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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Part 4. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    "Go ahead, Mugghi. Energize." she intoned and both pseudo-teacher and undercover schoolgirl student vanished.

    A long and exhausting hour later 'Katrina O'Har' was settling in with her new roommate- Kira Gordon.

    Across campus 'Ms Dr Sarah Michaelson' was enjoying a nice cup of tea with her new colleagues in the faculty lounge.

    Meanwhile back across the galaxy at 'Sonntag Kryton' Kome Sawaguchi had already dealt with 'Morbius'. She had sliced him in twain with a single slash of her laser sword while Marlene Angel had emptied three power packs into him from her plasma rifle. Now the 'Lovely Angel 2' was wending along on its way to 'Gallifrey' to drop off John Berringer. Back on 'Seto Kaiba' Kommandant Jason Shikamaru (cousin to the Jason Shikamaru who commanded 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City Tower' back on 'Shimougou') had complained loudly to no avail that he was running out of room, however, somehow he did manage to accommodate all of Johnny Boy's cronies.

    Mugghi (Kei's Mugghi that is. Yuri has one of her own. Each Angel has their own Nammo too) had finally managed to relay Yuri that her presence at 'Krull' was now no longer necessary. She told the Wing Commander that Kei was bringing Dr Sally Mimoru and Miss Kira Gordon directly back home to 'Takachiho Academy' and await the 'Angel 2's return. Then she had relayed all of this crap to 'Katrina' who had repeated her orders that the 'Raphael' remain 'cloaked' until she said otherwise.

    According to plan, Yuri arrived at 'Gallifrey', delivered 'JB' to the High Council who immediately had the slippery rapscallion incarcerated in the 'Great Tower of Rathelon' in the 'Dead Lands'. Since his trial was still several onths away the demure violet-maned vixen took her leave and set course for 'Paladin' where she turned 'Starcrusher' over to Captain Edgar O'Sullivan the 3WA's motor pool sector chief there. Her next port o' call was 3WA HQ- 'Paladin' branch where they dropped off their second year 'Academy' cadet student tro-con trainees for their 'internships' under their new chiefs. These second year 'troccies' included Cadets/Acting Sub-Ensigns Edna Jordan (Tomah's sister and daughter to a 'UG' galactic chief) and Rio Delcroix (Her uncle was Cliff Delcroix, the 3WA's chief adjutant of Research and Development on 'Shimougu').

    After a mandatory banquet held in her honour Yuri pointed the ship towards home and was finally able to sit down, put her feet up and relax. Three whole glorious stress-fre (meaning Boss-free) solar days and nights. Then 'home sweet home' and more darn boring red tape to wade through- again. Ah well, itwould all be worth it for a little peaceand quiet. She didn't know oro (what) to make of the cryptic message from Kei's Mugghi.

    'Kei had stuck hr hands into hot lava to retrieve that 'Glave' thingy of Ivy's but she had not been burned. She had used it to kill the Beast and left the 'Glave' behind on 'Krull'. Somehow she had been enrolled in some prep school academy on 'Klaes 4' in 'Chronos Epsilon' quad while her newtomo (friend) a Dr Sally Mimoru (Where had Yuri heard that name before?) was one of 'Katrina's teachers.' Why? That was something Mugghi couldn't (or wouldn't?) tell her. The Hell with it!

    Yuri decided to sun herself on the pool holodeck. Her 'mizugi' (swim suit) was a cool aquamarine and white and it felt great!

    Meanwhile her CO was definitely not a happy camper at 'Jakotsu Academy' where 'Ms Michaelson' had reprimanded 'Katrina' for tardiness, takng in class, cutting her classes, smoking and swearing! Naturally 'Katrina' was in detention class. Imagine that- Kei getting a detention at her age! Yuri giggled at the thought of the fiery redheaded tomboy in hot water again. Then the vixen minx wondered why the Hell Kei and Sally had gone undercover at 'Jakotsu Academy' in the first place and who the oni (devil) this Dr Sally Mimoru was anyway? None of their chiefs could (or would?) tell her who Miss Mimoru was and even 'God Almighty' ('Uncle Vito' Galadriel) feigned ignorance. The dinner gong rang at 1700 (5 PM) just before Han announcd sighting 'Shimougou's outer markers. Yuri sighed, called for the 'Arch' and left the holodeck.

    She changed back into sweats and sneakers and strolled down to dinner. She used the gantryway stairs this time not the lift. Yuri needed time to think.

    "Hey 'Katrina', can you hear me? It's me- 'Sarah'." whispered Sally Mimoru.

    "Yeah, I can hear ya but I can't talk right now. Ya find out anything?" whispered 'Katrina O'Hara' who was still in detention.

    "Plenty so don't talk, just listen. The headmaster of this place is 'Simon Christopher Crow' and that sounds like an alias to me. Got any ideas?" whispered 'Sarah'.

    "Christ! Not him! Lemme trill ya back, kid." whispered 'Katrina'.

    "Miss Rober? I gotta go to the ca- er the bathroom real bad, maam." said 'Katrina' with her hand raised.

    "But of course, Miss O'Hara. Please hurry back, my child." replied the kindly detention teacher.

    "Sally? Ya there? Listen up! That 'Crow' dude sounds like a real bad Fxxxer I've tangled with before quite a few times. That ring Mugghi gave ya has a vid sensor in it. Just point it and I'll get the video on my vidcell. Be careful but try to send me his picture. ('Sarah' aimed the ring at a framed photograph hanging on the wall. It showed a distinguished old toff presiding over a dinner party) Yeah, I got it, kid. That's him. That guy is 'Hellfire' and I'm sure of it. That's the 'Scarecrow' for sure. He's one of Lex Luthor's gang. That Fxxxing well settles it! We gotta get Kira outta here tonight. Fake a headache or someting and go to bed early- right after supper. Then trill Mugghi to beam ya up. I'll find Kira and beam up later. Tell Mugghi to stand by for my signal. Shit! Somebody's coming! Gotta go, Doc. Bye." trilled 'Katrina' and just got her vidcell jammed back in her purse when Estelle Woods, another detentionee came into the rest rooms.

    "God! Do I ever hate this dump! Shit! I have been just dying for a smoke all day! Want one, 'Kat'?" she asked and lit up a cigarette.

    "Yeah. Thanks a lot, Esty. ('Kat' lit up and blew some smoke rings. "Cool, man. Sure wih I could do that." said Estelle) Man, I really needed that! ('Katrina' glanced at her wrist chromo) Thank Christ, Esty! Only five more minutes and we can go to dinner. Hey! Ya seen my roommie around aywhere?" she asked. Estelle nodded, took one last drag and flushed her butt down the john. Holding up an index finger, she gargled some mouthwash and sprayed her mouth with breath freshener.

    "Kira the Clean? She's probably at the library, 'Kat'. Miss Gordon never gets into trouble. She's so squeaky clean she makes me sick! She's a boring little brat and I really pity you, girl. Man, what a geeky nerdy dweeb to be stuck with for a roommie! Whoa! (Estelle glanced down at 'Katrina's wristchromo) That's a cool watch, 'Kat'! Does it tell ya when you're sick too? (Actually 'Kat's wristchromo did monitor one's vital signs plus a whole Helluva lot more stuff but 'Kat' didn't dare tell that to Esty- for obvious reasons!) We better get back to 'D' class so Miss Rober can dismiss us, 'Kat'. Ya wanna hang out up on the roof later?" replied Estelle.

    "Sure Esty. Meet ya up there at twenty hun- er I mean I'll see you round eight. Better gt moving now." said 'Kat' after she had swallowed ahandful of 'Nicoro' capsulets with some of Esty's mouthwash.

