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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's a biggie gang. Ch 18-Part 1. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER: OK Rio, it's all yours! First, thank you to Mr. T for the use of his Angels. Arigatou a lot to everyone else who is letting us use their creations. How was that, Yuri? Great! Oh yes it was, Kei! Well, we left ya all up in the air last time around so let's get to Ch 18 w/o further preamble:-

    Chapter 18

    'Basilisk Or Bust!' or 'Rampage On Rygiel'

    Fifteen minutes later Kei had changed into more dignified attire as befitted her rank- sweats and sneakers. Along with Legato, Mar and Rally she faced Alex and Hugh the Polar Bear, Drew the Crybaby and Eric, Bear and Rick across the huge conference table in her ready room. The two 'Guardians' and Doctor Six stodd behind the six truckers and his ward Peri Winkle Brown was busily taking notes at the other end of the table. After all Peri was the new yeoman, wasn't she? A 'yeoman' by the by is an old military term for a secretary or a clerk usually aboard ship.

    Whitey had just laid out Uncle Vito Galadriel's (He was the commander and 'god' of 'UG' and the 3WA and by extension the 'Galactic Command' and 'Starfleet' as well) proposal to them.

    "I'm in!" yelled Drew and Rick at the same time.

    "Why not? Money's money." agreed Hugh.

    "Work is work no matter where or indeed when it is so yeah count me in too." said Eric.

    "What do you think of this deal of theirs, Alex?" asked Bear and slowly Alex nodded his head.

    "I've got eleven kiddies at home so of course I say yes." replied Alex and Bear nodded as well and raised his hand.

    "I might as well make it unanimous, I guess. I'm in too." he said.

    "Great! Mar? Legato? Get Nyssa to lay in a course for 'Kappa' Quad. Mar, you're a Captain now so I am giving you command of my 'Angel' temporarily. Get a flight crew together and lift off immediately if not sooner. Whitey, is there any reason for keeping our displaced folks who wanna stay in 2251 locked up in that 'zero room' anymore? (Whitey shook his head) Then in the morning they are coming outta there. We're gonna be short-handed enough around here so I'll need as much help as I can get. Mar, the comm is yours. I'm going to bed. The rest of ya are dismissed. G'Night. Arigatou (Thanks) to all of ya." said the Boss and she left for her bunk.

    "Need us anymore tonight, Cap?" asked Hugh.

    "Nai. Get some sleep. Mornings seem to come pretty early aboard the 'Angel', gents, that they do. Sweet dreams guys." replied Mar as she and Legato left for the bridge. No rest for the weary it seems. After that the two 'Guardians' went their respective ways.

    "Transcribe those notes and then upload your report to everyone's PDO. Do you remember how to do that, Peri?" asked Doctor Six and Peri yawned and nodded.

    "Good. After you do that you'd best hit the sack, Periwinkle." he said with a grin.

    "Oh thank you, kind sir. Pleasant dreams, Doctor." she replied.

    By dawn the 'Angel' was a few hundred lightyears closer to her destination. After breakfast, Alex and his 'ice lords' were summoned to the holodecks on Level Eight.

    "We have to meet them where, Alex?" asked Eric doubtfully.

    "Miss 'Cat' (Rally Vincent) said we were to just tell the lift to take us to the holodecks. That's all she told me when she called me this morning." replied Alex.

    "Are ya sure we ain't in Oz or Wonderland?" asked Drew sarcastically.

    "It sure as Hell feels more like Paradise around here what with all the pretty girls eh?" said Rick.

    "I'm sure gonna miss this place when we go back home." said Bear.

    "I still can't get over Reds having sasparilla just like I get at home." said Alex.

    "Any idea what Rally wants to show us?" asked Hugh the Polar Bear.

    "Nope. She just said to be up there by ten hundred hours. Apparently they use military time here. That's ten o'clock AM in the morning, Drew." explained Alex. The svelte Terran brunette bounty hunter was waiting for them by the lift on eight when the 'ice lords' were deposited next to the holodecks.

    Last evening's light grey kimono had been replaced by the now familiar 3WA TC uniform- wine coloured blazer, black pullover jersey, matching black pants, short black 'Chukka' boots and fingerless black gloves while silver 'Lieutenant' bars gleamed on 'Cat's' epaulettes as she frowned at the ice roaders and pointed at her wrist chromo. "I told ya to have 'em here by ten hundred hours not half past, Alex." scolded Rally.

    "It ain't Alex's fault, ma'am. Drew and Rick kept punching elevator panels at random. I'm dizzy from all the ups and downs of that crazy thing." said the 'Polar Bear'.

    "Follow me, guys." she said resignedly and threw open a door and led them into a dank barren windowless metal room barely large enough for the seven of them!

    "If this is your idea of a joke, madam, it is not funny!" said an angry Bear.

    "Quiet, Bear. 'CC'? Activate Rally 3, Subroutine Gysymeo, Scene 1-A, Tomoko River and Kanzaki Sea to Basilisk, onegai." she said and the room they were standing in vanished! Now the seven of them were standing on the banks of a wide ice-choked river which seemed to stretch on forever! In the far distance one could just barely discern a much larger expanse of frozen water- the Kanzaki Sea more than likely since the river had to be the Tomoko. All around them howled winds of titanic force and speed while snow and ice pounded down incessantly. No roads were visible at all in this terrifying grey coloured whiteout. The cold was excruciating and cut through their clothing like a razor edged blade!

    "What the Fxxx! Just where in the Hell are we, Lt Vincent?" demanded Drew who was stamping his feet and blowing on his hands.

    "Yeah and why's it all of a sudden so Fxxxing freezing in here, man?" yelled Eric.

    Then they noticed Rally. All warm, snug and comfy cozy in a heavy hooded parka, thick snow pants, heavy trail boots and fur-lined mittens! "Oh, I beg your pardons. Do forgive me, gentlemen, please. 'CC'? Onegai put them all into male 3WA winter uniforms and ice world gear. Arigatou tomo mine." instructed 'Cat' and instantly Alex and his tomos were wearing gear almost identical to her own.

