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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 172-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ojou, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 172 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 172

    'We Aren't In Shirokin Anymore, Fuji' or 'EJ- Phone Home!'

    "Did you write this garbage, girl?" demanded Ojou Ooedo and mar scowled at her and nodded.

    "It's not garbage, Missy Ooedo. Every single word in those vidlogs is true. Just face it, Honey. This ain't Japan on Terra er Earth and the year ain't 2006 either! Now- oro the Hell are you two doing in here?" said Marlene Angel very softly.

    "Duh! I'm trying to escape and I figured that this place might just gimme a clue to er you know- a way outta this idiotic tin box of yours!" replied Ojou and Fuji covered her face with his paws. Mar gave her a Cheshire Cat grin and reholstered her cannon.

    "Follow me. I wanna show you guys something. You might as well tag along too, Captain Solo. Bring K-9 as well." she said and led the way to the lift. A short descent brought them to Level Seven and the observation room or the 'star room' as Starfire called the place.

    "Come over here. 'CC', illuminate the forward exterior of the 'Angel', please." continued the blonde and suddenly there was light everywhere outside yet the sky remained a deep inky black colour! Mar indicated the spacial passageway and nodded to Ojou and the inu.

    "Where were you planning on escaping 'to' once you'd left our ship, Miss Ojou?" asked Mar quietly. Ojou went as white as a sheet and Fuji said 'Holy Shit!' while Han grinned and K-9 said nothing.

    "Ya mean that we really and truly are in outer space? I thought you guys were just kidding, man! Oro's that big light out there in the distance?" asked Yamkumi worriedly.

    "That's home, kids. Our home not yours. The inner markers for 'Shimougou'. So that's oro the oni woke me up, eh Contessa? Another day will see us safely home again, folks." drawled Han Solo.

    "Wanna see Terra er I mean your Earth? (Mar pointed) That teeny tiny pinprick of aoishish (blueish) light way out there in the far distance- 250,000 lightyears away from us- that's it." explained the blonde navigator.

    "Still wanna leave us, Your Highness?" chuckled Han.

    "Now go on back to bed and Honey? A word of advice- if you're gonna stroll around this starship, it's a bit chilly for just a tank top and underbriefs however becoming they may be. (Ojou went beet red and slapped her thighs) G'Night, Ojou. C'mon Solo." yawned Mar, sealing the portals behind them. Solo yawned, waved and followed in her wake with K-9 bringing up the rear.

    "Ya gonna tell 'Reds' anything about this, Contessa?" he asked.

    "Are you baka nuts, me old boyo? I like it when this is a nice peaceful ship, man." answered the blonde. Ojou and Fuji returned to their rooms and went to bed. The 'Angel' journeyed on and soon it was the 21st day of February AD 2251 and at last 'Shimougou' was visible to them.

    "--And er that's 'Nakasone Towers' where Mar and the Boss live. I live right across the quad from them in 'Krillin Estates' with Kome and my little Naruda. Kei's pet's named Kakashi and little Kashi is a fifteen feet long python." explained Yuri who had been pointing out the sights of 'Furool City' to Ojou and Fuji.

    "Can't ya step on the gas, Yuri? I just can't wait to get to that 'Higurashi Mall' you've been telling me about, girl! I've just been totally dying to get me a new dress, haven't I Fuji boy?" cooed the Ooedo Clan's acting kumichko.

    "Just remember not to mention Kei, me, Kome, Mar, the 3WA or the 'Lovely Angels' while you're in there or they'll throw all of you outta there!" warned Yuri Donovan.

    "Why?" queried Ojou.

    "Because our 'Reds' wrecked the joint just before Kurisumasu (Christmas) last year, that's why!" drawled Han from the co-pilot's seat.

    "Oro the Fxxx! What the Hell!" yelled the brunette.

    "She er sorta accidentally blew a hole in the atrium roof of the mall, that's all." explained the violet-coiffed vixen.

    "You guys have gotta be kidding now- right?" asked a hopeful Ojou.

    "No joke, ma'am. Ya see- she was er shooting at me." answered Legato Bluesummers from the pilot's station beside Han.

    "Curiouser and even more curiouser, Ojou." observed the pooch, misquoting Lewis Carroll. Ojou began to seriously wonder if she and Fuji might just possibly be travelling the cosmos with a shipload full of escaped pychos and lunatics!

    "Anyway love, we cannot just 'step on the gas' as you put it because we ain't running the 'Angel' no more. We're under 'Furool Tower's' control and we have been ever since we reached the outer markers the other day." explained the pilot.

    "Legato's one of us good guys now, kiddo so stop staring at him like that!" chortled Han when he noticed Ojou watching the tall pilot with a pair of wary aizu. "Hell, I used to be a bit of a smuggler myself, Honey!" he added.

    Legato glanced at the girl and grinned. "Seriously though, Princess- if you show up at the mall dressed like that, they'll probably blow your kawaii ass the Hell away, Love!" he said, handing her a cup of java. Ojou looked at her reflection in the highly polished Kelvinite bulkhead wall. She was wearing 3WA sweats and a 'Lovely Angel 2' flight jacket.

    Meanwhile down in her own quarters 'CC' had provided Kei with the vidfiles for one Princess Kumichko Ojou Kumiko Ooedo aka Kumiko Yamkumi aka Yamkumi Yamaguchi aka Yamkumi- Acting Kumichko of the Ooedo Yakuzza clan- circa AD 2006 in Shirokin, Uramaki Prefecture, Ucchia Province, Aizu, Japan, Terra:-

    Subject is also a high school mathematics teacher at Shirokin High School. Age- twenty-three. Vitals- 5'3" 127 pounds. Hair- Black. Aizu- Hazel. One known pet- a bulldog named Fujiyama or Fuji for short. Subject is granddaughter of Ryucchi Kuroda Ooedo, Kumichko of Yakuzza Clan Ooedo.

    Fighting skills- excellent. Includes Jiu Jitsu, boxing, wrestling, Kenjitsu, Karate. Subject adept at use of blades, firearms, explosives--

    The more Kei read the maddser she got! "Christ-If I'd a known about all of this shit before, I would've locked her ass up in the shimatta brig!" thought Kei. "Hmmn- loyal, trustworethy, honest, fearless-- the usual horseshit crapola." mused the redhead as her door klaxon trilled. "C'mon in. It's open." she replied without getting up. Han Solo strolled in and plopped down onto her sofa beside the firebrand.

    "Hiya Reds." he drawled and then he caught sight of oro was still on her vidscreen. "Doing your homework, eh. A bit late for that though, huh? Ya do know that our little Yakuzza princess wants to visit your favorite mall when we getr home tomorrow, don't you, Boss?" he added and Kei nodded and then froze in shock.

