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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 174-Part 3

    Wow this entire story is crazy it took me ages to read it i havent reached the end yet but still you keep writing more before i can actuall read it all! thanks for this amazing story! and well done

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    Here's a shortie for ya. Ch 175-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Nota, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 175 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 175

    'Alchemist In the Backfield' or 'Arcanum Actions' (Second half of Football Game)


    Since Kome had kicked off to start the game Legato kicked off to begin the second half. His end over end kick was picked up by the Boss at the Killers' 3 meter line. She took off and didn't get too far. Kei was gang tackled by Ed, Spike and Fuji at the nine. Mar wasted no time in putting her newest player to good use by handing off to Winry who cut left and darted to the twenty before KR and their new Inside LB (Ed) yanked her to the turf but not before she'd moved the chains for a Killers' first down. Now that she had some breathing room Mar conferred with her coach and decided to try an oldie but still a goodie- the 'Statue of Liberty' play. Mar would take the snap from Rally and drop back three paces. She would hand off to Ojou who would hold the ball up flat on the palm of her right hand and then Winry would grab it, run for the end zone and hopefully score.

    But like they say 'the best laid plans of Angels and men oft go awry!' The defense bit on the fake pass when Ojou took off downfield after Winry had taken the ball from her but when Ed knocked against Winry the blonde dropped the ball. Keisie tried to recover it but got bear-hugged by Big Spike and coughed up the pigskin. Ed grabbed it and raced the other way towards a wide open Killers' end zone! With Fuji and KR blocking for him Ed rocketed in for the score. After Kome booted the extra pont, the score was Killers- 18 and Hawks- 18.

    Han, however, was beside himself with fury! That old chestnut? The 'Statue of Liberty' play? Are you baka or something? You idiots actually fell for it too! That play ain't been used in centuries and ya know why? 'Cause most players today ain't dumb enough to fall for it! Lucky for us that dumbass blonde dropped it and Ed picked it up after Spike got it away from Keisie. Anyway- good job on the blocking so Ed could score, gang! " grinned Solo. He beckoned to his kicker and Legato ran to the sidelines.

    "Kick it deep and pin 'em back but don't kick it to Ojou. Angle it more towards the Boss 'cause she just might drop it and at the very least we'll give 'em lousy field position." whisper Han and Legato nodded. He picked out a spot midway twixt Kei and Ojou and booted it deep hoping that KR, Mae, Annie or Jamie Wilson could maybe down it before Kei or Ojou got to the ball. It looked like Legato had put too much juice on it and there'd be a touchback back out to the twenty meter line until Ojou moved aside and Winry fielded it at the ten meter line of the Killers. The petite blonde speed demon covered more than half the field before KR and Jamie from Jersey collared her- at the Hawks' 35!

    "Dammit! Almost in Kome's range too!" howled Big Spike. "They don't get another Fxxxing centimeter or I will personally kick your asses all the way to 'Tagawaki Four' and back again!" growled a disgruntled Big Spike Miroku.

    Mar took Rally's snap and lateraled to Ojou who cut left before hurling a guided missile to the right hand corner of the end zone and straight into Winry's waiting mitts! This time Miss Rockabell did not drop the ball. The two point conversion was botched though when Ojou was stopped in the backfield at the five. The Killers had regained the lead but held it only by six: 24 to 18.

    "End of the third quarter. Only one more to go." intoned 'CC' in a sombre tone.

    "Shimatta ni jigoku! We just can't allow Reds to score anything else or it's gonna be all over for us!" roared Big Spike and Han Solo agreed with him.

    "So? Oro we gonna do this time?" asked Blonde Bomber Mae Hopkins.

    "Ed- you line up directly behind Yuyu. Legato- drop back a bit to mask his presence there. Kome will kick it to Yuyu 'cause she's a klutz and Kome knows it. So Yuyu will step aside just before the ball gets there and Ed will field it. Then you two block for him while Ed goes right up the centre of the field. It should be an easy run for him with only Kome to get past. Two can play at that game, Admiral." seethed Nyssa.

    "Make it so! Let's do it!" yelled Big Spike and Han nodded his approval. Kome kicked a beauty as predicted right at Yuyu but at the very last possible nanosecond she threw herself sideways to block out Leila while Legato did the same to Keisie on the left allowing the ball to drop right into Ed's outstretched arms and he was gone! Kome tried to ankle tackle the blonde alchemist on his way past her but only succeeded in yanking off his shoe.

    "Touchdown- Hawks!" yelled Doctor 2 and he raised his hands high.

    "We're going for two!" cried Legato. Nyssa tossed the pigskin to Zoe who caught it easily in the left corner of the end zone. Finally the Hawks had the lead back albeit by only two: 26 to 24 and there was still nine minutes and eight seconds to go in the game. When legato kicked off the ball seemed to be suspended in midair so long was its hangtime! All Ojou could do was signal for a fair catch and then make it- at her own one meter line! 'Pinned back deep, that they were!' as Kenshin Himura would have put it. Now Kei's frustration began to make itself known.

    "Christ Almighty, Ojou! You shoulda let it go into the end zone, girl! Now all we can hope for is to get off a good punt and quick! Time ain't on our side but don't nobody panic just yet. We only gotta keep them from scoring so we can try to win it with a field goal. So Mar? Just do a handoff and if we get us some breathing space try a short shovel or a short screen pass. Don't unload anything deep downfield or we may be history! Got it?" growled Kei and Mar nodded OK.

    First Kome gained four to the five and then Winry lost three back to the two meter line. Third and nine saw Ojou only manage to reach the seven and Kome had to punt. The clock was at seven and a half minutes when her punt sailed into the end zone for a touchback. There was seven and a quarter minutes left in regulation with Han clinging to a two point lead.

    "Nyssa- handoffs or short passes only. No deep stuff. Your call, kiddo." instructed Solo.

