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    I Dare You

    Disclaimer: Rumiko-san owns Inuyasha, and my friend Wolf Blossom created this fanfiction. All credit belongs to her - I did not make this fanfiction!

    Summary: Kagome and a bunch of her friends (including her worst enemy Inuyasha) were all playing I Dare You. If Kagome declines Inuyasha's dare, she has to sleep with him. But when Inuyasha dares Kagome to marry him... hell erupts. InuKag

    Rating: R (M) –for heavy lemons* and for potty mouths-
    *[Lemon] refers to sex scenes. So if you do not feel comfortable reading such things, DON'T read this fanfiction. However, I am only posting the first two chapters. So you will not have to worry about any of that here.

    Genre: Romance/Humour

    Aging: Kagome: 23, Inuyasha: 25

    NOTE: They are NOT their demonic and miko selves in this fic. Everybody is strictly human. However they do have their regular visual features. Inuyasha has silver hair and golden eyes etc…

    Chapter 1: How about some fun


    “And that’s how Nobunaga has affected modern times today class.”

    “Higurashi sensei, what about the demon that wanted the Shikon no Tama?” said a boy.

    “Well Shippo, the demon, Inurao and a miko girl from the future, Kara searched for the Shikon Jewel. We don’t know what really happened but stories tell us that the girl that traveled through time remained in Feudal Japan with the dog demon she fell in love with.”

    Higurashi Kagome, an 8th grade teacher was giving her class a lesson in history. 23 years old and currently single, Kagome adores kids, but preferred matured ones that can listen to rules. She teaches at Shikon Senior and specializes in History and Archery.

    “Higurashi sensei!” A girl raised her arm.

    “Yes Souten?”

    “I read somewhere that the demon, Inurao was in fact a hanyou and he loved a dead miko, Kiyoko. However, a demon resurrected Kiyoko thus causing Kara to loose half her soul to her. Inurao was in a mind shattering decision about whom to choose but in fact there is no true ending. All we know is that Inurao and Kara along with the taijiya and houshi had completed the Shikon no Tama but their enemy Naku had stolen it from them.”

    Kagome nodded. “Yes Souten, those are indeed true facts. Inurao had loved two mikos, Kara and Kiyoko. Kara was the reincarnation of Kiyoko. However this is all legends and this all happened around Nobunaga’s era. We don’t know for sure.”

    Kagome glanced at the clock. “Alright, for homework, I want you to read chapters 3 and 4 and summarize the main points for me.”

    The bell rang and the class exited, it was home time.

    Kagome grabbed her car keys and her purse and locked the door after all the kids. Today she had no marking to do because it was review day. She reviewed every chapter of their Shikon no Tama novel and she handed back previously marked papers. Today it was fun time… and besides, it was Friday!

    Kagome walked to her small VW buggy and got in. She started the car and headed off towards her and her best friend Sango’s apartment.

    Sango Yuewas a veterinarian. Both Sango and Kagome own one cat each, making them have two cats in total. Buyo and Kirara were their cats, Buyo being fat and Kirara, a very hyper cat.

    Sango had mentioned something about a party today where Kagome’s friends and Sango’s friends were coming too. Kagome totally forgot what it was or the occasion.

    Her cell phone rung and she picked it up. It was her younger 17-year-old brother Souta.

    “Hey Souta, what’s up?” Kagome asked her brother.

    “HELP ME!” Souta screeched. Souta got out of school earlier then the school Kagome worked at so he was at home doing homework.

    “With that?”

    “Homework. History homework too nee-chan!”

    “Alright, what is it Souta?”

    “Ok, it says here that in the 1500’s, the sacred tree, Goshinboku, sealed away the demon Inurao. Kiyoko pinned him and Naku’s plot was completed but Kara from the future came and released Inurao. I need three reasons as to what would have prevented Kiyoko from pinning Inurao and three reasons why it was good. I need historical facts and I need to have facts not opinions.”

    “Ok, I was just talking about this with my class, are you seriously that stupid Souta?”

    “Yes now help… please nee-chan?”

    Kagome sighed. “Alright, but you aren’t learning.”

    “Hey, my sis is a history teacher, who would need to learn this stuff?”

    “Naku had loved Kiyoko so he tried to plot her lover against her. This could have been prevented if his human form, Oni wasn’t burned in a fire.”

    “Alright, hold up lemme write that,” Souta murmured as he wrote it. “Ok what next?”

    “If Kiyoko accepted Inurao as a hanyou then she wouldn’t have needed to go get the Shikon no Tama for him to become human.”

    “Alright, Shikon no Tama, lastly?”

    “Lastly, if Kiyoko hadn’t found the bandit Oni.”

    “That relates to the first one right?”


    “Ok, so I have three reasons to prevent. Where’d you get this info from Kagome?”