    Cont in Ch 172-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 172-Pt 2-K&K

    "You can't mean Soto Higurashi's place, can ya? (Solo nodded and poured them each a belt of 'Old Bushmills') Does she know that they don't allow dogs in there- evn talking ones? (Han shook his head as he lit Kei's cigarette and his own cheroot) Aw- I guess she can go but send Rally and Annie with her. You and Legato better tag along too- just in case. In fact- take the kiddies and anybody else who wants to go and make a day of it. Use aircars and speeders for the jaunt. Nai- wait a sec- we're expecting snow so use skysleds instead. Anything else, Han?" she asked.

    "Nope. Think I'll just mosey on down to the chuckwagon and strap on the old feedbag. See ya, Reds." he replied and left for the dining hall. Kei couldn't help chuckling to herself at thought of the upcoming trip ashita.

    "So- Soto thinks that I'm a bloody menace to his precious damned mall, wait until he meets Ed and the Rocketts! He'll go bonkers!" she thought and grimaced in pain. "Ooh! My head aches and my tummy's doing somersaults. Must be the change in atmospheric pressure but maybe I'd better eat something." mused the redhead while she pulled on a red tracksuit jacket and red sweatpants over her white tank top and grey 3WA gym shorts. "Ah- ashita and I will be home once again! Feels like a Fxxxing eternity since I was last home. I sure hope little Kashi didn't miss me too much." she thought while she was tying the laces on her red cross trainers (sneakers). 'Old faithful' (her trusty Mark XIII ion cannon) was nestled in the waistband of her sweat pants covered by her jogging jacket. She jogged down the gantryway stairs to the rec room below and waved to Big Spike Miroku behind the bar before continuing next door to the dining hall. Sitting with her flight crew was- Kei? Herself? Nai! That was frigging impossible but who?

    Oh it's the 'Gokusen' (Yakuzza teacher) Ojou and the kid was wearing an identical outfit to the Boss's own!

    "Gozaimasu er good morning to you, Boss. Have some breakfast with us. You know it's the most important meal of the day, don't you?" invited Yamkumi.

    "It's me. Yamkumi er Ojou. Remember?" she asked when Kei merely stood there and stared at the AD 2006 acting kumichko of Clan Ooedo.

    "My Kami! They look just like the Bobsey Twins, Legato, don't they?" joked Han Solo and Blue grinned.

    "Mornin' all. Mushi mushi (Hello or Hi there) Yamkumi or do you prefer Ojou? ('Ojou if you don't mind, Boss' answered the girl from Terra) Gomen er sorry kiddo but Han's right! We're as alike as ni er two peas in apod! My usual, Jess and have Spike send me over a 'Cruiskeen Lawn' (small jug of irish hooch). Arigatou, kid." ordered the redhead.

    "Ojou er teaches in a pretty tough school, Boss. Hence the jogging suit and trainers." explained Fuji. Kei waved him off.

    "Uh huh. We make planetfall ashita er tomorrow and I understand that you wanna go shopping, kid.Yuri and me will be real busy with reports and the usual crapola red tape, however, my two staff 'looies' (Lieutenants Rally Vincent and Annie Hathaway) can take you so long as Han and Legato accompany you. I'm sending the kids along too- for a treat. Gomen kid but there are no inus er doggies allowed so the pooch stays home. OK, it's true oro you've heard. Yuri and myself are considered 'persona non gratis' at that mall as are Kome and Mar which means we ain't welcome there. Besides I wanna see my little Kashi but you guys go and have fun. Remember though- no mention of me, Yuri, Kome, Mar, the 'Lovely Angels', our 'other' moniker, the 3WA, 'UG' or anything like that or they'll boot your ass outta there so fast you'll think you're travelling through hyperspace!" said Kei and chortled while she chowed down on a breakfast huge enough to choke a jacaronda!

    "Who in the Sam Hell's this 'Little Kashi'?" demanded Ojou.

    "Her fifteen foot pet python." answered Marlene quietly.

    "Oro! I thought sure you were kidding that night, Blondie! Don't any of you baka idiots have 'normal' pets?" asked an incredulous brunette Yakuzza princess.

    "Yuri's got Naruda and she's only a kitty cat. The scouts had Luna and Artemis and they were nekkos er cats but they were nekomatas er magic cats. Sango had Kirara but she was a nekomata too. She was a youkai er a demonic cat. K-9's a robot, Ein's a datadoggie, Nammo's a thing and Mugghi's a genetically altered lifeform nekko-like android and er--" explained Kome while ticking off pets on her fingers.

    "Enough already, kid! We get the picture. Right Ojou?" cut in Fuji and his mistress nodded.

    "Who the Hell are you calling an idiot! You've got a talking inu for Kami's sake! He even smokes, drinks and wears his own fuku (clothing)! Hey wait just a minute here! Yuri, gimme your vidcell, willya?" yelled Kei and Yuri tossed her cell to the Boss.

    "Who ya gonna call, Boss?" asked a curious exec officer.

    "Hi there. Patch me through to Furool Central Data Base, if you please. Morning. I'm trying to reach Edna er that is Junior Tro-Con Cadet Edna Jordan of 'UG' onegai. Gomen er sorry but I do not know her vidcell data link code, however, i do know that she lives somewhere in the 'Genin' district of the 'Shinobi' prefecture. She's a 3WA operative, fella. Oro the Hell do ya mean she's got an unlisted classified data link code! This is Admiral Keirran Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran of the 3WA and the 'UG', Goddammit! I'm calling from the 'Lovely Angel 2', pal. Look- confirm my ID with Garner or Gooley at HQ if ya don't believe me and get me cadet Jordan you baka moron- now! Oro? OK, my VDLC is (Yuri mouthed the words 'Z Y 0 6 2 7' adn Kei repeated them to the operator). OK. Arigatou. Trill me back when you get her. Sayonara." said the enraged tro-con, slamming the vidcell unit down onto the table. "We cannot give out unlisted classified vidcell data link code without proper authorisation, Miss. Can ya believe-- (The vidcell twittered and Kei answered it) Hai? O'Halloran here. Oro? Yeah, arigatou man. Hiya Edna, it's me- Kei. Oro? Your boss, sweetie pie! How's my Kashi doing? He did? Good, Ella was complaining about that damned thing the last time she was over at my plave! And Naruda? Great. Arigatou, kiddo. Yuri sends her ai (love) too. See ya ashiata, Edna. Say mushi mushi to Tomoh for us. Sayonara for now, kiddo." finished Kei and she tossed the vidcell back to Yuri who pocketed it.

    "Kashi finally ate that mouse you and Ella have been yapping about. Naruda is just fine. Tomoh misses us both and Ella is going bonkers with Lily. Just how in the Hell does a junior tro-con cadet who ain't even a trainee yet rate an unlisted vidcell data link code, Yuri! I'm gonna have me a serious talk with Uncle Charlie (Garner) when we get home!" yelled a fuming firebrand Hellcat.

    "Heavens be to Almighty Christ, Kei! Give it a rest already! Can't we have just one peaceful yobi (day)- for once? Ashita and we'll be home!" yelled an angry Yuri and Kei gazed steadily at her comrade-in-arms.

    "We'll finally be back home at long last but oro about everyone else? There's still a better than fifty- fifty chance that some of our kiddies will never see their homes again. Didn't you say that very same thing yourself not too long ago?" replied the Boss quietly.