    'Nicoro' isa nicotine counteragent developed by Doctor 'Q' and would effectively mask the tobacco smell from 'Katrina's mouth or at least so he claimed. Miss Rober dismissed them all for dinner a few minutes later after telling them to write a two pge essay on tardiness and unladylike behaviour.

    "See ya dinner, 'Kat'? It's spaghetti night, man! Yummy!" said Estelle Woods. 'Katrina' nodded abstractedly and waved to her tomo (friend) wannabe. As soon as she saw Estelle leave for the dining hall, 'Kat' sprinted across campus to the austere and gloomy library. She found Kira Gordon in the vidchip room and silently bolted the doo behind her. Slipping up quietly behind the younger schoolgirl, 'Katrina' slapped a hand across her mouth and spoke softly but urgently.

    "Listen to me, kid! I ain't got a lotta time but your life's in danger the longer ya stay here. I'm gonna get ya outta here. OK? (Kira nodded) If I take my hand away do ya promise not to yell?" growled 'Katrina'.

    Kira nodded eagerly so 'Kat' removed her hand from he kid's mouth. "Help!! Miss Fujiyama! Help!! Any--" she screeched.

    END of Ch 34. Ch 35 soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Did Sally really expect our Kei to buy that 'Karma Chameleon' story? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 35 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or 'Sally Tells the Truth'
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    Talking Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Keiman's Profile/Bio from ff.net- Part 1

    Since I cannot UL images here until the new admins enable it and ditto for my Profile page which they lost I'll post my Profile/Bio pages from ff.net here under dirtypairfanfiction. Be patient. My Profile at ff.net is ongoing and quite lengthy. I am also posting this at my eons/anime-a-holics site as well as at my YG Animeaholcs1 site. Enjoy and if anyone figures out how to get their Profils and pix back please advise the group. Thanks a lot and toodles-K&K

    Many spoilers within for many anime series and films. Be warned!

    Running Chapter Totals:-

    'Xmas with the Dirty Pair' (Complete at 184)http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/426318" >

    'Angel Wings' (Ongoing with 36 posted)http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/424775" >

    KonnichiWa Gang-We are the great Keiman and my Lovely Angel Kei (the Flash one-her birthday is
    1-1-2231). I was born 7-8-1949 so I am a proud 54
    years old. We reside in Damocles Towers, an apart-
    ment building in Elenore City on Shimougou, a planet in the Gamma Quadrant of the Aquarian Galaxy. This is the site of 3WA HQ. If you read my
    interview with Kei a while back you know that I am Anton Gustav the Chief of Unit 9 of the 3WA and Kei's new boss. We enjoy fighting, shooting, golf, football, kenjitsu and watching other anime. We welcome reviews and we run a sorta monthly anime trivia quiz on and on 'cause we also like japanese anime music. Kei has been teaching me Japanese romaji for a year and a half. We are also somewhat of an expert on animes of all kinds as well as the LA series of which we have all the videos on VHS. We also supply animeontv with updated listings of Anime Network shows on Cutting Edge which can be found at ComcastOnDemand. Well Domo Arigato and Kami bless you all for your help and encouragement. Look for Chapter 2 soon! Happy Birthday to Kei on New Year's Day and don't miss Showtime Beyond's LA marathon on NY Eve beginning at 11:30 PM EST/EDT. They will show all the Original OVAs(10) and all of the Flash OVAs(15) in order for the first time anywhere. And if you can get them by all means get the LA Classic Japanese series(26) which are subs only. And Project EDEN, Affair at Nolandia and Conspiracy on Flight 009 are great too. And Crusher Joe the movie is a must see for our Angels 15 second debut appearance! Gomen this is so long but bear with us onegai. Flash Kei's voiceactress Sue Ulu voiced Grandma Spankenheimer on "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" on TV this Christmas season. She was so cool. Well happy holidays to you all from us both-Keiman and Kei. PS-Critiques welcome and we will try to answer them all.-KK

    Cont in Profils- Part 2
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    Profiles- Part 2

