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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 178-Pt 1-K&K-

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ed, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 178 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 178

    'Winry Makes A New Tomo' or 'Return of Khan?'

    "OK, I'll handle it. Spike? Onegai check out Holo Room Four down on Eight- malfunctioning unit. Arigatou." trilled Mar and a few moments later--

    "Oh it's malfunctioning alright, Mar! The 'arch' components are scattered all over the floor! It's gonna take an expert tech to put 'Humpty Dumpty' here back together again, Mar and I ain't no expert, lieutenant." trilled Big Spike Miroku.

    "Find Winry." advised Ed Elric who'd been monitoring comm calls.

    "Winry! Report to the bridge immediately if not sooner! That's an order, girl!" called Mar over the PA system.

    "Winry babe! Oro the Hell'd ya do this time?" growled Fuji who was eying her dessert. The blonde merely shrugged her shoulders.

    "Winry Suzanne Rockabell! Get your kawaii blonde ass up here right Fxxxing now!" exploded Mar's voice from the loudspeakers in the dining hall.

    "Whoa Nelly! When Marzie starts using peoples's full names and profanity like that, someone is usually in real deep shit!" observed Jersey Jamie Wilson.

    "Winry? I think that Miss Angel really wants you back upstairs." said Alphonse who was playing vidgames on Yuri's PDO at the next table over. Winry finished her chocolate souffle and her milkshake and stretched.

    "Better go see oro the dumbass bitch wants now." replied the blonde and she arose to leave.

    "Winry!! Do you want that mouth of yours washed out with soap? You use that kind of language again and that is exactly oro you will get, young lady!" stormed her grandmother loudly. Winry made a face and left.

    "Miss Ojou? Could you and the pooch there start clearing off the empty tables onegai? Mr. Smith? It is your turn to wipe the dishes and Ed? It is your turn to wash them. Mr. Wilson will stack them away this time." commanded Drill Sergeant Pinako Rockabell (Granny).

    Zoe was wiping off tables while Leila was mopping the floor. "Christ! Oro a slave driver, man!" complained Ojou Ooedo.

    "You're lucky! You only gotta clear off tables. I got stuck swabbing the decks!" whispered Leila.

    "Winry!!" screamed Marlene Angel.

    "She's like really on the warpath this time!" said Goat Smith and Jersey Jamie Wilson nodded his agreement.

    "Yes'm? You wanted to see me, Miss Angel?" asked Winry sweetly from the bridge doorway.

    "Go back down to the holodecks and you put that 'archway' back exactly the same way that you found it, girl! And stop taking our stuff apart!" seethed Mar, trying really hard not to lose her temper!

    "OK! OK! I'm going! Sheesh! Oro a nag!" yelled Winry. She found Big Spike trying to decipher a holodeck schematic and repair the 'arch'.

    "Hi there, Mr. Miroku. Need some help?" asked the blonde mechanic.

    "Miss Winry, did you do this? (Winry nodded) Put the damned crap back together before the Boss Lady finds out about it! Please?" pleaded the big guy. Winry set to and by 1900 hours or seven o'clock PM the 'archway' was as good as new.

    "There we go! Boy, I wish I could fix stuff the way Ed, Al and Miss Izumi do- with alchemy." pouted Winry as she gathered up her tools.

    "Stay outta Engineering." advised Keisie when Winry returned to the bridge.

    "Go down to the 'star room' on seven and take a little break. You got a great view from down there, man." suggested Rally Vincent.

    "You leave that watch right where it is, Win." said Ed who was scrubbing the 'searching' circles off the nav room's floor. She put Ed's 'State Alchemist' pocket watch back up on the console and headed for the lifts.

    "Seven onegai." she told lift control and rode down two levels to the observation deck. She entered the humongous room and dropped into an easy chair. The blonde laid back and put her feet up on the coffee table. She was facing the gigantic 'star window' and the view was breathtaking! She was aghast at the vast panorama of space spread out in front of her amazed aizu!

    "Mr. Computerguy? Oro's that teeny little green thingy way way out there?" she said into the air.

    "I am the central processing module computer for the 'United Galactica Federation of Galaxies' and for the 'Worlds Welfare Works Association' (3WA for short), however, you may call me 'CC', Miss Rockabell. In answer to your query- that is our home planet of 'Shimougou'. That greyish orb midway twixt them and us is our immediate destination- the penal colony of 'Seto Kaiba'. Do you have any more questions for me, Miss?" replied 'CC' in a fatherly tone which was unusual for the surly computer.

