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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    OK Here's Ch 1-Pt 1 of the new ff 'Angel Wings' all about Kei and her cadre's return home after the GG missions. (Are they really over?) and guess oro? Kei and Yuri and Kome and Mar are running the 3WA Academy in Furool City and er there are many new faces to see and guess about. R/R/S away and I'll try to keep this one shorter than the first. Toodles-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Revy, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air after our first ff so let's get to Chapter 1 of this one without further preamble:-


    Chapter 1

    'Creature From the Black Lagoon' or 'The Angels Meet Revy Roberts'

    Facing the rows of folding chairs in the gigantic amphitheatre in front of them Rock was as scared as Hell! His compadre, however, was as cool as a cucumber while she stood beside Rock, a cheroot clamped tightly betwixt her teeth. She smoked steadily directly beneath the 'No Smoking Onegai' sign on the wall. Rock tapped Revy's shoulder (Her real name was Rebecca Roberts but Kami help anyone who called this gal anything but Revy!) and pointed at the sign. Revy shrugged her shoulders and blew a smoke ring into the kid's face.

    Both were on loan (temporarily) from the 'Black Lagoon' company in Roanispur back on Terran Thailand. BL was an organisation of hired killers. These two had been 'volunteered' by their boss Dutch to teach the new 'UG' and 3WA recruits here at the 3WA Academy in Furool (Foo-Lon) City on Shimougou in the Aquarian Galaxy. Oro were they teaching them?

    For Rock it was proper reporting techniques a la their paperwork. In other words- how to do reports on your PDO (Personal Data Organizer). A 'PDO' was sorta like an ancient Terran cell phone/computer, however, unlike a cellphone a PDO also contained a vidcell phone unit, a medical tricorder, a computer, a local communicator, a word processor unit, several weapons, a homing beacon, a flashlamp, a tiny laser beam, a replicator unit (to make anything you shimatta well fancied!) and numerous other devices!

    For Revy (who had not read her 3WA orders) well she hoped someone was gonna tell her damned Fxxxing soon oro the jigoku she was doing here or was she just babysitting Rock's ass again? Revy was in fact an expert with all sorts of firearms and was there to teach marksmanship and martial arts to the cadets.

    "Who the Fxxx is that stupid looking bitch up front I wonder?" whispered Rio Delcroix to her seatmate Marina Oki. Rio was a cadet/trainee just starting her advanced training today as was Marina, however, where Rio was an ensign Marina was already a suba or a subaltern in the 3WA.

    "Shut the Hell up, Rio! If she hears us she'll sure as Fxxx come over here and she don't look like someone I'd wanna mess with or meet in a dark alley even in the daytime man!" replied Marina in a mono-whisper.

    "She's Revy Roberts from Terra, love. She's here to teach marksmanship and martial arts to you. And her nickname's the 'Creature from the Black Lagoon', Rio honey. Her name's really Rebecca but if ya say that to her it's like calling the boss Katie!" answered Legato Bluesummers the big tall BetaZoid captain from the planet of 'Gunsmoke'. Believe it or not he was also a cadet/trainee albeit he already as a captain outranked most of the instructors there.

    "Who's the cutey pie next to the Terran Terror?" asked Rio and Blue chuckled.

    "Rock Obajime. He's Revy's partner and he's here to teach us all how to write 'proper' reports on our PDOs. I think Revy's his bodyguard while he's here or something. He's a merc (mercenary) with the same group Revy's with but the guy won't carry a weapon and will not kill! Glorious company he's landed in eh? Take it easy kiddies. I think I just saw an old tomo- named Tomah Jordan. Ja mata for now." said Bluesummers and he wandered over to talk to a tall skinny guy wearing owlish spectacles circa a few hundred years ago. He stood next to a younger girl in a 3WA hotpants uniform with a sash reading trainee/acting ensign across her chest.

    "Legato? How nice to see you." she said and he nodded at the blonde.

    "Oh hi Edna. You're looking quite spiffy in that outfit." replied Bluesummers. The tall skinny dude blinked myopically and smiled.

    "Konnichi wa, Blue. Haven't seen you for an inu's age man. I'm here to give Edna (his sister Edna Jordan) moral support on her first day of advanced training. Then tomorrow I have to start teaching computer logistics to the seniors in the building next door. How ya been?" said Tomah Jordan who was the resident 3WA/'UG' ("United Galactica Federation of Galaxies') computer logistics and programming expert.

    "Just fine, Tomah. By the way have ya seen Lee Chan around today?" asked Blue.

    "Nai. He doesn't start teaching (martial arts and yoga) until ashita no yobi (the day after tomorrow). Hope he doesn't try to pick up that dark-haired babe with the kid over there." said Tomah, pointing towards Revy Roberts and Rock Obajime.

    "Amen to that pal. She's one tough bitch. See ya later, tomo watashi." replied Blue before heading for the snack tables.

    "How come we gotta be here today, Mar?" demanded Kome Sawaguchi in a whisper. She (an ensign) and Lt. Marlene Angel were standing against the back wall of the amphitheatre with arms folded across their chests. Mar shrugged her shoulders at the strawberry blonde teenager.

    "Beats me, kiddo. Guess two of those recruits are gonna be ours someday and they wanted us to get a look at them. Wow! That Revy Roberts looks madder than the boss usually does, don't she?" whispered the blonde navigator/sometimes pilot.

    A slight short gentleman with kindly grey aizu smiled at them all and stepped onto the dais in front of the class. "May I have your attention please--" he began but the general hubbub soon drowned him out until--

    "Shut the Hell up! Mr. Galadriel has something to say to you blasted yay-hoos so pay attention goddammit!" roared Donald Poporo, Unit 9's sector chief. You could have heard a pin drop on the surface of 'Dantoonine' which was several hundred lightyears distant! The shorter gent tried again.

    "I am Vittorio Francisco Galadriel, Commander-in-Chief of 'UG' and the 3WA, ladies and gentlemen. I welcome you to this briefing session for you young cadets and trainees. I already know a great many of you having met you after our last er incident that our 3WA forces were involved with. For the rest of you I usually allow Andy Gooley my Aquarian Galactic Chief to run things. I'd jsut like to say that we have gone out of our way this time around to get you the very finest of instructors we could possibly locate to teach you your advanced subjects. Yes even paperwork is on our curriculum this semester. Without further ado let me hand the floor over to Mr. Poporo who will give you all the latest news about your training. Have a nice day and hoop-a-dooble-doo." said Galadriel and he immediately left the podium.

    "OK hazu- listen up! You've all advanced to he next level of your training with us. That's 'cause you've mastered the 'basics' that a good tro-con needs to know. If you think that crap was difficult this next stage will make the last six months or so look like kindergarten! We're running a bit late today so I'll quickly introduce your instructors before I release you for dinner.

    First off- to teach you karate, baritsu and hand-to-hand combat as well as yoga we have Senir TC 1st Lt. Lee Chan (A tall fellow who looked a lot like the ancient Terran martial arts film star Jackie Chan gave them a galactic salute and bowed. In point of fact Lee was indeed a direct descendant of the famed hero of the silver screen from Terran China).

