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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here we have Ch 37 Part 3 of AW. Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    Zero shrugged his shoulders. "Then we go in the morning, gentlemen. Make sure we have four sleds ready to go by then, Lazlo. Saiya (Zero's yeoman was Sub-Ensign Saiya St John, a green-haired 'Eloisian' maiden), show the Chiefs to their quarters. I bid you good night, gentlemen. If you require anything, Sub-Ensign St John will get it for you. Lynch, the comm is yours. I'll be in my ready room. Saiya, after you've attended to our guests, please bring me the duty vidlogs to sign." yawned Zero.

    "This way, me boyos. We have you billetted belowdecks." said the short but striking green-haired 'Eloisian' girl. The room assigned to the four chiefs was a mite cramped since Zero usually usedit to store extra fuel cells for his surface crafts. "Gomen (Sorry) guys but we're reallyshort of space and we have no proper accommodations for VIPs like yourseleves. You'll have to flip coins to decide who gets the uppr berths. Sorry but this really is the bst I could manage on such short notice." she apologized.

    "These quarters are just fine, Miss St John. All of us were field agents at one time or another so we're used to a little discomfort. Please tell the Captain that we will meet him on his bridge at dawn. Thank you." said Garner with a smile.

    'Subby' Saiya did a double take. "Dawn? Hell, we don't get up that early, Chief. The Commander will meet you at 0730 hours (7:30 AM). (She lowered her voice to a whisper) You know of course that in this part of the galaxy dawn arrives at 0200 hours (2 AM), Chief, don't you? (Saiya resumed her normal voice level) Like I was saying if you need anything, just ask. G'Night." she said and turned to leave.

    "Wait a sec. How do we call ya, Honey?" asked Don.

    "I'm an 'Eloisian', Sweetie and we're almost like BetaZoids so just think of what ya want and I'll know it. See ya ashita (tomorrow), Mr Popo." said the Subby and she left.

    "Tomorrow come early, me boyos as our Katie would say so good night. Flip a coin? Not necessary. Chief Gooley and I will take the top bunks. Any objections, gentlemen? Nai (No)? Then I bid you all good night." said Garner. Anton gave Charlie a leg up while Don boosted Andy up into his berth. Then the Unit 9 and Unit 237 chiefs took the lower bunks. Soon the entire quartet were snoring away like grampusses.

    "Did you get 'God almighty's cherubs all tucked in for the night, Saiya?" asked Zero while signing his vidlogs which had just been handed to him by his yeoman.

    "Yeah but I had to tell that old guy we ain't early risers, Zackie. He thought we were leaving at dawn." replied Subby St John.

    "By 'that old guy' I assume you mean Territorial Sector Chief Charles Augustus Garner. Please try and remember that every one of those dudes outranks me by at least two sets of 'railroad tracks' (captain's bars), Darling and 'that old guy' is second only to 'God almighty' himself- Vito Galadriel. Off with ya now and get some sleep. Have 'Tud' (the 'Liberator's very own 'CC') trill me at 0600 (6 AM). I'll probably sack out in here. (Saiya turned to leave) Saiya? (She turned back. "Zack?" she asked) You er that is er you don't have to come with u tomorrow if--" said a flustered Zero.

    "I'll be waiting on my sled at 0730 (7:30 AM), sir. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine. G'Night Zack." replied Saiya and she headed for her own quarters. And--

    A kilo and a half up the side of the mountain Kei, Yuri and their ragtag entourage had a sleepless night and endured a lonely vigil. They had no idea that their final threat was no more and they would not know that until the morrow.

    At 0730 (7:30 AM) six skysleds rocketed into the air and had soon reached their destination.

    "Sense anything, Saiya love?" whispered Lynch.

    "Yes sir, I do. Switch on our homing beacon. Use ancient Morse code. Those signals will penetrate the beam barrier around the house. There are too many minds there for me to isolate and lock onto any one of them. I sense no hostility- only fear and vigilance." said the "eloiian' and at a nod from Zero, Don tapped out a Morse message:

    'Black Ghost no longer a threat. Hold your fire. We are 3WA and we are coming in. We are travelling with 'Earth Defense Federation' ship 'Liberator' commanded by Zacharias Zero. Please do not fire on us, Deirdre.- Charles Garner.'

    An answer was immediately forthcoming: 'Come ahead. Be careful. 'MMH' has 'fixed' front grounds of edifice. Follow in footsteps of 'AWG'. He knows the way in. Tap signal bar on door three times. Enter same vidcode used last visit here.- Kierran O'Halloran.'

    Xavier Lynch was puzzled and as confused as Hell. "Oro (Wht) the Fxxx? It's all gibberish! Who the Sam Hell's this 'MMH' and why do they warn us she's 'fixed' the grounds and who's 'AWG', Donnie?" yelled the executive officer loudly.

    "Well Lynch, 'MMH' is Minnie Mae Hopkins, our 'Blonde Bomber' and demo expert. If she has 'fixed' anything that means it's mined an/or booby-trapped. 'AWG' is Chief Anton Wilhelm Gustav here. I trust that you 'do' remember the correct vidcode, Willy?" replied Garner.

    "And the correct path through the scary boom-booms, my tomo (friend)?" added Poporo.

    "Yeah so jsut follow in my footsteps. I'll go real slow and you guys make shimatta (damned) sure that you put your feet exactly where I put mine. Let's go." said Gustav and he slowly led them ont the chalet's veranda without incident. Next he tapped the door's signal bar thrice and finally he tapped in the vidcode word 'Roscommon' on the door's keypad.

    "The Terran county in Erin (Ireland or Eire) where Katie's ancestours originated." explained the Unit 9 Sector Chief.

    "C'mon in. Any tricks and we'll ventilate your asses." growled Revy Roberts as the door swished aside. Gustav entered the lodge first followed closely by Zero, Lynch, St John and the remaining chiefs.

    "Oro's (What's) all this shimatta (damned) crap about 'Ghostiie' no longer being a threat to us, Anton?" demanded Kei as she lowered her rifle.

    Matters were speedily explained and Kei scowled at her Chiefs. Before she could frame a reply--

    Cont in Ch 37- Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is AW Ch 37 Part 4 so enjoy and toodles-K&K
    Looks like we go to 5, my tomos.

    "Well! Will ya look at oro (what) the neko (cat) dragged in? Where'd you spring from, Nickie?" demanded 'Derringer' Merrill Stryfe. "Folks, some of ya may remember the preacher here- Nicholas D Wolfwood." she added.

    "Oro's (What's) the 'D' stand for?" asked Leona Ozaki.

    "Don't ask. It's unpronounceable, Leona." answered Gene Starwind.

    "You guys know Wolfie? Reverend Wolfwood is the 'Liberator's chaplain." explained Lynch.

    "Did this 'reverend' here tell ya he's a 'gunman', a 'Gung Ho' gunman? And he's almost as quick on the draw as our own Vash the Stampede?" chuckld the 'Blonde Bomber' who was headed outside with Neko Olson to defuse her 'party favours' around the building.

