Chapter 1:-The Surviving race

(Light years away from Planet Earth where the only two surviving Pure Blooded Saiyans existed but they weren't the only ones..On a Planet named Zoron was inhabited by Pure blooded Saiyans but these were the the survivors from Planet Vegeta.Their army was lead by King Seryu, A strong warrior accompanied by his Elite Four : Shadow,Xicer,Raven and Nova..They lived a peaceful life on Zoron Until the fateful day had come..)

Mysterious Alien : Hahaha..!!You cannot stop me now Seryu it's too late..!

(A small hooded figure was running through the streets of Zoron at the middle of the night..The Elite four Chased him..One of them fired a Ki blast but it bounced back due to the alien's magical Aura..The one who fired it was Shadow..He was slim like Trunks and the strongest of the Elite four..)

Mysterious Alien : Is that all you got??!!Ha pathetic..!!
Shadow : Unfortunately for you Trinitis..We've got more..!
Trinitis : Eh..?
Xicer : Take this..!!Hyaa..!!

(A man jumped out from nowhere he was in his 20's like Shadow..He took out his sword and broke through Trinitis' magical Aura..He was about to deliver the final blow when Trinitis teleported himself 500 meters in front from where he was..)

Xicer : Dammit..Raven fire the cannons..!!
Raven : On it..!!

(A 7 foot tall man charged both his arms with Ki energy and brought them together and fired a blast straight at Trinitis..Trinitis teleported himself on top of a building..)

Trinitis : I am never going back to that prison you sent me too for no reason..!
Shadow : No reason..!!You killed 300 Anumos..!!They were our allies and then you destroyed their planet..!You hacked through our files..We will not let you get away with this..!!
Trinitis : Lets find out..!!
Nova : Shining Sonic..!!
Trinitis : Your too late Boy..!!I will have my revenge..!!