I rember a age where fun was everything my jouney of my life i have faught with many brave fighters but never have we killed each other we where the heros the ones who where some of the first but in time are storys where forgotten i fought with a rival and then became friends fighting neck in neck to each other trying to see who was the better man in my days i had tons of rivals but never many that could match my skill his name was Deven a man like no other but im sadly to say he has died with me and my other fallen heros some of my rivals have quit some have died off never forgetting the happy days and some have keepp going like the hero who was in the beginning his name was Jim i never ever could stand to him i called him a cheater trying to think of a reason to say he was better then me but he was i could never ever catch up to him he was the best and the greatest there was he is still fighting the lost cause that i have surrendered to i worked hard all my life as a boy one of the smartest in my class and the school at my age by 13 i was good at about everything i did i promoted my life to a cause to win but such as i won i loss for six years i took a hard struggle and was kicked down i did not give up i did my best when i was old enough i took my heart and pleaced it in my villages hands for there i was betrayed and kicked out for treason which i did not committ but this was more then a blow but it was more then a village it was the world taken by nobody i took a new begginng i carved a new face one that was new i rentered the village i had been kicked only to be gretted with happy faces who had beat me as i learned i had been kicked out but all my hard work all my thoughts and ideas where keep but given a new name saying that i only wouldnt be there for a while and i would come back saying i had went to do a moral quest that could take years months or days i could never come back i heard they say they kepp my most valueable items that i had worked with since i first began i learned that i was kicked out cause we had two new leaders are once peaceful leader led two new ones take over that he would thought would be great teachers lies all the words came out of there mouths i was disgusted they turnnd me into a monster i lived there for two days strucion with hatred untill i awoke covered in dirt i was not in my village it was all a dream i was nowhere but anywhere.

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