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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-AW-Ch 31 and bonus (Pt 8)

    "Look here, Reds Honey! I was sorta lookin' forward to seeing my Leia again. (Princess Leia Organa Skywalker Solo was now Han's wife as well as the newly elected leader of the 'New Republic of Corestan' formerly the 'Galactic Empire') Why can't ya just pick another poor sap to be your co-pilot if ya wanna go all the way to 'Timelordsville'?" drawled Han the ex-pirate and hero of the rebel alliance.

    "Stow it dammit! You two are my pilot and my co-pilot whether ya like it or not and that is final! I am your commanding officer ya know! Now sit your asses down and shut the Hell up dammit! That's an order me boyos!" roared the redhead rising to her feet. She almost reached to Han's chin (without heels) and she was barely level with Gene's shoulder. Despite their size differences they both knew better than to argue with the 'Red Marshall' as Gene had dubbed the red-headed firebrand Hellcat.

    "OK. You win, Reds. Who's gonna navigate for us? I've only been to the Docs' world once and Han here's got no damned idea how to get there. Well?" inquired Starwind.

    Kei bit her lip and hesitated. "Mar?" ventured Solo.

    "Nai (No)." said Kei.

    "That tow-headed Trakken kid Nyssa?" tried Starwind.

    "Nope. Not her either, Gene." replied Kei and she began to sweat.

    "Zoe?" demanded Han Solo.

    "Wrong again, pirate. Close but no cigar. It is a pirate though." said the redhead.

    "Not Emma? (Emma 'Queen' Emeraldas was Jon Harlock's niece and master of her own starcraft, the 'Emerald Queen') She can't navigate worth a shit!" yelled Gene.

    The Boss shook her kawaii (lovely) head and suddenly a tough as nails and devil may care soldier of fortune Han Solo went as white as Nami's newly repped Arctic boots!

    "Oh Nai (No)!! You cannot possibly mean that idiot broad that Blue just 'found' the other night? Nami Richards! She's a seafaring Terran navvie for Christ's sake! She probably won't do it for ya anyway if she's got any Fxxxing sense at all in that orange head of hers!" snarled Han and Marshall Kei O'Halloran exploded.

    "She had shimatta (damned) well better do it or she'll be swabbing out the shithouses as the new Fxxxing P.L.O. (Permanent Latrine Orderly which was the job currently co-held by the two 'Jersey Jerks' Jamie Wilson and Goat Smith) for the rest of her stay in this time era! She is your new 'navvie' so deal with it! Yuri's giving her a crash course in navigating right now as we speak. I hear tell she's a whiz at navving back on Terra so she'll do just fine dammit. Now get upstairs and run a complete diagnostics check on all of our systems. Use Mugghi and Nammo to help ya with it. Now both of ya- scat!" growled the angry redhead.

    Gene and Han decided that discretion was the better part of valour and beat a hasty retreat to the bridge where they arrived just in time to catch Yuri before she hit the deck after running afoul of Nami's haymaker left and right cross to the chin!

    "You ain't allowed to belt your superiors, Ensign! You'll get your ass courts-martialed and thrown in the brig!" yelled Gene.

    "I won't do it! Dammit all to Hell! I just cannot navigate a starship! Can't you idiotic morons get that fact through your thick Fxxxing skulls? Read my lips. I will not do it! So there!" shrieked a wildcat that looked a Helluva lot like Ensign Nami Richards. She seated herself in the pilot's chair, crossed her legs and folded her arms across her chest.

    "Then I sure as Hell hope that ya like scrubbing out the bogs, Richards because that is exactly oro (what) you will be doing until you go back home to Terra. Reds just said so." roared Starwind.

    "So there Missy." added Han and he sat down in his co-pilot's chair, folded his arms and crossed his legs.

    "She- she- she wouldn't dare!" cried Nami.

    "You er dunno our Reds like we do, Honey. She means oro (what) she says, Ensign Richards." drawled Solo.

    "And she'd 'dare', Missy. Now get your ass up outta there. You are sittin' in my chair." said Gene.

    END of Ch 31. Ch 32 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    WOW! That was a long one tomos-K&K Thanks for putting up with me for so long this time!
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    I don't have anything grate but i got something I never finished it becuase I lost it but I do remember manga asking to see it well any ways all i remember is it's about a tornament that were robots fight in and the tradishen fo it was made by genda and its over 100-years old but the only one to hold the tightle for 10 of them was shindo but by a misteryes explosion he disapers well when his sun came of age he gits a neo type named burning wing witch is modled after his fathers but with a lot more stuff but before the turnament begins a man named yomamoto vistest him if this ever comes on you'll see alot of him well any ways he is pilot of the bonsho an old neo type
    oh and his son name is shinda well yomamoto trainhim and later on we figure out he was shinda's dad's best friend. well thats all i remember sorry can't remember more and sorry for miss spelled words fast typer

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    oh yae my frien made this one her name is Rielle_Nightblade

