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Thread: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

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    Chapter 1
    Something called KARMA

    “Thoughts lead on to purpose, purpose leads on to actions, actions form habits, habits decide character and character fixes our destiny.”

    ~Tyron Edwards

    She raised her arms up in the air and shouted, “Welcome to my new dormitory,” waiving her arms left and right. The wind blew as an awkward moment occurred. She laughed. “What am I doing talking to myself…? It’s still summer break… of course there’s no people around here.” Her name is Reina Shukumei, a 16-year-old girl who transferred from the town of Metollia, to study here in the town of Mayon. She has dark brown hair, a light-yellow long sleeve shirt, a long patterned skirt and brown boots.
    As she walks towards the dormitory, she suddenly slipped on a banana peel and hits her forehead on the railing of the stairs, causing her to stumble down on the front door of the dorm.
    “Ooouch…” shouted Reina in pain.
    “People these days… just throwing their garbage everywhere…” she muttered as she holds her forehead.
    She then noticed that her forehead is bleeding. Reina stood up and starts to wobble her way through the dorm.
    “Hello…” Reina said softly entering the lobby.
    “Is anyone here…?”
    No Answer. She then worked her way around the lobby, but suddenly, she felt a pain in her head and falls down on her knees holding her bleeding forehead.
    “Help…” she said as a tear comes out of her eyes.
    She tries to stand up again by holding on to the table near her but then she loses her strength and slips. Suddenly a guy with light brown hair catches her before she could fall down on the ground.
    “Miss, are you ok…?” the guy said with a concerned voice.
    Reina looks at the guy, “H…Hel~…” she said as she loses consciousness. The guy then immediately rushes her to the clinic.

    Meanwhile, somewhere around town, a guy with dark red hair is waltzing towards the Mayon Rulé Café with a smile on his face. A café that has been in town for almost 30 years, and it still stands out as the best in town, best known as the hang-out place for businessman, teenagers, and children, since the café is close to a huge park, and the plaza.
    “My name is Ily Joshua; I use to go out with one of the most popular, smartest and no doubt one of the prettiest girl in our school, Aya. We’ve been together for almost two years, and our relationship had been the best of the best… but two years is already SOOO long, everyone has to move on once in a while, right? Anyways, I went to her place earlier this morning and we had a LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG conversation about our relationship. At first I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know what to say, I was feeling a little guilty inside thinking all about it, but I had to do what I had to do, I told her the TRUTH, yes, the EXACT truth. She was shock; at first she didn’t believe me, but then… yeah…”
    Ily stops waltzing and starts walking slowly. “She said she hates me and never want to see me again,” said with a sad voice.
    He clenched his fist and said “I… I saw her cry… and I felt a tremendous pain in my heart seeing her like that, I felt guilt and regret on what I did…”
    Ily stops on the steps of the coffee shop, looking so gloomy, but suddenly he looked up at the sky with a determined face and shouted, “I have to do what I have to do… I have to move on and continue my journey!” he then said with a soft tone voice, “plus I’m too young to stay in a serious relationship, and there is this one hot chick that I really want to go out with anyways.”
    He looks down and said “I did the right thing, right?” a white dog beside him just barked and wagged his tail. Ily bends down and pats the dog’s head, smiling at the dog. As Ily was about to continue his way to the stairs, an invisible aura comes out of nowhere and hits him from the back of the head, causing him to stumble down the stairs.
    Ily stood up holding his head, wondering what just happened. As he was about to continue going down to the coffee shop, a skateboarder suddenly flew from behind and accidentally hits Ily, which causes Ily to lose his balance and fall down to the remaining stairs.
    “Watch where you’re going, you jerk!” said Ily as he was trying to stand up again, while holding his head and his back.
    Ily entered the café, but suddenly, he steps on a wet rag and slipped down on a pushcart, which wheeled him to the café counter. The counter was shaken which causes a coffee to spill in Ily’s pants. Ily starts fanning it off, but then suddenly trips, which caused him to hit the wall, and a flower vase, fell down on his head. He staggers around the place and then suddenly, someone accidentally hits Ily from behind, as the door in the employer’s office opens causing Ily to roll towards a blonde guy with a nice dark blue suit.