    Second we have to teach endurance and survival skills and tactics to you Chief Stefan Gazelle who doubles as our sports coach. (A big hulk of a guy with long flowing black hair stepped forward and gazed at the class steadfastly before shaking his head sadly and saying 'Pathetic, just pathetic, man!' in a loud rumble.

    Cont in Ch 1-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 1-Pt 2 of Angel Wings-Enjoy it-K&K

    Our remaining duo of instructors are probably unknown to all of you. They hail from the Terran city of Roanispur in Thailand and come to us highly recommended. Your third instructor is Mr. Rock Obajime (The kid beside Revy Roberts nodded a tad nervously and managed a wan smile) and he'll be teaching you how to write up proper reports from your missions and daily work so I guess you could call Rock our resident 'red tape' expert.

    Last but certainly not least we have Miss Rebecca er I mean Revy Roberts (The dark-haired beauty beside Rock frowned and made an obscene gesture to Don Poporo. Of the four instructors present Revy was the only one not in 3WA/'UG' attire. Instead the girl wore a black sleeveless tank top, torn and dirty sneakers and cutoff denim jeans. Criss-crossing her ample chest was a double-holstered under the arms shoulder harness and nesting in each holster was a heavy calibre Beretta automatic pistol nicknamed a 'Cutlass'. She nodded curtly to the class. 'Pathetic is right man! What a bunch of pussy shitheaded losers, Rock!' she chuckled and the kid looked like he wanted to be on 'Dantoonine' at that moment! who will be instructing you in the finer points of marksmanship and er street combat fighting.

    I know we all wanna get to chow so I'll dismiss you now that is if there are no questions?" said Don with a nervous glance around the hall.

    "That baka moron bitch couldn't hit the broad ass side of a Rygullian barn!" shouted Rio Delcroix before Marina Oki could stop her.

    "Hit the deck!" cried Rock and dove for cover just as Revy leaped up and performed a sideways somersault in midair, yanking out her twin cannons and firing all in the same blur of uninterrupted motion. Four neat little bulletholes had suddenly appeared in the 3WA crest above Mar and Kome's heads! A half credit coin (about the size of a Terran nickel) could have easily covered all four holes! Revy coolly reholstered her cannons and smiled at Rio.

    "How's that, you Fxxxing dumbass?" she demanded, spitting out her cheroot stub. Don glanced up and blanched white- his worst nightmare had just arrived!

    "Oro's the Hell's with all this Fxxxing noise, Don!?" growled a tall red-headed and green-aizued Amazon dressed in a 3WA red/black skintight bodysuit and red chukka ankle boots. Depending from her right hip was a Mark XIII ion cannon which weapon made Revy's 'Cutlass' noisemakers look like pea-shooters in comparison!

    "Ladies and gents- permit me to introduce our newest Academy Chief er for you Terran folks that's the same as a college dean- Marshall Keirran er I meant Kei O'Halloran. Hiya Boss. Miss Roberts here has just er been demonstrating her shooting skills to the class." said Don.

    Kei yawned, then spun like lightning back to face Revy, yanking out her cannon at the same time. Over her shoulder she fired two ion blasts in quick succession and where Revy's four bullet holes had been a moment ago now was only a smoking crater in the back wall!

    "Kei! How the oni (devil) can I teach first aid with all of this racket going on, dammit all!" screeched a violet-maned vixen with flashing aizu the colour of deep azure who had just bounced into the huge hall. Her hot pants outfit was a pstel hue of aoishi (blue) and white and complemented her aizu perfectly. White over the calf length Cavalier boots completed her ensemble and strapped to her right side was a teeny tiny (but deadly!) Mark III miniblaster.

    "And this is our esteemed Academy's executive chief er vice-principal- Wing Commander Yuri Donovan." added Poporo. Then Yuri saw oro was left of the wall!

    "Christ Almighty, Kei! Not another blasted shield? That's the third one you've blasted this month! The 'G Twins' (Andre Gooley and Charlie Garner) are gonna be well and truly pissed, man! Oh er hello class. Welcome to the 3WA Academy or jigoku (Hell) which is oro you'll be calling it pretty darn soon if you ain't already! Good luck." finished the exec.

    A desk job/teaching gig was fine with Yuri after that last mission she'd been on but for Kei this was sheer and utter boredom! Revy laughed out loud. Big mistake!

    "You freaks got a bimbo broad and a wimpy schoolkid running this Fxxxing dump? I don't Fxxxing believe it! Whassa matter- wasn't Dean Wormer ((The Faber College dean played by John Vernon in that old Terran film 'Animal House') available? No wonder this place is a frigging joke!" chortled the Terran markswoman.

    "Hey there Lady! You just watch your mouth there! That ain't now way to be talking about our 'Dirty Pair'!" cried an incensed Tomah Jordan who was holding the door open for Yuri. Four pair of angry aizu (including Yuri's) turned in his direction.

    "That's 'Lovely Angels', dammit!" chorused the 'Unholy Four' who are of course Kei, Yuri, Kome and Marlene. Kei strolled to the front podium and glared icily at Revy Roberts.

    "Class- you are hereby dismissed. See ya all back here at 0900 ashita (tomorrow) morning." she barked.

    "Let's go, Boss. You've got a lotta recquisition vidchips left to sign." said Yuri, adroitly steering the redhead to the portals. Legato grinned at Revy.

    "Girl, you just dunno how Kami shimatta extremely lucky you are. The Boss usually puts folks into the hospital for that kinda mouthing off. Your pardon, ma'am. Legato Bluesummers at your service. I'm captain of the 'Raphael'. That's one of the 'Lovely Angel 2' starship's four shuttles. (The others being of course 'Michaelangelo', 'Leonardo' and 'Donnatella') But don't get me wrong now. I'm also a trainee here. Pleased to meet ya, ma'am." said Blue. Revy returned his gaze coolly.

    "That Irish idjit's the lucky one, pal of mine. I usually 'kill' folks I don't like, man! And by the way friend- you call me anything but Revy again and I'll rip your Fxxxing head off and shit down your Fxxxing throat, Captain! Nice to meet you too, sir. C'mon Rock. I need a Fxxxing drink, kid." said Revy, dragging her companion towards the bar area.

    Kome's mouth was open wide in shock! Mar smiled ruefully. "Here we go again, kiddo." she observed dryly.

    END of Ch 1 . Ch 2 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 2 of AW-Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Rio, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 2 without further preamble:-


    Chapter 2

    'A Spoiled Drink' or 'The Returns Begin'

    You can sure as Hell say that again, old girl! She's even nuttier than the Boss!" agreed Kome.

    "You better watch that 'old girl' crap, Sawaguchi. I've told you about that before, haven't I? I ain't that old and I'm still 'your' boss, Kome." said Mar and she prepared to leave.

    Over at the bar Revy was mad as a Sigorskian hornet! She'd ordered a 'Flaming Cordite Zombie' and the dumbass 'BOD' (Bartender of the Day who in this case was Suba Cheska Morton) had never even heard of one before!

    The 'GMDI' (Galactic Mixed Drinks Index') had told Cheska how to prepare a 'Zombie' and dutifully she'd done so and even flamed it with her own laser sword so it was 'Flaming Zombie' but Revy complained that it tasted like roadkill blood mixed with rancid shit!

