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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here is Ch 33-Pt 1. Enjoy. Toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Ari, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 33 without any further meandering, shall we? Ensign Oranamia (Nami) Richards, P.N.O.- Permanent Navigational Officer? How the Hell'd that happen? Where's the next port o' call? Read on tomos all--

    CHAPTER 33

    'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the Glave and the Beast- Krull!'

    The 'explosive roar' was of course- who else? Kei!

    "I have had just about enough of your crap, Richard so shut the Fxxx up, Ensign and that's an order, girl! Every suite on every single blessed 3WA vessel is wired for sound and video so it ain't personl, kid. The 'Galactic Compendium' keeps a complete dossier on every single being in the know Universe regardless of species. That's how I come to know your real Christian name and I can see why ya prefer to go by 'Nami' instead! Or-a-na-mi-a? Gad! Yuck! Oro (What) a moniker to get stuck with, kid! OK. I do pologize for 'spying' on ya as you call it. Now then- are you going to be a good little Ensign and get your ass up here to assume your nav duties which I won from you last night fair and square or are you a welcher, Honey? I have heard that mot Terrans pride themselves on their honour and keep their words or have I heard wrong, Nami? Five minutes, kidd. See ya soon. Boss out." said the redhead and then the speakers fell silnt once more.

    Nami stare at the now silent speakers and grimaced as she suddenly recalled the previous evening and the foolhardy 'bet' which she had accepted and then lost!

    "Shit! Am I really and truly on the 3WA police force? For a whole Fxxxing year? I still can't Fxxxing believe it, man!" she said and tossed her 'pirate togs' onto the top bunk.

    The door opened after Faye had tapped on it and Nami had said to come in. "Yup! Ya sure as Hell are part of he 3WA and the 'UG' now so may the force be with ya, kiddo. Hurry up and get dressed. Let's go, girl!" ordered Faye and she shoved Nami's new Ensign's uniform into the pirate's hands. Nami nodded and pulled on the dark skirt. A few minutes later the new navigator or 'navvie' as they were usually called sat down at her console in the nav room and began studying the vid star charts on her vidscreens in earnest. True to her word Faye came in with Nami's breakfast and three strong mugs of java as well a an extra two carafes of the heady brew for the Terran.

    Nami thanked her profusely and Faye left for her own duties.

    "Where to now, ir?" trilled the tall navvie Ensign resignedly. She finished half of her second java in one swallow.

    "Lay in a course for the penal colony of 'Seto Kaiba', Navvie Nami." trilled Gene Starwind.

    "Yes, sir and onegai (please) drop the 'navvie' and just call me Nami- OK?" trilled Richards.

    "Only if you'll drop the 'sir' stuff and just call us Gene and Han- OK?" trilled Starwind.

    "Deal, Gene and Han. Anything else?" trilled Nami.

    "Make it the quickest route ya can find for us, me darlin' Nami." drawled Han Solo and Nami grinned. These two guys were gonna be A-OK. They were treating her like an old comrade-in-arms instead of a 'newbie navvie'. Maybe this wasn't gonna turn out to be such a bad gig after all. Nami was still daydreaming and musing when Acting 'Subby' or Sub-Ensign which was like a junior warrant officer on Terra Rio Delcroix came into the nav room to begin her 'scnning' shift and greeted the new navvy.

    "I said I hear that you're a new recrut, ma'am?" asked Rio politely because technically the young Terran navigator did outrank the Acting Sub-Ensign. Nami nodded.

    "So I've gathered, Miss Delcroix but it ain't by choice I can assure you, Delcroix." replied the navigator. She excused herself to trill the bridge.

    "Ya get those 'astral projection lines' I sent you OK, Gene?" she trilled. "Great. When do we leave, Gene?" she added.

    "Dunno Honey. Boss wants us to be gone before noon though. It's only a mite past 0700 (7 AM) and you didn't get much sleep last night, did ya? Why don't ya sack out in one of those back bedrooms for awhile? We'll trill ya wakee wakee at 1100 (11 AM). Oro (What) Reds dunno won't hurt her. Rio can hold down the fort in there for ya, can't ya, Princess? ("Of course General Solo." had been Rio's dreamy reply. She still had a girlish crush on the devil-may-care-not-I co-pilot even though was already married!) There ya go, Love. You catch forty winks and that's an order, Ensign. Han out." trilled the devilish soldier of fortune.

    "OK to leave things in your hands, Del er I mean Rio while I crash out for a bit? (Rio smiled and gave her the two thumbs up sign) Thanks. Don't forget now. Call me at eleven." yawned Nami and she headed for the closest bedroom where she slept fitfully for almost four hours until--

    "Hey! Navvy Nami! Wakee wakee! It's Rio. It's almost 1100 hours and the Boss is on her way up to the bridge. You'd damned well better be at your nav post when she gets here, man! She is one tough bitch (Batou of Section Nine had thought his Major Makoto Kucinagi was tough until he'd run afoul of the 'Demon of Dublin' and found out different!) and I wouldn't advise ya to Fxxx with he, Nami. From oro (what) I've heard you're in enough hot water already, Honey!" trilled the acting 'Subby'.

    "On my way, Rio. Thanks for the warning, kid." trilled Nami and within less than a solar minute she was back at her nav room station. She exchanged winks with Rio Delcroix and reported 'All systems go' to Gene and Han. Kei took over from there and began issuing orders and commands with stunning alacrity much to Nami's surprise who thought the Boss was just a big blowhard bitch.

    "All hands stand by for immediate liftoff. Strap in and hold on folks. Commencing countdown. Jyuu (Ten) Kyuu (Nine) Hachi (Eight) Nana (Seven) Roko (Six) Go (Five) Shi (Four) San (Three) Ni (two) Ichi (One) Rei (Zero) Liftoff. Fire main thrusters. Fire auxilliary thrusters. Fire Left Nacelle One. Fire Right Nacelle One. Fire Left Nacelle Two. Fire Right Nacelle Two. Increase speed to Sub-Warp Eight. Engineering, initiate warp core thrust. (The ship bucked violently while Gene yawed into the solar winds and back onto an even keel) Steady there! Gimme Warp Twelve- now! OK, hold to that speed for the moment. Nami? ("Yes, Boss?" trilled the new navvy) Find us any shortcuts from 'Workoh' to 'Seto K'? ("Nope. Nary a one, Boss. Sorry." trilled Nami dejectedly. She felt like she had let down the team but Kei merely growled "OK thanks kiddo) There ain't no quickies so I guess we'll just have to wing it, me boyos. Prepare to enter hyperspace in five seconds, four, three, two, one and- go to Warp Twenty. Han, hit those hyperthrusters- now! Brace yourselves for a short hop. OK. Coming outta hyperspace in five, four, three, two, one and- now! Decrease back don to Warp Twelve and hold that speed. We should reach 'Set K' in six more hours (around 1700 hours of 5 PM) just in time for din-din. Attention all hands. You may now unstrap yourselves. All security team leaders and ship's security chief are to report to my quarters on the double. I repeat- my quarters not the ready room. On the double. My exec (WC Yuri Donovan), Ensign Navvy Richards and 'Sub-Com' (Sub-Commander like a rank between a Terran naval Lieutenant and Captain) Morton (Zoe) are to report as well. (Kei sighed and chuckled) Now that liftoff has been achieved the bar is open. Our 'BOD' is our brand new 'Gysymeo Ice Roads King'- Eric. With a final load count of sixty-one (61) Eric is the winner by a single load over Hugh the 'Polar Bear' so join me in congratulating our new 'Gysymeo Ice Roads King'- Eric! Well done. Domo arigatou (Thank you very much)- all of ya. We had a tad more of a load count than the 175 we were quoted at er 257 so a hearty well done to all six of our 'Ice Roaders'! Hip- hip- hooray! Kei out." said the Boss over the PA system.