    "Now see here, my children! I am not as bad as all that ya know. Didn't you hear Commander Lynch? I'm a chaplain now." grinned Wolfwood. "Where's Legato these days?" he asked.

    "Pilotin' the 'Angel 1' or the 'Angel 3'. I forget which. How've ya been, Nick?" replied Kei and she faced Garner.

    "All this 'Ghostie' now a 'GPI' crap is for real then, 'Uncle Charlie'? Really and truly?" she demanded and the big cheese chief nodded.

    "Yeah, it's all on the level, Boss." said Don Poporo.

    "OK, that's good enough for me. Yuri! Deactivate that damned 'neutralizing barrier'. I guess we're all going the Fxxx home, right boyos?" growled the redhead.

    "If we can hitch a ride on the 'Angel 2' we are, Katie." replied Gooley. He didn't fancy another night with the 'I talk in my sleep' Poporo and the 'Restless all night' Garner!

    "Anyone who wants to ride back with us is more than welcome. Zackie? Where ya headed?" replied Kei.

    "Back to 'Venus Central Command', Reds. I was told that you have one of my ex-officers here. Ensign Marina Oki? I want to take her with me if that's OK with you, ma'am?" asked Zero and Kei shrugged.

    "By now she's back at the Academy on 'Shimougou', Zackie. She's welcome to join back up wth ya again if that's really oro (what) the 'Suba' wants." replied the Boss with a mischievous gleam in her emerald aizu (eyes).

    "Suba? As in 'Subaltern'? Ya made a mistake there, love. Marina Oki is only an 'Ensign'." corrected Zero's exec.

    "The 3WA and the 'UG' Command promoted her a few times so I seriously doubt that she'll want to go back to being a lowly 'Ensign', pal." said Kome Sawaguchi.

    Zero sighed. "I guess we can get to 'VCC' a few days late. Mr Lynch, we are escorting the 'Angel 2' back home. Please inform the 'VCC' and the 'UEF' of our change of plans and new destination. Anyone who's flying back with us grab a sled and follow me. Wagons roll!" chortled Zeo.

    "Pack up your junk and grab a transport to the 'Angel 2'. My ship is leaving here in half an hour. Zack? As of now the 'Liberator' is a 3WA vessel. That means you take your orders from the ranking 3WA officer and that would be me. Got it?" said Kei igniting a cheroot.

    "You? I'll be damned if I, a Captain, take any orders from a 3WA 'Lieutenant' (Kei's rank the last time she and Zero had crossed paths) and a female to boot! Chief Garner, aren't you the ranking 3WA officer here, sir?" demanded Zack Zero and Charlie shook his head.

    "Nope. The 'Marshall' here is, son." he replied with a twinkle in his grey aizu (eyes). Zero noticed Kei's uniform blazer which she had just thrown across her shoulders.

    "Marshall? All the way from second looey to Marshall in less than five years? I must be on the wrong Fxxxing police force! Got any openings in the 3WA, Charlie?" chortled the 'UEF' Captain and Anton pointed to his wristchromo urgently.

    "It's almost 0900 (9 AM) and we gotta lift off before that gravity well 'window' closes at 1000 hours (10 AM). Let's motor, people! Pack up and move out! That's an order, Ladies and Gents!" shouted Gustav.

    "Take it easy on that 'Time Sight' equipment, dammit! It's really damned delicat!" warned Sally when Revy, Neko and Rukia almost dropped a crate of chemicals and instruments which they were carrying up the 'Raphael's ramp. Kira insisted on helping until 'Reverend Nick' saved Sally and Kira's 'array beacon antennae' Kira had dropped before it struck the deck.

    "Be careful, Ryuuk! They're 'plasma bombs'! Stop juggling them like apples, dammit!" yelled 'Bomber Mae' Hopkins.

    "Light! Light Yagami! Tell your trained ape to stop fooling around with my explosives, dammit!" growled Kei.

    "Here's some apples. Go wait for me on the 'Raphael', Ryuuk." said Light and he went back to loading the 'Blonde Bomber's pyrotechnics.

    By 0930 hours (9:30 AM) the 'Raph' was loaded and Kei rocketed off. The skysleds had left at 0915 hours (9:15 AM). Six of them returned to the 'Liberator' with Zero's gang while the rest went back to the 'Angel 2' to prep the ship for an immediate liftoff. The 'Raph' docked aboard its 'Mother' ship at 0945 hours (9:45 AM) and Kei ordered Kome to relay the 'Liberator' to lift off at once. Zero left at 0950 hours (9:50 AM) and the 'Angel 2' followed at 0959 hours (9:59 AM) beating the grav well 'window' by a hole sixty seconds! Talk about close timing eh?

    Kei had Nami relay 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City's coordinates to Zero's 'navvie' and then both ships' commanders put their vessels on 'George' and relaxed.

    "Another week and we'll be back home again, Kei." crowed Yuri.

    "Terrific. I can hardly wait., Vacuumhead. I'm gonna sack out until dinnertime. Gene, the comm is yours. I'll be in my quarters on three but don't call me unless the Universe is invaded. See ya later, tomos (friends)." yawned the tall redhead. After she'd gone Yuri pouted and then smiled.

    "Aw, the Hell with it! I'm going swimming. Anybody else wanna come?" she invited.

    "Oh I say! That's a capital idea, Commander. Where can I purchase some swimming gear? I have cash and cards. Where's this jolly old pool anyway?" asked the 'WOOHP' spygirls' jovial boss- Jerry Lewis.

    Neko giggled and Revy laughed. "Ain't ya learned nothing yet, Pops? We 'rep up' anything we want or need." chuckled 'Lagoon' Revy.

    "And our 'pool' is on the holodecks one floor down on Level Eight. Just come with me, Dad. Coming Revy? Spies? Anyone?" said Neko ushering Jerry to the liftbanks.

    "Only one flight, my dear you say? Then why don't we jolly well walk? Good for the old ticker, what?" said a jovial spychief guiding te 'nekomata' girl toards the gantryway stairs. Revy and the 'spies' (Sammy, Alex and Clover), their LA pal Mandy, the 'Ice Road Brigade' (Hugh, Alex, Bear, Drew, Rick and Eric), Nick Wolfwood, Blue and a few others soon joined them. The rest opted to ride down with Yuri who hated walking anywhere when she could ride instead.

    Of the twelve 'holodeck' rooms eleven were already in use.

