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Thread: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

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    Gotta remember 10K characters only!

    DISCLAIMER: OK Angie, it's all yours. First I want to thank Haruka Takachiho (Kami bless him) for graciously allowing me to use his creations w/o which there would be no tale to tell. Likewise a big domo arigatour (thank you very much indeed) to any other creators whose works, characters, creations &c. I may use now or in the future. As always please feel free to use any of my own myriads of creations in your own works. I ask only that a similar disclaimer be posted with your works giving credit where credit is due. Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the second chapter for your perusal.

    CHAPTER 2 'Fllay's Find' or 'Follow the River'

    "Shields up dammit!" yelled Suba (Subaltern) Alison Kurtz. She was Zero's new weapons officer.

    "Anything out there, Ensigns?" she added.

    "Nai (No) mum. He must be 'cloaked'." replied Fllay Allster.

    "Got him! He's on our scans now, Suba. A Corellian star cruiser. (Probably a pirate vessel. This is lawless frontier space, remember?) Want I should return fire, mum?" shouted an eager Cagalli Yula Athna.

    "Belay that, Ensign. Hail him, Integra. Tell him we're just passin' through." commanded Zach Zero.

    "Ooh, he just said some nasty words taht even I have never heard before, Zach. The gist of it is that we're baka (crazy, nuts) but if we really want to commit sepukuu (Ritual suicide of the Samurai warriors) he won't stand in our way, Cap." said Sir Integra Winifred van Helsing, grand-daughter of the famous vampire hunter whose name she bore.

    "Thank him kindly and let's burn those hyperdrives. Engage." he ordered and the 'Liberator' accelerated.

    Are you baka idiots trying to destroy my ship or are you just insane?" grumbled 'Dynamo', the 8 feet tall 'Triceratops'the chief engineer.

    "Gimme 65 Warp, 'Dynamo' onegai (please). Just until we get a few lightyears between us and them." cajoled Zero.

    "In yer dreams maybe! How about 50, Cap?" growled the gigantic dragon lizard.

    "Fine but you gotta hold us to that speed for at least fifteen minutes." sighed Zach.

    "You, er, you surely meant to say ten, not fifteen, did you not, sir?" asked the chief engineer.

    "Whatever. Zero out." he finished and hung up the relay mike.

    Eleven minutes and forty seconds later the 'Liberator's massive warp core went from a roar to a quiet hum as their warp speed dropped to a sensible 25 Warp.

    "The system on your vidmap starchart, sir? Well, see for yourself, Zach. It just ain't here nowhere." reported Molly and she pointed out the star windows. Sure enough there was naught except unbroken unexplored cosmos outside of the ship- certainly no star system!

    "That's 'cause they're cloaked, kids." drawled Grand Admiral Han Solo. Molly stared at him like he had just gone bonkers.

    "A whole damned star solar system, Han?" she demanded.

    "Why the Hell not?" he drawled back.

    "Well there's one sure fire way to be sure." yelled Caggie.

    "Ja, das ist richtig (Yes, that's right), Herr Zero. Launch a probe out there." suggested the 'Green Baron'.

    "OK. Make it so, Number One. Energize." replied Zero.

    "Detonate." ordered Allie when the probe was safely away from them.

    "Roger that, Al." said Fllaysie. The projectile exploded and drenched the stars with magnesium light from one end of space to another.

    "Well I'll be damned!" said Molly Callahan, her cheroot dropping from her mouth to the console.

    There as far as the eye could see was a small but orderly star grouping hitherto hidden from sight!

    "Are we there yet, guys?" cried an overzealous Servie.

    "Is that where the goodies are?" yelped Fllaysie.

    "No Servie, we ain't there yet and no Fllaysie, no goodies. This is where we find our first clue. Then that one leads us to another one, that clue sends us after another and so on and so forth, ad infinitum!" snapped Zero angrily.

    "I told you it was a wild goose chase dammit!" he added.

    "Seeketh me out where no light cometh for thou art surely pious and must goeth in the footsteps of God Almighty. Beware for ye must haveth great faith indeed to faceth perils untold." (Signed) Giles de Montmartre (The strange symbol of the all seeing aizu (eye) surmounting the enclosed circle, square and dot was skilfully drawn above the signature).

    "Hey, that's easy, guys! A 'black hole' in space!" squealed Angie excitedly.

    "Yeah? Then how about the rest of it, kiddo? And what 'perils untold' I wonder? Sounds like gibberish to me, folks." replied a skeptical Zach Zero.

    "I know that the 'pious' man kneels, Zach. I heard that somewhere." suggested Han Solo.

    "Kneels? Where in the Hell do ya 'kneel' in a quasar, Solo?" Servalan wanted to know.

    "And just what are these 'footsteps of God Almighty'" demanded Molly.

    "Wait a nano-sec and hold the comlinks everyone." said Angie.

    "Ain't there a constellation called the 'Path of Kami (God)' Molly? (The navvie nodded dubiously) Can you point ti out to us on the vidstar charts? (Molly tapped a few keys and the 'Path' winked into life. Angie pointed a gloved forefinger at a star group immediately South of the 'Path') And doesn't this cluster here resemble someone kneeling?

    "It must mean that if we take a sighting from that star cluster and then travel through the 'Path of Kami' we will reach a 'black hole' and find our second clue, Cap." she suggested. Zero nodded.

    "Seems to make a bit of sense. What have we got to lose? Molly, lay in a course for that 'pious man kneeling' star cluster- 35 Warp." he commanded. The 'Liberator' accelerated and began its week long voyage to the faroff Phi Quadrant.

    "Happy now, Madam Prez?" he grumbled and Servie scowled at him. Molly turned to her skipper.

    "Sir? We are not really and truly going inside a quasar depression, are we?" she asked worriedly.

    Zero was well known throughout the cosmos for his 'go for broke' attitude even when his orders told him not to do something so Molly's query was quite justified. Zach stared at her.

    "Are you on 'dilythium dust', Navvie? Hell no, we ain't going inside a 'black hole', map or no map. Somehow I don't think that Angie's great-great-grand-whatever ancestour ever intended anyone to either. There must be some other answer, right Subby?" he demanded impatiently.