    Beginning with Chapter 3 of "Christmas With the Dirty Pair" (which we will post soon we promise) we will include a list of Japanese lingo we use fairly often along with the meanings in English. Remember we only started learning Japanese romaji a year ago or so. We may use the incorrect form of Japanese every now and then so please bear with Kei and myself for this. Domo arigato for the reviews-keep 'em coming! See ya soon and ai (love) you all. Kami bless-KK Kei says arigato to all of ya who remembered her birthday on January first. Happy New Year from us both. Chapter 3 just posted 1/4/04. Gomen if it's lengthy but them's the breaks hazu. We also added a list of words, terms, phrases and abbreviations we are using in our works. We also have included translations where needed. We also added more new characters etc. to the Cast List. Enjoy. Onegai read and review. Chapter 4 "Strange Visitors to the Higurashi Mall" coming soon.-KK Gomen onegai bear with us as the spacing may be crappy for first few chapters. We have not gotten the hang of MS Works yet. Chapter 4 soon.-KK OK Hazu-Chapter 5 "Paying a Call on the 3WA" is now up. Chapter 6 "A Most Unusual Tale is Told" will soon follow. Onegai r/r and arigato to all who read us. All comments welcome. Ja Mata. Don't forget the Yuris' birthdays on March 3 and March 18.-KK Chapter 6 goes in tonight-hope to get to 10 or 12 by end of weekend-Watch for the K vs K fight in Chapter 9-KK OK Chapter 6 now up. It's called "A Most Unusual Tale Is Told" or "More Sake and Cigarettes" Onegai RR-comments/suggestions always welcome to us. Next chapter 7 "The Lovely Angel Two Fellowship" or "What Not To Do On the Lovely Angel Two-Yuri Makes A Booboo" coming soon will feature the long awaited fight between Kome Sawaguchi and Kei O'Halloran as promised! See-we do act on suggestions. Later on we even have the Classic Angels visit the Flash pair too.-KK Sorry-Forgot to tell ya "baka" means "idiot". We'll be using it a lot now-KK Chaps 7 to 9 now up. Please r r. Happy 25th to the Angels and Happy Birthday to Classic and Flash Yuri in March. Enjoy. Ja Mata-KK We goofed! Chapter 9 and 8 are reversed on Chapter Guide. Gomen-KK Chapter 10 "Mess with an Angel/End up with a bear-Kome's Rematch" now up. All new words c. have translations following them in ( ) like this. Chapter 11 "Doctor to the Rescue" coming soon. Onegai rr. Domo arigato to our loyal fans/reviewers. Ja Mata for now.-KK To respond to Mike who anonymously reviewed Chapter 9-The K vs K fight ain't over yet! See Chapter 10 just posted. And if you carefully read Chapters 7 to 9 you would KNOW what is pissing off Kei and WHY she is so animostic towards Yuri. Remember Yuri is Kei's FORMER partner! Hint-It's really Yuri's fault this time! OK She told a tale she shouldn't have told! No more hints! Don't miss 10. 11 tonight MAYBE! Ja mata and arigato for your loyalty to us-KK Chapter 11 now up. Don't miss the answer to the cliffhanger! Did Kome kick Kei's skull? Who will save her? We sound like Flash Gordon? Gomen kiddies. Ask your parents who he was? Anyway enjoy tomos ours. Read/review. Chapter 12 coming soon "A very informal briefing/Mission: Foil the Black Ghost" Ja Mata-KK.Chapter 12 now up/pls rr. Ch 13 will be the long awaited blast off for Cybytron! Maybe this weekend. Arigato to our reviewers. we want more. Ja Mata-KK Liftoff chapter 13 and maybe 14 tonight. Please rr-all welcome-Ja Mata-KK Well 13's up. R R onegai. Now you guys can count to ten. You also learned some new words and what a cliffhanger! Hint-KY REALLY didn't do it this time! Tell us who you want in the ff in future, Don't fret-the 'Angel' holds 70 and more visitors are coming aboard! How? Think about it! Ja Mata-KK Sorry for the spacing but we just cannot firgure out the MS WORD processing crap-KKOK Chaps 14 to 18 or even 20 this weekend maybe. PLEASE R R. No reviews since Ch 9! Plenty of emails telling us what to put in and we have just added a golf match and a football game to the repertoire! Please review-all welcome even flames whatever they are- Ja Mata-KK Well we finally have liftoff and the gals are in trouble again-this time Starfleet is firing on them or are they? Posting 14 to 22 very soon now. Gomen for the delay but we had done these chapters at the office and copied them to a floppy but we can't access the info on that floppy at the home PC so wegotta do the chapters on Word all over again. Sniff! See ya soon-KK Well it has been awhile now since we posted but 14 is now up and the gang is about to land on Cybytron in pursuit of 'Black Ghost' at last! New abbreviations and words are marked in the spirit of fair play so onegai read and review. Ja Mata from KK Chapter 15 now up. We goofed a bit on the next several chapters! We copies 15 to 22 to a floppy and then erased it from the PC. Must first DL floppy back into PC and then post. We will try this weekend to do from 16 to 27. Please r/r. Ja mata-KK We now have Chapters 18 to 27 on floppy disks. We will repost 16 and 17 and then 18 to 27 soon. See ya and r/r 15-Arigato from KK OK we done it! Chapters 16 to 26 are now up! We will add titles later! See ya soon-KK OK we tried to add chapter titles but for some reason only one of each dual title name came out. Gomen for that. Next up will be Chapters 27 to 30. Maybe ashiata! Onegai read/review. See ya soon. Ja Mata-KK A note for Bancroft-arigato for the reviews. Arigato is thank you, Kami is God, shimatta can mean I love you so or (the way Kei uses it) dam or dammit, Kami shimatta ni jigoku means God dammit to Hell, jigoku is Hell, gomen can mean either I'm sorry or excuse me depending on the context. Hope you've been finding out oro(what) rei to jyuu(pronounced doo) mean! Now that you know them, reverse them! We are now just putting meanings, abbreviations etc. in parentheses ( ) after the words or phrases thus. We promise to update the list of the cast of characters in Chapter 27! Ever think a state of the arts starship could have 9 levels and hold over a hundred souls? Well the 'Lovely Angel 2' does! She also has four shuttles ('Raphael'. 'Michaelangelo', 'Donnatella' and 'Leonardo') on board. Her docking bays can hold up to 20 crafts. She also carries skysleds, surface craft, aircars, skycycles, and a few other cool riding toys! Look for the 'Starcrusher', the 'Sol Bianca', the 'Emerald Queen', the 'Flying Falcon' and the 'Hammerhead' and 'Bebop' to join the lineup soon! And a few more shuttles as well as more visitors from Terra and Mars! More later. Ja Mata and see ya soon-KK Don't neglect to check out Mike the Big W's ff "Angels in Left Field". It is great! Shame that "Dirty Dragons" and "Agellos" have not been continued yet. Any of you onegai feel free to email me directly for anything. We rag about just about anything but mainly anime, Japanese stuff, Japanese history, cooking, golf, whatever! Ja mata and see ya soon-Sorry but we cannot submit Ch 27 yet due to the Document Manager being laid up today! So like Kei says "It ain't our fault!"-KK Ch 27 now up! Includes character/ships lists. See ya soon-KK Well Chapter 28 is now up. Enjoy. Please read/review. A few new characters etc. See ya soon-KK Chapter 30 just posted. For you YuGiOh fans take notice! We are adding Duel Monster games/duels to the recreational games of the starships' passengers and crew. A ways off yet though. We are now learning how to duel so our gang does not look like stupid bakas when they duel! Please r/r and see ya soon-KK OK-Here's the first third of Chapter 32. The last part will contain the ship's manifest so you can see who is aboard. Happy Hall-o-we'en to all and r/r please. The second part will deal with the arrival of the Saiyaans and some other characters aboard the ship. See ya soon-KK Chapter 33 just posted. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Go Ghost/Shell 2. Win an Oscar for us! See ya soon-KK Chapter 34 just loaded. Enjoy. Have a great Turkey Day and see ya soon-KK Chapter 35 posted. Have a great day. See ya soon-KK Ch 38 now up. Enjoy and happy holidays-KK

    Cont in Profiles- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Profile- Part 3

    Akeome and have a great 2005. Ch 39 just posted. Watch for new characters, a golf game, a football game, a new villian and -Kami bless and see ya soon-KK

    Chapter 40 just posted. Enjoy and Akeome to all. Please r/r. See ya soon-KK

    Ch 41 just posted. Enjoy and go Patriots! See ya soon-KK Won't say I told ya so but-sorry Eagles' fanatics! Better luck next time. Anyway, we made a snafu on Ch 41 so the first part of Ch 42 will be the conclusion of Ch 41. Sorry but we cannot figure out how to add to an existing chapter that we have not saved. Hope this does not detract from your pleasures. See ya soon-KK

    Just posted conclusion to Ch 41 and ALL of Ch 42 (The Big Golf Game!) This is a funny ep without any real seriousness whatsoever. Ch 43 will be the Big Football Game and some new characters show up too! Coming soon to a computer near you! Please r/r and Kami bless you all. See ya soon-KK Ch 43 posted. Ch 44 soon. Please r/r. See ya soon-KK

    Just posted Ch 44- The big football game between Kei's Killers and Bulma's Bruisers. Enjoy. Please r/r. Ch 45 'Success at last!' or 'It's 'Sai' Time!' to follow soon. Happy St Pat's Day and Cead Mille Failte (100,000 blessings) and Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever!) See ya soon-K&K Ch 45's other title is 'Berringer gets lucky!' and it has just been posted. See ya soon-K&K

    Ch 46 will feature the big game (Superbowl 247 in 2251) the Eagles and the Patriots! BION, we did NOT know those teams would be in SB 39 when we wrote that chapter! It's a great chapter so don't miss it when it's posted soon. See ya soon and have a nice day-K&K(Just posted Ch 46 'It's SAI Time' or 'Gathering Up the Gang'. Enjoy and have a great weekend-K&K

    Ch 47 just posted. Find out about the enemy from the Angels' past and where they go next! Ch 48 will have more SuperBowl details including who you must NEVER try to welch on when he bets you about a football game! Ch 48 coming after taxes. Cead Mille Failte/Erin Go Bragh to all our boyos and colleens tomos out there. Thanks for the interest and keep those reviews/suggestions coming! See ya soon-K&K Gomen (Kei's fault of course) but no SB 247 until Chapter 51! Finished our taxes and can now concentrate on posting! OK updated cast list, ships, shows, etc. coming with Ch 50-OK? Enjoy. r/r-K&K Chapter 49 just posted with some additions to the players/cast members. In the next chapter we will list the ships and shuttles. Chapter 50 will be called "Welcome to 'Frigid Inferno'- the dreaded ice caverns of 'Gysymeo' " or "You're invited to Yuri's New Year's Eve party" or "Angel meets Angel" and will take place in the ice caves. Please r/r/suggest. Thanks for all your support and see ya soon-K&K Ch 50 now up. Enjoy-K&K