    You ok Ily…?” the blonde guy said, putting his newspaper down.
    “I’m good CK,” said Ily with a tipsy voice as he tries to stand up.
    “You should be more careful, you know?”
    “I am…! Just these… stuffs!” said Ily as he stood up and sat down across CK. The white dog barked beside Ily, Ily looks down and smiles. “You followed me!” he said with a cheerfully as he picks up the dog. The waitress who came out of the employer’s office walks towards Ily and CK, but then she suddenly trips which causes her to hit one of the waitresses holding a coffee, which splashed in Ily’s back. Then Ily accidentally squeezed the dog’s tail, which causes the dog to bite his hand. Ily flinched which causes him to walk backwards and he starts to wave off the dog away from his left hand, while fanning the heat off his back with his right hand.
    A few minutes later, Ily is lying down on the couch of the café with a hot towel on his face, and the dog sitting on his tummy.
    “I am so sorry, I beg for your forgiveness,” said the waitress, as she keeps bowing down her head, apologizing.
    “Don’t worry about, it was just an accident…” said CK calmly.
    “I-I’m sorry… I was the one who accidentally left the rag on the floor… I-I kinda spaced out… and…”
    “It’s ok Miss Beth, I’m sure Ily doesn’t blame you… “
    The waitress bursts into tears “I feel so weak… I’m so stupid…”
    CK comes near the waitress and put his hands on Beth's shoulders.
    “Don’t say that, you are not weak nor stupid, you’re perfect the way you are… so please stop crying, I feel sad seeing a beautiful girl like you in tears.” Beth looks at CK and smiles. She bows and said thank you to CK, as she wipes her tears off, and then went back to work.
    “I really admire you for being such a smooth talker” said Ily, as he took off the towel from his face and sat up.
    “Hey doggy, this is Calvin Klang, I call him CK. He is the richest guy in this town, and one thing we have in common is, we know what’s beautiful when we see one,” said Ily cheerfully, as he brushes the dog’s fur with his hand.
    CK smiles and asked Ily “Are you ok now Ily…?”
    “I think so…” said Ily scratching his head.
    “So what’s new?” asked CK with a soft voice.
    “Nothing really… same old, same old,” Ily said as he continues to brush the dog’s fur.
    CK looks at Ily and noticed he has a sad expression on his face. CK then asked Ily a question, “How’s Aya…?”
    Ily stops brushing the dog’s fur and remembers what happened earlier ago, he then put his hand on his head.
    “Please tell me you didn’t do what you said you were going to do,” said CK with a concerned voice.
    “I-I…mean, I, d~, well, I think…” Ily stuttered as he tries to look away from CK.
    “So I’m guessing you did,” said CK as Ily stops and covers his eyes, “I see… so what did you say?”
    “I told her the truth,” said Ily still covering his eyes.
    “The truth… meaning?” asked CK with a look of curiosity on his face.
    “That I want to move on and go out with other girls,” Ily said looking at CK.
    CK laughs, “Are you serious?”
    Ily didn’t respond, CK stops laughing and sees Ily with a depressed face, as if Ily was about to burst in tears. CK apologizes to Ily and an awkward silence filled the room between the two.
    “She hates me,” said Ily.
    “Well… it’s the price to pay for hurting someone who loved you.”
    Ily sighs and rubbed his head, then looks at CK with a smile on his face, “Doesn’t matter… hey, I’m single again, I can do whatever I want, and I can find someone better than her that’s for sure.”
    “If you say so…” CK sighed.
    “And there’s this one hot girl in school, her name is Tony Ravan… Oh my gawd CK, you surely are going to melt just seeing her beauty.”
    “Wait, did you say Tony Ravan?” interrupted by CK.
    "Yeah" replied by Ily "She's so hot! I've wanted to go out with her for a long time now… I guess you can say a partial reason why I want to break things off with Aya."
    "Well… I've got two news for you Ily" CK responded with a slight sigh on his voice. "One: Tony Ravan just moved to another country two weeks ago."
    "Really… man, I should have broken up with Aya a long time ago. So anyways what's the other one?" asked Ily.
    "Tony Ravan… HE is not a she, his father is one of my clients," as CK sighed.
    "Tony is a guy Ily… he just… you know…?"
    Silence filled the air as Ily is blown away out of his mind with the news he heard from CK.
    "You mean to tell me I broke up with one of the most sweetest, nicest, smartest and gorgeous girl in school, for a guy!" said Ily, as he stood up holding his head.
    "Yeah… I guess that's the case," replied by CK
    Ily runs around the café wailing his arms back and forth, while the dog chases him around. He falls down on his knees, covered his face and then cries like a child.
    CK stood up and tries to console Ily, but suddenly Ily rose from his feet full of energy.
    "HA! I'm sure one bad day won't do any harm, for what it's worth, there are MILLIONS of female around the world waiting for the gorgeous Ily Joshua!" said Ily as he laughs to cover his depression from people.
    “Ok…” CK smiled at Ily, “that’s one thing I admire from you, you still can be cheerful after all of this.”
    Ily then walks towards the bathroom with a fake smile, while waving to the people around the coffee shop. CK looks at Ily with a concern on his face.
    Before Ily could go to the men’s bathroom, he suddenly comes face to face with an old lady who just came out of the women’s bathroom. CK looks over at where Ily is, and sees him saying something to the lady. CK then noticed Ily hugging the lady. The old lady smiles and leaves; after that, Ily looks around and wonders what just happened, but he shrugged it off and went inside the men’s bathroom.

    A few minutes later, Ily and CK goes out of the café for a little stroll at the nearby park.
    “Ahhh! Freedom…!” said Ily, as he stretched his arms up.
    “So… Ily, what did you say to that old lady back there?” asked CK.
    “What old lady?” Ily asked.
    “The lady that came out of the women’s bathroom, I saw you talking to her, then after awhile, you hugged her.”
    “Pfft… you must be hallucinating CK, I didn’t hugged anyone… and I would certainly not embrace anyone who’s wrinkly and old... you know?”
    “Ok then…” said CK scratching his head.
    A woman with red dress passes by Ily and CK. CK greeted the woman, while Ily’s back is turned trying to hold off his laughter. The lady with red dress then went towards the coffee shop, while CK wonders what’s wrong with Ily. Suddenly Ily starts to laugh ferociously. The people around just look at him and starts whispering to each other.
    “I’m sorry… that lady…” said Ily still laughing, “is SO fat…!” laughs again like crazy.
    “Uh, Ok?” replied CK.
    “He probably eat 10 hamburgers a day… oh wait, did I just say HE?” Ily keeps laughing and said, “It doesn’t matter; besides, she looks like a HE anyways…”
    “Now that’s just being rude Ily…” said CK, as he looks at Ily very irritated.
    “Sorry, sorry… just trying to cheer myself up.”
    “They may not be beautiful in the outside…”
    “But they’re probably beautiful inside… yeah, yeah… I know, I know… don’t worry, like I said, just trying to cheer myself up,” said Ily.
    Ily then checks his pocket.
    “I must have left my wallet in the coffee shop; I’ll be right back CK. I’ll go make a run for it, watch Kiki for me.”
    “Kiki?” asked CK.
    “My dog,” said Ily as he points to the white dog beside him.
    Ily then ran back to the café, but as he was about to go inside, he comes face to face to the lady with the red dress. CK looks over on where Ily is, and sees him whispering something to the lady. After a couple of minutes, Ily hugged the lady and ends up kissing her on the cheeks, the lady then just smiled and walked away from Ily blushing. After the lady left, Ily looks around again wondering as if he doesn’t know what happened, but once again, he just shrugged it off. CK smiled, as he picks up Kiki and head to a bench nearby to sit down.
    A few minutes later, Ily ran to CK and Kiki who are sitting on a bench.
    Ily and CK then continued there little stroll.
    “I assume you said sorry to the lady back there,” said CK with a smile on his face. Ily looks at CK wondering what he’s talking about.
    “That was awfully nice of you Ily,” said CK.
    “Ok………” said Ily. “You feeling Ok today CK?” asked Ily as he pats CK’s back, “You seem to be imagining quite a lot of things today.”
    Before CK could respond, a flower girl comes in front of Ily and CK, and asks if they want to buy one. CK bought everything and gives the flowers to the girl, the girl smiles and thanks CK, while Ily looks at the girl with glittering eyes and smoking red cheeks.
    “I am IN LOVE!” shouted Ily. CK was surprised as Ily pushes him away and moves forward in front of the girl. Ily closes his eyes and then suddenly kissed the girl on the lips. CK looks on at Ily weirded out on what Ily just did. Ily opened his eyes, and then received a slap from the girl.
    “Gyaaaaaaaah! Why are you kissing me? And what was the slap for?” Ily shouted. The girl slaps Ily again and ran away crying. Ily starts spitting and then scratched his tongue.
    “CK what just happened?” asked Ily angrily.
    Ily stood up, but suddenly comes face to face with another girl, and falls in love with her and the same situation happens again. Ily, dazed and confused starts staggering around, and comes face to face with every female walking around, while falling in love with them again and again, and every time the female isn’t in front of him or if he kissed the female on the lips, the feelings begins to fade, and Ily won’t remember anything that happened.