    "Keep us on course, me boyos. Yuri, you're with me. Let's motor. Shimatta (Dammit) I'm picking up ice roaders' slang now!" she added and spun on her heel. Yuri jogged along behind her to the express lift.

    Kei's living room was a mite crowded. In addition to Yuri, Zoe, Nami and Jonathan Harlock there were Lord Ivanhoe, Lord InuYasha, Acting Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki, Revy Roberts and chief of te wolf youkai ribe- Kouga.

    Cont in Ch 33-Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Pt 2 of Ch 33 to enjoy. Toodles-K&K

    "OK. First off I wanna apologize to Sub-Com Zoe Morton for replacing her with Ensign Nami Richards as my navvy here. (Zoe's aizu (eye) brows raised a millimeter or two) I do have a very special assignment for Zoe which I will explain to her later. Jon has divided his security forces into five teams. Each team is responsible for delivering a different set of prisoners to 'Seto Kaiba'. 'Ivy' (Lord Ivanhoe) and his team will handle the Lex Luthor group (The hanyou grabbed Ivanhoe before he could kneel at Kei's feet). 'Dog Boy' (Lord InuYasha) and tomos will have Viscious and his band of lunatics (IY fingered 'Tetsusaiga' his demonic sword). Ichigo and his guys and gals get the Orochimaru mob ("Action at last!" cried Ichigo and he tried to unlimber 'Zangetsu', his 'zambatou' soul reaping sword but Revy punched him in the arm and he desisted). Kouga? The Ichimaru clan is all yours, wolfie (Kouga snarled and showed his fangs until Zoe cleared her throat). Revy? Sorry but you've drawn the short straw I'm afraid. You get to drop off Johnny Berringer himself. OK, that's that. Jon has already picked your teams for ya. If there are no further questions (Kei paused but nobody spoke) Fine. Jon, you and your team leaders are dismissed. Yuri. Nami. Zoe. Please remain." commanded the Boss and the room quickly emptied out.

    "Osawaru onegai. Sit down, please." invited the redhead and they all complied. "Zoe, you are replacing Nyssa on the 'Stargazer' and you'll be completing her star mapping mission for her. Suba (Subaltern) Ellen Rodgers will be waiting to escort you when we reach 'Seto K' so make sure your gear's packed up by then. In the meantime I would like you to show Nami here the 'space nav ropes' since she's my new navvy here instead of you. Yuri? ("Hai (Yeah)?" asked her bored exec) As of now command of the 'Angel 2' is yours. (Yuri's aizu (eyes) popped) Any questions, Zoe? Nai (No)? Then you and Nami are dismissed. Thanks for coming. Yuri. Stay." said Kei when her exec arose to leave with them.

    "I'm leaving you in charge here, kid. You see I have a little mission of my own to do so I'll betaking the 'Raphael' (a shuttle) and Mugghi. After ya deliver all of our rowdies to Jason (Jason Shikamaru is the Kommandant at 'Seto Kaiba') I want ya to take the 'Angel' to 'Paladin' as quickly as ya can. Drop 'Starcrusher' off there along with our second year cadet trainees. Understood? (Yuri nodded) Then you are to go to 'Gallifrey' where I will try and rendezvous with ya. Nai (No)! Don't even ask me where the Hell I'm going because Charlie (Garner) won't gimme the coordinates until I'm outta the 'Angel's comm range. (Kei lowered her voice so much that Yuri had to adjust her comlink to hear her) Yuri, we may have another 'mole' aboard this ship so not a word of oro (what) I am about to say is to leave this room- understand? (Yuri nodded again) 'Black Ghost' took something else when he broke outta 'Seto K' with Johnny and his playmates. He er stole all the schematics for our very latest personal cloaking device- the 'Karma Chameleon' (Kei hesitated, bit her lip and then continued) and the chief research scientist of that project has jut gone missing. Her name is Dr Sally Mimoru and she vanished while away on holiday. My mission must have something to do with her disappearance. Look, I gotta go, Mugghi's waiting. Don't worry, kiddo. I'll relay ya as soon as I can. Remember. We may have a spy abord so don't trust nobody. TTFN (Ta ta for now) Vaccy. See ya soon." said Kei.

    Yuri wished her luck and went up to the bridge where she told Gene and Han that the Boss was gonna grab some sleep and that she didn't wanna disturbed. Then she went to the ready room for a quiet think.

    Kei grabbed her rucksack and duffle bag, picked up her plasma rifle, tapped her 'morphing' bracelet which put the red-headed tro-con into 3WA winter gear and battle armour and finally took her express lift down to the bays and an impatient Mugghi aboard the 'Raph' awaiting her arrival with Nammo.

    "OK. Take off now and 'cloak' us, Mugghi." she ordered and the giant white neko (cat) purred. "Not a clue, Honey. This is Charlie Garner's show, not mine. He ain't gonna give us coordinates until we're outta comm range with the 'Angel' so I'm as much in the dark as about our destination as you are, tomo. Nammo, plug yourself into the system and scn for anythin strange. It's gonna be a few more hours before we're outta comm range so I'm gonna sack out. Trill me if ya need me." said Kei, stifling a yawn.

    A few hours later Kei awakened with a start to a strange presence in the room!

    Sorry my dear but I do seem to always show up after you have retired for the evening, don't I?" asked a slighly familiar voice belonging to the bearded floating head of the Time Lords' founder- Lord Rathelon!

    "Rathy? Oro (What) the Sam Hell are you doing here?" asked the puzzled redhead.

    "Did not Chief Lord Garner tell you that your next destination would be made known to you as soon as you were out of communications' range of 'Omega' (Quadrant), my dear child? Ah! For once I have not caught you in a state of dishabeille, have I?" replied the head. Kei glanced at the polished surface of her bulkhead wall and relaxe. Unlike the times of Rathy's previous 'drop in' visits the Boss was wearing a complete winter uniform sans (without) her boots, helmet and gloves of course. Howevr, she had not removed her battle armour yet.

    She repped up a mug of java and returned his gaze coolly. "I thought Charlie was supposed to tell me where I'm off to, not you." she said. Rathelon frowned.

    "We feared that the spies on your three ships might be monitoring your comm systems so Mr Galadriel (Vittorio Francisco Xavier Galadriel the Supreme Chief and God of the 3WA and the 'UG' whose nickname was 'God Himself') asked me to cme here in person to inform you, my child. In the 'Epsilon Quadrant' there exits a planet of alchemy known as--" he began.

    "Christ! 'Amestris'? I've been there before, Rathy." she said disgustedly.

    "Yes but you are not going there. 'Amestris' has a sister world of alchemy in a parallel dimension, however, this planet is much more violent and deadly. (He lowered his voice) It is called 'Krull', my dear." replied Lord Rathelon and Kei's mug crashed to the deck from nerveless fingers.

    "The same place where Ivy's 'Glave' toy originated? I thought it was just a frigging myth! I gotta go there? Why?" asked a by now totally confused, puzzled, perplexed and annoyed redhead.

    "To retrieve yet again that self same 'Glave'. It is your detiny, Keirran." he said quietly.

    "My destiny? OK. How do I find it and why me?" asked Kei and she shucked off her battle armour.

