to that happy day!" she mused to herself and drained her glass. Kei's final thought as she drifted off into Dreamland was- "Wonder if the vacuumhead's OK back on 'Gallifrey'?" Then Morpheus claimed the strong-willed tro-con from 'Workoh'.

    "How in the oni (devil) do I get myself mixed up in these shimatta messes?" thought Han Solo while lying in the luxurious Louis XIV canopied bed under silk sheets and satin coverlets. Unlike Kei, sleep would not come for the pirate. "Guess the Sandman doesn't like me tonight. Maybe some of that Chamomile herbal tea that Raven seems to live on might help. The Hell with that thought! Oro I really need is a mug of 'Denethorian Dortmunder' beer or a bottle of 'Romulan Ale'! Well the next best thing is a midnight stroll." he thought, pulling on a kimono and leaving his bedroom.

    Doctor 4 was burning the midnight hyperdrives with K-9 tonight. After running a few more programs through his 'dog', he had decided on a small 'tissane' (a potent after dinner liqueur from Terran Belgium) before retiring. As he and K-9 headed for the galley Han had already left for his 'stroll' and inevitably they ran into each other- literally!

    "I do not know if you are aware of it or not, Captain but my TARDIS exists in more than one dimension which is why it is much bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. This makes it very easy to get lost on it so might I suggest that you refrain from taking these little moonlight strolls? It is quite possible for you to become so lost that you will never find your way back again!" said Doctor 4.

    "Thanks, Doc. It's just that I can't seem to get to sleep tonight." replied Han.

    "Easily remedied, my boy. K-9? Some 'Glaydor' tablets for our guest, onegai. Perfectly safe, Captain. You'll sleep like the proverbial log, that you will." promised the time lord kindly.

    The small 'data dog' obediently brought two 'Glaydor' sleep inducing tablets for Han. After he'd swallowed them with the water provided by K-9, he thanked the 'dog'.

    "Good night, Captain Solo, sir. Good night, Master." said K-9. Then he trundled back to his 'bed' under the console and shut down for the night.

    "Hope 'Duchess' is safe back at that Citadel." was Han's last thought before he slid into Slumberland.

    Meanwhile back on 'Gallifrey'--

    Yuri was fighting a losing battle. With the Citadel Guard behind them, she, Kome and Mar along with Tommy and his subordinates had been trying to contain 'Trigon' and his armies.

    A few more hours! Just a few more shimatta hours! Crack! She popped off another blast from her disruptor gun. She'd found out the hard way that demons were immune to stasis guns, 'stunners', laser swords, knockout gas, any type of ion cannon and most of the other weapons in their arsenol!

    "Watch your flank, Lord Kaldor!" she yelled, aiming a savate kick at a gruesome mass of flesh- a Dalek who had been exposed when Daedalus (another time lord fighter) had physically yanked open one of the 'Mark Five' machines- which fell back cringing into its small cubicle atop the Dalek.

    "We cannot hold them off for much longer, Commodore!" he yelled, tossing the Dalek into a nearby pond.

    "I know that, Dae! Where's the Castelein? Have him call Charlie er I mean Chief Garner on 'Alderaan'! Maybe he can send us some shimatta backup! I wish all of our wizards hadn't have gone home! We could sure as Hell use 'em now! Kome! Can you fit inside one of those Dalek travel boxes? Well- try it anyway! You're the smallest of us three and the little fellow is with the Boss! You're in? Good! Start blasting those durn pesky demons! Oro do ya mean there ain't no controls in there? Hai, Dae? Arigatou, I'll tell her! Kome? Dae says that those thingys are thought activated! Just think oro you wanna do and the machine'll do it for ya! OK? Great! Now do a 180 and zap those roku (six) demon thingys that Mar's battling! Mar? Help's on the way! Oro? That's damned good news, Korden! Folks, we got a half dozen starships headed here from 'Seto Kaiba' courtesy of 'Starfleet' and one of 'em's Kiva's 'Coriander'! Hold on just a little bit longer! I sure as Hell hope that red-headed bimbo knows oro the Hell she's doing this time!" yelled Yuri Donovan angrily.

    Daedalus dispatched another Dalek and nodded.

    "Fall back! Fall back to the Citadel! That gate's about to be breached!" screeched the Castelein. Yuri turned in that direction and blanched white with sheer terror! The gate was at least 200 meters tall and a huge misshapen 'thing' that looked like the 'Master of the Night' from 'Fantasia' was bending over to snatch it from the wall at its feet!

    "Oro the Fxxxing Hell is that thing! Kami help us all if it gets in here!" screamed a terrified Yuri.

    Cont in Ch 161-Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's the end of Ch 161 with part 6 at last-K&K

    "That is 'Trigon', my dear Commodore." answered Kaltrox, swinging a laser sword in each hand to cut a swathe through this demonic army from Hell itself. Yuri glanced back when she heard the sharp crack of masonry breaking free of the cliffs as 'Trigon' easily tore the huge gate away from the wall and hurled it at them! Yuri had seen enough!

    "Retreat! Fall back to the Citadel! Fall back! Fall back! Kome! Leave that shimatta thing behind and get yer ass in here! Mar! Cover her and Daedalus! Tommy! Grab Barusa and the Castelein! Omega! Krytus! Zegarth! We're falling back to the Great Hall! Move yer asses, dammit! Go! Go! Go!" yelled Yuri, slashing right and left with her laser sword and firing wildly behind her as the terrified tro-con raced for the safety of the Citadel. For the first time in her 3WA career Yuri Donovan was really and truly TERRIFIED!

    END of Chapter 161. Chapter 162 'Oro Just Happened?' or 'Did It Work?' soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 162
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's a shorter one-Ch 162-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Daedalus, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 162 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 162

    'Oro Just Happened?' or 'Did It Work?'

    They had just slammed shut the portals of the Citadel when 'Trigon's' hordes began to batter away at them with a vengeance! Then Yuri heard the plasma cannons and quad guns, phasers and photons. The cavalry had finally arrived!