    "Welcome to 'Gysymeo', boys or at least to its simulation. This place is called a 'holodeck' and as you can all see, hear, smell, taste and feel it is equipped with 5-D- totally virtual reality. We arranged this demo to help you all get acclimated to oro you'll be driving in a week from now. You're really lucky to be going to 'Gysymeo' in 'winter daylight' rather than 'winter night' like it was in when I was there last year. Look, kids (Damnation! I must be picking up the Boss's bad habits!) I'm a Terran er Earther same as you. 'Kitten' (Mae Hopkins the Blonde Bomber) and i are from Chicago, Illinois in the good old USofA so all of this crap was new to us at first too. Anyway- this is oro the Hell you'll be driving through nonstop until the job's done. You can expect winds of Satanic force and speed, everlasting blizzards, endless greyouts, a lot less gravity and of course the 'gravity well' which is sort of like a great big Van Allen radiation belt encircling the planet. We can't blast our way through the blamed thing, however, every so often a 'window' appears and allows us to pass through it safely. The 'well' Kei mentioned refers to a reverse thrust wind at the core of this belt which operates exactly like a black holde in deepest space. Think of the 'air void' or 'wind tunnel' in Miroku's right hand which pulls in everything in its immediate vicinity. (The boys had met the 'mad monk' last night in the rec room where he'd been propositioning all the new babes aboard ship) That's why the Kei doesn't wanna miss her 'window' and be stuck here on 'Gy' for a whole year! We've simulated rigs for ya to practice on. Even though 'Basilisk' has a fully stocked machine shop to our mechanics and techs your trucks are antiques and hard to find parts for meaning they'll have to replicate parts per your specifications. This is a well-equipped sim with holographic personnel so ask them or 'CC' for anything you may need or want. I'll be back in an hour or so to check on you. Lunch is whenever you wanna eat. Your rigs are in that shed over to the East. Sayonara for now and good luck." said rally and she left them to report to Mar, her temporary commander-in-chief.

    "Well? Are you chaps going to just stand there all day or are you going to start loading up eh?" said a very irritated voice from behind them.

    "Where the devil'd you come from, friend? You weren't standing there a few seconds ago." demanded Alex.

    "I'm Marty Zigmar- your 'truck push' (the dude in charge of keeping track of cargo loads). It's my job to get you guys loaded up and on your way to 'Basilisk'." replied a tall and rangy guy with jet black hair and wearing 3WA maroon and black. Now another voice broke in.

    "Gentlemen, you are the only real persons here on this holodeck. The others you meet here are 'holographs' or 'holograms' created per Miss Hellcat's (Rally) orders. Your rigs are in that shed back there. If that's all then may I suggest that you get to your driving and haul some ass!" said 'CC' merrily.

    "Holy shit! He ain't kidding! Looky over there, boys!" yelled Rick and he pointed to six shiny semi rigs in the shed behind them which had not even been there a few minutes before. They loaded up and began to 'haul ass' up the Tomoko and across the Kanzaki to Basilisk. Several exhausted hours later the ice road brigade was spent- beat! Those simulated conditions had been sheer Hell! Even the mighty 'Polar Bear' (Hugh) was a total wreck when the half dozen weary Terran truckers finally stumbled up to the rec room's bar.

    Cont in Ch 18-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 18-Pt 2 folks. Enjoy-K&K

    Legato was BOD and plunked down each guy's preferred beverage in front of him even before the ice roaders had ordered anything! Legato is a mind-reading 'BetaZoid'- remember? As Alex picked up his 'sasparilla' soda a voice of thunder behind them almost made him drop it.

    "You clowns were pa-thet-ic out there today! I sure as Hell hope ya can drive better for real than ya did in simulation today! Otherwise ya might just as well throw in the towels, boys! I took it easy on ya, children when I designed that deck you've been playing on all day! The real 'Gysymeo' is gonna be a hundred times worse than that 'walk in the park' I set up for ya! If you guys are oro passes for truck drivers on Terra we are really in trouble, man!" yelled an exasperated Faye Valentine who had set up the holodeck's 'Gysymeo' sims for Rally Vincent.

    "Look here Missy, you just wait until ya see us in action- in 'real' action- next week! We'll sure as Hell show ya who's pathetic, old gal!" thundered Bear who looked about as ferocious as a tame kitten. Faye rankled at the 'old gal' reference but said nothing. Suddenly-

    "I sure as jigoku (Hell) hope so, tomo mine! I wouldn't wanna be sneakin' into a Fxxxing warzone for nothing, ya know so you guys had better not let us down! Practice all you want. The holodeck's all yours. If ya don't wanna practice you don't have to, however, you'd better be shimatta (damned) sure ya can get the job done when the time comes, kiddies!" warned the Boss. She, Faye and Rally were standing in the rec room's doorway.

    Drew decided to ask a stupid question. "You didn't really mean all that crap about all of us always being er armed, did ya, ma'am?" he chuckled.

    "Of course I meant it, tomo. I never say anything that I don't mean, mister." replied the redhead coolly.

    "Then er why the devil ain't the three of ya armed right now, mum?" demanded Eric and the other five smirked. Instead of answering him Kei nodded to Faye and Rally. Without a word each one of them flipped their blazer back to reveal an ion cannon nestled in its shoulder holster. Kei gazed steadily at the ice road troupe.

    "I expect all six of ya to be similarly armed the next time I see ya." she warned quietly. Hoist the storm flags high when the Boss gets real quiet like that because it usually means that all Hell's about to break loose, folks!

    Bear hastily apologized for his outburst and the trio of kawaii deadly beauties left for the bridge. After they'd gone Eric glowered daggers at Drew.

    "Who in the Sam Hell ever told you that you knew how to drive a rig, Drew?" he yelled.

    "Yeah, that's right, man! He almost cut me off when I was roundin' that big old cliff going onto the Kanzaki!" agreed Rick.

    "All I gotta say is that the good Lord was looking out for me when Drew almost pushed me into Bear, that he surely was." said Alex and he crossed himself several times.

    "He'd damned well better stay the Hell outta my way next week when we do the real thing!" roared an angry 'Polar Bear' (Hugh).

    "Shut the Fxxx up- all of ya! It wasn't my damned fault!" yelled Drew.

    "Well it sure as the Fxxx wasn't my mine! Maybe you're gonna tell us that your brakes weren't no good like ya said last year on that run to 'Diavik' (a diamond mine in the Terran Arctic outside of Yellowknife in the Canadian Northwest Territories- about 675 miles south of Inuvik) in my truck? Only ya can't say that because we ain't driving real rigs now are we?" howeled the 'Polar Bear' and--

    "If the good Lord--" began Alex.

    "Is mentioned once more I will have Ryuuk introduce you to him, my dear sir!" exploded Light Yagami who was sick and tired of the ice brigade's constant bickering!

    "All the Hell I said was I did not ask to end up here at this damned place over two hundred years in our own future on a space jalopy run by a bunch of dizzy dipstick broads!" whispered Drew and the 'Polar Bear' nodded his head slowly.

    "Yeh. That's something we can both agree on, pal." replied Hugh.

    "The good Lord--" ventured Alex but Eric kicked him in the shin and he hesitated.

    "Leave Alex alone, man! That little punk ass kid don't scare me none! It's still six to one, ain't it? I like those odds!" said Rick angrily.

