I can't help but feel funny. Maybe it's the drugs, or maybe's it's because I like feeling funny. I like it, I feel closer to... myself when I feel funny. My life is funny right now, there's nothing I can do to fix the problems. The girl I loved stopped knowing me. Which sucks.


Melissa Clarke was laying on Jazmin's bed, her head thrown far back in the pillow. Uncontrollable jolts of energy zapped her nerves making her feel deliciously used. Jaz's bed smelled like her; daring. She purred thickly expressing her pleasure in the most effective way she could think of.

Jazmin laughed above her, the sound bringing a smile to MelissaO. "This is amazing," sheOlivia sighed writhing in absolute happiness.

"You should of told me before, this would've happened sooner," Jazmin said slowly finding talking properly difficult, "I like this."

Her eyes rolled back behind their lids in on a secret joke; if she only knew. "This is good weed Jazmin," She began, attempting to brace an elbow underneath her heavy body, "We're gonna go out soon," she said randomly, "I want to be around people." She fell back into the wealth of softness. Maybe on purpose.

A gentle quiet stole the dorm. Jazmin mused about the weirdness of getting high with her brothers ex, especially considering it was Melissa Clarke. She curved her lips in a goofy private grin, her eyes felt like there were little bubbles of air behind them threatening to push eyeballs right out of their sockets. Faintly, like a book falling in the back of a huge archive, tap-tapping echoed through the brunettes ears. Rain?

Melissa kept her eyes closed. She knew if she let them remain open Jazmin would bust her immediately. Her thoughts we almost pornographic. She imagined what Jazmin would think of her: Naked smooth skin rubbed against her own, adding fuel to an already out of control blaze. The world tilted on its side from the power of Melissa's lust.

What would Jazmin think indeed.

"It's raining..." Jaz murmured quieter than the tap-tapping. Clouds must have gotten in front of the sun; her dorm looked gray washed with evening gloom. No lights were providing brightness. Clothes took over the floors. It felt natural with no heat on and the rain chilling the room softly.

"I like rainy days. Especially cuddly rainy days." She said as if to no one, letting those words represent all of Melissa right then. Nothing was cooling the desire ripping its way from her center up into her brain.

Once that happened, there would be no restraint.

Claire set Melissa free into the curvaceous, pouty faced heaven of sexy high school girls; she was shocked how many girls like that went to Tec Voc, and how open it was. She honestly never noticed.

Drops of rain became thick sheets of falling water barreling into the window. Jazmin swiveled in the computer chair.

"I have a bong..."

Her sea-blue eyes popped open. "I've always wanted to use a bong."

Jazmin grinned despite herself. "We can totally use my bong." She locked eyes with the blonde, dropping her smile until it was just a shadow of what it had been. It was a challenge.. a question, something Melissa could not comprehend which encouraged her lust to become even more intense. They stared.

"You look good with red eyes." The brunette said quietly. She didn't give Melissa time to respond; she got up and practically strutted to the closet.

Was she missing something? Since when had Jaz ever been.. predatory. She was sweet and unassuming, one of those girls next door who grow up and marry hard working men. Not a sexy, flirty girl who sent mixed signals.

What about Sam.

"I call her Jolene, after the Dolly Parton song." Jazmin said happily, toting her bong like a purse puppy. The bong was as long as two rulers and wide as a coke can, but more importantly it was clear. Straight up see through and spotless. Viola must clean the bong a lot, there was only tiny speckles of res where the bottom met the shaft.

She closed her eyes to everything. What more could she ask for.. Jazmin was more beautiful than any poem she had ever read, almost more attractive than a person is naturally allowed to become. She even had a see through bong.


The girl I loved may have stopped loving me, which sucks, but it's not impossible to move on. Maybe it's the drugs speaking but I think Jazmin Perry is somebody I could fall for without even noticing.

wasn't it obvious AO? Also, this part of much, much bigger story. Don't worry, it's unlikely anyone will ever understand what's going on; the rest is all on paper ;P I just like how it turned out.