    It soon became apparent that energy weapons were useless against demons- that was the bad news! The good news, however, was that the last Dalek holdout had finally surrendered leaving 'Trigon' with only androids and the creatures of the night for his army!

    Suddenly the gates fell and the demons poured through them and into the Citadel!

    "Quickly! Into the Type 40's- it's our only hope! The TARDISes, dammit, the TARDISes! Hurry!" yelled the Castelain who was hurriedly erecting a barrier behind them using his alchemical arts to their limit. Yuri raced for the comm room and called the 'Coriander'.

    "Gallifreyan Citadel to the 'USS Coriander'. This is Yuri Donovan. Come in, Kiva. Do you read me? Over." she cried into the mike.

    "Roger Yuri. Kiva here. I read you. Over." replied the blonde Bjorn.

    "Kiva! Save yourselves! Have those starships of yours retreat! Fall back to 'Romulus' and 'Remus' and await my orders! Yuri out!" commanded the violet-maned commodore.

    "Roger willco. Kiva out." replied Kiva Nerese disgustedly. Running from a fight always frustrated her. Kiva was a bit like Kei O'Halloran in that respect. The difference was that while Kiva almost always obeyed her orders, Kei rarely if ever did so!

    "Attention all 'Starfleet' vessels! This is Captain Nerese of the 'Coriander'. Fall back to 'Romulus' and 'Remus' to regroup and await further orders. This is a direct command from Commodore Donovan. Nerese out." ordered the patrol's svelte young commander.

    "Barclay, get us outta here and take us back to 'Remus'." she added to her subordinate officer, Lieutenant Commander Reg Barclay who hastily complied.

    While all this was going on the two TARDISes had finally reached their respective destinations. Han, Annie and Doctor 4 were at 'Mordor' while Kei, KR and Doctor 2 were at 'Warrior's Gate'.

    Ann was busy explaining the old-fashioned (well for her anyay!) intricacies of the 'God Gun' to Han and quizzing him on them.

    "Oro's the most important thing you gotta do before you fire, Solo?" asked Annie. The Doctor answered for him.

    "Make damned bloody sure that the 'Midoriko' is nowhere near my TARDIS before you fire that blasted thing!" grumbled Doctor 4.

    "Yes and besides that?" she tried again.

    "Be sure the firing portals are open, the sights are lasered in on the target and then pray real hard, love." drawled Han.

    "Very funny but quite correct." praised Annie Hathaway.

    "We'll be in your target's range pretty soon so you two had best get aboard the 'Middy' now. I'll 'tractor' you over to your target once you're aboard. Good luck, kids." said Doctor 4.

    "KR, check the blast doors down on Level Six while I start a pre-flight check. Doc, 'tractor' us into 'E' space beyond the gateway. we're on the homestretch now. Oh and signal the 'Middy' too while you're at it." yelled Kei, pulling on her flight helmet.

    "Right-o, my dear. 'Woozle'? Ring the cloister bell twice, please." said Doctor 2.

    "There's the signal. K-9, ring our cloister bell twice." said Doctor 4.

    "Yes, Master." replied the metal data dog.

    "Oro's our target, Auntie?" asked KR.

    "Look at the central vidscreen, Mr. Riff and aim for that area highlighted in yellow. May Kami protect us all." boomed a sonourous voice which shook the 'Angel' to its very foundations.

    "Arigatou, Rathy. You heard him, KR. Make it so." trilled Kei, pitching and yawing until her ship's starboard side was facing back through 'Warrior's Gate'.

    "KR! Get back up here stat!" trilled Kei.

    Annie had already located their target area per rathelon's directions. The old time lord's voice had suddenly been heard through Annie's comlink as well as Han's and now he stood at the firing controls while Annie sat beside him and maneuvered the starship into firing position.

    After a slow ten-count, K-9 and 'Woozle' had each struck their respective cloister bells once. At that same exact instant both Doctors had yelled 'Fire!' and KR and Han had hit their foot triggers together. Several things happened simultaneously--

    There was a blinding white flash and the mother of all thunderclaps shook the cosmos. Both TARDISes vanished and then immediately rematerialised back aboard the 'Middy' and the 'Angel'. Suddenly a 'G' force of sixteen thousand kilos tore across the heavens flinging both starships on a direct collision course with each other!

    "Activate shields, dammit!" yelled Han Solo and Annie frantically complied with his order.

    "Shields up! Shields up! KR, get those Fxxxing shields up, dammit to Hell!" screamed Kei.

    "I'm trying, Auntie but there's no response! Where are the manual controls?" he yelled.

    "There! That crank below the hyperthrusters' panel! Quick! Get 'em up and brace for impact!" Kei's gloved finger pointed out the shields' backup controls and KR finally got the shields raised a scant microsecond before the 'Midoriko' and the 'Angel' crashed into each other! The cloister bells on both TARDISes went wild and everyone was thrown against the bulkheads!

    The impact of shield against shield riccocheted the two starships off each other and sent them caroming back on course and travelling side by side- at Warp 75.816!

    "Holy shit! KR, decrease our speed to Warp 6 stat!" yelled Kei.

    "Annie! Kill the warpcore!" roared Han.

    "I can't decrease our speed, Auntie!" cried KR.

    "No response to controls, Solo!" sobbed Annie hathaway.

    "Then just turn the damned thing off!" yelled Doctor 4.

    "If you cannot control this spacecraft, children, then deactivate it! My God! Can you humans do nothing right?" squeaked an annoyed Doctor 2.

    "Kill the engines, KR!" screamed the redhead.

    "Shut down the whole drive system, Hathaway! Do it now!" roared the pirate. At long last both starcrafts stooped dead in their tracks.

    "Where the Hell are we, Captain?" demanded Annie.

    "Auntie? Oro the oni galaxy are we in now?" asked a worried KR.

    Both Kei and Han turned to their respective Gallifreyans.

    "Well, Doctor?" asked Han Solo.