    Sorry it's been so long between posts. Up to Chapter 64 now and the gang has left 'Gysymeo' in a frantic bid to reach home before Berringer's gets there! The Justice League and Teen Titans, the Ninja Turtles, the WOOHP girls and many others have joined the crew and more will follow. Spoiler here--The 'God Gun' will be fired at least four times before they reach home (Shimougou). Please r/r and suggest. Critiques welcome. However, I stand firm on my words/meanings issue. Shimatta does mean borth I love you deeply and dammit! See ya soon and Kami bless the Katrina victims. My NFL team (Saints) has become the ray of hope for the survivors and is the first team in NFL history to play all their home games without a home field advantage this year! Hope it inspires them. Go Brooksy and Deuce Mac and Coach Haslett and our defense!-K&K

    Chapter 66 just posted. Thought I'd let ya know about some of our more obscure 'guests' and how they are doing. A cute segment on what the elf hunters are going to do after the mission ends. Watch for Ivanhoe's 'trinket'. And in Chapter 67 Discipline returns to the ship while we meet some new characters from the 'baddies' in 'Ellen Rogers' Journal'. Have a great weekend-more later. Please r/r/s and see ya soon!-K&K

    OK- Here is Chapter 70. Enjoy and yes- the cliffhanger is back this time. Chapter 71 soon. Now it starts to get dangerous for Kagome Higurashi and Yumi Ishiyama especially! Do I give too many hints? Hope not. Happy 2006 and may Kami bless-K&K CH 71 now up. HB Kei on Jan 1, Happy 2006 and may kami bless you all-K&K OK- I will fix the chapter mixups asap after the new year. OK?-K&K I am now 56 by the way and HB to Yuris in March, Mr T in November and Classic Kei in November too. See you soon-K&K Ch 72 just posted. Kag and Yumi are in deep do-do this time! Enjoy the fun.-K&K Ch 73 'Yumi's Decision' or 'The Kids' daring Venture' will follow soon.-K&K Ch 73 just posted. The kids and the wizards figure heavily. Please enjoy see ya and Kami bless-K&K Ch 74 'Spirited Away' or' Keisie to the Rescue' just posted. Ch 75 'Cat Amongst the Pigeons' or 'The Raiders Return' coming soon. Please r/r/s and have a nice weekend. Hope the Seahawks and Steeler make it to SuperBowl XL. See ya-K&K Chapters 75 and 76 posted today. Lots of action and a Kome/Kei cliffhanger too. Kami bless-K&K Ch 77 just posted. Enjoy-Kami bless you all-K&K Ch 78 now up. Meet Star and Arkie's sister Blackfire. Don't miss the Pirates coming in Chapter 79. Enjoy-K&K Ch 79 now up. Ch 80 soon. Enjoy-K&K Ch 80 now up. Ch 81 soon so enjoy. Kami bless-K&K Chapters 81 thru 85 now posted. Enjoy-K&K Ch 86 now up and 87 soon. Have a nice Easter and Kami bless-K&K Ch 87 now up. Ch 88 soon.-K&K Ch 89 and 90 now up so enjoy-K&K Ch 91 now up so enjoy-K&K Ch 91 to 94 now up. Sorry 94 is so long but 95 to 97 are short ones. Enjoy and please r/r/s away. Kami bless-K&K Ch 95 'Saiyaan Sortie'/Attack Plans' just posted. Ch 96 'Naraku's Gallantry'/Nyssa's Nightmare' soon. Enjoy and Kami bless-K&K Ch 96 up and Ch 97 'Beauties on the Bay' or 'Nyssa the Navigator' soon I hope. Enjoy and go Jazil in the Belmont. Onegai r/r/s and kami bless you all-K&K 97 up. 98 soon.-K&K Ch 98 up Ch 99 'Arkton's Anger' or 'A Trakken's Revenge' soon. Enjoy and Kami bless all-K&K Ch 99 up. Ch 100 Mikos to the Rescue' or 'Nyssa Goes to Sleep' soon. Enjoy. R/R/S away and Kami bless-K&K Ch 101 up 'Angels Meet Archangels' or 'Bad Girl vs Firebrand'. Enjoy and Kami bless-K&K Ch 102 soon 'Righting the Loop' or 'Gathering the Troops' is title. Thanks and Kami bless-K&K Ch 102 now up 103 soon. Enjoy and kami bless you all-K&K Chapter 103 'Rowdies in the Ready Room' or 'Pirates On parole' just posted. Enjoy and Kami bless-K&K Have now posted up to and including Ch 107. Ch 108 'Great Gun Match Battle' or 'Gunfight at the Angel Corral' coming soon. What is it? It's Kei O'Halloran vs Yuri Donovan one-on-one with get this- Mark III ion cannons in a combat ID target shootoff on the holodecks of the 'Angel 2' with the loser serving the winner breakfast in bed for a whole week! Enjoy. Please r/r/s away and kami bless-K&K Chapter 108 'Found in Space' or 'Practice makes Perfect?' now up. Chapter 109 'Millenium Battle Match' or 'Gunfight at the Angel Corral' to come soon. Please r/r/s as usual and as always Kami bless you all-K&K Er, sorry for the run together ending paragraphs in 108. I'll do better in 109-K&K Ch 109 now up. Ch 110 soon.-K&K Ch 110 up and Ch 111 'Flay's Trump Card' or 'Missing Monk' coming soon. Enjoy and kami bless-K&K Ch 111 now up. Ch 112 'Spike Makes A Date' or 'Of Cowboys and XANA' to come soon. Please r/r/s as always and Kami bless-K&K Ch 112 up Ch 113 (no title yet) soon. Enjoy and Kami bless-K&K Ch 113 'Kei on the warpath' or 'Kiva drops a bombshell' now up. Ch 114 'Antares at last' or 'Playful Angels' soon. Enjoy and Kami bless-K&K Ch 114 up and Ch 115 'Angelic Preparations' or 'Donnie's Surprise' to come soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. kami bless-K&K Just posted Ch 115 and 116 'Starfleet Meets Earth Alliance' or 'Scaring Kiva/Old Tomos Well Met' coming soon. Enjoy. R/R/S away. Have a great weekend and Kami bless you all. Don't forget the Vince Papale flick Invincible is in the theatres. He came from my county here in PA in the USA. Have a nice day-K&K Ch 116 up. Ch 117 'Southern Exposure' or 'Company's Coming' soon. Have a cool holiday weekend and Kami bless-K&K

    Cont in Profile- Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction-Keiman's Profile- Part 4

    Profile- Part 4

    Ch 117 up. Ch 118 'The Dark Lord Cometh' or 'Dragon vs Angel' next up. Please r/r/s and Kami bless-K&K Ch 118 up and Ch 119 'Oddo's Trinkets' or 'Lessons from a Master' coming soon. Enjoy-K&K

    Chapter 120 'Rescue Mission' or 'Vacationing Vagabonds' now up. Enjoy and kami bless. Ch 121 (untitled as of yet) soon. See ya-K&K Ch 121 'Sontarran Sojourn' or 'Cruising with the Angels' now up. Ch 122 'Kiva's Dilemna' or 'A Quiet Tavern' coming soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Thanks for your interest in my work-K&K

    Ch 126 'Cleo Cleans Up' or 'Truant Trolls' now up. Sorry for the delay twixt postings. Busy at work man! Ch 127 'Coriander Crusaders' or 'Touring with the Wrecking Crew' coming soon I promise. Kami bless and arigato for the interest. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 127 'Coriander Crusaders' or 'Touring with the Wrecking Crew' now up. Sorry for the delay but hey! gotta work too ya know. Ch 128 as yet untitled up next and soon. Please r/r/s away and Kami bless you all for your interest. Sayonara for now-K&K