    "An ancient prophecy has described you in great detail. From your fiery red hair to your fierce Gaelic temper and this missive even gave your full name- 'Keirran Deirdre Maureen Edwina O'Shaughnessy O'Halloran' (Kei sat bolt upright on her bunk. Not even the 'GC' knew Kei's 'secret' Celtic name of Edwina) and it gave your birth planet as well- 'Workoh' in the mysterious 'Omega Quadrant' so like it or not Katie- you're the goods, kiddo. (Kei frowned) This epistle went on to say that you would be a female of extraordinary courage and valour. The 'Glave' is hidden within the highest mountain and it is immersed in a pool of burning lava. That is where your courage and valour come in. This flaming lava absolutely can not and will not harm you in any way, my child. Once you have the 'Glave' yu must find 'Garadonte', the Great Beast who enslaves'Krull' ad you must best him in single combat for it is he who keeps open he portal betwixt the two Universes. However, save the 'Glve' itself your weapons will be useless against him. That battle armour will not protect you from him either but that mail shirt wrought of Elfin 'mithril' given to you by those 'Elf Hunters' will. Whoops, I er almost forgot something, my dear. 'Garadonte' is protected by a band of 'Slayers' who are well nigh invincible, however, they are still mortal beings- they can be killed. One thing more- the fortress castle of this Beast remains in the same place for a single solar day. Then it moves elsewhere on the planet. I have given Nammo the navigational coordinates for 'Krull' already but the castle's locations are entirely random. Good luck, my dea child. Remember- al of the cosmoes are counting on you. Look to see me no more. Sayonara." said Rathelon and slowly dematerialized until all that remained of him were his bright aizu (eyes) and his 'Cheshire Cat's shit-eating grin.

    Cont in Ch 33-Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 33-Part 3 for ya. Enjoy. Toodles-K&K

    "One other thing- this Beast will try to trick, cajole, coax and confuse you so be wary, my child." he said grimly and then even his grin was gone.

    "Yo! 'CC'! Check the compendium ('Galactic Index') for me will ya? I wanna know everything there i to know about 'Krull' so get it uploaded to my PDO stat and no arguing, pal. That's an order, my tomo I'm afraid. Let me know when you've done that. Kei out." she said and began to contemplate the contents of her armoire and closets. "Where the Hell did I put that sissy silvery thing? How the Hell was I supposed to know that Junpei and Ari were telling the truth about the damne thing? They're usually loaded anyway! Where is that mail shirt dammit!" yelled an infuriated tro-con while she tore through her closets like a mad banshee. Finally-- There it is!" shecrowed in triumph.

    "Where the Hell have you ent her, Garner? Answer me dammit all!" shouted Anton Wilhelm Gustav angrily.

    "Yeah! Tell us, Chief!" yelped Don Poporo.

    "We do have a right to know, Charles. I hate to have to pull rank on you, old boy but I am Galactic Chief, you know." said Andre Francis Gooley quietly.

    "Sorry but I just am not at liberty to tell anyone where the Boss has gone and pulling rank on me won't work this time, Andy. The order to keep everyone in the dark comes from Kami (God) himself. Oro (What) I am permitted to tell you is that there are spies within the 3WA and every single one of our allies' camps to boot. If Deirdre's mission is successful everyone will be home in time for 'Kurisumasu' (Christmas). Go yell at 'Uncle Vito' (Galadriel), not me, dammit! Why do I always have to do the dirty work? Leave me in peace! Garner out." stormed the morose TSC (Territorial Sector Chief) and he blanked his vidscreen.

    "Afraid he's ight, chaps. I gave the 'gag order' just like Charlie told you. It is of course purely for security reasons. Find those spies, the nekos (cats) amongst our pigeons and I will tell you where we sentKatie and why." replied the self-styled 'Kami' (God) of the 3WA and the 'UG' quietly. He knocked the ash from his cigar and sipped his warm milk. The poor fellow used to be able to drink with the best of them and smoke cigarettes by the score but that was all in the good old 'BTDPCA' days. 'Before the Dirty Pair came along'!

    Protests galore met that announcement. At last a quiet voice broke through the chaos and confusion.

    "Sorry for eavesdropping on you, gentlemen but I think I know oro (what) has been happening on our ships. You are thinking that these so called 'spies' really and truly are agents sent by Johnny Berringer to spy on us, am I right? (A rumble of 'uh huh's answered that question) Oro (What) if those spies aboard our vessels do not really 'know' that they are spies, sirs? The very last thing that 'Black Ghost' told us before Mae Hopkins and I were rescued was that John was going to 'wipe out our memories and replace them with oro (what) he decided on'. I now believe that he had already done this with three of his earlier captives and then allowed hem to escape. All of this would have taken a lot of time. Who were the first three kidnapping victims? They are more than likely Johnny's brainwashed 'spies'." said Yuri Donovan.

    "Shall we put this to the test, gentlemen? 'CC'? Who were the first three of our personnel to go missing?" she added.

    "Miss Vincent (Rally), Miss Raven (Teen Titan girl) and Miss 'Shi Aizu' (Four Eyes) er mean Miss Ila (The sorceress trainee compadre of the Treasure Seekers)." replied a sheepish 'CC'.

    Another voice interrupted them. "Doesn't each on of our guests have communications devices? 'CC', don't you monitor and record all comm trffic on these three ships as well as all other 3WA and 'UG' vessels and then store this information in your data banks for the Boss?" asked newly promoted Commander Marlene Angel very quietly.

    "Christ Almighty! Of course he does! I forgot just how nosy our Katie is! 'CC', onegai er please scan the last few weeks of calls to and from that trio and isolate any strange transmissions. Do this as soon as possible and I do not wish to discuss it further. That is a direct order so hop to it, me boyo." said an ecstatic Aquarian Galactic Chief Andre Francis Gooley.

    "Don't ya see it yet? If one or all three of 'em are spying on us for JB their information has to get to him somehow, doesn't it? He can't very well use homing pigeons in deep space, now can he?" chuckled Andy.

    "Risky and foolhardy though this plan might be, Chief, Johnny Boy is arrogant and baka enough to think he can pull it off anyway." said Yuri.

    "That's cool but there's only one little problem, guys. Berringer's locked up below, ain't he? So why is our Mr 'G' worried about his spies on our ships?" asked soon to be Lieutenant Kome Sawaguchi.

    "Because your Johnny Berringer has a partner. Isn't tat right, Mr Galadriels, sir?" All aizu (eyes) turned to the inner nav room's doorway where Ensign Nami Richards was standing with folded arm and crossed feet. The 'G Boys' exchanged looks and Galadriel nodded his leonine head in agreement.

    "Correct, Ensign Richards, quite correct. We believe it to be a renegade 'Gallifreyan', a Time Lord named 'Morbius', that we do." he admitted.

    "That infernal pest? Again? My God! That fool Berringer intends to open a portal to 'Hecuo Mundo' (Hollow Earth), to Hell itself? And if he uses a 'God Gun' to blast it open it could never be closed agin- eve! All of the cosmoses would be in perpetual chaoos- forever! It is imperative that you find out oro (what) these spies have told 'Morbius'- stat! Use your two BetaZoids (Legato Bluesummers and Deanna Troi) and that alchemy teacher of the Elrics (Izumi) but make sure you find out and quickly! We must assume that Raven, Ila and 'Cat' (Rally Vincent) are John's three 'sleeper agents' since they wer the first ones of us taken. You really must hurry for the fates of all creations are at stake!" cried Doctor Six excitedly.

