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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Here's Ch 40- Pt 1 of AW. Enjoy and toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Xavier, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 40 without any further meandering, shall we? Why is Zack Zero back and oro does he want with Suba Marina Oki? Can Mandy keep her big mouth shut? A hint re the titles- These towers are not Barad Dur and Isengard. Didn't know Reds was a codebreaker, did ya? Oro does this all mean? We'll find out momentarily gang. Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 40

    'The Two Towers' or 'Kei Cracks the Code'

    "Sally and Kira will insist on them as well, I'm sure." groaned Gustav, his head in his hands and Garner nodded glumly.

    "Hot damn! It's gonna be just like old times! Too bad we ain't going along eh Anton!" chortled Don Poporo and the other three chiefs dove for the 'Galusol' and 'Hydroxylein' on the table.

    "Who says you ain't going, Mr Popo? You don't think that I'd send all four of those baka (stupid or dumb) idiots to a potentially deadly destructive power source without somebody to supervise 'em, do you? All four of you chiefs are going with them to 'Ariadne'. Your 'covers' will be as 'technical advisors' to the scientific guys. However, since in the field anyway (ahem) she does outrank every single one of you-" said Vito.

    "Don't say it sir. Please?" begged Garner.

    "Marshall O'Halloran is mission commander Dr Kleinholdt is project leader. The rest of you are welcome to send your own representatives along to oversee your own interests if you wish but they go as 'observers'- and nothing else. Katie (Vito Galadriel was one of the very few people who could call O'Halloran 'Katie' and get away with it!) will be in charge of all security arrangements, day to day daily shipboard routines, meals, lodgings, in short everything except for the actual 'time sight' endeavours. You will be permitted to return everyone else aboard to 'Shimougou' first, however, the 'LA2' will afterwards take 'Klink' and the rest of the teams to 'Ariadne. Katie will stay behind until these blasted 'Solo/Alorien' peace talks conclude. She will then either fly herself, as I fully expect her to do or be flown out to 'Ariadne' to take command from her new temporary exec Colonel and Acting Brigadier Marlene Angel. Wing Commander Donovan is to be the ship's (Vito thought a moment) chief weapons officer. I do not repeat do not want her in command of anything except the weapons and I want the 'God Gun' prepped and ready for use at all times. If these 'Coruscant'/'Dune' peace efforts fall through we may well have to use it to stave off a full blown war. Suba Sawaguchi will be comm and transport officer. Anyone who wants to that they want or need can accompany them but the kids must stay behind. I am not sending children into a possible war zone, that certainly am not. Thanks for coming and hearing me out. All of you have your orders. Good luck, tomos watashi (my very good friends). Galadriel signing off." said Vito and he blanked his vidscreen.

    There was a general 'groan wave' from the rest of the constituents. Anton glared icy daggers at Don.

    "When the Fxxx are you ever going to learn to keep that big fat mouth of yours shut?" he grumbled.

    "Why? Oro did I do?" complained Poporo who was feigning innocence.

    "It really would be quite unfair not to inform these four ladies of our changes in plans, gentlemen. So- who is gonna tell 'em?" asked Rafe Donnelly.

    "I'll tell Kome." volunteered Don immediately.

    "I got Marlene." put in Gooley just as quickly.

    "Donovan for me." yelped Garner after Andy had made his choice.

    "So I lose eh? I get to tell- her." said a dejected Anton Wilhelm Gustav sadly.

    At dinner later that evening the 'Unholy Four' were quite amiable and even Kei seemed to be in a jocular mood so Anton asked her if she'd care to shoot some pool after dinner. When she politely declined his offer he suggested a private conflab in the ready room to discuss her upcoming 'Academy' duties. Kei eagerly agreed thinking it would be the perfect method of telling him she wanted out of this Academy gig. Maybe she could weasel Anton into trying to talk a transfer for her out of Charles Garner.

    She hit the ceiling and then some when he disclosed her actual upcoming 'duties at the Academy'!

    "Ya want us to nursemaid a Fxxxing bunch of scientific goofballs and kooks? Oro (What) about Leia and the King of 'Rygiel's peace talks? (Anton merely stared into space) Shit! That's oro (what) I thought you'd say. So I follow the 'LA2' when these talks end huh? And the Vacuumhead's in charge until then? Nai? Mar? But she's only a colonel and the airhead outranks her! Acting Brigadier? OK but only if you're sure it's only temporary because if Blondie's really a star officer I can't very well make her the 'LA3's commander, can I? And Mar's heart is set on a ship of her own. None of the kiddies are coming along this time? Hooray! In that case, Willy- I'm in! OK if I use the 'Raphael' for my own personal transport? Great! Where's the new lab gonna be? 'Ariadne'? A battle moon? They're gonna use a 'supernova' for a frigging power source! Willy, are all of you guys off your rockers or is this just a heavy acid trip you're all on, man! Did ya forget that it was the 'Kronos' nova energy source experiments that started all this shit in the first place?! OK Willy. I'll hold their little hands and protect their little asses but if things get too Fxxxing dicey I'm pulling the plug on this mission and yanking their Kami shimatta (God damned) ivy league asses outta there! Ya got that, tomo (friend) mine? (Anton nodded wearily) OK, then the sooner we rid of these brats the better! Gene expects to make planetfall ashita (tomorrow) before 1000 hours (10AM). Anton, I ain't gonna tell anyone about this crap until we ditch the kids. Are gonna need to use the 'zero room' this time around? Nai (No)? That's good to hear because some of my more important crewmen re on the 'staying' list and I need 'em at their stations not cooling their heels belowdecks. Oh yeah- Willy, I should tell ya that I do intend to demand a transfer outta the Academy and back to active TC agent duty with your Unit 9 and the Vacuumhead will probably want to go back to Don's Unit 237 Unit too. Kome might opt to stay on at the Academy but if Mar's got a chance at her own starship command she sure as jigoku (Hell) won't! Just thought ya oughta know, pal. Now about that game of pool--" said the redhead.

    Anton agreed and the two of them went back down to the rec room. Anton secretly wanted the 'Deadly Dynamic Duo' back- Kei with his Unit 9 and Yuri with Don Poporo's Unit 237, however he already knew that Charlie Garner and Andy Gooley wanted to keep 'em both at the Academy where they couldn't destroy anything else and get the 'G Twins' (Garner and Gooley) into any more hot water!

    After the redhead had beaten him five games out of seven Anton had had enough of her for one night so he conceded the eighth game, said his good nights and went to bed.

    Meanwhile Don had simply flat out 'ordered' Suba Kome Sawaguchi to remain aboard the 'LA2' when they returned to the Academy and the strawberry blonde had grudgingly agreed.

    Marlene Angel took her pseudo promotion to Acting Brigadier with a yawn and agreed to run things until the Boss showed up. Andy Gooley had expected this which was why he had volunteered to break the bad news to the blonde navvie/pilot/commander.

    Garner figured that Maureen (Yuri) would be an easy job as well which was why he'd picked the violet-maned minx vixen wing commander as his assignment. He was, alas, sadly mistaken!

