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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 182-Pt 1- Enjoy- K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Kolchenko, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 182 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 182

    'Vikers' Paradise Lost' or 'Rio To the Rescue'

    "Christ! Way to go, dimwit! Because of you we're banned from all of the malls around here now as well as all of the bars and clubs! Did ya have to give that poor security guard a jab in the gut?" howled Yuri.

    "He grabbed my arm, airhead! Oro the Hell was I supposed to do!" retorted Kei.

    "He was er only picking up your bag for you, Boss." explained Ojou.

    "Remind me to never ever to let her get pissed off at me, Ojou!" whispered Fuji the poochie.

    "Oro ever! I still can't believe that we got our asses kicked outta the 'Eva' of all places (The 'Eva' was the 'Evangelion Mall' across town from Kei's fave mall- the 'Higurashi') as well!" stormed Yuri.

    "At least she didn't shoot nobody this time." observed Ella dryly.

    "Arigatou be to Kami for small favours." put in Marlene quietly.

    "Look guys, I got an idea." said Edna Jordan.

    "Well?" demanded Ella Hathaway.

    "Well er since we all seem to be banned from 'Shimougan' malls and taverns and stuff why don't we try some of the ones er offworld?" suggested the junior TC cadet trainee to be.

    "For instance?" wondered Yuri.

    "The 'Grendel Mall' in 'Beowulf' on 'Ragnarok' (Re-more-ah)?" she replied.

    "Oro the Hell makes ya think that we ain't been flagged there too?" laughed the redhead.

    "It's brand new. It only opened for business like just before Kurisumasu (Christmas) of last year (AD 2250) so maybe they haven't heard about you two bozos yet. It's er worth a try, isn't it?" Edna asked reasonably.

    "Why not? Oro we got to lose?" said Mar.

    "I'll call Mr. Potter for a speeder for us." volunteered Ojou but Kei shook her crimson tresses.

    "We'd better take a shuttle this time. 'Ragnarok' is in the 'Kappa' quad. If we split now (Kei glanced at her wristchromo) we should be able to make it back here by 2200 tonight so- if we're gonna go we'd better get a move on. We'll use the 'Raphael' for the trip. OK kid er Ojou- have Harry get hold of the spaceport centre and have the 'Raphael' sent to our roof here. Five minutes and then we're gonna leave!" warned the redhead.

    "Er- I dunno about this, guys. Didn't that Mr. garner guy tell us not to leave the city let alone the shimatta planet itself? I sure as Hell don't wanna see you guys get into any trouble with your boss--" said Ojou while Fuji nodded his canine head sagely. A raucous burst of laughter greeted that one!

    "That's rich! That's a good one, Ojou! The 'Lovely Angels' not getting into any hot water with old Choo-Choo Charlie!" howled Ella. Kei grinned.

    "Trouble's our middle name, kid so don't sweat it!" chuckled the Boss.

    "Speak for your own self, birdbrain! I don't get us into trouble! You do!" yelled Yuri. The vidphone buzzed and Mar answered it.

    "Miss McMaureen's shuttlecraft is up on the roof, ma'am. Will er there be anything else, Miss?" asked Harry Potter who you'll no doubt recall is Kei's building's parking dock attendant.

    "Nai. Arigatou Harry. Oh yeah- er we won't be back until real late tonight so hold our calls for us if you don't mind. Have a nice day, Harry and 'hoob-a-doodle-doo', kid. Sayonara." replied the blonde navigator.

    "Who the oni's this Miss McMaureen anyway?" asked Ojou and Fuji.

    "It's Kei's er the Boss's cover name. Mine is O'Bridget. Look Ojou- nobody around these parts knows that we are really 3WA/'UG' cops. Our cover jobs are that Kei and I are buyers for a big department store chain. Please remmeber that and don't blow our aliases. Harry's a really nice guy and I hate like Hell to deceive him like this but as you can see we are not just ordinary 'fuzz' or 'heat' cops like you have back home on Terra, can't ya? (Ojou and Fuji agreed) Enough talk! Let's roll! Wagons ho!" said Yuri, donning her dark shades. "Don't forget your sunglasses guys. Remember that we got three suns here and they're murder on your aizu!" she added.

    At 1300 the 'Raph' lifted off and headed due South bound for the 'Kappa' quadrant with Mar at the controls. She set the course and locked it before putting the craft on 'George'. Then she whispered to Edna Jordan: "Are there any bars in 'Beowulf', Edna?" she demanded curtly.

    "Duh! The damned place is a 'Viker' colony so oro the Hell do you think?" whispered Edna. The 'Vikers' were descendants of those ancient Terran Norsemaen from Scandinavia commonly known as 'Vikings'. Since most of these guys now used skycycles they'd been dubbed 'Vikers' just like old Terran motorcyclists had been called 'Bikers'.

    "Oro I meant was- are there any booze joints near this mall of yours?" whispered Mar.

    "I don't think so." replied Edna. Look Mar- we're only going shopping, aren't we? So we should stay outta the booze factories, right?" said Ojou, scaring the nine Hells outta Marlene Angel and Edna Jordan!

    "How in the Hell! Man, have you got good ears, Ojou!" said Edna.