    "How about it, Doc?" asked Kei O'Halloran.

    TARDIS hailed TARDIS.

    "Where are we, Doctor?" inquired Doctor 4.

    "I am sure that I do not know, Doctor." replied Doctor 2. Kei exploded.

    "E--Nough already! 'CC'? Where in the nine jigokus are we?" she demanded.

    "Why er right where you er started from yesterday, Keirran. However, it 'is' yesterday 'now' and er you have not yet left here. But er now there is absolutely no reason for you to leave if you get my drift, Admiral." answered the obnoxious central computer module.

    "Oro the Hell do ya mean by that? Oro about 'Trigon' and 'Davros'? And the 'Daleks', the demons, the android zombies, the time lords? Oro about Mar, Kome, Yuri and Tommy? Did you forget the Great Siege, you piece of useless junk?" yelled an enraged redhead angrily.

    "Doctors? You understand, do you not? Onegai explain it to the others, my tomos if you would be so kind?" pleaded 'CC'. Understanding dawned on both Gallifreyans at the same time.

    "Of course! How damned absurdly simple! Will you explain it, Doctor or shall I?" asked Doctor 2.

    "If you would be so kind, Doctor." replied Doctor 4.

    "Very well then. Oro 'CC' means is that the dreaded alliance between 'Davros' and 'Trigon' never took place so this siege of yours never even happened and therefore no one is any sort of danger at all. Miss Donovan and her two comrades-in-arms never left 'Shimougou' with Mr. Tanaka aka Lord Kaltrox of Prydonia. As to where we are- can you not guess, my dear children? That is the surface of 'Sakura' below us. We are a mere few solar days' journey from your own homeworld. I believe you will find that most if not all of your er guests have since departed and gone back home to their own places and/or times. Do you concur, Doctor?" explained Doctor 2.

    Cont in Ch 162-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 162-Pt 2-K&K

    "Absolutely, my dear fellow." agreed Doctor 4.

    "Han? Ann ? Doc? You guys OK? Good. Then let's go back home. Kei out." trilled their commander.

    "Ann, we are going home so lay in a course for Furool City. Steady as she goes. Engage." said Han with a sigh of relief.

    "KR, take us home. Make it so, kiddo. Enegize." said Kei, collapsing into her chair with a yawn.

    "There and back again." observed Doctor 2.

    "Eh? Oro's that again, Doc?" asked Kei sleepily.

    "It could be the name of our mission, I suppose. I once suggested it to a fellow on old Terra as title for a book he was going to write. Now oro 'was' his name? Oh bother! Ah, now I remember! It was Tolkien. JRR Tolkien. (AN- 'There and back Again- A Hobbit's Adventure' is the second title of JRR Tolkien's novel 'The Hobbit' and he went on afterwards to write his famous trilogy- 'Lord of theRings'. One of the Doctors gave Kei O'Halloran an autographed first edition of it for her birthday if you recall!). Just thinking aloud, my dears. Well, I am for bed. 'Woozle' can pilot the 'Angel' for us if you and KR want to get some rest." said Doctor 2.

    "We seem to have come full circle." intoned Doctor 4.

    "Oro the oni are you on about, Doctor?" asked Annie Hathaway.

    "Since we er seem to be back from whence we started I was recalling a novel written by good tomo from old Terra- Arthur C. Clarke. It's title was '2001- A Space Odyssey' and it ended exactly where it began. It had, therefore, come full circle. Just musing a bit, children. My thoughts tend to wander a bit in me old age so pay no attention to my babblings. After all, I 'am' almost 960 years old, you know. Well, I am off to seek Dreamland. Why don't you and Han get some rest, Ann? K-9 will be glad to look after the 'Middy' for us, won't you, K-9?" asked the tall time lord with a grin.

    "Of course, Master." replied the metal data dog robot.

    Yuri Donovan awakened to the brilliant sunshine streaming through her bedroom windows from ichi (one), ni (two), nai (no)- san (three) suns!

    "It can't be!" she exclaimed with a start. "This ain't the Citadel! This is definitely 'not' Gallifrey!" she screeched like a wounded banshee.

    "Of course it ain't!" grumbled Ella Hathaway. "It's Furool City on Shimougou, stupid! Oro the aoishi oni (blue devil) are you yelling about, Donovan?" demanded the taller blonde tro-con sector chief.

    "Oro's with all the Kami shimatta racket? I'm tryin' to sleep, dammit!" roared Kome Sawaguchi.

    The teen who refused point blank to wear pajamas had wrapped herself in a blanket and was shivering in the frosty sunlight.

    "Kome! Get some fuku (clothing) on yourself before you catch pneumonia! Gozaimasu, Ella. Oro the Hell are you shouting about, Yuri?" asked a yawning marlene Angel.

    The pert blonde had tossed a kimono on over her pajamas and her feet were encased in fuzzy bunny slippers.

    "Where's Gallifrey and how'd we get the heck back here? Where's Tommy er I mean- Kaltrox? Where's Barusa and the castelein? Where's--"

    Yuri's endless stream of questions was abruptly cut short by the blonde navigator.

    "Oh, shut the Hell up, you vacuumhead! Ain't it frigging obvious, you baka airhead? The Boss and han did it! They sealed up all the holes! 'Kronos' is A-OK again and so we never even 'went' to Gallifrey because there was never any 'need' for us to go there! 'Trigon' and 'Davros' were never allied to each other nor did his demons and zombie 'droids ever join forces with the Daleks! Think back, kiddies. The very last place we were before this last mess began was right here in the Boss's and my flat. Kome took the spare room, I was in my room, Yuri had the Boss's room and Ella was on the sofa. Remember?" said Marlene.

    "Oro about the rest of our er guests? Did they go home, i wonder?" replied Yuri.

    "I'll just call Mr. garner and find out. OK with you, Yuri?" said Kome. Yuri nodded and Kome picked up the vidphone to call.

