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Chapter 2

It was a bright morning at Number 12 Grimmauld Place with the sun high in the sky. Harry Potter was bustling about the house preparing to depart for the Ministry of Magic. He had received a message from his best friend Ron Weasley saying that the Minister demanded his and Ron’s presence at the Ministry immediately. Harry was now an Auror, a wizard that hunts down dark wizards, working for the Ministry, having joined about a month after the final battle against Voldemort just over six years ago. That had been the greatest battle of Harry’s life, resulting in the death of the most terrifying dark wizard the world had ever seen. After a full year of hunting for Horcruxes, vessels in which Voldemort had implanted pieces of his soul, and destroying them, finally ending in May 1998, Harry defeated Voldemort in a duel and ended the evil wizard’s life. Even in the years following the battle, a small number of Death Eaters, Voldemort’s henchmen, had attempted to pick up where Voldemort had left off, but Harry caught them with ease. The hardest part was tracking them down and apprehending them, but Harry wasn’t called the Ministry’s best Auror since Alastor Moody for nothing. The training Harry had received during his years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had paid off.

Harry donned his dark wizard robes and hurried down the stairs to the living room, where his wife Ginny was waiting alongside the house-elf Kreacher. Harry and Ginny were married three years ago, and the red-haired girl with whom Harry once attended Hogwarts had become a fine young woman and a loving wife. Kreacher the house-elf had been left to Harry as well as Number 12 Grimmauld Place by his late godfather Sirius Black. At first, Kreacher detested Harry and wanted nothing to do with him, but eventually began to accept Harry after Harry treated Kreacher with a little kindness and compassion. For several years, Kreacher had worked in the Hogwarts kitchen with the other elves, but after Harry and Ginny were married, Harry asked Kreacher to return to Grimmauld Place and be their house-elf once again, and Kreacher was more than happy to obey.

“Harry, you know I’ll never get used to you being at Minister Shacklebolt’s beck and call. I know you’re the best wizard in our world, but don’t you think he is putting you on too many easy cases?” Ginny asked Harry, pushing her bright red hair behind her ear. Ginny had become rather annoyed with how Harry was being called away at least once a month with new missions. She knew that Harry was the best Auror there was, but she couldn’t help feeling that Harry’s power was going to waste on weakling criminals.

Harry sat her down on the sofa in the living room and turned to look into her eyes. “Ginny, you know I can never ignore a direct order from the Minister of Magic. It’s true that these past cases have been like child’s play, but now that Voldemort is dead, nobody’s left to give me a challenge. Besides, there is always a chance that the criminal may be as powerful as Voldemort was. It’s not at all likely, but I’ve been getting a really anxious feeling lately. This time might be different,” Harry told her. “This enemy might even be stronger.”

“Harry, you’re the best, and here you are hoping for a stronger opponent. I don’t think I’ll ever understand how your mind works. Still, if you think there’s someone stronger than Voldemort, the greatest dark wizard to have ever lived, I won’t argue with you now. I gave up disagreeing with you years ago,” Ginny said, shaking her head in disbelief. “Anyway, you should get going before the Minister sends someone after you.”

“Don’t worry,” Harry said with a wave of his hand. “Ron’s letter says I’ve been granted special clearance to use the Floo Network to go directly to the Minister’s office.” Normally, wizards use Floo Powder to travel long distances in an instant through fireplaces. He gave Ginny a long kiss goodbye, and with a wave of his wand, Harry lit a fire, and then took a pinch of the glittering powder from a small pot near his fireplace. He removed his glasses, so as not to damage them, and scattered the powder into the flames, which turned a brilliant green. With a “See you soon,” he stepped into the flames and said as clearly as he could, “Ministry of Magic!” Immediately, Harry felt his body begin to spin wildly, magically propelled all the way to London and straight into the Minister’s office.

Harry finally stopped spinning and touched down inside the fireplace of his boss, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic. He had done this enough times over the past 12 years to figure out how to land without ending up on his rear and covered in soot. He climbed out and brushed himself off, pulling out his glasses and putting them on. Suddenly, he halted. What Harry Potter saw before him was unlike anything he had ever seen before! There in the entrance to the office stood a Japanese girl wearing the most curious of clothing and a youth with dog-ears dressed in a blood-red robe with longer silver hair than even Albus Dumbledore had had.