    “Check your text book Souta, it’s all in there.”

    “I will later, tell me three good things.”

    “Inurao found somebody that accepted him for his hanyou nature. He found friends and his brother and himself became on friendly terms.” Kagome said.

    “Thanks nee-chan.”

    “You ain’t getting any smarter Souta.”

    “Yea, but I am getting faster. I’m on the soccer team remember?”

    “True. How’s Mama?”

    “Fine, Jii-chan is always claiming that you’re unworthy, and how he needs a great grand son.”

    “Jii-chan is old, he doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

    Souta laughed. “Alright, later Nee-chan.”

    “Bye Souta.”

    Kagome turned off her cell phone and rounded the corner into her apartment. She saw Sango’s car parked and she knew Sango was home preparing for the party.

    Kagome auto locked her car and walked inside the apartment. She hit the elevator button and it pinged when it arrived. Kagome went up to the 12th floor and walked to her apartment door. She opened it so smell the sweet aroma of coffee.

    “What’s up Sango?” She called as she took off her shoes and put her bag on the table.

    “Hey Kagome! Help me take out the noodles from the oven.”

    Kagome and Sango pulled the noodle pie out from the oven and placed it on the counter.

    “This is all for the get together this evening?”

    “Well yea,” Sango said as she covered the noodle pie with plastic wrap.

    “Who’s coming?”

    “Yuka, Eri, Ayumi, Kouga, Hojo, Miroku, Ginta, Hakkaku, Ayame and a few more.” Sango said.

    “Don’t tell me, Inuyasha too?” Kagome moaned.

    Ever since Kagome entered high school, there was always the big bad Inuyasha Takahashi. He was the best at everything. He started school a year late so he was in all of Kagome’s class. He was a flirt, a cheat, a big show off and a moneybag.

    Everything Kagome hated.

    “Well, Inuyasha is Miroku’s friend.” Sango said slowly.

    “I suddenly have a feeling I’m going to visit Souta, Mama and Jii-chan when the party starts.”

    “No you can’t Kagome-chan! The party won’t be fun without you.”

    “And it won’t be amusing with Inuyasha here.” Kagome shot as she put the noodle pie in the corner of the counter.

    “But without Inuyasha it won’t be fun either!”

    Kagome sighed. “So long as I don’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to me, we’re cool.”


    Kagome got the apple pie out of the fridge and Sango got the fried shrimp and baked rice from the pots.

    “What’s the entertainment?”

    “I Dare You.” Sango replied.

    “Say what?”

    “I dare you. Instead of Truth or Dare, it’s I Dare You.”

    “The rules may I hear?”

    “If you decline, you sleep with the person, if you accept, you have to do whatever they tell you to do or else you sleep with the person.” Sango grinned.


    “Come on Kagome, we’re all matured adults, we can handle any dares anybody sends us.”

    “BUT SLEEPING WITH THEM? YOU KNOW KOUGA WANTS THAT FROM ME!” Kagome screamed at her best friend.

    “Kagome calm down.”

    Kagome took five deep breaths before turning back to her friend.

    “What if a girl dares a girl?”

    “Actually, no that I already solved.”


    Sango held out 12 cards that had their names written on them. Pink card for girl, blue card for boys.

    “We spin a bottle and say the bottle lands on Miroku, he flips a pink card and whoever the girl is gets dared.”

    Kagome grinned. “That’s smart Sango.”

    “Isn’t it?”

    Sango went on cooking as Kagome touched up the living room, spraying some air freshener and throwing away the junk and putting things back in their place.

    “What’s the occasion?” Kagome asked.

    “Don’t you know anything?”

    “You told me this yesterday so I really have no clue why we’re doing this.”

    “We haven’t seen half of our friends, like Ginta, Hakkaku, Hojo, Eri, Yuka and Ayumi since high school.”

    “That’s why we have reunions.”

    “But this is more fun.” Sango grinned as she took off her oven mitts.

    “I will hate you by the end won’t I?” Kagome asked.

    “Yes, yes you will.” Sango smiled.

    “I figured as much.”

    Just then somebody knocked on their door. It was Kouga Ookami, Ayame Lao, Eri and Yuka.

    “Hi guys! Come on in!” Sango said as Kagome hugged them all.

    “I haven’t seen you two in forever.” Kagome beamed looking at Eri and Yuka

    “It’s been only 5 years.”

    “And 5 years too much.” Sango winked as Kouga and Ayame hugged Sango.

    Ayame was head over heels for Kouga but he didn’t as much as look at her. He was more into Kagome who didn’t like him in that way.

    Two minutes later Miroku Lin, Inuyasha Takahashi, Hojo Asuki, Ginta Lang and Hakkaku Lang arrived. Kagome said hi to four out of five of them. Inuyasha didn’t care. He nodded to everybody but avoided Ms. Know-it-all Kagome.