    "Arigatou, 'CC' and er you can call me Winry. Just one more onegai? Where is my homeworld of 'Amestris'?" asked the blonde automail mechanic.

    "Far far behind us, I'm afraid, Miss Winry. Are you er feeling a bit homesick, child?" asked 'CC' and the girl nodded. Suddenly a soothing lullaby was heard in the room and Winry relaxed into her chair. "Good night, sweet child." said 'CC' softly and the lights dimmed to a soft ambre glow. The 'Angel' cruised silently the rest of that evening and at midnight 'Set's' 'outer markers' came into view. Legato locked onto them and at 0800 next morning the 'inner markers' became visible. Han locked onto them and put the ship on 'George' where it would remain until it was docked on 'Seto Kaiba' at noon.

    "Attention! This is the 3WA star patrol cruiser 'Lovely Angel 2' calling 'Seto Kaiba' Central Command. Over." drawled Solo.

    "Roger that, 'Lovely Angel 2'. This is 'Seto Central'. Over." replied the penal colony's tower.

    Cont in Ch 178-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 178-Pt 2-K&K

    "At last! We're within your inner markers and we expect to make planetfall there at 1200 hours today. I've got an 'FYEO' (For your eyes only) top secret signal for your base commander. We are transporting a very high echelon prisoner to you folks there. Real hush hush stuff ya know. Over." drawled the pirate.

    "Send me your signal, sir and I'll route it directly to Commander Ishikawa, sir. I give you my solemn oath. Over." replied 'Seto Central'.

    "OK tomo. Roger willco only don't screw up or it'll be your ass not mine when O'Halloran gets there. Over." said a humourous Han Solo. He sent the signal and sipped his mocha java. "Give it time to sink in." he thought. "5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and--" he mused. Right on cue the kid at 'Seto Tower' called back.

    "Holy Christ, sir! Gomen, sir but you don't mean 'that' O'Halloran, do you, sir? Over." replied the flustewred kid.

    "Y'all mean there's another one? I sure as Hell hope not, kid. Yeah it's 'that' one, pal and her co-hort Donovan's with us too. You get that signal, kid? By the way- my name's Solo. Han Solo that is. Oro's yours? Over." said Han who was still chuckling. The kid recognized that name OK!

    "Onishii, General Solo. Subaltern Kione Onishii, sir and hai, I got your signal and sent it up to the commander, sir. His orders are to extend you every courtesy and er quote 'Get that red-headed psychofreak nutcase off my base as soon as possible!' unquote, sir. Over." replied Suba Onishii.

    "That's our Kei for ya- the mere mention of her name and grown men tremble in fear." thought Han amusedly. "Roger that, Kione and willco. See ya after we've docked at noon. Solo out." said Han.

    "You got it, sir. Onishii out." replied the kid. Five long hours later Kei personally 'tractored' Gaara Yeshiru/Yalytor over to 'Seto Kaiba' having already sent poor Yuri on ahead to handle the red tape and paperwork. Legato, Han and Yuri exchanged salutes with Onishii and Ishikawa before beaming back aboard and reporting to the Boss.

    "Onegai waste no time in departing, gentlemen!" had been the final words hurriedly whispered to Han and Legato by Commander Ishikawa.

    "If we've worn out our welcome then we'll just leave! Fire up the thrusters and take off for home. Next stop- 'Shimougou'! Yuri, you'd better tell the 'G Boys' mission accomplished. I'll be over to see ya right after liftoff. Go. Legato, you got the comm. Dismissed." said Kei who made no move to rise from her chair at her desk in the ready room so the trio departed for the bridge. Legato gave the word and the 'Angel' lifted off for 'Shimougou' and home- at last!

    "Arigatou be to Christ that that's finally over and done with!" announced the Boss when she strolled onto the bridge a few moments after liftoff. "Everything going OK, Blue? No hitches?" she asked.

    "Just fine, Boss. We're on course for home and it looks like smooth sailing all the way." said Legato.

    "Well- get our resident alches up here anyway and see if they can find us a shortcut home. The sooner we get back to Furool the better I'll like it. I'm getting sick and tired of gallivanting all over the Fxxxing universe! Keep a weather aizu peeled for any trouble and let me know if metal arm, tin suit and Teacher find anything useful. I'll be down in my quarters. Yuri, you're with me. Blue, the comm is all yours. Ja mata guys." said Kei and then she and Yuri rode down to the Boss's suite and Yuri threw herself full length onto the sofa.