    "It's really six to two counting 'Ryuuk', that 'shinnygummy' thing of his!" whispered Bear.

    "All the Hell he's (Light Yagami) gotta do to kill ya is to write down your name in his little book is the way I heard it, guys! So if I were you, Alex, I sure as Hell would not get him riled up, that I would not!" breathed Eric.

    "Point taken, my firend. I'll shut up for awhile, that I will." replied Alex.

    "Well I dunno about you guys but I'm going back up and practice some more." said Bear. "Anyone else coming up?" he asked and all of them nodded except Rick.

    "How about you, 'Oil Pan'? (an insider truckers' joke because back on Terra Rick broke an oil pan on one truck and wrecked a second while he even managed to screw up a third!) You coming too?" asked Drew.

    "I think I'll just check out the pretty ladies here around the bar but do have yourselves a good run up there, fellas." said Rick before one of Hugh's 'Polar Bear' meathooks spun him around to face the bigger ice roader.

    "We gotta depend on each other if we're gonna survive this wacked out gig, man! I sure as Hell don't like driving on an untested ice road especially with a bozo like you that drives the way you do, me old boyo! You've already had one accident and put two rigs in the Fxxxing shop back home so you will practice with us or I will damned well know the reason why!" Hugh bellowed while he force marched Rick out the door and to the lift. For the duration of the voyage the ice brigade faithfully practiced driving over the treacherous and deadly ice roads of 'Gysymeo' until Hugh and Alex were actually complimenting Drew!

    Jon Harlock (Harley) dropped in to watch a few times and gave them a few pointers. "Be careful and if the ice turns into a black looking-glass get the Hell off of it as quickly as ye can 'cause that'll mean the ice there be less than half a meter thick." he advised.

    "Wait a minute, Harley! Didn't 'Cat' just tell us that the average temperature on 'Gysymeo' this time of year was like minus eight hundred degrees Fahrenheit or something?" demanded Rick.

    "Aye laddie but on 'Gysymeo' the freezing point for liquids is only minus seven hundred and ninety degrees Fahrenheit giving ye no more temprerature fluctuation than ten degrees or so either way. The Tomoko be about sixteen kilos deep and the Kanzaki be well over fifty but at some points she be bottomless, lads and the half gravity pull of the planet's twelve moons plays Hell with the tides. Remember that on 'Gysymeo' Tomoko as well as all other fresh water bodies are effected by the tides same as the salt water oceans and seas. And those tidal swell waves crest betwixt sixty and a hundred meters in the seas and the oceans but only twixt ten and fifteen meters in the rivers and lakes. (Suddenly all six of the hardened ice road veterans went ashen-faced!) Now dinna be getting all discouraged, laddies. There be a vital piece of equipment available to ye here which ye dinna have back on Terra. Ye'll all be wearing that thing with your ice world gear just like that one that Mr Drew be wearing now. (Jon pointed to a D-ring dangling from the compact backpack strapped to Drew's back) Mr Drew, onegai (please) pull that D-ring on your pack if ye dinna mind." said Jon and Drew, apprehensive as ever, gingerly did as he'd been bidden.

    Whoom! Instantly Drew's entire body was encased in a clear cocoon made of micro-mithril Kelvinite and Drew looked like he had just gained over five hundred kilos! "That 'cold suit' be thermally insulated and airtight, waterproof, shock resistant, self-contained and totally safe, lads. Dinna struggle, son. Ye be perfectly protected and that liquid filling up the cocoon be 'Landocine' and it do have a high oxygen content. It be comoletely breathable and it'll last for one hundred and twenty solar hours, boyos. The stuff contains nutrients so ye willna starve to death nor die of thirst while ye be waiting to be rescued. Just inflate it when you jump outta your rig and ye'll be fine." explained Harley.

    Han and Legato briefed them on the ice world's quirks and then at last Mae, Neko and Revy coached them on the use of weapons. Kei had decided to have all of them carry Mark XII's and that's when they hit a snag. Alex flat out refused to bear (no pun intended folks) arms as it was against the 'way of the good Lord' so finally an exasperated Kei gave in. So long as the other five bore arms Alex did not have to!

    Cont in Ch 18- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 3 of Ch 18-K&K

    On the final day of the seven day voyage at 0900 (9 AM) Gene Starwind announced that they had at last reached the outer markers of their destination and then at 1100 (11 AM) came his call that the inner markers were in sight! Just past lunchtime came planetfall at the Northern escarpment overlooking the 'Fujitsuki Ocean' and the six Terran semi rigs were offloaded and driven onto the cliff trail beside the ocean.

    Each one of the ice roaders was kitted out in 3WA ice world gear and one of those specially designed cold weather survival suit cocoon bubbles was strapped to each guy's back. Then they were each handed a Mark XII ion cannon and three spare power packs. Everyone that is except Alex. "Where are the bullets for those things, Miss 'Cat'?" asked a curious Alex. Remember that since Alex was excused from bearing arms by the Boss he had also been excused from the mandatory weapons classes as well.

    "Ion cannons fire plasma energy bolts not projectiles, Alex." explained Rally 'Cat' Vincent.

    "It still ain't too late to grow up and get one for your very own, Alex." teased the 'Polar Bear' drawing an imaginary bead on the 'Marathon Man' (An insider joke referring to Alex since he and Hugh and Eric had the most experience on ice road trucking on Terra) himself.

    "No thanky, Hugh. I'm just fine like this." replied Alex.

    "OK gents, your trucks are just outside those airlocks with their power units (engines) running. The 3WA's 'truck push' (the dude in charge of the move) here is Suba er Subaltern Saiga Sumaru and he'll be providing you with vidmaps and holocharts of 'Gysymeoan' ice roads. He will assign the cargoes and get you loaded up and on your way to 'basilisk' so from now on just consider Suba Saiga your new Boss. Look after yourselves out there and stay in relay contact with Saiga. Report any problems to him and he'll help you out. My 'Angel' and her shuttles are just too damned heavy to bring any farther up the ice so we will all stay here. See you guys in the spring. Good luck and keep your sticks on the ice eh, boyos." said the fiery red-headed Hellcat. So saying she shook each ice man's hand then spun on her heels and left for the bridge.

    "Hullo there, Boss. Our boyos get off OK?" asked Kome.

    "Yeah, they're gonna be just fine I think. Gene, 'cloak' the 'Angel 2' after we've moved the shuttles and all the other transports into the ice caverns." ordered Kei.

    "Oro ice caverns would they be, Reds?" asked Starwind and the redhead pointed at the forward viewscreens showing the craggy cliffs above the ship.

    "Those ice caverns up there, kid. Legato, load our shuttles up with three months of supplies and don't forget plenty of my 'golden elixirs' (Irish whiskeys), boyo. Jon, break out a skysled. We're gonna recon the area." said the redhead.