    "I'm workin' on it right now, sir." replied the very last descendant of the Knights Templar.

    "Take your time, Angie. It's gonna take us another whole solar week to get there." said a still deeply concerned Molly Callahan.

    Angela Mary marie Magdalena Rosette Christopher de Roncesvalles racked her mind and brain and memory for an answer to that conundrum for most of that solar week. The afternoon of the day they finally reached the Phi Quad she had it (she hoped). Now all that remained was convincing the skipper that she was right.

    "Oro (What) the jigoku (Hell) Subby! You on the same 'dust' trip as Callahan? I cannot send the 'Andrea Dorian' (one of the shuttles) into a 'black hole' just because you think it ain't one! I'd suffer the same fate that Giles de Montmartre did and then some!" howled her boss.

    "Then at least send in a probe, sir. I know it's really a 'worm hole' that 'looks' like a quasar opening in the space/time continuum. Onegai (Please), Cap? Humour me?" pleaded Angie desperately.

    "OK. Ashita (Tomorrow) we'll launch a probe and when we lose it, we are going back to our real mission. Is that clearly understood, Subby? (Angela nodded) Good. Now get back to your post, kid." replied her skipper.

    The next morning a probe was launched from the 'Pious Man Kneeling' star cluster and through the 'Path of Kami' directly into the yawning maw of the dark spatial anomaly known as a 'black hole'. An hour and a half later Zach was about to abort the 'hunt' when Integra spoke.

    "Quiet! Shut the Hell up you guys! I got something coming in over the vid relays. Sir, it's our damned probe! Its signal is quite distinct, Zach." she said, speaking around her ever present cigar.

    "How far?" drawled Solo.

    "Ten thousand lightyears." she replied.

    "It can't have gone that far! Not even in a 'worm hole', Winnie!" cried Zach.

    The comm relay officer indicated the console's vidscreens.

    "See for yourself, Cap." she said.

    "Remember what the map said? Something about having great faith? This must be exactly what Angie's Terran ancestour meant. We have got to go through there, Zachie." insisted Servalan.

    "Well I won't do it!" replied a defiant Zachary Taylor Zero.

    "I've forgotten, Admiral. Remind me again, please. Just who is in charge here?" she said sweetly.

    "You heard the lady, Han. Take us inside that thing and Kami help us all." growled Zero.

    "Hold onto yer shorts and strap in, folks. Here we go." drawled the ex-pirate.

    The 'Liberator' crawled forward steadily into the anomaly and slowly edged inside the 'black hole' which indeed was a 'worm hole'. In another hour they exited the 'worm hole' and discovered that they were all the way across to the other side of the known Universes. The 'Liberator' was in orbit around a miniscule moon only half the size of Terra's Luna.

    "Looky there guys!" cried Fllaysie who was pointing at the view screens. Below them a silvery river crossed the moon and seemed to be pointing like an arrow- due East!

    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    With this chapter we are half way home. Then just 3 for Pyramid.

    DISCLAIMER: OK Molly darlin', it's all yours. First I want to thank Haruka Takachiho (Kami bless him) for graciously allowing me to use his creations w/o which there would be no tale to tell. Likewise a big domo arigatou (thank you very much indeed) to any other creators whose works, characters, creations &c. I may use now or in the future. As always please feel free to use any of my own myriads of creations in your own works. I ask only that a similar disclaimer be posted with your works giving credit where credit is due. Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the third chapter for your perusal.

    CHAPTER 3 'Solo's Solutions' or 'Into the Void'

    "Follow that arrow er I mean river, Han." commanded Zach. Obligingly Solo accelerated to 40 Warp and shot off into the void beyond known space. One solar hour and 15 thousand lightyears later-

    Hey Zach! How far we gonna follow this shimatta arrow of Fllaysie's?" drawled Han.

    "Ooh! Oro's that thingy, Caggie?" yelped Fllay Allster excitedly. She was pointing out the star window to a glittering array of planets, stars and asteroids dead ahead.

    "How the Hell should I know, stupid? I- Kami shimatta ni jigoku (God damn it to Hell)! It looks just like a teeny tiny solar system!" replied Cagalli Yula Athna not too quietly.

    "Huh? What did you two bozos just say? A system? It bloody well can't be a system, not this damned far out!" objected Molly Callahan incredulously.

    "I'll be damned, Molly! The kid's right. That thing 'is' a solar system albeit a really small one!" exclaimed Jimbo Hawking who was hitching a ride back to Gene Starwind's 'Outlaw Star' in the 'Gamma Quad'.

    "What next?" demanded a disgusted Zero. He wanted no part of this wild jacaronda hunt across the galaxies, that he did not but it was Servie's call, not his, not this time.

    "Would ya believe a pyramid topped by an all-seeing aizu (eye), Cap?" replied Nami Richards indicating the forward vidscreens.

    "A Templar symbol by Kami! Solo! Take us down there!" cried Angie eagerly.

    "Hey! I am in command, Subby, not you! OK Han, make it so." ordered Zach resignedly and obediently Han touched down with the 'Liberator' almost beside a pyramid structure easily ten or even fifteen times larger than ancient Terran Egypt's 'Great Pyramid of Cheops' at Giza!

    Within minutes Zach, Angela, Servalan, Molly and Solo had beamed down. Zach had left Jimbo in charge of a whining Fllaysie, an angry Cagalli and a very pissed off Nami.

    "So far, so good. Jimbo, it looks safe enough so we're going inside this thing. Zero out." trilled Zach.

    "Be careful, Cap. hawking out." trilled the interim commander.

    "And just how in the Hell are we gonna get inside that thing, Zach?" drawled Han, drawing his Mark XIII ion cannon.

    "Open sesame?" joked Servalan.

    "Enter if thou art truly repentant and have faith in Our Lord." boomed out a stentorian voice of thunder. Suddenly the entire wall facing them glowed golden, shimmered and vanished!

    "Once more into the breach dear friends, once more." chortled Zero, leading his away teeam inside the massive structure.

