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Thread: Human VS Robot

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    Human VS Robot

    Well, this is a story which me and a friend wrote when we were VERY bored. Our first random story, hope you like it...if you want more, let me know

    Everything seems to be fine in Japan for the moment, but our soon to be heroes, Hatso, Moruku, Akira, Migeru and Shagoorai find out otherwise, in fact, Japan is under attack by deadly robots. The main robots, Keo, Sakura, Ms. Pontshinatshu, and the principle, and all the other robots, stand by their leader, Akito, plan to attack the remaining humans and take over Japan. Migeru seemed to be on the bad side but turned to be on the good side/humans. All seems to be lost but change itself can change everything.

    Chapter 1

    *Sakura was on her way to the shops and stopped by a clothing shop, She went in and looked around*
    *Moruku was looking around in her favorite cd shop*
    *Sakura bought herself a top and went back home and started to pack her school bag because tomorrow she was going to a new school*
    *Moruku bought the latest Japanese Groove Coverage cd, because she heard a new girl was coming to her class*
    *Sakura went to go and eat and then got ready for bed, very anxious about her new school*
    *Moruku went and switched off the light for her baby brother, Hanguri, because her mom was still at work, then she took a long bath and went to sleep*
    *Sakura woke up early to get ready for school. She went to go bath, dressed and ate then left immediately, the last thing she wanted was to be late for high school*
    *Moruku overslept and she had to rush but she made it on time, on the way to school she saw a girl walking to school so she joined her*Hello, I’m Moruku, you are?
    *Sakura was too much in a hurry to talk*Sorry, but I have to go, I kinda have to go to the office to fill in papers, because I am new at the school. Bye!!!
    *Moruku looked at her* I can show you to the office and take you to your new class.
    No I am cool, I am supposed to meet someone by the name of Hatso. So I must go!
    *Moruku thought to herself* She better keep her hands off of my boyfriend but I bet she will, she’s sweet.* Okay bye
    *Sakura wondered whats up with Moruku, she quickly ran inside into the office and saw a teacher and a cute guy next to the principle.*
    *Moruku went to class and saw Hatso walking with Sakura, then she flashed a smile at Hatso*
    *Hatso flashed a smile back then winked at Sakura*So what class are you in first?
    *Sakura smiled at Hatso* Maths room 23.
    *Hatso smiled back*I go there to now, I will take you there and show you to my mates.
    *Moruku went into her class and started to chat to her friend Akira* Have you seen the new girl, she’s pretty sweet!, oops! I forgot to give her the Japanese Groove Coverage cd, I’ll give it to her when I see her again.
    *Sakura walked in the class with Hatso and headed for one of Hatso’s friends, Keo* Hey! Meet my new friend Sakura. Sakura, this is my good buddy, Keo.
    *Keo smiles at Sakura*Nice to meet you. Hope you will like it here.
    *Sakura took a seat and Hatso took a seat next to her to show her all the work*
    *Moruku was thinking of Hatso so she wrote a letter*
    Dear: Hatso
    I was missing you in class!!!!
    I was wondering if you want to come to my house this after noon.
    Don’t worry my parents will be there!!!
    Lotsa Luv