    "Remember gang that we don't have to score to win. We just have to keep them from scoring again." warned Spike. A heavy dose of Ed, Yuyu and Legato runs mixed in with a few short screens to Zoe, Annie and Big Spike consumed almost half of the field and had forced Keisie to use up all three of the Killers' timeouts before the two minute warning! Two minutes and one second remained when Ed got to the Killers' forty meter line.

    "Two minute warning." cried Doctor 4. After that final official timeout the Hawks marched to the twenty in two successive downs leaving only forty seconds in the game. With Kei's Killers unable now to stop the clock the redhead fumed as the final seconds ticked off after Yuri's snap to Nyssa and she simply allowed time to expire. A second kneeldown and fifteen seconds later it was all over. Miraculously Han's Hawks had beaten Kei's Killers! The final score was 26 to 24! Doctor 2 fired his disruptor pistol signalling the end of the game and suddenly all Hell broke loose!

    END of Ch 175 'Alchemist in the Backfield' or 'Arcanum Actions'. Ch 176 'Trip To Seto Kaiba' or 'Winry's New Winter Wardrobe'coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 176
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's a long one- Ch 176-Pt 1 for ya-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Granny, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 176 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 176

    'Trip To Seto Kaiba' or 'Winry's New Winter Wardrobe'

    The 'Angel' seemed to be in sheer chaos oro with klaxons wailing away all over the ship! "Admiral? Commodore? Anybody?? K-9 here. We er seem to have s slight er problem. We seem to have wandered into a tachyion particle beam storm- a barrage of er energy blasts if you will." whined Doctor 4's data dog robot thing.

    "K-9? Help is on its way. We'll be right there." trilled Yuri Donovan, tossing her helmet and her shoulder pads on the floor. The Boss had already 'morphed' into flight gear and was racing up the gantryway while the others piled into the lifts. Yuri was at her partner's side a few minutes later and together they dashed onto the bridge.

    "See oro the Fxxx happens when we try to go 'around' 'Gaspar' instead of 'through' it, dummy!" yelled Kei who was busily blasting plasma bolts at particle beams. Yuri had quickly raised their shields and joined her superior. Mar, Zoe and Nyssa were desperately searching for a 'window' ot of this bizarre mess but to no avail!

    "Can't we just nuke 'em with that monster gun thing that ya got down on six, Reds?" suggested Edward Elric.

    "Like Hell! We no cannae use that bloody gun, laddie! That thing rearranges worlds, me boyo!" cired Jamie MacCrimmon from his position on the aft plama cannons.

    "We got one chance! Our only hope is for 'Tagawaki Four's' tower to tractor us through this blasted storm, kids!" yelled Legato, yawing wildly away from yet another deadly energy beam.

    "Kome! Raise someone on 'Tag Four'! We got 'GC' clearance, dammit all to Hell! We're doing those bloody bastards a frigging favor! The very least they can do is help us to get there!" yelled Kei, using a heavy photon torpedo bomb to blast apart an asteroid headed for the 'Angel's' starboard fin.

    "Get their asses on the horn, dammit!" screamed Nyssa from the nav room next door.

    "Attention! This is the 3WA patrol starship 'Lovely Angel 2' calling 'Tagawaki Four Tower'. Come in onegai. Over." said Kome into her relay mike.

    "Roger that, perty lady. 'Tag Four Tower' here. Commander Lafayette LaFleur at yer service, ma'am. Oro's your problem. Over." replied a masculine voice with a decided 'downhome' twang to it.

    "Arigatou be to Kami! Listen- we are responding to a call for help from 'Galactic Command' so they know we are coming. We've wandered into a tachyion particle beam storm and now we're the ones who need help. Can you er tractor our ship through this storm to your docking bays onegai? Over." asked a hopeful sounding Kome Sawaguchi.

    "Why shore we can, Honey. You just give old Lafayette here a lil old bearing on your ship's position and leave the rest to us. Over." answered Lafayette LaFleur.

    "Mar! Where the Hell are we? Gimme our coordinates dammit!" yelled Kome.

    "3625 by 4783 South Southeast." trilled the blonde navigator. Kome relayed this information to Lafayette who locked onto the 'Angel' via her homing beacon signal and slowly began to 'thread the needle' by drawing the immense starship through the narrow spaces twixt the beams of deadly energy.

    "This is gonna take a good six hours or so, Miss er Lady er oro is your name, Honey? Over." trilled Lafayette.

    "It's Sawaguchi. Ensign Kome Marie Sawaguchi but just call me Kome, sir. Over." replied the comm officer.

    "Well- you folks sit tight there and just leave the driving to us, Kome Honey and we'll be sure and call ya when we've docked yer 'Angel'. La Fleur out." answered the tower officer.

    "And you can just leave all the drinking to us!" crowed Rally Vincent who had already reached the bar and was on her third old-fashioned.

    "Scanning Officer Lieutenant Vincent to the bridge stat!" blared Zoe's voice over the PA system.

    "Er Rally? I think they want ya back upstairs again. Rally?" said Minnie Mae (the 'Blonde Bomber') Hopkins who was on her fourth root beer float.

    "Huh? Screw 'em! I'm off duty, man!" slurred the Chicago 'cowgirl' and promptly passed out.

    "Rally Vincent! Get your ass up here now, dammit! We need you!" blared out Mar's voice and Mae picked up a PA mike.

    "Gomen er sorry but er Rally is a bit under the weather at the moment- you know- the way the Boss gets sometimes?" explained the 'Blonde Bomber'.

    "Shit! No Fxxxing way! I do not believe it! Don't tell me she's had a few too many, Mae?" said Nyssa incredulously.

    "Three. She's in Dreamland, guys. Sorry." replied mae.

    "Then you get up here pronto and take her place! That's an order, Ensign!" ordered Keisie.

    "On my way, ma'am." said Mae and tossed down the mike. She dragged Rally to a sofa and covered her with a tablecloth before sprinting for the lifts.

    "Just watch that screen and tell Mr. LaFleur if any of those floating green dots get anywhere near that red, white and aoishi cigar shaped thing. Here." said Keisie and shoved a relay mike into the blonde teenager's hands. Then she returned to her post.