    "Oh shut up, Zach." said a suddenly nervous Servalan.

    "Oro a strange greeting." observed Molly and she stepped forward. At that instant Han recalled the ancient Terran film he'd seen a few months ago at the Shimougan Academy- 'Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade'! He shoved Molly to the ground- hard and dropped to his knees beside her.

    "The penetent man kneels! Everybod down dammit if you value your lives!" he shouted touching his head to the floor a nano-second before an ancient scythe-like blade whistled past inches above their bent heads!

    "Roll! Sideways and then forward! Stay low for Kami's sake!" he yelled, suiting his actions to his words and dragging Callahan with him. The others followed in his wake and entered the next chamber.

    "Oro's the next surprise, pirate?" growled Molly, dusting herself off. She was covered in limestone dust and grit.

    "Go ye in the footsteps of Almight Kami er I mean God but the Templar boys knew him as Jehovah." he replied and pointed towards a flagstoned passageway dead ahead of them. Each stone seemed to be marked with a letter from some strange and ancient alphabet.

    Angela de Roncesvalles boldly stepped forward.

    "OK. Jehovah so 'J'-" she intoned and stepped on the nearest 'J' stone. Servie grabbed her arm just as the stone crumbled to dust beneath her boot and the floor opened beneath it revealing a deep crevasse or cavern several hundred meters below them!

    "In ancient Sumerian, Jehovah begins with an 'I', not a 'J', children. Please allow me to proceed and you step 'only' where I do unless you want to explore this dump's basements." drawled the ex-smuggler.

    Carefully, his boots spelled out 'I-E-H-O-V-A-H' and then even more cautiously the rest of the team followed him across the passageway. Soon all of them had traversed the hall safely and now stood on the brink of a bottomless chasm atop a carved jacaronda beast's immense head.

    "Only by a leap from the mighty beast's head shall ye prove thy worth.'quoted Han from the old star map Angie had found in Uncle Giles's attic.

    "You are bloody nuts, pirate, if ya think we're gonna jump off a shimatta cliff, dammit!" howled Molly.

    "Trust me and have faith, kiddies. Just you follow Uncle Han and don't you fret none." said Solo merrily. Inside he was quaking in his space boots.

    Closing both aizu (eyes) tightly and breathing a silent prayer than harrison Ford had not been a lunatic in that old film, He placed a foot over the edge in mid-air and stepped forward, dropping a half meter down and onto- nothing!

    Nai (No)! Not nothing- he was standing on a perfectly camouflaged pathway leading across the huge chasm. Again his compadres mimiced his moves, crossing the void quickly and safely. Han picked up a few handfuls of gravel and tossed them across the 'invisible' bridge so that they could find it on the way back.

    "Wait. We may need this, sir." said Angie, hefting a strange star-shaped weapon.

    "Christ, princess! That's the 'Glave o' Krull', ain't it? Where'd you get it?" cried Han.

    "Last time I saw that damned thing was when Lord Ivy (Ivanhoe the dark Knight) had it a few years ago." assented Molly.

    Han handed it back to Angie who attached it to her belt and followed Han into an inner chamber of this mammoth mausoleum. At its far end loomed a sealed portal. When words, curses and brute force failed to open it, Han and Zach emptied their plasma rifles into it. Then Molly blasted it a trio of Mark XXXIII shells. Servalan booted it and then hopped around on one foot howling in pain.

    "Dumbass." giggled Angie.

    "Shithead!" replied the Federation president.

    "Shut the Hell up the pair of ya and that is a kami shimatta direct order!" yelled an angry and frustrated Zach Zero.

    "Try the glave." suggested Callahan.

    "Couldn't hurt, that it couldn't." agreed Solo.

    "Use the force, princess." he added jokingly.

    The glave slipped from Angela's nervous fingers but amazingly the thing remained suspended in mid-air! Moving her hand over it caused the glave to move and damned fast too! The weapon cut through the portal like a knife through hot butter! When the portal finally dissolved into the aether so did the glave!

    Behind the portal was revealed to be a chamber that glowed like 'G'Targ'itself! ('G'Targ' was Corellian Heaven).

    "Sir, I see no visible light source in there." breathed Angie in awe.

    Does it need one, girl? Look." replied her skipper.

    END of Chapter 3. Chapter 4 coming along soon.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    This one has a couple of videos and links with it so-- Galactic Treasure Hunt Chapter 4'Piracy in the Pyramid'The La, a dirty pair fanfic | FanFiction

    CHAPTER 4 'Piracy in the Pyramid' or 'The Last Templar'

    The immense chamber was crammed floor to ceiling with various collections of loot! Gold, diamonds, precious stones, manuscripts (The real prize as far as the Templars were concerned), statuary, paintings, art, death masks from tombs across the galaxies &c.

    "It looks like that room below the church in New York City in 'National Treasure', that it surely does." whispered an awestruck Zachary Taylor Zero.

    "The mysterious Templars' 'treasure trove', I presume, kid?" asked Han and Angie nodded.

    "Wowie! I can buy out all the malls on 'Shimougou' and still have loads left over, Caggie!" crowed Flaysie Allster who was sitting waist deep in a pile of gold and gems.

    "We're rich, Zachie! I may just give up my day job!" yelled Servalan excitedly.

    "That is oro you think eh? Hands up onegai, ladies and gentlemen." ordered a strangely sinister voice which sounded all too familiar to Solo, Zero and Callahan.

    Heads turned and Solo tasted ashes in his mouth. He, Zach and Molly breathed a name they had thought they never would again ever-

    "Khan!" they all cried as one.

    "How the friggin' Hell did you get outta the Gallifreyans' 'matrix'? You were sealed in a Kalazkanite (a clear but indestructible alloy composed of Kelvinite and Plexeleine) cylinder to boot!" thundered the usually unruffled Han Solo.

    "I will gladly explain all of that to you later, General Solo. For now you will all onegai drop your weapons. Ah! General Solo, Admiral Zero and Lt Commander Callahan I am already acquainted with but who is this kawaii damsel in white?" asked the renegade despot outlaw in dulcimer tones.

