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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Quote Originally Posted by demonicloud View Post
    This is freakin' awsome! and I love dirty pair, one question, what made you start it in the first place?
    Really wanna know tomo? Because Showtime Beyond took my Angels off the air and I wanted to put up something for those Angel-a-holics like me who could not get the videos of DP//DPF. Of course I now have all of the videos including ODP series, DPF series, three DP films and Crusher Joe where the gals make their 15 second debut. I even have the very hard to get 26 eppy Original original DP series which is only subbed and has never been dubbed. You can get it but it's hard. Usually you can only get DP stuff from Japan but I was lucky and I got most of mine from Amazon, Half.com and AnimeCastle.com but that 26 eppy set jewel I got from Ed Sum in Canada. Forget it. He's retired and doesn't do it anymore.

    Glad ya like the ff. Most feel that Xmas was great albeit too bloody long at 184 chappies. I hope to finish Angel Wings with a mere 25 chapters. I heard that ComcastOnDemand might be getting the Angels back next season but hey who knows? Have a nice day and toodles-K&K
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 9-Pt 1 for Angel Wings. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Kabuto, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 9 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 9

    'Peri Meets Snow White' or 'Jonins in Jeopardy'

    "I never give out my real name to weirdohs! How the Hell was I supposed to know that you guys were on the level, man?" cried Peri.

    "If she is no longer a suspect I'll take Peri along with me. The Wing Commander (Yuri Donovan) wants to see her before I take her to the ship. The Marshall (Kei O'Halloran) wants her taken aboard tonight. Well girl, did you leave anything behind in my suite here? (Peri hefted her tote bag and shook her head) Then shall we go? Thank you very much, ladies and good evening." said Doctor 6, propelling Perpigillian Winkle Brown down the hallway to the office.

    "Hi there, Miss Brown. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Osawaru onegai er sit down please." invited 'Snow White' (of Seven Dwarves fame). Well, it could have been her only this 'Snow White' had long violet tresses, was seated behind an immense desk, offered Peri a hot cocoa and she was smoking a cigarette!

    "Peri, this is Wing Commander Yuri Donovan." said the Doctor.

    "Call me Yuri, Miss Brown." said 'Snow White' with a smile.

    "Er it's nice to meet you, Yuri. Please call me Peri." said the girl from Terra.

    "I er understand, Peri, that like most of our guests you arrived her sans (without) habiliments shall we say? (A red-faced Peri nodded) However, I gather that you've since learned how to use our replicators, haven't you? (Peri nodded again) Gomen er sorry for the snafu mixup and we'll be getting you back home to (Yuri glanced at her PDO's vidscreen) Terran Florida in AD 2010 just as soon as we can. In the meantime you and the Doctor will be going on a voyage aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2', one of our starships. Please go with Suba Oki er I mean Marina and she will take you to the 'Leonardo' which is one of our shuttlecrafts. If you have any pressing questions I would really appreciate it if you'd save them for the Marshall. You'll be meeting her ashita er tomorrow. Sayonara for now, Peri dear. Bye and have a safe flight over. Doctor, your TARDIS is already aboard I take it? (He nodded) Then bon voyage." said Yuri.

    Marina saluted and took Peri's arm. Then she conducted Doctor and girl to the 'Leo' and saw them safely aboard. Mar wasted no more time in lifting off and had soon deposited her charges at the 'Angel'. Peri was of course goggle-aizued (goggle-eyed)! She had seen her share of spacecraft in her travels with the Doctors- this one (6) and his predecessor (5) a tall chap who had worn a cricketer's sweater, striped trousers, long white frock coat, a straw 'boater' hat, white buck shoes and he had habitually worn a sprig of celery in his lapel. Fate had decreed that Peri would be serving as the next Doctor's (7) companion as well. He would be an Irishman dolled up like an old Vaudeville comedian and he would carry an umbrella everywhere! Anyhow the teenager had never ever seen a craft quite like the 'Lovely Angel 2' before! A humongous red/white/blue spaceship resting on its starboard side. Peri counted and then recounted the levels- nine decks!

    "Wowie! That is big, man!" she breathed.

    "That she is, Peri. She has nine surface level decks and she's got five subsurface level ones. Pretty impressive eh? I almost pissed my pants the first time I saw the shimatta thing!" said Suba Marina Oki, laying a sisterly hand on Peri's shoulder. Then Marina led the way up the gangplank gantryway and onto the mighty 'Angel 2's main deck while Mar was busy docking the 'Leo' belowdecks in the bays.

    "I dunno about you, kiddo but I'm thirsty! Follow me er unless you'd like to go up to your quarters first?" said Oki.

    "Just long enough to dump off my bag, Suba." replied Peri and Marina grinned.

    "Hey 'CC', take Miss Peri's tote bag up to her room for her and just where is her billet anyway?" said her companion.

    "Of course my dear Marina. Miss Brown is up on Level Three, 'Omega' Sector, 'Galileo' Suite which is where Kenshin Himura and his tomos stayed last year when they were here. You've been a naughty girl, Miss Brown, haven't you? You told 'Oroson' that your name was Winkle not Brown, didn't you?" admonished 'CC' who as we all know by now is the 'UG'/3WA's surly and obnoxious central computer program aboard the 'Angel' and the 'Angel 2'.

    "So? Winkle 'is' my name, my middle name anyway. Perpigillian Winkle Brown or Peri for short. Like I told that whacko brunette (Revy) and her kitty cat partner (Neko)- I never use my real name with someone I don't know! And-- (Marina Oki whispered something into the kid's ear) Suba Marina just told me to choose a keycode password or phrase for my room lock so use 'Soldier Key' 'cause I love to scuba around that islet a lot. Thank you, kind sir. Bye." said a suddenly polite Peri Winkle Brown.

    "Very well. 'Soldier Key' it shall be, love. I'll take your gear up to your room, Honeychile, that I will. I'm gone so I'll catch ya on the flip side. Bye bye good buddy." said 'CC'.

    "Radical, baby! I really dig where you're coming from, Moondoggie! Maybe we'll be catching a wave or two on the quarterdeck, Rocketman! Ten Four, good buddy. I'm gone!" replied Peri, leaving both Oki and 'CC' speechless!

    "He er picks up slang lingo a lot and so do we but girl, I never heard that jive before, man!" said Marina and Peri grinned.

    "Beach Bunny jive from the turn of the century, Suba." explained the giggling Terran girl.