    "Man! Am I ever beat! Oro the Hell do ya need me for Kei?" she asked, her voice muffled by pillows.

    "How many people we still stuck with back home?" demanded Kei, lighting a cheroot and dropping into an easy chair. She put her booted feet up on her coffee table and closed her aizu. "Never mind. Charlie probably wouldn't tell us anyway. He wouldn't want his two favorite Angels to worry. Just take it easy kid and get Mar or Nyssa to do our reports. We deserve to take it easy for a bit, dammit!" said the Boss taking a long pull at her cheroot and pouring out a 'Jameson's' for herself. "Want anything?" she asked and waved a hand at the bar.

    "A beer maybe? Nai, don't get up. I'll get it myself." said Yuri and she reached across the bar for a glass and a bottle. She poured out her drink and swallowed it slowly. "Ah- a cold beer after hard work. The best. OK, I figure we got about forty left all told. The 'G Twins' are running outta places to stick 'em. Guess that means that Ojou, Fuji, the alchemist gang and Nyssa will be bunking in with us at Nakasone and Krillin. Hopefully the Doctors can come to our rescue and take all of 'em home." said Yuri, kicking off her boots and her flight suit soon followed them.

    "Boy is it ever hot!" said the commodore, taking another long pull on her 'aoishi beer'!

    "Christ! Slow down, partner! That stuff ain't beer! It's frigging 'Romulan Ale'!" yelled Kei, dashing to Yuri's side just in time to catch her before she hit the deck. Kei lowered her onto the sofa and covered Yuri with an afghan. Then she tossed a set of sweats and a pair of sneakers onto the sofa. Next kei applied 'amyl nitrite' aka 'smelling salts' to her tomo's nostrils. The effect was not long in coming.

    "Ooh! My acing head! Did you slip me a 'Mickey' or was that crap some stale 'El Presidente' that you had squirreled away, Kei? Oro the frigging Hell!?" yelled Yuri and she sat up when she got a good look at her own reflection in the shiny Kelvinite bulkhead wall. "I look like shit! And-- oro the Hell am I doing in my unmentionables!" she screeched.

    "A little louder, bigmouth! I don't think they heard you over in Engineering! You drank some 'Aoishi Ale' and it sure knocked you on your ass! Get that stuff on and I'll rep you some java and a big 'prairie oyster'." chortled Kei. Yuri pulled on the sweats and sneakers. After a few hot javas and two 'oysters' she felt a little better so Kei packed her off for a nap before dinner. Only a few of the 'Angelites' answered Ed's luncheon call. He, Al and Izumi had had no luck at all with their 'searching circles' this time around so the 'Angel' was still a week's journey from home.

    Nota, the Rockabells' white nekko (kitten) had gone in search of his young mistress- Winry. His keen sense of smell led him to the lift but being unable to use it Nota looked for another way downstairs and he soon found the rear gantryway stairs which he followed down to Level Eight. Winry's scent was strong there but after wandering all up and down the deck she was nowhere to be found. Back to the gantryway he ambled and down to the next level- seven. Here the young blonde's scent was overpowering. Following it Nota finally found the girl in the 'star room' sound asleep in her chair. Winry stirred in her sleep but she did not awaken when her pet snuggled into the blonde's lap and went to sleep.

    At 1700 Goat Smith yelled 'Come 'n get it!' over the squawkboxes but girl and nekko slumbered on. By 1730 the meal was over with only a few stragglers left in the dining hall. The flight crew had eaten on the bridge and Kei had had her own and Yuri's meals sent up to their cabins. At 1745 klaxons began braying like jackasses all over the ship and all Hell broke loose! Winry awoke with a start and poor Nota went tumbling to the deck floor. "Oro the Hell's all the shimatta commotion? How the Fxxx is anyone expected to get any shuteye with all that racket! Mr. 'CC' sir? Oro is going on? Oro's up with all the noise, man? Talk to me, dammit!" howled Winry. She tripped over Nota when she reached for her jacket (Yuri had repped her up a Terran NFL "atlanta Falcons' jfleece warm-up jacket) and she went sprawling onto the floor.

    "Are you injured, Miss Winry? (The blonde shook her head) Oro a relief. it er seems that we have inadvertently strayed into an asteroid field er that's like a mine field on your world, my dear. I would advise you to starp both yourself and that furball of yours into a chair. I'd best see oro's happening topside. Be careful and onegai stay off the bridge. Miss Angel is still quite cross with you, young lady. TTFN (Ta ta for now)." said 'CC' and Winry wasted no time in complying with his suggestion. Meanwhile two decks above them--

    "Mae! How in the Sam Hell could you possibly miss that bloody field? It's well over six kilos wide for Christ's sake!" stormed Rally.