    "Who's we?" demanded Jon Harlock suspiciously.

    "You and me, Mar and Mugghi. Now move it! I want us all settled into our new digs by suppertime, man!" replied the Boss impatiently. Jon nodded and ordered the two 'soul reapers' to prep a skysled and stand by with it in the bays. Rukia was impressed by the big enclosed flying sled having never ever seen its like before. Ichigo hadn't either except on that old Terran tv show 'Jonny Quest' but of course he didn't tell Rukia that. Mugghi had the power units humming when Kei and Jon jogged into the bays a few moments later trailed by a very sleepy Mar who was still zipping up her flightsuit and pulling on parka, cap and gloves. Poor Marlene's shift had only ended at ten hundred hours (10 AM) but duty called and at 1400 (2 PM) when Mugghi had just about rung the klaxon off her portal here she was back again. Mar rested her blonde head against Jon's comfy shoulder and had soon dozed off. Kei snapped the skysled's roof shut and Mugghi rocketed out of the airlocks and up to the ice caverns above them.

    Were these the self same ice caverns where they'd hidden from Johnny Berringer and his band of lunatics almost two years ago? Since no rocky promenade fronted them Kei decided that they weren't those ice caverns although under their present circumstances they were quite ideal.

    "That centre cavern we'll use for the 'Hammerhead' (Jett Black's shuttle), the 'Flying Falcon' (Han Solo's shuttle) and the 'Lady Foucault' (Bulma Brief's timeship). The 'TARDIS' (Doctor Six's timeship) stays aboard the 'Angel 2' though. The 'Leo' and the 'Donnie' take the two point caverns on either end of the ledge. The 'Mikey' goes in next to the 'Leo' and the 'Raph' goes in beside the 'Donnie'. (The 'Leonardo', 'Donnatella', 'Michaelangelo' and 'Raphael' are the 'Angel 2's' own personal shuttles). With the 'Angel 2' directly below us we'll have any invading intruders trapped in a deadly crossfire so this spot'll do us quite nicely. Legato, assign five or ten of our crewmen to each of our shuttles and have 'em pack up just the essentials for a three month sojourn. You will pilot the 'Raph', Mar gets the 'Leo', Kome takes the 'Mikey' and of course KR (Keitarou Riff, the 'Angels' godson) gets the 'Donnie'. Han, Bulma and Jett will pilot their own crafts. Tell Kiva that the 'Angel 2' will be her responsibility for the next few months and that she is 'not' repeat 'not' to drop the 'Angel's' 'cloak' for any reason oro soever. I'm sending Jon and Mar back to help out. Mugghi and I are gonna stay right here so Mar's gonna pack up my kit for me. Jon's in charge of the shuttle move so he will command all four of our shuttles and the rest of the transports too. Jon will, of course, ride back here with you aboard the 'Raph', got it? One more thing, Legato. I want 'all' of our 'zero room' guests placed aboard the shuttles. It'll be up to you to decide which of our 'newbies' accompany them. I would, however, like 'Cat' (Rally Vincent) to remain aboard to monitor the ice road traffic and keep me advised of our ice brigade's progress. Tell her to watch that gravity well like a 'Ligurian' hawk and to contact us PDQ pronto if it starts misbehaving. Ice world gear and inflatable 'cold suits cocoons' for everyone aboard those shuttles and that includes me and Mugghi so make sure Mar packs one for each of us as well. See ya in an hour or so, Blue. Kei out." said the Boss finally. Meanwhile on the ice roads of 'Gysymeo'--

    "What the Fxxx's in those bags back there, Saggy?" yelled Hugh the 'Polar Bear' and the 3WA suba (a Ninja from the 'Village Hidden In the Stars') grinned at the big galoot.

    "It's 'LNT', 'Lambonite Triascetylene Thermite', Hughie. It's a high density explosive so be real careful 'cause it's very volatile and a mite on the unstable side too. It's concentrated so a hunk the size of a chocolate 'Chunky' square would completely level our 3WA HQ building in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' as well as half of 'Shimougou' into the damned bargain. Onegai don't play with it, Hughie. You shouldn't have any problems finding 'Basilisk'- up this trail to the 'Tomoko River' and follow that 230 kilometers then hang a left at the 'Kanzaki Sea' and follow it 530 kilos North to the camp. If you'd like we can tweak up the speed to a quarter of a warp on your rigs? Rick! Careful with that warp core! Easy there, Drew! That Kelvinite sheet may be small but it still tips the scales at 430 kilos! Alex! Did you pick up a vidmap and a holochart? Fine. Bear! Go gently with that anti-grav trolley! Those power packs are bloody deadly! Eric? Oh there you are. OK, you'll be going out first since you're hauling the 'TLQ's' er the temporary living quarters. Oro? Well, that red and white capsule you're tossing up in the air and catching is a fifty meter long quonset hut so don't accidentally drop it. The order of march is as follows:- Eric, Alex, Hugh, Drew, Rick with Bear bringing up the rear. Let's get a move on, boyos!" instructed Suba Sumaru.

    Cont in Ch 18-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 18- Part 4 for ya. Enjoy and Ch 19's a shortie-K&K

    "How long will the 'Tomoky' and the the 'Kanzi' stay frozen, Saggy?" asked a worried Rick.

    "Forever so don't worry, Rick. 'Gysymeo' is an ice world and that means it's frozen permanently." replied the newly promoted Suba.

    "Then how comes it that we got only a couple of months to finish this here hauling job, son?" demanded Bear.

    "The gravity well 'window' is why, sir. This planet is constantly bombarded with tachion particle beams of Gamma radiation as well as intense solar storms. The gravity well keeps everything in check but it also acts as a sort of barrier, however, for short cycles of time openings do develop in the well allowing spacecrafts to pass through it. We call 'em er 'windows' and there 'is' one here now but in seventy more days it won't be. The next one after that ain't due for almost an entire year so if the Boss misses this 'window' you'll all be marooned here until then." explained Sumaru.

    "Then let's just git 'er done so we can turn and burn back here for the next load until Saggy's yard's empty!" said the 'Polar Bear' who was rubbing his hands together. Sumaru raised a precautionary finger to them.

    "One word of warning, gentlemen. The ice is two meters thick so you can stop worrying about falling through it. The real perils are from the cascading 'Kami Kazi'- the 'divine winds' which can easily toss your rigs off the roads and over a precipice or they could even start an avalanche and bury your asses under tons of ice and snow in nano-seconds so watch those cliffs like a 'Ligurian' hawk, my tomos. Any questions?" asked Suba Saiga Sumaru.