    The Saiyaans (Vegeeta and Goku) were playing 'Duel Monsters' in #1 while Ivanhoe's mob was using #2 to play Robin Hood. The third room was marked 'Reserved for CO' which meant #3 was set up for Kei's target practicing. In #4 some of the kids were playing Alice in Wonderland and in #5 the game was chess betwixt the White and Black Guardians of the Universes. In #6 the Elf Hunters were- oro (what) else?- Hunting elves while #7 was being used by Merrill, Melissa, Ila, Jeannie (Genie) and Louie for a game of 'treasure hunting'. The newlyweds Trace and Nat Edwards had set up #8 like a miniture golf course and in #9 Flay Allster and Cagalli Yula Athna were solving the 'Seven Doors' mystry from the 1961 Terran film 'Thief of Baghdad' in order for the hero to get to the aoishi (blue) rose for the sultan's daughter and in #10 'Starfleet's Reg Barkley (Barclay) was the swashbuckling pirate Captain Vallow- the Crimson Pirate himself. InuYasha and his tomos (friends) were in #11 playing 'Forbidden Kingdom' with the big disgruntled hanyou as Son Goku the Monkey King much to his chagrin but he had found out the hard way that Kagome's 'Sit boy!' worked even with Yuri's 'neutralizing field' in place! So he was quietly playing his role of Son Goku from both Journey to the West and Sai Yuki whether he liked it or not!

    Cont in Ch 37- Part 5
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is Ch 37 Part 5 of AW. Enjoy and toodles till next time-K&K

    Yuri keyed in her 'Pool by the seaside' program at #12 and sighed. This 'holodeck' room was hardly ever used and usually malfunctioned which was why she had told everyone to 'replicate' their 'mizugis' (swim suits) and everything else they would use rather than using the stuff 'simulated' by the 'holodeck'. She giggled as she suddenly remembered poor Blackfire's first visit to a 'holodeck' a couple of years ago when the 'Tamaranian' had almost exited the 'holodeck' in her birthday suit! Luckily she had elected to put the 'simsuit' on over her 'real' unmentionables instead of over her bare skin but the experience had still been quite humiliating for the poor kid! Kid! Gad! Now I'm starting to sound like the dimwit!

    The doors parted and Yuri 'called the archway' before leading them through it to a toasy warm sunny beach with an azure sea on the left and a swimming pool on the right.

    "Last one in's a dirty spy!" chortled Jerry Lewis. Sammy, Clover and Alex grimaced but Mandy looked confused as per usual.

    "Why did he have to say that?" complained Alex.

    "Well he's your uncle, Alex, isn't he?" teased Mandy who had forgotten what she was confused over now.

    "She's got ya there, Alex. He 'is' your Uncle Jerry." said a sarcastic Clover.

    "That is enough out of you two. It ain't Alex's fault that her uncles's a whacko looney." giggled Sammy.

    Alex got very red in the face and very angry indeed.

    "He's not really my Uncle Jerry, ya know, dammit to Hell!" screeched Alex.

    "He isn't? Then who the Hell's uncle is he, Alex? What's going on around here? When are we going back home, Clover? Why is this room bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, Sammy? Where'd that ocean come from if we're in outer space like ya said we were, man? Are we on an acid trip? What--" babbled Mandy.

    END of Ch 37. Ch 38 'Secret Talks' or 'Designated Driver' soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 38 'Secret Talks' or 'Designated Driver'
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is AW Ch 38- Pt 1 for ya to enjoy. Toodles-K&K
    Looks like 3 parts.


    DISCLAIMER: OK Xavier, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 38 without any further meandering, shall we? Why is Zack Zero back and oro does he want with Suba Marina Oki? Can Mandy keep her big mouth shut? A hint re the titles- Yuri has nothing to do with the 'Secret Talks' and 'Designated Driver' has nothing to do with alcohol usage! Oro does this all mean? We'll find out momentarily gang. Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 38

    'Secret Talks' or 'Designated Driver'

    "Hey Jerry! Ya sure you can make loudmouth Mandy forget who we are and everything else later? (Jerry Lewis nodded sagely) Yo! Shut the Hell up and listen to me, Motormouth! Alex, Clover an I are really spies for 'Woohp' the World Organization of Human Protection and--" said Sammy and she proceeded to tell Mandy the whole truth, the entire totally true story from their beginnings as teenaged high school Valley girls' spies right up to the present.

    When Sam finally finished Mandy stared at her for a full minute before she started laughing her head off. "Man, are you flaky or what, Honey? You gotta be on a rocket to oblivion, dipstick! What a crock of crapola, man! You don't 'seriously' expect me to believe you, do you?" giggled Mandy and Sammy shrugged off her kimono.

    "Up to you, girl. Believe what ya want but what I told you is all totally true. I'm going for a dip. You coming?" said Sammy.

    "Well I tried, guys." said Sammy and Jerry smiled.

    "I told you she wouldn't believe you." whispered Jerry. Clover had stretched out on the sandy beach next to Faye Valentine and tomboy Ed whom Faye had on a leash.

    "Is that really necessary, Miss Valentine?" asked Clover.

    "Yeah, unless you want to run around after her it is." replied Faye.

    Mandy and Alex dove into the pool and splashed Jerry and Sammy. Jerry tried to apologize for the 'spy' slip but all they did was splash him harder.

    Revy Roberts and Neko Olson were arguing over their fave topic- weapons.