    "Oro (What)? You are demoting me down to weapons, sir? I am the ranking 3WA officer right behind the dodo ya know! I should be the interim commander, sir. So I guess Kiva will be running our 'Angel' until the Boss decides to show up? Nai (No)? Then who, sir? Who? Marlene Angel? Charlie, she's only just made Colonel! She's an Acting Brigadier? Only temporarily of course, sir? I guess it's OK then. After all she's been virtually running the whole darned ship all by herself for the last couple of years, sir. You do know that Kei has promised her command of the 'Angel 3', don't you, Charlie? (He nodded) Will she still get it- after this mission? (He nodded a second time) And you do know that the Boss and myself want to be field agent TCs again and get outta that darn Academy gig? Sir?" prompted Yuri and Charles Garner nodded again.

    Cont in Ch 40- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    AW CH 40 Pt 2 Enjoy and toodles-K&K

    "Yes and I also know that you are not getting transferred. Neither one of you. (He held up a hand when Yuri yelled "Shit!") Sorry, my dear Maureen. I know that Don wants you back and that Anton really wants Deirdre back too but 'God almighty' hath spoken so there is an end to it. Uncle Vito wants the two of you to continue training our cadets at the Academy. It really is all your own faults, Maureen. If you and Deirdre were not such damned good instructors Lee Chan and Stan Gazelle (Anton's brother-in-law and the Angels' beach volleyball coach a few years back) would be stuck with running the place instead of you guys. Kome will be asked to stay on with you but just for the next semester. After that, however, she is slated to become Mar's exec on the 'LA3'. Until then her exec will be Lee Chan. If all goes well, in another year or so Lee and Stan will replace Deirdre and you at the Academy while she and you will become the commander and exec of a brand new elite unit we are soon to form. I cannot really tell you too much about it now but it will have its roots in these 'time sight' experiments." said Garner and Yuri nodded her head abstractedly.

    "Uh huh. Yeah, the 'Avenging Angels', sir. Tell me this, Charlie. Will our first two new trainees be Annie Hathaway and Keitarou Riff?" she joked with a grin.

    "Even I cannot hope to know what the future holds, however, there are more things twixt Heaven and Earth than are dreampt (dreamed?) of in your philosophy, my dear child. If there is nothing else (Yuri shook her head) then I bid you good night." said Charlie Garner and he polished off his gin and OJ before seeking his own bunk.

    Yuri yawned a few times and then went up to her own quarters.

    Kei had checked on her bridge crew and then gone down to the 'star room' for a quiet think before turning in.

    "Am I to be like Edward Nolan (the man without a country) slated never to go home again or am I to take after the Master of the 'Flying Dutchman' (the ghost ship doomed to wander the seas forever and never is her crew nor her captain ever to set foot on dry land for all of eternity. Her Captain cursed a storm and said 'may we reach land tonight or may we never reach land again!' and he got his wish if you choose to believe in curses that is) doomed to wander these galactic oceans and cosmic seas for all eternity?" she mused aloud.

    "So philosophical for one so young. Is there something troubling you, my dear Boss?" said a quiet voice behind her.

    "Just wondering if I'm ever gonna get back home again and get to stay there for at least a little while, Doctor. I suppose you've heard all about 'Ariadne's Thread' and about those damned peace talks and oh Hell! Is there anything a Fxxxing time lord doesn't know? I doubt it. I'm so bloody sick and tired of running that Kami shimatta (God damned) Academy it's Fxxxing pitiful, dammit! Why can't I just be a frinnin' tro con with Willy's department again like I was before all this 'Kronos' crap got started? That's all I ever really wanted, Doc. Can ya look into your magic crystal ball and tell me oro (what) the Hell my future holds for me? Can ya do that, me boyo?" said a very glum redhead who was still staring out into the nothingness of space.

    "Even if I could, Poppet, I would never be permitted to tell you of your own future. I'm sorry but all I can say is that the future is not necessarily set in stone if you, as Perpigillian would say, 'get my drift', girl Don't worry so much, kid. Good night." said the Gallifreyan and he left for his own digs.

    "Thanks, Doc. Night." replied Kei and she too headed for her bunk. Soon the only souls not asleep were the bridge crew and the guards. Just before the day shift took over at 0800 (8 AM) Joey Bishop spotted the 'Shimougouan' inner markers and locked onto them.

    "Good morning, Mr Bishop. We'll take it from here, son. Ah, I see that you've locked onto the markers already." said Gene Starwind.

    "Can you er land us OK, Cap?" asked Bishop and Han Solo smiled.

    "Who the Hell do ya think's been docking this tub for most of this mission, kid?" he drawled and Joey left to get some food and sleep.

    Gene warned all hands to 'strap in' at 0900 (9AM) and docked the massive starship the 'FC Aerospacedrome' a half hour later. The Boss reached her bridge at 0945 (9:45 AM) with Yuri, Kome and Mar and then she pointed at the blonde 'Brian Westbrook' of the 3WA. (OK if you don't know the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles' football team you will not know that the team would be lost without BW who can run, receive, run back punts and kicks and even fill in as guard and blocker)

    "As of now Colonel Marlene Angel is an Acting Brigadier by the direct order of 'God almighty' himself- Mr Galadriel. As I have other duties to attend to I am hereby handing command of this vessel over to her. This ship's new mission is to provide both transport and security for Project 'Ariadne's Thread' and her new destination is the battle moon 'Ariadne'. Wing Commander Yuri Donovan is hereby appointed temporary weapons officer and Suba Kome Sawaguchi will be this ship's comm and transport officer. Acting Lieutenant Nami Richards will continue as the ship's naviagational officer and Lieutenant Rally Vincent will remain the scanning officer. Each of these officers has already been briefed by our chiefs. Until such time as I return to assume my command the mission commander will be Acting Brigadier Angel and she will have 'carte blanche' (absolute) authority over all aspects of this mission including these 'time sight' experiments. Anyone who has any objections to these orders is to be referred to me- personally. Good luck and may Kami (God) bless you all. Sayonara for now. Mar, the comm is yours." said Kei. Mar saluted but the redhead was already gone.

    "Mugghi, Nammo. You're with me. I'm taking the 'Raphael' for my personal transport for my own mission. Let's go, Furball." she said and left for the docking bays.

    The 'Raph' touched down at 'Takachiho Academy' a few minutes after 1000 hours (10 AM) and the kawaii (lovely) redhead left Mugghi and Nammo to watch the shuttle. She had already (reluctantly) changed into her brand new full dress Marshall's uniform and thought to herself that she looked more like 'Kommandant Colonel Wilhelm Klink' than 'Klink' Kleinholdt looked! The Boss clamped a 'morphing' bracelet on her wrist and spun her twin Mark XIII's into their holsters just like old Marshall Matt Dillon from Terran TV's 'Gunsmoke' shows. Kei debated on slinging a plasma rifle across her back but finally decided against it. It might have been viewed as hostile, however, as a 'UG'/3WA officer she was required to be armed while in uniform and/or on duty so there shouldn't be any objections to her sidearms or her laser sword hilt.

    She drew in a deep breath and exhaled it. Then she quickly strode into the proctors' lounge which had been hastily converted into a makeshift conference room. Leia and the 'Rygielian' leader were already there and both arose from their seats at the huge oval conference table when the Boss entered the room.

    "Good morning, my dear Marshall. Thank you for coming." said the King of 'Orlean'.

    "Yes Kei. Thank you so much for your assistance and on such very short notice too. I really must apologize for--" began Leia Solo but Kei held up a gloved hand.