    "Don't worry, kids. You'll get used to that. Ojou does that kind of stuff all the time." explained an amused Fuji.

    "We'll touchdown on 'Ragnarok' at 1600 hours er four o'clock in the afternoon. That'll give us three whole hours to shop but at 1900 er seven tonight we gotta leave so we can get back home by 2200 er ten tonight so nod side trips. Ya got that?" demanded Marlene. Everyone nodded OK albeit reluctantly- even the Boss!

    "Hey! Ain't no biggie 'cause I wanna be gone by ashita at 0700 anyway! It's vacationtime!" crowed Kei. She glanced over pointedly at Yuri. "And this time I ain't telling nobody where I'm going, airhead! No interruptions for three glorious weeks, man! Crap! I forgot about the blasted 'Sakura Festivals' and the vacuumheads' birthdays so I guess I can't leave before next month, dammit! Rats!" grumbled the redhead.

    "Now Kei, we did promise the kids you know." soothed her exec. Things didn't end up turning out so well after all though and by 2100 hours they were all back home in 'Furool City'. It seemed that the 'Vikers' had become so civilized that they no longer had any tolerance for people who acted like 'Grendel' or even 'Beowulf' for that matter so when Kei and Kome tossed a few of the locals through the 'Loki Tavern' windows while Ojou and Ella were wiping up the floor with the poor bouncers at the bar, Mar had to practically empty her vidcreds to pay for all of the damages! The local fuzz there still wanted to arrest the whole party and not even Yuri's 'red card' would change their minds this time so finally Edna called 'Daddy' (Jim Jordan- a bigwig at 'UG' and the 3WA) and they were all merely kicked off 'Ragnarok' instead of going to the pokey! Needless to say they were all banned from the entire 'Kappa' quadrant.

    "Holy Christ you damned Celtic kook! You not only got us kicked outta the mall and the taverns and the bars and the clubs- this time we've been booted off the whole frigging planet as well as the bloody quad! We couldn't even stop off for booze on the way home either!" sulked Yuri.

    "I apologized, didn't I? So shut the Hell up about it! We'll find another place for you to fulfill your shopping fetish! Mar, put on a holovid for us to watch." said kei, pouring more Irish java for herself.

    Edna yanked out her vidcell and tapped some keys on it. "Hi there, Rio. it's Edna. Great. How ya been? How's life at the Academy? Really? You did! You scored a 96.754 on the range? Man, you almost beat the Boss's record! Wowie! Huh? Oro? Oh yeah- could ya do me a favor, Rio? Pick us up a few six packs of 'Rykolian' beer, a couple of fifths of 'Jameson's', a six pack of wine coolers, a case of soda pop, a few bottles of 'Zinfandel', some pizzas, burgers, fries and some 'Galusol' and 'Hydroxylein' for us onegai. We're at the Boss's pad at 'Nakasome Towers'. Oro? It's 138-D but just give the stuff to the parking guy down in the docks- Harry Potter. He'll shoot it up to us. I'll pay ya back ashita night- OK? Why? I'll tell ya later. See ya at the bowling alley. Toodles." said Edna and blanked her vidcell.

    "Rio's bringing over the snacks and firewater for ya. Harry's gonna send it up when she gets here with it. I'm bushed and I gotta work ashita so I'm going the Hell home. I'll grab a holocab. G'Night all." called the cadet on her way to the lift. She flagged down a holotaxi aircar and jetted over to Tomoh's (her brother) place.

    "Er hi there, handsome. Are you Mr. Potter? Harry Potter?" asked a striking blonde wearing a bright green 3WA hotpants uniform.

    "That's er me, ma'am. Can I help ya with something?" replied the starry-aizued parking dock guy.

    "Yeah, Honey. Send the stuff in my rover's boot up to 138-D er Miss McMaureen's flat onegai." said Rio, batting her aizu lashes at the kid.

    Harry keyed his 'reader' and pointed it at Rio's cruiser's boot and activated it. "There. It's done, ma'am. Good evening to you, Miss." he said.

    "Arigatou. Gotta run, Harry darling. Bye." She gave him a peck on the cheek and roared off for her dorm at the 3WA Academy. She had just ten minutes left to get there before the 2300 hours (Eleven PM) curfew time!

    After a sumptous bedtime snack and after most of 'em had gotten gloriously loaded they all went to Dreamland wherever the Hell they were. About 0400 the vidphone chirped and Ella answered it. "Hullo? McMaureen residence. Whaddya want, dammit?" she said sleepily.

    Cont in Ch 182-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 182-Part 2-K&K

    "Who is this? Where the devil's Kerry er Miss O'Halloran?" asked a testy male voice at the other end of the line.

    Ella Hathaway was quite wide awake now! "Just who in the nine Hells are 'you', tomo and just how do 'you' know Miss O'Halloran, buddy?" demanded Ella suspiciously.