    Five minutes later, the rest arrived and Kagome greeted them all. They ate a bit before

    Sango got out an empty wine bottle and her 12 cards.

    “How about some fun?”

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    Re: I Dare You

    Chapter 2: A dangerous dare


    “How about some fun?”

    Sango set the bottle on the ground as Kagome took her seat beside Sango and Ayame. Miroku was on the other side of Sango with Inuyasha to his side. Following Inuyasha was Eri, Yuka, Hojo, Ayumi, Ginta, Hakkaku, Kouga and then Ayame.

    “Alright, all 12 cards are placed.” Sango said showing 6 pink cards for females and the other 6 for male.

    “So who spins the bottle first Sango?” Ayame asked.

    “Pick a number between 1 and 20.” Sango said.

    “I feel 18 again.” Miroku muttered as everybody laughed.

    “I’ll tell Kagome the number, since I don’t doubt she’d wanna go last.”

    “You bet!” Kagome said as Sango whispered the number in her ear. Kagome nodded hearing the number. It was 3.

    “Inuyasha go,”


    “Nope, Miroku,”


    “No, Hojo,”


    “No, Kouga,”


    “No, Ginta,”


    “No, Hakkaku,”


    “No, Eri,”


    “No, Ayame,”


    “Right on!” Kagome grinned as Ayame.

    “What was the point of all that?” Inuyasha growled.

    “So Sango doesn’t cheap spin the bottle and making it land on Kagome.” Miroku grinned.

    “You know I’d never do that,” Sango said mischievously.

    Ayame giggled as she spun the bottle. It landed on Miroku.

    “Oh yes, Miroku before you flip that card,” Sango started as Miroku picked up a card.

    “If you decline the dare, you have to sleep with the darer.”

    Everybody gasped.

    “And daring somebody to bear your children doesn’t count.”

    “Ah phooey.” Miroku mumbled as he flipped over a card. He grinned. “Kagome,”

    “Oh just what I needed, the first dared gets dared by Miroku.”

    Miroku pondered for a moment and then snapped his fingers. “Strip down to your undergarments.”

    Kagome’s eyes widened. “You’re doing this on purpose!”

    “Of course, passing an opportunity to see the Kagome Higurashi almost naked would make me insane.”

    Kagome mumbled some curses as she took of her top and her pants. She glared at Miroku as she did a prioette and then put her clothes back on again.

    “Shit, and to think I didn’t have my video camera.” Miroku mumbled. The men howled in laughter as Inuyasha kept on staring at Kagome.

    ‘You’ve changed a lot in the past4 years Kagome,’ He thought but then glared at her, ‘and it’s a good thing I haven’t seen you in the pastfour years!’

    Kagome didn’t notice Inuyasha’s penetrating glare. She spun the bottle and it landed on Eri. She flipped over a blue card and grinned at Ginta. “Hello Ginta,”

    “Ah great, ah shit… Hakkaku save me!”

    “Take her dare like a man Ginta!” Hakkaku grinned as Eri winked at Kagome.

    “Ginta, I dare you to strip to your boxers and feel your self.”

    “YOU NASTY SHIT HEADED GIRL!” He roared as everybody collapsed in laughter.

    Not wanting to sleep with anybody, Ginta stripped to his boxers, rubbed his penis from the outside of his boxers and tweaked his nipples. Kouga and Hakkaku boomed in laughter, Hakkaku being Ginta’s twin brother found this amusing and Kouga being the cousin found this horrifyingly entertaining. Eri was giggling as Ginta got dressed again. He glared at Inuyasha who poked out a cheesy comment.

    “Liked it Ginta?”

    “**** you Yasha.” Ginta spun the bottle and it landed on himself.

    “That was a sweet spin.” Hojo commented.

    Ginta picked up a card and grinned at Ayame. “Ayame.”

    “You wouldn’t dare,” Ayame’s eyes widened. Everybody knew of Ayame’s crush on Kouga except Kouga himself.

    “I dare you to go 7 minutes in heaven with Kouga.”

    Kouga jumped and looked at his cousin. “DO YOU WANT ME TO MURDER YOU?”

    “Either that or Ayame sleeps with me.”

    Ayame eeped as she grabbed Kouga by the collar and jumped into Kagome’s bedroom.

    “DON’T YOU DARE **** ON MY BED!” Kagome called and everybody sniggered.

    Seven minutes passed and Kouga and Ayame rushed out.

    “You didn’t do anything did you?” Sango asked.

    “Nope, nothing.”

    Ginta grinned. “Then you have to sleep with me Ayame-chan.”

    “No I don’t. I was with Kouga for 7 minutes and that’s it.”


    Ayame spun the bottle and it landed on Hojo. He flipped a card and it was Yuka.