    Yuri was just glad they were on their way home at long last unless that scatterbrained nincompoop redhead decided to take them on yet another 'quickie' side trip again! She debated trilling the Boss to make sure they really and truly were going back home this time but she decided against it. Best let sleeping dogs lie like Chief (Ella) Hathaway had once advised her. In O'Halloran's case that 'sleeping dog' could easily turn into a full blown Irish wolfhound!
    However, as Yuri returned to her latest fashion holovidmag catalogue five decks down the 'Irish wolfhound' was pacing the floor.
    "Where the Hell was the Doctor all this time? Surely 'Gallifrey' wasn't all that damned far away for a time and space travelling time lord in a police box thingamajig whatchamacallit- a TARDIS, wasn't it? All he had to was drop off one prisoner- John Berringer. Warp and Slade Wilson were both destined for Terran judgment and were now Terra bound via 'Galactic Command' transport. The rest of the brood had gone to either 'Seto Kaiba' or 'Hecuo Mundo', the nickname for the most infamous penal colony asteroid in the galaxy- 'Kariyastan' where conditions were the worst imaginable so the place was used only when absolutely necessary. It was slated to be closed down and never used again in just two more years- AD 2253. Ah well, these time jockeys set their own hours it seemed. The Doctor would be back when he got back and that was that. I will hate to lose Peri Brown though. She's the best yeoman I've had since Conan Edogawa's sister during our first time rift missions. Hopefully this 'time sight' crap of Sally and the kid's would work. Then me and the gang can finally relax and get back to normal stuff. First damned thing I'm gonna do is get me a transfer back to Unit 9. I've had enough of running a Fxxxing Academy! I want action! Maybe they'll promote the vacuumhead and make her the new big mahoff. Hell, who am I kiddin'? The airhead's just as fed up with his Academy shit as I am! She'll probably transfer back to Unit 237. A shame that although we'll still be neighbors we ain't gonna be partners no more. Mar and Kome are gettin' the 'Angel 3' as captain and exec so who's gonna be our new partners? Probably that Rio Delcroix for the dipstick moron and Tomah's sister Edna Jordan for me. Shit! Breakin' in new trainees! Oh well at least we'll get a better deal than poor Ella Hathaway got- Lily Langtry! I really pity anyone who gets stuck with that baka dipstick! Whoever the Hell coined the 'dumb blonde' phrase must have had Lily in mind when they thought of it! Then again- if anyone can whip Lily into a top notch tro-con it's Ella. Just think. In another decade and a half I'll be Ella's daughter Annie's boss and my own dear 'KR' (Keitarou Riff) will be her partner in the 'Avenging Angels' team. Dammit, that does have a nice ring to it, that it does. Aw, the oni (devil) with it! We're goin' home at last!" mused Kei and she threw her unifom blazer at the sofa (it hit the floor like everything usually did. Did I mention that Kei was a slob?), kicked off her sneakers and crashed onto her bunk.
    She slept like the 'roshii' (dead) until 1700 (5 PM) when Mugghi trilled the redhead for dinner.
    "I'm awake, Furball. Have 'em send up a platter of the usual. And a fifth of 'Dew' too. Tell the airhead to advise Central we're comin' home. (Kei thought a moment) Mugghi, put through a top priority ultrasensitive relay to 'God almighty' for me. Don't tell anyone else and route it to my quarters down here. Huh? Yeah. 'Uncle Vito' (Galadriel) himself. I'm gonna find out oro the Fxxx's goin' on around here. The Doctor's late, Zero is 'conveniently' available, 'Ghostie' retires and becomes a 'GPI', no less than four high ranking chiefs show up to pick me up, the 'Draconians' just signed a peace treaty with Duke Atraides on 'Dune', we just sent a hundred first year cadets for 'advanced' training and some of 'em only got three weeks of 'basic' training under their belts. It just don't add up, tomo, nai (no), that it does not! And yet we get to go home. Something smells very rotten in 'Kalustor' and I wanna know oro (what) the Fxxx it is, Furball. Trill me when ya get 'Uncle Vito'. I wanna talk to 'God almighty', not one of his damned 'cherubs', you got that, Mugghi? OK. Kei out." she trilled and then she pulled on fresh sweats and sneakers.
    A trilling alerted the Boss that her relay was through and she powered on Vidscreen Three. The familiar image of the grandfatherly 'Uncle Vito' Galadriel was comforting to the young redhead but tonight the old guy looked more troubled than jovial. He waved a hand for silence.

    "How did you know, Katherine? I only just now heard about it myself?" asked Galadriel.

    "How did I know oro (what), sir?" countered a puzzled Kei. He sighed.

    "That war is imminent betwixt the 'New Republic' and 'Rygiel 9' of course. No matter. I gave up trying to figure you out when you turned fifteen. The only chance we have of preventing war is a peace treaty betwixt the two worlds. To that end we have clandestinely arranged a top secret meeting between President Elect Leia Solo of the 'New Republic' and King Galdonicus Alorien, High King of 'Orlean' and the new leader of the 'Rygielian Empire' on neutral territory. explained Vito. Kei blew a smoke ring and shrugged.

    "So? Where's this meetin' gonna be held, Uncle Vito? Oro (What) Kami (God) forsaken moon are ya sendin' us to this time, sir?" asked the redhead resignedly and she lit up another cheroot.

    "We are not (ahem) sendin' you folks anywhere. However, you are coming home, my dear Katherine. (Kei looked at him suspiciously) The meeting is being held on 'Shimougou' at your place. Takachiho Academy is the 'neutral territory' agreed upon. It will be held (ahem) ashita no yobi, my dear child." he replied.

    "Oro (What) the Fxxx! The frigging day after tomorrow? (Vito nodded) The 'Angels 1 and 3' will be there by then so use 'em for security. I'll get us there just as soon as I can, sir." said the Boss.

    'Uncle Vito' shook his leonine head. You must be there by then or it's a no go. Neither Solo nor Alorien will agree to anything unless you are there, O'Halloran. They wanted Donovan too but I told them I can spare only one of you and they emphatically decided on you. They don't trust anyone else in the 3WA or the 'UG' besides me and I must remain completely neutral in the matter you understand. (Kei nodded dejectedly) So that's about the size of it, Angel. Don't spare the hyperdrives in getting here. You and Zero get your asses here stat and that's a direct order, Marshall." ordered Vito.

    Kei looked flashing daggers at him, her emerald aizu (eyes) aflame. "You sent Zach Zero to fetch me, didn't you, Vito?" she demeanded and he nodded again.

    "Yes I did. Time is of the essence here and with secrecy a must I called in a favour from the 'UEF' leader and asked him to loan me Zack Zero to get you back here as quickly as possible. Although you knew each other he had never really tangled with the 'Demon of Dublin' before and--" stammered Vito.

    "He didn't know oro (what) the Fxxx he was getting his ass into, sir?" chuckled Kei.

    CONT in Ch 38- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Part 2 of Ch 38. Enjoy and r/r/s. Toodles-K&K

    "Something like that, Boss. Now you get Zero and yourself back home tout sweet. Tell 'em all that you can't wait to get back home to 'Little Kakashi' or something but get your asses back here in two days and don't you dare tell anyone the real reason. (Kei looked a question) I know what you're going to ask and the answer is no. Zach Zero does not know why we want you back here. All he does know is that it is vitally urgent that we see you without further delay, my child. Now I really must dash. Have a kawaii yobi (lovely day) and hooble-toodle-doo. Kami (God) out." he said and blanked his vidscreen.

    "Yeah. Arigatou, sir. O'Halloran out." she replied to an empty vidscreen.

    "Now I gotta go make some excuse for wantin' to get home early." she thought. Kei debated going down to address her troops in uniform and decided against that plan. After all she was forbidden to tell 'em the truth anyway and the uniform is almost always a dead giveaway. Instead she shoved a Mark XIII into her sweatpants' waistband and took the gantryway stairs down to the rec room/dining hall one flight below her. She picked up a PA mike from the wall of the dining hall and keyed it.

    "Your attention onegai (please) folks! Who wants to stay on this bloody damned ship for another whole Fxxxing week? (Amurmur of disapproval went around the huge room like an ancient Terran football cheering wave) Me neither! Ya know I just realized that I forgot to feed poor 'Little Kashi' (Kei's fifteen meter long pet python snake) before we left the Academy! Since we cannot use 'hyperspace' on account of we're too close to our destination I'm gonna boost our Warp speed to 30 and get us home in two days instead of seven, OK? (A deafening roar of applause and cheering as well as a rousing round of 'For she's a jolly good fellow' (Nobody dared to call Kei a Lady!) and like sentiments greeted Kei's suggestion) Then let's have us a toast! (They did. After all booze was free on the 'Angels') OK. If you'll excuse me I'll go tell our bridge crew to put the pedal to the metal and not to spare the hyperdrives! See ya later, gang." said the redhead and she entered the lift.