    "I must apologize. I have tracked three transmissions from the three 'Angels' (ships) to a place clled 'Sonntag Kryton' to some being named 'Morbius', however, the relays are encrypted and I am unable to decipher the messages. Perhaps the BetaZoids and the alchemy sensei will have better luck. I'm gone. Bye bye, good buddies." said 'CC' causing Yuri to grimace.

    Cont in Ch 33- Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 4 off Ch 33. Enjoy. Toodles-K&K

    "Well, at least Blue, Deanna and Izumi are all still aboard tis vessel. Still we dare not hail them or this rogue Time Lord may intercept our signals. Kme, go and get Blue. Kiva, find Commande Troi. Ed (Elric), bring Izume to me at once. I'll be at our 'zero room' on Sub Level Four. Zoe, Nyssa? Quietly collect 'Cat', Ila and Raven and meet us there below decks at the 'zero room'. OK peopl, let's hustle our asses!" commanded the Wing Commander and she jogged off to the lifts.

    Ten minutes later Kome, Kiva, Ed and Al Elric had brought Legato Bluesummers, Deanna Troi and Izumi to the infamous 'zero room'. Already there were Zoe and Nyssa with Rally 'Cat' Vincent, Ila and Raven in tow. "Sit down. I'll make this short and sweet. 'Cat'? Ila? Raven? e believe that you three have been used as 'sleeper agents' to spy on us for John Berringer. You may have unconsciously given our enemies information crucial to their plans. We know none of this is your faults, however, it is now absolutely vital that w discover exactly oro (what) you may have told to John's partner-in-crime as quickly as we can. You all know Blue, Deanna Troi of 'Starfleet' and Izumi from 'Amestris'. Blue and Deanna are BetaZoids while Izumi is a Twelfth Level Master Alchemist. Using techniques quite similar to a Vulcan 'mind meld' they re going to probe your minds and your memories. Normally this would solely be on a voluntary basis, however, with the fate of all life itself on the line, I'm afraid that as ranking officer on this mission I must order you to cooperate. If you refuse, you will be forcibly restrained and the mind scans performed on you anyway. Is that clearly understood?" said an apologetic Yuri. Then she heaved a sigh.

    "The Boss is no longer aboard this vessel and has not been aboard for the last three hours. Therefore, I am both this ship's and this mission's ranking 3WA officer so my word is law, tomos watashi (my very good friends) so I implore you to cooperate with us as time is of the very essence." added the violet-maned vixen officer.

    "I think that I speak for the three of us, ma'am when I say that we have no objections to this procedure. Right Rae? How about it, Ila? You two OK with this?" replied Rally 'Cat' Vincent.

    "Fine by us, 'Cat'." chorused Ila and Raven.

    "Great. We really appreciate your cooperation. Blue, why don't you do Raven? Troi, Ila is your assignment. Izumi, do 'Cat' for us onegai (please). As speedily as this can be done, guys? OK? Should the rest of us wait out here? (Blue nodded) Zoe, Nyssa, Kome, Kiva, Ed and Al? In the corridor please." ordered Yuri and she followed them out. Then she sealed the door tightly.

    A long hour later Yuri had just checked her wristchromo for the unpteenth time when the door swished aside and Deanna Troi beckoned everyone back inside.

    "Seal that shimatta (damned) Fxxxing portal quick!" cried Legato. Kome did so and sat down beside Kiva Nerese. "This here 'Morbius' dude knows everything about this mission! Our goals, our destinations, our ports o' call, our strategies, even where the Hell the Boss went aand why she went there!" he added grimly.

    "Oro (What)! But- but even I dunno where Kei went and why she went there, Blue!" exploded Yuri angrily. "So how could they possibly know?!" shouted Ed Elric crashing his automail arm's fist down so hard that he broke the coffeee table in twain! Brother Al drew a circle in the wreckage and waved his hands to restore it. Poof! The table was back and even better than before!

    "Sorry about that, guys." apologized Ed.

    "Who cares! This dude does know, man!" yelled Ed and Al's alchemy teacher.

    "OK then where did the Boss go and why? You might just as well tell us! We got the right to know, don't we?" demanded Zoe Morton hotly. Legato shrugged his shoulders.

    "To a world called 'Krull' to kill some giant beast named 'Garadonte'. He's the thing that's been keeping the portal open between Universes. Why? He, 'Morbius' and John Berringer intend to bring Hell to this world ('Workoh'), Heaven to Terra and thus create pepetual chaos throughout the Universes. How? Simple. By using three 'God Guns' fired in unison to concentrate their three ionic plasma beams into one infinite blast which will reverse time itself thereby freezing evolution." explained the tall BetaZoid from 'Gunsmoke' very softly.

    "And what that means is this. Djinns, demons and monsters will co-inhabit all the Universes with man, neo-lithic man and all other sentient beings as their slaves for all eternity." continued Deanna Troi.

    "And maybe even longer!" yelped Izumi before realizing oro (what) she had just said.

    Legato looked doubtful. "Even that trio- the Beast of'Krull', that rogue 'Gallifreyan' and that baka idiot Berringer- couldn't have done any of this without a 'soul reaper', a high ranking 'soul reaper' from the 'Seretai', the inner circle of the 'Soul Society' to point out the 'portal' to them." he stated thoughtfully.

    "How about a Captain from their 'Thirteen Court Guard Squad'? Would he do the trick? Aizen, the 'Fifth Squad' Captain is locked up in Deck Five's brig. Kei and I were wondering why Johnny took Aizen under his wing. So that's their game eh? No wonder John and his frigging playmates were so bloody easy to roundup and why they 'allowed' themselves to be caught so easily. They already had control of the 'Guns' but Johnny Boy didn't want them wiping out civilization. Why? If they did, oro (what) would be left for him to subjugate and control? Who could he conquer? That was why he agreed toi let 'Black Ghost' defuse his 'systemic inhibitors', give us back our ships and release the hostages. He may be both baka and an idiot but he sure as Hell ain't no frigging psychopath so he jumped at that chance Kei offered him. We've got to help her with this darned Best and this 'Morbius' must be captured." said Yuri.

    Cont in Ch 33-Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    At lst! Ch 33-Part 5. Another longy eh? Sorry but enjoy. Toodles-K&K

    "Bravo, Bridget but the correct term for both Beast and renegade is 'kill' not 'capture'. It is far too perilous to mankind as well asall sentient lifeforms to allow either megalomaniac to go on existing. Therefore you will go to 'Krull' and aid Deirdre to slay this Beast and his Slayers. Then armed with the 'Glave of Krull' you will take her to 'Sonntag Kryton' where you will execute this Time Lord 'Morbius'. Then and only then will you continue this mission of taking Berringer's bunch to 'Seto Kaiba', his ship and your cadets to 'Paladin' afterwards and finally take the 'Angel 2' to 'Gallifrey' before at last heading back home." commanded Vito Galadriel.

    "Then you 'brass hats' do understand that 'Cat', 'Four Eyes' and 'Rae' were merely John's pawns and are completely innocent of espionage and treason, right?" rumbled Jonathan Harlock.

    "Of course we do, Jn." replied Anton Gustav testily.

    "Oh. That's OK then, Laddy. Guess I won't be hving to send me 'Botany Bay 2' to explain things to ye after all." said Jon with a grin.

    "We are most certainly happy to hear that, Captain." replied Galadriel.

    "I suppose I had better give te orders then, sir?" asked TSC Garner and his superior nodded.

