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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here is Part 2 of Ch 24 for ya. Sorry for the split. Enjoy it and ja mata-K&K

    "Yuri, we're back! Is our new course laid in yet?" trilled Kei 1 through her comlink. "Hai it is, Kei. But Mars is awful big. Where exactly are we going?" asked Yuri 1 via the ship's PA system intercom. Jett replied through his own comlink. "A place called 'ISSP headquarters' (Inter Solar System Police) in Moravian City. The 'Angel' is way too big for the small spaceport nearby and the big one is too far away for our purpose. Can we hover and take the shuttle down instead? Oh and Yuri, before we do that how about taking us back to the 'Bebop'? Then you can follow us in." Yuri 1 was puzzled. "Jett, your ship is just as big as ours. Where do you land it if the spaceport's too small?" she asked him. "On the water at Khartoum Bay. The 'Bebop' is also a fishing vessel. But I don't think that the 'Angel' floats or does it?" answered Jett. "Nai Jett, we'd sink like a stone. OK we'll do it your way." Yuri 1 broke the intercom link and trilled Kei 1 on her own comlink. "Kei, we got to make a detour first. Jett wants to go back to his own ship, then we follow him in, OK?" Kei 1 wearily replied in the affirmative. "Hai whatever. Yuri, get down here to the bays and bring that 'Goodnight Irene' Rylstuff with you. I want this bastard comatose and quiet until we get to Mars. Jett tell you where we're headed yet? He did? Good. Oro? After you juice him up he's going in the brig under triple security! Mugghi and nammo are installing two more force beam energy fields in there now. So shake a leg baka and that's an order!" Kei 1 tuned out Yuri 1's tirade of anger and protests. Then she returned to shackling, binding and gagging their new houseguest. Jett, Spike, Ed, Ein and Faye watched in utter amazement while she completed these tasks. "Is all that really necessary, Kei?" asked Spike Steigel. "After all, he'll be sedated, won't he?" Kei 1 replied through tightly clenched teeth. "He was under sedation when he commandeered the transport on the way to Mars, wasn't he? And look how much good that did! I don't feel like chasing him halfway across the galaxy again, domo arigato! There, that should hold him! Where the F is that vacuumhead with the 'joy juice'?" she wondered, checking her wrist chromo.

    "Here I am everyone!" crowed their co-pilot, jogging over to the little hazu. "it's about time! Hit him with that stuff already!" Yuri 1 thumped his biceps twice, then she injected him. Using her medical tricorder she scanned him for vitals. Satified, she signaled Spike and Jett who picked up the prisoner and loaded him on a gurney. Kei 1 led the way up the corridor to the lifts, her hand on her ion cannon's grip. The two 'cowboys' followed, wheeling their bounty. When Yuri 1 had finally caught up to them and boarded the lift Kei 1 said "Brig stat." And WHOOSH! They were whisked up to Level Roku (six) instantly. Stopping in front of a panel which held a concealed mike Kei 1 spoke. "Angel 2, Kei, Authorization 001, Priority top, Code vortex." She waited and soon a voice replied "Correct. Onegai give countersign." Kei 1 spoke again. "Valhalla." The doors beside the panel shot open. "Aren't you afraid of his overhearing those codes Kei?" asked Jett. "Nai Jett I ain't! They only work with my voiceprint. Even that purple-headed baka can't open the brig on my ship unless I want her to; I can't open the one on hers either, of course. OK put him on that bunk. Strap him down tight too! Mugghi, you ready now? OK guys that's fine. Let's get out of here." Kei 1 slid the doors shut, keyed the panel and reset the codes. Then she changed the countersign. Since she used her comlink mike and whispered it softly, Jett and Spike heard nothing. "OK Mugghi activate force barriers now." She ordered. Instantly the corridor was criss-crossed with beams of multi-colored light. Kei 1 had moved herself and the two 'cowboys' back to the lift area. "I defy Houdini himself to escape from there!" she crowed with delight. "Who?" asked Spike Steigel. "An escape artist on old Terra." Explained Jett. Yuri 1 had already finished her tasks and had gone back up to the bridge some time ago so Kei 1 trilled her. "OK Yuri, take us back to the 'Bebop'. Oro's our speed?" she asked. "Roger that Kei. Speed is at Warp 6.1." trilled Yuri. "Increase speed to Warp 7.6. Oh hai , how's Han doing?" trilled Kei 1. "Oh so now it's Han is it?" giggled Yuri 1. "I'm the Kami shimatta captain and as such I'm responsible for everyone aboard this ship, Yuri! So just answer the question!" Kei 1 trilled back angrily. "Kome's still with him. He's sleeping peacefully. No signs of a concussion or I would've awakened him. Incidentally Captain, it's getting on towards dinnertime. Have you given any thought as to how we're to go about feeding twenty plus hungry people? We didn't give them much of a breakfast and they didn't get any lunch either." Said Yuri 1. "Zoe and Leila like playing with the replicators. I'll have them rep up dinner for everyone. Oh and I'm putting Spike Steigel, Legato and Jamie on first watch. I want at least three guards on 'Black Ghost' around the clock until we get to Mars. Oh hai, Jett just contacted a tomo of his at the 'ISSP' and it seems that they just apprehended a gang that was going around hijacking space traders by posing as law officers. They were representing themselves to be 'galactic police' and were 'confiscating' ships and cargoes. That should make up for what I've done to Solo. At least he and his tomos can go back to trading again without fear of being conned and hijacked. Oro? Look at the time! OK, I'll go see to dinner. I'll have yours, Mar's and Kome's sent up to you.

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    Ch 25 will have to be divided at least 3 maybe 4 times. Sorry for the splits and have a great day-K&K
    This is Part 1

    Chapter 25

    "Christmas Eve Aboard the 'Angel'" or "Ed's Strange Adventure"