    "I dunno Rally! Really! One minute there's like totally zilch and the next we're in really deep shit! It's not my fault!" sobbed the 'Blonde Bomber' babe.

    "Buck up and go help out in the galley! Make us some java! That should keep ya outta trouble for awhile anyway!" yelled Mar.

    "Hey man! Lighten up a bit, girl! It wasn't her fault. She just ain't used to scanning is all. After all, you don't have ships capable of warpspeed space travel on Terra yet, do ya? Give the kid a break, man!" said Legato as he dodged yet another asteroid.

    "Keep your aizu on the road, Blue!" yelled Han.

    "I am, Solo! Thing is that I don't recall a field being this shimatta close to 'Seto K', do you?" replied Legato. Han shook his head.

    "Nope. Nearest one would be the 'Brothers'- the 'Cain and Abel Belt' over by 'Rygiel Nine' but that'd be six parsecs- a half lightyear East of us! Look out! A big 'un at nine o'clock, tomo!" yelled Han and Legato yawed to port and yelled loud enough to be heard in the nav room next door.

    "Yo Mar! Recalculate our position willya? I think we're offcourse, Blondie! And hurry up!" called Legato.

    "While we're still young, Princess!" howled Solo when Mar didn't respond right away.

    "OK! Christ, gimme a minute willya!" she yelled back to him.

    Cont in Ch 178-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 178-Pt 3-K&K

    "We ain't got a minute, Lieutenant so hurry it the Fxxx up!" cried Keisie. She was blasting 'tracers' (illuminated shells) all over the place with her plasma cannons in a vain attempt to light up more of the field for the pilots.

    "Shit! Guys- we're er a teensy bit offcourse." trilled Mar.

    "Oro's a 'teensy bit', Princess?" trilled Solo worriedly.

    "Six parsecs er half a lightyear is all, fellas." she trilled.

    "Oh is that all?" said a sarcastic Keisie, switching to photon bombs when she'd emptied her plasma cannons.

    "Direction?" yelled Legato.

    "We're too far East, sir." answered Mar which worried Legato to no end! He'd been pretty sure exactly where they now were but Lt. Marlene Angel only called him 'sir' if she herself was worried about something!

    "Spit it out, Blondie! Oro the Hell's wrong?" he demanded.

    Mar took a deep breath before replying. "There seems to be a warship waiting for us at the end of this field. Blue, it's the 'Botany Bay', man! I swear to Fxxxing Christ it is, Blue!" trilled Mar.

    "Khan's starship? But Khan's on trial at 'Starfleet Command' and the 'Bay' is back on 'Seto Kaiba' so oro in the nine jigokus is it doing all the way out here, dammit!?" yelled Legato Bluesummers.

    END of Ch 178. Ch 179'The Bay Is Back' or 'James The Storyteller' coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 179
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    WOWO THis is Freeking long! How do you do it? I cant even get that much out! Oh sad to say but i would probly die before i finished reading this!

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    Here's Ch 179-Pt 1-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Nota, it's all yours. First, thank you to Mr. T for the use of his Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well we left ya up in the air last time so let's get to Ch 179 without any further preamble:-

    Chapter 179

    'The Bay Is Back' or 'James The Storyteller'

    Han picked up the ship to ship relay mike and keyed it. "This is General Solo of the 'New Republic of Coruscant' travelling home aboard the 3WA patrol star vessel 'Lovely Angel 2' currently bound for 'Shimougou'. Onegai identify yourself. Over." said Han.

    "Are ye blind, man? We are the er trading vessel 'Botany Bay' and our next port o' call will be 'Shimougou'. Are ye in difficulty? Might we lend assistance? Over." replied a cultured gent's voice. Keisie was not as subtle as all that though.

    "Who the Hell are ya?" she demanded. "Over." she added.

    "My pardon, me darlin' and allow me to introduce meself to ye. Harlock. Captain Jonathan Harlock- adventurer, merc, pirate, smuggler, rogue- you name it, I done it. I'm tryin' to locate me niece and she's supposed to be travellin' with you folks. Name of Emeraldas. Goes by the moniker of Queen Emeraldas usually. She's a fiery redhead with a quick temper, a hard right, a sure shot and a fast sword! Be she with ye? Over." asked the rapscallion Harlock.

    "Get the Boss- and fast!" whispered Legato to Rally and she took off for the gantryway stairs. Han covered his mike.