    "None of your damned business, you cowardly fiend!" snarled an angry Servalan.

    "The Goody Two Shoes leader of the Federation should learn to keep her kawaii mouth shut!" said Khan. He fired once, his plasma disruptor beam gouging the wall mere centimeters beside Servie's leg. Angela leaped in front of the older woman.

    "Stop it, man! I'm Sub-Ensign Angela Teresa maria D'Eon de Roncesvalles of the Intergalactic Star Command, you bloody monster!" cried Angie, shielding Servie's body with her own. Khan suddenly stopped smiling, stiffened and seemed to be musing about something or other.

    "de Roncesvalles eh? Now where in the nine Hells of Dante's Inferno have I heard that name before? The 'Song of Roland' to be sure but that Terran fairy tale was millennia ago. (Khan snapped his fingers) Got it! Of course. Giles Pierre Francois Renoir D'Eon de Roncesvalles! The sole survivour of the Templar's original nine founders. I heard he was deceased. A pity." said the galactic pirate.

    "He was my uncle!" snapped Angie. Zach, Han and Molly said a collective 'Oh no!' when they realized that Angie had just thrown away their last chance of avoiding bloodshed.

    So then you are the last descendant of that distinguished ancestral line, my dear child. Where is the star map vidchart?" demanded Khan quietly.

    "You're standin' in the treasure room, Khan so why do ya want the map?" drawled Han Solo who already knew the answer.

    "Because the ancient ones who stuck this stuff here way back when would have protected their hoard with booby traps. The map will tell you how to deactivate them. Right, Khan?" replied Zach Zero.

    "The man wins a Kewpie doll. Exactly, my dear Admiral. Now where is the damned map?" said an impatient space bucanneer.

    "We left it behind on the 'Liberator', sir." lied Molly, trying to buy them some more time. To do oro she hadn't a clue.

    "Jimbo! Beam us all back up there- now!" trilled Zach quietly but urgently. Khan laughed.

    "Nice try. Sorry, Admiral but this chamber seems to be shielded somehow from Gamma and Kazza rays so I am very much afraid that your transporters will not function. Shall we try this again? You and I both know that without the map you could never have located this room or even this pyramid. Hand over the map and then you can all go home. I have no grudge against any of you. My score is with another admiral- James Tiberius Kirk. You have my word on these things. I just want the map." said Khan coolly and calmly.

    "Give it to him, Angie." ordered a defeated Zero and the tall redhead reluctantly surrendered the precious vidchart to Khan.

    "There. That was not so very hard, was it? I will now, as promised, settle General Solo's curiosity as well as Admiral Zero's and the Lt Commander's. You may or more likely may not know that John Berringer broke out of the penal colony on 'Lazix 7' some time ago.

    "He assembled a crew, 'borrowed' a prototype star cruiser from the 3WA and liberated myself, Sutek and the 'Time Master' from the 'matrix' on Gallifrey. The Time Lords' 'Master' of course we left in the 'matrix' along with the evil 'Shadow Master'. The latter is a megalomaniacla fool and the former is quite insane. He still harbours amourous feelings for Mrs Higurashi you know.

    "I do admit it was a stroke of luck to happen upon the 'Liberator' when we did. Since you appeared to be oncourse for the Federation complex I was about to try our luck elsewhere when you inexplicably changed course for this Kami-forsaken sector of space.

    "I merely followed in your wake by hiding in your slipstream, 'cloaked' of course. How did I know of the treasure trove and the map? Simplicity itself. Sean O'Banyon, one of my former lieutenants paid a call on Uncle Giles who was kind enough to tell Sean all about them.

    "Regrettably, the shimatta baka Mick terminated the old fool before discovering the map's location. I despaired and felt his loss keenly even after I had myself dispatched Sean to the world of the Doolahans, Banshees and Lord Varin. Finding you here, my dear Angela, was a very welcome bonus." explained Khan in a very silky voice which reeked of oil.

    "You heartless bastard! You killed Uncle Giles! Well, you will NOT profit from his murder!" cried Angie, drawing her blaster.

    "NO! Angie! Don't do it, kid! He'll kill you! Angela!" screamed Servalan wildly.

    Angie fired and the map vapourized into nothingness in Khan's grasp.

    "You damned little bitch! You will pay for that!" shouted Helmut von Kleist, Khan's last surviving lieutenant. Seems that pissing off Khan is tantamount to signing one's own death warrant!

    "Belay that, Helmut! One of these five must have already memorized the damned thing otherwise this foolish child would not have so cavalierly destroyed it. So- which one I wonder?" said Khan softly.

    "Wouldn't you like to know, pirate! Go to Hades with my curses dammit!" retorted Molly just before Helmut belted her in the jaw with the butt end of his plasma rifle. She collapsed like a pole-axed steer.

    "Khan! That's enough!" cried Servie, tears in her big aoishi (blue) aizu (eyes). She really cared for the former Angel.

    "Who is it?" he demanded menacingly while pointing his disruptor machine pistol at Molly Callahan's still form lying on the chamber floor. Angie and Servie began to cry.

    "Me. I'm the guy you want, Khan. I know oro you need to know." drawled a devil may care Han Solo very nonchalantly.

    "Then you will lead the way, General." commanded the madman despot.

    "Your word first, Khan. When you get what you want, we all go our separate ways. Deal?" asked Han.

    "Agreed. The word of Khan is sacred as you well know, General Solo. Lead on." said Khan. Han faced the others. Servie and Zach had helped Molly to sit up. Servie was binding a pressure bandage around the girl's bleeding jaw.

    "Folks, you can trust him. Khan has never broken his word once he has given it. Best we do like he says and get moving." said Solo grimly. Zach nodded as did the rest.

    "Molly can't walk so Angie and I will stay here with her." said Servalan.

    "Then carry her. Everyone is coming with us. No exceptions, Madam , Garth and LaSeur will take turns giving the kawaii Lt Commander piggy-back rides. Now let us go. We have wasted enough time, General." growled an out of patience Khan.

    "Can you do it, old buddy? Deactivate the traps in here?" whispered Zero.