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    *She waited until the bell rang and slipped the note into his locker*
    *Hatso went to his locker with Sakura, he opened his locker and saw a letter, he read it and saw it was from Moruku.
    *Sakura saw it was a Luv letter and wondered from who it was*so have you got a secret admirer?* Sakura looks at Hatso*
    No, it’s from my girlfriend actually.
    *Sakura was shocked*Yo…your…GIRLFRIEND?
    *Hatso looks at Sakura*Yes, I have a girlfriend, her name is Moruku, she should be in your next class now.
    *Moruku walked into her next class and saw Sakura, she politely smiled and went to sit down*
    *Sakura wondered if that was Moruku. So she took a seat near the front*
    *Moruku walked up to Sakura* I have something for you!
    *Sakura looked shocked and looked around to see if she was talking to someone else*me???
    *Moruku laughed softly so the teacher wouldn’t catch her* Yes you.
    Em… yes. And why? *Sakura looks at Moruku strangely*
    Because I thought you would like it and anyway you are new so I wanted you to feel welcome.
    *Sakura smiled*Thanks. I already feel welcome. The boys are really friendly especially Keo and Hatso and you as well. I guess this will be a good year for me*Sakura smiles*
    *As soon as Moruku wanted to get the cd the bell rang* I’ll give it to you tomorrow! , Okay!
    *Sakura got up*Sure! *Sakura walked out and while walking out the door she bumps into…Hatso*Oh sorry!*She looks up and sees Hatso.
    *Hatso smiled*Oh no I am sorry*and he quickly ran to Moruku and gave her a hug*Hey my little one.
    *Sakura saw and looked sad and walked away*
    *Moruku smiled* Hello Hatso, I wonder where Sakura went. So are you coming to my house today?
    *Hatso smiled*Yes of course, I also wanted to know if maybe you wanna go to the movies with me? Is it a date? *Hatso smiles and kisses Moruku on the cheek*
    *Moruku smiled* Sure it’s a date, see you later my big teddy bear!
    Ya, sure, see you then*the bell rang again and it was break. Sakura went to go and sit on a bench all alone and saw everyone had friends excepting for her* What a day, no friends!
    *A hot boy appeared behind her, Hatori* Except for me!
    *Sakura turned around and saw an older boy* What you mean? You don’t know me. And anyway I have to go.*Sakura got up and started to walk away*
    Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you or to be rude I just saw you all alone so I didn’t want you to be lonely.
    *Sakura turned around*Whatever, I just need to be alone at the moment.
    Fine and I can’t believe that Moruku thought you are nice! Sheeesh! Blame a guy for being nice!!!!!!!!!!
    *Sakura walked away very sad*
    *Hatori walked and looked for Moruku * Hey you know what that new chick, well she’s not very nice!
    *Moruku looked confused* No actually she’s very nice I think she doesn’t feel like people today since the period before break she has been sad and I don’t know why!
    Oh! Well anyway see you later!
    *The bell rang and Moruku started to walk to class* okay bye.
    *Sakura walked to class very sad and went to her locker to get her books out for the next class, she thought to herself* This is not my day. I am not used to kids since I did home schooling. Its so hard for me to do this.*She walked over to the principles office and went in* Sir, I cant do this, sorry I have to leave, I am not going to be able to handle this, home schooling was way better.*She walked out of the office*
    *Moruku was walking around because she was making sure that everyone was in their class and she saw Sakura so she went after her* Sakura! Wait where are you going? Don’t go! Sakura!!
    *Sakura turned around*Sorry but I have to go, this place ain’t for me.
    What do you mean?