    Lt Sandra 'Tigress' Sandoval was manning the comm when Kei got to her bridge. "Hiya Boss. How's tricks?" greeted 'Tigress' and Kei frowned.

    "Lemme see. You're fourth in command, ain't ya? (The svelte 'Starfleet' navvie nodded) Then where's Kiva (Nerese), Reg (Barkley or Barclay) and 'Kitty' (Torres)?" demanded Kei who was clearly pissed off that a K-Class 3WA patrol starship was under the command of a novice navvie.

    'Tigress' was a novice owing to having only three years' starship experience. Of course Nami Richards was a real novice navvie having less than a week's starship experience under her belt!

    'Tigress' ticked off items on her fingers. "Let's see now, ma'am. Captain Nerese is in your 'office' (the ready room), Lt Commander Barkley (Barclay) and our comm officer Lt Torres are down training on your holodecks so I'm (ahem) in charge, mum. Anything I can do for ya?" asked 'Tigress' who'd been playing video games.

    "That depends. Can you fly this thing?" asked Kei gruffly and the navvie shook her head.

    "Nope. I can get it there and back again but I sure as Hell dunno how to drive 'em, mum. Sorry." replied the saucy brunette.

    "Where's the rest of my damned bridge crew?" the redhead wanted to know.

    "Wherever they wanna be I guess. The Captain gave 'em the night off, mum. We're flying on 'George' so I volunteered to man the helm. I'm not much of a socializer, Marshall." said 'Tigress'.

    Kei's scowl softened a bit. "You and me both, kiddo. I'd better check with the Captain. Ja ne (see ya later), 'Tigress'. If any of my pilots happen to wander by hogtie one of 'em for me." said Kei.

    "Enter. It's open dammit." replied Kiva Nerese when Kei sounded her ready room's door klaxon.

    "Hullo Reds. I didn't expect to see you for a couple of more days. Oro's (What's) up?" yawned a tired Kiva who hadn't slept in 42 hours.

    "I just decided to get us home five days sooner than everyone expected. Ya got anyone along with ya that can pilot this baby of mine?" asked Kei lighting up a cheroot.
    Kiva fired up her cigarillo and smiled. "Sure I do. Bishop's a fully qualified C-Class starship pilot." replied Kiva.

    "Your helmsman? Where is he?" asked Kei eagerly.

    "I dunno, Boss. Look, can't we do this ashita (tomorrow)? I'm bushed. I ain't slept in almost two days, man." complained the 'Bjorn' 'Starfleet' captain.

    "Tough! It's been more than four days since I last visited Dreamland, kid. C'mon now, Kiva. Where's Mr Bishop?" coaxed Kei.

    "Where the Fxxx are YOUR shimatta (damned) pilots? Use one of them, dammit!" grumbled Kiva.

    "I can't. They're on the other 'Angel' vessels and the 'Liberator', Zero's ship. Gene and Han are asleep because they've been awake a Helluva lot longer than even I have! Jon (Harlock) can't handle this monster and Blue's (Legato Bluesummers) engaged elsewhere." explained the redhead patiently- well just barely.

    "How's about Mar? She practically runs this whole damned ship for ya single-handedly, don't she?" yawned Kiva.

    "She is commanding the 'Angel 3' so where in the Sam Hell is Bishop, dammit?" shouted an exasperated Kei O'Halloran.

    "Are you two ladies looking for me? I'm afraid I've been star gazing down in the 'star room' for the past two hours." said a short diminutive Terran guy with jet black hair and matching mutton chop whiskers. He had just entered through the ready room's opened portal.

    "Thank Christ! Now maybe I can get some bloody sleep! That's Mr Bishop, Boss. Take him and go away!" cried an annoyed captain.

    Kei spun to face the newcomer. "Can you pilot my ship? (He nodded.) A K-Class starship? You're only licensed for C-Class, ain't ya? That's oro (what) Kiva told me." demanded the now impatient redhead.

    "I'm due to be tested for K-Class next week but I assure you, Madam, that flying this puppy's a piece of cake, ma'am." replied Bishop.

    "Then take the comm and get us back to 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' just as quickly as ya can. Ya can't use 'hyperthrust' because we ain't really 'offworld' but still- don't spare the hyperdrives. This 'puppy' can handle 50 Warp with ease (Bishop's aizu (eyes) popped) but I only need to be back home by ashita no yobi er the day after tomorrow so 30 should be an ample speed. Can ya manage that, Mr Bishop?" asked the Boss hesitantly.

    "Sure Reds. No problemo as Mikey says. Twenty-five warp should get us home by then. Can I have 'Tigress' for my navvie?" asked Bishop.

    "Sure but I can't give ya a co-pilot 'cause I ain't got none left aboard except Solo and Starwind and they're whacked out so I can't use 'em for a few more days. Who's your comm officer? 'Kitty'?" asked Kei.

    "Nope. She's asleep in one of your back bedrooms so I'll use Treanna Knox. Ya remember her, Boss?" asked Bishop.

    "Sure do. Well, there's the bridge and the comm's all yours, Acting Commander. Donnatella's our Engineer tonight. Have fun and remember- we're all counting on you, tomo (friend) mine." said the Hellcat firebrand Amazon. She took the lift back down to her quarters- and her bunk. She felt the brief power surge as Bishop increased Warp speed and then she assumed he'd put the ship back on 'George' and settled in for the night. Kei was asleep the second her head hit the pillow.

    Several hours later and five decks up Yuri awakened on the sandy beach and yawned. She stretched and sat up in her chaise lounge. She squinted against the faux (false or fake. In this case 'simulated' by the holodeck like everything else there) sun to see her wrist chromo which read 2330 hours or 11:30 PM!

    "Christ! Hey gang! It's like almost midnight so I think we'd better call it a night. Some of us have early shifts tomorrow." announced the exec officer.

    While they were all grumbling, especially Faye, Kagome and Rukia who had drawn babysitting detail for the morrow, Yuri trilled the holodeck's 'archway comm system' and relayed the word to the other holodecks to call it a night, pack up and get off to beddie bye.

    The entire vessel had settled down and was as still as the grave at 0330 (3:30 AM) when the Doctor's TARDIS finally touched down beside the rec room's bar. Peri was dozing at the bar over a half finished milkshake but looked up sleepily when he heard the familiar pulsating sounds of the Doctor's pylon drive system.

    "Perpigillian Winkle Brown! Do you know what time it is, young lady? Does anyone know that you are down here, girl (Peri shook her head) No? Well it is either very late or it is very early depending on how one looks at things, however, that is neither here nor there. It is well and truly past your bedtime so off you go, my dear Peri. My God!! It feels like we are travelling at twenty times the velocity of light!" cried Doctor Six.