    "Attention! Attention all hands on the 'Angels 1, 2 and 3'! This is Garner. All of you are now unde the direct command of Acting Vice Admiral/Wing Commnder Donovan. Your orders are to change course and head for the planet 'Krull' to assist our 'Red Marshall' in subduing and killing 'Garadonte', the 'Beast of Krull' and his Slayers. Then you are to fly to 'Sonntag Kryton' and execute the renegade 'Gallifreyan' Time Lord 'Morbius'. Afterwards the 'Angels 1 and 3' will proceed back to home base wile the 'Angel 2' makes side trips to 'Seto Kaiba' to drop off prisoners and to 'Paladin' to drop off 'Starcrusher' and our second year cadet trainees. Then they will fly to 'Gallifrey' to bring John Berringer to stand trial before the High Council for crimes he has committed against time and hunmanity before they return home. Except for key personnel anyone who wants to will be permitted to transfer to another vessel so anyone on the 'Angel 2' who wants to get back to the Academy sooner rather than later is permitted to do so. Lift offs will be in one solar hour so you do not have very much time to decide. Just tell the 'travel officer' of your particular ship and they will take care od the details. For the 'Angel 1' that officer is Lieutenant (Garner did not say 'acting' either) Kome Sawaguchi, for the 'Angel 3' that officer is Lieutenant (Again Garner did not say 'acting') Perpigillian 'Peri' Winkle Brown and for the 'Angel 2' we have two so tell either Lieutenant Flay Allster or Subaltern Cagalli Yula Athna. (Charlie was going ga-ga with the promotions it seemed) Remember that your vessels lift off sharp at 1300 er one o'clock right after luncheon so let the travel officers know before then. Otherwise it will be too lateto switch vessels. Good luck everyone. We are all counting on you. Garnr out." he said and blanked his vidscreen.

    Meanwhile at 1100 hours Kei awakened to Mugghi's urgent trilling. "Yeah? Oro's (What's) up, Mugghi? Oro (What)? Yeah, patch it through to my quarters. (a few seconds passed) O'Halloran, Marshall, 3WA here. Do you read me? Over." she relay trilled.

    "Thank the gods! I reached someone- finally! I need help! I am being held against my will by some horrid creature! It forced me to stabilize some weird black hole for it! I am trapped here but I-I d-d-don'tknow exactly where here is! Please help me! Please!" sobbed a hysterical female voice.

    "Calm down, kid. I'll help ya. I'm tracing your relay, Honey. What's your name, kiddo? Over." she relay trilled in oro (what) Kei hoped was a consoling tone of voice.

    "S-S-Sally. S-Sally M-Mimoru. (She drew a deep breath) Dr Sally Mimoru, ma'am. I am a quantum physics scientist from 'Paladin'. That's a small moon orbiting the planet 'Sh-" began the frightened girl.

    " 'Shimougou'. Yeah, I know rightwhere that is, kid. Can't ya see my ship, Sally? Because I sure as Hell cannot see you, girl. Over." trilled Kei.

    "No. I can't see you, ma'am. I do not have visual relay capability here. This seems to be a very primitive world indeed. How do you know 'Paladin'? Over." relayed Sally whose hair was very long and ash blonde.

    "I'm 3WA andI run Takachiho Academy at 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' on 'Shimougou' although I am putting in for a transfer when I get back home. Now listen to me, Doc. Your rlay seems to originate from the planet 'Krull' so that 'horrid thing' of yours must be 'Galadonte', the 'Best of Krull' and you must be in his fortress castle. Keep your relay link open so I can use it for a homing beacon. Mugghi, how far are we from 'Krull'? 200 more lightyears? Damnation! That means another Fxxxing hour! Lock onto Sally's relay signal link and we'll follow it in until we get in beaming range. Sally? ("I'm here, ma'am." she relayed) That castle you're in moves every solar day so your relay frequency link is the only way for me to find ya so keep it open. Ya got a window in your cell? ("Yes, m'am but I still cannot see your ship's running lights outside. 200 lightyears would be in my visual range but I still can't see you, ma'am." relayed Sally. Kei's fist hit the bulkhead wall) Crap! Of course ya can't see me! Sorry kiddo. I'm 'cloaked' so that your 'Beast' and his jailors the 'Slayers' can't see me either. Sit tight kid and I'll be there by lunchtime, I promise. When we hit 'Krull's orbital path I'll send ya a signal. When you hear it put a 'di-rod' (dilythium crystal glowsticks are used for light much like ancient Terran cyalume light sticks once were) in your window fo me. ("All I have is a kerosene lantern, ma'am." relayed Miss Mimoru) Then that will just have to do, Sally. Move it back and forth a few tims. When I see i I'll 'beep' you and you can stop signalling. Don't get caught with it or they'll probably take it away from ya, kid. Keep your chin up. I'm coming for ya. Over." relay trilled the redhead.

    "Thanks, m'am. Hey! If you're from 'Furool (Foo-Lon)', by any chance were you thee lst 'Kurisumasu' (Christmas) season when that stupid dumb red-headed bimbo birdbrain wrecked the 'Higurashi Mall'? Oro (What) a jackass! (Before Kei could reply--) Whoops! Gotta go now! Somebody's coming! I'll leave the key open for you. Bye now and thanks, ma'am. Mimoru out. relayed Sally. Sally had jus managed to hide her relay set, lantern and mike under a loose stone in the tower's floor whn her cell door crashed open!

    END of Ch 33. Ch 34 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 34
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 34 of AW for ya. Part 1 first. Enjoy.Toodles-K&K
    Sorry but this looks to be a 4 parter (69K+ characters).

    DISCLAIMER: OK Sally, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 34 without any further meandering, shall we? Ensign Oranamia (Nami) Richards, P.N.O.- Permanent Navigational Officer? How the Hell'd that happen? Where's the next port o' call? Who is this Dr Sally Mimoru? Read on tomos all--

    CHAPTER 34

    'Mithril Mail Battle Armour' or 'Back to School'

    Sally was terrified but she was also very angry! On top of that she felt indecent wearing only a flimsy filmy set of 'shortie Teddy bear' pajamas under an even sheerer negligee! The 'Slayer' guard paid her not the slighest bit of attention. He placed some covered dishes and a carafe of hot coffee with a cup, creamer and sugar cubes on top of a table in the cell.

    "Your lunch, Doctor. When you are finished the Master will see you at 1400 hours. That is 2 o'clock in the afternoon, ma'am. I will return to escort you to him at 1350 which is ten minutes before the hour. Onegai (Please) enjoy your meal, Doctor." he said and turned to leave.

    "Wait! Tell your Master I will no see him like this! I refuse to meet him in these pajamas. It is very undignified. Either give me back my flightsuit and deck boots or bring me suitable clothing and footwear. A long-sleeved polo shirt, a turtleneck sweater, ski pants, a jacket, socks and boots or shoes. I will require a down jacket, parka or snowsuit as well as a scarf, fur hat and gloves since this castle is so drafty. (The guard stiffened when Sally said 'castle' but he said nothing) Otherwise your Master can go to Hell! I will not leave here looking like this! You tell him that, Mr Slayer, sir!" shouted the demure 28 year old ash blonde scientist defiantly.

    "I will tell him, Madam. Nonetheless I will return for you at 1350, Doctor. Bon appetit, Madam." repeated her warder. He left and locked the cell door behind him. Then he reactivated the hallway defense systems.

    "Did ya really mean that ya would rather stay here, Doc? I was sure as Hell ya wanted to leave?" growled a gruff voice from the shadows by Sally's bed.

    Sally froze in momentary fear. "Who is it? Is there anyone there? Who's there? Where are you? I cnnot see anything here." said an incredulous Sally Mimoru.

