Ok here's number one!Are you ready?!

1 Um...duh(me: Hmph nasty!)

2 YES!!!!(Me: YAY!)

3 I guess (me:....gee thanks for being so enthusiastic)

4 I haven't read The Heilo Sphere chronicles yet.(Me:...then go do so!)

Ok ready steady read!

"No!Stop it please!" "Ha ha ha do you really think I'd listen to you,kid?Shut your whining trap!"*Someone taps him on the shoulder* 'Huh?' *He turns around*"Who the heck are you?!" '...the person who's about to kick your butt.....'
The boy snorts.He really is an ugly specimen......"You?!A girl is going to kick my butt?! The girl sighed.She dropped down and tripped him before he even realized what was happening.She looked down at him."What were you saying?" "N-N-Nothing." 'Beat it.' "Yes mam!"The boy ran off as fast as his stubby legs could carry him.
"Are you okay?" the girl asked as she walked over to the little boy.He had dirty tear tracks down his face and his eyes were wide.'Sugoi!' he exclaimed. (Sugoi for all of you who don't know mean amazing) She smiled."Come on,she said,helping him up.I'll take you home.

My name is Haruno Ashe,I'm 15 years old.I attend Masako Academy......as long as I can remember I've been a defender,a protector.I can't stand people who do this kind of thing.

Ashe looked at the boy.He was cheerful now,his eyes sparkled and he was talking non-stop."Really?" Ashe asked."Mhhmmmm it really was this big!" he said."Where did you see the dog?" "In the park..oh here we are!"

They stopped at a little house.It wasn't much but it looked cosy.The boy turned to her."Thank you!" he said throwing himself at her and giving her as big a hug as his little arms could manage."Your welcome." Ashe smiled.She waved goodbye and continued walking.

What do you think so far?!

1 Hmph it's ok (Me:......die...)

2I love it it's great! (Me:Yay I love you!)

3 It could be better (Me: I'd like to see your flamingos do better!) Of course they can (Me: )

4 Sorry I haven't read The Heilo Sphere chronicles yet..(Meidn't I tell you to go read them?!)

She walked past Masako middle school and her brother and sister ran out.Yoshimitso and Keiko weren't twins although everyone thought they were.
This is what they look like:

Yoshimitso was a year older than Keiko but they stuck together like glue."Nii-chan!" Yoshimitso cried."Hey Yoshi!Hey Kei!"Her younger siblings beamed up at her."Wanna walk home with us Nii-chan?"Kei asked. (If you haven't figured it out by now Nii-chan is a term for sister) "No that's ok Kei.I actually want to do something before I get home.I'll be there later,kay?" 'Sure thing!'
they scampered off into the distance.

Ashe set off towards the park.She wondered about the dog the boy had mentioned.The description was unusual...the boy had said the dog was quite big...and that it was black and white with ice blue eyes.It sounded something like a wolf...or a husky....but running loose?*BOOM* All of a sudden the earth shook.Ashe ran towards the source.She stopped dead when she saw what had caused the commotion.It was a huge.....well monster was certainly appropriate.It had two great big flaming eyes,it's body was bug-like and it's arms and legs were as thick as tree trunks.It turned towards her and swung it's great arm in her direction.She couldn't move...when she tried her body wouldn't respond.What now?!?!

1 Right whatever....(Meidn't I tell you to go away?!)

2 Oh NO what happens?! (Me:Be patient you'll see)

3 Ok...you got me what happens? (Me:I knew you'd like it!) It was my flamingos you see.....

4 .....I haven't (Me: NO!SHUT UP!)

The arm came closer and closer.....it was inches away from her...Ashe still couldn't move.She just stood there.Suddenly something knocked her out of the way and she found herself looking into ice blue eyes....

And that's the end of Heilo Sphere #1!!!!

Right guys what did you think?!

Ashe:Hey how come I couldn't move?!

Meon't worry it's all part of the story....

Kaiien:When am I gonna come in?

Me:In Heilo Sphere number two!

Kaiien:Oh well that's ok then.

Yosh:It was cool!Sugoi Erin-chan!

Me:Thanks Yosh!

Now Ashe *puts hand on her shoulder....*
I need you to get me half a can of pop,a guy called Kyouraku and a old treasure map and meet me at the pet shop!Come on temper tantrum!*runs off*

Ashe:Hey I'm not temper tantrum!Where am I gonna get a guy like that?!*Looks at Kaiien*You can't mean HIM?!And what treasure?!Erin!Come back!

(Ending fun with credited idea to Debbie)

(Just a quick copy paste)