    "No need for all this damned formality, is there? I'm just here to moderate these discussions. I appreciate that you both trust me enough to ask for me personally. (She then explained why Yuri wasn't coming as well. Both King and President agreed that Yuri Donovan's skills at space technology and PDO graphical engineering were needed elsewhere then a peace conference) Now before we begin could I ask you for a small favour? Might I please have some breakfast first? I am famished. It's been a long damned mission and I ain't really had an uninterrupted meal in weeks. Would you care to join me?" asked the redhead, her finger on the replicator's 'activate' bar.

    Leia and the King gratefully accepted and Kei repped up the victuals. When all three had their plates in front of them and Kei had served java to them all she spiked her java from her silver pocket flask. Leia frowned but said nothing. The 'Rygielian', however, insisted on trying some of Kei's 'golden elixir' and pronounced it to be 'the best damned booze I've had in many a bloody moon!'

    Kei ate like a ravenous jacaronda beast, Leia ate daintily and the King ate like he was afraid someone might take his platter away from him! Kei poured more 'java royale' for herself and the mellowed 'Rygielian' and plain unspiked java for the princess.

    "That was great. Now I think we'd best begin eh? Since I'm merely a master of ceremonies here could one of ya tell me oro (what) the Hell this crap's all about so's I don't muck up too much and come off looking like a total Limurian jackass? How's about you, Leia?" asked the Red Marshall.

    Leia glanced at the King who waved away any objections so she quickly explained matters to the redhead.

    "So now you see why this matter is so secretive, my dear Boss Lady?" said King Galdonicus Alorien and Kei yawned.

    Cont in Ch 40- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is AW CH 40- Pt 3. Enjoy and toodles until next time-K&K

    "You two baka (crazy or dumb) idiots have got your knickers in a twist over that Fxxxing load of crapola? Get real, man! You guys remind me of the Lilliputians and the Blefuscans and their egg wars! (Kei explained that Jonny Swift was one of the 'grinning fool' Doctor's (Doctor 4) fave Terran authors and in his best known novel 'Gulliver's Travels' the title character came across a race of little people called Lilliputians and they were perpetually at war with the Blefuscans, another bunch of Munchkins, over whether soft boiled eggs should be opened from the larger or the smaller end of the egg!) Let's see if I've got this straight now eh? 'Coruscant' (Leia's 'New Republic' capitol) has a watch tower which just happens to face towards 'Rygiel 6' and 'Rygiel 6' (A planet in the 'Rygielian Empire' which Galdonicus Alorien ruled over as Emporer) has a watch tower which just happens to face towards 'Coruscant', correct? (Sadly Leia and the King nodded in agreement) The 'New Republic' wants 'Rygiel 6' to move their tower so it faces away from 'Coruscant' ("Yes." was Leia's answer) and 'Rygiel 6' wants 'Coruscant' to turn its tower 180 degrees so it faces away from them? ("That is correct, Marshall." stated the King) Have either one of you two morons ever tried to use giant antigrav units to move a whole Fxxxing building?!" exploded Kei angrily.

    "Now see here, my dear Marshall--" interjected the King.

    "Boss! Cool it, girl!" yelled Leia Solo.

    "Shut up! The pair of ya! First off- Galdo- I ain't your dear anything and second- I hate titles so just call me Kei or Boss please! Now you two listen to me. My question was have you ever used a giant antigrav device to try to move a brick let alone an entire building? (Leia and the King shook their heads) Well I have and it ain't easy-believe you me! If you miscalculate by so much as a nano-millimeter you'll have yourself a nice big hole straight through the whole frigging planet! Do these two towers of yours have any weapons pointed at each other? ("of course not, Reds!" shouted Leia. "We would not dream of arming a simple listening post, Boss!" agreed the King) So why not just wall over the view ports on that side of each monolith and use the opposite side for the observation ports?" suggested Kei and she fired up a cheroot. Leia coughed discreetly and the King puffed away on his Meerschaum pipe. Slowly the nodded to each other.

    "So? Are ya both happy campers again?" yawned the Boss and she stole a glance at the wall chromo. Almost 1100 (11 AM). If she was real lucky she might just be able to wrap this thing up by lunchtime and lift off for 'Ariadne' at half past twelve. She realized that she didn't need a 'yotsuba' (four leaf clover) for luck after all.

    "Such a simple solution, Kei. Thanks ever so much." said Leia at last.

    "I really must admit that it is a would never have thought of myself, Madam Boss." agreed the King.

    "Glad I could be of service to ya. Shall we have some vidpapes drawn up for your John Hancocks?" asked the bored redhead.

    "I had to hustle all the way back here and give up my ship for this schoolkid bickering? I'll retire to Bedlam." she thought sulkily.

    "You know what we want so just put it all down fancy on a holo vid doc for us. OK by you, Princess?" said the Rygielian.

    "Definitely, sire. I trust Reds completely. Shall we shake on it, sir?" replied Leia.

    The two leaders shook hands and while Kei trilled one of her Academy's stenos (Tomoko Fujiraka) and told her oro (what) she wanted and how it was to be worded Leia and Galdo were chatting away like old tomos (friends).

    "Rush this one through for me, please, if ya can, Fuji? The sooner these two sign it, the sooner I can get on my way again. Ten minutes? And you'll deliver it to me? No, not my office. We're in the proctors' lounge behind Donovan's office. Domo ariagatou (Thank you very much), kiddo and I owe ya one for this. Kei out." she trilled. Then she asked her guests if they'd like to join her for lunch after the vid docs were all signed, sealed and verified. They agreed so Kei trilled that she wanted a private room reserved for them at the Academy's dining hall.

    "I'll hold the VIP Room for you, Marshall." trilled Wilma Deering, today's head hostess.

    It seems that in Kei's Academy the students and cadets pulled KP duties same as her guests aboard the 'Angel' did. Finally the vid docs had been signed, sealed, verified, all the remaining red tape crap had been dealt with and Kei had finished her lunch with her two guests. She shook hands and then turned them over to the school's temporary headmaster Senior Tro-Con Lee Chan. His superior the real temporary headmaster Chief Steve Gazelle was on assignment. Then she bid them all adieu and trilled Mugghi.

    "Hey Furball! Beam me up- now!" she trilled and dematerialized but just as quickly she rematerialized back in her own control cabin 'bridge' aboard the 'Raphael' beside Mugghi.

    "We're late enough as it is so take us to 'Ariadne' and don't spare the hyperdrives, Furball." she said and strapped herself into the pilot's seat while the huge white nekomata strapped herself into the co-poilot's seat and hit the thrusters almost before Kei had finished securing her straps. When they reached Warp 15 Mugghi cut in the twin nacelles and accellerated to Warp 25.

    "Hold us at this speed and put us on 'George', Mugghi. We should reach the moon around 2100 (9 PM) tonight. Better get yourself some rest. I'll be OK up here with Nammo. Continue to monitor all systems, Nammo. Use the room across from mine, Furball. I'll trill ya for chow at 1700 (5 PM). Off ya go, kid." said the Boss and the big neko (cat) meowed and left. The redhead wasted no time in getting out of her stifling 'party togs' and changed into black halter top and grey cut-off jeans. She reclined her chair and stuck her bare feet up on the console.

    Frowning at her vidscreens she ordered 'CC' to pull up everything he could find in his memory data banks on the 'time sight' experiments. 'CC' dutifully did so and after she'd read through three entire screens of data which had read like a press release to the holovid papes the redhead advanced to the next screen and it was blank.