    "It's just me, kid. O'Halloran. Just call me Kei or Boss. I'm wearing a 'chameleon' cloak. I brought one for you too. Here. (A dark capelike thing with a hood materialized in the room) Just flip this over your back and wrap it around you. Don't forget the hood, Doc. (Sally tossed the 'cloak' around her shoulders and pulled it around herself. Then she pulled thehood over her head) Turn around, kid. (Sally did an about face and was surprised to see a burning pair of deep emerald green aizu (eyes) staring into her own hazel ones) Now we get your ass outta here, kiddo. Grab hold of my pistol belt and hold on- tight! (Sally grabbed and held) Beam us up now, Mugghi." trilled Kei softly.

    A few short nanoseconds later Kei yanked off her cloak and pulled off Sally's as well. Both of them were standing in Kei's bedroom just aft of her bridge/control room.

    "Welcome aboard my 'Raphael', Doc. Marshall Keirran O'Halloran, 3WA commanding. There's clothes in the closets and underthing in that bureau. Use the comm relay box beside the portal to call Mugghi for anything ya need or want. You have your lunch yet? Nai (No) of course you ain't. I took you away before ya got any, kid. Tell Mugghi or just use the replicator there on the table. Gomen (Sorry) to rescue you and run but (Kei hefted a star-shaped weapon which (against her better judgment) she had stuck her bare hands into boiling hot molten rock to retrieve just a few short hours ago inside Mt Shina on the other side of 'Krull'. Now she had Kami (God) knew how much time left before this 'castle' of Galadonte's vanished into the mists like'Brigadoon' on Terra) like I said before I got me a Beast to slay so if you'll gome (excuse me) I'll--" said the Boss.

    Sally was staring up at the redhead from the bunk she was sitting on. "O'Halloran? You're O'Halloran? (Kei nodded impatiently) You're (Sally snapped her fingers) You're that loony redhead that shot up 'Higurashi Mall' last Kurisumasu (Christmas) season- in October or November it was!" yelled Sally in triumph. (Kei's green aizu (eyes) flashed daggers of flame).

    "Yeah. So?" challenged the angry firebrand Hellcat.

    "No offense, Boss. You're famous, ma'am! The holovid papes (23rd Century video newspapers) are full of your adventures and derring do! ("Oro (What) the Hell do ya want- an autograph?" growled Kei) Is it true that you are only twenty years old? That's eight years my junior, ma'am. Maybe I should start calling ya 'Junior', huh?" asked a giggling Sally Mimoru.

    "So I'm famous eh? Cool. Yeah, I'm only twenty, kid. I do not like being called 'Junior' and knock off all this 'ma'm' crap. Ya make me sound like I'm an old dowager duchess, for Kami's (God's) sake! Like I just said Kiddo I gotta split so just make yourself at home, kid. It's damned cold in this region of space so if you are gonna wander around my shuttle you'd better change outta those cute jammies. Yuri would love those things, the baka moron vacuumhead. I'll be back just as soon as I can, Doc. OK. Mugghi? Put me down two and a half meters West from my location before you beamed us up. Yeah, I'm ready, Furball. Energize." said the Boss and Sally watched in fascination as the tall redhead crystallized and disappeared.

    A short time later Sally was chewing on a rare T-bone steak with all the trimmings and drinking a vintage Bordieux wine. She felt toasty and warm in the borrowed flightsuit over top of the borrowed snazzy uniform and deck boots. Under the uniform she had on a long sleeved polo shirt, a short-sleeved tee shirt, a black tank top undershirt and a sports bra. Under the uniform trousers she was wearing ski pants, long thermal 'long johns' underpants, gym shorts and underbriefs. Beneath the deck boots were short 'chukka' or 'moon' boots and three pairs of high topped athletic socks.

    That huge white cat thing (Mugghi) that had brought her lunch in to her had scared the shit out of the good Doctor at first. So much so that Sally had almost pissed in her borrowed pants! However, the creature seemed docile and gentle as well as being quite intelligent so now Sally wasn't afraid of Mugghi. O'Halloran had told her that Mugghi was piloting the 'small' spacecraft. (Kei's shuttle seemed to have several levels and looked to have a cargo bay a fleet of cargo carrying land speeders could have fit in with room to spare! At a guess this 'Raphael' thing could accommodate almost a hundred souls all told!). At first the quantum physics research scientist hadn't been too keen about staying aboard a monster ship flown by a giant white version of 'Garfield' but she had asked them for help and they had responded to her distress calls when nobody else did! Besides beggars can't always be choosers.

    "One more thing, kid and it's shimatta (damned) important. Stay off the outgoing comm relays. Our enemies may be monitoring them." warned the Boss's gruff voice in Sally's ears! The sounds seemed to be coming from those hideous looking rhomboid earrings that Mugghi had clipped to Sally's ears when she'd brought in lunch. Apparently they were some sort of communicators.

    "OK, I won't call anyone, Ma-- er Boss. How's the hunt going?" trilled Sally. Kei sighed.

    "Not so good, kiddo. This blasted place is full of twists and turns. Ya know anything about its Fxxxing layout?" trilled Kei softly.

    "Afraid not, Marshall O. The only part of that castle I've ever seen is that cell where you found me but I think my room was pretty high up and the 'Slayer' guards always mentioned taking me 'up' to see their Master so this Beast of yours must be somewhere near the topmost floor of the place. Good luck, kid." trilled the ash blonde beauty.

    "Up eh? OK, it's worth a try. Arigatou (Thanks), Doc. Kei out." she trilled and then startedto climb up the long and winding spiral stairwell towards the higher sections of the fortress castle. Suddenly just as she rounded a turn in the staircase-- a voice boomed out like thunder!

    "I see thee, human child. Who art thou and why hast thou come here? Thou knowst that thou art trespassing, doth thou not? Answer me, harlot!" roared a huge misshapen gigantic 'thing' six times the size of Raven's daddy 'Trigon'!

    "Who the Fxxx ya calling a harlot, you freak? Ya looked in any mirrors lately, tomo (friend)? Look. I have been sent to annihilate ya but I'm feeling charitable today so if ya seal up that rift in time and space and promise to be a good little monster and behave yourself, I promise I won't kill ya. The choice is yours, Ugly and I got me a real itchy firing stud finger, pal so make up your Fxxxing mind quick!" yelled the Harpie firebrand Hellcat Amazon who had taken dead aim at this 'Beast of Krull', Galadonte, with her brand new and fully loaded long barrelled Mark XXXi ion cannon, her finger cold on its firing stud.

    The behemoth Leviathan monstrosity laughed- long and loud! Kei was fuming with uncontrolled rage, anger and hate. Galadonte laughed so hard that his fortress castle's walls shook!

    Cont in Ch 34- Part 2
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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 34. Enjoy. Toodles-K&K
    Sorry the title reads Ch 5. It is Ch 34.

    "Puny human child! Dost thou truly believe that thou canst harm me? ME! Galadonte? The Beast who hast enslaved a thousand worlds in a hundred galaxies with that- that- pathetic toy? Go ahead, my dear. Use it. Use it by all means. Use it, foolish mortal. Use it for it will avail thee naught!" thundered the thing from Hell itself.

    "OK, Bigmouth! Thou hast been asking for it and now thou art going to get it!" screamed the redhead and she touched her firing stud again and again and again and again.

    Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Each shell hit its mark and then buried itself deep in the shadowy creature's 'body' yet Galadonet still stood there defiantly! He laughed again and stared back at the completely surprised and thunderstruck 'Red Marshall'.