    "Where the Hell's Rally?" yelled the Boss.

    "Dead drunk, Boss and asleep in the bar." replied Keisie, her aizu glued to her vidscreen.

    "Well I gotta go coordinate the search parties (for Gaara when they got to 'Tag Four') so if you want me I'll be in my ready room. It's gonna be 2100 (nine PM) before we get to 'Tagawaki Four' so break for dinner at 1800 (six PM). Trade off however you wanna but make damned sure we've got a bridge crew up here while you're gone. See ya later. Ciao." said the redhead and she left them.

    "Legato? Han will replace you at six. Annie can spell me. KR can take Keisie's place. Ojou will fill in for Kome and Jess can take Mae's place. Kome, onegai announce that stuff after you send Zoe and Leila down to make dinner." instructed the commodore who was idly apging through the new 'Barbella of Ganymede' fashion holovid catalogue.

    Zoe, Leila and Granny Rockabell made a kawaii dinner for them all and at 1800 hours the bridge crew changed shifts. Han, Annie, KR, Ojou and Jess replaced the bridge gang and Legato, Yuri, Kome, Keisie and Mae went down to eat. Ed Elric and Izumi were still arguing over a 'chemical imbalance in the Arcanum' when Kei reached the dining hall.

    "Oro ever the Hell that is!" growled the Boss to herself. The DNA produced from the repped up blood smear seemed to be working out just fine for their tests and Izumi had decided that their 'sealing circle' was ready to be activated. 'CC' had suggested that they draw the 'circle' on a Kelvinite platform which could then be 'beamed' to wherever it was gonna be used. Granny still felt that alchemy was a sacrilege against the Almighty, however, she did grudgingly agree that it did sometimes have its uses.

    Winry was simply ecstatic. To keep the teenaged blonde mechanic girl out of mischief Legato had given her an old replicator to take apart and play with and the Boss had said Winry could keep it too! Alphonse Elric had become quite adept at vid games and was chattering away happily to both Ed and Izumi who simply ignored him.

    Finally at 2050 (ten minutes before nine PM) LaFleur called to tell them that he was now docking the ship. Han and KR handled the helm as the 'Angel' slid into its designated berth in 'Tagawaki Four's' docking bays.

    "Any sign of our prey, Laff?" drawled Solo but before Lafayette could answer--

    "I found him, Mr. Han!" yelled Jessie Rocket from the scanners in the nav room next door.

    "Much obliged, old buddy but we just found Gaara. He's holed up in some old building on Eruka Boulevard in town. Might as well give our Reds the good news. See ya around the galaxies, tomo. Solo out." drawled Han into his relay mike.

    "Good hunting, Han. LaFleur out." replied Lafayette and the vidscreen went dark.

    "Yo Reds! We found Gaara. He's hidding out in an old warehouse about ten kilos away from here." trilled the ex-pirate/smuggler.

    "Roger that, Han. Meet us at the transporters. Ed, Al, Izumi, Yuri, Keisie, KR, Annie, Zoe, Nyssa, Big Spike, Jamie Mac, Jersey Jamie, Goat, Rally, Ojou, Fuji, Leila, Winry! Report to the transporter deck on Level Four stat! Mae, Jess, James Rocket! Take pattern enhancer units up to the lab on Level Eight. Set 'em up around that platform where Ed, Al and Izumi tell ya to but do not touch the circle or Ed's brother Al! Yuyu? Report to the transporter control room." ordered the Boss Lady.

    Cont in Ch 176-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 176-Pt 2-K&K

    By 2150 (ten minutes before ten PM) everyone was ready to go and the 'circle' platform had been first 'cloaked' and then 'beamed' to the Eruka Boulevard warehouse. The first of the adventurers to lave were Winry, Ed, Al and Izumi accompanied by Zoe and Leila for protection. Yuri, KR, Annie and Nyssa left after them and beamed onto the street outside of the front of the warehouse followed closely by Big Spike, the Jamies, Rally, Ojou and Fuji who materialized outside the rear of the structure. Finally Keisie, Han, Legato and the Boss emerged out of the hallway darkness inside inside the huge warehouse and cautiously approached the room where the scans had indicated that Gaara was concealed.

    Han and Legato had plasma rifles trained on the door while Keisie was facing it dead on with her Mark XXX pointed at it dead centre. Kei had both Mark XIII's drawn and cocked. The redhead nodded and Legato roared in a voice of thunder: "3WA fella! Open this door or we'll blow it open for ya!" he yelled. A muttering litany akin to chanting of very strange words came from inside the room in answer to his command so Legato told Keisie to 'Blow it open, girl!'. Han and Legato stood to either side of the portal while Kei hit the deck- hard. The roar of the Mark XXX in that small confined space was deafening! The side walls above Kei dissolved into atoms when the Mark's backblast hit them! Then the room's door disappeared as did half of the walls surrounding it! A weird looking 'boy' with a jug of some sort strapped to his back was squatting on the floor and making rapid hand signs while intoning away in some unknown tongue.

    "Kei! Have Yuyu beam Gaara to the circle and quick! He's coming, Ed! Get ready to seal his ass!" yelled Legato.

    "Yuyu! Lock onto my signal and transport everything in a twenty meter radius around me to that circle- now!" trilled the redhead axiously. The wooden walls glowed and then were replaced by dull metallic ones. In the centre of this gigantic space was the 'Arcanum Sealing Circle' atop its Kelvinite platform. Squatting in its central wheel hub was Gaara with an astonished expression on his face.

    "You fools! Ye cannot hold me for very long with an archaic seal like that piece of junk!" he shreiked hysterically.