    Rock was sipping his cherry cordial and looking for someplace to hide when Jon Harlock and his crew trooped up to the bar. Jon's navigator, a blonde trill 'girl' yanked Faye Valentine's Glock 7 pistol out of its holster and ejected one of its cartridges. Neko Olson (the till) calmly popped off the bullet's deadhead and dumped its entire contents (pure gunpowder) into Revy's glass and then ignited the concoction with her own blaster. The resulting flame leaped twenty full meters into the air!

    This time Rock Obajime vaulted over the bar and dove for cover and so did almost everyone else at the bar! Revy took a tentative swig of the fiery brew and smacked her lips appreciably.

    "Wow! Now that is a real 'Flaming Cordite Zombie'! Thanks girl!" she growled and Neko grinned at her.

    "Sure thing, Missy. It's gunpowder only on old Terra it was called 'cordite' hence the drink's name. Only thing is the only folks around this part of the galaxies who still use the stuff are 'cowboys' and pirates- gomen (sorry) Faye- and 'cowgirls' too. That's oro we call bounty hunters around these parts, mum. I'm Neko, Neko Olson- at your service." replied Jon's svelte navigator who had the uncanny ability to transform into her namesake- a nekko or cat- not too surprising since she was a 'nekomata' or a shape shifter. Well her 'host' body was anyway. A 'trill' was an intelligent sentient being who was implanted into a 'host' body 'shell' and since 'trills' were very long-lived and unisexual to boot (Trills were both male and female and yet they were also neither one nor the other) they had to switch 'hosts' a number of times. This 'nekomata' shell was Neko's fifth. She really liked it a lot and hoped she'd be able to remain in it for several more decades to come.

    Revy clapped her new tomo on the back and Neko winced. "I'm Revy, Revy Roberts! Glad to know ya, kiddo!" said the 'Black Lagoon' gal.

    "Uh oh! Wait'll Mr. garner gets a load of that mess, man!" wailed Cheska.

    "Wait'll Mr. Garner gets a load of oro mess, Suba Morton?" demanded a slight and spare guy with thinning silver/grey hair.

    "That." answered Faye, pointing up to the scorched ceiling.

    "And er that, sir." added Rock, indicating the 'target' wall behind them.

    "Sweet Mother of Christ! Be the 'Demon o' Dublin' loose again? I can understand her fragging the wall but oro ever possessed her to set fire to an innocent ceiling?" asked Territorial Sector Chief Charles Augustus Garner.

    "Maybe the Boss did nuke the wall but I don't think she fried that ceiling, Charlie." said Rally Vincent, a 'cowgirl' from Terran Chicago and affectionately known to all as 'Cat'. (Guess the 'Gunsmith Cats' are still with us after all. Wonder who else decided to stick around to keep the Angels company?).

    "Then who--" began Garner.

    "She done it, sir."" said Minnie Mae 'Blonde Bomber' Hopkins, another 'cowgirl' and Rally's partner. She was lovingly known to all by the moniker 'Kitten'. Mae ponted out the trill.

    "Gomen Chief! I was er just mixing up a drink for Roberts over there, man." explained Neko.

    "Oro the Sam Hell are you and the 'Botany Bay' club doing here anyway?" asked a now very curious Garner.

    "Why we be here to be a-showing the finer points of our own dirty tricks er I mean street combat methods to the cadets here, sir. We be the assistant instructors to the er 'Creature from the Black Lagoon' whomsoever he might be. As a favour to dear Katie, don't ye know." answered Jonathan Harlock who was of course uncle to 'Queen' Emma Emeraldas.

    " 'Black Lagoon'?" queried Garner. Revy got to her feet a mite unsteadily.

    "I think he might be referrin' to me, Baldy!" she shouted in a slurred voice before collapsing onto the bar's floor.

    This absolutely shocked Rock who had personally seen Revy Roberts outdrink a roomful of drunken seamen back in Roanispur! "Revy? One drink and KAPOW? But how?" whined Rock.

    "An 'FCZ' drunk at a five kilo altitude ('Furool (Foo-Lon) City' was known throughout the cosmos as the 'Five Kilo High City') and of course her metabolism ain't gonna take it, man! Wimpy ass Fxxxing Terrans! OW! Oro was that for, Faye?" yelped Spike Steigel, rubbing his shin where the 'cowgirl's' boot had made contact with his flesh.

    "I'm Terran too! Remember?" said Faye.

    "Yeah Princess but you're ancient, ain't ya?" drawled Han Solo who was here on a state visit as Chief Advisor to the 'New Republic of Alderaan' leader- his wife Leia Skywalker Organa Solo. "Ouchie! Hey! I got diplomatic immunity now ya know!" howled Han, rubbing his sore shin.

    "Not from me ya don't, Pirate." said Faye, calmly draining her Skotch and signalling for a refill.

    Suddenly all aizu turned at the whooshing pulsating sound coming from the corner of the room where an old-fashioned Terran British police box aoishi in colour circa late 19th and early 20th Centuries had mysteriously materialised!

    "Hello there chaps! I'm the Doctor! How d'ye do?" said a foppish little fellow wearing a ridiculous looking frock coat and waistcoat covered with question marks. His hair was the hue of spun gold and all in all he looked like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! "Sorry to be the bearer of ill tidings but my predecessors are stuck on other assignments so it fell to my lot to come here. I'm er Doctor number six (He looked a lot like the ancient Terran British actor Colin Baker!) and I'm afraid the er 'God Gun' and 'Shenron Jr's' wish did not solve the dilemna at all well! C'mon out kiddies!" he chortled and six little schoolgirls bustled out of the TARDIS!

    "I believe you all know Tsukina er Sailor Moon and her four sailor scouts from Earth, don't you?" he observed dryly. The first little girl who was a mite older (at seven) than the rest (who were six) ran over to Garner.

    "Uncle Charlie, we have a little problem, sir. Er Rin is on the TARDIS but she made the trip in her nighty-nights so--" said Mooney and Charlie motioned to Marlene and Kome.

    "Here we go again eh?" observed Kome and Mar nodded ruefully.

    END of Ch 2. Ch 3 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 3-Pt 1 of Angel Wings for ya to enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Ten Ten, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 3 without further preamble:-


    Chapter 3

    'Another Doctor?' or 'Ninjas On the Loose!'

    Kome and Mar hurried over to Garner and after a whispered word or two the two Angels disappeared into the TARDIS carrying a replicator. They soon emerged escorting a beaming Rin (remember her from InuYasha?) now wearing 3WA sweats and sneakers instead of her 'nighty-nights'. Kei and Charlie glanced at the Doctor who shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

    "Where the Hell'd ya find the 'Kindergarten Brigade', Doc?" demanded the redhead.

    "They er just appeared aboard my TARDIS, my dear child." he explained.

    "I want my daddy! I want InuYasha! I want Kagome! I want Granny H. (Mrs. Higurashi- Kagome's mom)! I want Mooney (Sailor Moon)! Hey, is Ed (the 'Bebop' cowgirl tomboy) still here? Auntie Mar, I'm hungry!" yelled Rinny and she started to sob. Mar dug out her vidcode key and tossed it to Kome. Then she higged Rinny and cooed soothingly to her.