    Spike Steigel had been listening in on his comlink. "Hai, just use the PA intercom mikes. Tell Zoe or Leila oro you want and they'll replicate it for you. Spike, Jett, Faye, I've got an extra replicator on board. If you want it you're more than welcome to it. Call it a Kurisumasu present if you like. Peace on Terra, goodwill towards men and all that stuff, you know." Trilled Kei 1. 'WE KNOW ALL ABOUT THAT HOLIDAY, Kei. Don't forget that Faye and Ed both hail from Terra. Both of them can probably tell you all about the Kurisumasu dentos (traditions) down there. Say Faye, where the oni is Ed? Oh, she's playing with the 'Angel' mainframe. Well as long as she's quiet I guess it's OK. Kei?" All Spike could hear were the sounds of running bootsteps and excessive cursing coming over his comlink. "Hey Yuri, leave the comm. To Mar and get your ass down to Level 5 pronto! Ed's playing around in the mainframe of our computer systems!" trilled Kei 1. ""She's doing oro? OK Kei, I'll get Faye and grab her! Where will you be?" trilled Yuri 1. "I'm roasting in this morphed winter stuff! I'm going to my quarters to change. Then I'll check in with our chefs. How soon until we reach the 'Bebop'? asked Kei 1. Yuri 1 had reached Faye's room and was pounding on her door. We should be getting there right after dinner assuming we'll be eating at (she glanced at her wrist chromo quickly) roku (six). Go ahead and change now Kei and I'll see you later. Yuri out." Faye had just appeared in her doorway wearing an aoishi silk kimono over her matching pajamas. On her feet were a pair of white mules (slippers). "Yuri? Oro do you want? When's dinner?" she asked, yawning. "Dinner's at roku (six) Faye. We've got a real big problem first though. Ed's playing around in the mainframe of our computer system! Come on, we've got to get her out of there now!" cried Yuri 1. "Is that all? Relax honey, Ed's a frigging genius. She knows more about computers than anyone I know! She never goes anywhere without 'Tomato', that's the name of her computer. Did you notice those strange goggles she's always wearing? They're monitor screens for 'Tomato'. Don't worry love, she won't break anything. She might even kick your systems up a notch or two!" Faye yawned again and headed back inside. But Yuri 1 grabbed her arm and pulled her down the hallway. "Kei goes ballistic if anybody touches those shimatta things! I'm the only person she EVER lets touch them and they're even a bit over my head too! Come on!" she yelled as they jumped onto the turbolift. "Level go (five), Mainframe room stat." Ordered Yuri 1. "Oro is your code level? Give sign and countersign onegai." Responded the lift's computer control. "Code Level 002. Yuri 62, Orion. Prey." Answered Yuri 1. "Access approved. Complying with request." Control responded. Yuri 1 faced Faye as the lift began to ascend. "See oro I mean? She's baka over that system of hers!" she said. They exited the lift and hurried to a portal labeled "Mainframe-No Entry Without Authorization". Yuri 1 swiped the edge of a plasticene card through a track next to the doorway and said clearly "Code Level 002. Authorization Yuri 62, Nebulae. Daedalus." She yanked on the door handle but the door wouldn't budge! Yuri 1 repeated the process a few more times with the same results each time. "Computer override. Authorization Yuri 62. Comply." She commanded. "Override impossible. Codes have been changed and reset." Responded the portal access control. "Override. Authorization Yuri 62." She repeated firmly. "Cannot comply. Codes altered." It replied. Yuri 1 was irritated and trilled Kei 1 via her comlink. "Kei, why the jigoku did you change the codes for the mainframe room and oro are the new ones?" she demanded. Kei 1 shot back with "Oro? Yuri, have you been smoking dilythium or something? I ain't changed any frigging codes in a month!" answered Kei 1. "Well the computer that controls the door says that somebody did and we can't get in there!" trilled Yuri 1. A new voice trilled into this tirade of accusations.

    Laughing, it said "Kei Kei not change codes, Ed change codes! Yuri lady and Faye faye want come in?" trilled Ed. "Ed? Where did you get a comlink? You open this door right now! Then you WILL change those codes back to their original settings! Do you understand me young lady? Now do it!" Faye Valentine was beside herself with fury. "OK, Ed let Yuri lady and Faye Faye in." trilled Ed. The lock clicked and the door shot open. The tro-con and the 'cowgirl' hurried inside. Ed was kneeling on the floor in front of a huge bank of dials, switches and other stuff which even Yuri 1 was at a loss to understand. Faye grabbed Ed (who was now clad in a dark aoishi pullover top, one of Kome's pink jumpsuits and short grey ankle boots). 'Tomato' was beside the kid and the goggles covered her aizu. She pushed up the latter and appraised Faye for a moment. "Faye Faye wear pretty dress but forget to take off nighty-nights! Hi Yuri lady!" said Ed giggling. Yuri 1 was busily engaged using her own laptop to check the systems for any damages Ed might have done to them. She soon discovered that the efficiency level had increased to 75 percent in all systems! "Oro do you mean Ed? I'm not wearing a dress." Replied a puzzled faye. Yuri 1 glanced up. "Oh, she must be talking about your bath kimono and you're still in your jimmies, pajamas." Supplied Yuri 1. "Oro?" Faye suddenly became conscious of her lack of proper attire! "I can't believe that I've been wandering all over this shimatta ship only half-dressed! Ed, have you reset those codes yet?" she asked. "There, all done Faye Faye!" replied Ed. "Good, let's go back down to our rooms so I can get dressed!" said Faye. Yuri 1 finished her inspection and immediately noticed oro Ed had on! "And put Ed in something of mine or Kei's. That's Kome's jumpsuit and if she sees Ed in it, she'll have a fit!" said Yuri 1 escorting both 'cowgirls' into the hallway. The door clicked behind them and Yuri 1 trilled Kei 1. "We got Ed out of the mainframe room and everything is fine now. Our systems' efficiency is up 75 percent in ALL sectors! Don't you usually only manage about 40 percent?" she asked. Kei 1 trilled back. "75 percent? You're positive? Guess Ed is a genius after all! I'm on my way to the rec room now. Hope Zoe and Leila still like replicating." She said. Spike Steigel broke in on their conversation via his own comlink. "Hurray! Good food for a change! I can't wait! After having to eat that slop that Jett cooks for the last five months-" he trilled. "Hey! I heard that Spike!" yelled Jett. "Sorry Jett. See you guys at roku (six), bye." Spike broke off his connection. Yuri 1, Ed and Faye had reached the lifts on Level go (five) once again. The trio rode back down to Level 3. After dropping off the two 'cowgirls' Yuri 1 said "Don't forget that dinner is at six guys. Faye, I know that Kei said she was 'thrilled' with the new efficiency of our computers but I'd still keep Ed away from there and onegai don't let her get near the core of the warp drive either. Oh, that reminds me, gomen (excuse me) me for a minute." Yuri 1 picked up the intercom mike off the wall and keyed it.

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    This will be Part 2 of Ch 25. Enjoy-K&K