    The Crescent Child By Rielle_Nightblade

    “Akemi Hoshi Usagi…that’s what my name is. Nobody has any idea about whom or what I am. I’m stuck at a shrine with a neat freak monk.” The seventeen-year-old muttered as she carried fire logs to the shrine where she lived.
    Her silver hair swayed with the breeze, her soft elegant golden eyes gazing fondly at the darkened crimson colored skies. Her pale skin could be seen from about a mile away.
    It was almost dark, and Akemi knew that she needed to hurry. She carefully steadied herself as she placed her bare feet on a fallen tree that had fallen over a raging river. Akemi made her way across it and gracefully stepped off the dead tree.
    Akemi came to the shrine and set the logs down. She ran to the door and slid it open quietly. Trying to tiptoe to another door leading to her room, she was caught by a meditating monk.
    “Where do you think you are going, Akemi?” Monk Mizu asked without looking in her direction.
    Akemi dropped to the floor in a respectful bow and replied, “I was just coming back from collecting fire logs, sir.”
    “Well, don’t mess around next time. Go fetch the horse in the field back to the stable and feed her.”
    “Yes, sir,” Akemi answered.
    She stood and walked silently to the door.
    Just as she was about to leave, Mizu spoke in an annoyed tone, “And don’t go out there barefoot. You could step on something poisonous, or, even worse, you could get my well-cleaned floors dirty.”
    Akemi bowed, put on her working sandals, and slipped out the door shutting it tightly. As she turned around, she tied up her hair with a ribbon the color of crimson. Attached to the ribbon was a shiny bell. Akemi ran through the field and the bell jostled and gleamed in the moonlight with every movement.
    When Akemi reached the horse she put her hand to its mane and stroked the horse gently. Akemi heard many darkening noises coming from the forest surrounding the field, the Dark Forest.
    “The Dark Forest. It is forbidden to enter it. I wonder why, don’t you?” she asked the horse who was busily chewing on the grass sprinkled with dew. “I mean, nobody has ever come out of it alive except Monk Mizu. I sometimes wonder how he did it.”
    Just then, a shiny object grasped Akemi’s attention. She turned to look in the direction she had seen the shimmering and saw a man standing there. He had a black streak of hair in the mixture of mysterious brown. His eyes were like silver daggers gleaming in the moonlight. He had seen her eyes draw to him and he swiftly darted into the trees of the forbidden forest.
    Just as she was about to go after him Akemi heard the shouts of men and saw blazing smoke rising into the air. Her eyes opened wide with shock and disbelief. Was the shrine on fire?
    Akemi hopped onto the horse. It reared and started to run towards the shrine. When they were a few mere feet away from the shrine, the horse stopped dead in its tracks. The shrine was ablaze in the humid night air. Akemi noticed a man being crushed under the fire logs she had chopped earlier that day and guided the horse to where the man lay. To her horror, Akemi knew who it was at once. Monk Mizu lay there on the ground, dead.
    Suddenly, an arrow shot past Akemi skimming her right shoulder, leaving a gash as it flew past.
    The horse reared once more and started to run out of fear. Akemi held her right shoulder with the other grasping the horse’s flowing mane and looked back to see muscular men pursuing them. It was too late when Akemi turned back around, for their destination was in fact the Dark Forest. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly as they ran through the entrance.
    Entering the forest was obviously a bad idea because Akemi’s forehead began to burn. With a cry of pain that scared the horse so much that it made a jerking turn Akemi lost her balance and toppled onto the ground. The horse ran off without her.
    Akemi sat up to see the horse fall into an endless pit of death. Spikes rose from the ground and made the horse truly stop dead in its tracks. Akemi moved her left hand, which was covered in blood from holding her wounded shoulder to her aching forehead. She saw a puddle of mucky water and looked into it. A golden crescent had burned into her forehead. The pain slowly subsided and Akemi cleaned her cuts and gash with the water from the puddle.
    About a half hour later, Akemi stood, clothes torn from using the sleeves and edges as bandages. She started in a random direction but didn’t get far. Vines broke from the ground and bound her wrists and ankles. A low growl was heard from some close bushes and a black panther with raging green eyes jumped at the vines. The female panther viciously destroyed the opposing vines. With a squeal of pain, the vines released Akemi and slithered into the ground. Akemi rubbed her wrists, as the panther stared at her with anger in its eyes.
    “Sakura,” a voice called from the surrounding trees.
    The same man she had seen before entered the clearing. Sakura, or at least that is what Akemi thought her name to be, the panther jogged over to his side and purred as he stroked her soft midnight fur. The man acted as if he didn’t even notice Akemi.
    Akemi looked at him more closely and got the chance to examine him more. His eyes seemed cold and distant, yet at the same time, calm and relaxed. He finally acknowledged Akemi’s presence. The mysterious man slowly made his way towards her and held out his hand to help her. Akemi cautiously took his hand and stood up.
    “Thank y-”
    “No need to thank me yet. We are still in danger,” the man said cutting her off from her sentence.
    Akemi nodded and he walked to the panther that looked back at Akemi’s raggedy form. Akemi’s clothes had been a pink tank top and a grey skirt. She wore this when she worked for comfort. The only thing that wasn’t ruined was her work sandals. They were a little dirty, but they still looked a lot better thank anything else she had.
    “Follow me and we can get to safety.” He whispered quietly.
    Akemi nodded shyly, and followed close behind the panther, who came after the man.
    A few hours later, they reached a dark and empty cave. Akemi was afraid but entered it all the same in fear of what was outside it. The man lit a candle and motioned for Akemi to sit, which she obediently did.
    “So, who are you?” questioned the man.
    “You expect me to trust you with that information?” She asked coldly.
    “Well, if I saved you. You would think that I’m not all that bad, right?”
    Akemi thought for a moment and decided to go with it.
    “I am Akemi Hoshi Usagi, the student of Monk Mizu,” Akemi stated proudly.
    “Monk Mizu? I haven’t seen him in about five years … I’m Rob by the way. The panther is Sakura.”
    Akemi stared at him in amazement.
    “You mean to say that you knew Monk Mizu?”
    “Yes, I was a student of his. How is he doing anyway?” Rob casually questioned.
    Akemi froze. Her face turned sorrowful. She had forgotten all about him.
    “He’s dead,” She muttered quietly.
    “He’s dead?” Rob’s eyes widened with shock. “The great Monk Mizu, dead? How on Earth did it happen?”
    Akemi gave a gruesome look and answered hesitantly, “Some men came to the shrine and set it on fire. I’m not sure about what happened because I wasn’t exactly there. I saw him lying there, motionless. He was like a father to me. No one will care about me now. Mizu was the only one. Mizu and the shrine were the only things I had. Now they are both burned to the ground, and I’m stuck in this forest!” She was about to cry.
    “Calm down.”
    “How can you tell me to calm down?” Akemi’s face was covered in tears. “What’s wrong with being sad after you’ve lost everything?” She shouted.
    “Calm down!” Rob yelled at her.
    He grabbed hold of her arms and made her hold still. Akemi stared into his grey eyes. Her tail swished here and there. Wait! Since when did she have a tail?
    Rob watched Akemi run around the cave with amusement as she screamed, “GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!”
    Rob just smiled. Akemi stopped yelling to watch him smile. He had such an amazing smile. His teeth were like pearls on the sand of the ocean. Rob’s grin was like a sly cat ready to pounce on an unsuspecting mouse, yet with a splash of kindness added to it. Rob waved his hand in Akemi’s face.
    “Akemi? What are you staring at?” he was confused.
    Akemi shook her head and returned to her senses, “Oh nothing.”
    Akemi took her tail into her hands. It was a pitch black color, much like Sakura’s fur.