    "Kome! Don't forget your fuku!" yelled the blonde, shoving the strawberry blonde teen back into her bedroom to dress where she had soon slipped into sneakers and sweats before calling Garner.

    "Och! Good mornin' to ye, Miss Kome. Mr. Garner? He be still a-sleeping, love. He only got to bed an hour ago and noo (now) he be a-sleepin' like a wee bairn. Nae, Miss. I'll no be a-wakin' him up just yet! What is it ye want, child? Our guests? Aye, most of 'em are gone. Naie, I dinna rightly know who be left. The gossoons (kids)? Aye, I think that we still have all of them with us still. Miss Kome? It still be only o600 or six o' the clock in the morning, ye know! Why dinna ye call us back at ten o' the clock? I'm sure that Mr. Charles will be up by then. What? Aye, Little Annie she be a-sleepin' next door. Why? Och! 'Tis right ye are to be sure, love! If the wee Annie be still here then the older Annie must hae (have) gone to home. Aye, we got word that the 'Mi-do-ri-ko' and the 'Angel' are both a-orbitin' 'Sakura' and they'll be a-startin' back home soon. And noo if there be naething else, I think I hear me wee Annie a-callin' to me. Comin', lovey. Weel- congratulations, lassies for a job weel done. Call us back at ten ye hear? Good day to ye." said Fiona MacCrimmon.

    Fiona says some of 'em are gone but she dunno who's left. She thinks all the kids are still with us though. And Mr. Garner only just went to bed so she told us to call back at ten hundred. Little Annie's still there so I guess that means that Big Annie ain't. Hey! Whose turn is it to make the grub? I'm starving to death here!" called the teenaged strawberry blonde from her bedroom.

    "I'll do it. Oro the oni do you guys want?" said Mar. Ella, Kome and Yuri all began yelling out their orders at the same time. "OK! OK! The Hell with cookin' today! I'm repping instead! (A few minutes later) Come and get it, guys! Oh yeah, now I remember oro I was supposed to tell you guys. Mr. Gooley called an hour ago. The Boss, KR, Han, Annie and the Doctors are safe. They're on 'Sakura'- well they were then anyhow- so Big Annie didn't go home yet so they're all probably on their way here now. Mr. Gooley said they'd all be home by the weekend. Now er lemme see- Saavie and the Teen Titans are over at the 'Troq'. Kiva, Reg and the rest of the 'Coriander' gang are on 'Seto Kaiba'. Serena er Moonie and the Couts, ed, Jett, faye, Spike Steigel and Big Spike Miroku are at the 'Kole'. Legato, Flaysie, Caggie er Cagalli, Nat and a few others are at the 'Rivendell Arms'. Mr. Gooley said there are a few more left but he couldn't recall who just then. Jeremy, Ulrich, Odd, Yumi and Aelita (the Lyoko kiddies) are staying with Auntie Beryl. "Kronos' is as good as new again and er Mr. Galadriel sends us his thanks. We're all getting medals and stuff and we're all gonna get some time off too and oh, just watch the relay vid copy. Now get over here and eat! I didn't rep up all of this crap just for the Hell of it, ya know!" yelled Marlene Angel.

    "Zowie gee, guys! Look at this! My vidcredholo's (oro they use for money in AD 2251 similar to the ones on Bebop) got almost ten thousand credits on it!" squealed Yuri, brandishing the vidholo aloft. "Check yours, Kome!" she yelled.

    "Wow! Seventeen hunnert!" Kome was ecstatic.

    "Rats! Maxed out again at fifteen thou and overdrawn by two hunnert too! No bonus for me!" said a rueful Ella Hathaway.

    "Mar? Oro'd the Hell'd you get?" asked Kome. Mar was pouring coffee and answered her without looking up.

    "Fifty thousand credits on mine." she replied matter-of-factly.

    "Oro? Since when does a 'junior rookie' rate more bonus credits than a 'senior pro'?" yelled Yuri, her aizu ablaze.

    "Calm down, Yuri. The last time I used that thing I still had forty-eight thousand on it so my bonus was only two thousand. I never did get to finish my Kurisumasu (Christmas) shopping at the 'Higurashi' (Mall) before we left thanks to you know who! So that's where the fifty thousand came from, guys." explained the blonde.

    "Gomen. Sorry Mar, that remark was most uncalled for and I do apologize for it. Oh boy! French toast! Man, I 'love' this stuff! Delicious, mar. OK. After we eat, I want you guys to get busy on your reports for Central HQ. The Boss is gonna wanna manifest of who's left and where they are staying. We'll get that from Mr. garner. Ella? I'd like you to contact Lord President Barusa and see if any of our people might still be stuck on Gallifrey. Kome? Send a vidfax to 'Set Alpha VI'. I wanna know if all of our prisoners are still there. Better have 'em send the 'Bebop' to our spaceport here in Furool (Foo-Lon) City. I'm pretty sure that Jett, Faye, Spike and Ed are probably gonna wanna be getting back home again. Mar? Contact Senator Leia Skywalker Organa on 'Coruscant' and assure her that Han is safe. Tell her we'll send him home to her just as soon as Mr. Gooley says he can leave. Let's hustle, gang. If we can get all of this stuff squared away in time we'll have the rest of the day to ourselves." said Yuri brightly.

    "Must you always be so shimatta cheerful this early in the morning? Ooh! My aching head!" complained Ella.

    "She's like this all of the time, Ella. Ain't that right, Mar?" replied Kome who was vidfaxing the penal prison colony at 'Set Alpha VI'.

    "So oro else is new, kiddo? You'd prefer the 'Gaelic Nightmare' instead? Me? I'll take the 'Rose of Tralee' over the 'Demon of Dublin' any old day of the week, Kome." said Mar who was busy keying a relay message to the 'New Republic' in 'Coruscant' while she spoke.