    "Wanna bet, pal?" cried Ed Elric as Izumi tossed the tiny but deadly vial of chemicals containing the replicated blood and DNA squarely into the third arc of the 'seal' and Gaara (or the thing inside of his body) howled with pain! "Say bye bye now, Gaara! You're going into a 'time corridor' and from it there is no escape, my tomo." said the blonde alchemist, pressing the palms of both hands flat on the circle's border while Izumi and Zoe did likewise. "By the five elements of true alchemy- wind, fire, water, earth and metal- I seal ye within this binding sphere and send it to the oblivion of a 'time corridor' where ye shall remain for all eternity! Cast in the name of Almighty God- Ye not guilty! I hereby summon the Guardians of Light to convey ye thither! Farewell ye foul beast of sand!" intoned Ed ominously.

    Flame soon encircled the ring and Gaara screamed as the glowing circle evaporated into thin air. Back on Doctor 4's TARDIS the tiny 'zero room' there filled with a malevolent force and Gaara Yeshiru along with the eerie sand demon sealed inside of his body was caged forever in time! "I do hope that our red-haired 'Angel' knows just oro she is letting herself in for by keeping this dangerous thing aboard ship even if it is in a time corridor within a zero room on a Type 40 TARDIS inside of a 'Homunculus Arcanum Sealing Circle'! Dammit all! He is still quite deadly!" cried a worried Doctor 4 but his counterpart Doctor 2 pooh-poohed the notion.

    "You saw oro she did with those demonic beings and our 'Daleks' back on our homeworld, didn't you? This poor blighter has not got a prayer that he will ever get away from her!" chortled an elated Doctor 2.

    "I wish I had your confidence, Doctor." answered Doctor 4 with a dubious shake of his head.

    "Yuri, inform 'GC' that our mission was successful. Tell 'em we're taking this pest to Seto Kaiba as soon as we round up our gang. You'll take care of the paperwork this time, kiddo. Remember that I did both the 'Black Ghost' and the 'Johnny Berringer' missions so now it's your damned turn. Take Leila and Rally along with you. We'll meet back on the 'Angel' in an hour. See ya soon. Kei out." she trilled and Yuri fumed inwardly.

    "Why the freaking Hell do I gotta play secretary again? Kei forgets that I always get stuck with doing our daily reports (which the Angels usually turned in evry six months as a rule!) and our mission stuff (Mar did 'em this time to get some peace and quiet!) all the time, dammit!" sulked the violet-coiffed vixen to herself.

    "Leila? Rally? You're with me. The rest of you guys beam back aboard the ship and report to Her Royal Highness for further orders. We'll be back in an hour or so. Yuri out." she trilled and pulled out her PDO, 3WA credentials and her very darkest sunglasses. "Rally, grab my medkit. Leila, hold onto my PDO willya? Let's go play diplomat for Uncle Charlie- again!" she said ruefully and put on her shades. The 'GC' HQ for 'Tagawaki Four' was three blocks over on Sawada Esplanade- two doors away from the local 'ISSP' building. Since they had been 'dropped off' with no transport to use, the hapless trio had to walk.

    "I'm sorry er ladies but I cannot possibly allow you to remove a 'GC' felon offworld without the proper clearances. Nor can you be permitted to do so without having a 'GC' officer aboard your ship." said the 'GC' clerk.

    "Oh. Really?" cooed Yuri sweetly while she proffered her 3WA/'UG' ID pass- on a bright crimson vidcard!

    "Oh my Ka-Mi! A 'red card'! Just a sec, ma'am!" said the now suddenly flustered 'GC' clerk a few moments later after returning her vidphone to its base. "The CO is er handling this matter personally. He will be right with you. Onegai sit down, Commodore, ma'am." she invited. Yuri smiled and sat while Rally and Leila remained standing. A nervous little chap not unlike the 'little fellow' came bustling over to the counter.

    "Lt. Koba! Where the Hell's the other one gotten to? Don't tell me that both of the 'Dirty-' er I mean 'Lovely Angels' are loose in my city?" he whispered after catching sight of Yuri.

    "No sir, O'Halloran's not here. Not yet anyway but if we don't get rid of this one soon she'll sure as Hell show up though!" whispered the green-haired 'Corallian' clerk.

    "You get the necessary paperwork ready and I'll sign it and rubber stamp it and then she'll go back home- hopefully!" he breathed. "Ah! It's Commodore Donovan, is it not? My congratulations on your recent promotion, my dear. Eureka (E-rek-a) is getting the red tape squared away and then you may leave, Ladies. Gomen er pardon me. I am Colonel Jason Ishikawa, commanding officer of 'Galactic Command' here on 'Tagawaki Four'. Ah- here comes Eureka with your travel permits and whatnot. This won't take a moment, ma'am." bubbled Jason and he speedily signed papers just as fast as the svelte young 'Corallian' lieutenant gave them to him. "There you go, ma'am. All done- as promised. You can leave 'Tagawaki Four' whenever you like. May I wish you 'Kamispeed' and a pleasant voyage to Seto Kaiba. Sayonara." he crooned before beating a hasty retreat.

    "Three to beam up, Yuyu." trilled Yuri and the trio vanished.

    "Boy oh boy! The Boss really weilds power, don't she? Just one mention of her name puts the fear of Kami into everyone it seems!" chuckled Rally.

    "Apparently it works with both of 'em. That dude sure as Hell recognized our Yuri." observed Leila.

    "Yeah. Kei's rep's rubbing off on me now too. Dunno if I like that idea though." replied Yuri who was keying a report for Garner into her PDO vidpad. The three ladies were enjoying a quiet nightcap at the rec room bar before calling it a night.

    "Oro can that firebrand Hellcat be thinking? I er we told her how dangerous and deadly Gaara and that demon of his were, didn't we? And still she did it!" grumbled Doctor 4.

    "Well, Kei will be Kei, Doctor." replied Doctor 2.

    "How true, Doctor. How true." retorted Doctor 4 sadly. You see- despite the time lords' objections Kei had had the 'zero room' with the 'time corridor' containing the sealed Gaara and his sand demon inside it removed from the TARDIS and transferred to the brig on Sublevel Four for the jaunt to Seto Kaiba. "He really belongs on 'Gallifrey' inside of our 'Matrix', young woman." was Doctor 2's opinion and his fellow time lord concurred.

