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Thread: get into the game (final fantasy)

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    get into the game (final fantasy)

    I awake in an open feild.

    The clouds above part to show a shining sun. The grass is soft and I feel like I'm sinking into it. Off in the distance there's a small farm with a few visible chocobos. I stand up shaking away the diziness.

    Last I remembered I was playing a cheap final fantasy rip off flash game, a weird eye comes up, and here I am.

    I couldnt think on it too long, for just a few feet away, a massive burst exploded from under the marsh. towering above me was a dreaded midgar swarm, made in final fantasy 7 to keep people from easily getting to the materia cave just beyond, then on to fort condor.

    It looked down on me with it's sharp eyes and slithering tongue, and I knew that I would be it's next meal. Then it lunged and I fell back in terror. Then, a blade of light cut into it, sending it reeling.

    " Get up." Said a quiet voice that walked past me, unfazed by the giant monster. He readied his giant blade and stood firm against the beast.

    " You okay?" said a well developed girl. she sat down next to me with a confident smile on her face as the blonde spiky haired man stared down the giant snake. then it attacked again...

    to be continued....
    fear the reaper

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    Re: get into the game (final fantasy)

    I like it. You seem to have some good character ideas. When will there be more?
    The world will look up and shout "Save us!" and I'll whisper... no.

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