    A few minutes later, Ily is sitting on the bench holding his cheek from all the slaps he received. Kiki barked at Ily.
    “I think Kiki is asking you what’s going on,” asked CK.
    “I am as confuse as you CK,” said Ily rubbing his cheek.
    CK’s phone starts to ring.
    “Private call again huh?” asked Ily.
    “Yes, I’m sorry about this, I just have to take this call, so you just stay right here, ok? Don’t move a muscle and wait for me.”
    CK ran to a nearby tree, while Ily holds his head thinking about the events that happened.
    “Give me a status report Davis,” said CK as he answered the phone, with a completely different tone of voice and a different look on his face.
    “We’re doing everything we can sir, it might take months before we can dig up all the artifacts,” said Davis with a deep voice.
    “How about the professor, what did he say?”
    “The professor needs a little more time deciphering the witch’s tablet.”
    “I see,” said CK thinking, “Order your men to give all the prisoners extra work, I’m giving you one week to finish the dig, punish those who disobey.”
    “Yes sir.”
    “And Davis, tell the professor I’ll be seeing him tonight… I don’t have time for useless people, so I’ll have something special for the professor later.”
    “Yes sir.”
    CK hangs up the phone and looks up at the sky and said “Someday… I’ll finally be able to do… what I desire…”
    Meanwhile, we see Ily talking to Kiki.
    “I guess this is what I get for being such an ass,” said Ily to Kiki with a sad voice. Kiki just looks and groans, as he feels sad for him.
    Suddenly, a ball flew from above and hits Ily on the head; the ball then falls in Ily’s hand. A little girl comes in front of Ily and asked for the ball; Ily just stares at the girl and starts to blush.
    As CK was about to get back to Ily, he suddenly hears a woman screaming towards where Ily is. CK ran where the scream was, and then saw Ily on the ground, while a lady keeps hitting him. The mother then ran to her daughter, holds her tightly and then looks at CK.
    “Mister, this guy is a pervert, this guy is a pervert!” said the mother as she comes near to CK, “He kissed my six-year-old daughter on the lips!!!”
    A policeman passing by tends to the situation and arrested Ily.
    A few minutes later in the police station, we see CK talking to the police about Ily and paying Ily’s bail. The officer let’s Ily out of jail, Ily then walks towards where CK is.
    “Thanks CK, I owe you one… and I’m really sorry, I really, REALLY don’t know what’s going on.”
    “That’s ok, I understand… and don’t worry about the mother she didn’t press any charges. I talked to her and told her you have this rare illness or something,” CK stops as he sees Ily kissing an old hooker lady. Ily comes to his senses and was shocked. Embarrass to all that’s happening Ily ran away.

    Meanwhile back at dormitory, in the clinic, Reina finally wakes up, with a bandage wrap on her forehead. She looks around the room and notices that she’s in a clinic. She then looks on her right side and sees the guy that saved her.
    “W-Where am I?” asked Reina, as she tries to sit up holding his head.
    “Don’t strain yourself,” said the guy as he tries to help her sit up, “This is the Mayon High Dormitory.”
    “I-I… uhm, what I’m trying to say is…”
    “Thank you?” the guy smiles, “don’t mention it, glad I could help.”
    She looks at the guy and starts to blush, “I’m Reina, Reina Shukumei,” she said “Well, Uhm, what I’m saying is, Uh… Never mind,” she looks down and said “I’m sure you don’t care what my name is.”
    “Ray then,” the guy smiles, “I could call you Ray, right?”
    Ray looks back at the guy and said “Yes, you may,” she said smiling.
    “My name is Daniel Raner,” he said as he offers his hand to shake Ray’s.
    “Dan then… I mean, that’s ok, right?” Ray smiles and shakes Dan’s hand.
    “Of course.”
    The two talk for a few more minutes, before Dan could say goodbye to Ray.
    "Well, I'll be off now; it was nice talking to you."
    “Ok, thank you again Dan,” said Ray as she sees Dan off.
    Ray looks around and waited for a few more minutes, “Well, Dan said I shouldn’t strain myself, I think it wouldn’t hurt to walk home though…” Ray muttered.
    Ray gets up holding her head and slowly walks out of the clinic heading out of the dormitory. Before she could go up to the steps of the dormitory, Ily suddenly comes out of nowhere and bumps to her, causing both of them to fall down on the ground. Ily scared and confused covered his face with his arms, shouting not to come near him, but Ray slowly gets up, and offers her hand to Ily.
    "Are you ok?" said Ray as she offers her hand to Ily, "I'm sorry."
    Ily gets up and the two looks at each other.
    "Uh, is there something on my face?" Ray asked.
    "I-I'm cured," said Ily, as he looks at his hands, and then suddenly looks at Ray. "I'm finally cured! Whoo hoo!" shouted Ily and then hugged Ray.
    "Uhm, ok…? Yehey…? I'm happy for you then?" said Ray sarcastically.
    "Just to be sure," Ily looks for another girl around campus and comes face to face with her, but Ily ends up being slap again, Ray then slowly goes to where Ily is to console him.
    "Are you ok? What were you thinking suddenly kissing that girl…?" asked Ray.
    "I-I'm still not cured…" Ily said, as he looks down on the ground depressed.
    "Cured? Why? Are you sick or something?"
    "Why!?" shouted Ily, as he looks at Ray and holds her shoulders tightly.
    "W-Why what? I don’t understand…" said Ray.
    "Why can't I fall in love with you!?" shouted Ily as he starts to cry and puts his head on her shoulders. Ray blushes as Ily continues to cry, but suddenly she felt Ily touching her.
    "They seem real…?" mumbled Ily, as he grazes Ray’s breasts.
    "What the heck are you doing?!" said Ray as she pushes Ily away and covers her chest with her arms.
    "I can't fall in love with you, so I was checking if you really are a girl."
    "What?!" shouted Ray as she glares at Ily.
    "Do I have to spell it out for you… I CAN'T FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!"
    "I still don't get it," said Ray calmly, "and YES I am a GIRL!" she shouted.
    "Then why can't I fall in love with you… and by the way, nice implants"
    "I don't know what you're talking about, and these THINGS, are REAL… 100% REAL!" shouted Ray. Ray then notices Ily crawling down and lifts her skirt up, but she slaps Ily's hand and said "What the hell are you doing, you pervert!"
    "I'm trying to figure out if you really are a girl."
    "I AM a GIRL!!!"
    "It probably hurt taking out that THING below huh…" said Ily as he shivers thinking about it.
    "I never had THAT THING below!!! BECAUSE I AM A GIRL!!!"
    "OooOOOooHhhh… I see…" said Ily.
    "What now?!" asked Ray.
    "Probably a birth defect," said Ily as he crossed his arms "I feel sorry for you man..."
    Ray gets mad and kicks Ily on the face, causing him to fly on a pile of garbage, and then she runs away from him. Ily stays down on the pile of garbage feeling terrible about everything that happen. The rain starts to pour on Ily.
    Meanwhile, in the corner of the street, a person with black cloak watches Ily.