    "Attention everyone onegai! Dinner will be served in the dining hall which is next to the rec room at roku (six). Onegai call Zoe or Leila before then and tell them oro you'd like for dinner so they can replicate it in time for the meal. There are PA system intercom mikes located all over the ship and in most of the living quarters and staterooms. Just pick one up, key it and use it. After dinner we will all gather in the 'parlor' (rec room renamed for the holidays) for this evening's entertainment for Kurisumasu- ibu. At that time we will finish trimming the tree. You KNOW who will have the honor of placing the top ornament on it. Legato and Spike have some great games lined up for us all. Relax 'Cowboy', I'm talking about the other Spike! The Doctors will be reading to us from ni (two) famous Terran books. One is called 'A Visit From Seija (Saint) Nicholas" and will be read by Leila's Doctor (Doctor 4). The other one's titled 'A Kurisumasu (Christmas) Carol' and will be read by Zoe and Jamie's Doctor (Doctor 2). I have been asked to lead the caroling singalong. Evidently some people recognize true talent when they hear it! Are you listening Kei? We'll have all kinds of goodies. Now I must apologize to both Kome and Marlene. I know that one of the oldest dentos (traditions) on Terra is the opening of the gifts on Kurisumasu Yobi (Day), however, because of our mission's schedule Kei and I have decided to have that ceremony tonight instead. Both chiefs (Poporo and Gustav) agreed that this arrangement was the best decision under the circumstances. Incidentally, be sure to check out how nicely the living areas of the ship have been decorated. A big domo arigato must go to our guests and especially to our chiefs. Chief Gustav did the viewing windows all by himself! And Chief Poporo and Tro-con Riff (Keitarou) made the punch and the eggnog for us. And hazu, this whole idea to have Kurisumasu celebrated on this starship was our own Kei O'Halloran's. I think that she deserves a lot of credit for putting up with us and all the difficulties that we have been forced to endure since this mission began. Kome has received a communiqué from TSC Garner and it seems that 'Project Kronos' will be back up and running on January second. Gomen to our guests who are affected and were looking forward to returing to their own space/times before New Year's but hey, if we can put together a Kurisumasu shindig for our Terran folks we sure as jigoku should be able to throw a bash for New Year's eh? I'm sure that dear Kei will approve it. Oh, I almost forgot this one. Both Mr. Garner and Mr. Gooley sent us their gratitude for completing our mission so promptly. They also extend to us best wishes for the holidays. And Spike, Jett, Faye, Ed- Mr. Garner has assured me that even though you have turned 'Black Ghost' over to our custody (3WA-UG), you will still receive the full bounty money for his capture. All of the 3WA personnel aboard will receive a big fat bonus for participating in his apprehension. Now I'd just like to say how much that we have enjoyed having all of you aboard for this most important of holidays. You have all made Kome Sawaguchi and Marlene Angel very happy indeed. So, ja ne for now and I'll see you all at dinner later." Yuri 1 replaced the mike, tousled Ed's unruly mane took her departure. Stepping aboard the turbolift she was still musing and thinking about all that was left for her to do when the lift control's voice broke in on her thoughts. "Onegai stae your destination." It requested. "Bridge onegai." She replied politely. Stepping off the lift and across the hallway to the bridge portals, she was greeted by two smiling faces from inside. She beamed at both of her charges. "Arigato a whole lot, Miss D., I mean Yuri." Said Kome. "Hai Yuri, domo arigato, you really made our day with that speech." Agreed Marlene Angel. "I didn't do anything girls. Most of it was Kei's idea just like I said." Replied Yuri 1, blushing. "Any messages Kome?" she asked to change the subject. "Mr. Black, Jett, has decided that getting back to his ship could wait. He said that the main priority was getting our prisoner safely to Mars as soon as possible. So--" Kome trailed off looking down at her feet. "We realized that he was right so we called Kei to get her permission to change course back to Mars but she didn't answer our hails. We figured she was asleep and not wanting to disturb her so knowing that you and she would probably approve anyway we decided to change course and head back to Mars. I take full responsibility for that decision Yuri." Said Marlene boldly. "You should have called me girls when you couldn't raise Kei, however, no harm done. I'm sure Kei wants nothing more than to be rid of that pest stat so she would've said OK. Now let's have some music. How far from Mars are we now anyway? Oro's our speed?" asked their co-pilot, checking gauges and making corrections to some variations in the readings. "We are six and a half hours from Mars. Our speed is at Warp 7.6 but I recommend decreasing it to Warp 4.8 because by approaching Mars on this heading we will be flying through the 'Jonnz Jonnz' asteroid belt and at our present speed maneuverability will be almost impossible. And before you ask we have to be on this heading to reach Moravian City." Answered her navigator. Yuri 1 considered her options of which she had shi (four) to choose from.

    Call Kei and request instructions. That was definitely out! Call the chiefs. No way! Try and steer at our present speed. Nai, that'd be suicidal! Comply with Marlene's suggestion and decrease speed.

    "Mar, we are presently six and a half hours from Mars at Warp 7.6. How
    much longer will the trip take at Warp 4.8?" she asked. Marlene did some
    rapid calculations with Nammo. "Twelve and a quarter hours Yuri." She
    replied. "OK make it so and decrease our speed to Warp 4.8. How soon
    until we reach that asteroid field?" she asked. "Roger that and
    decreasing speed to 4.8. Our ETA to 'Jonnz Jonnz' asteroid belt is eleven
    hours then factor in about fifteen or twenty minutes more to traverse
    it." Replied Marlene. Yuri 1 pursed her lips in thought. "Fine. Mugghi,
    you'll take the helm. Keep us on this heading at the present speed. Trill
    us just before we reach the belt, understand? Nammo will continue to
    monitor all of the ship's systems." Yuri 1 turned to her two trainees.
    Mugghi and Nammo can handle this. You two (she glanced at her wrist
    chromo) get ready for dinner. It's after go (five) now and dinner's at
    roku (six). Have you called in with your dinner requests yet?" asked Yuri
    1. We both asked Zoe to prepare a traditional Kurisumasu-ibu meal- turkey
    with all the trimmings, mashed potatoes, candied yams, peas, carrots,
    stuffing, gravy, coffee, pumpkin and mince pies, plum pudding and wine."
    They answered together. Yuri 1 smiled and said "That sounds good. I think
    I'll order that too." An unexpected voice answered them from the doorway.
    "That is exactly oro everyone will behaving for tonight's dinner. I said
    that we were having a traditional Kurisumasu feast just like on old Terra
    and Kami shimatta that's oro we're having!" said Kei 1, resplendent in
    (of all things!) a fiery crimson dinner gown trimmed in black, green
    headband and black pumps with spiked heels. "Zoe said that on Terra
    ladies always wear dinner gowns and high heels for special occasions.
    Don't snicker Yuri! Pay attention instead. I have an announcement to
    make. Kei 1 keyed the PA system's mike and spoke. "Attention folks! Kei
    here. To make our tomos from Terra happy I have decided that Zoe and
    Leila will prepare only one meal for us all tonight, a traditional turkey
    dinner with all the fixings as they call it. The menu has been posted to
    your viewing screens. And we will all dress for dinner this evening. The
    gentlemen will wear jackets and ties while the ladies will wear dresses!
    If I can wear one you all can! The two TARDISes have plenty of stuff in
    their wardrobe rooms. In eleven hours or so the ride will get a bit
    bumpy. That's when we reach 'Jonnz Jonnz', an asteroid belt around Mars.
    However, we have a very capable flight crew and I anticipate no undue
    difficulties in traversing it. An hour after that we reach Mars and can
    offload our prisoner. Until then enjoy yourselves. Meri Kurisumasu to all
    of you. See you at dinner which will be served at roku (six) sharp. Ja

    Three shocked expressions greeted her words. "Kei in a dress, oro next?"
    giggled Yuri 1. "I don't like dresses!" said Kome. "Gomen but like I said
    ALL ladies will wear dresses and ALL gentlemen will wear jackets and
    ties! No exceptions and no arguments either!" said Kei 1, her aizu
    twinkling. She glanced at her flight crew. "Mugghi has the helm so you
    three scoot! Get ready for dinner and I will see you at six. I must see
    to the seating arrangements." Kei 1 ushered the three bewildered tro-cons
    off the bridge and to the turbolift stations. "Oro do you suppose got
    into her?" whispered Kome to Yuri 1 and Marlene. "Kurisumasu maybe?"
    whispered Marlene, grinning.