    Ch 128 'A trip through the Smugglers' Ravine' or 'Casey and Mikey don't mix' just posted. Arigato for the interest. Please r/r/s away. have a cool Belmont weekend and Kami bless you all. Ch 129 soon. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 129 'Dueling Dervishes'/Tale of the Jamie' posted. Ch 130 soon. The usual stuff. Have a nice day. See ya soon-K&K

    Ch 130 'Gypsy Rose Moonie' or 'Never Bet with Ed' up now. Please r/r/s away. Have a nice weekend. Ch 131 soon. Sayonara for now-K&K

    Ch 131 'Punishment to fit the Crime' or 'Gene's Problems are Just Beginning' posted. Please r/r/s away and Kami bless you all. Have a great weekend and 4th of July holiday. Arigato for your support. Sayonara for now and toodles untoil next time. Ch 132 is untitled but will come soon.-K&K

    Ch 132 'Going Home at Last' or 'Adventures in Asteroidland' now up. Enjoy and please r/r/s away. Kami bless you all. Ch 133 soon. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 133 'Clearing Out the Angel' or 'Blasting the Cosmos' now up. Ch 134 soon. Please r/r/s. Have a nice day and toodles. Sayonara for now-K&K

    Ch 134 'Going Home at Last' or 'Strange Travels Indeed' now up. Ch 135 soon enough. Please r/r/s away and lemme know oro ya think. SFN and toodles to you. Domo Arigatou for your support.-K&K

    Ch 135 'Explaining their Losses' or 'Ghosts on the Angel' now up. Please r/r/s away. Ch 136 soon. SFN and toodles-K&K

    Ch 136 'Unit 9 versus Unit 9' or 'Remaking the Angel' up now. Please r/r/s away. Ch 137 soon. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Chapter 137 'Who's Left?' or 'Once More Into the Breach' now up. It includes a list of the remaining 'Arkites' so please r/r/s away. SFN. Kami bless and toodles. Ch 138 'Titantic Blunder' or 'Mimoto, Darius, Mars and ?' up soon. Enjoy and arigatou for the interest.-K&K

    Ch 138 'Titantic Blunder' or 'Mimoto, Darius, Mars and ?' now up. Ch 139 'They're Going Fast!' or 'Mars' Sojourn' coming soon. Please r/r/s away and have a great day. SFN. Kami bless all and toodles-K&K

    Ch 139 "They're Going Fast!' or 'mars Sojourn' now up. Enjoy. Toodles. Kami bless. SFN-K&K

    Ch 140 '2 Days Equals Half a Fortnight'/Abyssmal Homecoming' now up. The ship's really emptying out eh? Please r/r/s away. Have a great day. SFN. Kami bless all of you. Ch 141 soon. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 141 'Get off my turf!' or 'From Angel to Prince' now up. Ch 142 'Dewey to the rescue' or 'Substitute Angel' soon. Onegai r/r/s away and have a nice day. Kami bless you all and let me know oro ya think of my work now. SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 142 'Dewey to the Rescue' or 'Substitute Abgel' now up. Ch 143 soon. Toodles and SFN-K&K

    Ch 143 'Hellfire Angel'/Missing Navigators' up now. Ch 144 'Trace Saves the Day'/New Comrades' soon. Have a nice day. Please r/r/s away. SFN and Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 144 'Trace saves the day'/New comrades' up now. Usual drift and Ch 145 'Another narrow escape'/If she won't do it, sir then I will!' coming soon. Have a great weekend and Kami bless. SFN and Toodles to you-K&K

    Ch 145 'Another narrow escape'/If she won't do it sir, then I will' up now and Ch 146 'Sontarran Stopover'/The 'EA' wants to stay' coming soon. R/R/S as always. Have a nice weekend. SFN. Kami bless all. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 146 'Sontarran Stopover'/The 'EA' Wants to Stay' now up. Ch 147 'The Kids Return' or 'When Old Tomos Meet' up soon. R/R/S as always. Have anice day and SFN. Kami bless you all and toodles-K&K

    Ch 147 'The Kids Return' or 'When Old Tomos Meet' now up. R/R/S away. Ch 148 'Daydreams' or 'A New Beginning' real soon. Enjoy the day. Happy Vets Day and SFN. Kami bless and toodles-K&K--Ch 148 up now. Ch 149 'On to Onizuka' or 'Zero Hour Arrives' coming soon. Enjoy-K&K

    Ch 149 'On to Onizuka'/Zero Hour Arrives' up now. Trekkie fans- see clue at end of this chappie. Ch 150 'Major Revelations'/Taking Stock' now up. Ch 151 'Moon Mayhem' or 'Pizza Anyone?' coming soon. Enjoy and SFN. kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 151 'Moon Mayhem'/Pizza Anyone?' now up. R/R/S away and and Ch 152 'Blackfire's New Life'/An Ancient Prophecy' coming soon. Happy Thanksgiving and toodles. Kami bless you all and SFN and thanks for your support.-K&K

    Ch 152 'Blackfire's New Life/'An Ancient Prophecy' now up. Enjoy Turkey Day and r/r/s away as always. Ch 153 'Maelstrom in Space'/Saiyaan Airlines- The Only Way to Fly!' soon. Read or re-read Chapters 15 to 25 for a holiday jolly. Kei is O'Scrooge and Iris is McMarley while Yuri is 'McCratchit! Kome is Tiny Tim and er it goes like that in Kei's dreams anyway! Hey, the title is Xmas with the DP, ain't it? Have a nice holiday weekend, SFN, Kami bless you all and domo arigatou for the support. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 153 'Maelstrom in Space' or 'Saiyaan Airlines-The Only Way to Fly!' now up. Ch 154 'Anomaly Heaven' or 'Elda's Walkabout' coming soon. Please r/r/s away and SFN. have a great day and arigatou a lot for all your help and support, hazu! Toodles to you all-K&K

    Wanna hint about oro is still to come? OK then- Here are the titles of the next fifteen chappies starting with 155:-

    155 'Arcturis in Space' or 'Tale of the Tardises'

    156 'Ruhri's Adventure' or 'Malls can be Deadly'

    157 'Soto's Dilemna' or 'Tommy Meets an Angel'

    158 'The Prodigals Return' or 'Shopping Trip'

    159 'Tommy's Secret Mission' or 'Bankotsu Flight'

    160 'Gallifreyan Nightmare' or 'Demonic Angels'

    161 'War on Gallifrey' or 'The Siege'

    162 'Oro Just happened?' or 'Did it Work?'

    163 'Dueling the Doctor' or 'Return Visit to Splattertown'

    164 'KP Hijinks' or 'Kome Meets Kakashi'

    165 'Mar Keeps the Peace' or 'No More Minis!'

    166 'Naomi Has Reservations' or 'Big Spike's Decision'

    167 'Garden of the Guardians' or 'Time Tacklers'

    168 'The Angel Flies Again!' or 'No Rest for the Weary?'

    169 'The Final Solution' or 'New Crewman Aboard?'