    "Is that it, tomo (friend)? Are ya sure there ain't no more on 'time sight'?" she asked dubiously.

    "Nai (No), there's a Helluva lot more Katie but you er don't have the proper security clearance for it, ma'am. Sorry." he replied.

    "Need I remind ya who the head of Project 'Ariadne's Thread' is, my tomo (friend)? I order ya to release the rest of this 'time sight' crap to me at once. That is to be construed as a direct command from your commanding officer, 'CC' so put it onscreen now." she ordered angrily.

    "OK 'Lovey'! Don't get your knickers in a twist, me darlin' 'Katrina'! Here 'tis, 'Bridget' me fine colleen and it do be agin me better judgment, that it be." replied 'CC' saucily.

    Her vidscreen lightened and then a block appeared on it not unlike the name block on Hellcorrespondence.com which was used to summon the HellGirl on old Terra.

    '**Eyes Only** Double Red/Grey Card Holders And Above Sole Viewers Permitted Access To File 666** By Order Of 'GOD ALMIGHTY'** was printed across the screen above a blank dialogue box.

    "So it's encrypted eh? 'CC' cannot 'legally' allow me access but he can hit to me the proper coded passwords." she thought.

    Cont in Ch 40- Part 4
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    AW CH 40- Part 4 and until next time enjoy and toodles-K&K

    "OK, let's see. The highest echelon codes are in two parts, a password and an authenticating code word. Usually they use two word passwords of five symbols each. The authenticator word could be of any length of course but it can have no relationship to the password. Hmmn, he couldn't gimme both words together but he would gimme the first 'hint' early on in his message. He called me 'Bridget' but that's Yuri's 'cover' name. Mine is 'Maureen' or 'Deirdre' so he's saying the second part, the authenticator word, is a name, a seven letter name. So- that must be 'Katrina'. Now for the password. Tomo (Friend) or not he wouldn't dare call me anything affectionate so the first word is either 'Darling' or 'Lovey'. Probably 'Lovey' since it's five letters and 'Darling' is seven. But why 'Darling' so close to the authenticator word- 'Katrina'? Wait, Yuri's fave film star was that ancient Terran 'Dean Martin' and she simply adored him those old 'Matt Helm' films, right? Now oro (what) was the name of that dingbat secretary he had? Two names and they rhymed but oro (what) was it? 'Lovey' something. Got it! 'Lovey Dovey'. That was it and it explained the 'Darling Katrina' entry. The 'D' was for 'Dovey' and the authenticator was 'Katrina'! Clever, 'CC'. Very clever indeed." mused Kei silently.

    She tapped in 'LOVEY DOVEY' and hit 'OK' which brought up a second screen with a dialogue box containing seven asterisks.

    "Moment of truth. So far, so good." she breathed and tapped in 'KATRINA' quickly. Suddenly her vidscreens were filled with all kinds of 'technogeek' jargon and drawings of Kami (God) knew oro (what)! After nearly anm hour of reading Kei O'Halloran finally realized just why she had been chosen as this mission's commander.

    "Shit! They must all be Fxxxing baka (crazy, dumb, stupid) lunatics! The whole Kami shimatta (God damned) lot of 'em! I Fxxxing Hell won't do it! Never again!" she fumed and began to download the 'Kronos Time Sight' project data into her own PDO.

    "They tried this before, didn't they? In 2140 and look at oro (what) the Fxxx happened when Keisie accidentally fired her 'God Gun' into a bloody supernova! A gigantic black hole in the continuum which I had to put to rights! And now 'Klink' and his kooks wanna try it again?! Well no Fxxxing way in jigoku (Hell) is that gonna happen again! Not on my shimatta (damned) watch it ain't, that it certainly ain't!" Screeched the kawaii (lovely) redheaded firebrand Amazon with fire flashing from her emerald green aizu (eyes).

    END of Ch 40. Ch 41 'The Gladys Solution' or 'Final Preparations' soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 41
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here is Ch 41- Pt 1 for ya. Maybe a 3 parter. Toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK 'CC', it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 41 without any further meandering, shall we? Why is Zack Zero back and oro does he want with Suba Marina Oki? Can Mandy keep her big mouth shut? A hint re the titles- Gladys is like CC and well all jigoku's about to break loose tomos! Oro does this all mean? We'll find out momentarily gang. The Boss Red Marshall's on the warpath again! Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 41

    'The Gladys Solution' or 'Final Preparations'

    Meanwhile aboard the 'Angel 2' all of the chiefs were likewise discussing the 'time sight' ops mission.

    "Are you guys certain that Katie won't discover oro (what) the Hell we're up to this time?" asked a worried Andy Gooley.

    Of course not, Andre! Mr Garner told us that only double red/grey vidcard holders and above have access to those databanks." replied a jovial 'Klink'. Three jiggers of 'Remus Rye' had mellowed out the esteemed NASA scientist.

    "I told you she 'probably' would not find out, Doctor." corrected Charles Garner quietly.

    "Oro (What) does that mean?" wondered Dr Sally Mimoru.

    "It means that the Boss is more than likely reading 'der verboten files' as we speak, Sally." chuckled Don Poporo.

    "And when she discovers that ya want her to use that big 'God Gun' to trigger a supernova thingy don't ya think she might get totally pissed off and tell ya all to go to Fxxxing--" shouted the blonde 'WOOHP' spygirl Clover.

    "Clover! Watch your language, young lady!" Yelled Jerry Lewis as he, Clover, Sammy, Alex and Mandy fell out of the ceiling's air vent followed by 'Gladys' the 'WOOHP' gang's very own 'CC' type programming unit.

    "Oro (What) the Sam Hell are you LA Valley freaks doing on this ship dammit?" demanded the new interim commander, Acting Brigadier Marlene Angel and the blonde was as mad as a 'Sherokian' hornet!

    "Sorry about all this, chaps but we just didn't fancy being left behind again." apologized Jerry.

    "Besides you aren' the the big boss honcho on this ship, Blondie! Miss O'Hallortan is!" yelled a defiant Clover with her hands on her hips.

    "Yeah so we can do whatever we damned well please, lady!" added Mandy haughtily.

    "Mandy! Clover! I really don't think that ya should be saying that kind of stuff to Auntie Marlene!" warned Alex.

    "Ya sure got that right, kid. Revy! Neko! Toss their asses in the brig and we'll deal with 'em later!" fumed the blonde.

    "Wait! Just a minute, please! Look, before you do anything stupid, Blondie you should really listen to what I've got to say- ma'am." said Sammy.

    "You got five minutes, Reds so you'd better make this a really good story, my girl." replied the Acting Brigadier.

    "Thank you, ma'am. 'Gladys' has run this 'God Gun' firing to start up a supernova scenario several--" began the redheaded spygirl.

    "What! Have you idiots lost your bloomin' minds! You'll create a bloody black hole, that you will!" interjected her boss Jerry Lewis.

    "Silence! Go on, Miss Sam!" roared Don Poporo.

    "As I was saying 'Gladys' always reached the same end result. You will blow the nova clean through the Universe leaving a void in space which will then work exactly like Miroku's 'air void' or 'wind tunnel'. (A general hubbub started up) Calm down! She does have an alternate solution. Since the single common denominator in all of these continuum messes has been this starship, the 'Lovely Angel 2', if it were to be rammed straight through the nova and out of the other end of the Universe--" began Sammy.