    A short lift ride took them to the rec room/bar of the ship. You'll recall that the dining hall was next door to the rec room/bar and both rooms were on Surface Level Two. The immense rec room was packed! There was 'SRO' at the bar so Marina and Peri took a table nearby. A nine or ten year old Terran schoolgirl with ashblonde pigtails jetted over to take their orders.

    "Ami? Weren't you guys (meaning Tsukino 'Sailor Moon' aka 'Mooney' and her 'Mooneyite' sailor scouts) supposed to stay back in the dorms?" asked Marina and the kid shook her head.

    "Nai, Suba. We're sort of an experiment of Doc 'Q' and Doc 'Wolfie' (Von Bork). We come along for the trip but we don't travel in the 'zero room' with the rest of 'em who are staying here. Then if we happen to vanish through that portal thingy it's great. If we don't, the Doctor guy ferries us back home. A win-win scenario plus the Boss gets more free kitchen help. That Miss O's a real cheap bitch, ain't she? Oro you guys want me to bring ya?" explained Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury and Suba Oki exploded!

    "Miss Mizuno! You watch your mouth, young lady! Marshall O'Halloran is still your commanding officer and you'd best not forget that! I'll have a 'Silurian Swirl' and Miss Brown wants a 'Sloe gin fizz'. Ami, you watch your language especially when talking about your superiors! Understand?" said Marina and Ami said 'yeah' and promised to behave. Then she jetted off to the bar where Rock and Revy had drawn 'BOD' duty or 'Bartender of the Day' this evening. Later as Peri was sipping her third gin fizz--

    "Marshall? Like in the old wild and woolly West back home? That kinda Marshall, Suba Marina?" she asked and Peri was beginning to slur her words.

    "Nai. It's a military title. Marshall's the rank above a full admiral and our Boss Lady's the youngest one in the 3WA, 'UG', 'Galactic Command' or even 'Starfleet'. Kei's only twenty. Well er so's Yuri technically but Kei is still older by two months. Peri stared at here like Marina had lobsters flowing outta her ears!

    "Ya mean they're just kids?" she said incredulously.

    "Yeah. So? You're a kid too, ain't ya?" replied the Suba sarcastically.

    "Sure I am but on Earth the youngest admiral is twenty-eight and the youngest one that's female is almost sixty! During WWII in France Marshall Vichy was an old fossil, man! He was really ancient, Suba. He was sixty-four years old! I er couldn't never get up that high in rank even if I did join the service, Marina. Ya gotta have 'connections' to get promoted and my dad is er he was just a salvage diver. The Marshall and the Wing Commander must really have some friends in high places, man or else they just slept their way to the top like--" murmurred Peri when-- THWACK!

    Oki was livid with rage and she had slapped the poor girl across the jaw- hard! "Don't you 'ever' say that again, Brown! I dunno how it is on Terra but here in the 'UG' and the 3WA you get promoted on pure merit and not on who your bedpartner was last night! You understand?" yelled Subaltern Marina Oki. Peri nodded and rubbed her face trying not to cry.

    "Kei and Yuri both graduated from the Academy when they were fourteen years old and they are the best tro-cons (trouble consultants- intergalactic cops) in the business- bar none!" said Marina in a quieter voice when she saw everyone staring at them.

    "Well Suba, it's been one long and very weird day. If you don't mind, I think I'll turn in. Which way to my digs?" asked Peri Winkle Brown, swallowing the dregs of her drink and getting unsteadily to her feet. Marina grabbed her arm and reached for her own drink (her second 'swirl').

    "Upsy-daisy, kiddo. Time for beddy-bye. I'll take you up to your pad. All we gotta do is tell 'CC' where to take us and he will." said Oki.

    "Er, 'CC'? Who is that?" slurred Peri.

    Cont in Ch 9-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 9-Pt 2 of Angel Wings. Enjoy-K&K

    "The ship's central computer program. 'Orson' is one of his remote programs and you've already met him, haven't you?" explained the Suba.

    After repping her up some pajamas and getting Peri into them and tucked in for the night, Marina glanced at the wall chromo. "Shit! It's almost 2100! Pw-wow time!" she thought and quickly husted upstairs to the Command Deck on Deck Nine. She made it to the ready room aft of the bridge just in time for the big whatever.

    Kei was already there and seated at her desk with her feet up on the console. Since Yuri was holding down the fort back at the Academy Legato Bluesummers who had finished his bit in constructing the 'sealing barrier' at the Academy dorms was the Boss's exec for this latest jaunt to 'Warrior's Gate' and he was seated at the conference table beside her desk. Also present were Marlene Angel, Rally (Cat) Vincent, Minnie Mae (Kitten)(Blonde Bomber) Hopkins, Kome Sawaguchi, Neko Olson, Revy Roberts, Rock Obajime, Han Solo, Gene Starwind, Jonathan Harlock, Rio DelCroix, Ella Hathaway, Edna Jordan (Big brother Tomah was back home on 'Shimougou'), Don (Mr Popo) Poporo, Master Splinter, 'Cowgirl' Faye Valentine and Doctor 6. All of them were seated around the huge table. Standing behind the dapper time lord was Captain Kiva Nerese whose bridge crew under the command of Reg Barclay (Barkley) was running the 'Angel' for them and at the extreme opposite end of the long table stood the 'Black Guardian'. Opposite where Kei sat was a huge vidscreen depicting the proctors' lounge at the Academy where the balance of their 'guests' who were not either aboard the 'Angel' or ensconced belowdecks in the 'zero room' were gathered for the meeting.

    Presiding over that assemblage were Doctor 'Q' and Doctor Wolf (Wolfie) Von Bork, his aide-de-camp and research assistant, the 'White Guardian', the remainder of the 'sealing' crew, Jim (Jimbo) Hawking, 'Cowboys' Spike Steigel and Jett Black, Chief Gazelle (Anton Gustav's brother-in-law), the 'G Boys' (Anton Gustav, Andre Gooley, Charles Garner and Vittorio Galadriel), Lily and of course Wing Commander Yuri Donovan.

    Kei placed her cheroot in an ashtray and faced the Academy group onscreen. "OK, I am now calling this meeting to order so all of ya just sit down, shut the Hell up and pay attention. I'll make it short and sweet so the alchemy gang can get some shuteye. (The 'sealing' had taken several hours to complete) Doc 'Q' and Wolfie boy? You're up. Give us the lowdown." said the redheaded Marshall and the two top 3WA/'UG' scinetists explained things to all of them. Then Doctor 6 took the floor and told them exactly why they had to go to 'Warrior's Gate' in the first place. Because it existed outside of time, space and dimension itself the 'gate' was considered a neutral site. After that the two 'Guardians of the Universes' tried to tell them oro was going to be happening and managed to put just about all hands to sleep! The Marshall thanked them all and spoke again.