    "Look me boyos- 'GC' says he goes to Seto Kaiba and that's where he's damned well going. Those are my orders." explained the redhead.

    "And since when did you ever pay attention to orders!" exploded Doctor 4, his patience completely gone.

    "I'll pretend I didn't hear that, Doctor. I bid you both good night." had been her final words to them before she'd drained her glassand gone to her quarters at 2230 hours. At 2300, both Rally and Leila turned in leaving only Yuri to burn the midnight hyperdrives. The rest of the crew were tucked in for the night except for the four guards on Sublevel Four- Goat, Big Spike, Ojou and Fuji. Peace at long last claimed the 'Angel' and soon all hands were fast asleep.

    Gaara Yeshiru had tried every 'jutsu' he could think of to escape his triple prison cells but nothing seemed to work! Small wonder since Yuri had the 'Neutralizing Field' back in place, Ed, Al and Izumi had triple strengthened the 'Arcanum Seal' and Legato had added even more 'BetaZoid' mind control fortifications to both the 'time corridor' and the 'zero room'! Then of course there was the 'Angel' itself!

    Cont in Ch 176-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 176-Pt 3-K&K

    "Trust me, Chiefs. Mr. Gaara Yeshiru won't be going anywhere! He'll be safe and sound until we get to 'Seto Kaiba' in another week. Then the little shit'll be somebody else's headache! We'll all welcome a nice long and leisurely trek back home to Furool this time, sirs. G'Night. O'Halloran out." Kei finished her vidcall to the 'G Boys' and turned in. Morpheus wrapped his tender wings around the weary Angel and at 0100 he did the same for her tired partner. The 'Angel' was cruising along at a serene Warp 5 pace towards 'Seto K' having left 'Tagawaki Four' at 2215 hours.

    Big Spike, Goat, Ojou and Fuji had been ordered to ignore oro ever they either heard or saw of Gaara. After all Gaara 'was' a Ninja! Ninjas are cunning and Gaara was as cunning as they came! "Ojou? You sure this guy ain't hungry in there? I don't think he's been fed since he was brought aboard." said Fuji.

    "The Boss said we gotta guard him not feed him and after all the troubles he's stirred up, it sure as Hell would be poetic justice to let his little ass starve for awile! Let the day shift worry about the creep." replied Ojou with a yawn. She was really beat and needed some sleep but orders are orders. That bloody football game had really taken it out of her and then they'd lost the shimatta thing in the end by two lousy points! Then along with Spike, Rally, that Scot, the Jersey jackass Jamie and Fuji she had had to cover the rear of the building against Gaara's retreat on 'Tagawaki Four'! As it turned out, however, the front and rear reserves hadn't even been necessary. When the Boss's quartet had hit Gaara they had hit him hard. One minute- nothing and the next- the warehouse had exploded! A few minutes later the word had come that it was all over and everyone had been recalled to the ship. Now the little bastard was aboard with them under lock and key but in Ojou's opinion they had gone way overboard on the security measures! A 'time corridor', a 'zero room', a TARDIS, a brig down here plus they were travelling through deep space headed for Kami knew where! On top of that Gaara was in that damned 'sealing wax circle' thingy! Christ! I never even heard of all this crapola before! After all the only thing Gaara could do was Ninja 'jutsu' and junk- right? Shit! He didn't even have a weapon- now! When they had searched him all he'd had on him were a kunai (Ninja dagger), some shurikins (throwing stars) and a pannikin of sand strapped to his back! Legato had confiscated all the weapons since he had been (and still was) the only one who could safely enter that idiotic 'Arcanum Seal' circle thing.

    Apparently the Jamies and Spikey were used to all this shit but dammit all- she wasn't! Suddenly Ojou felt a hand on her shoulder. "Ojou? If you're tired crash on a bunk in one of the guardrooms. Mac, Willie, Goat and me can handle this shift OK. We're all used to it. Take Fido with ya and we'll sing out if we need ya." said an understanding Big Spike Miroku.

    "Thanks Spike. Maybe I will. By the way- back in the 'real' world- oro do ya do for a living, Spike? You know that I'm both a teacher and an acting kumichko for a Yakuzza clan. So oro do you do, tomo?" asked a yawning Ojou Ooedo.

    "I er was security chief at a mall in the Angels' hometown- 'Furool City' on 'Shimougou' but now I'm the new Chief of Security for 'KASP' er the 'Kaguran Air and Space Patrol'. I'm on an extended leave from there 'cause I'm on loan to the 3WA and 'UG' er 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies' just like everybody else aboard this tub and that includes you and your pooch, kiddo." replied the big guy.

    Ojou and Fuji were both grateful for the chance to get some rest and toddled off to bed.

    "Man! All that babe ever does is whine! She was giving me the eye though." said Goat Smith with a leering wink.

    "Like Hell! She was looking at me, pal!" retorted Jamie Wilson.

    "Och lads! Are ye both blind? 'Twas me the lassie were a-ogling!" objected Jamie MacCrimmon.

    "Christ! Here we go again!" though Big Spike and waited for the inevitable arguement to ensue amonst the other three. "I'm going for java. You guys want anything?" he asked and they all started yakking at the same time. "OK- let's see if I got this now. Four javas- one black, one with cream, one regular and one with jut a hint of sugar. Cheeseburgers, fries, Danishes, cinammon buns, bagels and chocolate cookies. Ya sure that's it? How's about a 'zenopad' (a llama-like beast from 'Mektor', however, a 'zenopad' was at least twelve meters in height and tipped the scales at well over six thousand kilos!) to carry all this stuff? Mugghi? Come along and help me. See you in a bit." said a grumbling Spike. The replicators produced the snacks and beverages and soon Spike and Mugghi were steering a couple of well-laden anti-grav trolleys back to the others.