    "There there, Honey. It'll be OK, I promise. Go with Auntie Kome now, OK? She'll get you some dinner and then take you to our home." said the blonde and Rinny stopped whimpering. "Get her something to eat and then take her over to my place at 'Nakasone Towers'. Here's my speeder's vidkey. It's over at HQ's parking docks. (Kome nodded) I'll send Mooney and the scouts over to Yuri's pad- it's got more room than mine. Gimme your vidcodekey for it. (Kome lived with Yuri over in 'Krillin Estates'- across the esplanade from 'Nakasone Towers') (Kome handed over her vidcodekey) Yo! Revy! Rock! Marina! Rio! Get over here stat!" called Mar.

    Revy had since recovered from her 'Zombie' attack but was still a bit groggy from it. She was supported by both Rock and Neko Olson. Rio and Marina grabbed a few replicators and then gathered up Mooney, Minako, Makoto, Rei and Ami.

    "Marina, take the kids over to dinner and then run them back to Yuri's place in 'Krillin Estates'. Here's the vidcodekey for her digs. You got a speeder here? (Marina Oki nodded) Good. The kiddies are gonna have to crash over there until we get things sorted out. Mako! Oro the Hell are you doing?" yelled Mar when she saw the sailor scout pulling off her skirt.

    "Last time we came Auntie Kei made us get all undressed, Auntie Mar- remember?" whimpered Mako.

    "Not this time she ain't!" grumbled Kome and pulled the garment back up. After they'd all departed for chow and then home Charlie Garner tapped Mar's forearm. "Get Blue, Solo, Donovan, Hathaway (Ella), the Jordan kids (Tomah and Edna) and the Boss. We'll all meet in her office in an hour. In the meantime, let's eat. I'm starving. Shall we go, Doctor? The dining hall is this way." said Garner. "The bar is now closed, Suba Morton. I think you've had quite enough of that stuff, Deirdre!" he added, taking a bottle of 'Jameson's' (Irish whiskey) away from Kei. Then he escorted her and Mar to the lift.

    "Where the heck are we, Sensei?" cried out a fourteen year old blonde lad dressed in an orange jumpsuit. He wore a black headband emblazoned with a strange curlycue symbol across his forehead as did his three companions. One of them was another lad a tad older than him and he had very weird aizu indeed! He wore a brown singlet over matching Bermuda shorts. The scond of his companions was a girl the same age as the blonde kid. She wore a pink sleeveless top over black clamdigger pants. Her hairstyle was quite odd- a tight bun on either side of her head and like the second boy she was a brunette. The last one of the quad may have been the eeriest one of all! He was older than the first three- about thirty- dark-haired and dressed entirely in black- a black bodysuit which was skin-tight. Like the rest he also wore strange old-fashioned sandals on his feet. Oro made him so eerie to behold was the black kerchief-like mask which covered his entire face except for his left aizu! He glanced up from the small book he'd been reading and yawned.

    The girl was toying nervously with her kunai (a small stone dagger not unlike a Terran Indian arrowhead) while the kid with weird aizu was studying the room. The blonde kid, however, made a few hand gestures and-- POOF!- Suddenly there were about twenty or thirty of him! The older dude yawned again.

    "We are shinobis (warriors) Ninjas so nothing should ever be able to surprise us- nothing. Ten Ten? Put that thing away right now. Naruto? Drop the shadow clone jutsu (fighting technique) bit. Neji? Oro are you seeing? My sharingar (a Ninja jutsu passed down through a clan or family) senses no danger here although this place would seem not to be in the Land of Fire." he said and put away his book.

    "Grandma Tsunade didn't say nothing about going back to school, Sensei or did she?" asked the blonde kid whose name was naruto Uzumaki. His leader shook his head.

    "Nai, she did not, kid but now that ya mention it this sure does look like an office or even a schollroom. Better keep on our toes." he replied warily.

    "I see many others both in and around this place, however, I sense no danger from them, Sensei." agreed Neji Hyuga, the kid with weird aizu which were actually a form of his jutsu 'Byakugan' or 'far seeing jutsu'. That and 'gentle fist jutsu' (like Hok To Shin Ken- an ancient forbidden Chinese martial art form) which involved attacking one's 'chakra' or 'ki' energy directly within one's body were the Hyuga clan's jutsu techniques.

    "Well I sure as Hell don't like this place at all, guys. Not one little bit. Can we go home now, Sensei?" asked Ten ten Kotoro, the lone female of the small hazu (group).

    "Oh, start acting like a Genin, Ten Ten willya? Neji just told us that this place and its people seem harmless. POOM! And stop playing with those shimatta 'paper bombs'! Wonder if 'Ninja Quest' is on around here? (He fiddled with the 'remote box' of the 'tv set' on the desk) CRAP! How do ya change channels on this damned thing? There. Now I think I got something. Oro the Hell?" cried Sensei (a teacher or mentor), dropping the 'remote' when a voluptuous blonde's kawaii face suddenly filled the viewing screen in front of him!

    "Marshall O.? Miss O'Halloran? Were ya trying to reach me? It's Naomi er Chief Adjutant Naomi Armitage, ma'am. Did you er-- Hey! Just who in the Hell are you and oro the Fxxx are ya doing in the Boss's office with those three brats?" yelled Naomi.

    "Tht's exactly oro the Fxxx I was just gonna ask these bozos myself! Well? Start talking or else!" growled an angry green-aizued redhead, cocking her Mark XIII and leveling it at the startled Jonin Sensei!

    In Ninja parlance there are three distinct levels of shinobi training:- The lowest is Genin which was oro Naruto, Ten Ten and Neji were. The second level was Chunin. The third and highest level of all was Jonin which was oro their 'shadow guy' Sensei was.

    "Gomen er sorry ma'am but I am not permitted to tell you folks anything regarding our mission. However, since we do seem to be lost we'd be grateful if you'd be so kind as to point us in the right direction for the Land of Fire. Arigatou (Thanks), Miss." said the masked man.

    "Why do I always seem to get all the freaks and weirdos?" grumbled Kei.

    "Sensei! They've got their own shinobi! Gentle fist hundred crack jutsu! Yaka! Yaka! Yaka!" cried Neji Hyuga, striking his fingers against the chest of a knight in shining armour standing beside the redhead.

    "Hee hee hee! That tickles, mister." said Alphonse Elric who was merely a young alchemist boy's tama (soul) without a corporeal body.

    "Arigatou be to Kami (Thank God) that Doc Markos was able to reverse Kimlee's (Blood Alchemist) alchemy so that Al is no longer the 'Philosopher's Stone'! Those strikes would've set it off for sure and Kami help us all if that ever happened!" said a short blonde guy sporting a matching pencil moustache.

    Ten Ten reached into her pouch. "Don't even think about it, sister!" said Edna Jordan, her forearm encircling the girl's throat and a Mark III rammed into the small of her back.

    "I'll save ya, Ten Ten!" yelled Naruto and POOF! A hundred Narutos suddenly materialized around them!