    "It would surely reverse the vortice's effects and return everything back to normal!" chorused Sally and Kira excitedly.

    "It WILL work! I just know it will! Of course we'll have to completely seal off the level where this damned 'God Gun' is housed so it can be shielded from the Barrion's iconoclastic 'S' rays and the warp speed must remain constant at say fifteen Warp, right Kira? And then it wouldn't be such a bad idea to keep our particle beam shields raised and surround the vessel with a Level 12 force beam barrier and--"

    Sally chattered happily away completely oblivious to anyone else until--

    "Time! Ladies! Time! Time out here! I er we totally agree with your suggestion, however, you forgot about setting the 'time sights' first. That is neither here nor there though. Oro (What) I was getting at was this. Who's gonna tell that firebrand Hellcat Demonic Harpie that we're gonna ram a supernova headon?" asked 'Klink' from his corner seat.

    "You baka (crazy, dumb, stupid, idiotic) morons are gonn do oro (what)! Are ya all Fxxxing nuts! You'll fry the damned bloddy ship, MY damned bloody ship! Yeah, that's right, kiddies! I have heard all about 'Kronos' being our power source again! Just like it was a century ago when poor Keisie got blamed for screwing up the whole cosmos! That was all your fault, 'Q'- well your Fxxxing ncestour's anyway! Now ya wanna play Sink the frigging Bismarck with my 'Angel'? No way in the kyuu jigokus (nine Hells) of Dante's Inferno are you lunatics gonna do that! Don't forget who the Hell's in charge around here and it sure as Fxxx ain't you, Baldy! The final decision is mine to make, mine and mine alone, me boyos! By supreme command of God almighty himself!" shouted the Boss Marshall holding aloft her double red/grey/green/white holo vid card ID.

    "Holy shit! A double red/grey/green/white card! Katie's got a higher security clearance than me and I'm a Territorial Sector Chief, dammit all?" yelped Charles Augustus Garner angrily.

    "Indeed she does, ladies and gentlemen. However, in this case I am afraid that I must overrule that authority, my dear Keirran. I really and truly must defer to Dr Sally and Miss Kira this time. After all they did design the 'time sight' and then built working models of the devices so they must be permitted to run this new scenario of Miss Sam's on the holodecks with Miss Sam and 'Gladys's assitance of course. If all goes well I will authorize the use of the 'LA2' like a 'spiral drill press' (guess oro (what) anime that's from?) to ram the nova headon thus creating a contained supernova. I just know that our Deirdre will not refuse a direct order from me and all of you folks know that I will not issue such an order unless I am fully convinced that this will work and so does Deirdre. Time 'is' running out on these endeavours and I now see by your chronos here that there is less than a solar week remaining to us. (Everyone stared at 'God' like he had lost his marbles) Yes, I know that you only left home base today so you think that the time now is only 2200 hours, ten o'clock of that same evening. In fact, however, you have been travelling forwards in time ever since you left home this morning or rather yesterday morning. You can thank these 'time sights' for that. They exist in and out of dimension, space and time itself. The 'Castelein' of 'Gallifrey' (he's like the Secretary of Stae on old Terra) just reminded me of this 'time sight' quirk. If you reach 'Ariadne' ashita (tomorrow) morning as we think you will- by then you will have five days remaining until the 'Karastan' nova arrives. Each day thereafter will pass as two until the final day when time should resume its normal pace. So the sooner you begin testing this blasted theory, the better. I will expect a detailed report on this as soon as possible, Dr Mimoru. Marshall, leave Brigadier Angel in charge for now while you go to either your office or your quarters. Subaltern Sawaguchi will then relay this comm call to you at whichever place you decide to go and I'll talk to you there, my dear Katie. Good luck to all of you, my tomos (good friends). Galadriel out." said 'God almighty' of the 'UG' and the 3WA as the vidscreens all went blank.

    "You heard 'God', Brigadier. You have the comm. Suba Sawaguchi? Route this relay down to my quarters stat. Looks like you two just got promoted. 'God' did not say 'Acting' now did he? You have your shimatta (damned) orders so carry on. Ja mata (See you later)." said the redhead.

    "I say Madam Boss. Oro (what) about us? The ladies and myself?" asked Jerry worriedly.

    "That's up to the Brigadier, not me, boyo." replied Kei and she boarded the lift. Jerry, Sammy, Alex, Mandy and Clover looked anxiously at Mar.

    "Revy, put the 'stowaways' in with the King Arthur crowd." chortled Mar and of course she meant Ivanhoe's group.

    Kei 'morphed' into her 3WA winter uniform and battle armour on the way down to her quarters. Kome had switched Mr Galadriel's relay call to Kei's vidscreen and his smiling face zapped into focus when the redhead activated her controls.

    "OK God. I'm here. This suite's soundproofed and we are on a secure line. Oro (What) the Hell's so all fired important that we couldn't let those science lap doggies listen in?" she demanded and fired up a cheroot.

    "I see that you have opted for battle togs, love. Good. (He sighed) I already know oro (what) Dr Sally and Miss Gordon's tests will show so as of now Operation 'Penetrate' is a go for launch as NASA would say. No arguments, Deirdre." said 'Uncle Vito' Galadriel. Kei blew a smoke ring and sipped her doctored java.

    Cont in Ch 41- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 41-Pt 2 for ya. Toodles-K&K

    "Fine with me, tomo (friend). I trust your judgment completely, sir. Who's my pilot gonna be? Starwind?" she asked nonchalantly.

    "Nai (No), not him. We need the best hot damned pilot we got for this run and that'd be you, kiddo." replied the 3WA Commander-in-Chief. Kei's booted feet slipped off the coffee table and hit the deck- hard.

    "Me? I ain't piloted this massive monstrosity since Kami (God) knows when, 'God'! Wouldn't Mar Angel be a better choice, sir?" she suggested.

    "For a general flight, yes but not for the kind of tricky and intricate maneuvering this job calls for, my dear. I saw how you negotiated those hairpin turns and jackknife curves in 'Bison Fields' while Gene and Solo were both laid up. Superb! I ain't (Looks like 'God's picking up Kei's lingo eh?) seen flying like that since Zack Zero was a young cadet! No doubt about it, gal! You're the goods and no mistake dammit! Save your breath, Marshall Katie. You 'are' piloting the 'LA2' into and through that 'Karastan Nova' in three more days so get some practice in on the holodecks. Good luck, love. Galadriel out." he said and signed off.

    Kei used her booted toe to blank her vidscreen and sighed heavily.

    "Once more into the breach, tomos watashi (my dear friends), once more." she intoned ruefully misquoting Doctor Six's fave Terran bard- Willie Shakespeare.

    "It works! It works! It works! Dr 'Klink'! Dr Sally! It works!" cried Kira Gordon gleefully clapping her hands.

    "Yes, my child. Yet again this simulation has concluded successfully. Perhaps just one more time at 17.872 Warp, Miss Sally? Just to be totally ('Klink's been around the 'WOOHP' spies and the LA Valley girl too long eh?) and absolutely certain?" pleaded 'Klink' and Sally nodded in agreement.

    "Definitely, Doctor K if you wish to, sir. Captain Starwind? Please take us through that nova once more and please keep to exact same course and warp speed as before. Thank you, sir." said Sally politely and Gene grinned.