    To Be Continue In Chapter 2...

    The Pet Thief

    "Meeting you was fate becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over."


    The person with a black cloak continues to look at Ily with concern on her eyes, as the rain continues to pour. She has violet hair, wearing a black skirt, white leggings, red shirt, and her black cloak.
    She then tip-toes to where Ily is, picked up a stick and pokes Ily, then tip-toes back to the corner. Ily looks back at the girl with a gloomy face.
    “You,” muttered Ily as she looks at the girl with the black cloak, “You’re Aillyne, right?” said Ily.
    “Are you ok…?” asked Aillyne as she stays in the corner partially hiding.
    Ily stands up and slowly walks toward where Aillyne is and stands in front of her. “I don’t know, what’s going on with me… please, help me,” said Ily.
    Suddenly Ily’s feelings start to work up again and he said cheerfully “I love you Aillyne,” while Aillyne blushes. Ily holds Aillyne shoulders and moves forward to kiss Aillyne. Aillyne about to kiss Ily suddenly had a flashback, making her push Ily and then ran away from the scene. Ily looks on as the rain continued to pour on him.

    Three weeks later in the Mayon Academy Dormitory. CK is seen holding Kiki heading to Ily’s room. He enters Ily’s room and sees the whole place a mess. Clothes, food, accessories, and sheets are all around the floor. CK then spots Ily lying down on his bed and heads towards him.
    “You know your parents allowed you to stay here in the condition that you go to school and do well on your studies,” said CK, as he puts Kiki down. Kiki jumps to Ily’s bed and starts licking his face, but Ily just lied down and didn’t move a muscle.
    “School has started almost a week ago, I talked to Miss Venus and she told me, you haven’t been to any of her classes since then,” said CK.
    “I can’t go,” said Ily still lying down.
    “Would you mind telling me why you can’t?” asked CK.
    Ily sat up and said, “I’ve been cursed CK,” Ily looks at CK with a straight face, “You saw the things that I did three weeks ago.”
    The two looks at each other for awhile, but suddenly, CK starts to laugh.
    “There’s no such thing, come on now Ily, I honestly think you don’t believe on those things,” said CK still laughing, “I actually thought you were just doing that to cheer yourself up.”
    “You think going to jail is a way to cheer myself up!” shouted Ily angrily.
    “Ok, ok…” said CK as he tries to stop laughing, “Look, go out, have fun, and if that curse…” said CK as he snickers “if that curse is still in effect, just tell me and I’ll go check up on it.“
    “Pfft… you don’t even believe me about that curse, why should I go to you?” muttered Ily.
    “What…?” asked CK.
    Ily laughs “Nothing, nothing,” Ily said to CK as he pats his back, “So… what are you gonna do if the curse is still in effect?” looks at CK.
    CK puts his hand on his chin, “Probably find some good doctors?” CK said, as Ily just glares at him. CK laughs “I was just kidding, just clearing up the tension.”
    “Not funny though…” said Ily pouting.
    “I’m sure everything’ll be alright, so just go out and have fun, and then go to class this coming Monday,” said CK, as he heads over to the front door, “By the way, the principal told me to give this letter to you.” CK puts the letter on Ily’s table.
    Ily walks to the table and opens the letter, “I’m going to have a roommate? Well, that’s a first.”
    “You better clean up then, I’m sure no one would bunk with you seeing this place,” said CK as he looks around at Ily’s room before he leaves.
    “I’m gonna have a roommate, maybe it’s a girl” said Ily as he looks at the place with a gloomy smile, “Well, I don’t know if having a girl for a roommate would be a good thing or a bad thing right now.”
    Meanwhile, in the other side of the dormitory, we see Ray and her friend walking down on the hallway with their belongings.
    “I can’t believe they found some kind of mummy in our room,” said Ray.
    “I know, it’s kinda freaky, they said the Klang industries are investigating it now,” said Danica.
    “So, where were you assigned?” asked Ray.
    “I guess, I’ll be bunking with Rachel,” said Danica with a sigh, “She’s cool, but at time she’s also annoying,” Danica just shrugged it off and then looks at Ray “How about you?”
    “Well, unfortunately, I’m gonna have a guy for a roommate,” said Ray sighing.
    “That’s so cool!” said Danica as she giggles, “What if it’s Daniel Raner, that guy is SOOO hot!”
    “I talked to him, and he said he already has a roommate,” said Ray.
    Danica pushes Ray against the wall, and said to her face “You know DANIEL RANER? YOU out of all the people know the hottest guy in our school!”
    “Ah, yes?” said Ray.
    “Did you know he hardly talks to any girl, and you, YOU!” shouted Danica.
    “Ehehe… Ah, is anything wrong with that?”
    Danica falls down on her knees, “You are so lucky, I wish I was you…” she said as she sighs, “So, who do you think your roommate will be?” Danica looks at Ray with a smile on her face, “Maybe that guy you were telling me the other day? You know, the person you bumped in, in front of the dorm.” she said teasing Ray.
    Ray drops her stuffs and corners Danica against the wall, “Don’t you even DARE, mention that guy, I’m gonna go crazy if he becomes my ROOMMATE!” Ray then picks up her stuffs and heads towards her new room, Danica just looks at Ray and shrugged it off.
    Along the way, Ray suddenly bumped onto Dan, and accidentally dropped her belongings.
    “I’m sorry,” said Ray as she goes down to pick her stuffs.
    “No, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was spacing out,” said Dan as he helps Ray. Ray gets her stuffs, and was about to head on until Dan calls her.
    Ray looks back “Yes?”
    “Uh, I was wondering… if you have any plans for today?”
    “Nothing really, I’ll probably just arrange my stuffs in my new room.”