    END of Ch 182. Ch 183 'Son of Shenron' or 'The Hunt Is On' coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 183
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Hi gang, Here's Ch 183-Pt 1-K&K. Enjoy-

    DISCLAIMER: OK Alucard, Police Girl, Walter and Sir Integra Van Helsing, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 183 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 183

    'Son of Shenron' or 'The Hunt Is On'

    Ella Hathaway was suspicious, worried, angry and a bit frightened into the bargain. Nobody outside of the 'UG' and the 3WA was supposed to know the Angels' real names and/or that they were tro-cons! TCs were sorta like Terran secret agents or spies if you will! So Ella repeated her question and--

    "It's me or is that It is I. Never mind, Miss Hathaway. It's 'Q' at our HQ. I'm in my lab, kiddo." replied Doctor 'Q' affectionately or otherwise known to Kei as Cueball the Screwball.

    "Oh. I see. Oro do ya mean by calling us up at four in the bloody morning, Doc?" yelled Ella.

    "Onegai calm down, Miss Ella. I was er musing to myself about Miss Brief (Bulma), her hubby (Vegeeta) and Mr. Son (Goku)." he hastened to explain.

    "The 'Aoishi Bombshell' and her two idiot Saiyaan freaks? Oro about 'em?" said an impatient and grumpy Ella.

    "They borrowed Blackfire's starship- the 'Black Ember' and went to hunt 'Dragon Balls' with it. So oro, Doc?" added a puzzled tro-con chief.

    "Where'd they go?" asked 'Q' quietly.

    "To 'Namek' I think. Why?" asked a suddenly worried Ella.

    "There is no longer a dragon there and Miss Bulma had to know that, lass. So where the Hell did they really go and why?" demanded the scientist.

    "They went to Terra, Doc but how that concerns you is beyond me, sir." interjected Marlene Angel.

    "Mar? Gomen er sorry if my big mouth woke ya up." apologized Ella and the blonde shrugged it off.

    "The Boss and the fruit (Kome) do it all the time. Anyhow Doc er the Boss told 'em to go there because Dende (Terra's new 'Namekian' guardian) had recreated 'Shenron' (the eternal dragon of the cosmos. Terra had one and so did 'Namek'. Other worlds may have dragons as well but this fact is unknown here) and the balls (Dragon Balls of course. Collect all seven and and 'Shenron' grants a wish for ya- usually that is) there. Kei's got some notion that this new 'eternal dragon' can just reverse time somehow and keep this blasted mess from ever even happening in the first place, sir. However, if 'Porunga' ('Namek's' eternal dragon who is no more now that the eldest 'Namek' guardian is deceased) and the first 'Shenron' couldn't do it then oro makes her think this new one can do it is beyond my understanding, Doc." said Mar with a yawn.

    "Maybe they er did not ask 'Shenron' the right wish and they did not make the wish back 'then' in AD 2140, my dear Miss Angel." he explained.

    "Huh? Oro? Oh hi there, Doc. Man, you been smoking that 'Dilythium' again? Goku and Vegeeta done that already and it didn't Fxxxing work! Didn't Mar tell ya that just now?" yawned Kome Sawaguchi.

    "They did not say these words to 'Shenron' in 2140. 'I wish that the 'Lovely Angels' (Keisie and Yuyu) in 2140 had never come to 'Project Kronos' on 'Dagobah' and that therefore this universe was still intact.' Well er it is just a thought but Bulma will need her timeship the 'Lady Foucault' to try it. Go on back to sleep, my Angels. Sorry to have awakened you. have Kerry er Miss O. call me later. Sayonara." said Doctor 'Q' and he blanked his vidscreen. Ella hung up and blanked hers too.

    Edna stopped by later that morning on her way to work at 0800. "Only one thing wrong with that pleaseant little scenario ('Shenron Jr.') is that the Saiyaans and Bulma won't be finding any of those balls until the end of this month 'cause Dende told me that they gotta lay dormant for a whole year between uses before they turn back into those golden balls. Dende only created 'Shenron Jr.' last February so nobody can do any dragon ball hunting until March. See ya soon but I gotta split like now! I fed Naruda this morning but you're all outta kitty litter so one of ya has to pick up some more. Er Tomoh's (her brother) offworld again and-- Wowie! Look at the time! I'd better fly or Mr. Delcroix (one of her bosses at 3WA HQ) is gonna have my guts for garters for sure! Bye." called Edna Jordan while she raced for the lift.

    "That'll be perfect. We can have Yuri and Yuyu's birthday bashes and 'Sakura Festival' time before the big guy ('Shenron Jr.') fixes stuff for us!" yelled Kome from the kitchenette where Mar was trying to teach Ella and her how to cook omelettes!

    "You gather it together like this and then you just flip it like so. Now you try it, Kome." said Mar.

    "Like this?" said Kome. Splat! Ella laughed.

    "Nice try, Kome. Very good. Ella? It's your turn now. Nai. Flip the omelette, Ella not the frying pan!" yelled Mar and kome giggled. "OK. I guess you two should just stick to repping." said an exasperated blonde. Kei wandered into the living room, an ice holopack held to her head.

    "Man! That new crap sure packs a wallop, Ella! Oro the Fxxx was it anyway?" she mumbled. Then Yuri came in.

    "Anyone see that superstrength 'Synthenol' that I repped up for my backache last night?" she yawned and both Kei and Ella ran for the bathroom.