    "Yeah. Are there signs posted to show us where we're going, Saggy? Poor old Alex here got lost on his way from Inuvik to Aput back home, that he did." asked Drew.

    "No signs per se, Dewey but we do have these hovering 'NOMADS' (remember 'Nomad', Star Trekkies?) which flash directions and point out the correct route for you. They are positioned about every fifty kilos or so. They look a lot like those spheroids in that ancient Terran film 'Phantasm' that Neji likes. OK, stay in relay contact with each other, me and 'Basilisk' and don't be afraid to sing out if you need help." replied Saiga.

    "What frequency does your radio use? Poor old Alex here wasn't on the right channel when he went missing back home." chuckled Hugh. Alex scowled at him but held his tongue.

    "It doesn't really matter since our comm relays automatically seek and lock onto the correct signal waves. Anything else?" asked the Ninja lad a tad impatiently.

    "You seem to have a very efficiently run yard here, son. May I assume that each of our trucks has been equipped with one of them there magical food boxes?" asked Bear the ever practical fellow but the young 'truck push' stared blankly at him.

    "I er think he means the reppy up things like Reds has got on her Angelic starship, Saggy." suggested Eric. Then Saggy's face lit up.

    "Oh you must mean a replicator! I forgot all about those old things. Of course, Gramps. That was the very first thing that Marty Zigmar put into your rigs when he prepared 'em for ice world travel. Reppers have been standard issue for a century at least." chortled Sumaru.

    "One more, sir if I may. Is he the same Marty Zigmar that we had as a boss on the holly decks?" asked Alex.

    "Not exactly, Alex. You use simulations er holograms which are sorta like actors in an ancient Terran celluloid film anyway you use 'em on the holodecks but someone must have programmed one of 'em to resemble him, however, the real Marty is an 'alter user' from 'S-Sry-Ed' and he's our chief engineer or head mechanic you guys would call him I suppose. No more questions? OK then- wagons ho! Your 'PDO's' (personal data organizers) have your cargo vidmanifests so just hand 'em to the docking bay 'droid (android robot) at 'Basilisk' when you unload and he'll direct you guys to your next loads. Get on your way now onegai. See you back here real soon. Good luck, guys." said their new boss.

    "What's the speed limit, Saggy?" yelled Rick.

    "Hatchi er I mean eight!" cried Saiga after them.

    "Miles or kilometers?" yelled Hughie.

    "Neither! Warps!" yelled Saiga. "Don't sweat it, boyos! Those there dinosaurs of yours can't do even a 'thousandth' of a Warp so don't worry about it! Just go!" he bellowed and all six of them put the pedal to the metal and burnt rubber up the 'Tomoko River' with the Eric showing the way at eighty kilos (about fifty mph)!

    While all of this was going on-- back at the 'Angel 2' Captain Kiva Nerese had herself one Hell of a problem! "What did you just say, 'Kitty' (Lt Sandra Sandoval)? I can't have heard you right because it sounded like you just said that John Berringer is loose- again!" said the svelte 'Starfleet' commander.

    "I did say that, Cap and not only that- he took Slade, warp, Viscious, Khan, Luthor, Magneto and Moriarty with him when he busted outta 'Seto Kaiba' and oh yeah- and he took 'Black Ghost' with him too! (Kiva groaned) I'm afraid it gets even worse, ma'am. They stole the 'Starcrusher' (John's old starship) and now he's out recruiting mercs (mercenaries) and icemen (killers for hire) to crew her and-- (Kitty hesitated until- 'Go on, Sandy." coaxed Kiva) Berringer's put out a contract on the Boss again! Five billion credits- dead or alive! Cap, he's headed for 'Shimougou' and somehow he knows Reds runs the Academy back there. Kiva, oro if he kidnaps that shimatta nitwit Yuri (Donovan) and tries to make a trade like Lex Luthor tried with Flaysie (Allster) on Mars last year? I'll have 'Tigress' (Lt Anastasia Torres) lay in a course for home and--" said 'Kitty' as she reached for her comm relay mike. Suddenly--

    "Belay that, Lieutenant! The 'Lovely Angel 2' is not going anywhere. Komica, relieve them of their weapons." breathed a familiar oily voice from behind them!

    END of Ch 18. Ch 19 coming soon. Onegai r/r/s away and Kami bless you all. More twists and turns and pitfalls on their way in the next chapter folks so it's SFN/SYS. Ja mata and toodles-K&K

    Cont in Ch 19 (a shortie)
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction(AW)-Ch 19

    Here's a short one-Ch 19 so enjoy. Toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Drew, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 19 without any further meandering, shall we? Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 19

    'Angelic Contract- Again?' or 'Johnny's Back!'

    "Orochimaru? How the Fxxx did you get out?" yelled Kiva, drawing her phaser which was blasted out of her hand by Star Sapphire. Kiva whirled around and was backhanded by Viscious.

    "Did ya find the damned Red Bitch?" he snarled at Slade and Warp who had just burst onto the bridge.

    "No signs of anyone besides these 'Starfleet' flunkies." reported Slade Wilson and he shoved Helmsman Bishop into the room.

    "And you?" growled the ex- 'Red Dragons' leader.

    "She is most definitely not aboard, my captain." said Khan.

    "No 3WA personnel whatsoever, Lord Viscious, however, Rukia Kutchski and that phony soul reaper pal of hers have been here until quite recently." said Souza Aizen, former captain of Squad Five of the Soul Society's Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

    "How do ya know this, Captain?" asked Warp.

    "By their scents, of course!" replied Aizen haughtily.

    "Can you track them?" demanded Viscious eagerly and Aizen nodded.

    "They must be in those caverns up there in those cliffs, sir." he replied.

    "All of the transport vessels are missing from the bays down there, my Lord!" cried Shishiop from Viscious's comm relay device.

    "That settles it! Find them! Find them all dammit! Find them, Captain Aizen! Find them and that bounty will be ours by morning!" chuckled Viscious with satisfaction.

    Meanwhile at 'Takachiho Academy' in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' on Shimougou'--

    Wing Commander and Acting Dean Yuri Donovan had just awakened to find bedroom full of armed assassins! Instinctively she shoved her hand underneath her pillow.

    "Looking for this, my dear?" chortled Lex Luthor, holding up her Mark III miniblaster.

    "Or this?" added Dash Rendar who was toying with Yuri's laser sword hilt.

    "You are now my prisoner, Miss Donovan. Get up and get dressed. We will await you in the office. 'Black Widow' will keep you company just in case you get any bright ideas about escaping, Commander." said Lex Luthor and nodding to his henchmen they all left the room. 'Black Widow', however, did not. Instead she rummaged around in Yuri's armoire before pulling out her 'Snow White' hot pants uniform and high white Cavalier boots. She tossed them on the bunk. "These'll do nicely, bitch. Get 'em on and hurry the Fxxx up about it!" snarled the 'Black Widow'. She made no move to either leave or turn around and she was blocking the bathroom door. When Yuri saw that she was not going to leave she quickly shed her jammies and changed.