    "Actually twenty-five times lightspeed, Doc. Suddenly the Boss Lady wants to get us home by the day after tomorrow for some ungodly reason. She got that nice Mr Bishop- his whiskers are so cool, man! Anyway she got Mr Bishop from 'Starfleet' to fill in for our pilots. How was your trip, Doc?" yawned Peri.

    "As well as could be expected, my dear but I am not permitted to tell you anything about it, love so please do not ask. How is it that you know all about Mr Bishop and our speed and everything?" demanded the suddenly suspicious time lord.

    Peri pressed her toe into the carpet and looked at her feet. "I er sorta listened in on Miss O'Halloran's conversation. I was er taking a walk through the service gantryways that access the bridge." explained a sheepish Peri.

    Cont in Ch 38- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is Ch 38- Part 3 for ya. Enjoy and please r/r/s away. Toodles-K&K

    "Eavesdropping!! That was a most unladylike and a very naughty thing to do! So er did you er hear anything else of any importance, my dear?" asked the Doctor.

    "Plenty. But nothing that made any sense at all. Some drivel about 'Ghostie' becoming a 'GPI' and some crap about Mr Solo's wife and some old dude named Gallo Oreo from New Orleans on a dune and--" yawned Peri and suddenly Doctor Six shook her by the shoulders- vigorously.

    "Galdonicus Alorien the King of 'Orleans' from 'Dune' in the 'Rygielian Empire'? Leia Organa Skywalker Solo is Han's wife but she is also the President of the 'New Republic' at 'Coruscant', my dear girl. They will talk only on neutral territory and if they cannot reach an agreement on something very soon war will break out betwixt them so 'Shimougou' must be the site of the meeting and the 'neutral ground' must be 'Takachiho Academy' which Reds runs. That's it! That must be it! King Galdonicus and President Solo do not trust anyone in the 'UG' or the 3WA except for Mr Galadriel who must remain neutral for obvious reasons. Reds and (He snapped his fingers and Peri supplied "Fruity Screw Loose Donovan?") yes, Miss Donovan and really Peri you must watch what you call your superiors! If Reds and Yuri or at least one of them is not there then there will be no discussions and no chance of avoiding war! That would explain the Boss's tremendous rush to get home as well. Well, off you go, Peri. Nighty-night. Sleep tight and don't let the bed--" chortled the Doctor.

    "Don't say it, Doc! I'm going. G'Night Doc." said his pretty Terran companion and she headed for the liftbanks. The Doctor sighed and headed for the gantryway stairs. He was billetted only on level up. Peri's rooms were on Level Seven hence her use of the lift.

    "How will she take it?" thought the 'Gallifreyan' to himself. The High Council had decided on leniency for John Berringer and were merely banishing him from the major quadrants for a solitary solar year. That is unless Reds herself were to testify before the Acting Lord President Barusa of the Timelords and their High Council. Then they might permit him to be tried before the 'Galactic Command' courts. In that case it could mean a very lengthy prison term or indeed perhaps he would be judged to merit the ultimate punishment of 'Le Morte'- Death. And guess who gets to tell the Hellcat the good news? Right. Yours truly- the Doctor himself. Well he'd tell her all that ashita (tomorrow). Right now he needed his bunk and a glass of warm milk.

    Peri yawned again and decided that her reports could wait until tomorrow. The warm 'Yargoth' tea (imported from the moon of 'Yargoth' in the 'Epsilon' quadrant) felt very relaxing and Peri had soon fallen fast asleep on her sofa.
    Marina Oki covered her with an Afghan when she made her midnight (OK 0400 or 4AM anyway) snack run and went back to her bunk.

    While the 'Angel 2' cruised along at Warp 25 an 'ISSP' (Inter Solar Systems Police) patrol speeder was 'clocking' the 'cloaked' ship.

    "Holy shit! Will ya look at that, Genna! A 'cloaked' vessel in a 'no cloaking zone' sector and he's doing close to 28 Warp in a 5 Warp zone! Hit those klaxons, Patroller Peterson! Pull his ass over!" ordered Sergeant Algonquin Lumpass of the 'ISSP' (He had transferred over from Roy Mustang's 'FC' KP Patrol Police force) and Patroller Third Class Genna Peterson (This was Genna's very first 'gig' on a real patrol!) hit the klaxons and flashing lights. She picked up the PA system's mike and shouted into it.

    "Attention! Attention cloaked vessel! This is the 'ISSP', Bravo Sector Patrol! Halt your vessel and prepare to be boarded! Please respond to my hail, sir! Halt in the name of the 'ISSP'!" shouted the novice 'Patty' through the speeder's PA systems. Meanwhile--

    "Oro (What) the Fxxxing Hell is all that bloody racket?" complained Joey Bishop and 'Tigress' checked the relay readouts.

    "Christ Almighty, Joey! It's the 'ISSP' and they want us to stop so they can come aboard, man! Ya better do it, Joey!" warned 'Tigress' so Acting Commander Joey Bishop called down to Engineering to cut their Warp thrust speed down to SubWarp orbital speed. Then he sent 'Tigress' down to open the airlocks for them.

    "Shit! Don't those bozos know who the Hell we are? We're pals of Rafe Donnelly's and Johnny Raven's for Kami's sake!" grumbled Joey.

    "Roger that, 'ISSP'. Acting Commander Joseph Bishop of the 3WA. 'LA2' pulling over as ordered. Airlock open so come aboard. Over." relayed Joey.

    "Thank you for your cooperation, sir. We are coming aboard. 'Issp" Patroller Peterson out." relayed Genna.

    "Why is the 'LA2' so damned familiar to me, Genna? I just know I've heard of it before." wondered Lumpass.

    "Dunno, Sarge. All Mr Bishop said was that it was a 3WA patrol starship but this isn't part of their patrol area, is it, sir?" asked Genna.

    "No, it most certainly is not, my dear! Still- I wish I could remember-- (By this time they had landed their speeder in the docking bays on Sub Level One and a pert brunette in a 'Stafleet' uniform was advancing on them) Oh hullo there, ma'am. (Algonquin flashed his shield and Genna showed hers) Sergeant Lumpass 'ISSP'. Take me to your pilot, please. This is Patroller Peterson, ma'am." said the 'ISSP' cop.

    "Of course. Follow me, Sergeant, Patroller. Didn't you guys know we were 3WA?" demanded an annoyed 'Tigress' while she escorted them to the lift and up to the bridge.

    "Joey, this is Sergeant Lumpass and Patroller Peterson of the 'ISSP', sir. Commander Bishop, 3WA, sir, ma'am." growled 'Tigress' and she sat down on the console.

    "Here's my vidlicense and my ship's vidreg docs, Sergeant. (Lumpass passed the vidholos to Genna who inserted them into her analyzer and nodded) Everything should be in order, Sarge. We are on a rather urgent mission, sir. I guess I sorta exceeded the Warp limit a bit and I must have forgotten to 'decloak' as well." chortled Joey.

    "If you're 3WA personnel how come you're both in 'Starfleet' uniforms?" demanded Genna fingering her sidearm.