    Cont in Profile- Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction- Keiman's Profile- Part 5

    Profile- Part 5

    Well now ya got the hints. I hope you stay tuned for the rest of the show. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 154 up and 155 soon. Ja Mata, tomos-K&K

    Ch 155 up Ch 156 soon. Have a nice weekend and r/r/s away. Arigatou for the support. Kami bless you all and SFN. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 156 up. Ch 157 soon. Enjoy and r/r/s away. SFN and Kami bless. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 157 posted and 158 coming soon. Enjoy the day and toodles-K&K

    Ch 158 posted. Shopping time and a new guy too! Ch 159 soon. Enjoy the day and r/r/s away. Kami bless you all. SFN and toodles-K&K--By the way I'll post the remaining chappie titles soon. The very last Chapter will be 183. Arigatou-K&K

    Ch 159 up. Ch 160 soon. Best of good fortune in 2008. SFN and Kami bless you all for your support. R/R/S away and toodles-K&K

    Here are the very last chapter titles (170 to 184). They are real doozies lemme tell ya:-

    Ch 170 'Mr. White Explains'/Feudal Arrangements'

    Ch 171 'Ojou's Error'/Ready Room Raiders'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418807" >

    Ch 172 'We Aren't In Shirokin Anymore'/EJ- Phone Home!'

    Ch 173 'Are You Ready For Some Football?"/Killers vs Hawks- First Half'

    Ch 174 'Game In Holding Pattern'/Zoe Calls In A Favor'

    Ch 175 'Alchemist In The Backfield'/Arcanum Actions' (2nd Half of Football Game)

    Ch 176 'Trip To Seto Kaiba'/Winry's New Winter Wardrobe'

    Ch 177 'Gysymeo Again?'/How Does It Work?'

    Ch 178 'Winry Makes a New Tomo'/Return of Khan?'

    Ch 179 'The Bay Comes Back'/James the Storyteller'

    Ch 180 'Pizza Again?'Fancy Dress Football?'

    Ch 181 'Unexpected Guests'/Too Damned many Weddings!'

    Ch 182 'Vikers' Paradise Lost'/Rio To the Rescue'

    Ch 183 'Son of Shenron'/The Hunt Is On'

    Ch 184 'The Last Wish'/The End Of It All?'

    That's It and no telling when it'll be completed either! On paper it's done but posting is something else man! Have a nice day. Toodles-K&K PS- I had another birthday in July and now I am 58 years young! I have a website here too- www.eons.com/people/groups/anime-a-holics (or jsut anime will get you there too). Come check it out even if ya ain't over 50. I accept all ages there. Ja mata and SFN. Kami bless you all for your support and welcome to my newest pal [email protected]. Enjoy and read/review/suggest away and lemme know oro (what) you think.-K&K

    Ch 160 up. Ch 161 soon. Happy 2008 and Kami bless you all in the coming year. s/s/r away and SFN. Toodles-K&K

    At animeonline.com/forums/fanfiction/Dirty Pair Fanfiction I have just finished posting Ch 1 thru 45 of this ff. Check it out if you'd like. It's a great way to play catchup or review earlier chapter(s) w/o going nut searching for it here. Have a cool day and SFN. Ja mata and kami bless you all. Please r/r/s away and toodles-K&K

    Just posted up to and incl Ch 56 (SB 247 in 2251 AD) at animeonline. Toodles-K&K

    Just posted up to and including Ch 60 at ANOL and just posted Ch 161 'War on Gallifrey' or 'The Siege' here. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    I have now posted up to Ch 90 in ANOL and will soon post Ch 162 here. Please read my feelings about HBO closing out (after 31 gloroius years!) without a shadow of a doubt the greatest sports format show of all time- Inside the NFL! I have posted a message here:www.yahoogroups.com/Animeaholics1; www.animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction; www.yahoogroups.com/dirtypair2; www.eons.com/people/groups/anime-a-holics; www.yahoogroups.com/animeontv; [email protected]; www.hbo.com/community; http://www.woohpforum.com/fanfiction...inuedfromch160). While you're at this site check out my new avatar of Kei and then check out animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction/Profile and Home pages to see lots of Angels' stuff! Kudos to the manning bros and their dad the very first NO Saints' (QB) Hall of Famer! SFN and Kami bless you all. R/R/S away and ja mata. See ya soon and toodles-K&K

    All Chapters 1 through current chapter 161 are now in exact order on contents/chapters page. Enjoy the story and I hope to post 162 soon. Toodles-K&K

    Finally! Just posted Ch 162. Before 163 begins I will have a revamping of the crews again. That will be later as I got jury duty tomorrow. R/R/S away and SFN. Kami bless you all. Toodles and see ya soon-K&K

    Posted Ch 163 and Ch 164 soon. Up to Ch 110 at animeonline.net now. All chapters/titles listed at Profile page over there too. Special character list at beginning of Ch 163. Enjoy and r/r/s away. SFN and Kami bless you all. See ya soon. Toodles-K&K

    I just now finally finished posting all the way up to Ch 125 here: www.animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction. Hope you like 'em-K&K

    It is now official gang! I have now posted the first 150 chapters of Xmas with the DP at animeonline.net! Yay! R/R/S away and a big domo arigatou to my loyal readers and helpers. Have a great weekend and I hope to post Ch 164 here soon! SFN and Kami bless you all. See ya soon. Toodles-K&K

    OK- Finally! Here is Ch 164 for ya with 165 not far behind it. Toodles-K&K

    I have achieved a miracle hazu! I have now managed to post Ch 1 through 164 both here and at animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction as well. I will continue to post here chappie by chappie and I will post at ANOL in 5 chappie increments. Domo arigatou for all the help and support tomos watashi. SFN and SYS. Ja mata and Kami bless you all. Enjoy the story and now it's time for me to do those blsted taxes for me, Mom and Brothers Bobby and Pete. Have a cool weekend and don't look for any updates for awhile eh? Toodles-K&K

    Chapter 165 has just been posted here and at animeonline.net as well. Please r/r/s away. SFN and toodles-K&K

    Chapters 166 to 169 have been posted here and at animeonline.net too. Enjoy and r/r/s away. Toodles-K&K

    Have now posted up to and including Ch 170 here and at animeonline.net as well. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    Just added Ch 171 and 172 here and at animeonline.net as well. Enjoy.Kami bless and I just added Ch 173 to 184 at both places. Of course this ends the ff finally. Please r/r/s away and let me know how ya liked the story, my numerous cliffhangers and especially the ending if indeed it has an ending eh? I can use some suggestions and insights from all you tomos out there 'cause I'm gonna start a new ff featuring those two kawii Amazonian Angels- Kei and Yuri. Also included will be newbies Rio (Burn Up W) and Marina Oki (Cosmic Warrior Zero). As yet untitled both lasses will be newly assigned to positions in either Furool City or Elenore City on Shimougou. Both will be 'UG' and 3WA tro-cons although Marina has more experience hence she'll be a subaltern a suba while Rio a rookie will only be an ensign or a cadet from the Academy. Both are wild but not as bad as the Boss (Kei). Have a kawaii Derby weekend and if the powers that be think an extreme outside post start makes a favorite I beg to differ. Secretariat might win from there but not Big Brown. Tale of Ekati (named after the diamond mine up North on History Channel's Ice Rd Truckers series) with Coia up will take the prize. He's in Post 2 on the far inside. Toodles for a bit. Got an appraiser coming Monday for my refi so sfn and sys. Kami bless you all for your advice, assistance and support all these years. The new ff won't be anywhere near as long as this monster was! It's been great tomos watashi and Toodles-K&K

    Check out Xmas w/ the DP under Chapter Epilogue/Angel Wings. I need help with my newest ff attempt. Domo arigatou and any suggestions greatly appreciated man. SFN and SYS. Kami bless you all and toodles-K&K

    Just started ff 2 called 'Angel Wings'. Posted Ch 1 'Creature from the Black Lagoon'/'The Angels meet Revy Roberts'. It's all about oro Kei, Yuri, Blue, Kome, Mar and the rest are doing after the God Gun missions finish (did they really?). Kei and her cadre are running the 3WA Academy and several new characters are added as student trainees and as instructors. Who? Aw, that'd be telling. Please r/r/s away and have a hoob-a-dooble day! Toodles and Kami bless-K&K