    "Touche (Too-Shay) Kei! I really deserved that one but still- can't we at least try and act civil for this one last day before we arrive back home- onegai?" pleaded Yuri earnestly and Kei grinned.

    "Sure thing, kiddo! I'll be a real good lil girl for the rest of the day, tomo watashi. I promise! Let's just take the whole day off and have us a blast! In fact--" said Kei with an impish grin.

    END of Ch 172 'We Aren't In Shirokin Anymore, Fuji' or 'EJ- Phone Home!'. Ch 173 'Are You Ready For Some Football?' or 'Killers vs Hawks- First Half' coming soon. R/R/S away and kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 173
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 173-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Fuji, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 173 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 173

    'Are You Ready For Some Football?' or 'Killers vs Hawks- First Half'

    The Boss picked up her PA mike and keyed it. "Now hear this folks! This is your CO speaking and this is a direct order to all hands. Take the frigging day off! Do oroever the Hell you damned well please! Han, Blue, Mar, Mugghi? Whoever the Hell's running this shimatta ship- Put us on 'George' and do your own thing! There ain't no more prisoners in the brigs so why the oni do we need guards for 'em? We don't so you guards enjoy the day too! The only poor souls which I just cannot give the day off to are the cooks and engineers. Gomen er sorry but our 'Angel' needs lots of TLC and we all gotta eat, don't we? But everyone else listen up- how's about we all do something fun together? We're open for suggestions so call us! Kei out."

    After hanging up her mike, the Boss ate her usual hearty breakfast and then settled down to enjoy her mocha java liberally laced with 'Old Bushmills'.

    Several ideas were suggested and rejected for one reason or another except for Yuri's- having a party. "Let's do oro real cruise ships do on the final night of a voyage- Let's have a masked ball like a costume party, man. Oro do ya think, Boss?" asked a hopeful Yuri.

    "Sure. Why not? The reppies (replicators) can handle the costumes OK. Guess you're gonna want me to get all dolled up as well, eh? (Yuri nodded) OK, guess I do owe you one, Vacuumhead. It's a deal. How's about we make it for 2030 tonight- that's half past eight Ojou. Fine, we'll leave Yuri to and Yuyu to work out the details. Rope in anybody else ya need to help you with 'em. OK, how's about some fun things to do suggestions for today to fill up the morning and afternoon for us, gang?" said the redhead.

    "There's always Terran football." joked Legato but Han pounced on the idea at once.

    "Right on, man!" he cried and Big Spike said "Here here! That's a 'hoo-bacious' idea, Blue!"

    "Sounds OK to me if it's cool with the rest of you guys." agreed Kei.

    "At least with all of the Saiyaans and demons gone we won't have any more illegal flying penalties or broken legs (hopefully!) this time." said Yuri.

    Finally all hands agreed with the gameplan and 'CC' was instructed to convert Holodeck Four into a regulation Terran (55 meters wide by 120 meters long- hey the specs changed in AD 2205 folks!) football field. The Boss and the pirate (Han) were elected coaches. Kei would be a player as well as a coch but Han opted to be only a sideline field general this time around. The two teams were aptly christened 'Kei's Killers' and 'Han's hawks'. Then the two strategists picked their players out. The two timelords would act as referees and onfield timekeepers. 'CC' was overall timekeeper and scoretender. On every contested call, 'CC' would have the last word on the decision (so oro else is new eh?).

    Because the players' pool was almost non-existent Kei and Han decided to play the game 'Ironman' style like they did on ancient Terra when there were two leagues and later when they had a short-lived sport back in the 20th through 22nd Centuries called 'Arenaball'. The premise is simple- Most players would play both offense and defense (usually the quarterback and kickers were exempt but not this time!) positions. At last the teams were set and the rosters looked like this:

    'Kei's Killers':Offense- Mar (QB); Rally (Ctr); Jess (L Guard); James Rocket (R Guard); Goat (L Tackle); Mugghi (R Tackle); Kei (Wideout Receiver-Cpt); Keisie (Wideout Receiver); Leila (Wideout Receiver); Mr. White (Wideout Receiver); Keisie (Tight End); Leila (Tight End); Kome (Finesse Running Back); Ojou (Power Running Back).

    Defense:- Goat (L CB); Jessie (R CB); Rally (Free Safety); Kei (Strong Safety); Mugghi 1 (L Def End); Kome (R Def End); Ojou (Outside LB); Mr. White (Inside LB)' Jamie the Scot (Middle LB/Cpt); Leila (L Def Tackle); Keisie (R Def Tackle)

    Special Teams:- Kome (Kicker/Punter); Mar (Holder); Rally (Long Snapper); Kickoff Returners (Kei and Ojou); Punt Returners (Kei and Ojou); Gunner (Keisie)

    'Han's Hawks':- Offense:- Nyssa (QB); Yuri (Centre); Mae (L Guard); Jamie Wilson (R Guard); Mugghi 2 (L tacckle); Fuji the Dog (R Tackle); Zoe/Annie/KR/Spike Miroku (Wideout Receivers); Spike Miroku/KR (Tight Ends); Kome (Finesse RB); Legato (Power RB/Cpt)

    Defense:- Mae (L CB); Jamie Wilson (R CB); Free Safety (Zoe); Strong Safety (Mugghi 2); Yuyu (L Def End); Legato (R Def End); Fuji (Outside LB); Yuri (Inside LB); Spike Miroku (Middle LB/Cpt); KR (L Def Tackle); Annie (R Def Tackle)

    Special Teams:- Legato (Kicker/Punter); Nyssa (Holder); Mugghi 2 (Long Snapper); Legato/Yuyu (Kickoff Returners); Legato/Yuyu (Punt Returners); Yuri (Gunner)

    A Gunner is like a catchall player used in any position need on Special Teams.

    Later on Winry Rockabell was added to Kei's team as Finesse RB on Offense; Inside LB on Defense and Kicoff/Punt Returner on Special Teams.

    Later on Edward Elric aka the Fullmetal Alchemist was added to Han's team as Power RB on Offense, Outside LB on Defense and a Kickoff/Punt Returner on Special Teams.

    Neither Ed, Winry, Granny, Nota their nekko (cat), Al Elric or Izumi will show up until Chapter 174 when our Zoe 'calls in a favour' from Ed.

    Since everyone playing was kitted out in their fave Terran NFL team's colours the game looked like a Terran Pro Bowl! Kome was in Philadelphia Eagles' green and white while Mar had chosen the reigning champions' colours- Red, white and aoishi for her New England Patriots. Ojou was wearing the Indianapolis Colts' Royal aoishi and white while Fuji had opted for the black and orange of the Chicago Bears.

    "Those two losers are never gonna make it to the big game." joked Han Solo

    "The (Pittsburgh) Steelers done it this year (meaning of course 2006- Terra's current year) but I got me a feeling that next year the Colts and Bears will get to the big show (Terra's SuperBowl) and my Colts are gonna kick their asses!" yelled Ojou defiantly. (For her next year 2007 would be SB #XLI (41) in February 2007 and indeed the Colts did play the Bears that year and did in fact 'kick their asses' thereby winning the championship back on Terra!).