    "Doth that be the limit of thy puny powers, Harpie wench bitch? They tickled me somewhat." it rumbled.

    Kei ignited her laser sword hilt. "Try this, you overgrown Swamp Thing!" she screeched and swung the blade as hard as she could and slashed deep- sideways and through the damned monster. It felt like she was cutting into an ice fog on 'Gysymeo' and he slashes had as much effect to boot!

    Kei was livid now. "There must be something that can Fxxxing kill thee, thou heap of elongated slime filth!" she shrieked and in desperation she dragged out weapon after weapon and piled them up around her like a barrier wall.

    "If it brings thee pleasure then by all means play your 'Baldur the Beautiful' game, my dear. I am in no hurry. It will take but an instant to end thy life." said Galadonte amusedly. He stood perfectly still and held out his arms. "When thou art ready, my love?" he said in an oily voice that reminded Kei of Orochimaru.

    Her plasma rifle, disruptor guns, blasters, ion cannons, photon torpedo bombs, incendiary grenades and sawed off shotgun (A present from Revy Roberts) truly 'availed her naught' as did the 'nitroglycine' square ('Nitroglycine' is a plastique explsive a thousand times more powerful than Terran nitroglycerine and more concentrated than Terran fulminate of mercury) which Kei tossed at Galadonte and then detonated with a Mark XXXI blast centimeters from the Beast's face! As the billowing acrid smoke finally cleared away the tomboy Hellcat soon saw to her horror that the monstrous mountain of a thing was still standing unscathed before her!

    "Holy shit!! No Fxxxing way, man! That thing was packed with enough nitro to level half of 'Elenore City' and then some! It just cannot be! Dammit to Hell!" she howled angrily.

    "What is next in thy bag of tricks, harridan bitch child?!" he snarled. "My turn, I believe." he added and deep violet flames erupted from the Beast's outstretched fingertips!

    Kei's anorak, parka and heavy quadruple Kelvinite insulated deck boots disintegrated with the first blast. The second salvo of fire reduced hr heavy flightsuit to smoldering ashes while the third blazed away most of her uniform before Kei's gloved fingertips found the star-shaped 'Glave' on the floor where she'd tossed it in her eagerness to locate a weapon earlier. She quickly used Ivanhoe's 'toy' to deflect the fourth flame attack and hurl it right back at him like 'Tetsusaiga's 'Back Slash Wave' attack. Galadonte howled and winced in pain at oro (what) the tro-con felt could only be a minor firestorm for that big hulking thing! As Kei stood up her uniform turned to ashes along with her turtleneck, polo shirt, tee shirt, tank top and gym shorts. Her battle armour had long since bit the dust, however, her mail coat of Elfin 'Mithril' still protected her and in hindthought Kei felt she should have put it on over her briefs and bra rather than under them.

    She hefted the 'Glave' a few more times before she suddenly hurled it with all her might and main at the Beast the same way as if the 'Glave' was a 'shurikin' (Ninja throwing star weapon). It struck with force an cut deep into the Beast's 'flesh' before it returned to her hand- just like an old Terran boomerang. Galadonte let out a roar and 'Slayers' were everywhere! Unlike their Master Kei's twin Mark XIII ion cannons cut them down like cannon fodder which in a way was just oro (what) they were.

    Three more 'Glave' attacks and the thing from jigoku (Hell) was finished. Unfortunately for the feisty redhead so was the fortress castle which had stood only through the Beast's sheer power of will! Apparently that huge misshapen giant had been a BetaZoid or something akin to it.

    "Mugghi!! Get me the Fxxxing jigoku (Hell) outta here- stat!" yelled Kei as her sports bra and bikini underbriefs flared into ash leaving the redhead clad solely in the flimsy and almost transparen 'Mithril' shirt of mail. A tremendous flash and there she was back aboard the 'Raph' once more. Her socks in tatters and looking 'au natural' despite the Elfin mail shirt she still wore the fiery Amazon dashed to the console and hit the main thrusters' launch panel.

    "Sally! Wherever ya are find a seat and strap your ass into it! We are lifting off- now!" yelled Kei while she and Mugghi were strapping in each other.

    Sally Mimoru was at an observation port 'window' when she heard the Boss's warning and only just managed to grab hold of a staunchion pole and wrap her arms around it before all Hell broke loose! The shuttle accellerated and Kei hit hyperthrust increasing their speed to Warp 12. A 'G' force of 16,000 kilograms per square centimeter (kpc) struck the 'Raphael' whileKei struggled to depressurize the decks. At last she succeeded and managed to pull them out of hyperspace causing their speed to recede back to Warp 3.

    "Everyone OK?" cried the redhead and Mugghi meowed to her. "Sally? You still in one piece, kiddo?" she trilled.

    "Holy Fxxxing shit! Mother of Christ, man! I think I just pissed in my goddamned pants! What the Sam Hell just happened, girl?" squealed the usually calm and cool scientific researcher.

    "Gomen, kid. Sorry but I had to break orbit before we got yanked bacwards into that shimatta (damned) gravity well which showed up when that castle disintegrated, however, we are OK now. At Warp 3 we'll sight the 'Adonis Arch' in a few more hours. From there we'll travel to 'Gallifrey' in another solar day- via hyperspace. My exec, that's Wing Commander (Kei didn't know that she would soon be an Acting Vice Admiral as well) Yuri Donovan, will meet us there with my ship. She'll have our prisoner with her- Johnny Berringer. After that creep stands trial before the 'High Council of Time Lords' we can head for home, kid." trilled the Boss.

    "Berringer? That big dummy that grabbed me said he worked for a John Berringer. His name was 'Rex Looter', I think." replied Sally who was rubbing a bruised calf.

    Cont in Ch 35-Part 3
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    Here is Part 3 of Ch 34-Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    "Lex Luthor! I might have known that slimy toad was behind this mess! Sally? Onegai er please come up to the bridge. (Kei chuckled) Better change your pants first though. Kei out." she trilled. Kei had changed into fresh underthings only this time she put them on under the 'Mithril' shirt. Now she was yanking on a fluffy green velvet polo shirt and grey 3WA gym shorts. Her arms and legs were still smarting from the burns even though Mugghi had doused her liberally with 'Bacteryl 81' to ease the pain. Still her skin felt way too tender for long sleeves or long pants yet. Socks were out for the same reason as were boots so Mugghi was sliding soft 'mule' sandals onto her still tender feet. Kei winced as she carefully pulled on her shoulder hosters and harness and her crossed bandoliers. Then she slid her twin Mark XIII cannons into their holsters, clipped a laser sword hilt to her waistband and slung a plasma rifle over her stinging shoulder.

    "We got us a little detour to make before we go to 'Gallifrey', kid. Mugghi, change course andtake us to 'Sonntag Kryton' instead. I've gotta get rid of 'Morbius' before we meet with the High Council. (She spun about to face Sally) OK Doc, level with me. Why do Berringer and his kooks want you? (Sally shrugged her shoulders) OK. Tell me this. Oro (What) the Fxxx is 'Karma Chameleon' and why does Johnny Boy want it so damned bad,kid? Answer me, Blondie!" snarled Kei.

    "OK already, I'll tell ya only stop calling me a kid, dammit! I am 28 years old and that is 8 years more than you are, Marshall! Just call me Sally, OK? The 'Karma Chameleon' is a genetically enhanced lizard whose skin secretes an oily liquid which when rubbed on anything or anyone will cause that something or someone to become almost fully transparent meaning it will be virtually invisible. With it you could march an entire bloody army right through the front gates of Mt Hakurei with nobody being any the wiser. Ya happy now?" said the ash blonde quantum physics professor.