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    “Hey, this looks like a cat tail,” Akemi announced.
    Akemi thought of something. If she had a cat tail did that mean that she had cat ears as well? She moved her hands up to her head and touched something soft. Pinching them, she squealed with pain.
    “I…I have cat ears, too!”
    “Hmmm…” Rob scrunched her death black cat ears. “Yup, those are cat ears.” He answered sitting next to her. “You should get some sleep. It’s been a long day, and tomorrow will be another one.”
    Akemi nodded and lay down on the cold stone floor of the spooky cave. Sakura was already asleep as she tossed and turned. Akemi smiled as she slowly drifted away into a deep slumber.
    The next morning, Akemi opened her eyes to emptiness. Startled, she sat up looking around the cave. There was nobody there. Had Rob and Sakura just been a dream? No, they couldn’t be. She was still in the cave. Akemi then remembered her tail and ears. Her hands sprang up like a kangaroo to her head. To her surprise, the ears were still there, and she could see the shadow of her swishing tail on the ground of the cave. It wasn’t a dream, it couldn’t have been.
    Rob came through the cave entrance with a basket in his hands. He set it down in front of Akemi, and sat down on the opposite side of the basket. Akemi looked at the red strawberries, the crimson apples, and the purple berries.
    “You can eat them. Sakura is busy getting her own breakfast,” Rob said.
    Akemi pulled out a strawberry and nibbled on it softly. As soon as it had disappeared, a loud crashing noise filled the air. Sakura sped into the cave crashing into the wall. She groaned with pain. Akemi ran over to the black panther. Thorny vines popped out from the ground and fastened themselves to the panther. The vines also noticed Akemi and latched onto her as well, holding her tightly. Akemi held the screams of pain inside, and only panted. Rob ran to her side and called out her name. His voice faded away into the darkening shadows as a rock from the cave ceiling hit her head.
    It was later that she awoke. Akemi looked around and saw no one.
    “H...Hello?” she called out.
    Her voice echoed but nobody returned her call.
    She seemed to be in some sort of dungeon. It was dark, cold, and empty. Akemi wasn’t chained so she stood and glided over to a lone window. It was early morning. How long has she been unconscious? The door creaked open behind her. A man entered the room and closed the door behind him. Akemi swiveled around and glared at the man.
    “Hello, Crescent,” he taunted with a smirk.
    “Excuse me? Crescent?” Akemi was now confused.
    “The crescent on your forehead.”
    “What about it?” she barked at him.
    “It is the reason why you are here. That crescent is a rare jewel and that one there is one out of two. The other is in my possession which takes the form of a star. I’m guessing that you are wondering why I need yours?” he proclaimed.
    “Well, I suppose so,” she started, but he finished.
    “I need it because it is powerful. It could destroy this place if joined with the other. The jewels could destroy the world and everything in it if used in the right hands.”
    “That’s inhuman!” Akemi shrieked.
    “Exactly, how else am I supposed to achieve my goal of being rich? I am going to threaten to destroy the world if I don’t get a large amount of money. You, Crescent child, are going to ensure my dreams. “
    Before she could reject it, the man snapped his fingers and Rob entered the room. Rob was pale, and his eyes showed nothing, as if his soul had been taken right out of his body.
    “Take her to the front room,” the man ordered.
    Rob hastily grabbed her and pulled her out of the room she was in. They went down a long and narrow hall draped with crimson walls and curtains. He pushed Akemi into a large room. The room was quite empty. Two chairs sat in a corner. One thing that caught Akemi’s attention was a sword with a golden handle. Maybe it would be of use later. Another object was a rather shiny crystal. The crystal was in the shape of a star.
    “The other jewel…if only I could reach it…” Akemi thought.
    Rob shoved her into one of the chairs, and tied her into it. She struggled to break free, but her efforts were in vain.
    “Who are you?” Akemi asked shrilly.
    “I am Lord Usagi, but I doubt that you’ve ever heard of me. I have pretended to be dead for the last sixteen years, trying to regain my strength. I even cast away my only child, because she looked just like her mother. Her mother is now dead though. My wife was killed. That doesn’t matter now though,” he muttered.
    “But, I’m Akemi Usagi,” Akemi blurted out.
    Lord Usagi whirled around to stare at her in a way that would frighten any living creature.
    “Why did you leave me to die and suffer?” Akemi shouted, crystal-like tears running down her face.