    Yuri Donovan was a Washington redskins' fan (Maroon and yellow) while the Boss was a diehard New Orleans Saints' fanatic (like the Keiman himself my tomos!) and proudly wore her balck and gold with the infamous fleur de lis logo! Legato liked the New York Giants (aoishi and red) while Han Solo was all for them Dallas Cowboys (aoishi and grey) and Bifg Spike Miroku simply adored his Green Bay Packers sporting the traditional green and yellow (sick colours in my opinion but hey to each his own eh?). KR was a huge Oakland Raiders' nut from way back and looked spiffy in the teams' black and silver. Nyssa thought the Seattle Seahawks had pretty rad-looking uniforms and she was the quarterback on Han's team- the 'Hawks'! Rally Vincent and Minnie Mae (Blonde Bomber) Hopkins aka Cat and Kitten were of course dyed in the wool Bears' lunatics having hailed from the Trrran 'Windy City' of Chicago! Keisie was all for the St. Louis Rams (aoishi and gold) but Yuyu seemed to be a San Diego Chargers' fan. Why? Yuyu thought that the team name stemmed from the ancient Terran pasttime known as shopping and that 'charging' referred to using one's credit vidchit holocard at the malls! Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith were staunch New York supporters- Jets not Giants though even if both teams did play on their home turf on Terra- New Jersey! And they wore their green and white as proudly as Kome wore the Eagles' green and white. Zoe really loved the jacksonville team- the Jaguars (Black, gold, aoishi and white) because she had a 'jacaronda' back home on 'Pluto' albeit her 'pet' was a full ten meters long and tipped the scales at a whopping several hundred kilos!

    Being a bit on the wild side herself Leila opted for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Red, white and offgold with a 'skull and crossbones' banner) while Annie's choice was the San Francisco '49ers (Red, black and gold) because they had 'blazed the trail' in old Terran California just like she and her fellow 'Avenging Angel' KR were 'blazing a trail' across the cosmos today! The Deep viloet and white Minnesota Vikings' were Jamie MacCrimmon the Scot's team- rough and ready warriors like him- a Claymore (sword) weilding Scot from the Jacobite Era of old Terran Scotland!

    Since Legato's fave Terran author was the 19th Century Easterner Edgar Allan Poe he chose to wear the Black and deep aoishi of the Baltimore Ravens. Mugghi 1 liked the Carolina team - the Panthers (Black, grey and aoishi) while his counterpart (Mugghi 2) simply adored the Cincinatti team- the Bengals (Orange and black tiger stripes- They're G-r-r-reat!)- two big nekkos er cats!

    The 'White Guardian' secretly loved all things wild like stallions so- the Denver Broncos' Deep aoishi, white and orange was for him. After all even if he couldn't be 'wild' or 'deadly' (owing to his position as the 'White Guardian of the Universes') he could sure as the oni pretend to be!

    Cont in Ch 173-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 173-Pt 2-K&K

    Then Jamie Wilson got an inspiration. "Hey Reds? How's about for tonight we get all dolled up in our fave teams' outfits and just wear masks that resemble our team mascots instead of the usual crappyass junk we gotta wear at fancy dress er costume parties?" he suggested. The Yuris (Yuri and Yuyu) were outvoted and 'the die was cast' as Master Splinter might have said. Kei was getting impatient again (so oro else is new?) 'cause she was itching to get back to their game.

    "OK, the two Nammos and K-9 are gonna monitor the 'Angel' for us. We'll play until dinnertime and then get ready for Yuri's shindig tonight. The 'soiree' (Kei liked using words when she had no idea of oro they meant!) will commence at 2030 hours (8:30 PM) and we'll do the unmasking at midnight. We'll have a few nightcaps and then call it a night. We reach 'Furool' early ashita so we're all gonna have us an early night- kapish?" said the firebrand and grumblings all around ensued. Then thy all left and reconvened on the holodecks.

    Han's Hawks won the coin toss and elected to receive the kickoff. Kome booted the ball two meters into the end zone where Yuyu fielded it. With Legato blocking for her she raced to the 25 meter line before she was brought down by Jamie Mac (the Scot) and Keisie. The first quarter was now underway.

    Yuri (Yuri will henceforth refer to Commodore Donovan while Yuyu will refer to her 2140 counterpart-OK?) snapped to Nyssa who handed off to Yuyu. She cult left and got all the way to the 36 for a first down before Ojou and Jamie Mac clotheslined her and Kome tackled the foxy babe from the past.

    This down Nyssa took a step back and noticed that Rally and the Boss were pretty damned close to the first down line markers and instead of a short lob she unloaded deep downfield to a sprinting Zoe who deftly made the catch at the Killers' 42 and raced another 20 meters before an out of breath Goat and Ojou finally collared her at the Killers' 22 meter line!

    "That bloody lass almost got into the red zone, ye scurly knaves! Dinna be lettin' that happen again!" admonished the enraged Scot.

    A quick handoff to Legato who pitched the ball right back to Nyssa who then calmly tossed a 20 meter flea-flicker bomb to Big Spike Miroku in the end zone. Just as his fingers began to close on the ball, the pigskin was batted away from him by White.

    "Incomplete pass. Second and ten." intoned Doctor 2.

    "That were a close one ther, lads! That it were! Mugghi- you cover KR. Kome- Big Spike be all yours. Nyssa tends to stomp her foot just afore she chucks it so be ready lads and lassies. If she looks left, cover right. If she looks right, cover left. Whitey, Ojou- You're with me. We'll cover the middle. That'll be Zoe and Annie probably. Now- break!" whispered Jamie Mac to his squad.

    Nyssa took the snap, dropped back five paces, saw a hole in front of her and dove straight into it and right into the arms of the Scot! "Now I've got ye, lass!" he snarled, batting the ball out of the Trakken girl's hands. Nyssa dove on top of it and Jamie Mac covered her for a sack.

    "Third and 15." said Doctor 4, placing the ball at the Killers' 27. This time Nyssa lobbed it deep into the back centre of the end zone where it was promptly dropped by Annie Hathaway! "Shit! Six points up the bloody spout! Sorry gang!" moaned a downhearted 'Avenging Angel'.

    "Cheer up, kid. Blue'll get us on the board with three points at least." said Zoe, clapping her teammate on the back.

    "A 43 meter attempt, Mr. Han." called Fuji and Solo nodded. Yuri snapped, Mar held and Legato kicked the ball straight and true- right through the uprights for a three point field goal. The Hawks had drawn first blood and had managed to use up nine minutes of the opening quarter into the bargain.