    "Kei? When you're er done in there we gotta call the chiefs and the 'G Twins' 'cause I thin Doc 'Q' has found the answer to all of our problems." called Mar.

    "So you guys think we can use this new 'Shenron' to just wish all this shit away like a bad dream eh?" asked Don Poporo. The chromos stood at 1100 and the Angels, Edna, Ella, Don, Anton, Andy Gooley, Charlie Garner, Uncle Vito and Doctor Cueball were all on an intervid link conference relay call. "No offense, Katie but we did er try this before you know." said Andy Gooley. "Several times if I recall correctly." put in Charlie Garner. "And it still didn't work." agreed Anton Gustav. "C'mon now chaps! Let's give it the old college try one last time! Right?" said Uncle Vito Galadriel. "Couldn't hurt." chuckled Legato Bluesummers, startling the Hell out of everyone!

    He had been ordered to find the 'Black Ember' so he'd taken Han Solo, the 'Gunsmith Cats' (Rally and Mae) and KR with him on the 'Donnatella' along cith Cy, the 'Justice League' and the remaining 'Teen Titans'.

    "Do I take it, sir, that you have located the 'Black Ember', Mr. Bluesummers?" asked 'Q' excitedly.

    "You can, Doc. We spotted her halfway to Terra and hailed 'em. Now they're headed back to 'Furool' so we are returning to base. Bluesummers out." said the BetaZoid ex-gang leader.

    "That's a break, Boss. Bulma can use her dragonball radar thingy to find the balls and summon good ol' 'Shenron Jr.' for us. Hooray!" cheered Kome.

    "Did ya forget the date, kiddo? Her radar crap won't work until almost March and before you all suggest that we help her look for 'em may I remind ya that until then those balls look like just plain old rocks or stones!" said Edna sadly.

    "Yet that is exactly oro you are going to do- all of you. I am hereby commandeering all of our ships and all civilian ships to assist you in the search for those pesky dragon balls. Our resident 'Namekian'- Earth's guardian Dende has assured me that those balls will be detectable in another week's time. All of our starships as well as all civilian ships I can get hold of have or will have the ability to scan for energy discharges and that is precisely how you'll be able to locate the balls. Marshall (Kei still wasn't used to that new title just like Yuri was not used to being called a Wing Commander yet either) O'Halloran, all leaves and vacations are either cancelled or delayed as of now. Gomen er I am very sorry but saving this universe of ours must take precedence over everything else so get the 'Angel' out there and start looking! You all have your orders. Get a move on your asses!" said Gooley.

    And so- the mighty hunt was ON! However, on March 3rd they did take a break for Yuri's birthday bash and then again on March 18th to celebrate Yuyu's date of birth. She insisted on sharing her special day with Keisie whose own birthday of November 27th had not really been a happy one for obvious reasons! (AN- Reread the first ten chapters if you have forgotten why).

    On April 12th with four of the necessary seven dragon balls stowed safely away aboard the 'Lady Foucault' the gang took another break at 'Denethor' to celebrate the beginning of 'Sakura Festival' season. All of the kiddies loved that, however, Ed the tomboy gal was sad that Mooney, Rinnie and the scouts had to miss out on all of the fun and games.

    Cont in Ch 183-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 183-Pt 2-K&K

    May arrived and with it word of the fifth dragon ball being found by Emma's group aboard the 'Emerald Queen' while they were cruising in 'Corallian' space (a lawless sector known as

    The Badlands'). The honour this time went to one of her new crewmen from 'Gunsmoke' named 'Brilliant Dynamite Neon' and his 'Bad Lads' gang. By this time of course every single starcraft combing the heavens had been fitted with unique dragon ball radar courtesy of Bulma Brief. Despite that added luxury the search dragged on and on all the way into August! Kei fumed at the delay and at Yuri's incessant good spirits!

    Finally- on August 17th the 'Nova Hellsing' commanded by the kawaii vampirette (female vampire) Seras 'Police Girl' Victoria picked up a slight blip on their scanners. They were cruising above 'Albion' a tiny atoll about the size of the old Terran state of Texas. Suddenly a plasma bolt singed their tailfin! "Shields up dammit!" ordered Vicky's exec, a tall dude wearing dark shades and garbed entirely in red who looked a Helluva lot like death warmed over and of course in a way- he was!

    "Alucard! Where the Hell'd that bolt come from just now? Sir Integra, (this to her comm officer who was a tall chain'smoking blonde wearing horn-rimmed spectacles circa a few hundred years ago) open a hailing line to that castle's tower down there! Walter, get ready to give 'em a taste of our disruptors but don't fire just yet!" seethed Vicky.

    "Yo! Police Girl er Captain? That blast came from that palace or castle directly below us." advised her exec. By now Sir Integra Winifred Van Helsing had opened a hailing line to the palace. A wild-aizued wimp who was tall and skinny and wearing owlish spectacles was shouting at her.

    "How dare you approach this close to our queen's palace and violate 'Albion' airspace, wench!" he demanded in a haughty tone of authority.

    "Foul beast! For raising your filthy voice to a fair 'Princess of the Blood' ye shall die!" shouted Alucard, brandishing an automatic pistol equipped with a half meter long barrel!