    "I never even saw that damned map for more than a few seconds, old pal. I'll just have to wing it. (Zach stared at him) Don't worry. I've seen all the 'Indiana Jones'movies at least five times." whispered a confident Han Solo who hadn't the slightest idea how to begin.

    He thought back to that one brief glance he'd had at the vidchart and recalled 'penitent', 'footsteps' and 'worth' being in the first three riddles they had already solved. Below them had been the cryptic phrase 'Remember these truths' and that was it.

    "Hey! Angie! C'mere!" he called and the redhead strode over to him and Zach.

    "Yeah General? You rang, sir?" she joked even though she was almost crying again.

    "You memourized the damned thing, girl, didn't you?" he whispered.

    ""Yeah. There were three quests, I mean they were more like riddles, sir. 'Only the penitent man may-" began the Templar girl.

    "Yeah, I know. We already did them. What else?" asked the ex-pirate.

    "Sorry, there was nothing else, sir." replied Angie and Molly tugged at her arm.

    "On the back. More words." said Molly hoarsely, trying to talk around her damaged jaw.

    "Can't remember all. But this order I think. 'Perdition awaits' was first. Then 'They who have gone before' and last was 'That which is most precious shall be abundant' followed by a funny phrase 'Remember these truths for they are thy salvation', sir." gasped Molly Callahan and then she passed out again.

    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Chapter 4 continued--

    Servie grabbed Molly away from Angie and charged an auto hypo syringe. She pumped 40 cc's of 'Kabrilon 9-X' into Molly's arm. The girl slowly came to once more.

    "I'm sorry guys. There were a Helluva lot more words but I only got a short glimpse at 'em before 'Roshii-Aizu (Dead-Eye) Angela' blasted the map." apologized the navvie.

    "Perdition. That's Biblical, Zach, ain't it?" asked a puzzled Han. Zach had received many gold stars for Sunday School attendance when he was a nipper while Han had avoided chapels whenever he could. He'd even been late for his own wedding to Leia, earning him a baleful look from his new brother-in-law, Luke Skywalker.

    "Yeah. It's from er Levidicus, I think." replied Angie who had a perfect Sunday School class record. Her book had gold stars on every single page.

    Khan suddenly decided (for reasons known only to him) it was a good time to harangue against his arch-nemesis James Tiberius Kirk.

    "All across the Heavens I smite at thee. I shall hunt ye down to the ends of the Universes if I must, Kirk. To there I say and even 'round Perdition's flame shall I purse ye." he said, badly misquoting from the ancient 19th Century Terran novel written by Herman Melville- 'Moby Dick'.

    "Hey Han! Oro the Hell's this crap on the walls over here? It stinks to high heaven, man." asked Servalan, fumbling for a cheroot.

    "Huh? (Han took a whiff of the air) Nitre and Troxyleine. Highly explosive and- Servie! Don't!" yelled Solo, knocking the lighter away before Servie could use it to fire up her cheroot.

    "Dammit girl! That stuff's volatile!" yelled Zach Zero.

    "Another trap for us, sir?" asked Angela and Han nodded abstractedly, still trying to fathom the meaning of the 'Perdition' riddle. Then it hit him.

    "Remember these truths. Thy Salvation. Penitent. Perdition. The penitent man kneels before Kami to avoid Perdition's flame! That's what Remember means gusy! It's the same damned crap all over again but with three new twists! Hit the deck and stay down! You guys too if you wanna live that is!" thundered Solo, yanking down Servie, Angie, Molly and himself just nano-secons before a block of blazing 'Carbonexileine' (space granite) swung right over their heads, missing them by a millimeter or two!

    So close was this call that Molly's helmet was swept from her head and atomized instantly. Han and Zach caught the block by its base and used a blocki and tackle mechanism in the wall to tie it off while Angie and Khan's men extinguished the flames.

    "Hey gang, looky what I just found!" exclaimed Flaysie Allster. She was pointing at yet another enigma- a second stone-flagged hallway with the stones bearing letters in another ancient alphabet. This time it was Khan's man LaSeur who supplied the answers.

    "Avestan, my friends. In Avestan which is a form of ancient Persian, the name of Kami is Ahura Mazda but it can be spelled many other ways as well. Ohrmazd, Ahuramazda, Hourmazd, Hormazd, Hurmuz, Aramazd and Azzandara are all forms of this name. My uncle was an archaeologist and specialized in Terra's ancient Persia. He never shut up about this crap." explained the good-natured henchman.

    "However, didn't old Zarathustra or Zoroaster or whatever he called himself proclaim Ahura Mazda as the uncreated god?" asked Angie who had also learned a lot from her uncle.

    "Ahura Mazda has a lot more letters than Iehovah (Jehovah in ancient Sumerian) does and how do we know which stone means the space between the 'A' and the 'M' folks?" drawled Han.

    "Gods were haughty and would never dream of separating themselves so there would be no spaces. I believe General Solo is correct, therefore, he will lead the way once more unles we have a different volunteer?" said Khan.

    Suddenly everyone in the pyramid was as pale as a yuyu (ghost)!

    END of Chapter 4. Chapter 5 coming along soon.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Almost there!

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mr Khan, it's all yours. First I want to thank Haruko Takachiho (Kami bless him) for graciously allowing me to use his creations w/o which there would be no tale to tell.

    Likewise a big domo arigatou (thank you very much indeed) to any other creators whose works, characters, creations &c. I may use now or in the future.

    As always please feel free to use any of my own myriads of creations in your own works. I ask only that a similar disclaimer be posted with your works giving credit where credit is due.

    Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the fifth chapter for your perusal.

    CHAPTER 5 'Of Floating Rocks & Flaming Halls' or 'Molly Saves the Day'

    As they watched in fascination the strange alphabetical symbols vanished from the stone flags on the floor of the passageway!

    Servie stepped forwards towards it and Zach threw her backwards a split nano-second before a 'Bouncing Betty' incendiary mine popped up, detonated in mid air and bathed the passageway in white hot flames!

    Puzzled as Hell, Han shined his laser sword on the floor, remembering not to move any closer to the stone-flagged corridor.