    Legato kicked off high and angled it left- away from Ojou. The Boss was on the extreme far right. Leila 'fair caught' the pigskin at the five and Mar led her offense onto the field while Big Spike brought out his defense. Mar took Rally's snap and handed off to Kome who lateraled to Ojou. The kumichko threw a 50 meter 'quick out' rocket across the middle to Leila at the Hawks' 45. The wily jungle gal got all the way downfield to the enemy's 15 after shaking off Fuji, KR, Annie and Zoe in turn. Finally Legato caught her and brought the 'Seva Team' girl down- along with her pants! Legato was quite red in the face as he pulled Leila to her feet who coolly yanked up her pants and grinned at the ex-leader of the 'Gung Ho Guns'.

    Big Spike was furious! "Who blew their Fxxxing cover this time? She was your assignment, Zoe. How'd she get past you and the Furball? Tighten up that line! This'll be a handoff run but watch out for the option! Let's go!" he yelled. Mar did indeed 'hand off'- to Kome but the 'end of round' trick play failed miserably when Kome crashed into Ojou instead of handing off to her!

    "Loss of two on the play. Ball on Hawks' 17. Second and twelve." announced Doctor 2. "No more damned trick plays! Throw to whoever's open in the frigging end zone, Mar!" growled the redhead.

    "Yeah man! Let's just kick their ASS!" yelled Ojou angrily.

    "You sure we want to pass on Second and twelve, Boss? Their weak side is left so let's draw 'em right and sweep left. Then Ojou can run it up the gut on 'em." suggested Mar quietly.

    "Do it!" snapped Kei. Ojou got gang tackled at the two by Fuji, Legato and Big Spike. "First and goal from the two." intoned Doctor 4.

    "Quarterback keeper?" asked Mar and the Boss nodded. "Just follow Keisie, Goat and Rally in." ordered the redhead and Mar did just that.

    "Touchdown!" crowed Jessie Rocket. Kome kicked the extra point and the Killers took the lead at 7 to 3. Kome kicked off to Yuyu who watched the pigskin sail over her head and into the end zone for a touchback (Ball comes out to 20 meter line).

    "Ball at Hawks' 20. First and ten." said Doctor 2. Suddenly a disruptor cannon fired. "End of the first quarter." announced 'CC'.


    The second began with Yuri fumbling the snap to Nyssa. The Trakken girl scooped the ball off the ground and threw a screen pass to KR who was brought down by Keisie after a 5 meter gain to the 25. Then Legato scooted to the 35 where White chased him out of bounds. A first down by five meters. Nyssa lateraled to Zoe who tossed one deep downfield to Fuji but Jessie had anticipated her pass and intercepted it just inches from the inu's outstretched paws! So amazed was he that Jess was at the Hawks' ten before Jamie Wilson and Zoe finally stopped her.

    "Killers' ball on the Hawks' ten meter line. First and goal to go." yelled Doctor 4. "Now listen up guys and gals. Either Ojou's gonna run into a hole in our line created by Mugghi or Mar's gonna 'bootleg' it to someone in the left hand corner of the end zone. So- Legato and Fuji will double team the Boss. KR and Annie will cover Ojou. I'll take Keisie and Jamie (Wilson) will cover Leila. Let's do it!" cried Big Spike.

    Mar faked taking Rally's snap and Rally shoved the ball instead into Kome's mitts. Kome dove right and followed Goat and White to the 4 meter line where Yuri, Yuyu and Zoe stopped her dead in her tracks. Second and goal to go.

    Mar handed off to Ojou then she and Rally blocked out Big Spike and Fuji. Ojou dove over Jamie and Mae and into the end zone- touchdown! "We're going for two. Mar, bootleg to Keisie in the back of the end zone. Kome and Ojou- you two line up like Mar's gonna handoff to one of ya. Go!" commanded the red admiral.

    This time Kome and Ojou cut left- and the defense bit! Mar lobbed a short shovel pass to Keisie who easily caught the ball and spiked it. 15 to 3 read the scoreboard with the Killers in the lead by twelve. Kome kicked off and Yuyu signalled for a 'fair catch' and made it- at the two! "Shit!" yelled Han and he shook his head in disgust. Three more plays saw the ball at the Hawks' seven and reluctantly Han sent in his punting unit.

    Legato's punt was downed at the Killers' 27 by Annie and Mar hustled her offense back onto the field. First she threw a quick out to White at the 40 for a first down. Ojou's hard run up the centre took her to the Hawks' 40 and Han went ballistic! "Who the Hell was supposed to be covering Yamkumi's ass?" he roared.

    "Yuri was." said Nyssa quietly.

    "Duchess! Tighten up your cover on her kawaii ass next time!" he shouted. Mar dropped back and handed off to Ojou who pitched the ball right back to her. Mar threw a flea-flicker bomb deep downfield intended for Keisie. White and leila were supposed to block out Big Spike but they both missed him which freed up the coverage and Mar's pass sailed into the Blonde Bomber's mitts at the Hawks' 30! With no Killers anywhere near her she raced for the opposite end zone and scored standing up! With the score now at 15 to 9 still in the Killers' favour, Legato signalled for a timeout- their first. Han agreed to go for two and Nyssa bootlegged to Zoe for the conversion score. 15 to 11 now but Doctor 2 had tossed down a yellow flag.

    "Unsportsmanlike conduct on Jamie Mac and Jessie Rocket for a late hit on the quarterback. Two point conversion good and the 15 meter penalty will be assessed on the kickoff." cried the little fellow. Now it was the Boss's turn to go ballistic! "Oro the Fxxx did you two baka jackasses do that for! Whitey and Leila- you block for Keisie better next time! Mar, don't be too quick on the draw to pass. Read the defense. OK. Ojou? You're gonna be the kickoff returner this time. Get us a good position to start from. Let's go!" growled Kei.

    Legato kicked off and Ojou sprinted out from two meters deep in the end zone. She got to the Killers' 37 before Fuji brought her down- hard! "Gomen er sorry Ojou!" he whispered but she merely shrugged her shoulders.

    Cont in Ch 173-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 173-Pt 3-K&K

    "Even a field goal forces Han to score and convert to keep the game tied so hang onto that ball!" cautioned Mar in the huddle. Mar took Rally's snap, dropped back and saw nobody open anywhere so she ran left towards the down markers startling the Hell outta the defense! She had barely reached the down line before Jamie Wilson cannonballed her out of bounds. Now remember this- Han's team has only two timeouts left while Kei's has all three of theirs remaining).

    Mar's huddle had just formed when suddenly-- "Two minute warning. Official timeout." announced Doctor 4 in a voice of thunder.

    "Even a field goal get us in front by a full seven points Kome so how close we gotta get the ball for it to be in your range?" asked Mar.

    "I think I could manage a 40 meter jobbie so you guys gotta get me to their 24 meter line." replied Kome. Mar nodded and trotted out to the Killers' 47 with her offense in tow. Ojou carried for two and then another four into enemy territory at the Hawks' 49 leaving third and four to go with the clock at one minute and thirty seconds. Mar lobbed quickly to White who hustled to the Hawks' 35 before stepping out of bounds. Eleven meters to go and still a minute and fifteen seconds on the clock. So far, so good eh? Mar took the snap and saw White at the 25 line. Then she spotted Keisie in the end zone and fired deep to her. Keisie dropped the sure pass and the clock stopped at 55 seconds in the half.