    "OK. When we get to this 'Gate' thing we contact the Vacuumhead er I mean Wing Commander Donovan at the Academy and she'll have the Docs 'Q' and Von Bork here breach the continuum and keep that breach open for five full minutes. They'll breach it using an ordinary run-of-the-mill laser sword and they'll seal that hole by reversing the laser beam and turning the shimatta thing off. That should send all of our visitors back home except for our 'zero room' occupants. Just to be on the safe side they are gonna stay in there until we get back to home base. Any 'leftovers' will be ferried back home via TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space) or time ship meaning either Doctor 6, Annie Hathaway, KR er Keitarou Riff (Kei and Yuri's godson) or Bulma Brief ('Lady Foucault' was her timeship) will get those honours. Now all of ya better get some sleep because we lift off at 0900 ashita (tomorrow) morning. Pleasant dreams. Arigatou for coming and good night. You're dismissed." said the Boss, resplendent in her brand new Marshall's uniform with all its pips, epaulettes and stars and she was even sporting all of her medals including her four 'Galactic Crosses' the fourth having been awarded to her a mere six months ago by Uncle Vito Galadriel himself. A 'Galactic Cross' was the 3WA/'UG' equivalent of the old Terrans' 'Congressional Medal of Honour' and secretly (although she'd never admit it) Kei was quite proud to have four crosses.

    She waved bye-bye to Yuri and her retinue as the vidscreens went blank. As soon as the last straggler (Revy Roberts) had gone Kei stripped off her uniform and jackboots and pulled on her fave Kelly green kimono emblazoned with red 'ryuu' (dragons) across the back and slid her feet into sandals. Then she repped up some java and lit another cheroot. As she reclined in her comfy office chair and put her feet up on her console the redhead drifted off to sleep to the gentle sound of Revy's big mouth complaining because she and neko Olson had drawn first watch.

    At midnight those two 'soul reapers' shinigami (Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchski) would take over followed by Rio DelCroix and Edna Jordan at 0200 (2 AM). Goat Smith and Jamie Wilson (The Jersey Jerks) would spell them at 0400 (4 AM) and next up at 0600 (6 AM) would be Suba Marina Oki and the 'Black Guardian' (Guardians of the Universes pulled duty just like every other crew member. At least on Kei's ships they did!) until 0800 (8 AM) when the 'Angel's flight crew would report to the bridge and their new security chief (Jonathan Harlock) would assign the day shift guard mounts.

    However, a few minutes past midnight the two 'newbies' Ichigo and Rukia were dutifully patrolling the ship wearing their new 3WA uniforms which Ichigo was cool with since he had the the male tro-con uniform of tunic jacket, turtleneck sweater, heavy pants, gloves and boots. He was mad because he was not permitted to carry 'Zangetsu' his soul reaper 'zampatou' (broadsword) and he was even more annoyed with the damned plasma rifle, Mark XIII ion cannon and laser sword hilt he had been issued in its stead!

    Rukia on the other hand was quite angry. Not only had her soul reaper's black 'gi' uniform and sandals been taken away from her the female 3WA tro-con uniform she'd been issued was one of the older 'hot pants' numbers. It resembled nothing so much as wearing two diapers as a top and two more as a bottom! It was even skimpier than the bikini 'mizugi' bathing suit she had worn while in her 'gigai' or artificial human body used by reapers when they leave the 'Seretai' or inner section of the 'Soul Society' city. Why? Because soul reapers can enter the Society only in spirit form. And those damned gloves and Cavalier boots were bloody uncomfortable too!

    For weapons she had been handed a light stasis rifle or 'stun gun', a teeny weeny Mark III miniblaster and a stupid hilt thing that fired light beams! Ella had deemed the kid too demure and fragile for a heavier plasma disruptor rifle or a more powerful Mark ion cannon pistol like Ichigo's so Rukia had been given these damned bloody 'toys' instead. And she was complaining about it (loudly) to a very amused substitute soul reaper (Ichigo)! Suddenly she sprinted to his side like a neko (cat) and drew her Mark III.

    "Did you hear something just now, partner?" she whispered, holding rifle in her right hand and the Mark in her left. Ichigo nodded and pointed to a door marked 'Utility Closet' beside Rukia and motioned her to stand to the side of it. He drew his own Mark XIII and covered his shivering brunette partner with it.

    "Don't be afraid, Rukia Honey. I've got your back, girl. Open the door- slowly." he ordered.

    "I ain't scared, me boyo! I'm damned cold! I've been freezing my ass of in this shimatta hot pants getup, man! OK. Here we go." she said, fingers pressing the door panel's release. The door shot open and a shadow darkened the opening.

    Cont in Ch 9-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 9-Pt 3 for Angel Wings. Enjoy-K&K

    "Come outta there, pal! Hands where I can see 'em! Frisk him, Rukia!" yelled Ichigo and a tall grinning 'shinobi' Ninja warrior dressed entirely in black raised his hands and strolled out of the closet. Rukia gingerly patted him down and then slowly shook her head.

    "He's clean, partner." she said and the newcomer turned towards her.

    "Might one be permitted to ask where exactly one finds oneself?" he asked in an oily and silky smooth voice.

    "I'll ask the questions, tomo! Who the Hell are ya?" snarled Ichigo and he cocked his Mark.

    "Not that it is really any business of yours, 'tomo' but I am called Ekichii Orochimaru and I am a jonin shinobi sensei. All's well, Kabuto. You can show yourself to them now." said Orochimaru and neither reaper trusted this guy one little bit!

    A slightly shorter platinum-haired dude wearing old-fashioned spectacles suddenly materialized behind Rukia! His garb was black and grey and he readily handed Rukia a 'wakashi' or short stabbing sword, a 'tante' or small dagger, a pouch containing several 'kunai' or small throwing/stabbing stone daggers, a handful of 'shurikins' or throwing stars and several vials of liquids and some papers of powder. Both 'newbies' wore dark headbands emblazoned with strange symbols.

    "My dear child- Kabuto could have killed you a dozen times over but he did not. Now if you please, sir and madam. Where exactly are my student and myself? This place is totally unfamiliar to us. Come now. We have played fair with you. Will you not play fair with us?" said Orochimaru and Ichigo informed them where they were. He'd already trilled Mar who soon arrived with Kome in tow.
    Rukia sneezed and Kome pointed to Rukia's wrist. "Tap the bracelet, kiddo." said Kome.