    "I've had enough of this shit! Yuri!! Activate all neutralizing fields (when in place these prevent the use of magic, jutsu, weapons- you name it, the fields won't let you do it!) in and around the Academy! Do it now, Vacuumhead! Not ashita (tomorrow)!" roared the Boss, firing into the midst of the phalanx of grinning Narutos! A second later all of them vanished except for one and Kei raised her voice. "Security team to my office stat!" she trilled.

    Cont in Ch 3-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 3-Pt 2 of Angel Wings. Enjoy-K&K

    "We don't need no Fxxxing security, Boss!" said Revy Roberts doing a poor imitation of Larry Storch in that ancient Terran film 'Blazing Saddles'. Neko, you and Edna take the girl! Blue, you got the weirdo kid! Gaara, the blonde fruitcake's all yours baby! I'll take the 'Shadow' here!" growled Revy, springing into the room and dropkicking Sensei.

    Legato stared at Neji who then meekly handed over his weapons. Legato Bluesummers you'll no doubt recall was a BetaZoid and as such he possessed great powers of mind control even more powerful than a Jedi's powers in that regard!

    Neko and Edna led Ten Ten Kotoro into an adjoining antreroom and searched the now terrified Genin- quite thoroughly!

    Gaara stepped into the office and-- "Naruto? Naruto Uzumaki? Oro the oni (devil) are you guys doing around these parts?" he asked.

    "Gaara? Is that really you, man?" yelled Naruto. Gaara explained how the 'sand demon' no longer resided inside his body and so he'd been released from 'Seto Kaiba', the penal colony where he'd been incarcerated for several weeks. As a displaced person (which were still plentiful as Hell it seemed!) Gaara had opted to take some training at the 3WA Academy.

    "A tearful reunion eh? Well can it! Search his ass already, Gaara! Yuck! That is Fxxxing gross, man!" cried Revy who had just disarmed Sensei and done a speedy patdown of his person. As an afterthought, she'd started to lift off his mask but she had soon stuck it back on him after she'd seen his 'Sharingar' aizu! Gaara hastened to explain exactly who their four intruders really were.

    "And this is their Sensei er teacher Kakashi Hatake--" began Gaara before Yuri butted in.

    "You dumbass redheaded bimbo! I thought all you had at home was a 'pet' python! You sure as Hell never mentioned that he was a shapeshifter, Kei! OK Kashi- you can transform back into a snake now." said Yuri.

    "Oro in the nine Hells of Dante's Inferno are you two baka morons babbling on about? You just heard Gaara, didn't you? I'm a Ninja shinobi same as he is only he's a Genin and I'm a Jonin. I am not a nekomata or a shapeshifter of any sort!" yelled Kakashi Sensei. (Oro? Did you already forget about Kei's fifteen foot pet python? His name is Kakashi or Kashi for short).

    Meanwhile in the adjoining anteroom-- "Yellow? I thought that all you Ninja freaks ever wore was basic black? I ain't sure of Neko's but Edna's are white today, Mar wears taupe usually and Kome's are pink as a rule. Yuri's are a racy shade of red and the Boss's are either green or pale aoishi. Come to think of it now er Sango's were sometimes yellow too. Go figure, eh?" said a lecherous voice from the shadows.

    "Hey! Wait a minute! Is somebody else in here with us, Miss Jordan?" cried Ten Ten, snatching a cloth off the table to cover herself.

    "Nai, not really anyway. That's just 'Orson', kiddo. (Like 'Artok', 'Orson' was merely another extension of 'CC', the 3WA's 'Central Computer Programming Unit'). And he's supposed to have his vidsensors turned 'off' whenever he enters a lady's boudoir. Do it now, 'Orson'." said Edna Jordan angrily.

    "Gomen mum but I er just couldn't resist it er it won't happen again, Miss." replied 'Oroson'.

    "Good. Neko? You find anything else in her 'fuku' (clothing, outfit, etc.) ?" demanded Edna and the trill shook her head.

    "Nai. All the kid had on her were these stone daggers (kunai), throwing stars (shurikins) and these fireworks (paper bombs) here unless--" answered Neko Olson, leaving her unfinished thought dangling.

    "Right-o. OK. Miss Kotoro? We'll turn around while you take off your unmentionables and wrap up in that tablecloth. Sing out when you're ready 'cause we have to give you a thorough search, Honey. Neko, about face." said Edna as she and the trill turned away from the now enraged shinobi girl.

    Ten Ten angrily did as she'd been told. "This is being done under protest, ma'am! And our 'Hokage' (Ho-ka'gay) the Lady Tsunade shall hear of this outrage! Boy oh boy am I mad! OK, I'm ready, Ladies!" said Ten Ten, holding out her yellow brassiere and matching biki underbriefs. Edna looked the kid square in the aizu after Neko had probed the girl's skimpy lingerie and shook her head.

    "Do I have your word of honour as a Genin Shinobi Ninja warrior that you are not concealing anything else under there? (Ten Ten bit her lip, winced and nodded her head vigorously) OK. Fine. Neko and I will again turn around and allow you to reclothe yourself, Honey. Get dressed, Ten Ten." said Edna.

    "You guys are gonna be so shimatta sorry when I tell Kakashi Sensei oro--" began the girl, startling the Hell out of Edna who spun around just as Ten Ten was pulling up her socklets.

    "Gomen er sorry, kid but did you just say 'Kakashi'? (Ten Ten nodded and pulled up her clamdiggers) That's Boss Kei's pet snake's name! (Ten Ten tucked in her top, stepped into her sandals and adjusted her headband) Sorry about the search but er Honey? Do you have any idea where in the nine Hells you are right now?" asked Edna.

    "The Land of Fire?" she ventured and Neko giggled hysterically. Edna smiled and shook her kawaii head.

    "Nai. You see this is not Terra er the Earth as you call it at all. You're on the planet 'Shimougou' in the 'Aquarian Galaxy' and this place is the Academy where we train our 'shinobi' only we call 'em 'trouble consultants' or 'tro-cons'. We work for the 3WA ('World Welfare Works Association') which is an interplanetary police force. That room next door is er well- the dean's office of the college!" explained the cadet trainee and Ten Ten Kotoro was in absolute shock!

    "Oro year do you think this is, Love?" asked an amused and still giggling Neko.

    "Why of course it's Era Year 1517.6 in the first year of the reign of the Fifth Hokage! (Both Edna and Neko laughed) Isn't it?" demanded Ten Ten.

    "Nai, Honey. You ain't even close, man! Its 2251 AD or AD 2251- I always get that nomenclature mixed up. By the way kid- oro's a 'Hokage' anyway?" asked a curious Neko Olson. (Well she was a neko or a cat- of sorts, wasn't she?).

    "The 'Hokage' is the leader of our village- the 'Village Hidden In the Leaves' and the Lady Tsunade is the fifth and latest one, ma'am." replied Ten Ten. There came a pounding of a loud tattoo on the room's door.