    "Oro (What)evr ya say, Blondie. You're the boss. When the time comes for the real thing, who's gonna be pilotin' this thing? I sure as Hell ain't gonna be doing it. I'm daring and reckless but I ain't crazy, Doc!" replied Gene Starwind.

    "That's OK me old boyo. You won't have to because I'll be in the pilot's seat, guys." boomed Kei O'Halloran's voice through their comlinks. "You folks about done with those tests yet?" she added.

    "Yes, Marshall. We are all finished. You'll have to keep to our pre-patterned course and go through 'Karastan Nova' at exactly 17.872 Warp but it will work, Boss, that it most definitely will!" cried the excited scientific leader. Sally Mimoru was frowning at them both.

    "If this 'God almighty' of yours gives us the go ahead that is." added Sally.

    "He will, ma'am, won't he? He's just gotta, man! He's just gotta!" yelped Kira Gordon acting like a kid on a chocolate and sugar high.

    "He already has. Operation 'Penetrate' is, to paraphrase NASA, a 'go for launch' and the nova's due here in twelve more hours. This is the final day of the grace period so time is relative (actual or real) once more. It's almost 1700 (5 PM) and that's chow time so have all hands gather in the rec room after dinner at say 1900 (7 PM) hours. Then I'll deliver our final briefing. Well done. All of you, guys and gals both. We couldn't have gotten this damned far without ya. Domo arigatou (Thank you very much) and I'll see ya at chow. Kei out." trilled the redheaded Amazon.

    Along with a simply fantabulous spread for dinner the Boss had had Zoe and Nami (who'd been shanghaied as a chef's helper) serve 'Korbel's champagne to all hands except the underaged ones like young Kira Gordon who got bubbly sparkling (non-alcoholic) grape juice to toast their achievement which would culminate in ultimate victory in only a few more short hours-- hopefully.

    "So 5 AM I mean 0500 hours is zero hour, Boss?" asked 'God almighty' after Kei had relayed a call to him from her ready room 'office'. Kei nodded and poured out a tumbler of 'Old Bushmills' Irish whiskey for herself.

    "Make that your last one of those until this mission is completely over and that means when you touch down on 'Shimougou', Marshall. Get a good night's sleep as well, girl. I want you alert, bright-aizued (eyed) and bushy-tailed in the morning. Who's on your flight crew for this run?" asked Galadriel. Kei blew a smoke ring and sipped her 'Golden Elixir of Heaven' before answering him.

    "Yuri's my co-pilot. Mar's my navvie. Kome is too exhausted so Zoe's gonna be my comm officer. Rally's my scanning officer. Revy Roberts and Neko Olson are my gunners and Nat Edwards is my weapons officer. ('God' nodded his approval) Everyone else aboard including 'Klink' and his crackpot kooks will be aboard shuttles down in the bays. If I decide to abort the mission or something goes wrong up here I'm telling my shuttle pilots to lift off and head for 'Kalufrax' or 'Minerva' like all the demons of Hell were on their asses! Understand now. This will be solely at my discretion, 'Uncle Vito'. It will be my decision to make, sir, mine and mine alone. This matter is not open to debate, 'God'. If you refuse to agree to this get yourself another Fxxxing air jockey to fly the mission for ya! I don't mind taking a risk myself but I'll be damned if I'll risk the lives of everyone else aboard, sir! Take it or leave it, me old boyo!" said Kei with finality.

    "Oro (What) about your flight crew, Deirdre?" asked her supreme commander.

    "We have a dozen lifepods in the nav room. The flight crew will have plenty of time to get to a pod and launch themselves. Mugghi will put Nammo and herself into one at my command and get off this ship. If there's time, I'll follow. If not-- well I did swear the 'Galactic Oath', sir, didn't I? I am fully prepared to give up my life if it will save this Universe, 'God'. But hey man! Who says it's ever gonna even come down to such a melancholy scenario eh? However, like I said before- if ya don't let me do this thing my way then get somebody else, 'Uncle Vito'." replied the Boss defiantly and she drained her tumbler in one long pull. Then she tossed the empty glass down the recycle chute.

    "Remember my dear Katie, no more booze until after this mission concludes on 'Shimougou'. That final decision will be yours to make, my dear child. Yours and yours alone. Relay me afterwards please. Good luck and TTFN (Ta ta for now), Love. Galadriel out." he said and blanked his vidscreens. Kei blanked hers and carried her almost full fifth of liquor into the kitchenette where she stowed it away in a cabinet. Her wrist chromo read 1845 (6:45 PM).

    "Briefing time." she thought and debated changing out of her battle gear and into a proper uniform or sweats or civvies.

    "Aw, the Hell with it. This is oro (what) the Hell I'll be wearing when I pilot this puppy ashita (tomorrow) so it's good enough for a shimatta (damned) old pep rally." she mused aloud and began her slow seven flight walk down the gantryway stairs to the rec room. The Red Marshall Boss Lady needed time to think.

    "Shit! No booze until the mission's over and 'God' made it clear that meant back home on 'Shimougou' at the frigging Academy! Sure I can have 'Nocohol Synthenol' (a non-alcoholic liquor-like liquid) but even if it does taste like booze that crap just ain't the same as real Irish whiskey! Dammit! That means no champagne to toast our success tomorrow either! That 'G Boys' gang (Garner, Gooley, Galadriel, Gustav and Poporo) are gonna owe me a big one this time, a really damned big one! Don ain't really part of the 'G Gang' but he's achief so he'll have to ante up too! Shit! I can already hear the grumblings when the science loonies heard that all of 'em were gonna have to cool their heels aboard the shuttles while I pilot 'em into a supernova! Those scientific lunatics are gonna be really pissed off at me! Screw 'em! This crap is all their fault anyway! Imagine! Trying to extract energy from a frigging exploding star just as it goes into supernova! Serves 'em right that they ain't gonna get to witness the birth of a supernova up close and at first hand! As if I give a Fxxxing good Kami shimatta (God damned) oro (what) they think of me dammit! Crap! There's the rec room ahead. Buck up, me girl and simply lay down the law to 'em! Don't forget who's in command here!" she thought as she shoved the portals open and strode into a madhouse which all of a sudden got as 'quiet as a quasar on qualudes' (Ka-Mi! Oro (What) a metaphor eh? Or is that a simile?)

    "Marshall in the room! Ten-Hut!" roared Mr Popo and all hands snapped to attention and saluted the young starship commander. Kei managed a wan smile.

    Cont in Ch 41- Part 3
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Here's Ch 41- Pt 3 for ya. Toodles-K&K

    "As you were. You folks already know oro (what) we are gonna be doing tomorrow so I ain't gonna bore ya with all the details again. With the exception of my flight crew every single one of you aboard will report to one of our shuttles before 0500 (5 AM) which is zero hour. In the unlikely event that I abort the mission or we encounter a snag I will order the shuttle pilots to lift off immediately and head for 'Kalufrax' or 'Minerva' and await my further orders. (Captain Nerese raised a gloved hand) Yes Kiva, that will include the 'Coriander' as well. My flight crew will abandon ship using the lifepods in the nav room. If I can I will follow them. If not-- Hell and damnation! There just ain't gonna matter because nothing is gonna go wrong with this mission- definitely! The decision, however, will be mine and mine alone as mission commander per 'God almighty' himself. ('Klink' stodd up to wring his hands and protest) Nai (No), Doctor K. We will not be discussing this damned matter any further, thank you very much, sir. All of you will be on transports and shuttles belowdecks in the bays. Now here is my flight crew roster. (All Hell broke loose after Kei had read off the names of the lucky (or unlucky?) seven who would maybe get to see a supernova firsthand and up close!) Any questions? (Everyone started yelling and screaming at once) Well just save 'em until we get home. Dismissed!" growled Kei and she walked out of the room up the gantryway stairs to her own quarters on three.

