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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 164-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Officer Kurumi, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 164 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 164

    'Kome Meets Kakashi' or 'KP Hijinks'

    "Yeah, Admiral O'Halloran, 3WA here fella. Patch me into Chief Roy Mustang will ya? Tell him it's Kei er Keirran of the 3WA and make it quick, kid! Roy? Mushi mushi- it's Keirran O'Halloran, 3WA. Remember? Nai, it's admiral now and Maureen's (Yuri) a commodore. Oro? We just got pulled over by one of your 'KP Patrol' units. Look Roy- we just got back home after a long two bloody months, I'm tired and I've got tons of red tape to wade through and I just got awarded the 'Galactic Cross'- again. So that's another speech I'll have to make. I already got three of the shimatta things ya know. Oro? Oh yeah- could ya ask this bozo to cut us some slack, onegai? Arigatou. I owe ya one, tomo. OK, I will. Hey you! Sergeant er Algernon Lump-Ass is it? This is for you, boyo!" said Kei and tossed him her vidcell.

    "Yeah? Who the Hell's this! Uh huh. Yeah. OK Roy? Roy who? Oh er yessir! No problem, sir! I'll take care of it, sir! Right away, sir! Thank you very much, sir!" said the patrol cop and he handed Kei back her vidcell.

    Meanwhile his partner, KP Patrol Constable Kurumi Slinkman (a female Romulan) had escorted Yuri behind the wall. "OK Honey! Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Empty your pockets. (Yuri did so) Very good. Now- strip down to your skivvies and lean against the wall for me." ordered the blonde patrol officer.

    Yuri shook her kawaii locks, bent down and retrieved her vidcell, flashlamp, makeup compact, wallet, keys, fanny pouch and vid IDs. Then she returned everything to her pockets. She folded her arms and stared at Kurumi Slinkman coolly. "No damned way in the nine jigokus of Aku am I gonna show you the colour of my underwear, Ms. Slinkman! Your partner has already searched me and he took my laser sword and Mark III blaster away from me! Shimatta girl! Of course I'm armed! I'm a 3WA tro-con, a cop the same as you! Call Mr. Garner at 3WA HQ if you don't believe me!" yelled Yuri, proferring her vidcell and then--

    The girl's vidcom beeped and she answered it. "Yeah?" she said.

    "Hey Kurumi! You'd better let her go! These two sure do have some tomos in high places man! Chief Mustang himself just ordered us to forget that we ever even 'saw' these two today!" trilled Lumpass.

    Kurumi stared at Yuri for a moment and then shrugged her shoulders. "So you're er 'that' Donovan eh? OK. Sorry about the snafu, ma'am. You can go now." she said curtly and reholstered her blaster. Algernon Lumpass trilled the blonde again.

    "OK- which Donovan is she, Kurie?" he demanded worriedly.

    "The 'Lovely Angel' one, Algie baby." whispered Kurumi into her mike.

    "Oh man! The 'Dirty Pair'? You're sure Kurie?" he whispered back.

    "Yeah, I'm real damned sure, Algie." she replied.

    Lumpass handed back Yuri's weapons and saluted smartly. "Terribly sorry about this mess, ma'am." he apologized and Yuri smiled.

    "That's OK, Sergeant. Accidents do happen sometimes." she replied.

    "Yeah er sorry about all this, Miss Donovan, ma'am. No hard feelings?" said Kurumi and then stuck out her hand which Yuri grabbed and then twisted up behind Kurie's back in a painful hammerlock.

    "Why not at all, Ms. Slinkman. I've been through so much crap the last couple of months that I was truly glad to be back home finally! Then you two showed up! And er for the record, girl- You have absolutely no right whatsoever nor do you have the authority as a mere patrol cop to strip search a traffic violation suspect! Remember that fact the next time you guys pull someone over and remember me too- Commodore Yuri Donovan of the 'UG' and the 3WA- one half of the 'Lovely Angels', dammit! I'm gonna have Roy Mustang keep an aizu on you two from now on so ya better watch your kawaii ass, kid!" whispered Yuri and released Kurumi before returning to her rover where her compadre was (politely?) trying to tell Lumpass that she wasn't gonna date him now or ever!

    "Look pal- I'm an admiral in the 3WA and you're just a traffic cop sergeant here in Furool so why the Hell would I ever wanna go out with you?" demanded the redhead. Then she noticed Yuri watching her. "On second thought- it might just be fun at that. Here. (Kei handed him a vidcell phonecard) why don't you call me sometime soon?" she said with an elvish grin. "Bye now, Algie." she added sweetly.

    "Makin' a date huh? Good for you, Kei. He's really cute!" said Yuri, sliding once more behind the speeder's controls and strapping in.

    Kei snorted. "Oro? Like Hell I'd make a date with that loser, man!" replied the Boss.

    "But you gave him your vidcell number and told him to call you just now, didn't you?" asked Yuri and the redhead shook her kawaii red tresses.

    "Nai. I gave him Lily's vidcell number. Lily'll love him. He just that bimbo's type!" chuckled Kei while Yuri roared off for home once more.

    Meanwhile back at the flat in 'Furool City' at 'Nakatome Towers'--

    Kome had finished cleaning up the place and had taken a quick shower. Afterwards she had padded back to the spare room to dress. She'd put on fresh underwear and a black pullover. She sat on her bed and pulled on one sock. She started to pull on the other one when it fell to the floor. She bent down to retrieve it and froze! Underneath the bed was a very very long big snake!

    Instintively she slapped her right hand to her hip but Kome's Mark XIII was still on her bedside table. Carefully she reached back and behind her for it and her fingers had just closed on the grip when--

    "Kome! Oro the Hell are you gonna do with that cannon?" yelled Marlene, dumping the groceries on the countertop.

    "Ssh! Don't move a muscle, Mar! There's a humongous pit viper under the bed but don't worry! I'll get the bastard!" whispered the strawberry blonde tro-con.

    "Kome! That's 'Kakashi'- Kei's new pet python! He won't hurt ya so just leave him alone! If anything happens to 'Little Kashi', the Boss'll kill us both! Oro's he doing anyhow?" replied the blonde navigator.

    "It ain't moving anymore now but--" began Kome.

    "Aw- then he probably ate that mouse we've been trying to catch so he should sleep for another week. If you could just see yourself now, kiddo! Bending over the bed with your cute lil tush up in the air! Where'd ya ever get those pretty 'Teddy Bear' undies? But don't ya think you'd look more dignified if ya had something on over top of 'em? The Boss and the vac would just die laughing if they saw ya like that, kid!" giggled Marlene Angel.