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    This is Part (3) of Ch 25. Sorry for the splits. Toodles- K&K

    Half way to the 'parlor' (rec room) Kei 1 remembered their other guest in
    sick bay- Han Solo! "Crap!", she thought, "I'd better see how he is."
    Aloud she spoke to the turbolift control. "Belay that last order. Take me
    to sick bay on Level 3 stat." The control replied with "Complying."
    Almost before the lift had stopped moving Kei 1 was out of it and racing
    down the corridor to sick bay. Just as she opened the door the patient
    stirred on his bunk, then he groaned. "Did anybody get the number of the
    freighter that hit me? Or have I died and gone to Heaven?" Han Solo could
    not believe his own aizu! A red-haired beauty wearing a gown that matched
    her hair, in heels and sporting a headband that matched her impish green
    aizu was facing him! She was staring directly into his own aizu
    unflinching. "Konnichi wa Han and how are you feeling now? I'm afraid
    that you weren't hit by any freighter, just my hard right foot! Gomen for
    that tomo but you deserved it! You called me a dumb broad and said that
    no female could take you on and best you in a fight! I believe that
    constitutes a challenge and Kei O'Halloran NEVER backs down from a
    challenge! But Han, can we maybe start over again and be tomos this
    time?" asked Kei 1, sticking out her gloved hand to him. "Sure Kei. No
    hard feelings then?" asked Han Solo, shaking the proffered hand. "None at
    all Han! Welcome aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2'. I'd better tell you oro's
    been happening since I sent you to beddy-bye. First your piracy problems
    are over but more about that in a minute. We have a prisoner aboard named
    'Black Ghost' who we are returning to a Martian prison. He escaped
    enroute from 'Cybytron'. We also have a team of 'cowboys', bounty hunters
    aboard and one of them has a tomo at 'ISSP' and from him he discovered
    that that gang of pirates who'd been preying on space freighters had been
    arrested. As tonight is Kurisumasu-ibu (Christmas Eve) on Terra and since
    we have at least five people aboard who hail from Terra we are having a
    celebration tonight in our 'parlor'. We'd all be delighted if you'd join
    us Han." Kei 1 waited for him to give his answer. "Sure, sounds like fun
    Kei. But only if you'll allow me to escort you and remember you owe me,
    Captain!" joked Han. "I would be honored to have you as my escort,
    Captain Solo, but you will have to dress for dinner. Don't worry, the
    Doctors will fix you up with something nice. By the way, did I mention
    that we are enroute to Mars to drop off our prisoner?" she said. "Mars?
    Where exactly?" asked Han anxiously. "Moravian City, why?" she asked with
    a puzzled expression.

    "Because to reach Moravian City you will have to traverse the 'Jonzz
    Jonzz' asteroid belt, that's why! Do you have anyone on board who has
    ever been through it before Kei? It's very tricky!" asked Han worriedly.
    "Nai, but we've piloted through asteroids before Han." Replied Kei 1.
    "Not like this one you haven't! One mistake and you're history! Onegai
    let me pilot you through it. I've done it a hundred times before!"
    pleaded Han. "It's still eleven hours away Han but you can advise us when
    we get there if you want." Assured Kei 1. "Now sit down. I want Yuri to
    give you the onceover before you leave sick bay. OK Han?" Han nodded and
    Kei 1 trilled her comlink for Yuri. "Yuri, gomen for disturbing you but
    this will only take a few minutes. Han's awake. Can you come to sick bay
    and check him out before we go down to dinner? Oro? You're on your way?
    Great, I owe you pal!"

    A stunning girl with waist length violet hair entered the room. She was a
    vision in white- white dinner gown, white high heels, white opera gloves
    and a small tiara. Encircling her lovely neck was a neclace of silver
    from which was suspended an amber amulet. "Konnichi wa Mr. Solo, I'm
    Yuri." She picked up a medical tricorder and ran it over Han's body
    checking the readouts carefully. "You seem to have recovered quite
    quickly Mr. Solo. You will have a sore head for a bit longer though.
    That's the usual expected result from one of Kei's kicks! Com eon, let's
    join the others." Laughed Yuri 1. The trio linked arms with Han in the
    center and strolled to the lifts. "Parlor." Said Kei 1 as soon as they
    were all on board the car. "Say, you did say that you had some 'cowboys'
    aboard, didn't you? Is one of them a tall, skinny guy named Spike
    Steigel?" asked Han. Both girls nodded. "I was going to send Jett, Spike
    and Anton for the next watch to relieve Miroku, Legato and Jamie but if
    you're sure you're up to it Han how about I replace Anton with you? That
    way you and Spike can catch up on old times, OK?" asked Kei 1. "Fine with
    me Kei." Replied han. Kei 1 trilled Kome. "Kome, onegai tell Legato,
    Spike Miroku and Jamie that they may go to dinner at nana (seven). Their
    replacements will be Jett, Spike Steigel and Han Solo. Relay that message
    to them as soon as possible, got it?" trilled Kei 1. "Roger willco Kei.
    Kome out." She trilled back. After trilling back to Kei 1, Kome picked up
    the PA mike in the suite that she was sharing with Yuri 1. She keyed it
    up and called Legato who was on guard duty at the brig. "Kome to Legato,
    onegai respond." She requested. Legato answered her summons immediately.
    "Legato to Kome. I read you, go ahead, over." He replied. "Legato, your
    team will be replaced in one hour by Jett and Spike, the 'cowboys' and by
    Han Solo, the space trader. Onegai remain there until you are relieved.

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    This is Part 4 of Ch 25. At last. Sorry for the splits-K&K