    Lord Usagi looked down at the floor, and turned away.
    “You look, just like your mother... you must be my daughter, there is not doubt about that.”
    He slowly turned back to her, and looked into her saddened eyes. Akemi could see him clearly. He had red blazing eyes, with the look of ice in them. His hair was silver, just like hers. She finally realized she had forgotten about Sakura.
    “What happened to the panther?” she questioned.
    “She’s dead.” He replied casually.
    Akemi’s eyes widened with disbelief.
    “Now, if you don’t mind, I need to retrieve that crescent from you,” Lord Usagi grinned.
    He placed his fingers to her crescent and it began to burn. Akemi cried out in pain and shock. The burning soon sunk down to a lower level of pain as the crescent fell to the floor.
    “NO!” Akemi shouted.
    She hurled herself along with the chair to the floor and tried to reach the glistening crescent, but Lord Usagi got to it first. Akemi glanced over at Rob for support, but in the position he was in, he was like a living zombie. An idea suddenly came to mind.
    “Rob! Don’t you remember Sakura? Lord Usagi killed her! Don’t you want to take up revenge on him? He killed your best friend, Rob! He took her to her demise, and he left her there to rot! Don’t you care?” Akemi shouted at the top of her lungs. She coughed every now and then from too much crying with blue drops of rain flowing down her cheeks.
    Rob seemed to hear her, because the grey rain clouds of winter returned to his eyes. He rushed over to her and untied her hands, but he didn’t get a chance to free her ankles from the opposing chair. An arrow struck him and went straight through his heart, killing him instantly.
    “ROB!” Akemi bawled.
    “It’s just you and me now, dear child,” Lord Usagi cackled.
    Akemi quickly released herself from the chair and rushed to safety behind a pillar in the large room.
    “It’s no use to run, Akemi. I will find you. There’s no escaping me,” he growled fiercely.
    “Okay, I have to think fast…” she thought as her mind rushed into ideas.
    She was desperate. Akemi needed anything. Knowing that she would have to face him sooner or later, she began to devise a plan. Out of the corner of her eye, Akemi saw the sword. The sword was sheathed and just lying on the ground. She chucked herself towards the sword and pin-pointed Lord Usagi’s exact location.
    Realizing her intensions, Lord Usagi took up his own sword in his hand. He bounded toward her, and jumped into the air with his sword pointed at her. Reacting quickly, Akemi disturbed the resting of the sword on the ground, unsheathed it, and raised it into the air.
    The outcome was breathtaking. Lord Usagi’s aim had been misguided, and went into Akemi’s shoulder. Unlike his aim, Akemi’s was very good. Akemi’s sword made a piercing incision into his chest, killing him.
    As the dead body fell to the floor, Akemi clutched her arm, where the sword had been thrust into her shoulder. She picked up the crescent on the floor, and took the star out of its casing. She set the star down on the cold, hard floor, and jabbed at it with her sword. It broke as soon as the sword hit it.
    She had lost everything. Her teacher, friends, mother, and now her father. Akemi knew who she was now. The daughter of an evil lord, who wanted power. A girl who knew nothing yet wanted to. Someone who wanted her life back, even for one moment in time and to see her parents’ smiling faces, just once.
    Akemi placed the crescent to her breast, and took the final breath. This was it, her last day on Earth, the last second, and the final minute of life. She held the sword up with the available hand and ran herself through.
    As she fell, Akemi felt as if she was in a meadow. A meadow filled with only thorns and crimson roses. She could hear a song in the distance. A sad little song, from a music box lullaby. She could hear a mother, possibly hers, singing to a young child who was afraid of the dark. Something she would never get to hear.
    When Akemi hit the ground the last thing she heard was the sound of a clock striking midnight. It was her birthday. She was now sixteen years of age. Her body lay there, lifeless, with blood stained golden pieces of the crystal, shattered all over her body.
    That day, the girl with nothing, found something. She discovered the meaning of love and hate for all creatures. She loved everything in life, but envied it that the other creatures of the world had it better than she did. She also thought that the creatures of the world were lucky, but also hated them for no one would know the courage it had taken her to do what she had done throughout her life.Her favorite color, crimson, was the last thing she remembered, for it was the color of her blood as it entangled itself in her hair.