    The 'Kucinada' er Momiji give 'em to me if you must know! You sure that thing's really harmless? (Mar nodded) When'd the Boss lady get it?" asked Kome, pulling on her other sock and slipping into sneakers.

    "Just before Hall-o-we'en actually. We left on our mission a few days later. (Mar glanced at her wristchromo) Better shake a leg. The vac and the Boss'll be here soon and KR's with 'em." teased the blonde.

    "KR's with them? I'll be right out, Mar!" squealed Kome, slamming her door shut, 'Little Kashi' apparently forgotten. Kome had a huge crush on the Angels' godson- Keitarou Riff or as he was affectionately known- KR. She began pulling on jeans before she remembered that Annie Hathaway had told her that KR liked girls that looked like girls and not like slobs which was oro Kome Sawaguchi usually resembled! Off came her top and she contemplated her wardrobe. Then Kome recalled KR's earlier remark about sending the kids to school and got a brainstorm!

    "OK- I'm all ready!" she said when she emerged from her bedroom a few minutes later. Mar had changed too- into her new crimson pantsuit and black turtleneck sweater along with high-heeled pumps.

    "Christ, Kome! You look like Kagome, Mooney or one of the other scouts in that get-up! KR will just love it!" laughed the blonde.

    "Ya really think so, Mar?" asked Kome and Mar nodded. Kome was wearing one of Kagome Higurashi's old junior high school schoolgirl uniforms complete with high top white socks and black Oxford shoes. A grey ribbon encircled her unruly pink mane. Suddenly there was a shrill catcall whistle from the front doorway of the flat.

    "Well I'll be! Will ya lookit oro the nekko dragged in! Yuri! KR! You guys just gotta see this!" yelled the Boss, laughing like Hell. Yuri stared but KR was enraptured!

    "Kome? You're so-o-o kawaii, so-o-o beautiful! Wanna go to the holovids tonight?" breathed Keitarou Riff.

    "Ka-Mi! I think I'm gonna be sick! All she done was to put on a shimatta skirt for a change! Underneath it she's still the same old pink freak she's always been!" ejaculated the redhead.

    "Auntie Kei?" said KR.

    "Yeah?" replied the firebrand.

    "Onegai shut the Hell up, willya." replied her godson, his aizu still locked on Yuri's tro-con partner. Yuri giggled and did the finger shaming deal on her boss.

    "Serves ya right, Boss. Ooh- isn't it just too romantic, Kei?" bubbled the vacuumhead.

    "Kome! You are still a 3WA tro-con trainee and I am still your commanding officer ya know. And er- KR? You are still my godson and you ain't so big that I cannot still turn you over my knee, young man." said Kei quietly.

    "So?" demanded a belligerent strawberry blonde trainee and Kei grinned at them.

    "So have a good time tonight, kids, however, curfew is midnight." replied the redhead.

    "0200." said Kome.

    "0100." countered Kei.

    "0130?" suggested KR.

    "OK. 0130 but that's it. Where ya bunking, KR?" replied Kei.

    Cont in Ch 164-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 164-Pt 2-K&K

    "Er I guess over with Han, Jett and Spike (Steigel) in 'Harlock Villas'. (A motel ten kilos away). I'll pick you up at 1900 er seven tonight, Kome." said KR and his Auntie Yuri tossed him a residential vidpass codekey.

    "You guys can use my place if ya wanna. It's only got three bedrooms so two of ya will have to share a room. I'm across the quad from here in 'Krillin Estates'- Unit 2608-D on the 126th floor." said a smiling Yuri Donovan.

    "Arigatou Aunties. See you at seven and don't worry! I'll have 'Cinderella' home on time. I promise, Auntie Kei." replied KR, heading for the lift. Kei tossed him a motor vidpass codekey.

    "Use my speeder. It's downstairs in Dock Bay X-27. Harry Potter will show ya where it is, kiddo." said his Auntie Kei with a chuckle.

    "Arigatou Aunties- a lot! Sayonara for now. Until tonight, Kome." replied the 'Avenging Angel'.

    "Arigatou, Boss, Miss D. I really like KR a lot and we really do appreciate the extra curfew time." said Kome.

    "Just so long as ya ain't gonna be wearin' that lousy get-up tonight." replied the redhead. Yuri put a motherly arm around Kome's shoulders and steered her towards her own bedroom.

    "Come on Honey and let's see oro we can find for you to wear tonight, shall we?" said Yuri and an hour or so later--

    "Ooh! I just love it, Miss D.! It is ever so kawaii!" squealed Kome.

    Yuri had put the kid into a very becoming pink tafetta and gingham party dress complete with matching pumps and purse. A fur trimmed pink cape and a black ribbon to bind her hair completed the ensemble.

    "You really like it, Kome?" asked Yuri and Kome nodded excitedly.

    "Oh yeah, man! It's so radical! So totally cool!" replied the teenager.

    "Well then- it's yours." said Yuri.

    "Wowie! Really, Miss D.?" bubbled Kome.

    "Yes but only on one condition. That you start calling me 'Yuri' from now on. The shoes, purse and cape go with the dress and these too." said Yuri, handing her a pair of pink kidskin gloves.

    Meanwhile across the esplanade quad--

    Jett, Spike and Han were working on KR. Spike had lent him a grey suit while Jett had provided a white shirt and a striped tie and Han's contribution to the cause had been a pair of black loafers. Han then called the florist shop and had a corsage of kawaii pink orchids (from 'Darius 4') sent over to Kome. Spike ordered a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates for him while Jett made reservations for them at a swanky cafe, ordered the holovid tickets and tossed the kid a 1,500 credits vidchit holocard. "The gentleman always pays, son." intoned the big cowboy with the metal arm. Then the trio coached him on the correct conversations to be used on a first date.

    Back at 'Nakasome Towers' Yuri, Mar and Kei were doing likewise with Kome Sawaguchi--

    "Always act like a lady, Kome." instructed Yuri.

    "Unless he stops acting like a gentleman, kid. Then it's OK to use a fast uppercut on him." advised a grinning Kei.

    "Kei! Don't tell her to do that!" Kome- if a gentleman ever tries anything untoward on you, politely but firmly demand that you be taken back home!" instructed Yuri.

    "And then if he still don't get the message?" asked Kei.

    "Then you can beat the crap outta him." replied Yuri coolly. Mar attached the pink orchid corsage to Kome's dress and then the three 'Mamas' looked her over critically.