    Ch 2 'A Spoiled Drink'/'The Returns Begin' now up. Enjoy Mom's Day and toodles-K&K

    Ch 3 'Another Doctor?'/'Ninjas On the Loose!' up now both sites. Enjoy and r/r/s away. I need ideas hazu! Toodles-K&K

    Ch 4- 'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems' Again?' now up both sites. Ch 5 now up. Ch 6 soon but not till next week. Enjoy the weekend. Toodles-K&K

    Ch 5 and 6 both up with Ch 7 real soon. Named the 3WA Academy 'Takachiho Academy' in honour of Mr. T himself. New characters coming and a new storyline and plot. Please r/r/s away and oh yeah Ch 1-6 are up both here and at ANOL as well. More later. Have a cool day hazu. SFN/SYS and Kami bless you all. Toodles-K&K

    Cont in Profile- Part 6
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction- Keiman's Profile- Part 6

    Profile- Part 6

    I'll post more titles as they come to me. Check out my companion ff site at animeonline.net/forums/fanfics/Dirty Pair Fanfiction especially my Profile page and my new signature photo of the Angels. It was made exclusively for me by 'highteckdudu' who is another ff writing lassie over there. Her Profile page is awesome and includes pix of her own original character Neko. She has graciously allowed me to use Neko in my ff's. She is a nekomata trill and Jon Harlock's navigator on the 'Botany Bay 2'. Her last name is Olson. Revy (Roberts) hails from 'Black Lagoon' a really cool anime series about guns for hire! And get this- Revy has a fouler mouth than Kei does! Just posted Ch 19 both places. Ch 20 soon. An unexpected guest of the Spies has just shown up. Guess who? A famous horseman 'the fox so cunning and free' kidnaps one of the crew in chapter (12) and Kei gets a new security chief. In Ch 13 she gets a new helper in engineering. Ch 14 brings Lupin and Zenigata aboard. Ch 15 is the Gate adventure. Ch 17 brings really surprised visitors and I guarantee you won't be able to guess who they are. Well Ch 19 is here and so are the IRTs. Who are they? Read it and find out. Ice Road Truckers' load count: Eric has 27, Hugh has 25, Bear has 24, Alex is at 23, Rick has 15 and Drew has only 11 so far. There are a total of 125 delivered to Basilisk with 50 to go out of a total of 175 loads. Who will win? Just posted Ch 23 both sites. By the way on IRT on HC as of 8/17 Eric and Hugh are tied at 59 loads, Bear has 52, Rick has 45, Alex has 22 and Drew is still dead last with 7 or maybe 8 loads. My ff has 'em hauling 257 loads up the ice on Gysymeo then going to Workoh to do a rescue mission with the Angels. Ch 26 posted. Ch 27 real soon I hope. More details later but some old tomos and a new one will show up real soon- Hint: think pirates!Toodles-K&K


    1- 'Creature From the Black Lagoon' or 'The Angels Meet Revy Roberts'

    2- 'A Spoiled Drink' or 'The Returns Begin'

    3- 'Another Doctor?' or 'Ninjas On the Loose!'

    4- 'Reunion In Time?' or 'Closing Problems- Again?'

    5- 'Revy's Raiders' or 'Turtles and Reapers and Ninjas- Oh My!'

    6- 'Shinigami Shenanigans' or 'Book Of the Dead?'

    7- 'Revy Rocks the Ark' or 'Feudal Funk'

    8- 'Two Cats' or 'The Doctor's Sunbird'

    9- 'Peri Meets Snow White' or 'Jonins In Jeopardy'

    10- 'An Apple A Day' or 'The Spies Who Came In From the Cold'

    11- 'Snake In the Bays' or 'Mandy In the Morning'

    12- 'Oz Meets Wonderland?' or 'Turmoil On the Holodecks?'

    13- 'Two Katanas Are Better Than One?' or 'Whose Woman Are You, Kaggie?'

    14- 'Lock Up Your Valuables- Lupin's Back!' or 'Peri Makes A New Tomo'

    15- 'The Galactic Gate' or 'Pray That This Works, Folks!'

    16- 'Revy Meets the Major' or 'Strange Bedfellows'

    17- 'Ice Road In Space?' or 'Space Age Truckers?'

    18- 'Basilisk Or Bust!' or 'Rampage On Rygiel'

    19- 'Angelic Contract- Again?' or 'Johnny's Back!'

    20- 'Johnny's Angelic Insurance Policy' or 'Raven To the Rescue'

    21- 'Raven's daring Plan' or 'Viscious's Hospitality Suites'

    22- 'Of Gysymeo And Galthorgs' or 'Iceroading In Style'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418783" >

    23- 'Angel In Peril' or 'Reaper Roundup'

    24- 'Goodbye Gysymeo' or 'Ice Brigade Decision' (In two parts here and three at animeonline.net)

    25- 'Ice Road Shooters' or 'The 'Kitten' That Couldn't Be Tamed'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/429556" >

    26- 'A Nefarious Plot' or 'Aizu (Eyes) In the Shadows?'

    27- 'The Final Solution' or 'Yuri Hunts A Ghost'

    28- 'Ghostly Gambit' or 'Kei Makes A Deal'http://www.eons.com/photos/photo/418799" >

    29- 'Springing A Trap' or 'Kei Keeps A Promise'

    30- 'Talk or Die' or 'Blue eets A Pirate From the Past'

    31- 'Angelic Travel Plans?' or 'New Navvie?'

    32- 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'

    33- 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the 'Glave' and the 'Beast'- 'Krull'!'

    34- 'Mithril Battle Armour' or 'Back to School'

    35- 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or 'Sally Tells the Truth'

    36- 'Daddy Calls It Quits' or 'The Brat Awakens'

    Gonna be awhile like a few weeks or so before I post anything again. You see my employers Landamerica just terminated me after almost 30 years with them and almost 40 in the title business overall. Read all about it at my other websites. Gotta split so the usual stuff and SFN/Toodles-K&K

    It has been awhile and now I'm fighting Hotmail for my keimanzero email acct. The bastards closed it for no reason and now they're dragging their feet about reopening it! It's playing Hell with my work too because that's how I make a living these days. Surveys, blogs, writing jobs, surf webads, contests, games, data entry work, etc. My blogs are all screwed up and even AH1 and anime-a-holics (AAH) are mucked up now as well. ANOL has 'lost' my Profile/Bio/pix pages and nobody seems to know howto recover 'em! Anyway Chapters 1 through 30 are now up and posted here and at ANOL. Please r/r/s away and a happy belated hb to both Keis and Yuris. A belated Meri Kurisumasu and HNY to all my tomos watashi out there. Dunno how I could have navigated these rough seas w/o your loyalty and support folks!

    Visit my websites and blogs please and review them and AW for me please:

    Eons: Lovin' life on the flip side... (anime-a-holics)

    www.msn.com/yahoogroups (Animeaholics1)


    TRIOND and today.com soon


    Freelance Home Writers are my new job source and they only charged 3 to join. I get a job bank, assistance, ebooks, support- you name it and I get it!

    My fanficcys are of course Xmas w/ the DP and Angel Wings

    Well my Saints didn't make it this year bu the Az Cards did for the very first time! Hooray! Keitarou's team vs Ojo's! Don't miss next week's SB from Tampa FL. Remember and old chestnut called Black Sunday?

    Gotta go but here are my emails for the time being. Any of ya are more than welcome to correspond with me directly and if anyone knows Hotmail's phone number please email me or just post it somewhere! Please! I need my email acct back from them and damned soon too! I'm starving man!