    Anything to report? Over." She asked. "Roger Kome. We'll stay here until
    relieved. All quiet here, Legato out." He replied. Kome replaced the mike
    and went into her own room to change for dinner. Since she hated gowns
    and dresses, Kome had not brought any along on the trip. But Yuri had
    told both she and Mar to borrow whatever they needed from her closet. So
    after peeling off her Eagles' jersey and shedding her jeans, she kicked
    off her boots and pulled off her socks. Tossing off her halter top and
    stepping out of her briefs, Kome quickly showered, dried off in the
    drying alcove and donned one of the ship's bath kimonos. Running into
    Yuri's room she chose a lovely pink dinner gown, white silk pantyhose, a
    strapless brassiere, pink high heeled sandals and matching opera gloves.
    Leaving their suite five minutes later Kome looked quite elegant and very
    much a lady. She felt like shit! "Shimatta, why had Mar made such a big
    deal out of Kurisumasu anyway? Her big mouth had started all this crap!
    An early evening now seemed quite out of the question. Oh well just grin
    and bear it." She thought to herself. The door to Kei's suite opened and
    a vision in sky aoishi emerged. Marlene had bound a complementing
    headband in light azure sround her blonde locks. It went with her light
    aoishi gown perfectly. She also wore elbow length matching opera gloves.
    Her stockings and heels were also the same tint along with her small
    evening bag which she clutched in her right hand. The two trainees
    greeted each other while appraising each other's attire. "Kome, you look
    stunning! I hope that you're feeling a little better." Said Marlene.
    "Arigato Mar, you're radiant! But why the bag? Faye's the only other
    female on board who's got one." Replied Kome. Marlene smiled. "I was told
    that ladies always have to carry a purse. I realize that in our
    profession it's impractical. However, on special occasions I see no
    reason to break with dentos (tradition)." She explained. "Well, let's get
    it over with Mar." groaned Kome, hopping onto the turbolift. Marlene
    followed her and soon they were in the 'parlor'. Yuri 2 was wearing
    yellow, both Keis were in red, Leila wore black, Zoe had chosen violet
    and Faye had opted for lilac. Try as they might no gown could be found
    small enough for the children so they were in their old reliable
    schoolgirl uniforms. Kagome had lent one to both Rin and Ed. Most of the
    men had opted for dark suits with dark ties except for the Doctors who
    were apparently playing 'I can dress weirder than you' with each other.
    Doctor 2 had gone with the look of the 1860's wearing a black frock coat
    and white cravat along with a vest and pin-striped morning trousers in
    grey. Doctor 4 had chosen for the occasion a black tuxedo with white bow
    tie, a high topped evening hat, gloves and a cane! Kei 1 had absolutely
    put her foot down when Yuri 1 had suggested dressing up the Mugghis.
    "Nai, no Fing way, you airhead! This is MY ship and I make the rules,
    got it!" Kei 1 had stormed at her. Yuri 1 had meekly acquiesced to her
    demands. Ed was circulating around the room with a tray of drinks. Kei 1
    had warned Don Poporo in no uncertain terms oro she would do to him if he
    passed out tonight! She then struck a small gong and announced dinner.
    They all trooped into the storage area adjoining the rec room which had
    been converted into a dining hall. After a sumptious feast (Inu Yasha had
    for once not started a food fight!) they had all returned to the

    The first item on Yuri 1's agenda was finishing up the tree. She and Zoe
    had each replicated an illuminated enjeru (angel) for the top. Zoe's
    resembled Marlene while Yuri's was patterned after Kome. They handed them
    out to the two trainees who insisted that Kei 1 must place them on the
    tree's topmost branch. Kei 1 did so, wiping a tear from her lovely green
    aizu. "Crying Kei?" asked Yuri 1 with an impish grin. " 'Course not! Just
    got a little pine dust in my aizu was all!" insisted Kei 1 gruffly. Next
    up was 'Caroling Along with Yuri' which lasted out the rest of the first
    two hours. Quietly, the two 'cowboys' and Han Solo had left to relieve
    the guard team of Legato, Spike Miroku and Jamie. (Since the security
    guard chief was already in a dark suit and since Jamie absolutely refused
    to remove his kilt and replace it with 'breeks or bleeks' as he called
    trousers, the only one who had to change was Legato. He did so quickly
    and accompanied the other two to the parlor). After a hasty dinner and a
    very boring session of listening to the Doctors' renderings of 'A Visit
    from Seija (Saint) Nicholas' and 'A Kurisumasu Carol', it was game time.
    Legato and Spike Miroku supervised at 'Trivial Pursuit', 'Charades',
    'Hide the Slipper' and 'Murder'.

    After that they all exchanged gifts (that is to say that Yuri 1 played
    'Old Seija Nick' and handed out the presents which she had secretly
    replicated) until the chromo struck the hour of eleven. Then Kei 1
    reluctantly arose and announced that it was time to call it a night. "My
    flight crew has to be up at shi (four) AM ashita (tomorrow) morning to
    steer us a clear path through the 'Jonnz Jonnz' asteroid belt and I need
    all of them bright aizu'd and bushy tailed so I'm afraid it's lights out
    for them I'm afraid. But before they go, a toast. Meri Kurisumasu and
    good wishes to all of you and to all a good night." They touched glasses
    with each other and drank. Faye gently lifted Ed who had fallen fast
    asleep on the floor and had been using her favorite pillow (Ein) as a
    headrest. They all exchanged good nights and toddled off to bed. After
    assuring Kei 1 that all was well the watch group on the brig was taking
    turns catnapping. Kei 1 went back to her room and changed back into
    sweats and jogging shoes before returning to the bridge. She had already
    dismissed and sent to bed an exhausted Yuri and two beaming trainees.

    Now that she had the time to put her feet up and relax, she decided to
    finish reading that holonovel of Marlene's about the old miser (Scrooge).
    Then she remembered oro had happened the last time she'd read the
    shimatta thing at night! "I can't stand to have another one of those
    shimatta nightmares!" she thought. Instead of that she decided to read
    some fanfiction off the intergalactic net. After alternating between
    reading and dozing off for about an hour or so, Kei 1 drifted into a deep
    slumber and began to dream!(Hoist the storm warnings guys!!)!

    END OF CHAPTER 25. Chapter 26 "Kei's Troubled Nights II" or "Have You
    Seen Our Trainees?"
    Will follow soon. Ja Mata.

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    Here is Part 1 of Ch 26. Enjoy it-K&K

    Chapter 26

    "Kei's Troubled Nights II" or "Has Anyone Seen Our Trainees?"

    Kei was once again back in that ancient time with Mugghi towering over her. He seemed to be pointing at something in the near distance. Glancing in that direction she was shocked to see Yuri kneeling at a star alloy metallic grave marker. It was adorned with a simple cross. "Oh my poor little Kome! If only we had had the credits for that operation you would still be with us. Oh my poor tiny little Kome!" wailed Yuri, weeping copiously and wringing her hands in anguish. Kei gulped and took a long pull at the beer can that Mugghi had handed to her. Mugghi waved his paw and the air shimmered. Then he pointed a second time. This time the scene was Kei's trophy room where she had all of her weapons and awards on display. Mugghi pointed to Kei's own hand held Mark XIII ion cannon. The grip was scored with cuts and slashes, one for each hit successfully finished off by the mercenary (Kei). She counted them. There were 37! "And I was almost positive that my score was up to 39, Mugghi!" confided Kei. "Look Mugghi, this just cannot go on too much longer! We reach Mars at 0500 hours! How's about if I promise I'll be a good little girl and be real nice to Yuri, Marlene and Kome and to try and stop getting into so may fights? Then can I wake up onegai? Hey, wait one Kami shimatta minute here! You're supposed to be piloting my 'Angel', Furball! So if you're here, who IS steering my Fing ship? Mugghi, you didn't fall asleep too, did you?" Kei 1 was beside herself with rage!