    "Who's piloting the shuttles and transports and who's going on which ones, Commander Donovan?" asked Sally.

    "Oro (What) the Hell are ya asking me for? Brigadier Angel's in command, I ain't." grumbled Yuri.

    "Brigadier Angel? Ma'am? Who is going with whom on the transports and who's piloting what?" asked Sally when she had reached the nav room.

    "Huh? How should I know dammit? Ask the transports officer. Suba Sawaguchi. Kome!! Get a transport passengers' manifest uploaded to everyone's PDO stat. Use the same pilots a sbefore if ya can. Assign 'em for the surface crafts, skysleds, skycycles and stuff. Better leave a four man skysled for Nammo, Reds and Mugghi because I doubt if our 'fearless leader' knows how to use a Fxxxing lifepod. Nyssa! Where are my nova trajectory charts? Zoe! I need a current weather report! You're in the way up here, Doc so go help Kome with those lists. Vincent! Any sign of our anomaly yet? Nai (No)? OK but let me know just as soon as ya spot it. Somebody find the damned gun crew! Where's Yuri? Christ! Kei would pick now to practice playing Luke Skywalker on the holodecks, wouldn't she? Kira! Bring us some java chop chop and then get yourself below to the bays please! Any of you star wizards know how much time we're gonna have to outrun this supernova's super shockwave after we punch through it? Where is that 'Gallifreyan' mad hatter? Sally! If ya see Doc Six send his ass up here willya! Engineering!--" yelled Marlene Angel.

    Seeing all the chaos on the bridge Sally grabbed Kira as she finished steering the big antigrav trolley laden with java and goodies into the nav room. Finding Kome in the transporter room on seven Sally relayed Mar's orders to her. Kome immediately shanghaied poor Sally, Kira, Peri and Kagome to help her compose the transport manifests and upload them to every PDO aboard.

    While bedlam was running rampant everywhere else the redhead was blissfully running holodeck simulations one floor below the command deck on eight.

    Legato, Light, Ryuuk and Ichigo were placing 'pattern enhancers' up and down the length of Deck Six so the 'God Gun' would be shielded behind an energy field barrier. Since the gun ran the length and breadth of the entire ship Deck Six was close to half a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide and it was slow going until Blue ordered Ivanhoe's gang and InuYasha's mob to help them out.

    Jon Harlock and his niece Emma 'Queen' Emeraldas had been sent to 'locate' pilots for 'every frigging thing that moved on this shimatta (damned) ship!' by Suba Kome Sawaguchi. She knew that nobody would dare say 'nai' ('no') to either of those pirates!

    "Blue's piloting the 'Raphael'. KR's got the 'Donnatella'. Gene has the 'Leonardo'. Jimbo Hawking's got the 'Michaelangelo'. Trace Edwards is commanding the 'Outlaw Star' and you'll have the 'Botany Bay 2' while I'll have my own 'Emerald Queen'. Han will pilot his 'Flying Falcon' and Faye, Spike and Jett got shuttles of their own ('Redtail', 'Swordfish II' and 'Hammerhead' respectively) and Kiva's got her 'Coriander'. Each of the chief's manning a skysled or some other surface craft and that's it, Uncle Jon. Any junk we got no pilots for will just have to go on a shuttle. Reds wants these bays stripped clean of transports, however, Blondie (Marlene) told me to leave a four man skysled for Reds, Mugghi and Nammo. Christ Almighty! I just thought. Is everyone outta the 'zero room'? Better trill that time jockey, Uncle just to make sure. Guess we'd better start loading up our ships and gathering in our crews and passengers eh?" shouted Emma and big Jon Harlock nodded.

    "Zero room's empty, Love. Checked it myself and sealed it last night. See ya later, Emmy." replied her uncle. Then they both raced for their own ships in the bays.

    At midnight the 'LA2' was still bustling with activity when Kei arrived to check on her bridge crew before grabbing some sleep. Leaving Mugghi and Nammo on bridge duty she sent Mar and the others to bed. Kei soon followed suit, however, before she did she keyed her PA system's mike.

    "Attention all hands! It is now midnight and that means five hours to zero hour. Five hours until Operation 'Penetrate'. Better grab some sleep and remember that witht he exception of the bridge and engineering crews every other person or thing aboard will remain aboard a craft in the docking bays belowdecks. Sorry 'Klink' and tomos (friends) but I have changed my mind. At 0500 (5 AM- zero hour) the pilots will lift off with every single transport and head for 'Minerva'. If the nova follows you make a run for 'Kalufrax' and we'll meet up later. At 0537 (5:37 AM) my flight crew and myself will ram the 'LA2' right down that nova's throat and then through it which should cause a supernova. We continue until we reach the opposite end of the Universe. If all goes well we will rendezvous with ya later and if not-- Dammit to frigging Hell! There ain't gonna be no more 'if nots' Kami shimatta ni jigoku (God dammit to Hell)! Now get some rest. Kei out." she growled and hit the sack.

    Accordingly at 0500 (5 AM) Blue led the space convoy towards 'Minerva' and it looked like a scene right outta that ancient Terran TV show 'Battlestar Galactica'- the Lorne Greene version of course not the 21st Century remake of it. Blue's 'Raphael' was followed by the 'leonardo' and the 'Michaelangelo'. Then came the 'USS Coriander', the starships, the skysleds and the smaller transports. Lastly came the 'Outlaw Star', the 'Flying Falcon', the 'Botany Bay 2', the 'Emerald Queen', the 'Redtail', the 'Hammerhead' and the 'Swordfish II'. The skycycles and other open air surface craft were stowed away on the ships and shuttles since none of them were suitable for deep space treks. Bringing up the rear of this motley ragtag vanguard force was the 'Donnatella' piloted by the Angels' proud godson Keitarou 'KR' Riff with Annie Hathaway beside him as co-pilot.

    Their task was to keep wary aizu (eyes) out for trouble coming from behind them like oh say a runaway starship or a supernova shockwave blast following them!

    END of Ch 41. Ch 42 'The Queen of Supernovas' or 'The Guardians Explain' soon. Getting interesting eh? Wonder how our heroine's gonna get outta this one? Read on and r/r/s away as always. Have a wunnerful day and sfn/sys/jm/Kami bless you all for your interest and assistance. Hooble-toodle-doo! Toodles tomos watashi-K&K

    I dickered over this chapter's titles. Let me know if I got 'em right eh?