    Rukia did and suddenly her attire changed to a royal aoishi(blue) and white skin tight bodysuit while a matching helmet magically appeared on her head. Kome explained about 'morphing' bracelets and then they all confronted the pair of jonin shinobis. "Where'd you two jackasses come from?" demanded the strawberry blonde tro-con.

    "The 'Land of Waves' if you must know but is that really any of your business, Miss?" said Kabuto quietly.

    "Both of you?" asked Mar, covering them with her Mark XIII cannon.

    "There is absolutely no need for violence, Madam. Both my student and I are from Japan- on Earth. From the diversity of your inhabitants here I assume we are no longer on the Earth, is that not so?" asked Orochimaru and the blonde nodded.

    "Quite correct, Mr. Orochimaru. In fact this is a starship and for now we are docked on a planet very near to Mars. 'Shimougou' is its name. I think that you and Mr. Kabuto had better come along with us. Don't worry. I am not arresting you- yet. Onegai come with me. Kome, get Faye and sweep the rest of this deck. Trill me after you've finished. Ichigo? Rukia? You two will continue patrolling the 'Angel'. If you encounter anything else suspicious don't hesitate to call one of us for help. I'll be with Marshall O'Halloran topside. Carry on." ordered the blonde navigator motioning Kabuto and Ekichii to precede her to the lift.

    Kei had just decided to crash on one of the bunks upstairs when her door's klaxon sounded. "Come." she replied and Mar led in two weirdo freaks at cannon point. "More?" queried the young redhead dryly. Mar nodded. Orochimaru stepped forward.

    "Madam, I am quite certain that I can explain--" began the oily and silky voiced Orochimaru. Kei glanced at him and frowned.

    "Did I ask you anything yet, tomo? (He shook his head) Nai? Then keep your Fxxxing trap shut until I do. This has been a really long day and it sure as Hell looks like it's gonna be an even longer night. (Mar shut the portals and began repping them all up some java and doughnuts) "OK. Osawaru er sit down and tell me who you are as well as where and when you're from, boyos." demanded the Boss Lady. Both shinobis stared at her like she had perhaps taken leave of her senses!

    "With all due respect, Madam- are you baka (insane, nuts) or something? Oh Kami shimatta ni jigoku! I demand to see your superior- the commanding officer of this thing we seem to be on! Where is he?" yelled the sensei angrily while Mar just smirked and handed out the java and goodies.

    END of Ch 9. Ch10 coming soon. R/R/S away and Kami bless you all. SYS and SFN. Ja mata and have a super weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 10
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Lovely Angel Kei interview

    -Here it is again per Brian and Robert's requests. Enjoy it.-K&K

    -- In [email protected], "Keiman McElwee" <KeimanZero@...>

    OK-for whoever did not get a copy here is the KEI interview with the
    We apologize to anyone who has already seen the interview and/or
    it. Please read it and send comments if ya wanna. We would appreciate
    it if
    ya tried the quiz just for funzies! Domo arigato for your interest in
    deadly duo! And BTW, they are the "Lovely Angels". After all that is
    the Central Computer named 'em, ain't it? They got the dreaded
    moniker "DP"
    just 'cause they ACCIDENTALLY made Damocles Tower in Elenore City on
    Shimougou LEAN a bit after they shut down "BRIAN" (computer
    controlling EC)!
    And don't call THEM the DP if ya don't wanna get hit! Regardless,
    here's the
    Kei Interview-Keiman and Kei.
    PS- Now you will find out who I, the Keiman really am! Enjoy and