    this is grate hoped you liked it

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    Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Now immediately following this closur my next post will be Angel Wings- Chapter 32 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA' which I just posted at ff.net. Ch 33 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the Glave and the Beast- Krull!' follows soon. R/R/S away and check out my new blogs, posts and pix too. Eons aoh has best albums now that my profile here is gone along with all my pix!
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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-AW-Ch 32-Pt 1

    Here is Ch 32-Part 1. Enjoy and arigatou for waiting. Toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Zorin Oakenshield, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 32 without any further meandering, shall we? Did our Yuri Donovan really use Ralphie's F--- word? We'll find out why momentarily gang. Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 32

    'PNO- Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'

    Nami Richards got up from Gene's chair and grinned. "Sorry about that, sirs. I guess I'm gonna be your new 'navvie' after all, boys." she said a little sheepishly.

    "Glad to hear ya say that, kid." croaked Yuri Donovan who'd been revived by Mugghi with liberal whiffs of 'amyl nitrite' (good old fshioned smelling salts folks) and now she was sitting in one of the gunner's chairs. She glanced around and frowned at Nami. "Ensign Nami Richards! If you would have done that to the Boss then by now you'd be missing a few teeth, young lady! Howeve, I am inclined to overlook it this time and we'll forget that this little incident ever even happened- this time- but if you ever raise your hand against a superior officer again while you are still aboard this ship you will find yourself in the frigging brig! Are we clear on that, Ensign?" said the Wing Commander menacingly. Nami bit her lip and nodded her orange head. "Good. Your instructions on spce navigation have been uploaded to your PDO along with the nav star charts. First we'll be going to 'Seto Kaiba' then to 'Paladin' and finally to 'Gallifrey' all of which you sould find lited in the 'GC' or 'Galactic Compendium' which I've uploaded to your PDO as well. Now onegai (please) follow me into the nav room and I'll show you your new office." ordered the svelte exec.

    "This is your very own station ad that is your very own console. It's set up and run practically the same as ancient Terran personal computers. You er 'do' know how to use one of those, don't you? (Nami nodded and then she sighed, removed her blazer and rolled up her turtleneck sweater's sleeves. She pushed her specs up onto her forehead and sat down with her PDO in front of her. Carefully she began to peruse the 'So You Want To Be A Space Navigator' and 'Spac Navving For Dummies' online manuals) I see you are beginning to get settled in so I'll leave you to get acclimated to your new duties. (Yri prepard to leave and then turned back, leaned down to Nami and whispere into her ear) One more thing, Ensign Richards. (Nami glanced up at hr superior) When we do liftoff ashita (tomorrow) I want you in a proer 3WA uniform and Boss Kei will expect you to be armed and you will remain armed at all times- both on duty and off duty. I'll have someone relieve you at 1700 hours (5 PM) so you cn get your dinner. Now please try and stay out of trouble, OK? (Nami was concentrating on her vidscreens and merely nodded abstractedly) Then I guess I'll see you later at dinner, kid. Ja Ne (See ya later)." said Yuri and she left holding an ice holo pack against her swollen cheek and jaw.

    "Oro the Fxxxing Hell happened to you, Vacuumhed? Get hit by the 'Crow's Nest' (Hugh the 'Polar Bear's huge ancient Terran 'semi rig' truck) or something?" growled Kei when Yuri returned to their quarters a half hour later.

    "Don't start on me, Dummy! I am not in the mood for your jokes! I er slipped in the shower, that's all that happened." replied Yuri who was a very poor liar.

    "Uh huh. Ihear ya, kiddo. So our Miss Nami didn't wanna be our new 'navvie', eh? (Yuri nodded ruefully and winced a couple of times as she was taking offher jacket) Ya ant some 'Hydroxylein' for your headache? (The redhead tossed the vixen a vial of the pain killing capsulets) She did agree to do it though, didn't she? (Yuri swallowed four capsulets and washed them down with her beer. She slowly nodded. "Finally." she sighed) Didn't I tell ya she would, Airhead?" chortled an exultnt Kei O'Halloran.

    "Ha ha. Very funny. Hey Boss? Ya gonna tell everybody about our minor change in venues?" asked Yuri who had just doffed her sneakers and sweats and had flung herself full length on Kei's sofa. Her athletic socked feet were hanging over the end.