    "It ain't marked no more." he drawled. Then the ex-smuggler pointed the sword up and whistled. The ceiling was covered with those same strange letters and symbols which had until a few seconds ago, been marked on the floor.

    "Oro the Hell?" said Servie after dusting herself off.

    "I got it! Ya touch a symbol up there (The ceiling above the corridor was a mere four feet from the floor) and step on its corresponding flagstone directly below it and we already know oro happens if ya step on the wrong one, don't we, Servie?" admonished Solo. Servie nodded ruefully and rubbed her derriere where it had hit the stone wall when Zach had thrown her backwards.

    "Look!" croaked Molly excitedly.

    "There's 'Ohrmazd', one of the names that Mr LaSeur said was used by the ancients for 'Ahura Mazda's name! Let me do it." So saying she leaned forwards on her toes and touched the ceiling where the first letter was. At the same time her left toe touched the stone directly below it.

    "Here goes. 'O' and now-" she began and Zach bearhugged the slim navvie just managing to drag her back before she was incinerated. LaSeur struck his fist into his hand and swore.

    "Now I remember what Uncle Georges told me about those other names! Gods never give the true spellings of their names. To do so would mean giving someone else power over the god himself or herself. 'Ohrmazd' was sometimes spelled differently but for important things gods always preferred to use their common names- the ones that most of their worshippers used when deifying them. So Captain Khan is correct. We must use 'AhuraMazda' without the space between the 'A' and the 'M' or we'll never get through here." explained Alain LaSeur.

    "Angie, mark a path above with your laser blade. Blast each stone up there that has 'AhuraMazda' letters on it. Avestan and ancient Persian letters closely resemble our Terran English letters. Hurry now kiddo and I'll trace the path for us. All done? Good. Now when I step on a flag blast a number on it that I yell out. OK? (Angela nodded and ignited her blade) Here we go." said Han.

    He carefully touched 'A' and stepped on its marker stone below.

    "One!" he yelled and Angie dutifully blazed a big #1 on the stone upon which he stood. So it went until all ten stones had been numbered. Solo chuckled.

    "Ya can c'mon out again, Khan. Even you should be able to count to ten. Just step on the stones in numerical order or we'll have fricasseed bucanneer for lunch! Let's go guys. Ladies first." called Han.

    Fifteen careful minutes later everyone had safely crossed the cramped passageway and stood facing a deep crevasse or cavern. A dead end or was it?

    Zero faced Khan. "Level with me, 'd ya get word out to Johnny Berringer when your ass was sealed in Plasticene?" whispered Zach.

    "Have you forgotten, my dear Admiral, that Sutek is a telepath or did you not know that?" chortled a grinning pirate chieftain.

    Ahead of them they could still see their goal, the treasure room. However, that tantalizing treasure now seemed further away than ever.

    Molly extended her booted foot out over the cliff.

    "Nai! Not this time, princess! Get back!" roared Han Solo.

    At this juncture, it should be noted that although von Kleist and his piratical lackeys had been detailed to care for Molly and Servie, the girls didn't trust them so they stayed as close to the rest of the party as they could.

    Zach peered over the edge of the chasm and dropped a stone over or rather he tried to except that the rock floated and seemed suspended in mid air!

    "Ooh! Auntie Yuri said that she and Auntie Kei snuck into a penal colony like that once! It's called 'cavity will' and they surfed in on it! Can't we do that too, Uncle Han?" bubbled Fllay Allster.

    "I think she said 'gravity well' kid and that was only a few hundred meters below their ship." corrected Zero.

    "Maybe. It does seem to be some sorta updraft. Zach, lend a hand. Let's shove these big flat rocks over and see if we can make a bridge outta 'em, old buddy." said Han.

    As soon as they had several large flat 'surf board' rocks suspended in mid air, Flaysie, Servie and Angie leaped onto the first three.

    "All of ya geton the same one, dammit! If anything happens I don't want you drifting apart." yelled Solo. Molly jumped onto Servie's since it was furthest out from the edge and then she yanked Flaysie aboard.

    "Now sit yer asses down or that wind could sweep ya off!" growled Zero.

    Han and Zach leaped astride the next one and sat down.

    "C'mon in, Khan. The water's fine." drawled Han. The edge of the cliff was shaped like the head of a giant unicorn and Khan gingerly stepped off it and over the put his foot on a rock and sat down. He signed for Helmut, LaSeur and the rest of his men to follow suit. Soon the entire party were riding the rocks.

    Ever the practical one, Molly wondered aloud "How do we steer these things?' to which Han repeated some of the words he did recall from the map.

    "Have faith. Remember what the map said, Molly." His words were justified because their small flotilla of floaters soon reached the opposite cliff.

    The same silvery 'river' that Flaysie had seen from above now blocked their path. It was a river of lava though, not water, white hot flames.

    "Now what, genius?" demanded Servalan.

    "Gimme a minute, will ya?" drawled Solo.

    "Have faith is oro the map told us and so far it ain't let us down yet, has it?" he added.

    "Look Han, just because I jumped off a friggin' cliff for ya don't mean I wanna walk through flames too! Oro do ya think we are- Hindu fakirs or whirling dervishes?" snapped Molly Callahan.

    "All is not oro it seems to be. That's oro Uncle Giles used to say so how do we know it ain't just an illusin there, gang?" wondered Angie.

    "Oro did that clue about 'those who have gone before us' mean, Uncle Zachie?" asked Flaysie.

    "I hope we don't find out kid 'cause that's a reference to the dead. Yyu, ghosts, ju-on, spooks or Zombies maybe." replied Zero nonchalantly.

    Han selected a fist-sized rock and hurled it into the lava pool. He had to duck when it came flying right back at him.

    "That ain't no shimatta illusion, folks." growled Zach. Khan burst into raucous laughter.

    "You baka morons! That's a force field barrier. Find the shield generator and knock it out, General Solo." he chortled merrily. Han bristled.

    "Take a damned good look, Khan! Where does it begin and where does it end?" drawled Han.

    "Use your tricorders to locate it, you idiots!" shouted an impatient Khan.