    "He gonna be causin' us any trouble, Blue?" asked Solo.

    "He built the 'Botany Bay' and Khan was his first mate until Khan mutinied, seized the 'Bay' and most of the crew for his own. He marooned Harlock and the rest of the crew on a remote atoll asteroid called 'Lohengrin' but they all escaped on a jury rigged rebuilt starcruiser which was christened the 'Botany Bay 2' and he started raising merry Hell throughout the cosmos! However, he refused to join forces with John Berringer even though as you know his niece did. Oro's keeping Rally, dammit? Talk to him, Han. Stall him." said Blue.

    "Sorry about all that my tomo. Do ya know this field we're stuck in at all? Over." drawled Solo.

    "Just keep a-turnin' starboard, Mr. Solo. It be one of the easiest belts to maneuvere through in this quadrant. Be me niece with ye? Over." replied Harlock a tad impatiently. A new voice answered him.

    "Nai, she ain't. Not no more anyway. She's on 'Shimougou' and if you'd like to you and your crew can dock below and ride with us. Technically you're all wanted felons and I am an intergalactic cop and I should runn ya in, however, if all ya want is to find Emma I won't arrest ya so long as ya comply with my er suggestion and ride aboard the 'Angel' with us. Ya understand me, boyo? Over." said Kei from her quarters. Rally was seated beside the redhead on her sofa.

    "Ah! Fancy meetin' ye here! O'Halloran, ain't it? How ye been, Suba er Subaltern and how be the kawaii young Ensign Donovan these days, Kei? Over." replied a jovial rascal.

    "The Commodore id doing just fine and for your information, Jon, I am now an Admiral not a Subaltern. Don't change the subject, pirate. You gonna do oro I told ya or not?" demanded the Boss, her hand resting on her Mark XIII which was laying on the coffee table in front of the redhead. "Or do I get to have me some fun, me old boyo? Over." she added, a veiled threat in her voice. Jon was quick to respond to her.

    "Hey man! I don't want any trouble with you guys! I did turn down that lunatic Berringer, didn't I? OK, Emmy didn't that's true but hey that son of a bitch lied to the poor kid! I'm really grateful to the 3WA and the 'UG' for not arresting her and I owe ye guys a debt of gratitude for takin' her home to your place for me. Of course we've got nae objection to travellin' with ye aboard yer 'Angel', Katie but canna I wait until ye leave taht rock quarry ye be in right now? Guess I'll be a-seein' ye in about two and a half hours at shall we say 2000 (8 PM) hours? Ye have me word of honour, Keirran, that I will nae move the 'Bay' a centimeter before then! Over." said Jonathan Harlock solemnly and gave her the galactic salute.

    "You can trust him, Boss. His word is his bond." trilled Blue.

    "I know that I can, Blue. We're old tomos, that we are." trilled Kei.

    "See ya soon, Jon. Kei out." she replied and blanked her vidscreen. "Blue? Advise me when we're clear of this mess. See ya." trilled the redhead. "I was starting to wonder when the Hell he was gonna show up." said Kei to Rally. "Rally, pass the word to the other 'cowboys' aboard and back on 'Shimougou' that Jon harlock and his boys are definitely 'hands off' material or they'll answer to me- personally. Now get a move on, kiddo." said Kei gruffly and Rally scooted back up to the bridge.

    "Just keep turning to starboard eh? Simple. Even I can do that, Blue." drawled Solo.

    "Fine. Then you take the throttle, old buddy. I need me a drink. The comm is all yours, Han." replied Blue. He found 'Blonde Bomber' Minnie Mae Hopkins bawling her aizu out in the aft galley and took her downstairs to the bar with him.

    With Rally on the scanners and Keisie on the guns, Solo had no trouble at all steering the 'Angel' through the asteroid field. Legato was on his third 'Rob Roy' and Mae was nursing her fourth strawberry milkshake (the blonde had finally stopped whimpering) when James Rocket's 'Storytime Hour' was announced for the evening's entertainment.

    Tonight's tale was from the Terran 'Arabian Knights' as told to Caliph Harun Al-Raschid aka the Commander of the Faithful by his newest kawaii wife Scheherazade. Mae remembered hearing her Mom tell her this bedtime story when she was real little, however, Mom had never told it quite as beautifully as James did.

    "Oro's a 'djinn'?" Winry wanted to know.

    "Dunno. Maybe sorta like a demon?" suggested Ed Elric.