    The remainder of that night passed uneventfully and even Gaara finally gave up his escape attempts and drifted off to the Land of Nod. When the huge Scot trilled her at 0800 Ojou awoke refreshed. She and Fuji joined the others and handed off to the day shift. Then they all went up for breakfast. Kei didn't seem the least concerned with Gaara's escape attempts last night. "Let him rant and rave to his heart's content. He can't go anywhere and now he damned well knows it!" said Kei, her mouth full of omelette.

    "I still don't think it's right to starve the poor guy, Boss Lady." said Fuji who was gnawing away at a ribeye steak.

    "We ain't starving him, pooch. Legato's feeding him as we speak. By the way gang- he is the 'only' one of us who's allowed to approach anywhere near our Mr. Gaara Yeshiru! As a 'BetaZoid' he can safely penetrate that 'Arc Seal' of Ed, Al and Izzy's! So the rest of you guys and gals stay the Hell away from him! He's bloody dangerous!" commanded the redhead and helped herself to a bagel and jam.

    "Foolish mortal! Do you really think that these tinker toys can contain me? I am 'Yalytor' the demon from the sands of 'Galydan' and you fools cannot hope to hold me!" roared Gaara or rather the demon inside the hapless Ninja lad and Legato stared at him coldly.

    "Eat your breakfast and shut the Hell up! You are within a 'time corridor' inside of a 'zero room' inside of a TARDIS' and the whole shooting match is locked in a triple security brig located on the fourth sublevel of a state of the arts patrol starship and you and your human pal are bound within an 'Arcanum Sealing Circle' impenetrable by any being. You two are on your way to a maximum security penal colony called 'Seto Kaiba' courtesy of the 'UG' the 'GC' and the 3WA so just enjoy the trip, pal!" said Legato and he turned to leave.

    "One moment, sir. You said 'any' being so how is it that you are able to penetrate this circle, sir?" demanded Gaara/Yalytor.

    "I am a tenth level 'Howzi BetaZoid Master' so of course I am not bound by any metaphysical laws, Gaara er Yalytor. You're in luck, my friend. Lunch is gonna be a special treat today. Mar is making us genuine Terran Italian gyros! Mmn! I can't wait! I'll be back at 1300 with a couple for you, pal. Bye bye." said Legato.

    "Thank you, sir. I have been treated fairly, however, I will continue my escape attempts, you know?" said gaara/Yalytor quietly.

    "Knock yourself out, kid. You ain't going nowhere." called Legato from outside the cellblock. "Don't pay a damned bit of attention to him. He's well and truly trapped in there and now he knows it. The only way for him to get outta there is for someone to let him out. Do not do that no matter oro ever the Hell he says or does!" warned Legato and Nyssa nodded as did Mae Hopkins and Mr. White. Kei had decided that three guards per shift were more than sufficient for that Gaara/Yalytor thing.

    Meanwhile Ed, Al, Izumi, Winry, Zoe and Granny were ensconced in Kei's ready room along with Han, Legato, Keisie, Rally, Yuri, Yuyu, Leila and the Boss. "Good job guys. OK Ed- bottom line. How long will those 'seals' hold on Gaara er Yalytor er Mr. Yeshiru?" asked Kei.

    "Forever Boss provided nobody monkeys around with the runes or the circle. Right, Teacher?" replied Ed Elric and Izumi nodded.

    "They'll hold at least long enough to get his ass to this 'Seto' place I guess. By the way- how far are we going, Captain?" she asked.

    "Admiral not captain and er not too far, Teach. Ten or eleven lightyears or so." answered the redhead offhandedly. Winry, Ed, Al, Izumi and even Granny stared at the red-haired firebrand Hellcat!

    "Ten or eleven-" began Ed.

    "Light years?" finished Izumi.

    What's a lightyear?" asked Winry.

    "Guess I'll go and get lunch started. You younuns sure are full of surprises. C'mon Miss Zoe, Miss Leila, Miss Marlene. Ed, Al, Miss Izumi, Winry- you too. Let's go." said Granny.

    "The distance light travels in a year, Win. That's oro a light year is.Light travels at 186,000,000 miles per second and this ship can go at speeds in excess of over thirty times that velocity. So Honey, a lightyear is pretty shimatta far." said Keisie in answer to Winry's question.

    "Boggles the mind folks, don't it?" drawled Han.

    "We still cannot believe that a few chalk lines drawn on a Kelvinite disk can keep a demon caged up forever either." added Yuyu.

    "It can't, kiddo and it won't. A month at most would be my guess." said Izumi. Ed and Al were thunderstruck!

    Cont in Ch 176-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 176-Pt 4-K&K

    "But Teacher- you told us that an 'Arcanum Seal' could--" stammered Alphonse.

    "Contain a 'homunculus' forever, Al that's right. Only this is not a 'homunculus'- it's a demon sealed inside of a human being. That of course calls for a different type of circle. Your brother wanted my help in making a 'Homunculus Seal' and that's just oro he got. A week is fine. Even two, however, any longer and that seal will start dissolving and will be gone in another fortnight. I'm too damned weak to re-fortify it as is Ed. You're the shimatta red stone but it's too dangerous to use you. Mr. Bluesummers is a 'BetaZoid Master' but with all due respect, sir, you are merely a tenth level sealer and a demon requires six sealers- all at twelfth level or higher. I'm a twelve but Ed's only an eight, Al is just a six and Miss Zoe is only an eleven. So you see, Admiral, we cannot afford any more delays especially if oro Al says he's sensing is in fact for real. Level with me Miss Kei- Does this vessel of yours possess a massive sonic energy discharge weapon called a 'God Gun'?" asked Izumi quietly.

    "How the Hell did ya know that, Missy? Who the Fxxx told ya?" demanded Kei angrily.

    "Nobody told me but Al sensed it so it is true then? I pity all of creation if that thing inside of Gaara gets hold of it! Who's guarding him and his demon now besides our circle, your brig, the 'zero room', 'time corridor' and this TARDIS thingy?" asked Izumi.

    "Nyssa, Mae and Whitey. Why?" asked Yuri.