    >From: "keiman0" <KeimanZero@...>
    >Reply-To: [email protected]
    >To: [email protected]
    >Subject: [animeontv] Lovely Angel Kei Interview
    >Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 17:29:42 -0000
    >Premise: Kei and I are here today at the 3WA training base station
    >and I thought it would make a great opportunity to use our break
    >period to let all you folks out there find out something about what
    >my Lovely Angel, Kei, has been up to of late. We will also update you
    >on our lives ever since we first met each other all those years ago.
    >Mugghi and Nammo are here with us while we all test out some new
    >weapons recently installed on the Lovely Angel. So for purposes of
    >this interview I am the Keiman(KM) while she is Kei. Wherever I make
    >reference to another character and/or series it will be so noted in
    >brackets as well as all tones of voice and/or actions. Here we go:-
    >KM: Good afternoon, Kei.
    >Kei: Hi Bossman, what's up?
    >KM: What have you been up to lately?
    >KeiConfused) Er, you already know that, sir.
    >KM:Yes, Kei-I know but your fans don't.
    >Kei:Oh OK-gotcha! I'm cool but sometimes I miss the vacuumhead!
    >KM:Er, Kei, do you mean Yuri?
    >Kei: Of course, who else?
    >KM: OK, just try to be nice today, please?
    >Kei: Alright, I'll be good (Giggles)
    >KM:Now what have you been doing lately?
    >Kei: Well, we've been here testing new weapons. They just installed a
    >supercool sonic disruptor beam cannon on the ship and I can't wait to
    >play with it! Yesterday, I remodified my power blaster and now I can
    >hit the bull (target) from 187 meters with pinpoint accuracy! Oh,
    >sorry you meant besides work, didn't you sir? Well, last night we all
    >went to the Shangri-La Casino (see Original Dirty Pair-Episode 5) and
    >I won 80 thousand credits playing meteor! They have really fixed that
    >place up nice since the last time we were there. And we ran into Faye
    >(Cowboy Bebop) and Vash(Trigun) too.
    >KM: I know all about that. I had one devil of a time talking you and
    >Faye out of turning in Vash for the 60 billion double dollars reward!
    >Kei: Well, technically he is a criminal, ain't he?
    >KM: Yes but not in our jurisdiction; anyway he's a good guy after
    >all. Incidentally, you and Yuri never even tried to recapture Caldy
    >(see DP Flash-Mission 2/Act 3) after that hot springs tour fiasco on
    >World's World did you? And he was a wanted felon on our turf! Why he
    >even conned you a couple of times, didn't he?
    >KeiAngrily) You promised NEVER to bring that issue up again!
    >KM:OK! Have you heard from Yuri recently? Even though you both still
    >work for the 3WA (Yuri is still in Poporo's section) you now work for
    >Gustav in Unit 9 so you don't see each other there too often, do you?
    >Kei: No, sir we don't but we do keep in touch via email and vidphone
    >pretty regularly. She vidded me last night. Of course, she can't
    >stand her new partner Kumi(on loan to us from the ATC where she
    >protects Momiji's Blue Seed from the Aragami). She says Kumi's motto
    >is "If you got ammo, keep shooting!" Anyway WE get all the tough
    >missions and that purple-headed punching bag (see DPF-Mission 2/Act
    >2) gets all the easy ones!
    >KM: Now, Kei, that is not avery nice thing to say, is it? And after
    >you promised to be good.
    >KeiSulkily) OK Sorry. Maybe Yuri doesn't get all the easy jobs but
    >it sure as Hell seems like it! And she got to keep little Mugghi too!
    >KM: But you and Marlene(Marlene Angel is Kei's new partner-on loan
    >from Earth II where she protects Earth from the Blue Gender Blues
    >monsters) got big Mugghi and Nammo (their robot is Nammo and Mugghi
    >is a genetically engineered android not unlike a huge kitty cat),
    >didn't you? And each of your teams got a new Lovely Angel starship to
    >use. Could we be fairer than that? (Perhaps I should explain that the
    >Central Computer goofed again. It assigned two Lovely Angels team
    >codenames: Yuri/Kumi are Lovely Angels 1 while Kei/Marlene are Lovely
    >Angels 2. Kei's team is now part of Unit 9 and their chief is Gustav.
    >Yuri/Kumi is still part of the old department section and their chief
    >is Poporo). And Yuri told me that Kumi causes more destruction than
    >you usually do.
    >KeiShocked) Trouble, me? I don't know what you mean, sir.
    >KM: Yes you do, Miss Kei! Oh well I guess the cat's out of the bag
    >now folks so I'll tell you. I, the Keiman, am really Kei's new
    >section chief at Unit 9-Gustav (My cousin is Chief Gazelle of Galaxy
    >Cup Volleyball Tourney fame-see DPF-Mission 3/Act 3 for details).
    >Kei: Sorry, sir! I guess I gave you away, didn't I? (Giggles
    >KM:OK now where were we? Oh, yeah, how is Yuri really doing? You know
    >what I mean; I believe she vidded you last evening?
    >KeiEcstatic) Oh wow I almost forgot! She just ran into this real
    >cool guy in Florida (his name is Wilbury I think) on the beach. She's
    >there modeling or some such crap. And she is truly GONE over him man!
    >He must be a hunk to turn Yuri on full blast like that; she couldn't
    >shut up about how great he was through the whole call! She really
    >seems to like him a lot and who knows? Remember how she almost got
    >hitched to Kyarine (see ODP-Episode 6 for details) on that island a
    >few years back? Yeah, I know I probably blew it for them by crashing
    >the wedding as a nun but I was trying to complete a mission at the
    >time, wasn't I?
    >KM: Did you have to destroy the whole damned church? Chief Gooley's
    >stomach was doing somersaults for weeks after that!
    >Kei: Sorry, oh, Yuri has also been singing at some of those Karaoke
    >clubs over there too. She really does have a great voice you know.
    >KM: I know. Er, your voice isn't half bad either, Kei.
    >KeiBlushing) Oh, you're just saying that Chief.
    >KM: No really. I've heard you do that Non-stop Angel number ("In Love
    >With Thrills") and you're good! When you, er, absented yourself from
    >the 3WA on that hiatus, wasn't one of your jobs singing in a club?
    >Kei: First I quit the 3WA whether Garner accepted my resignation or
    >not! Yuri thought I quit too, which was why the little son-- er I
    >mean the true blue trocon decided to follow me to Waldess's
    >cruiseship and arrest me for carrying an illegal weapon Kei.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Lovely Angel Kei interview-Part 2

