Nothing becomes Thacker Point quite as nicely as the early morning does. The sun begins climbing through the sky as slowly as a sloth might, barely enticed by the juicy fruits just a few feet in front of him. Only a few streaks of night bruise the otherwise blue dome above; Mercury can still be seen as a small white dot near the sun.
Robins skip and hop on the grass still layered in frost, chirping and cocking their heads at each other, discussion their great breakfast of earthworms and caterpillars. People gather around the bus stops to wait for the work bus to take them away to assembly lines and cubicles; all across the city cars zoom and sputter off to the early shift. Tires thump over the huge pot holes, pot heads shimmy underneath blankets and call it a night.

Except this one. My eyes cringed away from the harsh sun unaided by the coat of visine they wear. I can't believe the whole summer passed by without me even knowing; mother nature must be one of those straight-laced uptight folks. But I really can't understand why I have to go back to that lame "boarding school" for another year of sexually confused virgins and torment from Sister Iron Vag. Though some of my fellow sinners aren't really that bad, even if one or two of them are so gay it hurts to look their way. That's Canada for, or so they say.

So there I was, driving down Pembina Highway as madly as my mother's midsized sedan would allow, high out of my tree and in for a long, repetitive lecture about my sins and whatever straight from the mouth of Satan herself. Things were looking up already.
It crushed me inside that I was getting a new roomie this year, especially since last year I was lucky enough to snag Mackenzie Young--weed dealer extraordinaire. That girl has possibly the best green anyone could ever find you, as an added bonus it seems like the Big Mack attack never slept; late night fieners are never out of luck.

In any case, the turnoff to Mollard Road is coming up and I'm sure it way past your sesh time.


I sat on my bed surrounded by familiar faces, squeezed into the corner feeling claustrophobia nagging at my stomach. My high must be peaking 'cause things were never tilted to the side before. Some of us had decided to skip re-orientation on the grounds that it was retarded and just get really baked. We were suppose to go find Viv&Gab and see what the two closet monsters had been up to all summer. Probably purging out all the carbs they were forced to eat in the cafetorium.

"Guys, we gotta sesh I'm burning out." Lace's husky voice said from the bed beside mine. She had to be possibly the sexiest female attending this year; hopefully one of the grads can snatch the crown this year. Pun intended? In any case cries of agreement and proclamations of love filled my ears until I couldn't take it any more. I was waay to toasted to handle any more of the stuff they were smoking; it's rare but I have greened out on Macky's shit in the past.

They had all mostly left to the smokers coral and I was happy enough to be let alone, of course there always has to be the ahab stoner jumping out of their knickers to share the good spirits, usually myself, but little Katelyn Poe was usually my fill-in, "Aren't you coming Casey?" she asked from the door, sweet as a newborn orangutan.

Ah, little Katelyn Poe you're so silly sometimes, "Yes I am Kate, yes I am."

The door closed after that. There's only a few people on the planet that I truly value as friends, I'm pretty sure they all gather here too. And Iron Vag says God doesn't like us.

I got bored of writing this but I guess I'll finish putting it here later. Huuuuh. In any case, there's no grand story lurking in any one notebook; many small parts here and there that are loosely connected.

I could never last very long ;P though people tell me it's all in the wrist.

(Hopefully this isn't to profane XD)