    "Fix that makeup." "Shine those shoes better." "Ain't that dress a mite too short, girl?" "Stand up straight." and similar comments soon filled the room until--

    Kome had finally had it with these three 'Mother Hen wannabes'! "Look! I'll be just fine. I appreciate all the help- I truly do but after all, it is MY date, ain't it, Moms er guys er ma'ams er sirs! Are you really sure that I shouldn't wear a nice pair of baggy jeans instead?" stammered Kome.

    "Nai! No pants, Kome! A real gentleman like our KR prefers a lady without pants!" yelled Yuri.

    "You guys know oro I mean, dammit!" she added quickly, her face bright vermillion. Then the front doorbell rang.

    "I'll have her home on time, Aunties so don't bother to wait up. Goonight, Aunties, Mar." said KR after he had complimented Kome on her dress, she'd reassured the three 'Mother Hens' that all was cool, he'd held the door for her and she had finally bade her mums good evening. Kei's speeder was airborne when--

    "Kome? You don't really wanna see 'Attack of the Killer Kongs', do you?" asked KR.

    "Nai. I'd er rather-- aw, you'd think it was silly!" said Kome.

    "Nai, I wouldn't, Kome. Go ahead. Oro?" replied KR.

    Kome turned to face her date. "I'd rather just go somewhere and do some shooting. Then we could get some burgers and shakes and watch Terra rise from the roof of the old 'Waldess Towers' building." suggested Kome.

    "Like old Robin would say- 'Sounds like a plan to me'. Let's do it. I know where there's a deserted glen that Uncle Don told me about and I'm damned sure that Auntie Kei has some spare ion cannons in the boot of this speeder." said KR.

    A few hours later saw them both standing hand-in-hand and watching Terra rise in the Southern skies from the roof (oro oro was left of it!) of the old 'Waldess Towers' building. Meanwhile--

    "Let's call the hospitals again!" suggested Yuri Donovan.

    "No way! I still dunno how I let ya talk me into letting you call 'em the first time!" replied the Boss angrily.

    "Hi there. We're back, guys." bubbled Kome.

    "Hello Aunties, Mar." said KR.

    "Oro the oni do ya mean by keeping our Kome out to this un Kami-ly hour?" exploded Yuri.

    "Gomen! Excuse me, Miss D. but are you smoking dylithium or something? It is only 0130 hours so we're right on time and er Boss- (she whispered) KR was a perfect gentleman and I can't wait until our next date." crowed the ecstatic trainee after KR had departed a few minutes later.

    "Kome? Perhaps you er shouldn't go out with him anymore." said Yuri softly.

    "Why the Hell's that?" demanded an angry Kome.

    "You are from this era- 2251 AD- right? (Kome nodded) Well, KR is really from his own era in this century- 2268 AD. When the rift finally closes, he and Annie will more than likely return to that year along with the Doctor, Leila and K-9. Honey, I don't want to see you set your heart on someone that you cannot possibly ever have. Understand?" asked Yuri very quietly and Kome began sobbing uncontrollably.

    "Christ! Way to go, vacuumhead! Oro'd you say to that poor kid? There, there, Kome. Auntie Marlene is gonna make everything right again for you. Don't cry, Sweetie." purred the blonde.

    "Don't be promising something you can't deliver, kid." advised Kei from the kitchenette where she was repping them up a bedtime snack. Mar looked as confused as jigoku!

    "Yuri told her she can't have our godson for a steady boyfriend. Get the picture?" added the redhead, pouring out four mugs of java. Thankfully KR had left long before the waterworks had burst. The three 'Moms' had apparently forgotten all about KR's current heartthrob- 'Derringer' Merrill Stryfe from 2268's 'Gunsmoke'. Kei finally decided to (tactfully?) explain matters to the blonde navigator.

    "Kome wants KR. She can't possibly have him and it's all Doc Q's fault." explained the redhead.

    Yuri was astonished to say the least. "Just how the oni do ya figure that it's Doc Q's fault, dummy? If anone's to blame it's your counterpart- Keisie! She blew that hole in the frigging universe! All Doc Q's trying to do is to fix oro the Hell she screwed up in the first darn place!" yelled Yuri hotly.

    "Don't call me a dummy, you airhead! If 'Cueball the Screwball' hadn't of built 'Kronos' in the first shimatta place we'd have never wound up with the O'Halloran 'Ark in Space' and KR would still be in 2268 AD with Annie Hathaway!" Kei fired back angrily.

    "But Kei- if those two kids really wanna stay together can't we do like we did for Nat, Caggie and Flaysie? You remmber? The 'Zero Room' that 'CC' made down on one of the sublevels? It's still down there, isn't it?" asked Marlene matter-of-factly. Kome came back in drying her aizu which were still red from crying. She'd changed back into sweats and accepted a mug of java from Mar.

    "Everything's cool now, guys. I'll be OK. I know that KR and Annie gotta go back home to 2268 and that I can't go with 'em nor can they remain here in 2251. I think the reason Nat, Cag and Flaysie were able to stay here was 'cause they ain't originally from this Century or anywhere near this place itself. At least that's how Rathie explained it all to me. Hey, did ya hear? Granny Fiona just told me that Caggie and Flaysie have decided to join Gene's 'Outlaw Star' crew after all! Seems they figger they need some more starship handling experience before they can pilot their own ship. So with Nat and Tracey aboard along with 'em we'll probably be seeing quite a bit of 'em from now on." said Kome, trying hard not to start bawling all over again.

    "Just how do ya figger that, kiddo?" asked Yuri.

    "Oh that's right. You guys don't know yet, do ya? I thought for sure that Starfire had blabbed that news to the whole quadrant by now!" replied Kome.

    Cont in Ch 164-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 164-Pt 3-K&K Now we're up to date gang!

    "Oro news?" demanded her CO.

    "The 'G Twins' just hired Gene's 'Outlaw Star' and his entire crew to act as er goodwill ambassadors for the 'UG' and the 3WA. They'll help to smooth things over, get rebuilding plans in place, schedule vessel repairs, help us to keep the peace- you know, man- the whole shebang." explained Kome. "I er don't suppose that er I--" she began.

    "NO!" chorused Admiral, Commodore and Lieutenant together.

    "Sorry, Kome but you belong to the 3WA and the 'UG' and we need you- here! I heard from Uncle Vito (Vittorio Galadriel- the 3WA's big boss) on the QT that in another year or so you and Mar will be getting your own patrol starship. By then you'll both be well trained and fully qualified tro-cons. Oh yeah- that reminds me. Kei?" said Yuri Donovan sweetly.

    "Huh?" replied the Boss Lady.

