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Thread: Disgaea-the life of a prinny

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    Disgaea-the life of a prinny


    yet another day in the netherworld, cleaning, and doing the worst possible jobs. And nobody would even tell me why. Some demon who looks like a little girl with red hair abuses my friends and i and says its just cuz we get paid and its our existance that warrents it. i say its bull.

    Today seemed odder than usual dood. while i was working off that hangover that we all worked up partying the night before i stumbled into the princes room and oversaw Master etna messing with some wierd coffin. she was kicking at it and swearing up enough to even make the devil himself flinch. The lid pried open and she started yelling into it with no response.

    " this dumb kid just wont wake up!" She said, pullng out her power drills, her rockets, an especially stinky socks and finally decided to detonate the damn thing. dood thats alilttle over the top if you ask me dood.

    before she could blow the thing through seven layers of hell along with the rest of the castle, a hand rose from the coffin closely followed by a voice.

    ' Who dares disturb the great prince laharl's slumber?" said a voice and dood it sounded like a little dood. Then out comes this little kid with a wierd haircut that seemed alot like the king's.

    " Prince!" she said and i nearly fell over, the entire two years ive been here i didnt know the king had had a little dood calling him daddy? " i-im glad your still alive" you could hear the fear.

    " who said i was dead" The little dood said, crossing his arms and puffing up his shoulders i guess to make himself look tougher. he didnt have any muscle to him and felt the need to wear only shorts and boots. whereas etna wore a bra with wings on it and a miniskirt and boots. i guess i cant talk much dood ive only got this bag here.

    "Why did you wake me up anyway?" Laharal had said.

    " Well you see the netherworld has gone to hell while you were asleep" etna said. i almost laughed at the part where she said the underworld went to hell...haha....

    "What do you mean? how long was i asleep?"

    " two years." wow etna just does not care at all doesnt she.

    " TWO YEARS?! i only meant to sleep ten days max. whats my father doing about this anyway."

    ' oh hes dead." wow no tact at all dood.

    "What?! When?!"

    "2 years ago."

    "why didnt you wake me up sooner?!"

    "What do you think ive been doing lately?" her attitude was kicking in big time dood.

    Laharl got out of his coffin and after a few laughs and boasting on how he was gonna be the next overlord, he left his room and i hadnt realized it yet as i followed etna out that i just walked into a series of painful moments for the rest of this time with laharl.
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    Re: Disgaea-the life of a prinny

    Even leaving a room with the little dude is a chore, as soon as we were out the little dude proclaimed his overlord campaign with threats that was met with blank stares and slight chuckles. the little dood was so peeved at this that he would've taken his blade to almost everyone there had master etna not held him back.

    After leaving the castle as a laughing joke, the prince and master etna, followed by a platoon of prinnys counting myself, were just wondering the netherworld aimlessly.

    " You know prince, we need someplace to go, this is pointless." she said drooping her shoulders and whining. The prince turned around and looked at all of us.

    " Whats with those things following you?" He asked. Master etna looked puzzled before she pulled us into a hug and said. " You know about prinny's dont you?"

    the prince looked annoyed as he yelled " i meant why are they following you?!" and etna smiled. " i hired them on a payroll to do all sorts of stuff." She then smiled as she looked at me. i couldnt even think before she kicked me hard in my side and sent me flying." Stuff like this."

    I flew over a nearby hill, swearing loudly as i fell hard to the rocky floor. A few minuetes later i pushed myself up off my stomach and looked around. i didnt feel like climbing over the hill again to get back to them, risking that happening again either. looking around the horizon i saw a faint light over the ridge. after a few seconds i decided to head toward it.

    Making it over the hill i saw a small tent. didnt look very comfortable at all, and it seemed like there was only one person in it. before i could climb down the hill an explosion erupted only a little ways away from me, and with my short attention span, i left the tent be and went to the source of the explosion.

    There stood master etna in post throwing stance and chuckling
    " guess my aim was alittle off."
    I looked over at teh scared sensless platoon and noticed one missing. apparently she threw a prinny and for some reason or another it exploded.......dood it sux being a prinny.

    " I though this was one on one!" the target yelled. i walked over to master etna and asked. " who is this guy?"

    " I dont know, he calls himself the 'dark adonis'"

    i stood silent. really what can you say to that. He was in the middle of a fight with master laharl, and losing.....badly.

    Master laharl gave one last swing with his sword and the 'dark adonis' flew into the air as he dodged it....right into a pack of dragons flying overhead and they all started chomping away at him after he elbowed one by accident. and as he was carried away by the group he called back to the prince
    " be happy i took it easy on you. i mistaken you for but a child. it wont happen again!" and he was gone.

    after the awkward parting words we all stood dumbstruck before etna spoke.
    " any idea who that guy was?"
    " no idea."
    fear the reaper

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