    A hand dropped onto her shoulder and shook her gently. "Are you awake Miss O'Halloran? Is anything wrong Captain?" asked a concerned Zoe. Acting instinctively (like she usually did when someone approached her from the rear and startled her), Kei 1 immediately awakened, grabbed her blaster from the console in front of her, reversed it and struck backwards over her shoulder! Unfortunately for Zoe, Kei caught her hard across the side of her face, temple and the front of her skull! Zoe grabbed at the back of Kei 1's chair for support and crumpled slowly to the floor. She was quite unconscious. "Oh shit! Not another one!" cried Kei 1. After slapping Zoe's face a few times Kei 1 decided that the girl from the future was out cold. Kei 1 grasped Zoe by the obi (sash) of her kimono and heaved the girl across her shoulder. "Mugghi stay awake shimatta! You got the comm.!" Racing for sick bay on Level 3, Kei 1 trilled to Yuri 1 desperately. "Yuri, Yuri! Wake the F up and meet me at sick bay stat! Yuri, don't go back to sleep shimatta! This is an emergency! Zoe's unconscious!" yelled Kei 1 while keying open the portals to sick bay. "Christ, I thought you went to bed ages ago! Don't you EVER sleep Kei? OK, OK, I'll meet you there!" trilled Yuri 1. Yuri 1 pulled a kimono on over her pajamas and stepped into her mules. "Oh Ka-mi! Oro is she doing now? If that demented red-headed bimbo is going to go around belting people in her sleep I'll never get any peace and quiet!" she thought while she was quietly letting herself out of the suite (Kome was snoring away) and padding silently down the hallway to sick bay. Opening the door, she saw that Kei 1 had dumped Zoe on the nearest bunk. Yuri 1 made a quick and cursory examination of the patient. Zoe had an angry looking welt on her left cheek and a slight bruise on her left temple. No blood though. A tricorder scan confirmed that there was no internal bleeding either. She bathed Zoe's face and head in cool water and bandaged her cheek. She then applied and taped a gauze pad soaked in antiseptic over the bruise on her temple. "Oro did you hit her with Kei? The console?" cried Yuri 1. "My Mark XIII I think." Replied Kei 1 sheepishly. "Oro?? Your blaster? You belted her on the side of the head with an ion cannon? Are you nuts, you baka bitch? The Doctor asked Zoe to check on you because he was worried and concerned when you didn't answer his calls to your room. Well at least you didn't break the skin!" said a very annoyed Yuri Donovan. "Is she alright now?" asked Kei 1. "Of course she isn't alright! She just got her freaking head caved in! Now help me to get her undressed and into bed again!" Kei 1 nodded and complied. There, that should do it. I gave her some 'Ryjol-9' as a sedative and some 'Keldon- 15' for an antibiotic to kill any infection in the wounds. She'll sleep for 12 hours or so now. Wow! Who's going to tell the Doctor and Jamie?" wondered Yuri 1. "I did it so I guess I'll have to tell them." Replied Kei 1. "OK Kei, but oro did you hit her for anyway?" demanded Yuri 1. "I was on the bridge and I must have dozed off or something. She tapped me on the shoulder and shook it. I woke up fast and you know oro I'm like when I get startled when I'm asleep! I really didn't mean to hit her! It was just instinct Yuri." Explained Kei 1. "I'm going to need another holiday to get over this one!" she added sulkily. "Don't forget New Year's Kei!" crowed Yuri 1 with malicious delight. "Don't remind me! Ka-mi, why me?" she wailed. Suddenly the PA intercom speakers came to life.

    "Zoe! Where are you Zoe?" Doctor 2's voice was unmistakable. "Zoe lass! Where be ye?" called Jamie McCrimmon over the speakers. Kei 1 reached for the PA intercom mike and keyed it before speaking. "Doctor! Jamie! Zoe's here with us in sick bay on Level 3. Don't worry, there's been a little accident but she's going to be OK." Kei 1 replaced the mike and sighed "Why me?" again. Sick bay was soon awash with concerned and curious people. It seemed like everyone on board the 'Angel' had heard about Zoe's little mishap. Kei 1 was getting annoyed. "Oro did they do, sell tickets? Oro is this? This place looks like Furool (Fulon) City North (Train Station) at rush hour!" she complained.

    "It's your own darn fault Kei! You shouldn't have used the intercom to tell Jamie and the Doctor!" shot Yuri 1 right back at her. The 'Little Fellow' (Doctor 4's annoying nickname for Doctor 2) rushed headlong into the room followed closely by a huge, hulking Scotsman complete with kilt and Claymore sword! "Is our poor Zoe alright? Has she been injured seriously? Oh dear, oh dear! And on Kurisumasu as well!" Doctor 2 was quite distraught. "Who did this to ye lass? I'll soon avenge ye Zoe darlin', never fear!" shouted an enraged Jamie McCrimmon, clapping his hand on the hilt of his Claymore, a scowl on his face, azure aizu aflame. Yuri 1 held up a hand to halt them both in their tracks. "Zoe had a little minor accident up on the bridge. She had gone to see if Kei was alright. She found Kei asleep and tried to awaken her. This startled Kei who reacted (for her anyway!) instinctively and decked her one. When she realized oro had happened she carried Zoe down here and called me. Zoe has a few bumps and bruises but fortunately the skin was not broken and there is no internal bleeding. I patched her up, administered both an antibiotic and a sedative and she'll sleep now for 12 hours. We arigato all of you for your concern but oro Zoe needs now is rest. So how about you all go back to bed? Zoe will remain here until the sedative wears off. I think that's best for her. Goodnight." Yuri 1 finished speaking and glared daggers at Kei 1.

    "Hai arigato but onegai return to your rooms." Said Kei 1. Seeing that none of them were inclined to take her suggestion Kei 1 added "And that's an order! Good Night!" she commanded in a decisive tone. Reluctantly they all complied, the Doctor and Jamie being the last ones to go. "Someone should stay here with her Kei." Advised Yuri 1. "OK, Yuri, I'll trill you if she gets worse or if I need you for anything else. Have the Doctor or Jamie relieve me at 0500, see you later. Good night Yuri." As soon as everyone else had finally gone Kei 1 replicated a jug of strong coffee for herself and sat down for her long night's vigil. Kei 1 soon decided that she was too tensed up to sleep so she got up from her chair and wandered over to the vidscreen. Keying in 'bridge' she soon saw that things were running smoothly up there. Mugghi had switched on 'George' which meant the autopilot was steering the ship. Nammo had shut down to recharge and Mugghi was snoring the night away. The frontal viewscreen showed clear space for at least 9,000 parsecs. Wait, oro was that on Mar's screen? Zooming in she soon discovered it to be that shimatta holonovel which had been giving her all those nightmares! I'm not reading any more of that crap!" she thought. However, Kei 1 was not the type to leave something undone! "Oh well just a few more screens and it's finished!" Keying the monitor for a higher resolution zoom in, the holonovel on Mar's screen became easily readable. Kei 1 poured herself a cup of coffee and added a good dollop of sake to it. Then she sat down again and settled herself to finish reading 'A Kurisumasu Carol' before she dropped off again. Oh well, the best laid plans as they say--

    "Onegai spirit, tell me that I may sponge away the writing on this stone! I promise to honor Christmas in my heart and to keep it there all the year! The spirits of all three shall strive within me and I shall not shut out the lessons they have taught! Onegai---" Am I asleep again? "Oh Ka-mi!" thought Kei 1 "Did those bakas really talk like that way back then? Oro a load of crap! Just plain bullshit!" she decided. "So then oro? Surprise, surprise! The jackass wakes up in his own bed and it's Kurisumasu morning! Big deal, he dreamt it all! Probably had a jigoku of a nightmare like me too! So now he's a good little boy and helps everybody." She thought.