    “Ok,” said Dan as he looks down, “I’ll see you around then,” he said as he turns his back and starts to walk away slowly.
    Ray then said “I’ll probably be done by lunch, so if you don’t mind, we could meet up at the park near the Mayon Rulé café,” as she blushes. Dan looks back at Ray and blushes as well; he smiled and gives Ray a nod, as the two part ways. Ray then heads to her new room giggling. She entered the room and noticed the place is a mess and decided to clean before she could get ready for her date. She then sees quite a lot of stuffed toys lying around the floor, and thought that her roommate is somewhat of a nice person. After arranging the room, she fixes herself up for her date and ran towards the park.
    “I hope he didn’t wait too long,” Ray mumbled.
    Suddenly, Ray notices a guy about to cross the street, looking down on the ground, and not looking up front. A huge truck is then seen heading towards that guy, but Ray rushes to him and pulls him back on the street before the truck could run him over.
    “Are you ok mister?” Ray asked with a concerned voice.
    The guy looks back, and laughs “I’m sorry, I was spacing out,” the two looks at each other for a couple of minutes, and Ray noticed the guy, Ily.
    “You again!” they both said at the same time.
    Ray runs away from Ily, but Ily stood up and chases her.
    “Stop following me, you creep!” Ray shouted while running.
    “Waaaaaah! I need your help mister, err, I mean! Miss!” Ily shouts as he chases Ray. The two ran street after street, running in circles at the plaza near the park. Ray didn’t realize that she just passed on where Dan was waiting and went to a different direction, heading towards the slums, while Ily kept chasing her.
    “Get away from me you pervert!” shouted Ray.
    “Please stop!!! I’m sorry, I just want to talk, I just want to know why I can’t fall in love with you!!!” shouted Ily, as the two kept running and running. The two of them eventually stopped near a convenient store and tried to catch their breath.
    “Why do you keep saying that?” asked Ray, as she catches her breath.
    “Because…” said Ily as he looks at Ray directly.
    “Because what?” Ray asked as she stood up straight.
    “Wearing a tank top, pink over shirt, and a mini skirt,” said Ily as he stood up straight and crosses his arms, “man, you really are trying to be a girl, are you?”
    Ray runs away from Ily again, while Ily chases her again, as the two ran in circles around the store.
    Meanwhile inside the convenient store, a girl with dark red hair, a blue hat, and an all black outfit, is seen stealing some food from the store. The store owner notices the girl stealing, and chases her around the store. The girl eventually got outside, and started sprinting, while the store owner kept chasing her. The girl ran so fast, that the store owner couldn’t keep up, suddenly, the girl ran in a place full of garbage, graffiti’s in the wall, and a huge blockage in front of her, a dead end. The girl looks back and notices the store owner is almost closing on her, so she jumped in one of the trash, and suddenly a symbiote engulfs her and transforms her into a small unusual animal. The store owner catches up, and sees the dead end that the girl went to, but the store owner didn’t see anyone, thinking she vanished into thin air. The store owner then noticed the unusual looking animal walking out on him. The owner just scratched his head, and left wondering.
    A few minutes later, the small animal transforms herself back into a human.
    “That guy is such a fool…” said the girl as he smirks looking back at the store. The girl then looks up front, and surprisingly notices Ily standing in front of her. The girl was left speechless, thinking to herself “H-He saw me, he saw me transform… Oh, no, what am I gonna do, he’s gonna exploit me to the world, he’s gonna sell me to the highest bidder, scientists will experiment with my beautiful fragile body,” she said as little tears comes out of her eyes, “What am I going to do? What am I going to do? I-I know, I’ll kill him!!!... No, wait, I can’t, I am bound by the curse, I can’t kill anyone!!!” she holds her head and said “Ahhh, what am I suppose to do?!” Ily then mumbled something that surprised the girl, which causes her to move backwards. “Mister… I-It’s not what you think,” said the girl.
    Ily mumbles to the girl again. “What?” the girl asked, as she moves forward to hear what Ily is saying.
    Ily moves forward and shouted “I love you!!!” and then kisses the girl.
    Ray, just in the distance, noticed this and ran to where Ily is. Ray pulled Ily away from the girl and ran away from the scene. The girl touches her lips and started blushing, as she looks at Ray and Ily, running away.

    A few minutes later, in a children’s playground, Ily and Ray are trying to catch their breath from running.
    “What did you just do over there? You’re molesting another girl!” said Ray, “And why the hell am I helping you,” as she mumbles to herself.
    Ily stood up straight with a serious face, “I don’t know what I just did back there, but… s-something is wrong with me,” said Ily, as Ray listens to what Ily is going to say, “I-I think I was cursed…”
    “Cursed?” asked Ray.

    Ily explains to Ray everything that happened three weeks ago.

    “And you really think that’s a curse huh?” Ray asked.
    “Hey if it’s not, I don’t know what it is!” shouted Ily.
    “Probably you just had gone mental.”
    “I’m still sane! Besides, why can’t I fall in love with you?”
    Ray sighed and said “Fine, let’s say it really is a curse… what are you going to do about it…?”
    “I-I don’t know, that’s why I need your help, because for some reason, your not affected.”
    “Why are you asking me? I don’t know anything about that, I don’t know how to help you, I’m just new here in town,” said Ray as she looks at Ily, “sorry.”
    We then see the girl with the red hair in a nearby tree, listening to Ray and Ily’s conversation, as she thinks about what Ily said about the curse.
    Suddenly, the red haired girl noticed three goons coming near Ily and Ray.
    “Hey shorty, mind lending the girl to us, me and the boys just want to have some fun,” said the goon with the shades.
    Ily looks around “Are you guys talking to me?” Ily said laughing “I’m sure you’re joking right, this Girl isn’t a gi~” Ray hits Ily before he could finish his sentence.
    “Get lost you pervs!” Ray said as she glares at the three goons, “Or else you’re going to get it!”
    “Tough chick, I like that,” said the guy with the shades with a grin on his face. The goon with the shades snapped his fingers; this causes the two other goons to surround Ily and Ray.
    Ray whispered to Ily “Be a gentleman and protect me, you dolt!”
    Ily stands up holding his head, and then posed, showing off his small arms, and frail body, Ray and the goons just looks at Ily, weirded out, “Leave us be, or you’ll face my wrath!!!” said Ily as he laughs ferociously.
    “What wrath…!” said the guy with the shades, he grabs Ily from the collar and raises him up the air, while the two other goons grab Ray.