    "That's enough, Abel! Madam Captain, I must truly apologize for Lord er Father Nightroad's rudeness! I am Blanchard- Esther Blanchard, Queen of 'Albion' and Empress of 'Methuselah' at your service, mum." said a short and stocky young redheaded girl dressed in a crown and a long flowing gown of fiery crimson.

    "Osawaru er sit down, Lord Alucard! And put that damned thing away before it goes off! I will handle this matter myself. Your er Majesty, I must also apologize for Lord Alucard's outburst. I am Seras Victoria, captain of the 'Nova Hellsing' and temporarily a representative of the 3WA and the 'UG' (Of course the queen had never heard of either organization and Walter explained matters to her quickly). We are er seeking--" began Vicky when--

    "Why in the name of Hellish damnation are ye explaining anything to her, Police Girl? They fired on us- first!" roared her exec.

    "They violated our airspace- first, Your Majesty!" yelled Nightroad.

    "Shut the Hell up!" chorused both queen and captain simultaneously. Then both girls laughed.

    "We should discuss this matter down here, Madam Captain. Please land at our airfield. Lady caterina? Please give them directions." said esther to much taller blonde woman beside her. Caterina did so. "Arigatou er thank you, YourMajesty. See ya soon." replied Vicky. Later--

    "We have heard of this er 'golden ball' search of yours, Madam Captain but sadly we cannot join in your noble quest. You see- we have no crafts capable of space travel on our world here. However, if we can be of any assitance to you please tell us we can do so, Madam." said the queen.

    "Your Majesty is too kind." said Walter with a bow and a flourish of his flight helmet.

    "You can count on the Vatican to help you as well, my dear child." said a twelve year old schoolboy dressed in white robes and a tall pointed cap, his chest adorned with a silver crucifix and holding a mitred staff in his gloved hand. Everyone present- including the queen/empress herself- immediately dropped to their knees and crossed themselves!

    "Your Holiness! Please forgive me. I had forgotten that you were still here. Please permit me to introduce His Holiness, Alessandro IV. And this is Captain Seras Victoria of the noble 'UG' and the blessed 3WA and her party, Your Holiness. Madam Captain and distinguished guests, this is the Pope." said Esther.

    "Yeah sure! Lady, if 'Junior' here is really the 'Pope' then I am really and truly the frigging 'Queen of Sheba', man!" chortled Seras Victoria.

    "Hey! Police Girl! That little brat just might be the bloody Pope! I'm reading a damned high level of spirit energy in this room and it sure as Hell wasn't here a second ago, Captain." explained Alucard.

    "Madam Captain? Both yourself and the tall gentleman behind you are 'Methuselahs' er 'Vampires', are you not?" asked the young lad.

    "Please. Madam, Sir. Here on 'Albion' humans and 'Meth-' er 'Vampires' co-esist in peaceful harmony." explained the tall blonde woman beside Alessandro.

    "I er apologize for my rudeness, Your Holiness. However, our business here is both urgent and vital." replied Vicky.

    "We wish to retrieve something, a 'Dragon Ball', from your kingdom, Your Majesty, Your Holiness." put in Alucard.

    "Where exactly is this er 'Dragon Ball', sir?" asked Lord/Father Abel Nightroad. Vicky raised her voice slightly. "Zoe?" she called and the svelte brunette navigator stepped forward, vidpad in hand. Zoe indicated a flashing 'blip' some 160 kilos North of the palace.

    "Tora Mori eh? Your pardon, mum. The 'Tiger Woods' is the place that the young lady is indicating on her er 'video game' screen." said Lady Caterina, the tall blonde woman beside the young Pope.

    "Lady Caterina and young Alessandro er His Holiness are sister and brother, Madam Captain." murmurred Queen Esther and Vicky nodded. She was still dumbfounded (as was everyone else it seemed) that a twelve year old schoolboy could be the holder of the highest office in Catholicism!

    Vicky finally composed herself. "Then do we have your permission to retrieve the ball from your domain, Your Majesty?" she asked.

    "Of course you do, Madam Captain. However, Abel and I will accompany you if that meets with your approval?" replied Esther. Vicky glanced at Alucard who nodded curtly.

    "Glad to have you both along, Your--" began Vicky.

    "Please. Call me Esther, Captain." said the Queen.

    "Only if you'll call me Vicky. He's Alucard, That's Integra and he's Walter. That's Zoe and you'll meet the others aboard the 'Nova Hellsing'- our starship, Esther." replied Vicky.

    "Abel, we will accompany Vicky and her friends. Shall we go?" suggested Esther.

    "Can I come along too?" pleaded the young Pope.

    "Only if two 'Inquisitor Knights' go with you." said his sister sternly.

    "Lord Garan and Duchess York will protect His Holiness." commanded Esther.

    "Follow me, my dear Esther. Young Alessandro, please do not allow that crucifix to touch me. I am quite sensitive to holy objects." said Alucard.

    "Let's get a move on, guys. I've got a good fix on that ball but it seems to be moving away from us- fast!" said Minni Mae aka the Blonde Bomber Hopkins who was holding the DrgaonBall radarscope which Bulma had made for them. The feisty Saiyaan tamer had constructed DragonBall radar vidsensors for all of the ships involved in the hunt.