    "Because if he breaks free three people won't even slow his ass down, that's why. I'd recommend at least twenty. Well I suppose I'd better go help Granny with lunch. Ciao." said Izumi and left them. Kei stared at Han and legato.

    "You're our pilots. Go find us the fastest route to 'Seto Kaiba' and don't spare the horses either!" commanded a grim-faced Kei.

    "Mar? Han here. You, Nyssa and Zoe meet Legato and me in the nav room stat. We'll need both Mugghis and both Nammos and bring those two time jockeys as well. Solo out." trilled Han. He and Legato strolled down the hall and onto the bridge. They entered the nav room and started yanking out vidcharts like mad.

    "Oro the Hell are you two doing in here, Pirate? Look at this shimatta mess!" yelled Lt. Marlene Angel.

    "Sorry. Er just a thought Princess but er who's flying the damned ship, Darlin'?" drawled Han.

    "Mugghi and Nammo- the Boss's that is not Yuri's. Oro the oni are you two looking for and why'd ya call us?" replied Mar.

    "Duh! We're the navigators, ain't we? They wanna get somewhere and from the urgency of the summons pretty darn quick too!" suggested the short Trakken girl. Legato nodded and explained things to them.

    "So we need the absolutely fastest route to 'Seto K' that we can find. Suggestions?" he asked.

    "Where are we?" asked Zoe Morley.

    "Here." said Mar and indicated a blip on the far Eastern edge of the 'Chi' quadrant.

    "Rally? You still up here?" trilled Nyssa.

    "Yeah. Oro?" trilled the Terran cowgirl.

    "We need you to scan for us so get over here stat." trilled Mar.

    "Well? Oro are we looking for?" asked Rally, unzipping her flight jacket. She was at the scanners awaiting her orders.

    "An anomaly, a rift, a wormhole, a singularity- anything that will get us to 'Seto Kaiba' faster." said Nyssa.

    "Mugghi! Nammo! Take us to Warp twelve stat!" yelled Mar to the bridge room next door. The 'Angel' accellerated quickly. There came a tap on the door of the nav room.

    "Can alchemy do anything to help, Ladies?" asked Ed. Al and Izumi followed him in. Al tripped over little Nota, however, no harm was done and the knight stood in a corner of the room.

    "Find us a quick way to get to 'Seto Kaiba', Ed. Can your alchemy do that for us without blowing another hole in the cosmos?" answered Rally.

    "We can give it a try, eh Teacher?" said Ed, rubbing his hands together.

    "A 'search circle' might work, Ed." replied Izumi and she started to sketch out an outline on the floor in chalk. Then she pressed her hands onto the centre of the circle. It glowed green and three areas on it became illuminated on the nav charts above her.

    "The opening on the left leads to a place called 'Renton', the one on the right will take us to a place called 'Gortak' and the one in the centre comes out North of some place called 'Gysymeo'. Take your pick." said the alchemy sensei.

    "The central one goes near 'Gysymeo'? Are ya certain, Izzy?" demanded Marlene Angel excitedly.

    "Yeah, I'm positive. Why?" replied Izumi.

    "Because 'Seto Kaiba' is only four parsecs from 'Gysymeo', that's why. If we jump at Warp fifteen- hmmn- it'll leave us only another solar day's journey to get there and 'Seto' is only four days away from home!" she crowed exultantly. "Nyssa, lay in a course for that wormhole in the middle and we'll jump in five minutes. Another hour at Warp fifteen to get through it and then we'll drop back to Warp twelve again so we'll hit 'Seto Kaiba' around noon ashita. Somebody onegai tell Katie er I mean Kei. Mugghi, go to warp fifteen on my mark. Ready Nyssa? OK then here we go!" said Mar and she punched the hyperthrust panel. "Mugghi! Now!" she yelled and the 'Angel' blasted into hyperspace. The stars flashed past too fast for the aizu to follow them. "Han? Have Legato take over control from Mugghi now. Hold this course for exactly one hour and then decellerate to Warp twelve and put us on 'George' until ashita at noon. Oro the Hell!" cried the pert blonde navigator. The squawkbox suddenly came to life!

    "Get your asses down here and get your lunch now!" yelled Winry over the PA system. Rally had already told the Boss of their good fortune and now the redhead's appetite had returned with a vengeance! She took the gantryway steps two at a time, spurning the lift in her haste to answer Winry's chow call. "Real food at last!" cried Rally as she pushed her way past Alphonse Elric.

    "Don't make contact with him, Vincent! Oh nai! He's- he's starting to glow!" yelled Keisie.

    "Get back, dammit!" cried Izumi and she threw a shoulder into Rally to send her crashing to the floor! Then she quickly began to dump salt cellars on the floor around the armoured knight! "Ed! We have to transmute the red stone's energy! Hit him with calcium! Throw milk all over Al! Then you seal that side and I'll do this side. Don't worry, Al. You'll be OK in a few more minutes. (Ed yanked a pitcher of milk out of Leila's hands and hurled its contents at his brother.) Ready Ed? Now!" shouted Izumi slapping both hands against Al's right side while Ed did the same to Al's left side. A crackle of electricity and then Al's heavily armoured body slowly returned to a dull shade of grey. The crisis was past.

    Izumi pulled Rally to her feet. "Are you OK, kid? Sorry about that but you almost activated the 'Philosopher's Stone' inside of Alphonse. That's why I had to hit you so hard, Rally." explained the alchemy teacher. Rally had a skinned knee but was otherwise OK so Ed used his 'Alchemy Without Circles' technique to seal up her wound. Then he and Izumi broke the sodium chloride aka salt circle around Al. They reassured him that everyone was just fine and that he (Al) had not hurt anyone.

    "Listen up and let this be a warning to all of you! You cannot touch my brother Al- not even slightly and you just saw the reason why so stay away from him!" yelled an angry Fullmetal Alchemist.