    "The 'Holy Trio' (Garner, Galadriel and Gooley) wanna know where our reports are for the 'Black Ghost', Johnny Berringer and 'God Gun' missions." said Yuri with an impish grin.

    "You ain't written 'em up yet, Vacuumhead." replied Kei patiently.

    "Me! I wrote the Kami shimatta things up the last time, you bimbo! Dammit all Keirran Deirdre! It's your turn for a change!" yelled Yuri.

    "I ain't gonna do it!" the Boss shot back.

    "Then I won't do 'em either!" sulked Yuri.

    "Fine with me." replied Kei.

    "Fine!" agreed Yuri.

    "Here we go again!" thought the blonde to herself.

    "Well! It is most certainly not fine with me, Katie, Bridget! You two will submit all of those reports to me by the end of this week, dammit to Hell!" yelled an incensed Aquarian Galactic Commander- Andre Francis Gooley!

    End of Chapter 164. Chapter 165 'Mar Keeps the Peace' or 'No More Minis!' soon. Have a nice day. SFN and may Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and lemme know your feelings. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 165
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    I have now posted up to and including Ch 164 of my ff Xmas with the Dirty Pair both here and at
    Dirty Pair FanFiction Archive - FanFiction.Net

    When finished posting I will have completed 184 chapters. I will continue to post here in 5 chapter increments, however, at ff.net I will post chapter by chapter same as always. Don't look for any new chapters for awile as it's tax time and I got to do mine, Mom's, Brother Bobby's and Brother Pete's too. SFN and SYS. Ja mata and Kami bless all my tomos watashi without whose help and support I could have never gotten this far. I have updated my Profile page and there are at least a score of pix there as well. Enjoy the story. Have a great weekend hazu (gang) and toodles-K&K
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 165-Part 1

    Here's Ch 165- Pt 1. Wanted to end on a round figure before I begin that 5 at a time posting thing. Toodles-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Chief Gooley, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 165 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 165

    'Mar Keeps the Peace' or 'No More Minis!'

    Yuri pouted. "But Chief- it's already Thursday! The Spikes (Steigel and Miroku) are taking us out to dinner tomorrow night and Mar and Kome are invited out with Faye and Jett. Jess and james Rockett are watching the kids for Faye so she can go. Then we gotta supervise the ship's repairs and er--" Yuri trailed off as an exasperated Aquarian Galactic Chief cut in.

    "Marlene and Kome can do whatever they like. They turned in their reports the same day they got back home. As for you two-- If those Kami shimatta reports are not on my desk here in 'Alderaan' by midnight Friday I will have both of you dingbats assigned as docking bay attendants (literally meter maids) in 'Kanzaki Mimori' (a tiny village located at the most remoste Western edge of the planet!) for the next go (five) years! So get cracking! Syaonara and don't forget oro I just said! Especially you Katie! You too Bridget!" he yelled and blanked his vidscreen.

    "Well! This is another fine mess you've gotten me into, Kei!" Yuri was livid!

    "I told you to write up those bloody damned reports, Yuri! It ain't my fault that you're lazy, is it?" replied the redhead smugly.

    "Darn it, Kei! When is it ever 'your' turn to do the damned reports! I'm sick and tired of doing all the work around here!" wailed Yuri.

    "Aw, c'mon now, Yuri. You know how much I hate writing up reports, Airhead. You're the one that's gotta do 'em and that's all there is to it. That's a Kami shimatta order, Commodore!" said Kei with finality.

    "We're not on your ship anymore, Captain Bligh so you can't give me orders now! You do those reports tout sweet or I'll tell Uncle Charlie on you!" yelled Yuri.

    "Yeah? Well if you don't do 'em I'm gonna bust your kawaii ass back down to Junior TC 2 (Junior Tro-Con Second Class aka a lowly Corporal!) so fast it'll make your purple head spin!" roared the Boss.

    "Christ Almighty! If you two baka idiots will promise to shut the jigoku up, I'll write up the Fxxxing things for you! Anything to get some peace and quiet around here for once!" screeched a usually calm, cool and collected blonde navigator.

    "You will, Mar? Ooh- you're the greatest, man! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" bubbled Yuri.

    "Yeah er domo arigatou, Mar. That's real cool of you, kiddo." agreed Kei.

    "Just remember your promise- no more fighting, yelling, screaming, arguing or whining! The reports will be on your PDO units for you to sign by the morning. Now go to bed. You too, Kome. I'll turn in soon. G'Night." intoned a yawning Marlene Angel and two hours later at 0400 she transferred the contents of her own PDO to both Kei's and Yuri's. She placed their PDO units on the countertop which served as their dining table and turned in. The following morning on 'Alderaan' at 'UG'/3WA HQ--

    "Sir? Commodore Donovan and Admiral O'Halloran have just vidfaxed us all of their reports." said Subaltern Marina Oki to her newest superior officer- Andre Francis Gooley. The chestnut-haired beauty had been temporarily assigned as his aide-de-camp assistant until Alley Kurtz returned to her own duties. Currently Alley was in transit from Sakura. Jett Black was using his 'Bebop' to ferry her back to 'Alderaan' and Spike Steigel had tagged along with them. Faye Valentine and Ed (whatever her last name really was!) had decided to stay with Keisie and Yuyu at the 'Grand Arcanum' Hotel in 'Furool City'. For the trip as mentioned before they were using the 'Bebop' which had been reclaimed at 'Seto Kaiba'.

    The big cowboy with the metal arm (Jett) turned to his kawaii blonde passenger. "Sorry but we can't really offer you too much in the way of comfort, ma'am. Us bounty hunting cowboys lead a pretty solitary and boring life, I'm afraid." said an apologetic Jett.

    "Hey! Don't knock it, man! At least we got that 'magic box' (replicator) that the 'Duchess' (Yuri) gave us so we can have anything we want now, guys!" crowed Spike.

    "Don't apologize, Jett. This place is absolute 'Heaven' compared to that madhouse Kei's been running! I'm sure glad we left the tomboy (Ed) behind though! I really appreciate the lift, guys." replied Allison Kurtz who was gazing out the observation window. "Everyting seems so peaceful for once." she added gratefully.

    "Hey! Funny corn-hair lady in grey blanket here too, huh? Hi Spike person! Hi Jett guy! Where we going?" said a voice from the ceiling above them.

    "Ed! I thought sure we'd left you with Faye!" said Jett. Ed was hanging upside down like a bat from the ventilator shaft. She was wearing a 3WA sweatshirt and a pair of Sango's shockingly fluorescent green 'Teddy Bear' underbriefs.