    >Mission 1/Acts 1 to 6 for details). I wonder if she ever discovered
    >who was backing her up when she was inside Kapp's head; of course
    >Garner got me to do it for her. But that's all water under the
    >brifdge now. Anywho, I hope this Wilbury guy works out for the kid, I
    >really do! I'm two months older than Yuri you know. Oh yeah and to
    >get back to your previous (is that right?) question sir-we did get
    >big Mugghi and Nammo and Yuri does love that furball Mugghi a lot. By
    >the way, Chief, would you believe that on World's World (see DPF-
    >Mission 2/Act 1) that idiot couldn't tell the difference between a
    >real cat and an android one with a bomb in it! If I hadn't have
    >grabbed that thing outta her arms she'd've been toast!
    >KM: Er, incidentally, all during that Siren (see DPF-Mission 1/Acts 1
    >to 6) incident you two were never once referred to by that name, were
    >you? And since then everyone seems to call both teams the Dirty-
    >KeiMad as Hell) Don't say it!
    >KM:OK they probably all know it by now anyway (I am referring to
    >the "Dirty Pair" moniker of course. Put that blaster away, young
    >lady, right now!). By the way, there is something that I have always
    >been curious about.
    >KeiSnickering) What's that sir?
    >KM:When you were sent to Eden (see "Project EDEN" file), it seems the
    >first thing you did was to search the mines. You came across several
    >troughs filled with filthy, contaminated and for all you knew,
    >radioactive waste water. Whatever possessed the two of you to decide
    >to strip off and bathe in it?
    >KeiGiggling) Well it seemed like a good idea at the time sir.
    >KM: Luckily yiu both survived that ordeal. To return to my previous
    >statement, when exactly and under what circumstances did you two
    >become known by that name? I believe that may have been before I met
    >Kei: Yeah, it was long before that Chief. It was our first mission
    >and we called it the "Brian" disaster(see Classic TV-Episode
    >1). "Brian" was the computer controlling all functions of the
    >Damocles Tower in Elinore City on Shimougou and we lived there on the
    >35th floor in an apartment. "Brian" went on the fritz and started
    >shutting down the building and wrecking the city so we decided to
    >shut him down. We caused a bit of damage to the city and the tower
    >before we got it under control. OK, the tower now lists at a 30
    >degree angle because there is no foundation left to hold it upright.
    >But it wasn't my fault!
    >KM: How did you finally stop "Brian"?
    >KeiAgain laughing hysterically) We gave him an impossible problem
    >to solve and he overloaded!
    >KM: Which was?
    >KeiGiggling) We asked it to decide between me and Yuri-who is the
    >better (sexier) one?
    >KM: The answer of course being impossible since a computer cannot
    >decide an answer requiring the use of emotions, right?
    >KeiConfused) If you say so sir. But he should have picked me!
    >KM: i'm not about to touch that one, folks.
    >KeiSulkily) Well he shoulda picked me.
    >KM: I hear Keitaroo(see DPF-Mission 3/Act 1 for details) is back. Has
    >he been over to see you yet?
    >KeiPuzzled) Oh, my godkid! You bet he has. Er you know he has a
    >crush on Derringer Merrill Strife (Trigun) don't you? Vash told me at
    >Shangri-La last night after you left us. OK so I stayed and lost my
    >80 thou at meteor! Why do you think that Faye and me tried to grab
    >Vash for the 60 billion?
    >KM: We'll let that pass for now. How is Keitaroo doing? He's gotta be
    >on Easy Street with that fortune of his dad's (the Senator) he
    >inherited last year.
    >Kei: Oh, you didn't know? He donated that to help rebuild July and
    >August (the two cities that Vash atomized on Gunsmoke). I told you he
    >had a thing for Merrill, didn't I? But he has just enrolled at the
    >Academy and we may get him here with us at Unit 9 real soon!
    >KM: Oh no! Another one! Well, I see that they are calling us back to
    >the ship to put that new sonic disruptor beam cannon through its
    >paces again. So let me take this time we have left to humbly
    >apologize to Yuri for calling her "brainless" all those times
    >during "Siren" and for letting you know where Waldess went after you
    >quit the force. Gazelle also asked me to say sorry for calling
    >her "pathetic" and for that ordeal he put you two through when he
    >trained you here for that volleyball tourney. Did he really flood
    >your room and make you stand in oil to play and train you in a sauna?
    >KeiLaughing) The worst was when he tried to appeal to us to stay by
    >telling us about those "50 brave agents who made the ultimate
    >sacrifice" trying to arrest Mr. President. But we got back at him
    >later in the hospital. Er, did his hair ever grow back sir?
    >KM: Yes eventually it did. As a final thought, how about reminding
    >everyone what your motto is?
    >KeiSolemnly) Never blow up tomorrow what you can blow up today! Yo,
    >Chief! Are they calling us again? ooh, that announcer just said the
    >same thing Yuri did at the prison (see ODP-Episode 1) when she used
    >her laserlight ring to blow open that vault door (after I ran outta
    >ammo) to get the warden out. They were like "Son of-"
    >KM: Yes I recall them "SOB-What the Hell!" to which you replied "That
    >didn't suck!" It was one of the very few times Yuri used profanity
    >unlike you!
    >KeiShocked) Who me? I'm sure I don't know what you mean sir.
    >KM: Yes you do. Whoa they were calling us and there's our final
    >warning. That's the big cheese Territorial Chief Garner. (Speaking
    >into Comlink) We're coming sir.
    >KeiGiggling) We'd better get going sir!
    >KM: (Laughing) Any final thoughts for your loyal fans, Kei?
    >KeiMock Serious) To paraphrase Red Green "Always keep your blaster
    >on its bull" (Coyly, to KM) "Thanks for letting me blow off some
    >steam, Honey."
    >KMAngrily) Honey! I am your section chief, TroCon Kei! And don't
    >you forget it!
    >KeiApologetic) I'm very sorry sir.
    >KMLooking worried) Kei, you did tell Mugghi to clean the cannon
    >first before he loaded it, didn't you?
    >KeiPerplexed) Huh? Er, no sir, I thought you did.
    >KMMad as Hell) You idiot! If he tries to fire that thing now---
    >KeiRunning full tilt down the corridor) I'm already on it Chief!
    >(Speaking through comlink earring) Hey, Mugghi, don't touch those gun
    >controls until I get there!
    >KMFuming) Another fine mess she's gotten us into!
    >KeiFading voice) Mugghi! Nammo! Wait'll I get my hands on you!
    >KMBack to Normal) Sorry about that outburst but sometimes Kei just
    >ticks me off so much. In closing, folks, let me just say that it has
    >been an honor and a privilege to have known both Yuri and Kei. I am
    >especially proud to have Kei on my staff at Unit 9 (Eat your heart
    >out Poporo!). The girls did save him and his kid Rosa from that
    >madman Berringer (see DPF-Mission 3/Act 5). I wonder if the three of
    >them ever finished writing all those "Sorry we blew up half of
    >Elinore City again" letters finally? I must remember to ask Kei. What
    >am I saying? I still have a headache from last night when I got drunk
    >and told her Faye was cuter than she was!
    >KeiCalling from vidphone) Chief, Garner and Gazelle are waiting for
    >us and they are both as mad as Hell! You better get your butt over
    >here now! Pronto!
    >KMSpeaking on comlink)Coming Kei. (Aside) Believe it or not I AM
    >her superior although sometimes it may seem otherwise.(Dawning
    >realization) Oh no, if she fires that gun it's sayonara time for this
    >complex!(Running off toward ship at full tilt) Well, that's all
    >folks. Goodbye from us both and keep sending us (especially Kei)
    >those fan letters and emails, too. Kei!!!--
    >KeiReassuring) Relax Chief. It's OK. I've got everything under
    >control again. (Sound of BOOM!! and Kei crying) Sorry sir! But it's
    >not my fault really!
    >AFTERMATH: As I said before I am honored and proud to have my fave
    >animegal on my team at Unit 9. Of course I do get to see her almost
    >every day.
    >DISCLAIMER: You folks know all of this is false (made up) don't you?
    >I tried to use Kei's point of view in both asking and answering these
    >questions for this interview. I would REALLY like to be Kei's bossman
    >but how could that ever be? I am an actual 54 year old guy and she is
    >just my absolute fave animebabe! But I will never find a more
    >beautiful (and dangerous) animegal than you, my lovely angel, Kei!
    >APOLOGY: I must ask Mr. Wilbury (Lovely Yuri Website) to forgive
    >my "poetic license" for Kei's answers about his Yuri's lifestyle. I
    >did not mean to offend him in any way whatsoever and if I have upset
    >him or anyone in any way I most humbly apologize. Gomen! Such was
    >never my intention at all.
    >GRATITUDE: I want to thank each and every one who has assisted me
    >over these past few months since I rediscovered anime in a big way. I
    >especially wanna thank Nozmo, Wim, Mr. Wilbury, the Lovely Angels,
    >the Extraordinary Kei Shrine, Dirty Pair Flash Fanatics, Jeff,
    >YuriandKeifanatics, Tom Mitchell, and of course Kei thanks all of her
    >devoted fans (as does Yuri and Gustav) whether or not they read this
    >rather long interview with my fave animebabe, lovely Kei. Without
    >their able help and guidance I could have never achieved this
    >hallmark in my life. Maybe someday with their aid I will be able to
    >establish my own "Lovely Angel Kei" website. Thank you all from the
    >bottom of Keiman's heart and as Kei observed "Keep yer blaster on the
    >bull". Domo Arigato Tomah Ours and Sayonara from the Keiman and Kei.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction(AW)-Ch 10-Part 1

    Here's Ch 10-Pt 1. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Kabuto, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T. for the use of the Angels. Thanks to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left you up in the air so let's get to Chapter 10 without further preamble:-

    Chapter 10

    'An Apple A Day' or 'The Spies Who Came In From the Cold'

    Marlene Angel almost dumped java on the redhead she was laughing so hard at that one! She turned to Ekichii Orochimaru and Kabuto.