    "Ten repeat ten to beam up, Suba Oki." trilled Integra whose full name was Sir Integra Winifred Van Helsing. She was the commander of the famed (and feared) 'Hellsing Organization', a select group dedicated to keeping Terran Britain free of ghouls and vampires and the like. Although a vampire himself Alucard was devoted to Integra and had indeed sworn fealty with the entire Van Helsing clan long ago and had sworn to serve that family forever. Seras 'Police Girl' Victoria was an ex-military police officer who had been 'baptized in blood' so to speak and so had become a vampire (vampirette sounds cooler don't ya think?) herself and was now totally devoted to her master- Alucard.

    With Ball No. Six practically in their capable hands shall we see how they're faring back aboard the 'Angel 2'?

    "He wants me to do what! Send your entire flotilla of starships back to 'Dagobah' in 2140? I do wish that Doctor 'Q' had gotten this bright idea before I took you back there the last time! And er why 'all' of you? Miss Brief and those two gigantic er Saiyaans of hers should be able to summon 'Shenron Jr.'. Her 'Lady Foucault' is a time ship, is it not?" grumbled the White Guardian who was still struggling with his 'Gooze Zombies' vidgame.

    "Bulma may need our help, sir." pointed out Marlene Angel reasonably. White sighed.

    "Very well. However, I do not think it is advisable to send 'all' of your ships back. I suggest Miss Brief's timeship, this ('Angel 2') one, the 'Emerald Queen', the 'Outlaw Star', the 'Nova Hellsing', the 'Millenium Falcon', the 'Coriander', the 'Bebop' and the 'Botany Bay 2' be the only ones to go. Dam this infernal game!" replied White angrily.

    "Sir? Perhaps I may be of some help with 'Gooze Zombies'." offered Alphonse Elric.

    "Much obliged, sonny." he replied and glared at Kei. "Inform me when you get all seven of those balls collected and then we'll do it, Boss." he added and the redhead nodded curtly.

    "Lt. Integra Van Helsing of the 'Nova Hellsing' calling the 'Lovely Angel 2'. Over." crackled the loudspeakers aboard the 'Angel'.

    "Roger, Sir Integra. 'Angel 2' here. This is Legato. Over." replied the BetaZoid captain.

    "We er have almost gotten the sixth Dragon Ball. Over." said Integra hesitantly.

    "Oro's almost?" growled the redhead, clamping her teeth down hard on her cheroot.

    "It's inside of a 'jacaronda' so Alucard wants us to er bring the animal back to your ship with us, Boss. Over." explained Integra.

    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 183-Part 3

    Here's Ch 183-Pt3-one to go-K&K

    "Onegai ask Zoe to pick up. Over." said Yuri.

    "Zoe her, Yuri. Over." said the svelte brunette navigator.

    "Zoe, how exactly does this thing compare to your pet back home on Pluto? Over." asked the violet-coiffed exec.

    "Twice as big, Yuri. I don't think it should be taken aboard with us but we need that shimatta golden ball in its gut! We cannot harm the beast as it is in a wildlife preserve here. Oro is your decision, Yuri? Over." replied Zoe. Yuri thought a moment or two.

    "Use five or six capsules of 'Traleen IX' on it. That's an emetic and it'll make him upchuck- big time. Hopefully he'll er 'cough up' that ball. Good luck. Yuri out." said the violet-maned vixen with an impish grin.

    "Well- that's six down and only one to go, guys." observed Rally Vincent.

    "Hey! The 'Bebop' just picked up the seventh (and last arigatou be to Kami!) Dragon Ball on their 'DBR' (Dragon Ball Radar), gang. 'Drabura Nine' on the 'Plain of Pythagoras' is where it's located- I hope." said Kome Sawaguchi. "Another call coming in. Yay! That jackal thingy (jacaronda) just thre up- all over Queen Ester and the kid Pope- but the ball is out! I just contacted Jett and he said that Spike and Faye went down to find the ball. Correction- Faye just tripped over it. We have all seven of the little golden buggers at last!" said Kome.

    "Have all ships rendezvous here at our homing beacon signal stat! Tell Bulma the hunt is over! Somebody find Whitey for me. We're on the homestretch now for sure!" commanded the Boss. Several hours later with all seven starships surrounding the 'Angel 2' the seven golden orbs were placed aboard Kei's flagship and locked in her ready room's safe. White strolled onto the bridge and said "It is done. Summon 'Shenron Jr.' (the newest Terran eternal dragon) and make your wish. It is now 2140 AD and this place is 'Project Kronos' on 'Dagobah'. If anyone needs me, I'll be in the rec room. Good luck."

    So saying he left the bridge. Gathered around the huge conference table in the ready room were the representatives from each ship. Also present were the 'Insane Six', the two chiefs (Don and Anton), Rally and Mae, Legato, the two Doctors (2 and 4) and the two Mugghis as well as the two Nammos. Bulma and the two Saiyaans were arranging the balls into a circle.

    "Come forth, Shenron, ye eternal dragon of the cosmos. We summon thee in the name of Dende, the guardian of the Earth. Hear our plea and grant our wish, O Great One." intoned the aoishi-coiffed bombshell. White spun in his tracks suddenly.