    End of Chapter 162. Chapter 163 'Dueling the Doctor' or 'Return Visit to Splattertown' soon. Have a nice day. SFN and may Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and lemme know your feelings. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 163
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 163-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Lord Kolodius , it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 163 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 163

    'Dueling the Doctor' or 'Return Visit to Splattertown'

    As promised before I begin this chapter here is the updated revamping of 'THE LIST':-

    Believe it or not- there are still 97 remaining non-displaced personnel- that is folks from AD2251- that are left on either starships, shuttlecrafts or planets and they are:-

    Kei O'Halloran and Yuri Donovan; Marlene Angel and Kome Sawaguchi; Mugghis 1 and 2; Nammos 1 and 2; Anton Gustav and Donald Poporo; Kiva Nerese and Reg Barclay; Helmsman Jon Bishop and Lt Sandra (Kitty) Sandoval; Lt Anastasia (Tigress) Torres and Lt/Cmdr Gowan (Dynamo); Ensign Elda Saavik and Lance Corporal George Armstrong; Sapper Andrew Wilkins and Sapper Treanna Knox; Ensign Blackfire of Tamaran and the forty (40) remaining 'USS Coriander' crewmen and crewwomen; Legato Bluesummers and Big Spike Miroku; Lt Allison Kurtz and Junior Tro-Con Trainee Rio; Ellen Rogers and Alex Daniels; Han Solo; Jett Black and Spike Steigel; Faye Valentine, Ed and Ein; Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith; Natalie Badgiruel, Flay Allster and Cagalli Yuna Athna; Queen (Emma) Emeraldas, Arkton of Tamaran and Fritz von Dekker (The Green Baron); Gene Starwind and Jim (Jimbo) Hawking; Villa and Molly Callahan; Lt Trace Edwards; Edward and Alphonse Elric; Winry and Pinako Rockabell; Izumi the Alchemist; Rocky the Rockabells' pet nekko; Naruda (Yuri's pet kitten); Kakashi (Kei's pet python) and last but certainly not least we have good old 'CC' aka Central Control Computer at 3WA/UG HQ.

    There are also 38 remaining displaced personnel- that is folks from times other than AD 2251 and/or other places than 'Shimougou' and/or the 'Aquarian Galaxy' itself and they are:-

    Rally (Cat) Vincent and Minnie Mae (Kitten aka The Blonde Bomber) Hopkins- the 'Gunsmith Cats'; Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy and Starfire of Tamaran- The 'Teen Titans'; Superman, batman, Hawkgirl, The Flash, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and J'onnz J'onnz aka The Martian Manhunter- The 'Justice League'; Yumi Ishiyama- Code Lyoko schoolgirl; Ash, Misty, Brock- The 'Pokemon Trio' and Tokapi (Misty's starfish Pokemon), Piccachuu (Ash's 'golden puppy' Pokemon) and Brock's rocksnake Pokemon; Jessie and James Rocket and Meowth (Their nekko Pokemon)- 'Team Rocket'; Keisie and Yuyu (Kei and Yuri)- The '2140 AD Lovely Angels aka the 'Terrible Troublemakers'; Leila and K-9 (Doctor 4's companions); Zoe Morley and Jamie MacCrimmon (Doctor 2's companions- Fiona MacCrimmon who is Garner's aide is also Jamie Mac's descendant); Doctors 2 and 4 (Gallifreyan Time Lords); Keitarou (KR) Riff and Ann (Annie) Hathaway- The 'Avenging Angels' from 2168 AD- KR is Kei and Yuri's godson and Annie is Ella Hathaway's grown-up daughter. In AD 2251 Annie is only three (3) years old of course!); Robin Senna and Haruto Sasashi (Witchhunters from STN-J on ancient Terra- 'Witch Hunter Robin' duo- remember when they burned up the football field back on 'Kagura'?); Vegeeta and Bulma Brief and Goku Son- The 'Saiyaan Nighmares' although Bulma is Vegeeta's human wife- 'DragonBall' hunters); Subaltern Marina Oki and Major/Colonel/Captain Misato Kusaragi (Mari is on loan from Captain Zero's 'Galactic Command' Terran forces while Misa is a liaison officer from 'NERV Central'- the 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' gal and a great tomo of Kei O'Halloran to boot!); Serena (Moonie aka Sailor Moon) and her 'Mooneyites' or 'Scouts'- Rei, Ami, Minato (Mina) and Makoto (Mako) as well as their two nekomatas or shape-shifting cats- Luna and Artemis. Finally we have the two very newest arrivals aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2'- Kumiko (Ojou which means princess or heiress)(Yamkumi) Yamaguchi Oeedo- A 'Gokusen' (Gangster Teacher and heiress or Kumichko to the Oeedo Yakuzza Clan- the Yakuzza are closely akin to the Mafia or the Cosa Nostra on old Terran Japan) and her inu (dog) Fujiyama (Fuji).

    Now we can begin Ch 163 with the Boss challenging Doctor 2 to a 'Duel Monsters' duel a la 'Yugioh' from ancient Terra.

    The redhead chuckled. "Not that kinda duel, Doc! A 'Duel Monsters' duel is oro I meant, man!" she said, removing her DM deck and a folding duel disk from her backpack.

    The Doctor looked quite relieved! "Oh! That! Well- yes, I suppose that kind of 'dueling' will be permissible, my dear. Where shall we er duel?" replied the little fellow.

    "The holodeck? That way we can activate the cards just like on that ancient Terran vid program- 'Yugioh'. The two Saiyaans converted Holodeck Room Roku er Six for just that very purpose. It's one level below us on Eight- OK? Unless you're chicken, Doc?" teased Kei.

    "Who's chicken? You are on, young lady, that you most certainly are!" he retorted angrily. He and the Boss walked down the gantryway steps after she had left KR in charge of the bridge.

    "Run Holoprogram 'Saiyaan 1, Vegeeta 1' onegai." she said after they had reached Holo Room Six and she'd keyed the panel next to the entryway arch. She keyed open the archway and led the Doctor to the dueling 'arena'. "Doc, you choose the setting." she invited.