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    Here is Part 2 of Ch 26 and I think I'll stop there for today. Enjoy the fruits of my labours and toodles-K&K

    "And he became as good a man, as good a master --- and to Tiny Tim who did not die he became a second father. And it was always said of him that he knew how to keep Kurisumasu well if any man alive possessed the knowledge. And may that truly be said of all of us. And so as Tiny Tim observed 'Kami bless us everyone!' The End." Kei 1 blanked out the screen and said to herself "Good night! How could I have conned myself into reading that piece of shit?" The combination of the book and the booze had made Kei 1 drowsy again. Before she knew it she was snoring like a grampus!

    "Look Mugghi if you don't wipe the crap off of that star alloy metallic stone right now I will personally use Yuri's laser sword to slice off your tail and shove it down your Kami shimatta throat! Now do oro ever you got to do and let me wake up from this mess! She awakened to a trilling comlink. "Kei, nobody's going to bother you for the rest of the night. I had my Mugghi erect a force barrier around sick bay's door and the hallways leading to it. Now maybe we can all get some shuteye! Good night, see you at 0500." Kei 1's comlink went silent and she drifted off to sleep again.

    Kei 1 finally awoke to an insistent trilling from Mugghi. "Hai, I'm up Mugghi! Oro time is it? 0445 (4:45 AM) hours? OK, and oro yobi is it? Kinyobi (Friday)? And the date? December 25th, Christ, Kurisumasu Yobi itself! Shimatta, I'd hoped I'd missed it! Meet you on the bridge san (thre) min-- OW! Oro the F! Mugghi, wake up the vacuumhead and get her ass down here now! I can't get out of sick bay until she shuts off that shimatta force barrier! And get Solo up to the bridge stat! Where's Mar and the freak? Oro do you mean you don't know? Never mind that now, get Yuri down here stat!" Kei 1 broke off and shouted "Computer, find Tro-con trainees Angel and Sawaguchi and report!" A metallic voice very similar to 'CC' back on Shimougou responded. "Tro-con trainees Angel and Sawaguchi are not aboard the 'Lovely Angel 2' Kei. I find no traces of their DNA signatures anywhere whatsoever. Kei 1 was thunderstruck to say the least! "Computer, they have to be somewhere, check again! Nai wait, has Ed been fooling around with you again?" The same voice answered her query. "Nai Kei, there are just no traces of the two trainees anywhere on the ship." Kei 1 had another idea. "Scan all airlocks for their DNA trace signatures and/or heat trace signatures, Computer onegai." A few seconds past until "Positive DNA trace pattern signatures and heat trace signatures found matching both Tro-con trainees Angel and Sawaguchi, Kei." Reported the Computer. "Where?" shouted Kei 1 impatiently. There was another pause then "Airlock 1-A, Docking Bays, North Sector. The 'Raphael' shuttlecraft is also missing. Shall I continue scanning?" asked the Computer. Kei 1 replied in a softer voice and gentler tone "Negative, abort scan, arigato for your assistance, Computer." She replied. Famous for ALWAYS having the last word, the Computer replied "Always happy to help out, Kei." To which she was supposed to respond with "Do itashimashite (You're welcome) but that would only start him up all over again so Kei 1 remained silent. A sound at the doors diverted Kei 1's attention.

    "Shut down the shield generator Mugghi. Oro is that Nammo? You can't shut it down and you can't either Mugghi? Kei isn't going to be very pleased with us!" whined Yuri 1 from outside the doors. "You got that right, you airhead! Now open this Kami shimatta door or I will!" roared Kei 1. "We can't Kei. I'll trill the Doctors to help us, OK?" pleaded a distraught Yuri 1. "Forget it Yuri! Stand clear!" Kei 1 braced herself and assumed a fighting stance, gripping an ion cannon blaster in both hands. Aiming at the door lock, she fired. A searing blast of white hot energy hit the lock and bounced off! Kei 1 stared at the weapon in disbelief!

    END OF CHAPTER 26. Chapter 27 "A Trip Through 'Jonnz Jonnz'" or "How Do You Discipline Your Trainees?" will follow soon.

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    Here is Part 1 of Ch 27 for ya. Enjoy-K&K

    DISCLAIMER:A big domo arigato to Haruka-San for the Angels and to all the other authors whosw characters/creations we are using. Now here is the updated dramatis personae(characters in ff) as promised:- scroll to the end of this Chapter for them 'cause we didn't allow enough room here.

    Chapter 27

    "A Trip Through 'Jonnz Jonnz'." Or "How Do You Discipline Your Trainees?"

    Kei 1 stared at the weapon in her hands until her temper got the upperhand. Then she threw it at the door. "One of Yuri's Kami forsaken toys! I might've known! I just need more firepower!" she thought. Swiftly she strode to the closet and opened it. She selected an oversized hand held Mark XIII ion cannon. Checking that it was fully charged she buckled on the holstered gunsash and slipped three spare power packs into its ammo pouch. Striding back to the door she once more assumed a fighting stance and gripped the cannon in both hands. Taking dead aim on the door lock she roared out a warning. "Stand clear and get back down to the end of the hall Yuri!" Yuri 1 tried pleading with her again. "Now Kei, you don't really have to do this--" she began. "Oh shut the F up you vacuum-headed baka! This is your fault! It's my ship, not yours so if I want to blast jigoku out of it, I will! Now get clear. I'm firing on the count of shi (three). Ichi (one), ni (two), shi (three)! Kei 1 fired. A searing sizzling hot aoishi-white blast of pure energy erupted from the Mark XIII, shattering the lock, the door, the field pattern generator and half of the opposite wall! "Holy shit! That is one powerful Mother Fer!!" Kei 1 raced across the wreckage and down the hall. "Yuri, Mugghi, Nammo! You guys OK!" she yelled. A few pieces of shattered bulkhead were shoved up and off of a pile of debris and Mugghi popped out pulling Yuri 1 and Nammo free. "No thanks to you, you frigging Gaelic moron! You almost incinerated the warp core, you baka! It's on the other side of that wall, you know! Just oro is so all fired important that you couldn't wait for help?" demanded Yuri 1, aizu blazing.