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    *Sakura looked down*I am going back to home schooling its more better for me because I am used to it, here I cant communicate with anyone that nicely, so I better get going.
    No Sakura, you must just get used to it, everyone has a terrible first day, even I did but now I have Hatso, Akira, Hatori and many others.
    But I have no one, today at break a boy tried to be friendly but I let him down and turned him away.*Sakura turns around*Sorry, its much better for all of us.
    Hatori still wants to be friends he understands that it was your first day and all, anyway you have me, Hatso and Keo!
    *Sakura started walking*Good bye!
    Don’t go!
    *Sakura ignored her and walked out the doors*
    *Moruku ran to find Hatso*
    *Hatso was busy practicing karate in room 53*
    Hatso, come here quickly!
    *Hatso turned around and saw Moruku*What’s wrong? You know I am practicing for an important
    *Moruku walked away* Never mind just get back to practicing for your “important match”
    *Hatso quickly ran to Moruku*No please tell me, what’s wrong?
    *Moruku turned to Hatso* Sakura ran out of the schoolyard and she said she is going back to home schooling!
    There is nothing we can do, it was her choice anyway. Why don’t you ask Hatori, you know he is better at convincing people then me.*He turned around and carried on practicing*
    *Moruku went to class she thought to herself * Hatso is right it’s her choice.
    *Sakura was on her way home and saw a tree and sat under it and cried*What have I done? But I had to. I was more experienced in home schooling.*Looked down and cried even more, tears running down her cheeks*
    *The bell rang for home time and Moruku was walking with Akira* I cant wait, me and Hatso are
    going to the movies and he is coming to my house this afternoon
    *Akira giggled at her* you are one weird girl, you know, just look at that goofy smile on your face!
    *All of a sudden Hatori came out of nowhere* Hello ladies!
    *Moruku looked at him*RIGHT!!!!!!!!! And what’s up with you?
    Oh nothing so how’s the new chick?
    She went home after break, she said that she wants to go back to home schooling!
    Ah too bad, she was the hottest chick here, not that you two aren’t hot or anything but she was…Ooof….nice!
    *Moruku and Akira looked strangely at Hatori and then all three of them started to walk home*
    *Sakura saw that it was after school and decided to go before anyone saw her, so she got up and
    looked around and saw three people walking in her direction, so she quickly got up and started walking.
    *Keo was also on his way home but he went on a bus and Hatso joined in with him*
    *Moruku was walking past the bus stop and she saw Hatso so she waved at him and carried on walking*
    *Hatso saw and waved back, Sakura was walking home when all of a sudden a vicious bulldog was running her way, she saw and ran the opposite direction and was running towards Moruku and the rest when the dog attacked her, she fell to the ground *
    *Hatori quickly chased the dog away and helped Sakura up* Are you all right?
    *Sakura looked up and saw Hatori, she pulled her dress up a bit and saw blood all over her leg, she tried to get up but couldn’t*Ouch!
    *Hatori quickly picked Sakura up and rushed her to the nearest clinic*
    No please let me go I can handle this!!*Sakura pulled out of his arms and stood up and took her jacket off and put it around her leg and started walking to the doctor very slowly*
    *Akira, Moruku and Hatori followed her just to make sure that she will be fine*
    *Sakura was walking sad, angry and very nervous she turned around and saw the others still behind her and silently started crying*
    *Hatori ran to Sakura and comforted her then he took her to the doctor and tried to make her stop
    Crying* everything will be all right.


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    I wanna read more of it.. heheh.. I'm kinda liking it.. looking forward to the next part..

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    Re: Human VS Robot

    *Instead of pulling Hatori away, Sakura didn’t mind she needed comforting at the moment so she just looked down on the floor while the doctor checked her out*
    *Hatori was thinking* YEEEEEESSSSSS!! I am actually holding my dream girl in my arms, Moruku was right she is nice!
    *Sakura was really nervous because for the first time ever she is this close to a guy!!*
    *It was getting late so Hatori, Akira and Moruku left for home*
    *Moruku was talking to them while they were walking home* I better get ready for my date!
    *Sakura safely got home and decided to go to bed straight away.
    *Hatso phoned Moruku*Listen here I wont be able to make it because my dad is very sick and I have to help my mom look after him, is it okay if I take you some other time?
    Yeah sure it’s fine
    Okay bye! *Hatso put the phone down and went to bed.*
    *Moruku quickly changed and went to the kitchen and quickly fed her cat, Chobitsu and then she went to sleep*
    *Sakura woke up early and didn’t get out of bed she stayed in watching TV.
    *Hatso woke up early as well and got ready for school and then went to school, he then saw Keo and went to go and greet him*
    *Moruku got up early for a change and played with her cat for a while, she got ready and went to school*
    *Hatori was thinking of Sakura on the way to school* I wonder if she is all right?
    *Sakura got up and got ready for her teacher to come.
    *Hatso and Keo went into the gym hall and practiced karate *
    *Moruku saw Akira walking down the hallway and right behind her she saw Ms. Pontshinatshu, their strictest teacher and she was obviously angry*Hello Ms. Pontshinatshu!
    *Ms. Pontshinatshu was angry at every single living thing* You two DETENTION!!!*Ms. Pontshinatshu took the flower vase that was standing in the way and threw it at the wall*
    *Hatori saw what Ms. Pontshinatshu did so he wanted to be safe so he called Moruku to an empty corridor*
    Did you hear anything about Sakura?
    No not yet, why?
    Oh, don’t tell anyone but I kinda like her.
    Okay. *The bell rang and they went to class*
    *It was 1 hour later and Sakura was sitting all alone at home and well she decided to go back to school, so she got her stuff and headed for school and signed up again for register and she had to go to class where Hatori was, she entered the class and took a seat but didn’t see Hatori yet*
    *Hatori was shocked to see Sakura has come back*
    *Sakura turned around and saw Hatori and flashed him a sweet smile. She wrote him a note and passed it on * Hatori
    Thanks for saving my life and the reason I came back was because of you!
    So thanks a lot.
    *Hatori smiled and scribbled back to her*
    No Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just promise you’ll be my friend.
    *Sakura read the letter and replied back*
    See ya!
    LOL Sakura!
    *They were in Ms. Pontshinatshu’s class and she saw they were writing letters to each other* Hatori!!!!!!!
    Would you like to read to the whole class what you and Sakura are writing to each other? We are all VERY interested!
    *Hatori stood up* Sure! It reads I….I….promise See ya! LOL Sakura.