    "Oh dammit to Hell! I forgot about his size!" yelled White, striking the ready room floor with his cane and thus transporting the ready room's occupants, the mammoth table and the balls to the surface of 'Dagobah'- just in time!

    A blaze of white flame, a roaring of a zillion thunderstorms and suddenly a green ryuu (dragon) having aizu ablaze with crimson fire appeared out of nowhere! He was fully well over a thousand kilos in height and his bulk covered half of the planetoid's surface!

    "Why hast thou awakened me? Who dares this act?" he growled but it was more like to a thunderclap speaking to them through a tornado!

    END of Ch 183. Ch 184 'The Last Wish?' or 'The End Of It All?'coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 184
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Ch 184(Last chapter of ff)

    At last-Ch 184 and the last. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK everybody, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 184without further preamble:-

    Chapter 184

    'The Last Wish?' or 'The End Of It All?'

    "I have awakened thee, O mighty Shenron, Eternal Dragon of the Cosmos. You must now grant my wish, sire!" yelled Bulma defiantly. Shenron turned aizu the size of small moons on the dimutive slip of a girl.

    "Make your wish, my child." he replied in a much gentler tone of voice which only sounded like a strship blasting off!

    "I wish that the 'Lovely Angels' duo of AD 2140 had never fired their 'God Gun' and therefore never destroyed 'Project Kronos' on 'Dagobah' back then. That is my wish, noble ryuu." she stated in a loud clear voice.

    "Granted. it is done. Farewell." he rumbled. A second blinding azure flash, a humongous explosion and-- POOF!--Shenron was gone-- as were the seven golden Dragon Ball orbs from the table! The entire party was whisked back to the 'Angel 2' where White bid them all adieu.

    "For the next solar day you and your flotilla will exist outside the realms of both space and time. Then you will all be yanked back to where you were before all of this began except of course it will have never begun. (He turned to Keisie and Yuyu) You two will find yourselves back on the carpet before Chief Gooley in AD 2140. However, this time it will be for an entirely different reason. Your AD 2250 or is it 2251 counterparts will be- well you folks all know where you were then better than I do so- sayonara to you one and all." he said and poof!- he vanished too!

    "By the by- you do know that none of you will remember any of these things which have happened since the first rift opened because--" began Doctor 2.

    "The first rift never opened." finished Doctor 4.

    "Come along now, Jamie, Zoe. Time to leave. Goodbye to all of you and I thank you for a most strange albeit enjoyable adventure." said the little fellow.

    "Leila, K-9. Time we were on our way as well. Sayonara my tomos watashi. I thank you as well. Best of luck to every one of you. Farewell." said the tall grinning gent wearing a six foot long multi-coloured scarf.

    Two winking white lights, two pulsating whines and both of the TARDISes were gone- just like that! Keisie and Yuyu were in shock!

    "Great! That's just great! Now how in the nine jigokus of Dante do we get back home?" fumed Keisie.

    "We're marooned with the Looney and the Jackass!" wailed Yuyu. (You fine folks decide who she was referring to as a Looney and a Jackass!).

    "Ask us that same question twenty-four hours from now if you're still here with us." said Marlene quietly.

    "The chromos are registering the date as 30 August AD 2251." reported Rally Vincent.

    "May I suggest that we all take our leaves of each other now because I do not think we'll ever be seeing each other again if indeed we ever did meet up with one another in the first place." said Legato softly. The Boss all of a sudden had a Helluva headache from all of the 'oro ifs' and 'maybes' and time switcheroos! She swallowed four 'Hydroxylein' tablets and washed them down with a belt of 'Tullamore Dew'.

    Tearful farewells now became the order of the day which culminated in a sumptuous feast for dinner. Absent comrades were toasted, promises to get together again real soon were made amongst those who were of the same time eras while all of them were wondering just oro the Hell was really going to happen to all of them on the morrow!

    "Oro's the point in drafting a report for the 'G Boys', Kei, if ashita none of this crapola never even happened?" demanded Yuri, her fingers sill poised over her PDO vidpad keys.

    Kei emptied her second bottle of 'Dew' and grinned at her like a Cheshire Cat. "I'll be Kami damned if I know the answer to that one, kiddo. Since when do we 'ever' turn in our reports on time anyhow? So the Hell wit it all! Have a snort and a smoke instead!" slurred the fiery redhead Amazon.

    "Go easy on that shit, Boss! Unless you want another darned hangover ashita again!" warned Yuri.

    "So oro? None of this crap will have ever even happened ashita, right?" chortled Kei, pouring from a third bottle of 'Dew' for herself and Zinfandel white wine for the new Wing Commander. Kei fired up her own cheroot and then lit Yuri's cigarette with the lighter that Annie Hathaway had given her for her birthday.

    Slowly the crews of the 'Angel 2' armada drifted off to sleep and awoke- well- where the Sam Hell do ya think they awoke? Wherever and whenever (I see why the Boss gets headaches from this shit!) they each were before that fateful deed that never happened! And oro about our good tomos of the 'Insane Six'?