    "Forest." he said without the slightest bit of hesitation and a dense 'mori' (forest or deep woods) immediately sprang up on the 'arena' surface. Kei had just drawn a card from her deck when both of their comlinks trilled.

    "Before you er start playing or dueling, children, could you onegai tell me if there's anything between us and homebase destination that I need to worry about?" trilled KR. The time lord glanced at Kei and shrugged his thin shoulders.

    "I have absolutely no idea, my dear. Not my bailiwick, I'm afraid." he replied.

    "A floating asteroid belt which shows up from time to time around here- unexpectedly so let me know if you spot it, KR. Otherwise it's smooth sailing for us all the way to 'Ishbaal'. Kei out." she trilled. "Now where were we, Doc? Oh yeah- I play 'Wood Nymph Warrior' (1,600 points) in 'attack' mode. (AN- Each player begins a duel with 4,000 lifepoints and the first duelist to lose all of his lifepoints loses the game and the other duelist wins by default). I'll toss down a facedown card and end my turn." said Kei with smug satisfaction.

    After all, Conan Edogowa (a six year old detective from old Terran Japan- 'Case Closed') had schooled her in the finer points of dueling and Jeremy (a schoolboy from Kadic Academy- 'Code Lyoko') had given the redhead good advice as well.

    The Doctor (who had been instructed by DM's original creator, Ramases I, the Pharaoh of ancient Terran Egypt) smiled impishly and tossed down a card. "I play 'Wood Caribo' (a mere 150 points in DM appearance are usually deceiving!) in 'defense' mode, put down two facedowns and end my turn." he said quietly. The trap had been set to ensnare the firebrand!

    "OK, Doc but remember- you asked for it, tomo watashi! First- my 'Nymph' gets an extra 1,000 points 'cause she's a 'forest' creature. Next- I'll activate her special ability to switch any monsters on the field to 'attack' mode and now- I'll attack your 'Wood Caribo' and--" yelled the feisty tro-con before the little fellow interrupted her tirade.

    "One moment, my dear. You have sprung my 'trap' card- 'Waterfall' which allows my monster to absorb half of your monster's original attack points (800) and that coupled with 'Caribo's' original 150 points and his extra 1,000 for being a 'forest' dweller plus another 900 he gets via 'Waterfall's' special ability gives him 2,850 to your 'Nymph's' 1,800 so sayonara 'Nymph'. (Kei's monster warrior vanished in a flash of flame) Owing to 'Caribo's' own special ability those 1,600 attack points of yours are deducted from your own lifepoints and since you got an extra 1,000 point charge you lose those too. That reduces your lifepoints to 2,400, Katie!" crowed the Doctor merrily.

    "Don't you 'ever' call me that again, Doc." replied Kei very softly. (Hoist the storm warnings folks!)

    "I will place 'Forest Gnome' (1,500) in 'defense' mode (300) and end my turn, Kat-- er Kei." said the time lord and the duel continued until finally both combatants had only 150 lifepoints each remaining to them. Suddenly--

    Look kiddies, it's twenty hundred (8 PM) and I ain't had my din-din yet! And when I'm starving I tend to pass out a lot so I just might miss seeing that asteroid belt of yours! When do we eat, Auntie?" trilled KR.

    "Doc, let's freeze this duel and have dinner before that godson of mine stages a mutiny. OK?" said Kei and the Doctor beamed at her and nodded. "OK, KR. We'll eat just as soon as we get up there. Anything on the scans?" trilled Kei.

    "Negative, Auntie. Nothing yet." trilled KR. Kei and the Doc repped up some TV dinners and java. Then they carried them over onto the bridge. The Doctor handed one of the dinners and a mug of steaming java to KR. "Arigatou, Doc." said KR.

    "Do itashimashite (You're welcome)." he replied automatically. Kei tossed her tray and the Doc's onto the console along with their java. The redhead seated herself in the co-pilot's chair while the little fellow sat in one of the gunners' chairs. Kei put her feet up on the console and pointed to the vidscreen with her fork.

    "The 'Noni-Zolo Belt'. 'CC'? Activate steering pattern Alpha and put us on 'George', tomo watashi. Onegai?" she said to the air.

    "Roger that, me darlin' and willco, Katie." replied 'CC' while both time lord and navigator godson stared at Kei.

    "He's picking up slang words from Solo. Arigatou 'CC' and don't call me Katie onegai. Kei out." she replied.

    "Gomen (Sorry). I apologise, Kei. Sayonara." answered a chastised 'CC'.

    Cont in Ch 163-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 163-Pt 2-K&K

    "Now what?" demanded Doctor 2 anxiously while KR merely grinned.

    "Nothing, Doc. 'CC' can handle the ship for us. When we exit the belt we'll only be twelve hours away from 'Ishbaal' so eat up, Doc. Then we'll finish our duel and turn in for the night." said the redhead. "Mugghi, you're on watch. KR, you can go off duty whenever you wanna. Hmmn- it's 2200 (10 PM) here so it's like 0800 (8 AM) ashiata in Furool City. KR, send your Auntie Yuri a relay message that we're on course and should be there by 0600 (6 AM) ashita no yobi (day after tomorrow). Oh yeah and tell her to make sure that Naruda (Yuri's pet kitty nekko kitten) doesn't scare my poor little Kashi (Kei's 15 feet long pet python snake). Arigatou." she added and began strapping on her duel disk.

    "Auntie Kei, has anyone been feeding that thing since you guys left home in November?" demanded her godson worriedly.

    "Huh? Oh er Tomoh's been taking care of the little furball so I guess he's been feeding it. If he don't the shimatta thing won't shut up." replied the redhead.

    "Not Naruda, Auntie! That humongous snake of yours- Kakashi!" yelled KR.

    "Let's see." she mused. "I give him a rat before we went after 'Black Ghost' and Lee (Lee Chan was a direct descendant of the ancient Terran filmstar and was another 3WA tro-con operative. He was also Kei's ex-boyfriend) brought him a couple of mice at Kurisumasu-time (Christmastime). It's just past mid-January, ain't it? Kashi's due for another feeding unless he ate that mouse we were trying to catch last year. Why?" asked a puzzled tro-con.