    "I already told Emma ('Queen' Emeraldas was Jon Harlock's niece and captain in her own right. Her ship the 'Emerald Queen' was docked below decks) to post and upload the happy news to everyone's PDO. We should begettingsome reactions right- about-- now." said Kei just as a loud tattooing began on the portals of the suite.

    "One moment, onegai er please." called Kei sweetly. She glanced at her unclad exec on the couch. "Yuri, we have guests." she said and cleared her throat a few times.

    "Huh? (Yuri suddenly became aware of her state of dishabeille and jumped up) Just a sec please." she replied and hurriedly pulled on her sweats and sneakers. She gave Kei te A-OK sign and smiled.

    "Come. It's open." growled the redhead and the portal swihed aside. About thirt people and things piled into the room and started yakking at the same time.

    "One at a frigging time dammit! Please! I have got a humongous bloody headache, dam er darn it!" grumbled Yuri. The Boss sped to her rescue.

    "If ya wanna transfer to the 'Angel 1' tell Kome, if ya wanna go over to the 'Angel 3' tell Peri Brown and if ya just wanna stay aboard then duh! just say nothing or tell Flaysie and Cagalli if ya like! Now go the Fxxx down and have your din-dins and leave us in peace! Sayonara." said a bored to perdition Kei. She turned to her exec with a wan smile. "We could just have something sent up, kid?" (Yuri shook her head) Nope, yu're right. Let's go down, face the music and get it all over and done with eh?" said the redhead resignedly and slowly got to her feet.

    Yuri snapped her fingers after a quick glance at her wristchromo. She touched the edge of one of her comlink earrings. "Space Technician Blackfire? Commander Yuri Donovan here. Do me a favour willya? Relieve Ensign Nami Richards for dinner? She's up in the nav room on ine. You have your dinner yet? OK. Great. I owe ya one for this, Techie. Yuri out." trilled the exec.

    "A big one dammit! Dynamo!! I gotta go and relieve 'Golden Gloves' Richards! You're in charge so don't let the Fxxxing core overheat! See ya in an hour or so!" yelled Blackfire. She detested using comlinks.

    "Good riddance!" bellowed the gargantuan Leviathan Chief Engineer who was busily repairing the dilythium crystal converter assembly.

    "Just key in the shimatta (damned) coordinates. That tells the space ship jockey which way to point the blasted ship, Richards. Any ass can do it, man." chuckled Blackfire of Tamaran. "Hi. I'm Space Tech Blackfire but just all me Black. I was sent up to relieve ya so go put on the ol' feed bag, kid." said the young tech and Nami smiled gratefully.

    "Call me Nami. I'll be just as quick as I can, Black." she replied.

    "Ya ain't gotta rush on my account. I ain't in any hurry to get back down to Hell anytime soon. (Nami stared at her like she'd escaped from Bellview State Hospital) That oro (what) we call Engineering, Nami. Because it's so shimatta (damned) bloody hot down there all he time. Get going, girl. I am gonna be just fine up here." replied Black who was keying up the 'Anime Movie Station' from Mars. Nami slung her blazer across her shoulder and went down to dinner.

    Lieutenants Trace and (Mrs) Nat Edwards were onboard now by order of the 'White Guardian of the Universes' so dinne was a real treat tonight. The meal was 'cookd' rather than 'repped'! Because Trace was a first rate chef and was teaching his culinary talents to his newlywed spouse Nat (nee Naturle Badgiruel, a former Lieutenant in the 'Earth Alliance' in Cosmic Year 30 all of this being in an alternate timeline otherwise she, Flaysie Allster and Cagalli Yula Athna would never have been able to remain here in the 23rd Century in this space/time continuum) tonight's dinner menu consisted of Beef Stroganoff Royale, Potatoes de Galousie, Glazed Red Parsnips (from Delanorte Cortel XI), Capuccino or Latte and for dessert- Flaming Chocolate Creme Brulee Supreme!

    Nami wasn't really very hungry so she only had three helpings of everything!

    Half of the 'Angel 2's passengers had opted to take either the 'Angel 1' or the 'Angel 3' straight back home. After all a slight side trip to 'Seto Kaiba' and another one to 'Paladin' were OK but not a merry jaunt halfway across the known Universe to that mysterious kingdom of the Time Lords- 'Gallifrey'! The 'Icy Six', however, seemed quite content to remain aboard here with all their new tomos (friends) as did most of the remaining 'old timers' like the Saiyaans, demons and elf hunters.

