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Thread: Hey Again... I've had a change of heart...

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    Hey Again... I've had a change of heart...

    Ok this isn't really the story but more of a heads up leading to it again... last october on AO I was writing a story... I stopped when my friends were comming to me with copies that were remakes and lacking originality... I'm starting the story up again because of one user who's done a few (understatement) things here on AO that are amazazing (I did that on purpose) Because of this user I will resurect my story from the ashes using the Title THE REAL WORLD tagged TRW, REAL, CORVUS you pick one...
    I only have one further statement... I have tweaked the begining so forget the old one (if you haven't already) because it's wrong.
    THANKS AND FIRST POST WILL BE THIS MONTH! (if I don't get booted for putting this in the fanfics section first...)

    ... and join my rebellion against time.

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