    "No more damned heroics, girl! Just toss it to White or Leila. All we need is a field goal from the 24 so let's hustle!" growled Kei. By the time they had finally gotten a first down (at the Hawks' 15) two timeouts were gone with the clock at three seconds! A 31 meter attempt was upcoming to close out the first half. Mar spiked the ball to stop the clock thereby conserving their final precious time out. The field goal unit ambled onto the field. Rally snapped, Mar held and Kome booted a squeaker 31 meters, barely squeezing the ball through the right side of the uprights!

    Doctor 4's hands were raised high when Doctor 2's cannon fired and 'CC' announced the end of the first half with the score at 18 to 11 in the Killers' favour. Then 'CC' announced that there was a relay call from Garner awaiting them as well!Kei had a steaming expresso in her mitts when she answered his vidcall.

    "Yeah Charlie? Oro's up?" she asked while taking a sip of the warming java.

    "Bad news I'm afraid, Keirran." replied the worried TSC.

    "Do ya ever call us with any good news, man?" sulked Ojou Ooedo.

    "Ah! Miss Yamaguchi er I mean Ooedo. I have been in contact with your current kumichko- a Mr. Kuroda er his descendant that is er your grandfather's great something or other that is er your- anyway he would very much like to meet you and he's arriving here in a few hours. He apologizes for the delay but he is coming from 'Kankoro' in the 'Epsilon' Quadrant and that is er 150 lightyears away from us. Oh, do close your mouth, my dear Yamkumi! It is quite rude to stare at someone you know!

    Ojou was (of course) thunderstruck to say the least! She was going to meet her own great-great-great grand- something or other and he was about two hundred times the distance from her that Japan was from the sun and yet he would be there in a few more hours- and he apologized for the delay! Man! It just boggled her mind, that it did!

    Garner continued his tirade. Oh right! Kei, 'Galactic Command' er needs a teenst weensy little favour from us before you folks can come home. (Kei glowered at him) You'll have to visit the 'Rukia Ichigo' District of 'Tagawaki 4' to er pick up a criminal for them and then deliver him to 'Set Kaiba' before you can all come back here, that's all, my dear. Simple, isn't it?" chortled Chuck Garner but all of a sudden Legato Bluesummers looked as nervous as Hell!

    END of Ch 173 'Are You Ready For Some Football?' or 'Killers vs Hawks- First Half'. Ch 174 'Game In Holding Pattern' or 'Zoe Calls In A Favour' coming soon. R/R/S away and kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 174
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 174-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Izumi, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 174 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 174

    'Game In Holding Pattern' or 'Zoe Calls In A Favour'

    "Oro's the perp's name, Charlie?" growled the redhead.

    "Er- Gaara Yeshiru." replied Garner.

    "Holy shit, ChuckieBoy! You've just gotta be kidding! You can't possibly be serious, man!" shouted Legato.

    "I am quite serious, 'Trainee' Bluesummers." said the Territorial Sector Chief quietly.

    "Who the Hell is he, Blue?" cried Rally Vincent.

    "He's a Ninja- a Genin Shinobi (a shinobi is a warrior ninja and a Genin is the lowest class of ninja warrior there is but hey- Naruto is only a Genin gang!) from 'Anbu Six' near 'Cybytron'. He's er one of the 'Black Ghost's' old cronies, however, he's bloody dangerous! He's got some kinda 'sand demon' sealed inside of him and that makes his ass damned near invincible! Tell me, Mr. TSC Garner, sir- do the 'GC' boys and girls and the 'ISSP' folks have him under restraint? (Garner looked worried) Like keeping his ass in a 'homunculus alchemy sealing circle' created by several tenth level or higher 'BetaZoid Alchemist Masters'?" demanded Legato.

    "They had him locked in a cell but er he killed a few guards and got away. He's supposedly hiding out somewhere in 'Rukia Ichigo' now. Dunno why he didn't just swipe a shuttle or a starship and vamoose though." replied Garner.

    "Maybe it's because he don't know how the Hell to fly one, that's why!" roared the ex-smuggler leader.

    "Dear me. I guess it's not going to be as easy as we thought it would be after all. Well er good luck, kids. garner out." he said and hurriedly blanked out his vidscreen.

    "Just fulla good news, ain't he?" muttered Fuji and Ojou scowled.

    "Like we already told you guys- we're intergalactic cops! Anybody screws the Fxxx up and we get the shimatta clean-up call!" seethed the Boss through gritted teeth.

    "How far we gotta go?" asked Mae to change the subject.

    "Not far really. A day or two at most is all. But oro's got me worried is how we gonna get his ass back to Seto Kaiba without getting anyone else hurt or killed?" sulked the Commodore.

    The kumichko chuckled. "Anybody know any good alchemists?" joked Ojou Ooedo.

    "Yeah. I do." answered Zoe Morley very softly. "Guess I gotta call in a favour from an old tomo. 'CC', can you contact 'Amestris' in the er 'Chi Quadrant'? A place in its Eastern frontier called 'Risenbool'?" she asked.

    "Consider it done, my dear. Name?" inquired the usually obnoxious computer.

    "Elric. Edward Elric and 'CC'- no 'short guy' jokes onegai?" replied Zoe.

    "Madam! I would never insult-- hai? Oro? This is the 'UG'/3WA patrol starship 'Lovely Angel 2', Admiral O'Halloran commanding. One of our crewmen- a Lieutenant Zoe Morley wishes to speak with a Mr. Edward Elric at the er Rockabell residence there. Oh hai. I see. Hai, of course we will wait. How primitive! They have no video communications there! Hai? Arigatou. Miss Zoe? He's on Line 6 for you." said an annoyed 'CC'.

    "Konnichi wa Ed. I er dunno if you remember me or not. My name's Morley- Lt. Zoe Morley? From 'Kelladar' on 'Pluto'?" prompted Zoe.

    "Sure I remember you, Zoe. A lieutenant now huh? You were fascinated by my automail and you asked the old lady a Helluva lotta questions about it as I recall. How ya been?" replied the voice of oro sounded like- a kid!

    "Fine. Now er listen to me, Ed. I need a favour- a big one. Could you still manage to contruct a 'sealing circle'?" asked Zoe hopefully.

    "Maybe but er what do ya want it for? All the 'Homunculi' are long gone now!" replied Ed Elric cautiously.

    "For a human. A Ninja shinobi who's got a demon sealed inside of him- a demon he cannot control, Ed. That's oro we need the circle for." answered the svelte brunette navigator.

    "Who's we?" demanded the kid belligerently.

    "We are the 3WA of the 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies', kiddo. Tro-cons er that is- trouble consultants oh Hell- we're intergalactic cops! Can ya do it or not, kid?" yelled an exasperated red-headed firebrand angrily.

    "3WA eh? Roy Mustang's a top cop of some kind over on the 3WA homeworld- 'Shimougou' I think he called it. Oh yeah! He's always telling us about a couple of idiotic kids called the 'Dirty P--" began Ed.