    "You two bozos about done with her yet? Get her ass back out here, dammit!" yelled Kei so with a shrug of her shoulders Edna took the kid by one forearm while Neko took her by the other and led Ten Ten back into the office. "She had 'all' of that crap on her? 'Oroson's' security really sucks, man! Toss 'em all in the brig!" yelled Kei until Yuri informed the hotheaded redhead that the Academy had no brig. "Then lock 'em up in one of the dorms post a guard on 'em! And get them all into 3WA sweats and trainers (sneakers)! I don't trust 'em! Charlie? We gotta talk, tomo mine!" she said and they headed for the cnference room followed by Chief Gazelle, Chief Gooley, 'Kami' Galadriel, Chief Gustav and Chief Poporo.

    As per usual Yuri Donovan was elected babysitter. "Neko, Edna, Han, Blue, Revy, Lee- Take 'em over to Dorm Wing 'Calypso' and up to Level 166. Lock 'em up in Rooms 140 to 143 and rep them up some sweats and sneakers. The boss wants all of their own 'fuku' as well as personal effects, jewelry and weapons sent over to 'Q' Labs at HQ for anlysis. You are authorised to use force ('stunners') on them if you deem it necessary. Gomen er sorry hazu (gang or group)- this is just a precaution, however, if you resist my people in any way orosoever (whatsoever) you will be 'stunned' and thenphysically restrained. And your Ninja 'Jedi' mind control tricks will not work here and neither will your mumbo jumbo and jutsus 'cause I've just activated 'neutralizing fields' throughout the premises and around the entire perimeter of the Academy grounds. Cooperate with us and we'll try to get you all back home as soon as we can. Arigatou in advance for your cooperation and understanding. Take 'em to their rooms. Blue, you're in charge. Dismissed." said Yuri who was already busily linking into Territorial Sector Chief Garner's vidphone hookup for the meeting.

    Doctor 'Q' took the bull by both horns after Doctor 6 and the chiefs had finally taken their seats and Yuri assured them she was online with them. The grizzled old scientist cleared his throat and the door crashed open!

    END of Ch 3. Ch 4 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend.

    Cont in Ch 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's AW-Ch 4-Pt 1. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Neji, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 4 without further preamble:-


    Chapter 4

    'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems- Again?'

    "We just finished locking up those four Ninja loonies and then we gave Doc Phibes ('Q's' assistant at 3WA HQ's 'Q' labs) all of their stuff including their little toys but they all refused to take off their headbands so we let 'em keep the Fxxxing things! That shadow freak Sensei of theirs flat out would not give up his mask and after seeing oro's under it I was glad to let him keep it on, Boss! Did we miss much?" reported Revy Roberts.

    "Nai. Now shut up and sit down, Revy!" growled Kei O'Halloran. Doctor 'Q' resumed his speechmaking.

    "As you've all probably guessed by now, the 'Shenron Jr.' wishing bit didn't work out completely for us. Why it did not is simple. Some of your displaced souls have decided to remain in this particular time era which threw the continuum into a tizzy. To correct this we must er re-open a small rift in the continuum wall. (This startling revelation was met with a general hubbub of yelling, cursing and shouting until Don Poporo shut them all up) Wait! Hear me out onegai! We still have that 'zero room' on one of the sublevels of the 'Lovely Angel 2' so anyone who 'definitely' wants to stay in this time era (23rd Century) who is not 'originally' from this era will be sealed in that room until the rift closes up again. So- tell anyone concerned oro I have just now told you and have them aboard the 'Angel' by 1600 (4 PM) hours ashita (tomorrow) afternoon. That is when the Doctor here will enclose Kerry's (Doc 'Q' always called the Boss 'Kerry' for some unKamily (ungodly) reason) ship within his TARDIS and transport it and all aboard her to a neutral site outside of time and space itself- 'Warriors' Gate'- where it will remain for an entire solar week. Anyone who wants to be returned to their own time era will be billetted here in the 'Calypso Dorm Wing' of this Academy. (Where the Ninja gang was being kept) Then the continuum's tensile fabric of space/time will be breached and held open for a single solar hour before it is resealed. This will work, folks. I know it will." explained Doctor 'Q'.

    "And just how the Fxxx do ya know that, Doc?" demanded Revy, putting her feet up on the conference table.

    "Because earlier today Phibes and I conducted a little experiment by breaching the continuum wall and holding it open for a single minute before we again sealed it shut. That must have been when your Ninjas came through." he replied quietly and Kei went bonkers!

    "Oro the Fxxx did you just say, Doc? You mean after all the shit I went through to blow that shimatta rift closed with the 'God Gun', Dragon Balls, magical mumbo jumbo and kami knows oro the Hell else you two lunatics reopened it just for the Fxxxing Hell of it!" yelled the Boss.

    Revy's feet hitting the floor sounded like gunshots in the silent room. She leaped across the table, slammed the astonished scientist against the wall and then shoved one of her 'Cutlass' automatics into his throat!

    "Wait, my child- there's more!" he added

    "Well? Let's hear it, dammit!" growled Revy.

    "The Ninjas weren't the only ones to come through. The 'WOOHP' ('World Organization of Humman Protection') Spygirls Alex, Sammy and Clover are here and so's their boss (Jerry Lewis) and 'Gladys' (their own 'Artok', 'Orson' or 'CC'). Michaelangelo, Donnatella, Leonardo and Raphael, Master Splinter, casey Jones, April O'Neal and even the 'Shredder' (The 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', their sensei, their adopted brother and sister and their worst enemy) are all here as well." answered 'Q'.

    "Anyone else you forgot to mention?" demanded Kei.

    "The 'Pokemon' kids, 'Team Rocket', the 'Mooneyites' (Sailor Moon and her scouts), some of InuYasha's crowd, Ivanhoe's bunch, the Elf and the Treasure Hunters and er Solo's late father-in-law (Darth Vader formerly Annakin Skywalker). Oh yeah- I almost forgot about Rukia Kuchski and Ichigo Kurosawa (Soul Reapers from Bleach) and Light Yagami (Death Note) and Ryuuk (Light's shinigami 'death god') and er they're just the ones we've definitely confirmed, Kerry." he replied sheepishly.

    "Ya mean there may be even more, old man?" cried out Kome Sawaguchi.

    "Quite possibly, dear child." he answered.

    "How do we round 'em up and get their asses over here, Doc?" growled Kei.

    "You don't have to, Kerry. They all came through to the Academy." replied 'Q' mysteriously.

    "How'd ya manage that one, Doc?" asked Revy.

    "The er continuum's wall is everywhere and it can be breached anywhere. Of course it's invisible except under strong infrared and ultraviolet light when they're combined with each other. Oro we did was that instead of using a heavy blast of ionic energy like Kerry did with her 'God Gun' we used a much lighter but more concentrated ionic charge and we achieved this by mixing several streams of ions together and then aiming them at a particular spot on the 'wall'. Then we fired a miniscule ionic discharge blast using a small 'MiniMark 3-F'. (Puzzled expressions all round greeted this news) That's just an ordinary run-of-the-mill laser sword. We thrust its beam release jet into the spot where all the beams met. Thus we were able to open a very minute rift in the wall. Then we simply resealed it." explained the researcher.

    "How?" asked Kome.

    "By reversing the polarity field of course." he replied.

    "Huh?" said Revy.

    "They turned off the sword. As simple as that. Right Doc?" suggested Mar and he nodded.

    "And just how in the Hell are ya gonna keep the same thing from happening this time and bringing even more souls through the opening, sir?" asked Andy Gooley.