    "We only want the 'red Witch', Honey so why don't ya just tell us where she is and spare yourself the pain eh?" said the 'BW' sweetly.

    "Go and screw yourself silly, Spidella!" yelled Yuri just before 'BW's cannon sent her back to Dreamland.

    "We'll use the 'Lovely Angel 1' (Yuri's starship) Load our own shuttle aboard her and lock Miss Donovan's kawaii ass up in the brig. I told you not to hurt her, Blackie. Dammit to Hell, can't you even do one thing right, bitch? (Lex glared at the Widow who had just dragged Yuri out to the office) Well, even if she 'can't' sing O'Halloran will still bust a gut trying to save the kawaii nightingale from Johhny. (Lex speedily tapped a message into Yuri's PDO and tossed it to Grand Admiral Thrawn) Leave that on Donovan's desk where Reds cannot possibly miss finding it. We'll give the Fxxxing Kami shimatta 'Deon of Dublin' a homecoming (hint hint) she'll not soon forget!" roared Lex Luthor.

    Five minutes later the 'Lovely Angel 1' had lifted off and was headed for--??

    END of Ch 19. Ch 20 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how we'll do at the Gate? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    Cont in Ch 20
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction(AW UPDATE)

    Chapters 01 thru 25 now up both places. Ice Road Truckers have joined the Angels on Gysymeo. Johnny Berringer is loose again and both starships the Lovely Angels 1 and 2 have been hijacked. Why is JB back? Where is he hiding? Ah that would be telling kiddies! I promise to update my profile page soon. Until then enjoy the reading. IRT is cool too. It's running on History Channel Sundays at 9 PM ET and on On Demand under News and World/History/IRT. More later but I gotta fly now. Toodles for now-K&K

    Future updates will be posted only here and at ff.net, yahoo groups- animeontv and Animeaholics1, eons.com- anime-a-holics and at woohp.org/forum

    Who would have thought I could mix anime, film, tv, cartoons, books, radio and even ice roading into the same ff? I did it with Xmas with the DP and now I'm doing it again with Angel Wings. Please r/r/s away and remember to kysoti/sfn/sys/jm and kami bless. Toodles-K&K
    I'm winding down on AW now so all reviews and suggestions are welcome. More new characters and locales added. Don't miss SciFi tonight at 11 PM ET for Guren Lagann and Here and There etc. animes. Here is Saturday's CN/AS lineup now:

    11 PM- Metalocalypse
    11:30 PM- Venture Brothers
    12 M- Bleach
    12:30 AM- Code Geass
    1 AM- Shin Chan
    1:30 AM- Morabito aka Guardian of the Spirit (Looks promising)

    Live action films planned for many animes like Bebop, GS, InuYasha, DragonBall, Death Note, Bleach and a few others I've forgotten.

    Anyone heard the theme music from DN, CG, Black Lagoon? Why are they familiar to me? Anyone ever see the kiddie cartoon Fireman Sam on PBS Kids Sprout? Doesn't its theme music sound like the old 60's Pepsodent Toothpaster tv ad? Gotta split for today. Mom's birthday is Wednesday and I gotta get wrapping. Mama got Witchblade (6 DVDs), Queen Emeraldas, Gunsmith Cats DVDs and Foucault's Pendulum a book by Umberto Eco and an electric skillet for her 82nd birthday. OK- Ch 20's 'Johnny's Angelic Insurance Policy' or 'Raven To the Rescue' and it's exciting and funny. Eric leads the IRT guys with 27 loads while Hugh has 25 Bear has 24 Alex is at 23 Rick's got 15 and drew only has 11 loads. Total is 125 so far out of 175 leaving 50 to go.

    On IRT Eric 'the Count' Dufresne (Doo-Frayne) is leading the load count. So I have him leading on Gysymeo's ice roads. I like Hugh but hey he's King of the Southern Ice Roads while Eric should be the Northern King eh? Wanna argue- go to HC forums under IRT and look for the count or load counts and debate away. Profile has all the chapter titles now including Ch 24(In 3 parts), 25 and 26.

    KYSOTI/SFN/SYS/JM/Kami bless all of ya and toodles for now-K&K
    Last edited by keimanzero; Aug 29, 2008 at 08:02 AM. Reason: added new info to post
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction(AW)-Ch 20-Part 1

    Here's Ch 20 of AW-Part 1-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Revy, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here especially Thom Beers and his marvelous Ice Road Truckers and the History Channel and of course the truckers themselves. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 20 without any further meandering, shall we? Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 20

    'Johnny's Angelic Insurance Policy' or 'Raven To the Rescue'

    "Where the Hell are you taking us?" demanded Lily. Slade Wilson handed the young tro-con a mug of steaming java which she slapped out of his hand. He smiled and used his psychokinetic powers to reassemble the broken crockery and placed the mug and its contents on the table.

    Lily along with all of the other Academy tro-cons, recruits, instructors and cadre had been confined to the 'Angel 1's dining hall.

    "To see Johnny Berringer, my dear child of course. Where? That I am not at liberty to say. (He raised his voice) Listen to me- all of you. You are now our prisoners and except for Wing Commander Donovan- expendable. You are confined to this dining hall and the adjoining rec room next door. Armed sentries are stationed outside of both doors as well as being placed strategically throughout this ship. They're all 'mercs' (mercnaries) and their orders are 'shoot to kill' so if you decide to leave these two areas you will be exterminated like the vermin you are to us or perhaps Lord Berringer will be merciful and permit you to keep your miserable lives. Eat your breakfasts." said Slade.

    "Oro about our clothes dammit? In case ya ain't noticed most of us are still wearing our night attire, sir!" yelped Leona who was one of the brand new 3WA 'Tank Corps' cadre instructors.

    "Use the reppers and shut up but remember my warning, children." replied Slade and he left for Engineering.

    "Where the Fxxx is the commander? Oro the Hell have ya done with her dammit?" yelled Lily and Slade whirled on her angrily.

    "You tell me! That's who Johnny Boy's got us out combing the damned cosmos to find for him! I wish now that I'd never even met that red-headed bitch!" snarled Slade.

