Inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, my story will be about the raging war between the 7 dragons and their arch rivals - the 7 serpents for possession of the legendary Dragon Blade. Though the serpents already have the Serpent Sword, it is still secondary and not enough to overthrow the dragons as Kings Of Heavenly Creatures. By having Dragon Blade, the serpents will become dragons themselves with the ability to fly and breathe fire.

For the past 15 years, the war escalated with fair balance of victories and defeats on both sides. But all hell broke lose when the Black Dragon chose to forsake his own kind and collaborated with the Serpent King and his allies to ambush them.

All except the Red Dragon perished in that fateful attack. In his possession was the Dragon's Blade which was fashioned out of his and other dragons' tooth fragments. In order to restore his own kind and overcome the Black Dragon and serpents, it needed a warrior to wield the weapon and led the world out of their darkness.

Upon gaining dominance, the Black Dragon and serpents assumed human form and lived among mankind with the intention of corruption and slavery. They attacked the Magnakai Red Order - a holy sect dedicated to Heaven and protection of mankind. But one warrior Jack Ryder managed to escape and decided to find his wizard friend soccerer Yaztromo. When they finally met, he was told by Yaztromo to find Dragon's Blade and surviving Red Dragon. Only with their powers combined could they be stronger and more confident to defeat the impending evil that was to plague their fantasy world of Allansia.