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    *Sakura got up immediately and looked at the teacher straight in the eyes*MA’AM!!!! That is our privacy you are looking in and teachers aren’t allowed to do that! MAM!!!!!!!
    *The teacher got mad* OH SHUT UP YOU STUPID GIRL…….. I know that Hatori didn’t really read what you lovebirds are writing to each other*She walked up to Hatori and grabbed the note* You see what they were really writing is……..*She opened the note and began to read* I……..I……promise See ya!
    LOL Sakura*Her face went red*
    Hatori you replaced the note!
    *Hatori got furious* NO I DIDN’T !!!!!!!!!
    *Sakura got really angry and went up to the teacher and pushed her against the wall*DON’T EVER SAY THAT TO HATORI! HE IS NOT LYING! *She let go of the teacher and walked back to her desk*
    *The teacher was repulsed*YOU TWO DETENTION!!!
    *Hatori walked up to Sakura* Come with me.
    *Sakura was happy to leave this class and happily got up, looked at the teacher and pulled her an evil grin and walked out*
    *Hatori lead her to the Principle’s office*Let’s get that teacher fired.. Shall we?
    *Sakura turned to Hatori*I don’t know, I enjoy pushing her and still wanna hit her sometime.
    *Hatori laughed*Good luck, she’ll just scream YOU DETENTION *He said in his best teacher voice*
    I really don’t care, I am used to it anyway.*Sakura entered into the principles office*
    *Hatori followed her and whispered* Well, lets just get her into trouble then…
    Sure no problem, I should enjoy it before I….might decide to leave again.*She took a seat by the
    principles desk*
    *Hatori sat down but he was worried that Sakura might really leave again*Sir we want to tell you about Ms. Pontshinatshu, she invades our privacy and gives out detention like it’s birthday presents.
    *Sakura got angry and got up*I THINK WE ALL HATE HER AND I WANNA HIT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *Hatori calmed Sakura down*
    *The principle looked at them* All right now kids you say she is giving out detention like birthday
    *Hatori looked into the principle’s eyes* Have you ever wondered why last week EVERYONE IN THE SCHOOL was on DETENTION?
    *The principle looked at him blankly* Was that Ms. Pontshinatshu?
    Yes it was! Now do something about it before I DO!*She looks at Hatori then at the principle*
    *All of a sudden Ms. Pontshinatshu walks in* Mr.HagsaHe these two kids walked out of my class
    without my permission DO SOMETHING!!!!
    *Sakura got up and headed for the teacher and pushed her against the wall*You see sir, she is
    about to give us detention and she is talking a whole lot of CRAP!
    *The teacher looked at Sakura * Good idea DETENTION you too Hatori!
    *The principle looked at the teacher*No Ms. Pontshinatshu you are forbidden to give out detention and if you even scream on one more innocent child again, YOU’LL BE FIRED!!!!!!!
    *Sakura still remembered what the teacher called her and for that she hit the teacher in the stomach, and her eyes started turning red for some or other reason, she let go and ran out of the office*
    *Hatori quickly ran out and followed her* Sakura wait, where are you going?
    *Sakura ran and while running and fell to the ground, and she bumped her head along the way*
    *Hatori saw that she fell so he went to her * Sakura are you all right?
    *Sakura got up and looked up at Hatori*I think so*Patting her head where she bumped herself*
    *Hatori helped her up* I have an idea, too much school drama for one day, Follow me.
    *Sakura looked at Hatori*I am sorry but I cant, I am getting way too close to you and well I kinda have to go to class.
    *Hatori looked a bit sad but he tried to hide it*Okay, I’ll see you around.
    *Sakura walked into room 22 for Science and took a seat near Keo*Hey whats up?
    *Keo smiled at Sakura*Nothing….
    *Sakura looked down at the table*