    "Not her! Not the Boss! Miss Donovan! Where is she, sir? We already know where Miss O'Halloran is. She went to 'Warrior--" replied Ila before Merrill slapped a hand across her mouth. The two rune soldier treasure hunters along with Genie, Louie and Melissa had only just arrived at the Academy with the Elf Hunters (Ari, Junpei, Ryosko, Celsia and Ryosko's tank 'Mi-Ke' (Mee-Kay) and Peachy) in tow a week ago. They had all come to help Ryosko and 'Mi-Ke' get settled into their dorms. The 3WA had recently put together a tank corps and Ryosko was the latest recruit to be enrolled in it. Leona who was already an accomplished tank commander with the 'AD Tank Police' from 'New Port City' on Terra was one of the class's instructors. Unfortunately for them all Ila's big fat mouth had been overheard (through the PA system) by Lex Luthor on the bridge.

    "Bring that shimatta girl up here Slade and be quick about it!" ordered the former 'Legion of Doom' boss.

    "You heard him, Missy. Let's go." said Slade, prodding Ila with his cannon.

    "She er doesn't 'really' know where the Boss Lady went, Mr Slade, sir!" cried Merrill.

    "Then you come up with her and tell that to Lord Luthor yourself, girl. Move it!" ordered Slade, shoving both of them out the door. Both sorcerer's apprentice (Ila) and thief er treasure seeker (Merrill) were terrified when they were unceremoniously dumped at Luthor's feet. A tall blonde Vulcan woman stood beside the gang leader.

    "Find out if they know anything, Morgana!" growled Lex and the Vulcan maid 'mind melded' with each girl in turn before turning to face her commander. "The four-aizued freak (Ila who wore thick spectacles) thinks she has gone to 'Warrior's Gate', however, the shorter one (Merrill) is certain she has already left there and is headed for 'Gysymeo', my lord. In my opinion, sir, neither one of them knows the real whereabouts of that Hellcat redhead." reported Morgana.

    Crack! Lex's stinging slap to the Vulcan's face could be heard in the nav room next door! "If I had wanted 'your' opinion, Vulcan, I'd have Kami shimatta well asked you for it!" he roared. "So we have two possibilities eh- the edge of the bloody universe or that Fxxxing ice world! Nobody can remain at the 'Gate' very long so our best bet's 'Gysymeo' I suppose. Have Shade take us there with all possible speed, Slade." he commanded.

    "By your command, lord. Oro about these two, sir?" replied Slade.

    "Take 'em back down and lock 'em up with the others. Better double the guards on the rec room, dining hall and the brig. If Donovan escapes Johnny won't be a very happy camper, that he won't for sure! Tell everyone downstairs that the sentries have orders to shoot to kill. That should dter any future escape attempts. Slade, until we reach 'Gysymeo' I do not want to be disturbed." commanded Lex, waving him away. Slade nodded curtly and left with his two prisoners in tow.

    "I'm s-s-so s-s-sorry, Merry! I d-d-didn't mean to tell them where the Boss Lady went, really I d-d-didn't!" blubbered Ila.

    "Don't cry, Ila. That lady upstairs was just like Auntie Elda (Saavik) and she used that old 'mind melty' trick on us both so it really wasn't our faults, kid." whispered Merrill.

    "The correct term, my children, is 'mind meld' and Morgana LeFay is much better at it than that damned Saavik brat. Do remember to tell all your little tomos downstairs here oro Lord Luthor just said, kids, because, trust me, he really does mean it! However, so long as you do oro you're told to do you'll have nothing to worry about. None of you will be harmed and as soon as Johnny B. has the O'Halloran bitch, you will all be released." said Slade reassuringly.

    "But oro's gonna happen to the Boss and Miss D., sir?" asked Merrill politely.

    "Gomen er I am sorry but I do not think that Lord Berringer will allow either of them to live. He wants blood. He wants revenge for Joey Moto and the other forty lives that were lost last year in those shimatta 'Gysymeo' ice caverns." he replied grimly.

    "But they didn't kill Joey and the others, Mr. Slade!" whined Ila.

    "Johnny knows that but they did give the orders to booby-trap those damned ice caverns. However, he bears no malice towards Miss Hopkins or Miss Sawaguchi. He knows they were merely following orders but the Marshall (Kei) and the Wing Commander (Yuri)- have you ever lost your very best tomo? (Ila and Merrill shook their heads) Then you two cannot possibly know the anguish he is suffering, my dear children. Ah, here we are- safely back home. (Slade faced the guards) See that none of these people leave these two rooms- Lord Luthor's orders. Ja mata all." said Slade and he headed for the nav room.

    "Oro? 'Gysymeo', not the 'Gate'? Are you quite sure, Slade? (He nodded) Very well. Changing course, sir." said a slightly built shadowy chap sporting a top hat. Shade, who was navigating the huge starship, made a few minute adjustments and then trilled Engineering for more power. Down in Engineering, Star Sapphire nudged Raven (of the 'Teen Titans') with her blaster.

    "You heard the man, didn't you? Take us to Warp 35 and then hit the hyperthrusters, Sweetie." commanded the ex-member of the ill fated 'Legion of Doom' and Raven scowled and reached for a controlling rod. "Don't try anything stupid, my girl. Remember- I'm a space tech too." added Star.

    "Yes mum." replied Raven in a monotone. Raven was mad- at herself mostly! Asleep in her dorm room at the Academy somehow she had not heard anything out of the ordinary until she had awakened to find herself face to face with the 'Black Widow' who had unceremoniously dragged Raven out of her bunk and then plunked her ass down in a seat on a strange looking shuttlecraft! Still in this shimatta shortie nightgown and barefoot she'd been whisked over to the exec's 'Angel 1' engine room and shackled into a chair. After awhile Star Sapphire had shown up with hot soup and herbal tea for her. Star put sandals on raven's feet and apologized for the rough treatment. Then she'd unshackled the Titan girl and explained matters to her. Since then raven had been running the ship for them. After all, Star had shown Raven Starfire's (another 'Teen Titan' babe) necklace and told her that if she did not cooperate well- her good tomo Starfire 'was' considered to be 'expendable'!

    Now, hours later Raven was filthy with grease and still in her nightie. Star did not trust the Azranian maiden one iota and had not the slightest inkling of her true powers so Star wasn't about to give Raven any means of using any magic or jutsu whatsoever! The 'neutralizing field' was still active on the key parts of the ship but Star wasn't sure about the living quarters' areas so discretion being the better part of valor she was keeping Raven 'as is' and of course that decision rankled Raven up the wazoo! However, for now all the kid could do was play along and ope for the best so while she was adjusting the power thrusters and adding coolant to the warp core Raven mused to herself.