    PS- I really do appreciate all your loyalty and support over the years my tomos watashi all! And you can take that to the bank folks!-K&K

    Cont in Ch 42
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Greetings tomos all. How long will this one be? Looks like just two but 43 is a lengthy one. Enjoy Ch 42- Part 1. Toodles-K&K


    DISCLAIMER: OK Kira Honey, it's all yours. First I wanna thank Mr T for the use of his Angels and stuff. Then I wanna thank everyone else who has been allowing us to use their creations here like Thom Beers for the use of his ice road truckers Hugh, Drew, Rick, Eric, Alex and Bear. I took the liberty of naming the 3WA academy in Furool City on Shimougou after Mr Haruka Takachiho in honour of his creations- the Angels. How was that, Yuri? Great, kiddo. Oh hai it sure was, Kei! Now since we left ya up in the air last time let's get to Ch 42 without any further meandering, shall we? Why is Zack Zero back and oro does he want with Suba Marina Oki? Can Mandy keep her big mouth shut? A hint re the titles- A play on the Queen of Haka Sutra in GTO and Whitey and Black got some 'splaining to do! Oro does this all mean? We'll find out momentarily gang. The Boss Red Marshall's on the warpath again! Here 'tis:-

    CHAPTER 42

    'The Queen of Supernovas' or 'The Guardians Explain'

    Aboard the 'Paphael' Blue (Legato Bluesummers) trilled to Chief Gustav.

    "Sir, I believe that a few lightyears is enough distance for now, don't you? What say we stop here and hover while we ait--" trilled the tall BetaZoid captain.

    "Nai (No), we don not stop until we reach 'Minerva', Captain. That is our rendezvous point. Understood?" trilled Anton and Blue trilled a roger willco back to him.

    So on they flew while their comrades' destiny drew ever nearer and nearer. Meanwhile aboard the 'LA2'--

    "Thar she blows, Boss. Nor' Northwest on a 351.96 heading at nine o'clock. See it? That's our nova, folks. By the way, who's down in Engineering, Boss?" trilled Rally 'Cat' Vincent the scanning officer.

    "Just 'Dynamo' and Cyborg as far as I know, 'Cat'." growled a perturbed Yuri Donovan.

    "Balackfire's down there with 'em too." supplied Marlene Angel.

    "Zoe! Get in here and help Nat, Flaysie and Caggie on these guns! I want you on one photon cannon and Caggie on the other one. When I tell ya to, fire 'em in front of us about 300,000 kilos- one to port and one to starboard. Set their proximity fuses so they'll blow when they hit the back end of this nova. 'Cat's gonna feed ya the coordinates. As soon as ya fire 'em, I want all of ya to get to a lifepod and launch it and you towards 'Minerva' and that means everyone, Vacuumhead! You guys hear that down in Engineering? 'Dynamo'? Cy? Blackfire? Get your ass up here to a lifepod or use one down there if ya can find 'em and launch on my order! Got it?" trilled the Boss.

    "Yeah. We got it, Boss but oro (what) about you, Furball (Mugghi) and R2D2 (Nammo)? Oro (What) happens if you can't get to a lifepod in time? Oro (What) then Reds?" trilled Brigadier Mar.

    "No sweat, kid. Jon left us a nice skysled down in the bays if we need it. I don't think we're gonna be needing it or a pod but ya never can tell, Brigadier Angel. We appreciate your concern, Mar but you are still leaving after these photons go, girl!" trilled the redhead.

    "Good luck, you dimwitted dipstick and if you die on me, I'm gonna kill you, girl!" yelled Yuri and she released the steering controls to Kei who wrestled the gargantuan starship back to port and took dead aim at the cyclone that was howling through the nova's central core.

    "Straight on till morning, eh?" she chuckled and twisted the craft almost sideways to the deafening maelstrom. She carefully yawed the ship back to centre and--

    "Now dammit! Fire! (Both Zoe and Cagalli complied) Dammit to Hell, Caggie! That shot was full centimeter off target! Zoe! Good shot! That's your cue to skidoo, gang! Go! See ya on 'Minerva'! To the pods- stat!" roared Kei while she and Mugghi clawed their way through the nova's tornadolike winds until--

    "Good luck, Reds. We've all launched and I'm the last one to go. See ya soon, Boss. Don't keep us waiting." trilled the commander-to-be of the 'LA3' and she jettisoned herself into deep space. Behind her the photons exploded and a huge backdraft fireball began in the core of the now supernova causing a tsunami (tidal wave) of roaring winds and flames. This whirlpool of destruction violently shook and then shoved the 'LA2' bacwards- back towards the spot where they had first entered the nova a few short minutes ago only now it was a fullblown supernova!

    "As soon as we get outta this damned star trap, Furball, do a complete 180 about face and peel rubber after the others. Open her up and don't spare the hyperdrives, Mugghi because Nammo just predicted that the mother of all shockwaves is gonna be right on our asses so don't stop until we hit 'Minerva' and-- Christ Almighty! There's its maw (huge opening)! Take us home, Furball!" yelled Kei strapping herself and Nammo into a gunner's seat while Mugghi strapped herself into the pilot's seat.

    The great white neko (cat) spun wildly, yawed back to starboard and then rocketed after KR's shuttle. Kei was hanging onto Nammo with both hands like all the demons of the nine Hells of Dante's Inferno were trying to yank him out of the redhead's strong arms. Finally with KR's 'Donnatella' shuttlecraft in sight and the supernova's shockwave fireball blast comfortably in their wake and at least ten lightyears behind them Mugghi eased back on the thrusters until their speed dropped back down to a manageable Subwarp eight and the Boss was able to relax.

    Mugghi meowed a message to Blue who was just touching down on 'Minerva' with the 'Raphael' at that same exact moment.

    "Yeah, I read ya loud and clear, Furball. The pods have already launched. OK then we'll just try and beam 'em all up into the shuttles. Yeah, I'll keep ya posted, pal. Blue out." trilled Bluesummers.

    "Hey Anton! Get over to the beaming bays and standby with a team to beam up the Boss Lady's flight and engineering crews. Don (Poporo), start scanning for those pods. Nine of 'em just launched. The 'LA2' is following the 'Donnie' here to 'Minerva' so it looks like the fun's over for now, gang." he trilled.

    "All over, Blue? Then how come we ain't lost anybody yet?" trilled Emma Emeraldas from the bridge of her 'Emerald Queen' starship.

    "Hey! That's right, Poppet! I still got me a full contingent too now ya come to be a-mentionin' it. Anybody lose anybody, me hearties?" trilled her uncle, Jonathan Harlock from his 'Botany Bay 2' cruiser vessel.

    When all of the other starcrafts replied in the negative Anton Wilhelm Gustav suggested a 'pwwow' after they all rendezvoused on 'Minerva' and the proposal was eagerly accepted by all the commanders.

    "And we must be sure to ask 'God almighty' (Vito Galadriel) to join us as well. He's got some 'splaining (explaining a la Ricky Ricardo) to do, dammit! This mission was all his bright idea, wasn't it?" grumbled Dr Wolf von Bork.

    "And our two 'Guardians' need to be in on this 'think tank', my tomos." said Doctor Six who was travelling with his TARDIS aboard Gene's 'Outlaw Star' and he helped himself to another chocolate biscotti. The foppish 'Gallifreyan' was having tea with Molly Callahan and Dominique the Cyclops in Starwind's wardroom.

    "Are you sure you'll be finished stuffing yourself by then?" demanded a nettled Doctor 2 who was ferrying the 'Black Guardian' back to 'Minerva'.

    "Yes, old boy. By all means do save some for us." added a grinning Doctor 4 who was giving the 'White Guardian' a lift.

    Cont in Ch 42- Part 2
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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