    (They shuffled the cards after every round)


    “Hojo you bastard!”

    “I dare you to go outside in the corridor and the first male you see, you French.”

    Yuka paled. “No… I…”

    “You sleep with me.” Hojo said simply. Yuka gagged in a bag before glumly walking outside. Everybody shoved through the door and watched Yuka wait at the elevator for the first male to walk out. Kagome and Sango’s eyes bulged when they saw one of the hottest guys in the entire building walk out.

    “Lucky Yuka,” Kagome murmured as she saw Yuka pulled into his chest and fiercely kiss him.

    “Got guts, I’ll give her that much.” Miroku said.

    “Is he doing what I think he’s doing?” Hojo asked.

    “He’s giving her his phone number!” Eri squealed.

    “That was one heck of a dare Hojo, you just got the girl a guy.” Ayame grinned.

    Yuka skipped back and waved at everybody. “That was cute! You never said Kagome that you had such a hot neighbor! He has such a sexy name too… Hayabusa… Hayabusa Falcon.” Yuka said dreamily.

    “Alright, enough dreaming about Hayabusa,” Sango said.

    Kagome grinned. “Oh Sango, I forgot to tell you, Haya wanted us to baby sit his niece this Saturday.”

    “What the hell is he doing this Saturday?” Sango asked, referring to Hayabusa.

    “Working out.” Kagome winked at Yuka.

    “He works out? WAI!” Yuka squealed.

    “Calm down girl!” Eri patted her head. They walked back to the living room and Yuka spun the bottle.

    It beautifully landed on Kagome. Kagome flipped a card and winked at Miroku. “So Miroku, what should I dare you to do?”

    “No… oh please Kagome! I beg you don’t make me do it!” Miroku whined.

    “Oh don’t worry man! I don’t wanna sleep with you anyways,” Kagome said.

    ‘Not after…’ Kagome shook her head, not wanting to look at Inuyasha at all, memories from years ago flooding into her head.

    “Then what?” Miroku blubbered.

    “Seven minutes in heaven with…”

    Sango squeaked.


    Kouga burst right there as he fainted into Ginta’s arms. Everybody howled as Inuyasha glared at Kagome.

    “So what now huh Higurashi? After 4 years you still ain’t over it?”

    “Why don’t you just shut your ****ing air hole?” Kagome burned.

    “Such colourful language from her mouth.” Hojo whispered.

    “SHUT UP!” Inuyasha and Kagome screamed at him.

    “Are they fighting about 4 years ago again?” Miroku whispered to Sango. She nodded as she stared at her friend.

    “So you still ain’t over it eh?” Inuyasha scoffed. “That I chose Kikyo over you.”

    “Don’t you dare, dare say that name.” Kagome glared at Inuyasha hardcore.

    “Oh why no Miss. Know-it-all Kagome? Just because your cousin is better, bigger and prett-” Inuyasha trailed off.

    ‘Kikyo… prettier than Kagome? Now that I wanna see,’ He thought as he looked back at Kagome who had little balls of tears in her eyes.

    “You don’t know what I went through the 4 years after! I had to friggin go through so many classes! Sango and Miroku were with me the entire time!” Kagome screamed.

    Miroku got up and patted Kagome’s shoulder who was close to a nervous breakdown.

    “Classes? Because I broke it off?”


    “ENOUGH!” Sango screamed finally. She didn’t want Kagome telling everybody what classes she was talking about now in front of everybody. Especially Kouga who seriously wanted Kagome.

    “Let’s get on with the game,” Sango said. Kagome glared at Inuyasha before whipping around.

    “I’m not playing any more.” Kagome said as she went to the kitchen to get some food.

    “Then what are ya gonna do wench? Go cry to your mother?” Inuyasha smirked.

    “SHUT UP YOU STUPID JERK!” Kagome screamed tears forming in her eyes, all the pain of the past 4 years rushing back.

    “Just shut up. Miroku, you’re dare’s been cancelled. Spin,” Sango said. Miroku spun the bottle and it landed on Inuyasha.

    Inuyasha smirked as Kagome came back and sat on the sofa, avoiding eye contact with him.

    “I see,” Inuyasha said as he picked up a card.

    “Who’d you get?” Kouga asked.

    “Hmmm… Interesting.” Inuyasha murmured.

    “Who is it?” Miroku said getting anxious. Kagome took her seat beside Sango and glared at Inuyasha.

    “It’s, the wench.”

    Everybody’s gaze snapped at Kagome who’s eyes widened. “What?”

    “This will be tough, hmm…”

    “Spit it already Takahashi,” Kagome growled.

    “Alright Higurashi, I dare you too… marry me.”

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __
    I will only post the first two chapters, seeing as how her fanfiction is very long [30 chapters]. But if you enjoyed it as much as I did, here is the link for the rest of it: I Dare You

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