    "Auntie Kei? Does er Auntie Yuri know about Kakashi?" replied KR.

    "Sure. She-- Nai! She doesn't. I only got little Kashi around Hall-o-we'en." answered the redhead.

    "Auntie Yuri 'hates' snakes! Ed threw a harmless little garter snake on her while we were in those caverns on 'Gysymeo' and she went ballistic! I'd best warn her about Kashi. Where do you keep him in the flat, Auntie?" asked KR.

    "I don't. He just sorta wanders all over the place but he usually sleeps in the spare bedroom- under the bed. Tell the vacuumhead to just give him a mouse, a rat or even a bird and he'll be OK until February." said Kei. "C'mon Doc. Let's finish up our duel." she called over her shoulder and the time lord hurried after her. Then the duo walked down the ganrtyway stairs to Level Eight.

    Kei threw down a 'Spotted Owl' and tried to claim the 'Forest' bonus points for it. "Sorry, my dear but that is a 'Night' monster." said the little fellow. So Kei grimaced and threw down a facedown card which the Doc countered with a 'Forest Dragon' and finished off her owl and the remainder of her lifepoints! Kei of course took the loss with her customary grace and poise. (Wanna bet?)

    "Shit! You musta had that shimatta dragon up your sleeve, Doc!" yelled the firebrand.

    "Good night, Kei." replied the Doctor and he retired for the night. Kei soon followed suit- still fuming at her loss to the wily time lord! KR posted a relay signal to Yuri back home. Then he went to bed and peace reigned in the 'Angel' for the remainder of that night. Meanwhile back on 'Gallifrey'--

    The 'High Council' had reluctantly decided that Darth Vader, Sutek, Warp, Slade Wilson, Khan, Musashi, Davros, Trigon, all of their minions and even the 'Master' were to be returned- unharmed- to the locations and time eras from whence they'd come, however, their memories would be wiped clean of any memories from the last two months. This would be achieved with the 'Staff of Morbius'. 'Morbius' had been a most powerful time lord and indedd he had once governed the High Council itself! Now he resided peacefully within the 'Matrix', a virtual world created from the past memories of all the time lords of 'Gallifrey'. The place was like a permanent holodeck except that its residents could never leave it! Of course since they had no memories that there even was an outside world to return to-- well, you get the picture eh? Finally the last sinister straggler had been dealt with and returned home except for the 'Master'.

    "What about me, Lord President Barusa?" demanded the dapper time lord.

    "You will be returned to Earth in the year AD 2004 and I strongly suggest that you stay out of trouble! We are willing to be lenient with you one final time but if you upset the status quo once more your regenerations will be terminated permanently, 'Master'. Good luck to you. Now go. Your TARDIS has been programmed for one interplanetary trip and one only! You will be Earthbound until further notice. Farewell." said the Lord President. The 'master' bowed curtly to the Council and departed.

    Once he was back on Earth, however, he used the Higurashis' well to travel back to the 'Sengoku Jidai' or 'Feudal Era' of ancient Japan. Kagome's mom who had met him before and Kag's brother Soto offered to accompany the 'nice gentleman' in his TARDIS and the 'Master' seemed to be glad of the company. It seems that both mother and son were easily duped!

    After all, Mrs. Higurashi already thought that Mr. Naraku might make a fine stepfather for Sota and Kagome! So the 'master' materialized his TARDIS in the well and since he had 'borrowed' one of Kag's shikon jewel shards his TARDIS was able to pass through the well and rematerialize itself in the time of InuYasha at oro was now Tokyo.

    The main problem was that he- the 'Master'- a time lord- was actually in love with- of all things- a human female! However, Mrs. H. was actually head over heels in love with- of all things- a demon! Well- technically a 'hanyou' or half demon and not a 'youkai' or a full demon anyway.

    Arriving at the 'home base' village they were told by Kikyo's younger sister Kaede that InuYasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Shippou, Miyoga, Sesshomaru, jaken, Rin, Hachi, Kouga, Naraku, Kikyo, Ah Un (Rin's Ryu or dragon) and Kirara (Sango's nekomata or cat demon) were all off on an adventure in the Western lands. She invited the trio to stay in her hut as long as they wished but the 'Master' decided to stay just one night before following the others into the West. Kaede told them Sess had proposed to Kikyo and she had accepted. She and Naraku had broken off their engagement some time ago and now Naraku it seemed was in love with Mrs. H. He had secretly confided to Kaede that he was going to travel through the well to Kagome's time and propose to Kag's mom when they returned from the West!

    Next morning the time lord, Kag's mom and Soto left in the TARDIS and had soon reached the Western capitol of 'Kang' where they were welcomed by Togutha the Shogun of the West. Then the time lord's aizu fell on the most kawaii (lovely) human female he had ever encountered and he forgot all about Mrs. Higurashi! The beauty's name was Subaru and she was Togutha's young ward. The Shogun readily agreed to lend them a horse and cart and a guide who would lead them to Sess's castle which was a mere twenty-five kilometers from 'Kang'. Mother and son accepted his kind offer but the 'master' had decided to stay on there instead. He bade them both adieu and moved in with Togutha and Lady Subaru. Will there be a third wedding in Kagome's future? Only time will tell us the answer to that. Meanwhile the 'Angel' had at long last reached home!

    "O'Halloran calling Furool control. Do ya read me? Over." yelled Kei into her relay mike.

    "Roger that, O'Halloran. Furool here. We are receiving you. Over." replied a strangely familiar voice from the tower.

    "Arigatou Kami for that anyway! Home sweet home at last! Who the Hell is this? Identify yourself, girl! That's an order! Over." yelled the redhead.