    [email protected] (My brother Bobby's acct. He's getting a new 2009 Suzuki XL7 Monday. Sayonara to his 2007 Jeep Liberty Sport SUV.)

    [email protected] (My acct at yahoo which I didn't even know I had)

    [email protected] (My Mama's acct at Hotmail)

    Looks like I might be getting back my Hotmail 'keimanzero' email acct at last! Hooray! I can start making a little swag again! No jobs in my profssion around here for a good while. If I relocate a few hundred miles away from here- yeah that is if I want to start from the bottom up- I'm 59 for Kami's sake!

    Anyhow here's the latest posts for AW. Up to and now including 31! Ch 32? Soon I hope!

    Check out my two permanent blogs:


    Anime for Fanatics!

    Visit my ol clubs/blogs too:

    Eons: Anime-a-holics Group Home


    Wednesday eh? No anime on tv tonight dammit! My anime schedule for tv? OK here it is gang. Read it and cry!

    Cont in Profile- Part 7
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Profile- Part 7 (The Last Arigatou Kami)

    Sunday- None

    Monday- 11PM ET to 1 AM ET Sci Fi Channel has Ani-Mondays which is Gundam Wing (2 eppys) followed by an anime film like Appleseed

    Tuesday- Until recently we had HellGirl at 8:30 PM ET and 11:30 PM ET with Witchblade at 2 AM ET. Both repeated Fridays at 11:30 PM ET or 12:30 AM ET (HG) and 2 AM ET (WBL) Now they show the same Friday schedule but Tuesdays times are 3 AM ET (HG) and 3:30 AM ET (WBL) Oh they air on IFC the Independent Film Channel.

    Wednesday- None

    Thursday- Sometimes but none now.

    Friday- See Tuesday above.

    Saturday- Jackpot!

    7 PM ET to 9:30 PM ET is an anime or cartoon film

    9:30 PM ET- An eppy of Naruto

    1 AM ET- Bleach

    1:30 AM ET- Code Geass

    2 AM ET- Shin Chan

    2:30 AM ET- Fullmetal Alchemist

    3 AM ET- Death Note

    3:30 AM ET- Ghost in the Shell

    4 AM ET- Cowboy Bebop

    4:30 AM ET- Big O

    5 AM ET to 6 AM ET- InuYasha (2 epys)

    Sunday- If we're lucky sometimes Starz Encore Action has afternoon films but not very often.

    Arigatou Kami for ComcastOnDemand especially Cutting Edge where there is a little anime to befound for free. Not much available on PPV OnDemand either!

    Well as always r/r/s away and know this- AW (on paper) is up to Ch 60 already! The usual endings and toodles my tomos all-K&K

    4 AM ET-

    Check out the pix albums at AAH and AH1 and my blogs too! SFN/SYS/JM/KBYA/KYSOTI/TTFN/Toodles-K&K

    Just posted Ch 32 'PNO'-'Navigational Nightmares' or 'Nami Joins the 3WA'. Next up will be Ch 33 'What's In A Name?' or 'The Boss, the Glave and the Beast- Krull!' in which our fave redheaded heroine ain't just in hot water- she's in hot lava! In the previous chapter (32) Nami's real Christian name was revealed to be Oranmia! Wait until the other cadets at Takachiho Academy fnd that out! R/R/S away and don't forget that the Ides of April are fast approaching! Time to start our income taxes eh? One more thing tomos- I just started yet another blog. Where? BION I was watching HellGirl on IFC on tv or was it Witchblade? No matter they were advertising their blogsite at Open Salon: You make the headlines so I opened 'Keiman's Anime Blog' over there. Just one post so far 'HellGirl Is Here!' I hve added a few more blog posts at

    doyouloveanime and at Anime for Fanatics! Sorry but MySpace and Facebook are too virus prone so they have both seen the last of the Keiman I'm afraid. My Animeaholics1 at YG and my anime-a-holics at EONS have new posts. By the way my old [email protected] email acct has been illegally closed- for the nonce! My new one is [email protected] I just got EONS aoh back online for posting and stuff. If you are brave enough MySpace has over 700 pix in my album there. AH1, aoh, dyla, aff and a few of my blogs/clubs do as well.

    Just posted Ch 34 'Mithril Battle Armour' or 'Back to School' which introduces two new characters to AW. Dr Sally Mimoru is a 28 year old ash blonde quantum physics research scientist and Kira Gordon is a 12 year old schoolgirl with BetaZoidlike psychic powers. Oh yeah and she's a genius scientist kid to boot! Ch 35 'The Scarecrow of Jakotsu' or ''Sally Tells the Truth' coming real soon I hope. Opensalon.com's 'Keiman's Anime Blog' has been posted to twice so far. The first is about 'Hell Girl' ad the second's about 'Witchblade'. They're cool so check 'em out and comment if ya like. Cool pix in all my blogs. Found some motorcyclists/animefans at motorcycleridersclubofamerica.com where Bobby (my brother) is a lifetime member. Think I overdid it with the pix though. So I 'albumed' them instead of having them run nonstop. Hey! Nonstop! That's the title of the Flash Angels' theme I liked a lot. 'Nonstop Angel' and I even used to sing the lyrics in Japanese while humming the tune too. That's the theme that features the 'Sailor Moon' and 'Cutey Honey' Angelic 'morphing' scenes. I'm watching an anime now called 'Valkyrie' (UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie is its full moniker which explains why I'd never heard of it before) about an lien princess (Valkyrie) who transforms in Angel fashion into her true form as a grown up female Viking babe. Her usual form is a precocious five year old brat! Valhalla is the planet she called home until she came to Terra. She was found by a teenaged boy who ran a bathhouse (hot springs) and he fell in love with her. A short time later to save his life Valkyrie kissed him thus trapping herself in the kid form. It ain't to clear how everyone else at the bathhouse can also 'morph' into warriors but I'm watching Season 2 on COD/CE/TAN/Valkyrie. Just starting at COD/CE/TAN is DN Angel butI haven't seen it yet. Burst Angel on COD/CE/AnimeSelects/WickedAnime looks like a female version of Trigun (Vash the Stampede) only it's Terra not Gunsmoke and the gals are cops not outlaws! Damn! COD dropped 'Naughty Ninjas' after just one run (12 episodes) and it was a cool anime too! Forget it, man. I have already looked for it online to buy and there is rei (nothing) except Amazon which as a couple of episodes. Morabito is up to Vol 3 which has Eppys 8 to 10. Vols 1-2 have Eppys 1 through 7 and more are not due to be dubbed for a long while! IFC now shows Hellgirl and Witchblade back to back at 3 AM ET Tuesdays and Fridays. HG is being run in order but WB got up to 22 (COD/CE/IFC/Anime/WB has 21 and 22 running now) then cut back to 9 last night. AniMonday's Sci Fi Channel had a good old chestnut if you like riddles. It was 'X'- Dragons of Heaven vs Dragons of Earth? Remember? Kamui vs Kamui? Well it makes no sense at all unless you've seen or read the prior animes in the Babylon series. Or you could read the X mangas which ended unfinished. Another problemo is that there are thee X's- the movie, the series and the OVA (direct to video) and each is a mite different, however, each one has an ending of sorts. SF aired the movie X Monday night wich is about the only one ever shown. Well like Shin Chan Nohara always says 'Time to go' so don't forget to r/r/s away and hooble-toodle-doo. Kami bless you all and sayonara for now. See ya soon-K&K

    Ch 36 'Daddy Calls It Quits' or 'The Brat Awakens' now up. Toodles-K&K

    Th-th-that' all folks!
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    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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