    "Hey Spike! Admire your new toy later! Get Ed!" yelled Jett.

    "What! I thought it was your turn, man?" replied Spike.

    "Don't be starting that again! Just grab the kid, Steigel!" said Jett angrily. Alley pushed past both of the cowboys and pointed a warning finger at Ed.

    "Edward! You come down from there this instant, young lady! And you get some pants on too and I mean it, girl! No more of your nonsense either! Understand?" said Allison sternly and Ed meekly dropped down to the floor and allowed herself to be led away by the angry blonde.

    "OK, Auntie Alley. Ed sorry." she said quietly.

    "Where's your room, Ed?" asked Alley and Ed pointed to a door halfway down the hallway. Alley hustled the kid through it and slammed it behind them. "Here, kiddo. 'Alderaan's' gonna be damned cold. Put these on and these too." said Alley, tossing Ed a pair of socks and sneakers, sweatpants and a jacket. Ed sulked a bit, however, she did do as she'd been instructed finally.

    "Good girl, Ed. Now if you promise to behave yourself I'll have you taken on a tour of the 3WA HQ building when we get to 'Alderaan'. OK?" said Allison.

    "Ed be really good girl, Auntie Alley." she insisted.

    "Ed, can you er contact Mr. Gooley on 'Alderaan' for me?" asked the blonde and Ed nodded.

    "Sure, Auntie Alley. Ed can get Uncle Andre for ya." replied the kid who was busily fiddling with some dials and keys on 'Tomato' (Ed's computer) and then--

    "Gozaimasu er good morning. Galactic Chief Gooley's office. Subaltern Oki speaking. How may I assist you onegai?" asked Marina Oki.

    "Gozaimasu, Suba Oki. Lt. Allison Kurtz here. Could I onegai speak with the chief? Arigatou." replied Alley.

    "Hai er yes, ma'am. I'll connect you. Just a minute onegai." said Marina, who was on loan to the 'UG'/3WA from Captain Zero of 'Galactic Command'. Then Andre picked up.

    "Ah, it is good to finally hear from you, my dear Allison. I trust that you are well?" he asked.

    "Hai. Yes sir. Arigatou for your concern, sir. I'm just fine now, sir and I'm on my way back home to 'Alderaan' now, however, sir er could I ask you for a teensy little favor, sir?" Alley asked innocently.

    Cont in Ch 165-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 165-Pt 2-K&K

    "Of course. Anything you want, my dear. Anything at all. You just name it." replied her chief.

    "Mr. Black is ferrying me back home on the 'Bebop' and one of his crew is a little girl and er she'd just love to take a tour of our 3WA HQ building when we get there, sir. Could you onegai-" cajoled the blonde sweetly but her plan backfired and Andre exploded.

    "Is she thirteen or fourteen, Alley and does she not answer to the name of 'Ed'? Gomen. I am very sorry, my dear but the answer is nai. No! No way in the nine jigokus do I want that crazy red-headed spitfire Hellcat anywhere near this building!" he yelled and swallowed six 'Hydroxylein' antacid tablets. Alley frowned and Edward pouted. The blonde winked at the tow-headed urchin and grinned.

    "Well sir- er you sure as Hell don't want the other redhead to show up on 'Alderaan', do you? You know who I mean, sir, don't you?" she asked, her voice dripping with both honey and venom. Andre Gooley poured out a bumper snort of sake and downed it in one gulp.

    "Ka-Mi!! Christ no! Alley, you wouldn't? Not her! OK Kurtzy- you win! I'll set up a tour for the brat. See you soon. Gooley out." he replied dejectedly. He knew when he was defeated.

    "Arigatou, sir. See you soon. Kurtz out." she replied.

    "I take it he's er heard of our little Edward?" inquired Jett Black.

    "However could you tell?" joked Alley.

    "Trouble, sir?" asked Marina politely.

    "Yes but not for me, Miss Oki. You will be giving Miss Edward a tour of our building. See to it, Suba Oki if you please." ordered the chief.

    "By your command, sir." she replied, saluting smartly before she spun on her heels to leave his office. "Christ! No wonder Alley complains so damned much! Oro a pompous male Chauvinist twit! And he's sure a real pain-in-the-a--" Marina was rudely jolted back to the present by a roar of animalistic rage!

    "Subaltern Marina Botan Oki! This expresso supreme is cold! Where are my biscottis de chocolat? Where the Hell's the duty roster? Get me more 'Hydroxylein'! Are you absolutely certain that Katie isn't coming here?" bellowed her fearless leader and Marina jumped a foot off the floor.

    "Who the Hell's Katie? Sorry sir. Who is this er katie person, sir?" she corrected herself.

    "My worst nightmare, Suba Oki! You would know her as Admiral Keirran Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran." answered her superior officer.

    "One of them? One of the infamous 'Dirty Pair', sir? Holy Christ! Your pardon, sir." she replied.

    "Hai! Yes! Her! Find out where the oni she is for me, Suba Oki. Oro time is Lt. Kurtz due back here?" demanded Gooley and Marina tapped a few of her PDO panels.

    "Looks like your er Katie is at home in 'Furool' and Lt. Kurtz's ETA (estimated time of arrival) is late tonight, sir at 2200 hours. Will there be anything else, sir?" she asked, snapping shut her PDO unit.

    "Nai. The kid'll probably stay at Alley's place tonight and the two cowboys will more than likely go back to 'Furool' after they drop them off. I want to see Kurtzy at 100 hours ashita. Give that kid of hers a quickie tour of HQ and then get someone to run her ass back to 'Furool City' right after lunch. I pity poor Alley. Saddled with that Hellcat all bloody night! Oh that reminds me. Commodore Donovan said little Edward just loves machines so keep that brat away from the docking bays and the 'CC' programming equipment while she's here." he commanded.

    "Is that all, Chief?" asked Marina, stowing away her PDO and turning to leave.

    "One more little thing, Suba Oki. While you are on duty in this building, you are required to be in uniform. Dismissed." said Gooley quietly. Marina Botan Oki was thunderstruck!

    "Oro the Fxxx do you call this ridiculous get-up I'm wearing?" she yelled defiantly.

    "Inappropriate attire, young lady! You are wearing pants er trousers. The proper outer garment for the lower body of a female tro-con is a micro-miniskirt. See that you correct this glaring oversight, Suba." said Gooley and Marina fumed.