    Nami Richards fully intended to go right back up to her nav room after dinner and crack those vidprograms again, however, instead of using the corridor door to exit the hall of dining she took a detour through the rec room where she stopped at the bar to watch a game of 'Blast Off' aka 'Count Down' betwixt Neko Olson and Boss Kei O'Halloran.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-AW-Ch 32-Pt 2

    Here's Ch 32-Pt 2 to enjoy and arigatou for the support. Toodles-K&K

    I did explain how this game worked in in my 'Christmas with the DP' fanfiction but for you 'newbies' it's a drinking game usually played (on Terra) using a mug of beer with a shotglass full of liquor dropped into it. Then ya just try to drink this mess down as quickly as possible and repeat it until somebody passes out. The survivour is declared the winner by default. However, in the 'Angels' versions the roles are reversed. The mug is filled with liquor and the shotglass with beer. Then you drop the beer in and away ya go. But the 'Angelic' version on Kei's ship made one more minor change. Instead of beer they used a shotglass full of 'Aoishi' (Blue) Ale', a heady and potent drink from 'Romulus' and banned across half the Galaxy! The liquor (of course) was Irish Whiskey usually 'Jameson's, 'Old Bushmills' or 'Tullamore Dew'. As all of us should know by now absolutely NOBODY can outdrink an 'Angel' except another 'Angel' unless of course that 'Angel' in question is Keirran Deirdre Maureen O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran!

    Neko coneded defeat after her tenth round and tottered off to her bunk with Jon Harlock's strong arm supporting the shapeshifting trill.

    "Anyone else wanna play?" bellowed the 'Gaelic Nightmare' and then Nami made another mistake. This one was to prove quite costly to the young Terran pirate.

    "Yeah, why not? I'll ake on yer ass, Boss Lady." said Nami stubbing out her smoke.

    "First one of ya to pass out loses. Ya can concede defeat and withdraw at any time." said Naraku who was this evening's BOD barkeep as he filled up two 'yard glasses' with the rich golden elixir of 'Jameson's Irish Whiskey' and two shotglasses with 'Aoishi (Blue) Romulan Ale'. He set one of each efore each player. "Ready? Set?--" began Narku.

    "Whoa there! Hold it! Oro's (What's) the Fxxxing stakes?" demanded Nami.

    "We don't usually play for anything but the Hell of i, kid but OK, I'm game. Go ahead and name 'em." replied the redhead.

    "If win you get some other sucker to navigate this floating junkyard of yours. Agreed?" demanded Nami.

    "Sure kid but if I win you will be joined to my crew for a solar year and of course that means attending the Acdemy when we get back home. Agreed?" said Kei impishly.

    Nami reached for her glass but Naraku intercepted her hand. "Nami! Honey! Don't do it! Think about oro (what) you're agreeing to, you baka dummy! The Boss 'never' loses!" he advise.

    Nami shook off his hand. "Shut the Hell up, Demon Guy! I know oro the Hell I'm doing dammit! I have 'never' lost either! Agreed, ma'am now let's go! Let's do it, man!" snapped an impatient Nami.

    "Ready? Set? Go!" cried Naraku and the game was afoot! Nami crashed backwards onto the deck after her third round so Naraku raised Kei's gloved fist in victory. Kei smiled maliciously.

    "Hey 'CC'! Tell Mar we now have a 'navvie' for the 'Angel 2'- a 'P.N.O.'- 'Permanent Navigational Officer' at least for the next year anyway. Marlene Angel is hereby promoted to the rank of Full Commander and she will henceforth command the 'Angel 3' on a permanent basis after the completion of this mission. Hugh, Rick, Eric! See that the Ensign here gets back to her quarters. She has a busy yobi (day) ashitaer tomorrow. (She trilled Mugghi) I want a wake up call for Ensign Nami Richards at 0500 (5 AM). She's to report to her post armed and in uniform by 0630 hours (6:30 AM). Miss Richards has just joined the 'UG'and the 3WA for the next year whether she damned well likes it or not. As of now she is our brand new 'P.N.O.'- 'Permanent Navigational Officer'. Try and outdrink me will she! I hope she likes 'Nakasome Towers' (Kei and Mar's domicile back in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' on 'Shimougou'. Yuri and Kome resided just across the esplanade from them in 'Krillin Estates') because she's moving in with me and Mar." trilled the redhead.

    Next she tapped a note into her PDO: 'Note to Yuri. Onegai (Please) enroll Ensign Nami Richards into next class 'Takachiho Academy' and no going easy on her ass either. By my command- KDMO'SO'H, Marshall and Dean.'

    She tamed her bellow to a roar. "Attention! Everyone be sureand get a good night's sleep. We are lifting off 'Workoh' at noon ashita (tomorrow) so if you are going home on either the 'Angel 1' or the 'Angel 3' make damned bloody sure that you're off this ship before then. G'Night all." announced Kei and she left for her bunk. Meanwhile-

    A loud tattoo on their portal awakenedKagome Higurashi and Faye Valentine from a deep and luxurious slumber. "Do you three bakas (idiots) know oro (what) the Fxxx time it is? Oro (What) the Sam Hell do ya want at this unKamily (ungodly) hour, Rickster?" growled Faye.

    "Sorry to disturb you so late, my lovely lady. We were asked to deliver Miss Richards to you." explained Eric the 'Ladies' Man'.

    "Oro's (What's) wrong with her?" asked the 'cowgirl' suspiciously.

    "She tried to outdrink 'Red Mar' (Red Marshall), the Boss Lady and she lost. Where do ya want her ass put?" grumbled Hugh the 'Polar Bear'.