    “Get off me you idiots!” shouted Ray.
    “Can we just talk about this peacefully,” said Ily snickering.
    “I’m waiting for that wrath you’re talking about shorty,” said the guy with the shades.
    “Well, if that’s what you want,” Ily slips out off his shirt, and suddenly kicked the guy on the crotch and then took his shirt back, while Ray stomp on the other goon’s foot and elbows the other. Ily grabs Ray’s hand and starts to run. The goon with the shades whistled, suddenly a bunch of his gang comes out of nowhere and chases Ily and Ray. The girl with red hair looks on, and started following them.

    Ily and Ray kept running and running, heading towards the plaza, where a lot of people would be walking around, but suddenly Ray trips on a pebble, which causes her to fall down on the ground and twist her ankle. Ily stopped running and looks back at Ray.
    “Go on without me, go ask for help,” said Ray. Ily looks forward and continues to run, “Hey, I was just kidding!!! Don’t leave me here!!!” shouted Ray. Ily ran back to Ray, and carries her on his back. “Not a good time for jokes!” Ily shouted. Before Ily could walk any further, the two were then surrounded again by goons in a narrow spaced area. Ily stops walking and puts Ray down, then grabbed her and puts her in front of him.
    “Here take her!!! Just don’t hurt me!” said Ily as he cries like a baby.
    “You stupid jerk!!! Don’t make me a shield!” shouted Ray to Ily.
    The goon with the shades arrives at the scene and said “You’re going to pay for what you did shorty,” as he glares at Ily intensely “This time, I’ll show you MY WRATH!” Ily looks around, and noticed that there is no way out, the goon with the shades then signals his men to attack, but suddenly five spirit balls start bouncing around the floor, and hits the goons that were running towards Ily and Ray. One by one, members of the gang gets knock out by the spirits. The red haired girl then jumps in front of Ily and Ray. She then moved forward to kiss Ily, but one of the spirit balls bounce to Ily and hits him on the head, causing him to go down unconscious. The spirit balls disappeared, leaving the goon with the shades alone. The red haired girl looks back and glares at the goon, but the goon just glared back and whistled, bringing out another bunch of men.
    “Take care of him for me, I’ll take care of these goons,” said the girl, as she slowly walks towards the goons. Ray notices some kind of symbol in the back of the girl.
    The girl, in front of the goons, starts to glow and a symbiote engulfs her hands transforming it into some kind of hammer. She attacks the goons in top speed, as Ray looks on in awe.
    The goons fell down one by one, as the girl sliced and diced her way around the goons, leaving the guy with the shades alone. The girl and the guy with the shades look at each other intensely. The girl paced forward, but accidentally tripped on one of the goons, the goon with the shades noticed this and took advantage of it, bringing a knife out of his pocket and attacked the girl. As the girl was about to get stab, a rock suddenly flew out of nowhere and hits the goon with the shades in the head, causing him to go down, the girl with red hair looks back and sees Ray throwing the rock.
    A few minutes later, the police came and arrested the goons; Ray looks at the girl, as she was being interviewed by the police, the girl then signals her not to tell anyone what happened. Ray runs towards the girl and said, “I-I don’t know what to say, I guess, thank you,” Ray then looks at the girl with a happy face and whispered, “And you were awesome!” the girl smiles and then walks away, “Would you mind telling me what your name is?” asked Ray.
    The girl looks back and said “LeLaiyhn… and Thank you too,” she then walks away and vanished in the horizon.
    Ily wakes up holding his head and asked Ray, “What happened…?”
    Ray goes to Ily, “For some reason, seeing LeLaiyhn, with those abilities, makes me believe curses are real.”
    “Abilities?” asked Ily.
    “Nothing,” Ray said as she smiles at Ily.
    Meanwhile, in the park near the café, Dan is still waiting for Ray, but he noticed the time, and thinks to himself that Ray isn’t coming.

    Back in the Mayon Dormitories, we see Ily walking towards the front lobby. Suddenly the unusual animal from the store, jumps in Ily’s left side, Ily looks at the animal and smiles. He picked the animal up and hugged it, and then checked if the animal has a tag.
    “I guess no one owns you,” said Ily smiling, “I guess I’ll keep you then,” said Ily as he walks inside the dormitory, “hope my new roommate doesn’t mind me having two pets,” mumbled Ily.
    Ily goes to his room and notices that his place is clean, and sees Kiki at the top of the shelf with his stuffed toys. Ily puts his new pet down and gets Kiki down the shelf.
    “W-What happened here…?” asked Ily to Kiki. Kiki just barked at Ily, and then Kiki noticed the unusual animal, and chases the animal around. The door behind Ily then opens, and it’s his new roommate, the two looks at each other for a couple of minutes, and Ily realized that her new roommate is Ray.
    “YOU AGAIN!” they both shouted at each other at the same time.
    “Oh my gawd…! Don’t tell me you’re my new roommate!!!” said Ray pointing at Ily, while Ily starts to run around the room scratching his head. The unusual animal then jumps to Ray’s arms. Ray notices a flash of green spirit ball appeared before her eyes and remembers LeLaiyhn, the animal just winks at her, as Ray smiled back and looks at Ily running around.
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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    this is the best story i've read here yet Tem hope to see chapter 2 soon

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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    It is very heavy with dialog and reminds me of a light novel.

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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    Dramatic, wow... I'd have to say this is a good start, it is missing a few things but i can't seem to put a finger on it, lol keep up the work, it seems to be comming along good. I can't really think of anything else at this pont, but when you get the next section up I will come back and let you know more.
    I tryed to see things from your point of view but i cant seem to get my head that far up my ass!
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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    thanks to everyone who supporting the series, ive actually finish the whole story IN MY HEAD, its a pretty LOOOOONG story, with different arcs, and funny characters, but yah... to tell the truth, im planning to revise the 2 chapters, just a little bit, just had a brainstorm this past week about the whole situation between characters, so yea, thanks for everyone whos supporting the series

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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    WOW , do you hear me WOW XD , i really loved it , it is an dramatic story T-T which i really like .. Good Work !!!! ~ it is ok that your story is long as long as it is great >,< .... =^_^=
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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    Book 1:Chapter 3:"Introductions are done, let's finally begin!"