    "That's 'Lovely Angel', dammit!" chorused about a dozen females.

    "Oh! So you're 'that' O'Halloran eh? Sorry about that crack, ma'am. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can still do it. So er you folks coming here?" asked Ed.

    "Unless you guys got beaming capabilities we are." replied Zoe. Ed laughed.

    "Ya mean like in sci fi books and stuff? Get real, Zoe Honey! It's 1922!" chortled the kid alchemist.

    "There on 'Amestris' it might be only 1922 but here it's 2251, Ed. I'll explain when we get there. Can you at least broadcast a homing beacon signal for us? So we can find 'Risenbool', Ed?" asked Zoe.

    "Sure thing. And Al's gonna be glad to see ya too. So will Winry and the old hag! OW! Oro'd ya do that for, Al? OK. I'm sorry. I meant to say Mrs. Pinako Rockabell. How soon afore ya get here, Zoe?" asked Ed and she consulted her nav charts.

    "About a half hour or so. Say hi to Al, Winry and Granny and Nota for me. See ya soon. Zoe out." she replied and blanked her vidscreen.

    "He sure sounds real young!" said Yuri dreamily.

    "Yeah but he's still older than you are. He's about 23 now I'd say. Al's a year younger. By the way- they're alchemists and Ed's oro they call a 'State' alchemist and he can do alchemy without having to draw transmutation circles. Well- er most alchemy anyway. (Zoe turned to Kei and Yuri) You two er already know his ex-commander Roy Mustang, don't ya? Mustang? 'Furool City's' new 'KP Patrol' police chief?" replied Zoe and they nodded.

    "Well, I guess that sorta puts our football game on hold at least until we get this Gaara character back to Seto Kaiba. Gomen gang but duty calls! Everyone back to work." said a rueful Kei.

    Zoe and Mar charted a course to 'Amestris' and a mere twenty minutes later Legato landed the 'Angel' on 'Rockabell Automail's' front lawn which looked for all the cosmoses like a Terran haunted house! A short blonde guy sporting a matching pencil moustache walked out to greet them. He was followed by- of all things- a tall knight in shining armour! Close behind them came a young blonde girl about Kome's age and an elderly matron carrying a small white nekko somewhat resembling Kirara although this kitty had only one tail- not two. Zoe introduced everyone and then the older lady led them all inside the house. Winry (the young blonde girl), however, hung back to stare longingly at the 'Angel'.

    "Ooh Ed! It's just so- huge! Do you think they'd er mind if I er took it apart?" she bubbled, screwdriver in hand.

    "Another 'Ed' for us, Zoe?" whispered Marlene and Zoe nodded.

    "I really don't think they'd like that, Win. Don't forget- they're cops!" admonished the blonde dude. Mrs. Rockabell seemed not to care a jot that a small army had suddenly descended upon her household and with Mar's help she soon whipped up a fabulous feast for them all. Kome noticed that the knight who'd been introduced as Ed's 'younger' brother Al was not eating so she asked why and Zoe whispered in her ear.

    Cont in Ch 174-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 174-Pt 2-K&K

    It seemed that many years ago the two lads had practiced 'forbidden' alchemy which was a 'taboo' here! As a result of it Ed had lost both his right arm and his right leg while Al or Alphonse Elric had lost his entire corporeal body! Ed had 'anchored' Al's soul to an old suit of armour and hence his brother had no need of sustenance save oxygen.

    Finally Pinako Rockabell who was Winry's grandmother broached the subject that everyone else seemed to have been tactfully avoiding- the reason for their sudden visit! Zoe explained their needs concisely.

    "I'll need some things and they ain't cheap! (Ed pointed to Winry and Granny) Of course Al and both of my automail mechanics come along too. I'll need another alchemist but she may not wanna tag along with us and er we don't come cheap either! That's the deal- take it or leave it, guys." said a smug Edward Elric. At a nod from the Boss Yuri tossed down a universal credit vidchit holocard.

    "Tht will cover the expenses. You and your tomos all have a blank cheque for your necessary goods and for services rendered. Whoever the Hell else you need we'll get for ya!" said Kei menacingly. A few minutes later a couple of surface craft had been loaded up with passengers.

    "That thing there isn't exactly oro you would call inconspicuous." observed Granny Pinako and Kei grinned.

    "Mar? Cloak the 'Angel' onegai." she trilled and the 'thing' vanished into thin air. "Oro thing is that, Granny?" asked the redhead innocently.

    "Hey Reds, that's a pretty neat trick!" laughed Ed Elric.

    "Zoe said you had a nickname, Ed. Now oro was it again? Oh yeah- now I remember. Shorty?" said Kei and Ed bristled with anger.

    "Don't you dare call me a shortie, dammit to Hell, girl!" he yelled. "I'm the shimatta 'Fullmetal Alchemist'!" he added, smashing his right fist into a boulder for emphasis.

    "Right. Fullmetal eh? My name is 'Kei' so stop calling me Reds!" cried the red admiral angrily. "Yuri? You'd better bring your med kit. Our Mr. Edward here just broke his hand." she trilled.

    "Guess again, Miss kei! My automail is made to last!" declared Winry Rockabell proudly.

    "Yuri? Never mind the med crap. He's OK." trilled the redhead.

    The necessary ingredients although costly were easily obtainable and pretty soon all that was left to do was to persuade Ed and Al's old alchemy teacher Izumi to accompany them. While Yuri, Zoe and Fullmetal waited for Izumi to answer her doorbell, Kei waited in one of the surface rovers fingering her Mark XIII and fuming inwardly.

    "I thought it was a good plan, Mugghi. If this here teacher bitch refused to help us, Kome'd hold the dude down while I coshed him with my Mark. Simple eh? But nai- Yuri said we couldn't do it that way! Go figger huh?" she sulked and smoked a cheroot while she waited for the others to come back.

    "I told you once before Ed that I was all through with alchemy and I damned well meant it!" stormed Izumi, Ed's former sensei.

    "Well folks- the Bos can't say that we didn't at least try." observed Ed Elric morosely to Zoe and Yuri.

    "Izumi? Have you ever seen oro a wild rogue demon can do to a city- let alone an entire world?" asked Zoe quietly. She glanced over at Yuri (who was giggling) quickly. "Don't think of the tame ones you've already met like InuYasha, Kouga or Naraku. Even the almighty Saiyyans' powers pale in comparison, kid." she explained.

    "Please teacher? Just this one last time? For us? For me and Al? I can't do it alone." pleaded Fullmetal.

    "Damned bloody right you can't! Even with my help it ain't gonna be easy! OK, I guess I can do this one last time- for you and Alphonse. Just lemme grab a few things and we'll go." agreed Izumi albeit reluctantly. She hefted a small suitcase up onto the table and began loading it with chemical, books and some strange looking stuff.

    "We er have 'replicators' on the 'Angel', ma'am." offered Yuri helpfully and Izumi frowned.