    Sergeant Algonquin Lumpass glanced casually at the name of the 'Angel 2's registered commander and first officer and stiffened. He grabbed the vid docs and licenses out of Genna's hands and shoved them back into Joey Bishop's hands.

    "OK, sir. Just watch the 'cloaking' in the 'no cloaking zones' sectors and keep your Warps down from now on, sir. That is (He lowered his voice to a whisper) after you get to 'Shimougou', Mr Bishop. (He resumed his gruffer tone) I hope we don't have any more problems with you, sir. Goodbye. Come along, Genna." he said and he hustled his confused partner into the lift.

    "My navvie will see you to the airlock. Goodbye and thanks. Have a pleasant patrol, Sarge." said Bishop.

    "But Sarge! They are not 3WA! They're 'Starf-" spluttered Genna Peterson.

    "Shut up you little fool! I've tangled with both the Commander and exec of the 'Lovely Angel 2' before, Genna! Believe you me, it's not something I want to go through again any time soon! I'll give ya the details when we're back in our speeder." whispered Algonquin.

    When 'Tigress' had sealed the airlock behind them Sergeant Lumpass explained that a couple of years back when he was still part of the 'KP Patrol' police force in 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City' he had had the misfortune of pulling over two of the 3WA's 'Lovely Angels' and he had gotten his ass chewed out royally for it by Chief Roy Mustang himself! Genna giggled.

    "I heard about that when I was training in Rafe Donnelly's division on Mars. So it was you that busted the 'Dirty Pair', Sarge?" asked his kawaii (lovely) compadre.

    "I did not 'bust' O'Halloran and Donovan! I almost busted them. That ship we just left is their starship so I was not about to ask to be chewed out by Rafe Donnelly and Johnny Raven, Patroller! The 3WA have 'carte blanche' authority to deputize whoever they need or want to help them out and of course they control 'Starfleet Command' as well. (He glanced at his wristchromo) Almost 0500 (5 AM), love and we're off duty in an hour so let's grab some chow and then swing out to 'Kalufrax' before we head back to 'Moravian City' (Mars) eh?" suggested Lumpass and Genna nodded.

    "Whatever ya say, Sarge. You're the Boss. Let's go. By the way- how'd ya know that ship was even there if the vessel was under 'cloak', sir?" she replied and her boss chuckled.

    "By the dilythium trail of course. Bishop must have 'forgotten' to use countermeasures to camoflauge it, love." he explained.

    "How's about a pizza or some cheesesteaks, Sarge? I know a great place we can go." said Peterson.

    "How's about both? You got yourself a deal, girl. Which way?" he asked and Genna pointed towards the 'Burma Shave' style holovid signs which were advertising the 'Moon Over Mayhem' tavern and night club on 'BattleMoon #6' which Lumpass zeroed in on at a leisurely pace.

    END of Ch 38. Ch 39 'Tapping A Supernova' or 'Ariadne's Thread' soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K


    Cont in Ch 39
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    A quickie chapter AW 3-Pt 1 of 2. Enjoy and toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Xavier, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 39 without any further meandering, shall we? Why is Zack Zero back and oro does he want with Suba Marina Oki? Can Mandy keep her big mouth shut? A hint re the titles- Yes I mean a superheated star explosion! Ariadne has nothing to do with the Labyrinth myth. Oro does this all mean? We'll find out momentarily gang. Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 39

    'Tapping A Supernova' or 'Ariadne's Thread'

    "Donnie, take us back up to 25 Warp and drop our 'cloak'. Engage the 'Chameleon Circuit' and disguise us as some visiting dignitary from .Minerva' please. That should keep the 'ISSP' from pulling is over anymore. Don't forget to change us back before we reach the outer markers though. Arigatou (Thanks) tomo (friend). Bishop out." relayed Donnatella's Acting Commander.

    "Yo! 'Tigress'! How's about some java and croissants? Use the repper back there. Looks like we're pulling a 'twofer' (double shift). Arigatou (Thanks) love." trilled Joey.

    "OK but after that can I please get some sleep, Joey? I'm bushed, man." trilled a pleading 'Tigress'.

    "Sure. Why not? We're back on George. love. There's enough bedrooms up here so take your pick." he trilled.

    'Tigress' dutifully repped up a snack and delivered it to the bridge. Then she chose the bedroom at the very stern of the deck and went to sleep. Joey Bishop returned to his holovid novel and peace reigned on the 'LA2' at last.

    "Gozaimasu (Good morning), Mr Bishop. You been up all night? (He nodded) Better go grab some chow before you hit the sack, Joey. 'Tigress' still sleeping? (He nodded again) Off ya go then." said Kiva Nerese who was refreshed after a fairly decent night's sleep.

    "Thanks Cap. Oh yeah- don't 'cloak' us, Kiva. We got a warning last night about that from the 'ISSP'. That and speeding. So watch it, Cap. See ya later." yawned a grateful Bishop. Kiva stared at him.

    "All ya got was a warning? Even when the cop found out ya don't have a K-Class Master's license?" asked a stunned Bjorn captain.

    "Yeah and the funny thing is that when the copper noticed something on the vid doc holos' readout it seemed like he couldn't get off this ship fast enough. He just told me to 'decloak' and watch the speeds after we get back home. Strange, ain't it, Cap?" asked a puzzled pilot and Kiva smirked.

    "Nope, not really. He probably recognized the name of our esteemed fearless leader, Joey. Reds seems to have that effect on most folks ya know. Don't worry. I won't 'cloak' us. Get some rest, pal. Ja Mata (See ya later)." she replied and continued reading the romantic holovid novel she'd been reading last night.

    Kei and Yuri slept on until almost lunchtime. "Yuri? Ya want some lunch?" trilled the Boss.

    "No! Go away and let me sleep darn it!" trilled Yuri from next door.

    Kei shrugged and took a quick shower. Standing in the 'drying alcove' (like a warm sauna room the 'alcoves' served the same purpose as bath towels aboard ship) she wondered how her new pilot 'temp' was doing.

    "Well, no klaxons, alarms or urgent trillings so I guess everything's OK. If everything goes this smoothly the rest of today then by ashita (tomorrow) we'll be home in plenty of time for Leia's chin wagging session with that old fossil DeLorean (She meant Galdonicus Alorien, King of 'Orleans' on 'Dune', new leader of the 'Rygielian Empire' but Kei was terrible with names!)." she thought.