    "The Boss 'is' our 'co', fellas! May I present Marshall Keirran Deirdre O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran, Commander of the 3WA/'UG' patrol starship the 'Lovely Angel 2'- Home Base:- 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City', 'Shimougou', 'Aquarian Galaxy', 'Alpha Quadrant'." said the blonde with a devilish grin and Kei lifted her mug of steaming java in response and sipped it. Then she frowned again.

    "Enough with the intros already! Answer my questions, Orochimaru- now!" demanded Kei, green aizu flashing fire.

    "You er already know our names, Madam so suffice it to say that we are both from the 'Land of waves' in Japan ont he Earth. And you should know that it is March 26th, 1547 without my having to tell you." replied the Ninja in a haughty tone of authority.

    "Nai, it ain't. It's September 10th, AD 2251. (Mar whispered to her Boss) Oro? In that case teir asses stay right here! Put big mouth in with Doc 6 and stick shi aizus (four eyes) in with Ichigo, Rock, revy and Rukia. Any trouble outta them and they both go into the shimatta brig! You two yay-hoos got that?" growled Kei and the jonin duo nodded.

    "Mar's gonna take ya to yer quarters. Stay there! Mar, do not add them to the duty rostewr just yet. I don't trust 'em!" snarled the Marshall. Mar motioned with her cannon and the two shinobis arose and left with the blonde bringing up the rear. Kei swallowed two 'Hydroxylein' (antacid) capsules and washed them down with a splash of 'Tullamore Dew' (Irish whiskey). Meanwhile Mar had left her charges with the 'Gallifreyan' time lord, the 'reapers' and the 'rowdies'. Then she returned to her bunk and slept fitfully until Mugghi aroused her at 0630 (6:30 AM) and she reported to the bridge to begin her pre-flight checks.

    "Another two and a half hours to liftoff." the blonde thought ruefully. Mar was always uneasy just before a liftoff. Why? Because too many disasters had struck them before they could get away too many times for comfort in her opinion. The rest of her flight crew drifted in one at a time until the cadre was at last complete.

    Kei (of course), Legato (pilot), Mar (co-pilot/navigator), Kome (communications), Revy (weapons), Mae and Rio (gunners), Rally (scanner) and Jon Harlock (security) were at their stations and the 'Angel' was all set to go. Jon's 'roving' guards this shift were Light Yagami and 'Ryuuk', his invisible (to everyone who wasn't initiated anyway) 'shinigami' death god companion.

    "OK. We wanna be sure to make this a successful liftoff so--" began Mar.

    "A short countdown!" crowed Kei and Kome.

    "Right you are. Here we go. Go (5), shi (4), san (30, ni (2), ichi (1), rei (zero). Liftoff. Mugghi, engage main thrusters. We'll make our hyperspace jump in an hour. Legato, fire up both right nacelles and Mugghi, you fire up both of the left ones. Legato, our course is 375.8 NNE. Set 'George' now and the Comm's all yours, Marshall." said Mar.

    "Fine. Great job, hazu. Blue, I leave my ship in your capable hands. Kome, send Solo to my ready room. Mar, trill me when we're ready to jump. Ja mata all." said the redhead who was leaving the bridge.

    "Do ya have any apples, Reds?" asked a voice after Kei had seated herself at her desk.

    "Oro the Fxxxing Hell!' yelled the Boss, yanking out her cannon and pointing it at-- nothiing!

    "Gomen er sorry about that, Miss. You must not have touched the book therefore I am invisible to your aizu. I am 'Ryuuk'. Light Yagami has my 'death note' book and until it is all used up I am stranded wherever he happens to be." explained the 'shinigami' death god.

    "I 'know' who the Hell ya are, tomo. You're supposed to be on guard mount patrol with Yagami so why aren't ya? Oro are ya doing in here?" asked Kei, tossing an apple in the voice's general direction. The apple suddenly remained suspended in midair and then slowly it began to disappear- core and all!

    "Arigatou, Reds. We 'shinigami' are sort of addicted to these things (apples) like you Terrans are addicted to tobacco and alcohol. I'll just take a few more (half a dozen apples vanished from the bowl of fruit on the table as 'Ryuuk' filled his pockets) for later if you don't mind and I'll get back to work, ma'am. Sayonara." said the voice, sliding the doors open.

    "I'm human, 'Ryuuk', but I sure ain't no Terran. I'm a 'Shimougan' now, however, I was born on 'Workoh' out in the 'Omega Quadrant' way out in the boondocks. OK. So all I gotta do to see you is to just touch this book of yours eh?" said the redhead.

    "Uh huh." replied 'Ryuuk', his mouth full of apples.

    "Then have Yagami report to me here when his shift is up. You come with him and bring the book. The next time ya want apples just have somebody rep ya up some. Don't you ever leave your post like that again. Now get yer ass outta here, tomo." chortled Kei mischievously.

    "Boss?" trilled Mar.

    "Yeah, Mar? Oro?" trilled Kei.

    "Where in the Hell's this shimatta 'Warrior's Gate' place anyhow? It's not on any of my star charts nor is it listed in the 'Galactic Index' so how do we get there?" trilled the blonde.

    "I dunno, kid. Doc 2 took me there the last time. Maybe Doc 6 knows. Hang on a sec. Hey Doc? Doctor? Ya there?" trilled Kei.

    "Yes, I'm here, Marshall. What's the problem?" trilled the foppish 'Gallifreyan' time lord from the dining hall where he was breakfasting on scones.

    "How do we get to this 'Gate' of yours?" trilled Kei.

    "Just steer due East." he trilled back.

    "On oro course dammit?" trilled an impatient Marlene Angel.

    "Any bloody one you want, love. It doesn't really matter. You don't 'find' the 'Gate', it 'finds' you. Er Boss? Might I ask you for a favour? (Kei growled "Well?") Could you perhaps find something for Peri to do? Just something to keep her out of mischief, Marshall? She is really very efficient you know. Onegai?" trilled the time lord hopefully.