    "I seriously doubt if your 'replicators' can make up this stuff. Sutras, Mantras, spells, grimoires- not to mention er human blood." she replied, flinging a dark cloak around her slender shoulders. Ed hefted her luggage and then they all strolled out to the rovers where Winry was pouting because Kome wouldn't let her dismantle the rover's engines while Granny had just clouted Nyssa for daring to call Ed's automail an 'antique'! A fast flight returned them to the Rockabell place. Mar ahd of course picked them up on the scanners and just as Izumi said "I don't see any spaceships around here." she de-cloaked the 'Angel'. The airlock opened and the rovers were speedily docked aboard the ship. While Granny and Winry hurried inside the house to pack their bags and change for the journey Izumi was escorted to the rec room.

    "Just one moment, onegai? I have to make a telephone call." she said when she spotted the two 'phone booths' beside the bar and before anyone could stop her she had gone inside Doctor 2's TARDIS! "Holy Mother! It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside! Where's the damned phone in here?" she yelled from inside the box.

    "There isn't one, young woman! Please get out of my TARDIS immediately!" cried Doctor 2 testily and KR howled with laughter.

    "Give her an open comm line, 'CC', if you will please." he said.

    "Of course, Mr. Riff. Name and number onegai?" replied 'CC' politely. KR tapped Izumi's arm.

    "Just tell 'CC' who you wanna call and give him the number. He'll do the rest. If you want some privacy, use the dining hall next door." said KR.

    Izume looked around the huge room puzzledly. "Where--" she stammered.

    "You call whoever whenever and wherever you want, Honey. The whole ship's just like a big old phone booth." said Yuri helpfully.

    Finally Doctor 4 took the teacher next door and explained things to her. Izume called Denny and Maria Block (the former Stae Alchemist Army sergeant and lieutenant had resigned their commissions, married each other and were now running a bakery next door to her husband Sig's butcher shop in 'Risenbool') to ask them to keep her hubby and her students out of trouble for a few weeks until Izumi came back home. She told them she was visiting an old tomo in 'Ishbaal' and she might be staying on there for awhile.

    One of Level Eight's storage rooms had been hastily converted into a laboratory for her, Ed and Al. Zoe assigned the newcomers quarters on Level Four where Elda had been bunking with Flay, Nat, Sango and Cagalli. Since Al was still the 'Philosopher's Stone' (see Fullmetal Alchemist for details) and since Ed Elric still did not understand it any too damned well evryone aboard the ship had been ordered not to even so much as brush up against the huge knight in shining armour- or else! Al seemed quite content to play vid games in a corner of the lab.

    "It's no damned good, Teacher! We'll need a blood smear from this 'Gaara' guy to find the proper combination we'll need for this seal to wrk!" complained Fullmetal.

    "Sure, Ed. When we get there I'll grab the dude while you stick him with the hypo- right?" growled Winry who was trying desperately to strengthen Ed's automail leg.

    "Quiet child. Edward is right though. I wonder if this 'CC' thing could perhaps reproduce something similar for you to use?" said Granny. Winry's grandmom Pinako Rockabell was being called 'Granny' by everyone it seemed and she did not mind that one little bit.

    "I am not a thing, Granny!" complained a miffed 'CC'.

    "Then oro the Hell are ya?" joked Ed.

    "Well er that is- I am a very technical piece of programming er--" replied 'CC'- for once at a loss for words!

    "A thing just like Granny said!" chuckled Izumi who was checking the scales where she was carefully weighing out some chemicals. The PA system suddenly came to life- loudly.

    "Brace yourselves, folks! We are about to enter the 'Gaspar Nebulae' and 'Tagawaki Four' is just beyond it." announced Kome Sawaguchi.

    Cont in Ch 174-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 174-Pt 3-K&K

    "What's that 'nebulae' thingy like?" asked Winry idly.

    "It's a cloud of gases sorta like a 'nexor' guys. All it does is toss the ship around with a few 'G's' of pressure." replied Zoe who was playing with Nota the Rockabells' pet nekko.

    "Like bloody Hell!" yelled Ed, Al and Izumi together.

    "Hey Reds!" yelled Ed as loud as he could.

    "Oro the Hell do ya want, kid? Stop yelling! Your comlink magnifies your big mouth up here and I've already got a headache, man! So oro's the damned problem, kiddo?" trilled the Boss.

    "You cannot go into that 'Gaspar' thing, man! We're doing real delicate stuff and shaking this tub could screw it up! We might just er oh I dunno- accidentally blow up this tub of yours!" trilled Ed.

    "Change course, Mar. We're taking the long scenic route to 'Tagawaki Four' so it'll make the trip a bit longer- three Fxxxing days longer!" complained Kei disgustedly.

    "Cheer up, Boss. Now we can finish the big game, kid." said Big Spike Miroku.

    "Well- we may as well tell 'em all the good news. I'm sure those alchemy nutcases are gonna be just thrilled to death that we ain't gonna be travelling through 'Gaspar' so call a powwow for 1500 for evrybody in the ready room. Someone find out if Ed and his gang wanna play some football with us." said the redhead.

    As it turned out Ed, Al, Izumi, Winry and Granny all 'knew' how to play the game, however, only Ed and Winry actually 'wanted' to play. Well- Al did too but he was the 'Red Stone' so he couldn't. Izume wasn't strong enough to play and Granny said it was a 'pasttime for the young'. Besides which she was cooking and baking for all hands. A coin toss decided that Kei's team got Winry while Han's team got Ed. Both of 'em were gonna be running backs on the offense and linebackers on the defense as well as returners on special teams.

    Since their latest alchemy project needed a few hours to produce any results the new guests were given the 'grand tour' of the ship. This time Team Rocket and the Gunsmith Cats did the honours while Ojou and Fuji tagged along. As the next newest guests they had not yet had a 'guided tour' of the 'Angel' and were visibly impressed by the immensity of the craft and the cool efficiency of her crew.

    Granny felt that most of the places they visited were quite frivolous. Ed liked the weapons' arsenols while Alphonse simply adored the holodecks. Izumi was stunned by the vast array of medical supplies in sick bay. Winry 'oohed and ahhed' at the lovely machinery in Engineering especially the nacelles and the warp core. However, Annie Hathaway soon threw a monkey wrench into the blonde's plans when she told the gal mechanic that she would not be allowed to disassemble the central core nor could he be permitted to field strip a nacelle!

    Winry sulked through the rest of the tour and Rally was glad when luncheon was announced at 1230 hours. Following the meal Kei checked that they were still on course leaving Nammo to monitor the systems ably assisted by K-9. The Mugghis were needed elsewhere- They were right offensive tackles and left defensive ends for hers and Han's teams.

    Izume and Ed checked on their experiment's progress and then along with Al, Winry and Granny they walked two corridors over to the holodecks from the lab. Everyone was soon kitted out for the game and Doctor 2 fired a disruptor pistol to begin the game's second half.

    End of Chapter 174. Chapter 175 'Alchemist in the Backfield' or 'Arcanum Actions (2nd Half of Football Game)' soon. SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twists I have tossed in? My good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 175
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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