    "Mugghi, send up lunch. How's our time? Sometime before ten tomorrow morning. That's cutting it awful close but it should be OK. After all they can't start without me, can they? Better send the Vacuumhead's lunch up too. Who's piloting us? Who? Kiva? Ya better get Gene and Han back in the saddle, Furball. I sure as Hell don't need any more screw-ups. Yeah. Of course I heard all about our run in with the 'ISSP' last night. So Lumpy's (She meant Sgt Algonquin Lumpass who was a 'KP Patrol' highway cop last time they'd met. Read all about that encounter in 'Splattertown' in 'Xmas with the DP') an 'ISSP' cop now eh? I ain't seen him since he pulled Yuri over that time in 'Splattertown' (District 427 'Furool (Foo-Lon) City's nickname. District 427 was one of the toughest sectors of the city!) and I had to call Roy (Mustang. He is the Chief of 'FC's 'KP Patrol' police force having transferred from the 'State Alchemy Army' on 'Amestris' some years before. His ex-exec Riza Hawkeye was the currently re-elected 'FC' Police Commissioner and here's a switch- Roy's boss!) for help. That Patroller 3C (Third Class) Genna Peterson looked to be pretty cool though. She saw right through Joey and 'Tigress' last night. Maybe she'd like a transfer to the 3WA. Oro (What) do ya think, tomo (friend)? Yeah, I think I'll call Rafe (Donnelly. He is the head honcho of the 'ISSP' on Mars. His HQ is 'Moravian City' over there) about her when we get back home. Maybe I'll see ya at din-din, Furball. Kei out." trilled the redhead.

    Meanwhile two levels up on in the old Level Five conference room that the InuYasha brood had used for a dorm room the very first night that they had arrived aboard the 'LA2' those two short years ago the Chiefs were having a good old-fashioned 'think tank' session via vid comm relay link with 'Uncle Vito Galadriel and the leaders of the 'ISSP', 'GC', 'UG', the 'EA', the 'UEF', 'Starfleet Command', the Terran 'Interpol', 'CIA', 'MI5', 'FBI' and the 'Gallifreyan 'High Council of Time Lords' about these new 'time sight' processes.

    "It seems to me that thse 'time sight' devices have had good test results so I am going to approve their usage to send all of our 'travellers' back home unless there are objections from anyone here?" said the self proclaimed 'God almighty' of the 3WA and the 'UG'.

    Suddenly everyone had an opinion!

    "Order! Order! Ladies and gentlemen, one at a time please!" said Garner trying to restore order to chaos.

    By dinnertime (1700 hours aka 5 PM) all of the 'problems' had been resolved to everybody's satisfaction- save one.

    Commander James Bond (ex-007) of the Terran 'MI5'fka 'British Intelligence' cleared his throat.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, I have only one question to be answered before granting 'New Brittania's (England's name in the 23rd Century) approval to this vitally important 'time sight' mission. ("Dammit he sounds more and more like an old stuffed shirt every day, doesn't he?" growled 'Starfleet's Grand Supreme Admiral Katherine Janeway to her seat mate Charles Garner who pretended not to hear her) This project is going to need a whole Helluva lot of power to run it. Hell, it's going to need an 'unlimited' source of 'inexhaustible' energy for it to work at all! Where are we going to find this source?" asked the suave ex-007 secret agent (Some 'secret agent'! Everyone knew Mr James Bond the famous 007) who was now the liaison betwixt 'MI5' as well as 'Interpol' and practically every other space federation and law enforcement group in the known Universe.

    He sat down and Doctor 'Q' (Chief R&D scientist for 'UG' and the 3WA. His research assistant was Dr Wolf von Bork) stood up.

    "We have been working on rebuilding a top secret project generator which was first invented in AD 2140. 'Kronos'--" began the 3WA's top scientific genius researcher.

    "Please be so good as to correct me if I am in error, Doctor but isn't that the self same project that started up this whole time/space continuum mess in the first place?" interjected his younger assistant.

    "Quite right, Dr von Bork and we certainly don't want to screw that up again so 'Kronos' is definitely not an option, people. End of discussion." stated Vito Galadriel in a soft but firm tone that meant there would be no further arguements on this matter.

    After a prolonged silence a quiet voice was heard.

    Cont in Ch 39- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    See? A quickie chappie as promised. Ch 39- Pt 2 of AW. Enjoy. Toodles-

    "Oro (What) if we could somehow harness the energy discharge blast from an exploding supernova (A nova would be our sun exploding. A supernova would be a thousand suns exploding)? We have stars exploding all the time it seems so wouldn't it be nice to put all that energy to positive use for once?" asked Kommandant General Nathaniel Gort, leader of the 'Galactic Command', his old aizu (eyes) twinkling.

    Gort was himself a scientific researcher in quantum mechanics and physics as well as in time travel technology.

    "If anyone's interested 'Karastan' is due to go supernova in the next fortnight (15 days) and we could use it for power if we hurry. The energy blast could be both easily and safely extrapolated and the excess ionic plasma burst energy could be stored in an asteroid or even inside a hollow battle moon like oh say 'Ariadne'. I am sure it would work but it's not my decision to make, is it now?" agreed Dr Warren Kleinholdt who was Chief Technical Advisor from Terra's own 'NASA' space technology group.

    His plan was speedily approved and 'Klink' (With his monocle and gauntness the tall scientist closely resembled the Kommandant of Stalag 13 on that ancient Terran tv show 'Hogan's Heroes') was placed in command of the energy juxtapositioning team.

    His HQ would be the battle moon he had suggested- 'Ariadne' and the mission was duly dubbed (oro (what) else?) 'Ariadne's Thread'. It was further decided that both Dr Sally Mimoru and Miss Kira Gordon would be moved to 'Ariadne' along with Doctor 'Q', von Bork, Gort, Doctor Six, all of the alchemists and BetaZoids (Eloisians like Saiya St John of the 'Liberator' were not compatible it seemed with 'Ariadne's astral fields), several more personnel deemed necessary and a phalanx of 3WA tro-cons for security purposes. Then the shit hit the fan!

    'Klink' insisted on having the original 'LA2' crew as well as the starship itself transferred to 'Ariadne' to act as security for his team and he further demanded that Maureen O'Hara the Amazon witch and her bubble-headed birdbrain nitwit exec Yugioh Donaldson (Wait until Kei and Yuri see how the German butchered their ancient Celtic names!) be included in the mix. Adding insult to injury or vice versa Doctor 'Q' and Dr Wolf von Bork agreed and then they demanded that 'Pinkie' Smoochie and 'Blondie' deAngeles (Line up folks. Right behind Kei and Yuri will be Kome Sawaguchi and Marlene Angel!) make the trip as well.

    "You screwballs want the 'Unholy Four'? I suppose I should be glad that you didn't ask for the 'Insane Six' instead." exploded Gooley.

    Almost everyone there (with the possible exception of 'Klink') knew that the 'Unholy Four' were Marshall Kei O'Halloran, Wing Commander Yuri Donovan, Colonel Marlene Angel and Subaltern Kome Sawaguchi. However, many did not know or had forgotten that these four plus Kei and Yuri's AD 2140 counterparts (Keisie and Yuyu were also named Kei and Yuri) comprised the 'Insane Six'.

    END of Ch 39. Ch 40 'The Two Towers' or 'Kei Cracks the Code' soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 40 which may be a long one!
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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