Note: This is my first time writing first a Fanfic,so i'm not sure if it's in the "right" format.
Criticism is appreciated.Also Sukisho is a shounen-ai(don't know?Look it up) series,this chapter contains very little of it though.

Guilt Chpt.I

It all started because Ran opened his eyes.
Sora still slept deeply, and didn’t notice when red, scared eyes suddenly opened. Ran tried to move away from Sora, whose arm was placed around his waist. He only succeeded in being pulled closer, and quickly lost his patience.
No answer.
Blue eyes still sleepy opened and blinked a few times until Sora was fully awaken. Then, he saw the boy next to him looking at him, and smiled.
"Nao-kun! Already up?"
"Cant’ you see it’s not him?"
Sora’s eyes widened for an instant. Then, he tried to adjust his sight to the darkness, and finally saw himself staring at two red and very annoyed eyes.
"You really are slow..."
"Wait a minute, where’s Fujimori? Why are you here?"
Ran crossed his arms and turned his back on Sora.
"You think I know?"
Silence filled the room. Sora didn’t know what to say. It’s hard to deal with Ran’s stubbornness.
He tried once more.
"Ahn... Ran, don’t you remember anything?"
"I’ve told you I don’t!" Ran yelled, without facing him. This shortened Sora’s patience. Even if it wasn’t Ran’s fault, he wasn’t helping at all. And refusing to look at him. Suspicious.
"You’re stubborn as hell..."

Sora stood up, hands behind his head, thinking of what to do. He looked at Ran, who was still sulking and refusing to talk. And his gaze softened, when he remembered Sunao, his Sunao, who acted the same obstinated way. He felt uncontrollable desire to reach for those pink locks and caress them, to feel the familiar smell, so sweet. But he couldn’t, he didn’t know how to deal with this side of Sunao. He didn’t know him very well. Besides, the boy seemed to hate him...
Ran seemed to feel uneasy. Sora noticed the tension on his face, a tension that didn’t match his delicate looks. Ran had also his fists tightly clenched, and, suddenly, stood up.
"Hey, where’re you going?"
"Not your business" Ran replied, ready to open the door.
This time Sora got angry, he advanced a few steps, and stopped.
"Ran. Come Back."
He stopped with his back turned to me, and shivered. Then he turned around.
"Yoru!" he yelled and threw himself in my arms. I held his wrists down and tried to ignore his shock with my coldness.
"Ran. What’s happening?"
His arms went around my neck, but he avoided my gaze. He even tried to rest his head on my chest, but I lifted his chin, forcing him to face me. My eyes narrowed. To me, he wouldn’t lie. Sora is much too kind.
"Yoru...I don't know..."
He glared at me and pushed me away. Threw himself in a corner and hugged his legs. And there he stayed, staring at the floor, looking so helpless...
Instantly, I felt the familiar instinct rise, the instinct to protect Ran.
But this shouldn’t be happening... Us, together again... It wasn’t meant to be...
I sat beside him and brought him to me. Ran didn’t resist. He lied his head on my shoulder, nestled himself in my arms, while I caressed his hair, and recalled how soft it felt under my fingers, the smell, so sweet. I held him even closer. Ran... You shouldn’t have come...

After some time like this, with Ran feeling better, I risked again.
"Ran... won’t you tell me what you know?"
He didn’t answer, but I felt him shiver slightly and hide his face deeper in my shoulder.
"Ran... what’s wrong with Sunao?"
He suddenly raised his head and faced me with a dangerous gleam on his eyes.
"Sunao doesn’t want me to talk about it!"
"I kept staring at him, while thinking. So, Ran really did know something. And didn’t intend to tell me."
"Sora’s worried."
"Not my fault! What could I possibly do?"
"You can start telling me what the hell’s wrong with him."
Ran glared at me as if I had offended him. He turned away from me and crossed his arms, as if embracing himself.
"I didn’t tell Sora. I won’t be telling you."
"Ran! Why do you do this?" I questioned, grabbing him by the shoulders. He didn’t answer, tried to get away, and I kept him from moving. He whimpered and looked at me. Something in my expression made him lower his gaze.
"Yoru. Don’t go and make things harder."
"And what do you want to do? Act as if nothing happened?" I demanded, not believing Ran’s words. I was the one making things harder? I was so angry that I didn’t notice as my grip on his shoulders became painful.
"Yoru! You’re hurting me!"
I instantly released him, then held him close to me, resting my chin on his head.
"I’m sorry. But you’ll have to try a little harder."
He was quiet in my arms for a moment, only breathing a little loud, as if fighting against something. After a short time, he looked at me, and slipped his fingers through my face.
"At least, I’m happy to see you, my Yoru."
I hesitated, then covered his hand with mine. Closed my eyes, thinking about his words, and the meaning of them. Happy to meet me again. Although I want to be happy... And before I could say anything, he went on.
"I know you shouldn’t be back... you shouldn’t be here... I’m so sorry, Yoru."
"Ran..." I suddenly said, lifting his chin so that he would look up at me "it’s true what you said. I can’t stay. Sora has already surpassed me."
I waited for his reaction. He was trembling a little. I kissed his forehead and went on, needing all my strength to say what need to be said.
"So, from now on,you’ll have to solve this with Sora’s help."
When he heard that, he circled me with his arms with such strength I didn’t know he possessed, hiding his face in my chest. I could feel my shirt slowly getting wet from his tears.Each second here, I’m worsening things.
And so, resisting the urge to just send it all to hell and make Ran feel better and smile, I was replaced by Sora.