    "Rally! You be more careful from now on. That goes for the rest of ya too." growled Kei. Rally apologized to Al who waved it off. Then she sat down with Nyssa, Zoe and Mar. Granny, Winry and Izumi served them lunch- soup and Terran Italian gyros a la Marlene Angel- as promised real not repped! Granny then sent her granddaughter up with a tureen of onion soup, some crusty French bread and some gyros for the flight crew.

    Winry was simply fascinated by the bridge's console or control board. Han and Legato patiently explained its workings to her and answered her endless litany of questions until-- "Winry Suzanne Rockabell! Get back downstairs immediately! These dishes won't wash themselves you know!" blared out Granny's voice over the loudspeakers.

    "Better go back downstairs, Contessa. Granny sure sounds pissed." drawled Han Solo. Winry thanked them both and headed for the nearest lift. She accidentally took the express lift and instead of going down to the rec room/dining hall/galley on Level Two she ended up in the commander's (Kei's) quarters! Being naturally curious she began exploring the suite. Ten minutes later Granny's angry bellowing came over the PA system again.

    "Winry! If you are not down here in two minutes I will get the strap, young lady!" howled Granny and Winry hurriedly took off the hot pants outfit she'd discovered in Kei's closet and wriggled back into her own miniskirt, top and jacket. However, she neglected to remove the Boss's 'morphing' bracelet from her wrist. She walked down the gantryway stairs to the dining hall level and absent-mindedly toyed with the pretty bracelet!

    "Winry! Gran's as mad as a hornet! Where the devid did ya get to, for cat's sake? And where the Hell did ya find that getup?" yelled Ed, his hands immersed in soapy water.

    Cont in Ch 176-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's the last part of Ch 176-Part 5 at last!-K&K

    "You wanna wipe or stack, Winry?" asked a snickering Alphonse.

    "I'll stack, Al. Oro getup, Edward? I er found this nice outfit in the closet up in my room. Don't ya think it looks nice on me, guys?" asked the blonde because she didn't dare tell them where she had really been when she had 'found' it! And after catching a glimpse of her own reflection in the shiny Kelvinite bulkhead wall opposite her she had absolutely no idea oro soever where the strange looking red and black skin-tight bodysuit, gloves and boots had come from at all!

    END of Ch 176 'Trip To Seto Kaiba' or 'Winry's New Winter Wardrobe'. Ch 177 'Gysymeo Again?' or 'How Does It Work?' coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 177
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 177- a shortie- K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Alphonse, it's all yours. First, thank you to Mr. T for the use of his Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well we left ya up in the air last time so let's get to Ch 177 without any further preamble:-

    Chapter 177

    'Gysymeo Again?' or 'How Does It Work?'

    By 1430 hours all of the dishes, cutlery and silverware had been washed, wiped and stowed away until dinnertime. Then Granny caught sight of her wayward granddaughter and oro she had on! "Winry Suzanne Rockabell! What on Earth are you wearing, child? And what- may I ask- is that 'thing' strapped to your right hip? My God! It looks just like a- a- a gun! You know I hate guns almost as much as I hate dogs of the military, young lady! Go and change into something sensible!" yelled Granny and of course all of the yelling and shouting drew a crowd. Then--

    "Where the Fxx did you get a hold of that stuff? Oh I see!" growled an angry red-headed firebrand Hellcat. Kei reached across and tapped the bracelet on the girl's wrist. Instantly body suit, accessories and weapons were gone and the blonde was back in the same old black miniskirted suitr and plain white pullover top as before. On her feet were Winry's own old black pumps. Winry and Granny stared aghast! Kei hastened to explain.

    She stuck her hand back into her pocket and held up Winry's 'found' bracelet. "This is a 'morphing' bracelet, guys. One touch and the wearer of it is clad in oro ever seasonable 3WA uniform is suitable to the weather, environment and locale. Our next port o' call 'Gysymeo' is an ice world hence a winter uniform. Winry? Onegai er please stay outta the crew's quarters especially mine. Understand?" warned Kei in a very quiet voice. Winry nodded and Kei pocketed the bracelet once again.

    "Go and play on the holodecks upstairs- Level Eight. I'll get someone to show ya how they work. You'll love 'em, kiddo. Just stay outta mischief, eh?" she said with an impish grin in her deep emerald green aizu.

    "You'd better get changed before you go up there, child." said Granny, lighting up her pipe. Winry went back up to her room and changed into a yellow polo shirt, black biker shorts a la Tomboy Edward not Elric the other one and green sandals. Then Zoe, Rally and Nyssa took her up to the holodecks and showed the 'Amestrian' girl how to work them. Winry just had to know how such playrooms really operated and how they were even possible so as soon as Zoe and company had gone Winry began to dismantle the 'archway' controls!

    Granny decided not to call Winry to help with dinner. Instead she drafted Fuji and Ojou for that task and at 1730 hours (5:30 PM) Ed Elric announced dinner. Winry wiped her greasy hands on her shorts and went down to wash up for dinner. She showered, used the drying alcove, tossed her soiled stuff down the laundry chute and changed into 3WA sweats and sneakers- that seemed to be oro everyone else was wearing. She helped herself to fried chicken, gravy, biscuits, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed carrots, a chocolate/vanilla milkshake and a big chocolate souffle for dessert. Tonight Granny was serving buffet style to give the 'kids' a break from waitressing.

    "Wonder if Granny'd like to join the 3WA, Han?" whispered Legato Bluesummers, mouth full of chicken.

    "We could use a real cook on the 'Angel' that's for sure, Blue." drawled Han Solo.

    "Miss Angel? There er seems to be a malfunction on Holodeck Four." advised 'CC'.

    "Oro? That can't be right. Be a good little tomo and go check it again onegai." trilled Mar and five minutes later--

    "There is no mistake, Miss Angel. Holodeck Four is definitely malfunctioning."replied 'CC' in a sombre tone.

    End of Chapter 177 Chapter 178 'Winry Makes A New Tomo' or 'Return of Khan?' soon. SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twists I have tossed in? My good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 178
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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