    "Babysitter, tour guide, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, golfing partner, pilot, secretary, aide! I have had enough of this crap! I was assigned as your temporary aide-de-camp assistant, not your personal Kami shimatta slave, sir! I just cannot see how Kurtzy puts up with you! You are nothing but a selfish, self-centred Chauvinist pig and a spoiled brat! I have done absolutely everything you have ordered me to do, sir but you just crossed the line, Mister! Nobody- not even Captain Zero- tells 'me' oro the Fxxx to wear, sir! I refuse to put on that ridiculous skirt! You don't want me wearing pants? Fine! Take them with my compliments, sir! I quit!!" yelled an enraged subaltern, unzipping and stepping out of her uniform trousers and flinging them in Gooley's puss! "Good Bye to you, Mister Gooley, sir!" added Marina, snapping off a salute to him and storming out of his office.

    Oblivious to the whistles and catcalls, Marina Oki marched straight through the entire building and down to the bays, her shocking pink/beige underbriefs on display for all to see! Marina quickly boarded her surface speeder and wasted no time in rocketing back home. Meanwhile Gooley was in shock!

    "Oro flagrant impudence! Miss Oki! Come back here at once!" cried the tall Aquarian Galactic Chief. He opened the doors to the steno pool room and was bombarded with micro-minis! If Marina Botan Oki won't wear these damned bloody things then we won't either, sir!" chorused the entire female staff of the Aquarian Galaxy 'UG'/3WA HQ building who were standing there defiantly- in their underbriefs!

    After a bit, their chief's shoulders sagged and he shrugged. "Take a memo. Effective immediately, the 'UG' and 3WA dress code for all female trouble consultants is amended to include pants er I mean trousers. Now get back to work- all of you. Someone onegai inform Subaltern Oki of this change in the regulations." said Andre. In the meantime the lady in question had arrived home.

    Marina shared a suite with Major Misato Kasaragi- the new liaison officer from 'NERV Central'. "Mari? I know that Alley Kurtz said that creepazoid worked the pants off her but I see that in your case it's really true!" giggled the taller major. Marina pouted and stuck her tongue out.

    "Very funny! He demanded that I remove my trousers so I did exactly oro he told me to do! Then I threw the Kami shimatta things right in his male Chauvinist face! After that I Fxxxing quit and walked the Fxxx out! Toss me a beer, Misato." said Marina who was sliding into some baggy black jeans.

    While all of this was going on across town, Chief Naomi Armitage was having a massive 'Hydroxylein' headache!

    END of Chapter 165. Chapter 166 'Naomi Has Reservations' or 'Big Spike's Decision'soon. The usual spiel and r/r/s away. Have a great weekend. SFN. Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 166
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-CH 166

    Here's Ch 166-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Marina Botan Oki, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 166 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 166

    'Naomi Has Reservations' or 'Big Spike's Decision'

    As Adjutant of 'Furool City' for both 'UG' and the 3WA it was Naomi Armitage's thankless task to register, assign and generally just keep tabs on all of O'Halloran's remaining 'guests'. Naomi heaved a sigh and took a drag of her cheroot.

    "How many more rooms we got left at the Aoishi er 'Blue Crow Arms', 'CC'?" asked a frustrated orange-haired 'Tarkanian' cyborg.

    "Gomen Miss Naomi but the 'Crow' is all filled up now after you put Elda, Raven and Starfire into their 'Princess' suite." replied 'CC'.

    "OK then- who the Hell's left to be assigned then?" she asked, pouring a slivovitz for herself and downing half of it in one swallow.

    "Just the 'Sailor Moon' bunch- Rei, Ami, Mina, Mako and Moonie er Serena. Five in all the two time jockey docs want them kept together. They'll pick them up on February second- Groundhog Day on old Terra. Doctor 'Q' still cannot determine why we still have fifty-six displaced souls left." answered 'CC' and Naomi frowned through the aoishi smokerings around her head.

    "Christ! Today is- lemme see now- January twenty-first so we gotta billet the Mooneyites for almost another fortnight. OK then- why can't we give O'Halloran, Donovan, Keisie, Yuyu and Valentine one kid each?" suggested a desperate Armitage.

    "You all been smokin' dylithium, baby! The first four are sick of kids and they're leaving on vacations soon. Faye's already got a handful- Little Edward! Auntie Beryl's got both 'Team Rocket' and the 'Pokemon' tribes. The guy Titans and the Justice League are at her place too. Fiona MacCrimmon's got three year old Annie Hathaway and besides the time kooks want those five kept together- remember? Wait! I got it! Zoe, Leila, Yumi, Ellen, Rally, the 'Blonde Bomber' (Minnie Mae) and those two newest ones- Marina Oki and Misato Kasaragi that just got back from 'Alderaan 5'- that's eight plus the five Mooneyites equals thirteen. Now where- ah yes! The 'Grand Icari' penthouse suite should work out fine. It's on 'Sakura' and that's only a few days away from here. Call Asuka and Kagi ('Eva' or 'Evangelion' pilots now 3WA TC trainees) to make the necessary arrangements." said a satisfied 'CC'.

    "Arigatou be to Kami for that at least! OK, I'll call them, tomo mine. Domo arigatou, pal. You're great, man! Ja mata." said a very relieved Chief Adjutant and she reached for her vidcell. An hour later she finally put in a relay call to TSC Garner.

    "Hai? Miss Armitage? Oro? That is wonderful news, my dear! So now all we need to do is await the return of our two time jockeys and their travelling telephone booths, eh? Nai. I will call Andre Gooley and he will call Uncle Vito (Galadriel). The important thing is that everyone is registered and housed- at last! Good job, Naomi. Garner out." said the Territorial Sector Chief- Charles Augustus Garner gratefully. Meanwhile over at the 'Higurashi Mall'--