    He walked through the hallways of the school, wearing sunglasses, and holding a cane to guide him to his class. People stared at him and started whispering to each other, wondering what happened to him this summer vacation.
    Out of curiosity, one of the students came near him and asked him the question that everyone had on their mind.
    “Ily… d-did you, um, become blind or something?” he said nervously as he tries to look away from him.
    Ily paused and gave a huge sigh, which surprised the crowd and some of the students assumed the worst had happened to Ily.
    “So… are you!?” another student said as she came forward from Ily’s side.
    Ily ignored everyone and continued his way to class, heading towards a seat by the corner near the window. Ily sat down slowly on his seat, while the group of students, who were curious to hear Ily’s story, slowly walks towards where he is. The sun gleamed through the window as a sad expression on Ily face affected the crowd.
    “An accident, occurred this summer… there was a fire…” said Ily to the crowd, who seems to be really attentive.
    “There was a fire… in our house in Metollia … I had to save them… I had to, my brother and sister… my family needed me…” he said with an alluring voice clenching his fist by the table.
    “Wait, didn’t you say before you were an only a child?” interrupted by one of the students.
    “Hey who’s telling the story here!” said Ily with an angry expression.
    “Ehehe… sorry…” replied the student as he backs away from the scene.
    “Anyways… back to my story, before I was RUDELY interrupted… so there I was, carrying each and everyone of my family out of the building~”
    “I thought you said it was a house?” another student interrupted.
    “House, building, shack, mansion, whatever you want, just stop interrupting me! I’m telling the story, not you!” shouted Ily to the student. “Anyways… my brother and parents were already out of the building and my sister was the only one left as I entered back to the building, the flame got stronger and stronger, I tried as hard as I can to resist the heat of the flames just to get to her… and then… their I was holding my sister heading towards the exit. I started getting weary from every step of the way, carrying my sister to my shoulders… and then, out of nowhere, my knee… collapsed on me,” he said as he clenched his cane towards his chest. The crowd was into the story, some were weeping, some were smiling and some were clenching their fist anticipating what’s going to happen next. “For the last ounce of my strength, I threw my sister out of the exit, leaving me all alone in the raging flames, I couldn’t move… I was left alone, praying for the safety of my family… then I thought to myself, My Family… they still needed me. In a miraculous event, I was able to muster an ounce of strength, and slowly walked myself out of the building… but the price…” he took off his glasses, his eyes closed, and gave a huge sigh. The crowd began a dramatic frenzy with tears pouring down on their cheeks and hugging each other like the whole world had collapsed.
    A male student came near Ily, weeping, and said “Here Ily, please take this cake I baked, supposedly for Miss Venus, you can take it” handing over the cake to Ily. Ily nods, and thanks everyone for listening to his story. The other students gave him some sort offerings (money), and some of them started massaging Ily through awe, idolizing Ily’s heroics.


    “I~~~LY!!!” she shouted as she limped her way to the classroom where Ily was. Ily, scared of hearing her voice, didn’t know what to do; he didn’t know where to go, since the crowd was blocking his way. And then suddenly, there she was, standing in front of him. It was Ray.
    “How many times am I going to tell you not to play with my cane… and why the heck did you take my sunglasses,” she said as she forcefully took the cane and glasses from Ily.
    “Ah-haha… hello, Miss Tranny…” said Ily with a scared voice while his eyes are still closed.
    Ray hits Ily in the head, “Don’t call me that you stupid Stuffed Toy Collector Pervert”
    The crowd gave a puzzled look, as one of the students asked, “Uhm… what’s going on…? Isn’t he blind?”
    Ray gave the student a puzzled look as she said “Hmm? Blind, him… no way, he’s just playing around with my stuffs… stupid STC Pervert”
    The crowd glares at Ily as they took back all the items they gave Ily.
    “Ha-ha… well, I didn’t really say I was blind, did I? And I guess I should say I’m sorry, because that story about the fire thing… Haha I got carried away…” said Ily as he sits on his chair, eyes still closed, as he is obviously terrified on the tension that’s building up in the air.
    “What did you do this time?” asked Ray as she tries to balance herself with the cane. A girl pushes Ray away on the side and goes in front of Ily.
    “You tricked us!!! And why is your eyes closed anyways, open your eyes and explain everything,” said the girl angrily, as she tries to open Ily’s eyes forcefully. Ray then remembered Ily’s curse, before the girl could fully open Ily’s eyes, Ray pulls Ily’s chair backwards causing him to fall back down.
    “He can’t open his eyes… uhm, because…” said Ray nervously as the crowd looks at her, waiting for the rest of the explanation, “uhm… because he has this really weird pink eye disease thing…!”
    Ily suddenly got up and said “Yes…! I have this Weird Pink Eye thing like Miss Tranny said,” Ray then hooked one of Ily’s legs and pulled him down, causing Ily to fall down on his face, “I told you not to call me that…!” said Ray angrily. Ily got up again like nothing happened and explained to the crowd, “I have this kind of disease… if you’re a guy and look at me straight in the eyes, there’s a part of your body that will become… tinsy winsy small,” said Ily confidently while raising his pinky finger. After hearing what Ily said, some of the male students slowly moved away from Ily, some of them even holding their crotch. “And if a girl looks at me in the eyes…” Ily, still eyes closed, shows a big grin and said “She’ll fall in love with me and do perverted stuffs in front of me…” a group of female students quickly moved away from Ily while looking a little terrified.
    “Isn’t that the complete opposite…? And why is everyone so gullible…?” mumbled Ray.
    The school bell then rang signaling the start of classes, the rest of the students move back to their seats, while the other students go back to their own classes.
    “Well, that’s that…” said Ray with a small sigh while limping towards the exit “Please stop involving me with your weird antics…” said Ray looking back at Ily. He gave Ray a small nod with a smile of confidence on his face, while his eyes are still closed.

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    Re: I Love You...NOT!!! (I.L.Y.N.)