    "By erecting a force beam barrier field across the opening." said Mar.

    "Exactly, my dear." replied 'Q'.

    "That'll keep the new ones from getting in but how do the old ones get through the barrier and into the vortex hole to go back home?" asked Charlie Garner. This 'rocket science' crap was way beyond the likes of Kome, Revy and the Boss but not Mar.

    "The field blocks positive ionic energy but it does not block negative ionic energy. Sort of like old-fashioned Terran radio waves which could be admitted or blocked depending on their frequency, pitch, speed and polarity. Some could get through a barrier while others could not. However, to even block a tiny pinprick in the continuum wall's fabric will still require a tremendous barrier field- a Helluva lot more powerful and stable than anything we can possibly generate, Doc. Right?" said the ever practical blonde.

    "Correct Blondie for a force beam barrier field but not for a sealing barrier like we used on Gaara." said Blue and Izumi nodded.

    "Hmmn- a sealing barrier rather than a sealing circle. Clever, Mr. B. and it just might work at that." agreed the alchemy sensei woman.

    "That is the same idea that Anton (Doctor Phibes- Doc 'Q's research assistant) had, Miss Izumi." admitted 'Q'.

    "But would a sealing barrier like that be stable enough to hold together for a whole solar hour?" wondered Chief Gazelle.

    "We'll need myself, Mr. B. here, Edward, Alphonse, Zoe Morton, Roy Mustang and another either alchemist or BetaZoid of at least a Level Six to pull it off and create a strong and stable enough variance to hold together for an hour or so but the question is- where do we find such a person?" asked Izumi grimly.

    "On Tory Zulu's 'Stargazer', Miss. You need Commander Deanna Troi from 'Starfleet', kiddo. She's a BetaZoid Master- a Level Nine." said a new voice. Captain Kiva Nerese was standing in the doorway, cradling a plasma rifle. Of course Kiva was still commanding the starship the 'USS Coriander' for 'Starfleet Command'. Flanking her were newly promoted Lieutenant George Armstrong and newly promoted Ensign Treanna Knox who were both similarly armed. "Khan's back." explained Kiva to explain the artillery.

    "You guys need Troi that's for sure, however, I doubt if 'Starfleet' will be willing to give her up oro with Khan now on the loose again." she added.

    "We'll just see about that, Captain. 'Starfleet' does oroever the Hell I tell them to do!" said Uncle Vito Galadriel who always lived up to his nickname- 'God of the 'UG' and the 3WA'. "Your 'Starfleet' is controlled by my 'UG', Captain and I hereby relegate all 'UG' command to my new 'Galactic Commissioner'- Marshall Keirran O'Halloran- effective immediately. Katie, get Commander Troi back here by 2100 (9 PM) hours tonight." ordered Vito Galadriel.

    "She can't possibly do that, Mr. Galadriel. The 'Stargazer' is six full lightyears away from here. The soonest they can get her here is 0900 (9 AM) hours ashita no yobi (the day after tomorrow). Gomen er sorry, sir." volunteered Kiva.

    Cont in Ch 4-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's AW-Ch 4-Pt 2. Enjoy-K&K

    "Bullshit! We need her here now! Kome, put a relay call through to the 'Lady Foucault' (Bulma Brief's timeship) and have Bulma bring those two trained baboons of hers here stat! Tell her I want 'em here before 2030 (8:30 PM) tonight and I won't take nai (no) for an answer! Oro the Fxxx! I forgot that Saiyaans have 'instant transmission' so have Bulma get her hubby (Vegeeta Brief) and Goku (another Saiyaan tomo of theirs) to flash over to (Kei looked a question at Kiva who said 'They're on 'Gar 6' in the 'Chi' quadrant') 'Gar 6' in 'Chi' and zap Deanna Troi right back here to us sat! Bulma can bring the 'Lady Foucault' here ashita (tomorrow). (Kei frowned and sat down again) And you tell them it's absolutely vital that we get Troi back here soon. Send it, Kome. Then reroute all incoming calls to my office. Yuri, since we ain't got no brig here, oro's our most secure area?" said the Boss.

    "The er medical quarantine complex ten levels beneath us. Why?" asked a nervous Wing Commander.

    "Because that's where we'll build the sealing barrier and then breach the continuum. Doc 'Q' said the shimatta thing's everywhere and you can bust through it anywhere, didn't he? Rio! Marina! Make yourselves useful and get Naomi Armitage over here 'cause I wanna list of who's going and who's staying- got it? (Rio and Marina nodded nervously) OK. Good. Kome, announce 'Q's instructions on the squawkboxes and tell 'em they're my orders. Mar, start delegating dorm rooms for our departing guests. Rock? I want you and Tomah (Jordan) to start filling up my 'Angel 2's 'zero room' with our guests who wanna stay here. Naomi will tell ya who they are and for Kami's sake don't forget to get word to Lt. Nat (Edwards nee Badgiruel- she was married to Tracey Edwards now), Flay (Allster) and Cagalli (Athna). They're on Gene 's (Starwind) 'Outlaw Star' over around Mars I think. Folks- we're all eating in here so start repping or ordering chow from the commissary downstairs. Revy? Get together some er 'volunteers' and start sweeping the campus for stragglers. Ella? I wanna complete manifest of who exactly is on this (Academy) complex- anywhere. 'Artok'? Mugghi? Nammo? Prep the ship for an immediate departure. Lay in a month's worth of supplies. Then run a complte diagnostic check on all systems. Don't forget to load our weapons and hai (yeah)- make sure the 'God Gun' is fully functional and ready to fire. 'Orson'? I want crews for the 'Angel' as well as for the 'Mikey', the 'Leo', the 'Donnie' and the 'Raph' stat! We'll be needing those shuttles to get everyone to the ship. Kiva? Your 'Coriander' and your crew come with us. That goes for the 'Lady F' too so tell Bulma when she gets here, Kome. OK folks- you all got your orders now so let's hustle! Move it! Move it! Move it!" barked the green-aizued redheaded Amazonian firebrand Hellcat.

    END of Ch 4. Ch 5 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 5 of AW- Enjoy the weekend. Toodles-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Shredder, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 5 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 5

    'Revy's Raiders' or 'Turtles and Reapers and Ninjas- Oh My!'

    Meanwhile back at Kei's office or the hallway outside of her office--

    "Just where in the shell are we now, guys?" asked Donnatella (Donnie's and his brothers, pals and sister have been here before with their sensei- Master Splinter- aboard the 'Angel' and the shuttles-remember? In 'Xmas with the DP' of course!).

    "Dunno where we are, bro but it sure as shell must be Mikey's fault!" grumbled Raphael.

    "Why is it my fault that we're lost? You guys didn't have to come in here ya know! Hey April! How ya holding up, sis? Lucky for you that I wore my new cycle jacket today, wasn't it?" shouted Michaelangelo.

    "Will you three try and keep it down to a dull roar, please? I'm trying to listen!" complained Leonardo who had his ear to Kei's office door.

    "Quiet down, my sons. I could have almost sworn that I just heard Miss O'Halloran's voice." said their sensei (teacher/mentor/father figure) Master Splinter who was leaning heavily on his staff.