    Cont in Ch 20-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 20 of AW for ya-K&K

    "Where the oni have I heard of that place where we're headed? According to Star, their immediate destination was 'Workoh' and hey wasn't that Miss Donovan's homeworld? Nai, she hailed from that backwater dump near 'Aries'- 'Shack G' was its name so where had she heard about this 'Workoh' place dammit? Eureka! (Raven realized she'd just shouted that last word out loud but luckily Star had gone after a blanket and a kimono for her) That 'Workoh' place was in the spooky 'Omega' quadrant and nobody really knew too much about it, however, for the Boss Lady Kei it was home sweet home even though Miss O'Halloran had said that she hadn't seen the place in years! So why the Hell were they going there? If that nutcase Berringer was involved the answer had to be something underhanded and possibly evil to boot and - Holy Shit! (Raven had said that aloud too) He was taking Donovan there as a hostage! Why? There was only one shimatta reason Raven could think of- to get the Boss to follow after her! Raven did know that those bombs they'd planted last year on 'Gysymeo' had killed Berringer's best pal (Joey Moto) and forty other goons and Raven also knew that the Boss had ordered Kome and Mae to lay those booby-traps in the ice caverns! So Johnny was gonna trade the airhead for the Hellcat eh? Would he honour his part of the deal though? Hardly likely since he knew Donovan had agreed with the Boss's decision last year. And how about the rest of the hostages from the Academy- oro use would he have for them? None at all! Wait- If Berringer wanted them to get to 'Omega' quad right away why were they taking the scenic route? That madman knew every shortcut in the cosmos so why? He's sent someone else after the Boss's 'Angel 2' ship and if they don't find the redhead aboard they'll grab her ship and then rendezvous with this ship on 'Workoh'. That has to be it!" thought Raven.

    "Oro has to be it, Rae?" asked Star, dumping several parcels on the table behind Raven. Suddenly Raven realized that she'd accidentally blurted out her last thought aloud! Then her aizu lit on the pile of stuff Star had on the table.

    "Er nothing, mum. Just thinking of an old joke is all. Er, is that stuff for me, mum? Oro'd ya bring for me?" replied the Azranian.

    "A cot, bedding, blankets, pillows, a nice kimono, a flight suit and a pair of sneakers, Rae. It 'is' against Luthor's bloody orders but then again I can't have you catching pneumonia either. I do, however, want your solemn oath as an Azranian princess that you won't try to escape. Otherwise you stay 'as is' until we get to 'Workoh' so do I have your word of honour, Rae? (Raven nodded) Then get this on for tonight and get some sleep. (Star tossed Raven the kimono and set up the cot) I'll leave the flight suit and sneakers for ashita. I'll call you in the morning. Relax and get a good night's rest. We're on 'George' (autopilot). Good night, Rae." said Star before she left for her own cabin- Yuri's place. Luthor it seemed to Star never slept! The big galoot was still up on the bridge.

    Raven wasted no time getting into the flightsuit and sneakers. Then she crawled into the airduct and down the airshafts to the rec room. All was as still as the grave when she cautiously poked her head out of the airvent. Everyone seemed to be asleep when she carefully dropped silently to the floor and crawled over to the new tank corps instructor- Leona. Slapping a hand across the sleeping girl's mouth Raven gently shook her awake. "Ssh! It's me, Leona. Raven? Don't make a sound and follow me. I've got an idea on how to take back our ship." whispered Raven.

    "OK. Lemme rep up--" replied Leona but Raven grabbed her shoulder.

    "Nai! No time for that! The guards will hear us if we don't hurry so c'mon! Your jammies will have to do!" whispered Raven urgently.

    "Only thing is- I ain't wearing any!" seethed Leona angrily.

    "Shut up, girl! We'll find ya something later. Move it!" ordered Raven, shoving the brunette into the airshaft vent. Five levels up on Deck Seven Raven dropped silently to the floor and then helped Leona down. The irate 'AD Tank Police' cop was standing there and fuming with rage! All she had on was a skimpy tanktop and tiny bikini underbriefs! "Good! I figured they wouldn't think plain old files worth posting a guard on. This is Deck Seven- the file rooms and the 'Star Room' (observation lounge). So far so good." said Raven.

    "Of course they wouldn't guard this deck, stupid! Why are we up here? And do ya think I really enjoy going on moonlight strolls in my undies? You said--" yelled Leona.

    "Quiet down, Leona! There 'is' another room up here that these goons don't know about- the auxilliary bridge. We can control the ship from it. That is if the Boss or Donovan hasn't changed the shimatta codes." said raven, stooping down to a small access keypad. "Dammit all! I can't seem to recall the last part of the bloody code!" she added.

    Leona chuckled. "Got a hunk of metal? That belt buckle will do and your shoelaces. I'll just shunt the board and short circuit the Fxxxer." said Leona. Raven handed over her belt and shoelaces. Thirty seconds later Leona slid the portal open. They hurried inside and shut the door. Finding a small laser torch Leona melted the portal's control circuitry. "There! Now we're locked in here! You happy now?" grumbled a shivering Leona.

    "Yeah. While I try and change our course you look for a comm relay. See if they've got a spare flightsuit in one of the lockers. Hurry it up, kiddo!" said Raven impatiently. "There! I've changed our heading to 'Seto Kaiba'. It's closer than 'Shimougou' and hey did ya find that comm relay mike yet?" demanded Raven.

    "Yeah I found one and you owe me, girl- bigtime! All I could find back there were some damned old bathrobes! Catch." yelled Leona who now sported a kawaii (lovely) Kelly green kimono. On her feet were a pair of heavy flight boots way too big for her. Raven caught the relay mike and keyed it.

    "Mayday! Mayday! SOS! This is the 3WA patrol starship 'Lovely Angel 1' calling 'Seto Command' in the clear. Can anyone hear me. Come in onegai. Over." she whispered into the mike.

    "Roger that, ma'am. We read ya fine. Oro's your problem? Over." replied the guy at 'Seto Kaiba' Tower. Raven quickly outlined their strange dilemna for him.

    "The er CO's busy coordinating the search for John Berringer, ma'am. I'll tell Commander Raven though. Over." replied the tower officer.

    "Raven? That's my name dammit! Oh wait a bit. John Raven? The 'ISSP' copper? He's there? Why? Over." asked Raven the Teen Titan.

    "He's er tracking 'Starcrusher' for us. I'll get him for ya. Over." said the voice politely.

    "Raven honey? Oro's going on? Oro the Hell's the 'Angel 1' doing around these parts? Over." demanded John Raven, chief of 'Ganymede ISSP' worriedly.

    "Send the fleet, Mr Raven! Luthor and a bunch of his goons have commandeered our ship! I've managed to divert us to 'Seto K' but as soon as--" began Raven just as all Hell broke loose with general quarters klaxons going off all over the ship!

    END of Ch 20. Ch 21 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how we'll do at the Gate? Will Alex and crew survive Gysymeo and get home soon? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    Cont in Ch 21
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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