    Angie sighed, unclipped her tricorder, set it to standard frequencies and pointed it first forwards, then backwards, to port (left), to starboard (right), down at the floor and up at the ceiling but the super sensitive instrument remained silent.

    "Vas ist der range of das plaything, Templar maedchen?" asked Helmut von Kleist.

    "A thousand kilos, about 750 miles, more or less, sir." replied Angela.

    "Angie, didn't the map have numbers on the borders?" asked Han. Angie nodded.

    "Molly thought they were latitude and longitude but they made no damned sense, sir. Wait a sec! Oro if they were triangulating frequencies for this thing, Mr Solo? Let me see now. 55.1; 72.3; 89.12 and 17.45. There. Now I'll triangulate them and there!" yelled Angie.

    A steady hum was emanating from her tricorder. Angie walked back the way they had just come and stopped. She gazed steadfastly at their captor.

    "If you want this loot, pirate, do what I tell ya. Give Servie one of those Mark XXXII long range ion cannons. Servie? Take aim where I am pointing. Exactly where my finger is pointing." ordered Angie.

    "But you are pointing at nothing, Angie." said Servie with a confused look on her face. After all a Mark XXXII could reduce this cavern and the pyramid to dust in a split nano-second!

    "Just aim and fire the damned thing!" yelled the subby.

    "Do it, Servie. We gotta trust her." commanded Zach Zero.

    "All of ya hug those sidewalls and for Kami's sake don't get behind Servie! That backblast will atomize ya! Ready, kiddo? (Servie nodded) Fire in the hole! Now!" shouted Han.

    KA-WHOOM! The huge Mark belched fire from both ends as Servalan launched three dead head shells into a spot in mid air where Angie was pointing.

    BOOM! There was a resounding explosion and a thunderclap shook the chamber like a giant shaking a pesky vending machine for his candy!

    "Look!" yelled Molly making her damaged jaw burn like Hell.

    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Thumbs up Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Chapter 5 continued

    Where the river of flames had been but a moment before, there was nothing! The same stentorian voice boomed forth yet again.

    "Ye hath done well. One test remains to prove that ye are indeed worthy of the secrets of our most holy order. There are two switches on the wall to your left. One of them will cause this pyramid to implode thereby burying this room and ye who be in it for all eternity. The other will raise the portcullis allowing ye access to the room beyond where our most holy of secrets are housed.

    "Any attempt by ye to force open yonder gateway portcullis will cause this chamber to implode and bury all within it forever. Choose the right one and live. Choose the wrong one and die. Choose well.

    "To the right ye will see a two-headed idol. Ye may ask one of those heads a single question. The green head always speaks to ye the truth while the golden head will always speak to ye lies. I wish ye good fortune. Farewell."

    Suddenly Molly snapped her fingers. "By Jove! I think I've got it!" she shouted, causing her to wince in pain when she opened her damaged jaw too far.

    Molly Callahan thinks she has the answer to the voice's cryptic queries. Do you?

    END of Chapter 5. Chapter 6 coming along soon
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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    Talking Re: Dirty Pair Fanfiction

    Final chapter at long last! Enjoy it!

    DISCLAIMER: OK Mr LeSeur, it's all yours. First I want to thank Haruko Takachiho (Kami bless him) for graciously allowing me to use his creations w/o which there would be no tale to tell.

    Likewise a big domo arigatou (thank you very much indeed) to any other creators whose works, characters, creations &c. I may use now or in the future.

    As always please feel free to use any of my own myriads of creations in your own works. I ask only that a similar disclaimer be posted with your works giving credit where credit is due.

    Well you've all been on tenterhooks wondering about this big Galactic Hunt and nai (no), we are not hunting DragonBalls again well not yet anyway but who knows what the future might bring eh? Here is the fifth chapter for your perusal.

    CHAPTER 6 'Nick of Time' or 'Unexpected Cargo'

    "I remember that Doctor Timelord 4 told us all about some 'Eye of Horus' thing he had to retrieve from Mars and he was faced with the same problem as we have here. Han, Pull that yellow switch on the right. (Han hesitated and bit his lip) Don't ask me to explain it dammit! Just do it!" yelled Molly Callahan.

    Again han hesitated and Khan leaped towards Solo.

    "The brat's lying, General! They mean to maroon me here the same way Admiral Kirk marooned me om Seti Alpha 4'! Out of my way, General Solo!" shrieked the madman and he yanked down on the red switch instead of the yellow one.

    "Ye hath chosen poorly. May the Almighty Father have mercy on thy souls. Ye hath fourteen minutes before annihilation doth commence. Farewell." boomed out the voice as the floor of the chamber opened to reveal a river of white hot lava far below.

    Something tells me that's neither an illusion nor a force field, folks. Get back and hurry!" shouted Han Solo. The gap which was already several hundreds of metres wide began widening even further,

    Five of Khan's goons tried to leap across the gap and fell screaming into the fiery pit. Huge blocks of stone began falling from above as the ceiling collapsed in on them. The survivours took to their heels and began running back the way they'd just come.

    "The treasure!" howled Khan.

    "Gone! All gone!" sobbed Helmut von Kleist.

    "You will be too if ya don't get yer fat ass moving!" cried Zach Zero who was waiting atop the cliff of the floating rocks. He checked his wristchromo.

    "Eight minutes left. Let's hustle, people! It's no good dammit! We'll never make it back in time! It's been nice knowing all of ya, even you, Khan." said a despondent Fleet Admiral.

    Suddenly Angie remembered oro her Uncle Giles had given to her when she was still a little girl and she quickly unzipped her jumpsuit. Her hand yanked the green stone amulet off her neck. It was glowing like an emerald flame. Holding it aloft, she closed both aizu (eyes) and cried out to the darkness.

    "By fire and by flame we came, not to seek fame. Show us the way through Perdition's flame to Him and our Salvation. Hear my plea, old ones. I, Angela Teresa marie Francoise D'Eon deRoncesvalles, the very last of our long line of Knights of the Most Holy of Temples implore ye. Show us the path to Righteousness. Please help us, my ancestours. I ask ye this in the name of Kami, our one true God." intoned Angie and the voice again boomed out.