    The computer can't find our two little wandering imps anywhere on the ship and the 'Raphael' is missing! I just told Mugghi to call Solo to the bridge and have him steer us through this asteroid belt! As near as I can figure, the two gremlins are trying to earn brownie points by finding a safe path through the shimatta belt!" answered Kei 1, holstering her cannon. "We forgot all about Zoe! How is she Kei?" cried Yuri 1, dashing back the way Kei 1 had just come. "Calm down dummy! She's still asleep. There wasn't a peep out of her all night." Said Kei 1. Suddenly both tro-cons' comlinks trilled insistently. "Hey! Is anybody listening? Are you idiots aware that your shuttle is directly in front of us in the middle of the 'Jonnz Jonnz' asteroid field? With that out there I can't blast our way through this mess! This is your ship Kei so where the Hell is everybody? Get your red-headed ass up here stat! And where's purple haired bimbo, the pink-headed freak and the blonde dope? Is this any way to run a starship?" Han Solo was furious. He had spurned the lift as being too slow when Mugghi had trilled him. Instead he had run up hachi (eight) flights of stairs and gantryways to reach the bridge. He had immediately cut off 'George' and had begun to pilot a safe course when he'd noticed the 'Raphael' in front of them. Then he became aware of the missing flight crew! Swerving hard to starboard and opening the yaw a few more degrees he had just missed a huge floating mass of dwarf star alloy! Without being able to use the photons and plasma bolts, it was like negotiating a freeway on Rygel 9 at rush hour! Suddenly the door crashed open and an enraged redhead stormed in. "I told you before about belittling my tomos!" she bellowed. Yuri 1 charged in behind her with Mugghi and Nammo trailing in her wake. "And of course I knew about the 'Raphael"! I sent Kome and Mar on a recon mission to seek out the fastest and safest way through the belt. Gomen Han, I should have told you but I've been a little stressed out of late. Onegai continue to steer us through this mess. I'll recall the shuttle from the nav room next door." Said Kei 1. To say that Yuri 1 was shocked would have been an understatement. Kei was covering for them? Good Kami! Oro a universe! Who would have ever thought that Kei would do the decent thing? Said Yuri 1 to herself. She started to take her co-pilot's seat when she became painfully aware that in her haste she had dashed from her rooms wearing only her underwear! Remembering that Kome always kept spare uniforms in the nav room next door she quickly slipped through the rear entrance to the nav room. She yanked open the closet and grabbed one of Kome's pink jumpsuits, a pair of her socks and her extra boots (Kome borrowed her stuff so why not?). Then she changed hurriedly and emerged from the nav room fully clad a few moments later. Then she resumed her seat at the con-

    Sole. Kei 1 glanced over at her, raised her eyebrows and grinned, chuckling at her choice of attire. Of course, Kei was different! She could have cared less had she (Kei) come to the bridge au natural!

    "Hey Han! Have you contacted Moravian City yet? Maybe they can guide us through this mess from their end." Asked Kei 1, thumping him on the shoulder. "Yeah darlin' it's worth a try!" said Han, beaming at her. Yuri 1 got up and headed back to the nav room. "I'll do it Kei." She said. When she got to the nav room, she quickly keyed the relay mike and placed her call. "And why didn't the little pests respond to any of my hails Kei?" demanded han. "They probably didn't even engage communications. That way even if we demanded them to turn back they wouldn't be disobeying orders because they never got them in the first place! Whoops! Sorry Kei!" answered Yuri 1 from next door. Han glared at Kei 1. "So you knew all about the little devils taking the shuttle eh?" said Han, grinning. Kei 1 looked at the ceiling and began to whistle 'Over the Rainbow' and look guilty.

    "Gomen watashi (I'm sorry) for keeping you dangling. This is the 'Lovely Angel 2' calling Moravian City Central Control. Onegai respond over." Yuri 1 depressed the key and readjusted her headphones. "Moravian City Central to 'Lovely Angel 2'. Please verify yourself over." Yuri 1 looked blank and yelled "Kei?" Kei 1 yanked open the door to the nav room, took one look at Yuri 1 and said "The code books stupid! On top of the console, Yuri! He wants our fof recognition codes!", she said, while trying to point out another asteroid to Han which had just seemed to jump out in front of them. Han swung the ship wide to port and yawed heavily to avoid contact.

    " 'Lovely Angel 2', Authority- O'Halloran, verify- 2 Zebra, 4 November, 6 Delta, OK Control?" asked Yuri 1, reading off the codes. "Hai OK Miss, that checks. Oro can we do for you today ma'am, over?" Yuri 1 replied "We are in Delta Quadrant, Sector 35 heading SSE on a bearing of 330. Do you have us on your scopes yet, over?" Control responded "Roger, that's an affirmative ma'am. Good kami! Oro the jigoku are you doing in the 'Jonzz Jonzz' Asteroid Field? Have you bakas got a death wish or something? You should have swung further North and approached from the Northwest. Then you would have avoided the field entirely, over." Yuri 1 responded again "It seemed like a good idea at the time, Control. Are you able to guide us through it, over?" The tower responded immediately. "Roger, however, we do advise you to recall that shuttle though! There's a meteorite headed right for it, over!" Yuri 1 replied "They are not responding to our hails, over." Then the answer hit her. "Stand by Control, I have an idea, over." Grasping her comlink she spoke quite loudly. "Kome, come in now! Answer me at once! This is your superior officer, Senior TC Yuri Donovan! I know that you can hear me, now answer! That's better. Now, I don't know why you two decided to take the 'Raphael' out into that asteroid field but you will return to the 'Angel' and I mean now! Why? Because you're about to be struck by a meteor fragment ! Now turn around and bring back that shuttle! And that IS a KS order!" Kei 1 (who had been listening to this tirade) chimed in on her own comlink.

    "Kome, remember oro I said would happen to you if you ever crossed me again? Good, tell Marlene. You heard Mar? That goes for you too. OK, you bring back my Fing shuttle NOW or ele!" Kei 1 cracked her knuckles for emphasis. "We're coming in right now Yuri." Trilled Kome. "Computer, advise me when those two are back on board." Said Yuri 1. "Comply." Replied the computer. "Airlock 1-A opening, closing. 'Raphael' has now docked. TC trainees Angel and sawaguchi are now back on board Yuri." Said the computer. "Arigato computer, good job." She replied. She grabbed the relay mike again. " 'Lovely Angel 2' calling Moravian City Control, come in onegai, over." She called. "Roger, 'Lovely Angel 2' we read you. Is that shuttle back on board yet, over?" Yuri 1 replied "Hai, all systems go. Onegai guide us through, over." Control replied "Roger, course plotted into your nav relay. Set your heading to NNW bearing 440 and we will assume control. Do you copy, over?" asked the tower. "Roger that, willco. 'Lovely Angel 2' out." She replied. "Now we can relax a bit so let's go and get some breakfast now." Suggested Yuri 1, tossing down the mike. "Why not? I'm starving!" chimed in Han and Kei 1 together.

    To Be Continued in Part 2

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