    "No, brother. A 'djinn' or a 'genie' was a mythical creature supposedly created by Allah er the Terran Arabic God. First he made the 'Djinns' then he created the 'Angels' and lastly he created 'Man'. Most of the 'djinns' or 'genies' were really evil and bad so King Solomon sealed 'em all up in jars or lamps and scattered them all over the place. He put his own unique 'Seal of Solomon' on all of their lids so that they could never get out. Then bad dudes or just plain dumb guys and girls started breaking the seals and letting 'em out and--" explained Al before Winry butted in.

    "Oro's a 'Seal of Solomon', Al? Is it like an alchemy er sealing circle?" she asked.

    "No, Winry. it's nothing like that. It was a strange mark that looked like this (Al traced an outline of two intersecting triangles one above the other one pointing up and the other down on the table) All thay anyone had to do to release a 'djinn' or a 'genie' was to pull off the lid and the seal broke off. But I don't remember Aladdin doing that. He just rubbed the lamp and poof! the genie appeared to grant all of his wishes!" answered the knight.

    "Musta been one of the good guy genies, Al!" joked Ed.

    "Ssh!! Will you three onegai shut up! we are trying to hear young James's story!" grumbled Granny Rockabell crossly.

    "--And having slain the evil magician, Aladdin commanded his genie to transport his young wife and his kawaii palace back to Baghdad (a city in a Terran country known as Iraq formerly Mesopotamia) where Aladdin and his fair wife were soon reunited with Aladdin's father-in-law the Sultan and with Aladdin's mother and they all lived happily ever after. And may Allah cast his benign blessings upon all of you as well. The end." said James and then the cheering began and kept up until finally--

    "One more story from Jimmy Rock and then we're closing up shop for the night, man. Me and Fuji are beat. Last call, folks! Order up!" called Ojou who was 'BOD' (Bartender of the Day) this evening.

    Cont in Ch 179-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 179-Pt 2-K&K

    Harlock and his 'boys' had arrived aboard several hours ago and had docked the 'Bay' below. The 'Angel' was once again back on course and streaming towards home. Harlock's 'boys' were really two guys and a girl. His fist officer aka his #1 was a mammoth Klingon dude named Kolchenko. His navigator was a kawaii blonde trill, a female trill, named Neko. Like all of her race she could of course transform, however, she was limited to the form of a tawny coloured namesake, a nekko, OK- a cat. Jon's gunner was a very short fellow- a Ferengi named Kooro.

    At last James Rocket was persuaded to tell them all one final story before bedtime. "Oro do you guys wanna hear? Hurry up and make your minds up 'cause (yawn) I'm really bushed tonight!" said a yawning Jimmy Rock. They finally decided on Nyssa's story suggestion also from the 'Arabian Knights' and James began thus: "There were once two brothers named Kassim and Ali Baba--" And at 0100 he finished thusly: "And may we all be as well received in 'Ibrahim' (Arabic Heaven) when our time at last comes due. Allah bless us all. The end and goodnight everyone." he said and picked up his 'Arizona Cardinals' jacket before striding off to the lift.

    When Ojou and Fuji left the bar at 0130 hours the only souls left there were Jon, the Boss, Han and Blue. Annie Hathaway, Keitarou Riff, Goat Smith, Leila the jungle girl, Jersey Jamie Wilson and Jamie MacCrimmon were all on bridge watch until 0800 in the morning. The pirates (Harlock and company) had been given the Sai Yuki gang's old digs so Neko, Kooro and Kolchenko had already retired to them.

    Kei, Blue and Jon were reminiscing over the 'good old days' while Han added a word here or there. Atlast even the 'coffee klatch' broke up and everyone went to bed. KR and Annie had decided to take a catnap in the bedrooms aft of the bridge and they'd left Leila and Jamie Mac on duty on the bridge and in charge of Jersey jamie and Goat Smith. After all- oro harm could even they cause when the 'Angel' was this close to home?

    Famous last words eh?

    End of Chapter 179. Chapter 180 'Pizza Again?' or 'Fancy Dress Football?' soon. SFN. Kami bless you all and r/r/s away. How do you like the plot twists I have tossed in? My good fortune be yours in 2008. Arigatou for your interest and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 180
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Thank you for the story i enjoyed it write more please .

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Quote Originally Posted by The GunGrave of Trigun View Post
    Thank you for the story i enjoyed it write more please .
    Yes please! I have finally reached your latest point i'm so glad to keep up with you, umm...may i ask that you inform me when you have any new storylines coming up? thanks a bunch keep writing man!

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