    "Use ye floating pathway and trust in the Almighty, my child. All will be well. Ye must have faith." it thundered.

    "Han, Servie, Flaysie, Molly, Angie, Khan, LeSeur, Helmut! Hurry up dammit! Only seven minutes left! Grab a big flat rock and shove it over the cliff! Follow the updraft's current!" cried Zach.

    Finally, with less than five minutes until oblivion, the little band was speeding above the flaming river and heading for kami alone knew where. Anyplace was better than being buried alive.

    Without warning, the updraft abruptly threw them onto a small ledge high up on the side of the pyramid. They were marooned just a few feet to the left of the entryway. Their rocks hit the side of the structure and disintegrated.

    They all leaped the few feet necessary to reach the entrance except Flaysie. The little crybaby bawled and whined that she could not make it across until finally Helmut and Khan tossed her across to safety and then leaped across themselves. Han was the last one to reach the safety of the portals.

    Looming in the distance was a welcome sight- the 'Andrea Dorian' but Zach knew they could never reach it in time. The same held true for Khan's 'borrowed' prototype starcraft. Han knew it too.

    "Jimbo! Get a fix on us and beam up everything within a two kilo radius! Get a move on yer ass! Han out!" trilled the wily ex-smuggler.

    Suddenly the moon split in twain! Allo f them and the shuttlecraft as well as Khan's ship had just materialized inside the 'Libertor's cargo bays in the proverbial nick of time.

    "Quick! Back the way we came and don't spare the Kami shimatta hyperdrives! Go dammit!" trilled Zero anxiously.

    "Brace yerselves as best ya can and hold on tight, folks." drawled Han.

    "Flat on the deck!" cried Khan, throwing himself prone to the floor.

    The mighty engines hummed and the warp core roared as Hawking hit 60 Warp and left an exploding moon in their wake.

    "OK Flaysie, where's the loot?" demanded Cagalli Yula Athna when she brought them some hastily replicated provisions.

    "Such a senseless waste! All of that knowledge is gone forever!" wailed a sobbing Angie.

    "No loot!" wailed an angry Servalan.

    "No shopping spree at Higurashi after all!" lamented a crying Flaysie Allster.

    "I need a cold compress for my jaw." observed Molly Callahan.

    "Be grateful that we're all still in one piece!" growled Zachary Taylor Zero.

    "By the way Khan- I'm placing your ass under arrest for grand theft starship, breaking out of prison and that's just for starters. I pity you when you get turned over to her, my friend." chortled Zero.

    "Oh bitter day! You have not seen the last of Khan, that you most certainly have not!" promised the warlord pirate with a maniacal laugh.

    "Yo Khan! Oro the oni (devil) happened to those other three looney tunes who escaped with you? The 'Time Master', Sutek and Berringer?" asked Solo while he was busily disarming Khan, Helmut and LeSeur.

    "The 'Time Master' simply vanished when Johnny destroyed his cylinder so Kami knows where he is now. Sutek, although freed from his cylinder is still trapped within a 'time corridor' which is within a 'time loop' so he is still in Gallifrey's 'Matrix'." explained Khan.

    "That's only two. Where's Johnny Boy (Berringer)?" demanded Zach.

    Khan pointed down towards the other end of the cargo bay where both the 'Andrea Dorian' and the 'Midori the Second' (Khan's pilfered 3WA ship) were docked.

    "On my cruiser and locked in my brig, Admiral. I didn't trust the little shit as far as I could throw a 'Bison Fields' asteroid. Where are we headed, Admiral?" replied Khan.

    "Back to gallifrey for you I'm afraid. I've been ordered to return Johnny Boy to 'Intergalactic Space Command' HQ on 'Serutan 5' first. Suddenly the 'Liberator' slowed without warning.

    "Hey Jimbo! Why'd ya slow down? Oro's wrong, old pal?" trilled Zach.

    "I didn't slow down, Zach. We're still at 60 Warp. When I extracted you guys and the two ships, Han told me to beam everything up within a two kilo radius. The transporters couldn't handle that task alone so was forced to use the tractor beams as well." trilled hawking.

    "So?" trilled Han.

    "So check your lower vidscreens." trilled Jimbo with a chuckle.

    "What the Sam Hell! That's the Templar pyramid we just escaped from, Zach!" yelled Solo.

    "It's way too big for our bays so let's make a detour to Shimougou and drop it off at the Academy. Flaysie really found it first and unexplored territory clearly falls under 3WA control. Unless ya want the 'Deadly Dynamic Duo' mad at us again that is." trilled Zach but nobody laughed.

    "We're rich again!" crowed an exuberant Flaysie Allster.

    "Unh unh kiddo. The 3WA and the 'UG' will divvy up that loot equally betwixt all the members of the Federation. Most it will wind up in museums anyway. We sure as Hell can't return it from whence it came, can we? Terra's (Earth) now a barren wasteland." replied Molly.

    After all, at one time she had been one half of the very first 'Lovely Angels' team and she was giving some serious thought to someday rejoining the 3WA tro-cons (trouble consultants)- someday that is but not today, that's for damned sure.

    "OK. Molly, set course for Furool (Foo-Lon) City on Shimougou. The Takachiho Academy. We are going home.

    "Hey cap! Oro's the speed limit in 3WA space? We must be doing 50 Warp at least!" asked Integra.

    "Sixty actually love but who's countin'?" drawled Solo.

    "Twenty-five Warp i think but since when did we ever worry about speeding vidtickets? Keep the pedal to the metal and don't spare the hyperdrives, Number One. . Home James." trilled a grinning Zachary Taylor Zero.

    Khan was scowling at him from the brig.

    "Next time, Admiral. Next time." he mumbled half to himself.

    "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay, Khan. That it most certainly not!" chortled the sole surviving descendant of the 'Knights Templar'.

    END of Chapter 6.


    Don't miss 'Angelic Pyramid' whose first chapter is coming very soon to a vidscreen near you.
    SFN and have a great day. Kami bless you all and see ya soon. Toodles-K&K

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