    Well Keisie and Yuyu were awakened at 0900 hours in their cozy flat in 'Damocles Towers' in 'Elenore City' back on 'Shimougou' in AD 2140 once again by the screeching emanating from their bedside vidphones!

    "Goddammit to Hell, Yuri! Yo Kei! Get your asses the Fxxx up! You two were 'supposed' to be right here in my office at 0700! That was two shimatta hours ago! Where in the nine Hells of the Inferno of Dante are those reports you were to have turned in last month? I'll give you just fifteen more minutes- until 0915 hours to get yourseleves into HQ and you'd better have 'em ready for me by then- or else!" roared an irate and quite upset (so oro else is new eh?) Andre Francis Xavier Gooley.

    "It ain't my fault!" yelled Keisie.

    "It sure as the oni ain't my Fxxxing fault!" howled Yuyu, belting on her utility belt over her unmentionables. Keisie was half way out the door in hers!

    Later that morning--

    "Gomen Chief er sorry we're a tad late with these, And- er I mean Mr. Gooley, sir." said Yuyu sweetly when she and Keisie had tossed some notebook vidpads onto his desk. Neither 'Angel' had the slightest idea where those reports had come from! (Where do you think they came from?) The chromos there now stood at 0945 hours.

    "I'll er overlook it 'this' time, 'Angels'. Now-- Your next mission is to knock out a power generator which has gone 'rogue' over at "kronos' on 'Dagobah' and try 'not' to blow up the universe for once, will ya?" pleaded their Chief as he reached for the 'Galusol' bottle--

    Well it sure looks like it's 'here we go again!' for those 'Lovely Angels' eh? That takes care of two of the 'Insane Six' leaving the 'Unholy Four'--

    Kome and Yuri awakened to the three suns of 'Shimougou' shining into their tidy flat at 'Krillin Estates' in 'Furool City' and hoory! These 'Angels' had the day off! They both went shopping at 'Stacy', a rad boutique located in the 'Evangelion Mall' way across town. Why? Because the Boss and Mar were Kurisumasu er Christmas shopping (it was a few days before Thanksgiving) at their fave mall- the 'Higurashi' downtown and Yuri wanted absolutely no part of a shopping spree with the 'Shimougouan' version of the Terran 'Minnesota Wrecking Crew' domo arigatou! Meanwhile way back at the other end of town at that soon to be infamous mall--

    "Kami shimatta ni jigoku! I said halt! Freeze you Kami shimatta son of a bitch!" bellowed a very angry green-aizued kawaii redheaded Amazon! Here we go again hazu!

    And so as Tiny Tim would have observed had the little tyke been on 'Shimougou'--

    "Kami bless us evryone!"

    IS THIS REALLY-- THE END?? Only time will tell!

    END of Ch 184 'The Last Wish?' or 'The End Of It All? R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. This is the last chapter after several years of writing and posting. I'll begin a second (albeit quite shorter than this one) ff soon. Toodles-K&K
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Just to let ya all know that this ff 'Xmas with the Dirty Pair' has ended with the posting at both sites of Ch 184. However, a new albeit shorter ff will begin soon featuring those kawaii (lovely) Amazonian Angels- Kei and Yuri and tomos. I think Rio and Marina will be in them as supporting characters. Dunno oro it'll be about yet but if you want some hints try and watch some Angels' anime and Cosmic Warrior Zero and Burn Up W animes as well. I have anime news in general here:

    animeontv.com at yahoogroups and here:


    Let me know how you liked the story, cliffhangers and the ending if there really is an ending that is. R/R/S away 'cause I can always use ideas and insight for my new one as yet untitled from you tomos out there. Have a nice Derby weekend and check out my Profile page here for some new stuff. Sorry The Gungrave of trigun bit I cannot PM ya so a general advisory must do. Toodles-K&K
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Epilogue

    How's about a bit of help gang?-K&K

    Chapter Epilogue

    OK- Title is 'Angel Wings'. Characters: Kei and Yuri (superiors) and Rio and Marina Oki (trainees). Marina's a suba while Rio's an ensign/cadet. Furool City for their base HQ. Maybe Marlene as Rio's boss with Kome as Marina's boss? Kei still Mar's boss and Yuri still Kome's boss.

    Storyline? Starships? Shuttles? Chiefs? Must rewatch some Angels' videos first. Need more insights and suggestions.

    Revy and Rock (Blk Lagoon) as guest instructors at the Academy.

    Legato Bluesummers a cadet/trainee and acting Cpt. He's BetaZoid- remember?

    Academy instructors Lee Chan and Chief Gazelle (Anton Gustav's b-in-law)

    Tomah Jordan is computer expert at Academy. Need suggestions. All assistance greatly appreciated man. Kami bless you all-K&K

    OK- I have just posted (both sites) the first three (3) chapters of Angel Wings. See Profile page for details. New characters, oldies, surprises, new plotline although this is a continuation of a tale begun in Xmas with the DP. I promises that AW won't be nearly as long as Xmas was. OK I'll let ya start reading now. Can't promise but maybe Ch 4 by the weekend. Toodles-K&K
    Last edited by keimanzero; May 13, 2008 at 01:37 PM. Reason: Additions to script-updates.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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