    Cont in Ch 10-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction(AW)-Ch 10-Part 2

    Here's Ch 10-Part 2. Enjoy- K&K

    "Sure Doc. She can be 'yeoman' (clerk) for us. I'll even make the kid an acting 'suben' (a 'subensign') but she'll have to wear a tro-con uniform. OK? (The Doctor said "Of course whatever you say is fine with Peri.") She can start on those files down on Deck Seven. Just aft of the 'star room' (the 'observation deck' had been christened the 'star room' by 'Starfire' of the 'Teen Titans') Tell her I'm sending someone down to take her there and they'll bring her a uniform at the same time, Doc. Kei out." she trilled.

    "Revy? It's Kei. Get hold of a female 3WA 'suben' er 'subensign' uniform and take it to our Miss Peri Winkle Brown down on Deck Three. She's gonna be our new 'yeoman' so onegai introduce her to the file room up on Deck Seven. After that get Rio and Edna to clean our 'God Gun' on Deck Six just in case we gotta use it again. Kei out." trilled the redhead.

    "You got it, Boss Lady Kei." trilled Revy Roberts. The 'God Gun' (as most of us already know) is an immense weapon which literally 'is' Deck Six and runs the entire half kilo length of the 'Angel' itself! It fires an ionic charged bolt of energy which it generates from its own ionic generator located in the rear of the deck. It is also capable of launching objects through its colossal barrel. The charged bolt it fires is almost half a kilo in width and can do little things like vaporize moons, atomize asteroids of any size, rearrange worlds and minor crap like that!

    Doctor 6 was busily tinkering with his TARDIS down in the rec room when his suite's door klaxon jangled so Peri (who had spilt grease all over her sweats and pants and had changed into a newly repped and quite lovely tan jumpsuit) answered the summons.

    "OK kiddo, get outta that crap and get into these threads- stat! Boss Lady's orders, kid. You're gonna be our new 'yeoman' so as soon as ya get changed I'll take ya upstairs and show ya oro ya gotta do." said Revy Roberts, tossing Peri a female 3WA 'suben' uniform consisting of a wine coloured blazer, a long sleeved black turtleneck sweater, a wine coloured microminiskirt, white knee-highs, black ankle boots, a shoulder harness and holster rig with a Mark III miniblaster, white gloves and a black beret.

    "Fine, Roberts. Please wait here." said Peri, picking up her stuff and going into her bedroom to change. Meanwhile on Deck Four in the hallway just outside of the laundry room--

    Three 'totally' Valley babes were unceremoniously dumped on their keesters!

    "Here we go again, guys!" moaned a tall blonde teenager to her two teen companions- a short brunette and a taller redhead.

    "Yeah! That's for darn sure!" agreed the brunette, rubbing her derriere.

    "Right but just where the Sam Hell are we this time? It seems a bit chilly but nowhere near cold enough for those 'Gysymeo' (See Xmas chappies) ice caverns and it's way too big for the 'Leo', 'Raph', 'Donnie' or 'Mikey' so I'd say its that bigger 'mother' ship- the 'Lovely Angel 2' only--" and the redhead trailed off.

    "Only what, Sammy?" asked the puzzled brunette.

    "Only I don't remember it getting this cold on the 'Angel', Alex." replied the redhead.

    "Yeah. Me neither. Oh my Christ in Heaven! So that's why it feels like a bloody icebox in here! Look! (Clover- the blonde- pointed to their reflections in the shiny Kelvinite bulkhead wall) Dammit to Hell!" yelled Clover.

    "Ssh! Quiet down, Clover! You wanna wake up the whole ship? I er WOW! I see where you're coming from now, girl! What the oni (devil) are we all doing in our swimsuits?" wondered Alex- the brunette.

    "You dumbass! Look again! We're wearing our unmentionables, Alex and nothing else, man!" cried Clover.

    "Shut the Hell up! Both of ya! Ya want for somebody here to find us- like this? Wait a sec! WOW! What a stroke of luck, girls. we're right outside of the ship's laundry room and the door's unlocked! Get in here- quick!" whispered Sammy, shoving Alex and Clover inside and then sealing the door behind them.

    "So this is the infamous ship that I thought you three spies were hallucinating about! Oh my goodness, girls! I'll turn round while you find something to put on. That locker may have something in it, spies. By the way- where the Hell are we- locationwise I mean? Gladys, do you know?" asked a short dapper 'David Nivenish' chap with a pencil moustache and dark thinning hair tinged with grey when the girls shook their heads. His last question had been directed at a square metallic box of flashing lights hovering above his head and it seemed to be floating there.

    "We are where the girls told us they'd been for the past several months (which you chose not to believe, sir) when they showed up at the Beverly Hills Mall last week, Jerry. This is the 'United Galactical Federation of Galaxies'/'World Welfare Works Association' patrol starship the 'Lovely Angel 2' and according to its central databanks it's cruising through deep space about 200 lightyears beyond Mars. However, for the moment, its destination must remain a mystery since the navigational course is encrypted. OK Jerry, you can turn back. The girls are decent." explained Gladys who was the 'WOOHP' ('World Organization Of Human Protection') version of 'CC' and his tomos.

    "Yuck! These flightsuit thingys are 'not' very becoming! Tro-cons just have no sense of fashion! Phew! They stink to high Heaven too! They must not have been laundered yet!" complained Clover.

    "Then take it off, bimbo." teased a giggling Alex.

    "Thank you, no. I believe I'll keep it on for now, Alex." seethed Clover, biting her tongue.

    "Jerry? Gladys? How the devil did you get here, sir? How did we manage to get stuck back here again?" wondered Sammy.

    "Hey! This magenta (wine colour) totally does not not go very well with my hair! And even with socks on my feet are still cold, Sammy!" grumbled Clover.

    "Buck up, girls! We'll get out of this mess- somehow! OK Sammy- since you have been here before suppose you lead the way. Let's go see the guy in charge, shall we?" said Jerry Lewis who was the spygirls' 'WOOHP' boss. All three of 'em snickered at Jerry's comment.

    "I'm hungry darn it!" wailed Clover.

    "Well, we sure as Hell can't do anything about that now. There aren't any replicators in here or didn't ya notice, Blondie?" pointed out a prudent Alex.

    "What's so damned funny, spies?" demanded Jerry.

    "You'll see soon, sir. Follow me. C'mon Gladys. If I remember right this is er Deck 5 or is it Deck 4 (It was Deck 4)? Anyway we gotta get up to the Command Deck on Level 9. That's where the bridge is and the Boss's ready room." said Sammy.

    "Just how big is this bloody thing?" cried Jerry.

    Cont in Ch 10-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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