    "Who else do they need to make 'KC' lizard joy juice into a reality?" asked Kei quietly.

    "Somebody to show 'em how to harvest the oil. That would be a schoolkid on 'Klaes 4' named Kira Gordon. She's attending 'Jakotsu Academy' there." replied Sally.

    "Nobody else? You're sure? Think very carefully, Sally." said Kei while she poured java for the three of them. She handed a steaming mug to Mugghi and Sally.

    "Nope. With Kira, me and 'Mookie' of course he'd have all the peopl he'd need, Boss Kei." answered Sally and she took an appreciative sip of her java.

    "Who the Hell's 'Mookie'?" asked Kei dubiously.

    "The 'Karma' chameleon we bred for the 'UG', Marshall O." explained Sally.

    "Oh 'CC'? Find out if this Kira Gordon has gone missing from 'Jakotsu Academy' on 'Kles 4' and trill me back stat. Arigatou, tomo (Thank you, my friend)." said Kei into the empty air.

    "The child is still there and she wears lavender ones, Boss. Anything else, baby?" said a smug 'CC'. Sally looked puzzled.

    "Lavender? Kira's only 12 and she's way too young for perfume, Boss so what's he talking about?" asked a perplexed ash blonde.

    "He means the colour of her panties, Doc. He's a dirty old man." replied Kei nonchalantly blowing smoke rings and spearing them with her cheroot.

    "And you keep perverts like him on your crew?" demanded Sally Mimoru angrily. Kei grinned and chuckled.

    "Relax. 'CC' ain't a real guy. He's a computer program, Sally. He runs all the ships and shuttles in our fleet. He's harmless albeit obnoxious most of the time. You'll get used to him, Doc." said a yawning redhead.

    "Mugghi, onegai (please) change our heading again. Head for 'Klaes 4' in the 'Chronos Epsilon' quadrant. We're gonna go back to school. Think we can pass ourselves off as students, Sally? Better get a good night's sleep. We're infiltrating 'Jakotsu Academy' ashita (tomorrow). 'CC'? Find out oro (what) the oni (devil) their school uniforms are like and rep up one for me and another for Sally. G'Night to ya, Doc. I'm bushed so I'll see ya in the morning." yawned Kei. She took the first bedroom aft of the bridge, crashed onto her bunk and went right to sleep.

    Sally Mimoru went to her own bedroom and called for 'CC' who immediately responded to her hail.

    "Hai (Yes)? You wish for somethin, Dr Mimoru?" asked the old lecher.

    "Yes. Please ascertain for me if this school needs any teachers. Submit my resume to them under the name of 'Dr Sarah Michaelson'. Any position they have I can do. Please enter the Boss there as a transfer studen from Mars. Use the name 'Katrina O'Hara' an fudge up some records for her and myself. Give me the details in the morning. Good night, 'CC' and you have my thanks." said Sally.

    "Your wish is y command, little lady." drawled 'CC' who seemed to be playing John Wayne tonight.

    "One more thing, 'CC'." she whispered.

    "Yes? Oro is your desire now, my dear child?" he asked.

    "Mine are a pale shade of mauve so you do not need to look. You got that?" replied Sally menacingly.

    "You have my gratitude, kawaii enjeru (lovely angel). Good night agin, Doc." answere 'CC' apologetically.

    Next morning Kei reluctantly attired her still aching body in the perky schoolgirl's deep aoishi (dark blue) sailor blouse and tied the black crosstie. Then she stepped into the matching short pleated skirt, calf high white stockings and black Oxford shoes. "Shit! I look like Ai Enma! The 'Hell Girl' herself!" she grumbled and bound a Kelly green ribbon around her forehead. She picked up her backpack, shovd her white kid gloves into her tiny purse and feeling like a complete Jacarondan jackass she strolled down t the dining hall where Sally Mimoru was already on her second cup of java having breakfasted earlier and Kei did a double take.

    Instead of a ridiculous schoolkid's outfit like Kei's Sally was wearing a smart black blazer over a crisp white shirt complete with cufflinks, a narrow striped black/grey tie and matching black slacks. On her feet were black loafers and on her hazel aizu (eyes) were a pair of outlandish looking owlish spectacles! On the floor beside Kei's backpack and purse were a smart red leather attache type briefcase stamped 'SM' in gold an a blck shoulder purse. The nametag hung around her neck read 'Dr Sarah Michaelson, PhD, MD, MSS, BSS, MQP, BPhS/Science and Physics Instructor' while a small 'SM' had been stiched into her lapels and a yellow crest emblazoned 'JA' in green had been stiched to the left breast of her blazer.

    Kei sat down to her breakfast and Sally frowned at her. "Since when are students permitted to dine at the staff table, Miss?" chuckled Sally.

    "You sure as Hell don't look like an exchange student, Sally." growled the 'Red Marshall'.

    "You may call me Ms Michaelson, Miss O'Hara. I am the new'Science and Physics' teacher at 'Jakotsu Academy', my dear child. Don't you see? This way we have all of our bases covered, Kei. By the way I had 'CC' enter you as an exchange student- 'Katrina O'Hara'. You're from 'Moravian City Junior Academy' on Mars. So oro's (what's) the plan, Miss Katrina?" chortled Sally.

    "Grab Kira Gordon and get her ass and yours and this 'Mookie's safely home to 'Shimougou', Ms Michaelson. Hopefully by that time Yuri er my exec that is, Wing Commander Donovan, will have already dealt with 'Morbius' and returned home. I'm sure she's wheedled my whole mission outta Charlie Garner by now. Dammit to Hell! I wish I'd thought of going undecover as a teacher instead of as a bloody schoolkid! I really hate wearing skirts dammit!" sulked the Boss. Sally shook a finger at her.

    "Well you didn't so remember that you are a school student. Schoolgirls do not smoke, drink or swear, Miss Katrina O'Hara." giggled 'Sarah Michaelson'.

    Kei cast a critical aizu over her partner. "Hey 'CC'. Darken her hair a bit and add five more years to her appearance. Make sure each of our purses, my backpack and milady's briefcase have the usual junk in them, be sure our IDs are in order and match our covers. Better arm both of us with laser sword hilts, Mark III miniblasters and a few extra power packs. (Kei stuck a 'morphing' bracelet on her own wrist and then clamped one on Sally's wrist) These'll put us into 3WA tro-con uniforms, battle armour and weapons at a single touch of our fingers. Mugghi, beam us down to a spot about half a kilo from this academy and 'cloak' the 'Raphael'. If you sense or even suspect trouble, call in the cavalry and get the Hell outta here. Don't worry about us. Understand? (Mugghi meowed) 'CC', oro's (what's) the weather like down there? Snowy? Christ! Then we're gonna need parkas, aoraks with hoods, fur hats, gloves and boots. In addition I'll needski pants and a sweater. We'll both need luggage with the usual crap in 'em. You'd better dump that stuff somewhere near the school so we won't have to lug suitcases half a kilo through a blizzard. Sally, don't take any unnecessary chances. If you think anybody besides Kira has recognized you trill Mugghi to beam you back up here. Well, good luck to you, Ms Michaelson." said Kei.

    "Good luck to you as well, Miss O'Hara." replied Sally. She slung her purse over her shoulder, pulled on boots, gloves, hat, anorak and parka, waited until Kei had likewise kitted herself out, adjusted Kei's backpack, picked up her briefcase and nodded to Mugghi. Kei tucked her purse under her arm and nodded to the big white neko (cat).

    Cont in Ch 34-Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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