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    *Moruku was in Home Economics class room 45 and she was sitting next to Akira* I wonder where Hatori is, he usually is in this class with us, he most probably is bunking at his ”Secret Hiding Place”
    *Akira looked at her* Most probably, so how did your date with Hatso go?
    *Moruku was a bit sad* He’s dad is sick so he has to help look after him , but he said we will go some other time.
    Cool *Akira smiled*
    *The bell rang for break so Sakura headed for a tree and sat under it*
    *Hatso was standing by the stairs waiting for Moruku with Keo, apparently Keo wants to talk to Akira*
    *Moruku and Akira walked down the stairs and they saw Keo and Hatso waiting for someone, Moruku smiled at Hatso *Hi!
    *Hatso ran to Moruku and gave her a hug*So whats up? Sorry I couldn’t take you yesterday but my dad is really ill.
    *Keo went up to Akira and pulled her away from Moruku and Hatso*
    *Moruku smiled at Hatso* It’s fine, will you be free on Saturday?
    *Akira went with Keo*Yes?
    *Hatso looked sad*I don’t know, we might have to take my dad to the hospital on Saturday and I
    have to drive.
    *Keo smiled at Akira*Will you date me?
    *Sakura was looking around at all the kids and thinking if she should really stay for good*
    *Moruku smiled at Hatso and gave him a kiss on the cheek* It’s fine.
    *Akira smiled and gave Keo a hug*Yes, I will!
    *Hatori came back from his hide out and he saw Sakura sitting under the tree so he went up to her* So did you enjoy school today?
    *Hatso pulled Moruku and kissed her on the lips*I promise I will make it up to you and take you
    somewhere special.
    *Keo smiled at Akira*Will you go with me on a date tonight?
    *Sakura looked up at Hatori*It was alright for now I guess.
    *Ms. Pontshinatshu saw them kissing*YOU TWO DE…*The teacher stopped and ran away*
    *Akira smiled* What do you think? ….OFCOURSE!
    *Hatori took a seat next to her* So are you staying for good?
    *Hatso looked at Keo and Akira*What a nice couple.
    *Keo hugged Akira*I will pick you up at 19:00, we will go I promise.
    *Sakura smiled at Hatori*Yes I am staying that’s a promise.
    *Moruku smiled*I guess we aren’t the only ones who are in love.
    *Akira gave him a hug* Sure, I’ll see you then.
    *Hatori smiled at Sakura*Good!
    *Hatso smiles*I wonder if she said yes?
    *Keo smiles*Okay, I shall see you then.*Starts walking to Hatso*
    *Sakura laughs*Yes, Good!
    *Moruku saw Akira and Keo coming their way*And… are you guys an item?
    *Hatori laughs with her* So have you heard from Ms. Pontshinatshu again?
    *Keo looks at Akira*Yes and we are going on a date tonight.
    *Hatso looks at Moruku all sad*You know what?! Moruku tonight I shall take you on a date to the movies!!! I wonder how is it going between Hatori and Sakura?
    No I didn’t*Sakura looks at Hatori*
    *Moruku looked at Hatso and gave him a huge hug*I can’t wait, and I think it’s going well otherwise you would have seen Hatori walking around with his lip on the ground!!*She laughed*
    *Hatori made a funny face*YOU TWO DETENTION, that woman makes me so angry!
    *Hatso looked over at Hatori and Sakura and saw them laughing*I wonder if he made his move?…
    *Sakura laughed and by accident bumped Hatori’s elbow and looked at him*Oh sorry.
    *Moruku looked at them* I doubt it, I think if he did they would have been smooching.
    *Hatori looked at Sakura* It’s….er…F…fine!*He tried to smile*
    *Hatso looks at Moruku*er ya smooching…


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    Re: Human VS Robot

    That's interesting.. the story gets more exciting.. btw thanks for adding me, Rinkusu.. hope to read more.. *grin*

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