    "I'm really gonna miss you, Soto. You too, Bakki and Isshi but er 'Kagura' ain't all that far away--" Spike Miroku had just resigned his post as Chief of Mall Security because he'd accepted an offer from Danny Dastun to become the new Security Chief of the 'KAASP' ("Kaguran Air and Space Patrol') in 'Saruman City' on 'Kagura'. He'd quite literally run into Dan when they were both attending Naturle Badgiruel and Tracey Edwards' wedding on 'Kagura' and since Johnny Raven of the 'Ganymede ISSP' had politely refused Dan's offer Johnny had suggested that Big Spike would make an excellent choice for the post. Practically everyone in the 'UG' and the 3WA had attended that shindig it seemed! The reception alone had lasted a week! Nat and Tracey had left on the 'Outlaw Star' with Gene Starwind and company although 'Dominique the Cyclops', a former 'Gung-Ho Gun' from 'Gunsmoke' and a great tomo of Legato had replaced Molly Callahan as navigator. When Molly's amnesia had departed her she had rejoined the 'UG'/3WA and had been assigned to Chief Ella Hathaway's unit. Villa was simply delighted with his newest gunner trainees- Flay Allster and Cagalli Yuna Athna as well as both the ship's new security chief and chef- newlyweds Nat and Tracey Edwards respectively. Anton Wilhelm Gustav had given away the bride and Yuri Donovan had been maid of honour. The best man had been of course Dan Dastun. The preist had been 'Chapel the Evergreen' (another reformed 'Gung-Ho Gun'), the new pontiff from 'UG' who had been flown in all the way from distant 'Elenore City' to officiate as a personal favour to Uncle Vito himself. Terran 'cowgirl' Rally Vincent had caught the bouquet from the happy beaming bride. Their honeymoon was to be two whole weeks on the idyllic world of 'Nolandia'. Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith who now seemed to be in absolutely no hurry to get back home to New Jersey on Terra had both joined Emma's 'Emerald Queen' crew and had become galactic 'cowboys'.

    As you might have already guessed, 'Furool City' was a shambles and Roy Mustang's 'KP' precincts' jails were full to overflowing! The Doctors at last returned (on February 2nd) and took the Mooneyites back home to AD 1980's era Terra.

    Ellen Rogers accompanied the 'Lyoko' kids back home to 21st Century Terra where she soon became a valued part of Jeremie's team. She hoped someday to reunite Aelia Hopper with her dad Franz Hopper. Ellen joined the faculty at 'Kadic Academy' prep school as an assistant to Mrs. Hertz, the school's science teacher. Ellen roomed with Yumi's family and Mrs. Ishiyama was just pleased as punch to have a live-in tutor for her daughter (Yumi when she finally got back home) and her son, Sota. The coch 'Jimbo' was smitten with Ellen the very first time he met her, however, secretly she's hoping to someday wed Franz Hopper and thus become Aelita's stepmom. But only time will tell us that I'm afraid.

    Elda Saavik was indeed promoted- to Lieutenant no less and made new liaison officer between both the 'UG' and the 3WA as well as 'Starfleet Command' and her own Vulcan homeworld. Her Uncle Spock was really quite proud of her but you would never know it!

    Aboard the 'USS Coriander' her engineering replacement was 'Starfleet's' newest ensign- Blackfire of Tamaran. Black had once again been yanked back to AD 2251 while travelling onboard her 'Black Ember' but at least this time all of her stuff and the ship came with her even if she did show up in her undies this time around! "This is better than oro I showed up in the first time anyway!" she joked to Elda who mentioned That Kiva Nerese needed a replacement for the Vulcan lass- fast! Being a fully qualified space tech, Black had been scooped up just as soon as she'd applied to 'Starfleet Command' and was on her way to 'Andorra Six' aboard Elda's old starship. Black had entrusted her beloved 'Black Ember' to Bulma Brief. She and her two Saiyaans had decided to go dragon ball hunting and with her timeship the 'Lady Foucault' in the shop for repairs, they had jumped at the chance to borrow a state-of-the-arts starship for a whole year!

    Since Faye was stuck babysitting with the other 'moms' Ed had been added to Serena's mob although when they left for homew Edward stayed. Now with Ed and Faye offworld for awhile Jett and Spike Steigel had taken the 'Bebop' and gone out 'collecting' bounty heads. Han Solo had taken the 'Insane Six' (The Boss, Donovan, Marlene, Sawaguchi, Keisie and Yuyu), KR, Annie Hathaway (not the tyke of course!), Don Poporo and Anton Gustav on an excursion- a vacation trip to the 'Horn of Nimon' nebulae for a few weeks' R&R. For the voyage, the 'Millenium Falcon' had been used.

    Both time lords had been held up on 'Gallifrey' with the Mooneyites in tow and they were not due back on 'Shimougou' until at least February 27th! Today was the fifth day of February AD 2251 and lightyears (trillions and zillions) away from 'Shimougou' on a blissfully peaceful world which appeared on no starcharts and indeed was invisible to both sight and scan, the two most powerful beings of all the universes (oro? you thought there was just one?) were having themselves a heated discussion about the last few months' worth of Angelic fiascos!

    End of Chapter 166. Chapter 167 'Garden Guardians' or 'Time Tacklers' soon. HappyEaster and SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twist I just tossed in? May good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 167
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 167

    Here's Ch 167-complete-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Misato Kasaragi, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 167 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 167

    'Garden Guardians' or 'Time Tacklers'

    "Well! This is another fine mess you've gotten creation into!" stormed the 'White Guardian'. Another cup of tea, my friend?" he added.

    "Yes, thank you and just what the Hell do you mean that 'I' have gotten creation into? May I remind you, sir, that Miss Keisie from 2140 is part of your flock, not mine!" replied the 'Black Guardian'.

    "That is true but it was one of your flock, Mr. Waldess, who started the wheels in motion when he tried to launch 'Project SIREN' in the first place. Lemon?" responded White.

    "No, cream if you don't mind, thank you. That 'SIREN' incident was a mere three years ago- not an entire century ago! Miss Keisie was either upset with that dimwitted partner of hers that day or she had just been in a hurry when she annihilated 'Kronos' with 'it'! In either scenario, since she is part of your 'Goody Two Shoes' gang, the rift in the continuum was clearly and undeniably your fault, White." countered Black.

    "OK, sir. I take your point. Sugar?" said White.

    "No thanks. I'm er watching my weight." answered Black and White chuckled.

    "Since when? Anyway just how do we fix this mess? That infernal redhead's 'God Gun' did not work- not even when she used the 'Glave of Krull' and even our very own 'Key of Time' with it! Any suggestions?" asked White.

    "I've been on a new diet ever since Colonel Al Shepherd brough Terran 'golf' to the Terrans' Luna er the Moon. Well, the alchemists' 'Philosopher's Stone' is definitely out since it involves human sacrifice and you hate that so--"

    Black pointed and suddenly there was a tremendous flash of brilliant green light accompanied by a thunderclap and several individuals materialized on the lawn beside the two Guardians. Time lords, Slade Wilson, Warp, 'Black Ghost', Commander Icari, Sutek, Jack Spicer, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Jules Verne, Andre Norton, H.G. Wells, Albert Einstein, Dr. Stephen Hawking, James Moriarty, Dr. Davros- in short, everyone you could possibly imagine who had ever had or would ever have anything whatsoever to do with the theory and practical application of time travel!

