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Thread: Fai and Kurogane

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    Fai and Kurogane

    i recently finished this story and its my first fan-fic (kinda of my personal reflection of wat was happening in the manga of tsubasa but oh well) so srry if its kinda noob like but here goes something...

    Fai patiently waited outside, his menacing and hungry eyes darting everywhere as though missing a piece. His blonde hair complemented his longing blue eyes with a smothering wave brushing the missing eye. Those 2 gorgeous eyes are no more, for hitsuzen took 1 away from another. He recalls looking at his reflection a week ago. Only to be gripped with hatred, determination, and something else… 1 crystal eye stared back with a loneliness and weakness, crushing his soul a little more.

    Hunger pierces his fractured humanity again. What’s taking so long?

    The mind takes various tolls when souls have been tattered and slowly withering. Once the soul is tampered with or without consent, a person’s heavenly world falls apart. The body in the material world takes a heavy burden, nearly crushing to death. A person’s luck in the celestial world fades into darkness. Homo sapien’s minds are amusing things.

    A creamy hand brushed a nostalgic face with unshed tears. Pushing up to a darkening space. Something passed through unspoken words. The eye looked down at the ground first. Then it stared intently at the glimmering stars.

    Nighttime is a strange thing. Silence terrorizes but soothes humanity. Darkness and Light intertwine to change worlds. Skies hang over like shadows pursuing the unknown. Moons change just as people, being whole one day and a piece the next. Fai recalls memories leading to a darkened present and perhaps an even more devastating future. A blonde-haired wizard lies against a murky wall.

    Ceres. Once a world with King Ashura. Now a world without a ruler. Feathers flew in from another world. Then Fai created Chi, a surveyor of the awakening of King Ashura, with one of Sakura-chan’s feathers. Fai put the King to sleep and ran away with a fragile memory. His journey took flight with the wings of hitsuzen by his side. In the Hanshin Republic, Fai handed over the feather to the clone Syaoran. When searching for Sakura-chan’s feathers, a bond was created. Frustration now flows all over Fai; he punches his fair fist only the ground.

    “Time and worlds have changed me.”

    Lips smack together wishing for a death sentence. Death seems appealing day by day for Fai. Syaoran’s betrayed had torn away vibrant memories, destroying broken pieces even more. Sakura-chan’s heart is suffering more and shunning away the real Syaoran. Mokona is starring at the stars every night wishing, for what? Syaoran is trying to cope with his feelings for Sakura. And Kurogane…he’s just Kuro.

    “Maybe that’s why I believe in Kurogane to keep me alive.”

    Behind a door, Fai hears the tears of a young princess sprinkling the bare floor.

    “Hmmm…how much long do I have to wait,” said the sad figure.

    “Not much longer,” said the dark ninja.

    A malevolent dark-haired witch with red eyes stood underneath a shrouded mysterious aura. Larg sat by her side in a wine glass long empty. The country of Japan glittered behind them unsteadly. The witch’s assumed name is Yuko Ichiara. Her youthful appearance can easily deceive mortals, but her wisdom hints at her true age. Hitsuzen has taken its course.

    Yuko watches the 2 companions from afar because her conditional love for these travelers is so great. Yet, she can’t always help them because her profession makes wishes come true but at a price. Her fallen eyes watches closely at their fate and her own future. Seeing the wizard and ninja reminds her of Clow.

    “I will keep my promise Clow to save both futures.”

    “You kept your word,” smiled Fai.

    Kurogane cut an opening on his arm and let Fai drink plenty of his blood.

    “I’ll promise to be careful with your skin Kurogane,” said Fai.

    “Don’t matter as long as you live,” said Kurogane abruptly.

    After minutes of awkwardness the two departed together.

    “Fai…never mind,” said Kurogane.

    “What is it because you’re never one to just talk about anything.”

    “I said NEVER MIND.”

    “You’re now the only thing that keeps my alive now Kurogane. Tell me please.”

    “I still can’t get over that Syaoran and what he did after everything that has happened.”

    “Kurogane lets make a promise to set aside our worries and take care of the princess and Syaoran. I fear that all that awaits them is adversity.”

    “Fai, sometimes you surprise me.”

    “I know.”

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    Re: Fai and Kurogane

    hey not bad!!not bad at all!fai rocks!!is the story going to contine!what did exactly Syaoran do to fai!and why is fai drinking kurogane's blood!!???

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    Re: Fai and Kurogane

    This story was pretty interesting, however the story kind of faded into being a little weird at the end. The story had gore so I give it a thumbs up.

    You could have made the cut to the arm and the drinking of blood more dramatic. But thats just me
    Mr. Fangs

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