    Faye stepped aside. "Follow me, boyos. (She flung open the centre bedroom's door) Dump her ass on the bunk in there. We'll take it from here. Arigatou guys. See ya ashit er tomorrow. Yo! Kaggie! I'm in Nami's pad next door to ya! Get in here and help me with her!" said Faye. Hugh, Rick and Eric discreetly withdrew and made for their own rooms.

    "Ka-Mi! Does she wear enough fuku (clothing) do ya think? Ther' the last of the upstirs crap- a chemise top. C'mon and help me get her pants off. There. Man, is she evr plastered! (Kagome was holding Nami's new pajamas) Fxxx those jammies, Kag! She can sleep in her undies! Just toss that coverlet and a blanket over her. Sweet dreams, Sleeping Beauty! C'mon Kaggie. Back to bed for us. G'night Kagome." said Faye before crawling into her own bunk. Kagome yawned, called 'G'night Faye' and returned to her interrupted dream where InuYasha had just slain a dastardly dragon to rescue his lady fair- Kagome!

    Next morning at 0500 Mugghi gently trilled Nami that it was time to get up. Miss Richards snored away nd slept on until 0600 when Faye and Kagome dumped a carafe of water on top of her head.

    "I don't wanna go to school today, Mama." murmurred Nami in her sleep. Faye and Kagome exchanged glances and nodded. Kagome activated Nami's shower (super cold) and Faye carried the Terran girl into the bathroom and dumped her in the shower stall.

    "Five, four, three, two, one and--" said the 'cowgirl'.

    "Yowie!! What the Fxxx!!" came in a wild screech from the bathroom just before the door of the suite's living room crashed open.

    "Which one of ya wants it first?!" yelled a sopping wet and very angry Nami! She balled up both fists and advanced on poo Kagome who was brewing java in he kitchenette. Faye looked up from the ship's 'holopape' she was pretending to read and giggled.

    "You look like a drowned mermaid, Richards! Glad to see you're finally up! ("At last dammit!" filtered in from the kitchenette) OK Tro-Con Cadet Trainee- calm the Fxxx down! You ignored Mugghi's wakee wakee trills at 0500 and 0530 so at 0600 we dumped a carafe of water on ya. When that didn't work I threw your ass into a nice cool shower. ("Cool? It was Fxxxing frigid in there! Like those shimatta (damned) Arctic ice roads of Alex's!" howled Nami while Kagome wrapped a Turkish bath towel around her and tried to explain to her about the drying units in the bathroom's 'drying alcove' but Nami was livid with rage) As I was saying- 'Ensign'- it is now 0615 hours, a quarter past six and you, my dear girl, have exactly fifteen minutes to report to your nav post upstairs so you ain't got time to go to the hall for breakfast. I'll bring it up to you later. Right now, you'd better get a move on, Honey." said the svelte 'cowgirl' as she handed Nami a steaming mug of java.

    Nami toweled off, went into her bedroom and put on fresh underwear and socks. Then she pulled out her 'pirate outfit' she'd been using for the last few days.

    "Uh uh! The Boss wants you to wear your new 3WA Ensign's uniform and she wants you armed at all times! Congratulations. You're in the 'UG' now, kiddo!" chuckled Faye who was wearing a vermillion red pantsuit and a white turtleneck sweater. Kagome's ensemble was 3WA sweats.

    "I'm a guest on this tub and I ain't used to getting up this shimatt (damned) early! Tr-con? Cadet? Trainee? Where the Hell did you two get the bright idea that I'm in the 'UG', 'Cowgirl'?" demanded Nami.

    "Mugghi told us. You lost some damned bet to the Boss last night and now you're a 'UG'/3WA tro-con cadet trainee which of course makes you an Ensign- for the next year anyway. So get dressed, get your ass up to the bridge and I'll bring your breakfast up to you." said Faye reasonably.

    Nami slammed the door of her bedroom and shouted at the top of her lungs.

    Cont in Ch 32-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-AW-Ch 32-Part 3

    Sorry I didn't think Ch 32 would go to 3 parts but it did. Here's Part 3 for ya and toodles-K&K

    "And if I don't? Oro (What) happens then?" shrieked the Terran wildcat pirate.

    "Then I will come down there and personally drag your orange-mane ass up here myself, Ensign Oranamia Richards! Report to your post immediately if not sooner and that's a shimatta (damned) order, Terran!" shouted the Boss through the PA system's squawkbox speakers in the suite and Nami bristled with anger.

    "Do ya spy on all yur crewmen? Even the ones that don't wanna be part of your crew, Keirran?! I will come up there and I will kick your Fxxxing ass too! How dare you spy on me! And nother thing 'Red Mar'- Just how in the bloody Hell do ya know my full name? I never told that to anyone on this rustbucket!" screamed Nami defiantly. She looed cte as ell standing on the top bunk of he bedroom staring up at the PA speaker mounted above the bunk. Nami was still wearing those fluorescent green 'Teddy Bear' micromini underbriefs and a black tank top!

    Suddenly there was an explosive roar!

    END of Ch 32. Ch 33 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 33
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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