    As soon as Ray comes out of the class, she came face to face with Dan, she put her head down as Dan with anger on his face looks at where Ily is sitting. Ray tried to explain what happened, but Dan was obviously focused on Ily not listening to what Ray was saying. After Ray finishes, Ray just walked away from Dan, bowing to say sorry.
    The teacher then came in. She had long blonde hair up to her knees, simple glasses that compliments her simple yet beautiful face and was wearing the usual simple casual clothing for a simple teacher. Miss Yuri Venus. She’s famous among the guys and girls for her personality and beauty. She then notices at the corner seat of the room that Ily, covering his face, has finally attended her class and came near him.
    “I’m glad you finally showed up… I was getting worried that something might have happened to you,” said Miss Venus with a smile. Ily then put his hands down and turns to face Miss Venus. The class and Miss Venus were surprised at what they saw.


    “Uh, is something wrong with your eyes…?” said Miss Venus with a puzzled look. Before Miss Venus entered the classroom, Ily tried to draw fake eyes to his eyelids, so he can pretend his eyes were open, but without proper coordination and his eyes closed the result is something bizarre.
    “What are you talking about teach? My eyes are perfectly fine; I can see you perfectly with those beautiful eyes, Red Skirt, Loose buttoned sleeveless shirt…” @_@
    Miss Venus was wearing pink pants and a long sleeve shirt. While Ily was talking Miss Venus waves her hand in front of Ily’s face.
    “Am I right…?” @_@ said Ily confidently. All the students’ eyes turn to Miss Venus waiting for her answer. “Uh… yeah, you’re right… my mistake for doubting about your eyes… haha…” Miss Venus said hesitantly with a bitter smile as she rides along whatever antics Ily was doing.

    Classes went on for six periods, and the whole time Ily’s eyes were still closed trying to fool everyone around him with his fake bizarre drawn eyes. On Physical Education they had to run laps throughout the gym. While everyone was running clockwise by the sides of the gym, Ily was running in circles in the middle by himself making the Physical Ed. Teacher upset at Ily’s crazy antics, and scolding Ily in the process. On his English class, he wrote notes on his notebook with his pen while smiling confidently, but in reality he grabbed a small lollipop and a dirty magazine causing the teacher to scold him and confiscate the magazine. On Math class the teacher called Ily to go to the blackboard to answer one of the questions, Ily stood up full of spirit walked slowly towards the front of the class and picked up something that he thought was a chalk, but instead he picked up a lipstick that was near the blackboard, and wrote at the teachers face, which he thought was the blackboard, again… Ily was scolded. Going to the bathroom was one more process that Ily had to go through, he wasn’t able to go the men’s bathroom, and he didn’t go to a woman’s bathroom, instead he went inside the principals office and did his manly hour in front of the principal… and again, he was scolded.
    After a few more scolding, classes have finally ended, and Ily is seen lying down by the courtyard of the school with a tired expression on his face as he rubs off the drawing on his eyes.
    “This is tough!” moaned Ily, “I can’t do this forever... I need to find a better way to get through the day.”
    A female student with dark red twin ponytails, green headband and glasses walks by where Ily is while holding a stack of books. Not noticing Ily, she trips on Ily’s foot that made her threw the books up the air, causing it to scramble around the place, one of which fell down on Ily’s face.
    “Gyaah…! I’m sorry I’m sorry…!” said the girl apologetically while she hurriedly sat up and collected the books that had scattered. Ily then sat up taking the book off of his face while his eyes are still closed and said “Eh… I know that voice,” the girl then notices who it was and made a nervous expression on her face. She slowly got up to her feet, holding a couple of books and starts to slowly move away from Ily, ignoring the other books on the ground. Ily then opened her eyes and gave out a huge smile.
    “Glasses-chan!” Ily expressed with a cute voice as he runs towards the female student hugging her in the process. The female student dropped the books she was holding while trying to push Ily away.
    “I’m so glad you’re here… Glasses-chan,” said Ily, while rubbing his face on the girl’s face.
    “Uhm… please… no… stop” said the girl nervously.
    Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ily is hit with a cane on his head, making him pushed the girl down, and landing on top of her. Ily slowly sat up holding the back of his head and looked at the girl without her glasses, the girl looked back as both of them blushed.
    “Glasses-chan… Are you ok?”
    The girl just nods.
    In an instant, Ray appeared out of nowhere, holding both Kiki and the Puppy-Cat type LeLaiyhn on both arms which Ily had named Mimi, and gave Ily a drop kick on the face, causing Ily to fly by the grasses.
    “Molester, Rapist, stupid STC pervert…!” shouted Ray. Ray then looked at the female student, as the girl sat up and picked up her glasses, “Are you ok…? Did he do anything to you…?” asked Ray worriedly as she limped her way to the girl. She puts both of the animals down and crouched down to console the girl. Ily then jumped out of the bushes angrily and headed towards Ray. Ray with her quick reflexes picked up her cane and hit Ily’s face like it was a baseball ball, making Ily fly back through the grasses.
    Ray grabbed the girl’s hand and said “Come on, that maniac is dangerous, don’t get close to that person, and don’t even make eye contact.” Ray then helped the girl up on her feet and started limping away with her cane, but then she notices the girl isn’t moving on her position showing a worried look on her face.
    “Are you sure you’re ok?” Ray asked turning around to look at the girl. The female student didn’t answer as her eyes are locked on where Ily is lying down. Ily, unconscious is being licked by both of his pets while lying down by the grass.

    A few minutes later.

    “Ugh… uh… where am I…?” said Ily still groggy from the hit. Ily looked around to see the two girls standing in front of him, and then he suddenly notices that his arms and legs are tied up. “Waa- what’s going on here? Why am I tied up? Hey stupid Tranny what’s the big deal?!? I’m not into S&M!” said Ily at Ray, clearly both being frustrated at each other. Tension slowly rises up at both Ily and Ray looking at each other with some kind of murderous intent, while both Kiki and Mimi chased around each other circling at where Ily is sitting.
    “Uhm… excuse me?” the girl with the glasses intervenes. Both Ily and Ray looked at the girl with a scary face. The girl terrified just slightly covered her face and said “Both of you… please calm down,” Ily came back to her senses seeing the girl and gave out a huge smile, “Glasses-chan!” said Ily as he slowly crawls to where the girl is standing. Ray then moves in front of Ily stopping him from getting any closer to the girl. “Are you still not done molesting her you stupid perverted STC,” Ily stops and sat up and raised his eyebrow and said with a glint in his eye “Are you jealous Tranny?” She clenched her fist and gritted her teeth showing a huge amount of anger at Ily, “I swear… I’ll kill you right here right now!” Ray jumps at Ily and started strangling him.

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