    "This is Sub-Lieutenant Szeicha Morton and just who the Sam Hell do you think you are to be giving 'me' orders, Missy! I am an officer with 'United Galactica', dammit! Over." answered the tower officer, a pert but plain pink-headed young girl with thick owlish spectacles.

    Kei was in no mood for an arguement so she did not bandy her words. "This is Admiral Keirran O'Halloran of the 3WA and the 'UG', Missy! I command the 'Lovely Angel 2'. Patch me through to TSC Charles Garner immediately and then patch me into Commodore Yuri Donovan and that is a direct order, Sub-Lieutenant Morton! Over." barked Kei.

    Those three monikers somehow seemed very familiar to Szeicha. Garner was of course the big cheese at the 3WA. But those other two- Don-o-van and O'-Hall-o-ran? Nai, nothing. Keirran and Yuri? Yuri and Kei-- Oh Christ! Dear Kami! Nai! The 'Diry Pair'!" she exclaimed. Luckily for Szeicha she had dropped the mike.

    "Hey! Suba Looey! Where the Hell's Garner? Where's Donovan? Over." roared Kei, her patience at an end.

    "Mr. Garner has advised us of your arrival, ma'am. Onegai proceed to your usual bayport where you will find Commodore Donovan awaiting you with her surface craft. There is really no need to patch you into either one since both are in trilling range, Admiral. Anything else, ma'am?" asked Suba Morton.

    "Nai, Suba Morton. Arigatou for your help. See ya soon. O'Halloran out." replied the fiery tro-con. Kei eased the 'Angel' into her reserved birth on Roof Level 114 and cut the engines. Yuri bounced over to greet her when Kei had finally transported herself onto the spaceport.

    "Konnichi Wa, Boss. Have a nice flight, Kei?" she asked.

    "I'm sure glad the frigging thing's over with, Yuri. How have you been?" replied Kei.

    Cont in Ch 163-part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 163-Pt 3-K&K

    "OK I guess. I'm just glad to be back home again- at last! And it's still january so we won't miss 'Sakura' (Cherry Blossom) Season (Spring) on 'Denethor'!" bubbled Yuri.

    "Where are the kids? Mar, Kome and Ella." asked the redhead.

    "Ella had a meeting with a Mr. Amstel Goldsmith. Mar went grocery shopping and Kome's cleaning your flat. We're preparing a big surprise for you guys. Kome bought a real cool tapestry and she's hanging it in the room she's crashing in now- your spare bedroom and--" explained Yuri. "Kei! Oro the oni's the matter with anata (you)?" she added. Kei had gone quite white!

    "Nothing, Yuri. Just a touch of old fashioned Terran jet lag I guess. Let's go home, KR. Shake a leg, kid! I left word for han, Ann and the Docs to meet us at our place. Have the luggage transmatted over to my place, Artok." instructed the Boss, resplendent in a grey pantsuit and a dark green pullover. For once, Kei was wearing ordinary black loafers instead of boots or sneakers.

    KR Held the door to the rover open for his Auntie Yuri while his Auntie Kei simply vaulted over the opposite door. Then he climbed into the backseat with Mugghi and nammo. Yuri roared into the sky and rocketed West towards home, chattering away like a magpie while Kei snoozed away beside her. KR put on his headphones and listened to the latest intergalactic rock music on his boombox.

    "So er Kei? How about it? Can we go? Onegai?" asked Yuri.

    "Huh? Go where? We just came home, airhead." replied the redhead sleepily.

    "Haven't you been listening to me, Kei?" demanded an angry Yuri.

    "Of course not. I just sorta tune you out like Cy does with BB and Starfire. Where do you wanna go now?" grumbled Kei.

    " 'Denethor'- for the 'Sakura-time Festival'! Remember?" said Yuri.

    "Christ Almighty! That's like two months away, you dipstick! But er sure we can go. We'll take mar and Kome along. KR, Ella, Annie and Han if they wanna come. Now shut up and lemme sleep! Where the Hell are we anyway?" yawned the redhead.

    "District 427." replied Yuri and the Boss exploded.

    "Oro the Fxxx! 'Splattertown'? Are you baka or something, girl? Remember oro the Hell happened to us the last time we got stuck here? Pull over- I'm driving!" she ordered and Yuri bristled.

    "The Hell you are! This is my rover not yours, dammit!" she yelled. Suddenly--

    "Auntie Yuri! Watch out for that damned wall!" yelled KR. The newly promoted commodore swerved and managed to avoid hitting the wall at the last possible second but her finger accidentally slipped onto the speeed bar and their speed climbed to Subwarp 9.7- in a Subwarp 5 speed limit zone!

    "Auntie! Slow down! Oh my Christ! It's a KP Patrol skycruiser (like the Terran California Highway Patrol of ancient times)! Now you've done it good!" yelled their godson.

    "It's not my fault!" she sobbed.

    "Well it sure as the nine jigokus ain't my Kami shimatta fault, you vacuumhead! Christ! Some bloody homecoming! You'd better pull over!" said the redhead, holding out her holovidpass ID to the cop.

    "Vidlicense and viddocregistration please, ma'am." said the highway patrolman politely. "Ma'am? Did you know that you were doing almost ten back there? And in a five zone? Would you mind stepping out of the craft, please?" he ordered, one hand on his blaster.

    "Look officer- we're 3WA tro-cons- Admiral O'Halloran and Commodore Donovan- and we've been away two months having only just returned from our missions so er can't you like cut us some slack, man?" asked the green-aizued beauty.

    "You 3WA babes all think you're hot shit, don't cha? Well if you're an admiral and she's a commodore, then I'm Vittorio frigging Galadriel! I wouldn't cut you two bimbos a break even if you were those infamous 'Dirty Angels' themselves!" sneered the 'KP' patrolman. Kei rankled and tapped in a vidnumber on her vidcell while Yuri sighed, got out and 'assumed the position' for the cop!

    End of Chapter 163. Chapter 164 'KP Hijinks' or 'Kome Meets Kakashi' soon. Happy 2008 and SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twist I just tossed in? My good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 164
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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