    "Solve this 'rift in the time flow' problem for us and we'll grant you all of your desires. Get to work." said Black.

    "Please? Would anyone care for some tea?" said White politely.

    Commander Icari became the group's spoikesman. "Oro the Hell are you two old fools babbling about? Oro 'rift in the time flow' problem?" asked the 'Evangelian' decipherer of the 'Dead Sea Scrolls'.

    "Ha! The rift caused by that red-headed bimbo from 2140 probably! She's the baka idiot that blew up the 'Kronos' project! But who are these two elderly freaks and where the Hell are we anyway?" said the 'Black Ghost' curiously.

    "This gentleman is quite correct. Forgive me, gentlemen. We are the 'Guardians of the Universes'. I am the 'White Guardian' and he is the 'Black Guardian'. If this rift problem of ours is not solved soon--" explained white and he told them the whole story from beginning to the current time er era well you know oro I mean eh?

    "And then chaos will reign supreme." finished Black with satisfaction while White frowned at him.

    A slight man in a wheelchair coughed discreetly.

    "Yes? Doctor Hawking?" said White.

    "Gentlemen, the answer is quite simple. The sonic ion cannon known as the 'God Gun' must be fired into this rift without delay. That's all there is to it." replied Dr. Stephen Hawking. White glared at him.

    "Sir, we are not complete idiots you know. Miss O'Halloran has used her 'God Gun' several times already but with no success whatsoever." said White.

    "She has not fired it in 2140 AD, sir, has she?" asked Dr. Hawking quietly.

    "Ja! Das ist richtig! (Yes. That is right.) Der 'Gott Gun' must be used at the exact same moment that der rift was first created. Otherwise, it vill not vork, gentlemen!" agreed Dr. Albert Einstein, the 'Father of Relativity'.

    "I thought that much would have been obvious- even to humans." observed the white dog (Mr. Peabody) who was polishing his glasses and slapping Sherman's hands for swiping biscuits without asking.

    "Well, I am not going to play messenger boy for you again. I've been on that 'Angel' so many times that I should have a 'frequent flyer' kilos vidpass with the 'UG' and the 3WA." said Lord Rathelon's floating head.

    "Fine. I'll do it this time. I just love to be the bearer of bad news." said Black.

    "Oh no you won't! I know you! You'll be trying to get the whole crew of the 'Angel' to cross over to the dark side, Black. I'll go." said White.

    "But the 'Key of Time' has been scattered all across the cosmos like those bloody dragonballs that Ms. Brief and her Saiyaan kooks are always hunting!" put in H.G. Wells.

    "I'm quite sure that Mr. White has figured out how to circumvent that minor faux pas er problem." observed Professor James Moriarty.

    "Of course I have, sir. The 'Key' was intact in 2140 so I will simply transport the 'Angel 2' and its entire crew from 2251 back to 2140 at the site of this 'Kronos' project thing. It er goes without saying, however, that I cannot fire this 'God Gun' sonic ion cannon. Miss O'Halloran will have to do that herself. More tea?" explained White.

    "Your continuous offer of tea is not logical and can become most irritating, Mr. White." said Saarik who was both Elda Saavik's greatuncle and Mr. Spock's Vulcan father.

    "I er thought that only time lords from 'Gallifrey' had the ability to time travel, Mr. White?" asked a confused Stephen Hawking.

    "That is so, Doctor, however, we- the Guardians- are the Gallifreyans' mentors so to speak. It was Black and myself who first taught Lord Rathelon how to manipulate time itself." replied White.

    "Will the admiral agree with our plans for her, Monsieur White?" inquired Jules Verne.

    "She took that damned 'Galactic Oath', didn't she?" countered 'Black Ghost'. I know that she hounded the Hell outta me on 'Cybytron' and then again on 'Gysymeo'." he complained loudly.

    "The child will do as she is bidden, my tomos. She knows- deep down in her heart of hearts- oro must be done and she'll do it." said Naraku very quietly. "I only knew her a very short time yet she displayed wisdom and courage far beyond her tender years. Although she knew of my penchant for evil, she still gave me not only a position of authority she was the first person to truly trust me and treat me like a friend. Anyone who thinks that young lady would ever shirk her duty and responsibility or violate that 'Galactic Oath' you mentioned will answer to me!" he roared in voice of thunder.

    "My dear fellow! No one is saying that about Miss O'Halloran. Dear me, no!" said Mr. Peabody.

    "Who's gonna have to tell her?" asked the Rani, a female time lord er lady and a colleague of the two Doctors.

    Lord Rathelon began with "I--" but White silenced him with a shake of his head and a glance.

    "That duty is mine, my friends. Mine and mine alone. I shall convey the grim tidings to her. I thank all of you for your efforts. You will all now return from whence ye came, however, you will not remember this meeting. Farewell to all of you." he said and so saying White struck the ground with his cane and most of the illustrious company vanished. The two Doctors, Rathelon and the Rani were the only ones left in the garden with the two Universal Guardians.

    "Since I will have to transport the 'Angel 2' back to 'Kronos' in 2140, it will be much easier if I go to the dear child directly. Will you four onegai er please remain here until I return? Thank you, my friends." asked White.

    "Of course we will, sire." replied the Rani when she realized that the rest of them were too shocked to speak. White smiled and disappeared.

    "Oro? You want me to-- I have to do oro?" bellowed a very pissed off red-headed firebrand banshee.White had just materialized in front of the Boss Lady and explained oro he and his 'think tank' had decided must be done. The young admiral, of course, had reacted to his instructions with her usual good grace and savoir faire!

    White had found her vacationing on the 'Arc of Orion' and she'd been none too pleased at having her R&R interrupted. When he finally got around to telling her why he'd come, she'd gone totally ballistic!

    "Nai! No Fxxxing way, me old boyo! I ain't gonna fire that Kami shimatta thing again- ever! Just how many bloody times do you whack-o bakas think we can tempt fate and get away with it! Well- no more! Get somebody else to do your dirty work this time! I won't do it and that's Fxxxing final, man!" she yelled, crashing her gloved fist onto the table for emphasis.

    "Oh yes you will, Katie! You'll do it because it simply must be done. Must I remind you of your 'Galactic Oath', my dear child." said a quiet voice from her vidcellphone's vidscreen. Kei was staring at the screen with aizu the size of huge dinner plates!

    End of Chapter 167. Chapter 168 'The 'Angel' Flies Again' or 'No Rest For the Weary?' soon. Happy Easter and SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twist I just tossed in? Guess who the new crewman is gonna be on the 'Angel'? Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 168
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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