    "Hey! Look here 'Shredder' dude- if ya don't shut the Hell up I'm gonna gag ya besides keeping ya tied up! Yell all ya wanna but I still ain't gonna untie ya!" said Casey Jones (adopted by the turtles as a brother), brandishing a 5-Iron golf club in his fist.

    "All the Hell I said was 'where are we now?', you dumb jackass! If we're on my world you're all in deep shit so you'd better release me! If you do I'll see that no harm comes to you when my foot-Ninjas show up to kick your asses! How about it, boys?" wheedled mankind's worst nightmare known as the 'Shredder'.

    "At least you guys weren't in the middle of taking a bath when we got sucked in this time! I even lost my towel! Thanks a lot, Mikey. It's nice to know that chivalry isn't completely dead and that some of you still behave like gentlemen! Master? Where in God's name do you think we are now anyway?" asked a dripping wet April O'Neal who was clutching a way too short black motorcycle jacket around her kawaii (lovely) shivering form. (April had also been adopted by the boys as a sister and she like the rest thought of Master Splinter as a father). "Dammit all! My feet are freezing! (April was barefoot) Hey guys! This place looks like a school of some kind. Maybe that's a supply room, Leo. Hurry up and break down the door! I need clothes guys!" yelled the redhead from the Bronx of Terran New York City.

    "Sheesh April! Do you ever shut the shell up? All you've done since we got here is yap! Wherever 'here' is!" complained Raphael.

    "Any ideas, Sensei?" asked Donnatella.

    "I wish I had some, my son. Perhaps you should try and open that door, Leonardo." he said.

    "I tried and it won't open, Sensei! There seems to be something keeping it shut!" replied Leonardo.

    "Duh! Maybe it's locked, guys?" offered a sneezing redheaded April.

    "Maybe sis but I tried ramming it with my shoulders and it still won't move! Not even an inch! Hey Donnie! This sorta looks like one of those portals they had back on the Boss's ships, don't it? Can you work your magic, bro and short circuit the controls or something or pick the locks maybe?" asked Leo.

    Donnie fiddled with the code pad and suddenly the door swished aside! "Now how the shell'd I do that I wonder? I didn't touch anything." wondered Donnie aloud.

    "Well hi there fellas. Won't you all come in- please!" invited Revy Roberts who was cradling a heavy plasma rifle in both arms.

    "Get yer sorry asses in here right now!" yelled Neko Olson, firing a disruptor blaster bolt into the wall right behind April!

    "Jesus H. Christ! You don't gotta tell me twice! C'mon bros- don't ya know that it's not polite to keep a lady waiting!" said the barefoot redhead as she scurried past evryone and into kei's office. Grumbling the other guys followed her in.

    Revy did a double take! "Oro the oni kinda weapons are they? And just oro the Fxxx are you guys anyway?" she growled. While Revy kept her rifle on them, Neko and Edna quickly disarmed the group and frisked them.

    "Sai? I ain't seen them since last time I was in Roanispur! ('Sai' are a weapon but they are really a tool for harvesting rice and as such they're quite useful in disarming a foe. In appearance, they resemble a cultivating fork or a garden weeder although a sai (pronounced like 'sigh') has two prongs rather than three. They are usually carried in pairs and in an expert's trained hands they are deadly and Raph was an expert of the highest calibre!). Katanas too? Are you dudes from a martial arts exhibition or something? (A 'katana' is a basic Samurai sword about a meter in length and sharp only on one side of the blade which is squared off and not pointed like European and Western swords). Wow! 'Numchaka'! Now they can put a serious hurtin' on ya! (Leo carried two katanas while brother Mikey used a set of 'numchakas' sometimes called 'numb chucks'. Resembling a South American 'bolo' they were two weights usually iron attached to a short chain. Wooden handles were similarly attached to either end of the weapon) Oro? All you two bozos got are plain old sticks? (Actually Donnie's 'stick' was called a 'bo' staff and was not unlike a 'bokka' which was a wooden sword used in early Samurai or katana training. Sensei Splinter's 'stick' was an ordinary wooden staff or pole which the old boy could handle with great dexterity, precision and force despite his advanced age!) Aw! You've just gotta be kidding! Golf clubs? And oro the Fxxx are ya all dolled up for- Hall-o-we'en? Who d'ya think ya are- Jason Voorhees? (Casey Jones wore a hockey mask a la Jason in the old Terran classic flicks 'Friday the 13th' and there were ten of them or so! His preferred weapons were golf clubs- woods and irons and a hockey stick!) I see that your good tomos here have already packaged you up for us and is that really 14th Century Terran Samurai body armour? Oro the Hell'd they do- catch ya heistin' a museum? (The 'Shredder' resembled an ancient Samurai knight from the era of Musashi (the greatest Samurai warrior of all time), however, the 'Shredder' was, in fact, an alien from a faroff world. He was an evil alien- and a deadly one to boot! At last Revy came to April O'Neal and stared googly-aizued at her!) Wow! I can see that you ain't hiding anything in that get-up, Honey! Rio, take her next door and rep up some 'fuku' (clothing, outfit, etc.) for her! No need to do a further strip search on ya- is there, kid? (April shook her kawaii locks and almost manged a smile before she remembered that they were prisoners!) OK. Here's how this is gonna work! (Revy pointed out Naomi Armitage and Suba (Subaltern- like a Terran military warrant officer- somewhere twixt a first and second lieutenant!) Marina Oki) You're gonna tell them your names and where and when ya hail from. We're gonna be gettin' ya home just as soon as we can, folks. Until then you're gonna have to be our guests." rumbled Revy, spitting out her cigarette stub and lighting up another.

    In another part of the building--

    "Ichigo! Are you sure you know where we're going? This 'gi' (gee prounounced like the g in go) of mine is very uncomfortable in this stifling heat! This does not look at all like the 'Rukkan District' or the 'Seretai' although we might be in a taboo part where I'm not allowed to go! Man it's hot in here!" said Rukia Kuchski, a 'soul reaper' from the 'Soul Society' city. Ichigo Kurosaki (a 'substitute' soul reaper from Terran Japan) grinned.

    "Then why don't you just take it off, Rukia?" he suggested.

    "Ha. Ha. Very funny. I can't because all I've got on underneath is a tee shirt and my unmentionables! And I'm not doing that in front of you, boyo!" replied Rukia. A long bang of her black hair hung down across her face and bisected it to the left. Ichigo also wore a 'gi' but his hair was orange in hue. Both reapers carried 'zampatous' or swords although a reaper's sword was actually an extension of their own spiritual energy 'chi' and each seemed to have a mind of its own. In appearance most did not even resemble katanas or cutlasses or even Scottish claymores for that matter!

    "Who the Fxxx are you two and oro the Hell are ya doing in here? This is a sensitive area ya know!" demanded Vegeeta Brief and surprisingly he appeared to be unarmed! Ichigo reached behind and over his back for his 'Zengetsu' (all reapers' 'zampatous' have names to release their true powers!) while Rukia reached for hers before realizing that it was back home in her room in Japan! Vegeeta began to 'power up' preparatory to a 'spirit bomb' attack!

    END of Ch 5. Ch 6 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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