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Thread: I Wish you grew up already

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    I Wish you grew up already

    Title: Wishing you grew up already

    ~*Chapter One*~

    Two young kids sat together......... at the porch of the sunset sea. They hold hands; kiss each others cheeks; kneel on each others shoulder; say how much they like each other everyday and just always smile. The boy strokes her short soft black hair and whispers to her:

    "I leave soon to Ohio. I'm sorry. This is our last day together"

    She hold her tears yet they still came out. She stilled smiled to him and replied:

    "Please get there.. safe."

    He removed her tear lightly and threw it to the sea. He hold her hand tighter and spoke again,

    "Please don't cry. It pains me to see you tear up cause of me."

    She moved her body to him to hug him. She hugged him tighter ad tighter every second. He smiled and hugged her back carefully trying not to suffocate her. She sniffed lightly as her hand grabbed his shirt tightly as her hug. She blurted out,

    "Can I....... Can I make this last promise to you?"

    He nodded yes smiling and answered,

    "Of course you may. Anything.... anything will work."

    "Once.. Once you grow up, promise you'll come back... back to me and make sure that you grown up so you can say you love me."

    "I think I'm already grown up to say that to you."

    He gently kisses her forehead and hugs her even tighter. She smiled and push their bodies apart to see his face. She moved her hand to his face and gently rubbed it to respond,

    "Not yet. Your not grown yet. And I'll wait till you grown for this promise."

    He grabbed the hand of hers she touch upon his face and smiled. He had hugged her again but tighter than she had did. Her eyes went wide and watery causing her to hug him back. He stroked her hair again and said,

    "I know. But I do love you even if we are kids even if I leave. So of course I will grant this promise. I will keep this promise forever, Callista. As they always say your precious name means Most beautiful one. And I agree with that."

    She blushed lightly and still continued to smile. She gently spoke,

    "Kanu, as yours means handsome in Hindu. I hope we meet again...... when we both are grown."

    "Me too my precious Callista. Me too."

    As their backgrounds go black and the next day has come. You see Callista quickly running and running as fast as she can to a certain black car. And there was Kanu already heading in the car and the doors shut. She made it but to the window where she saw Kanu as his mouth move, "I promise." Once he had shut his mouth the car left as Callista tried to chase for it. Kanu looked back on her getting smaller and smaller. She stop her chasing and ran out of breath watching the car leave. She teared up again crying,

    "I wish you grew up already............."

    ~*End of Chapter one*~

    This story I made recently just made me happy and tear up. T-T

    Hope you all like it all. ^^

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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    oh wow this story was just...breath taking! It made me feel so sad and yet a little happy! Alot of emotion and describing! I loved reading it great job kiwi! I absolutely can't wait for the second chapter!!! ^^

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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    Wow amazing you put so much effort into that its like a masterpiece
    Im not a one to cry but you did it.
    Your an amazing writer than would be more popular than Naruto if that were an anime.
    Please write more soon i'll be waiting

    Oh and I was imagining this in my head from Kingdom hearts

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    Amzing as always Kuwi. I hope to see more soon. I love all of your stories!!!! They emotions, the actions, and the memories. T.T man it was so sad! Can't wait for chap. 2

    'This world is trash. Cursed by the Fon Master...'

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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    Thanks you three. ^^ I'm glad you enjoy it.

    Title: Wish you grew up already

    ~*Chapter 2*~

    Snow hasn't fall yet out of the sky. An older woman ,short soft hair black head wearing a uniform, on her knees praying at the cold rusty shrine. Her long eyelash eyes finally open as her mouth moved,

    "I'm 16 and already the sixth year of it has happen today. Kanu, have you grown up already?

    "Hey you!"

    Shouted a distance from the stairs. She turned her head behind and looked upon a black head man scratching his head. He continued talking,

    "What are you doing here? Hey aren't you from the Zero Academy? If you are leave and head to school already."

    She stared with hatred in her eyes to him as he just continue glaring at her waiting for her to move. She stand up and defended herself,

    "Shouldn't I be saying that to you! Your wearing some other type of uniform so you should leave as well! Wait what are you doing here!? At the shrine?!"

    "Well me asking the same thing back to you! And I don't want to go to some pathetic school. All it does is just get you to another school called college. But you in other hand need the education as for me thats too much hard work for me now LEAVE Already!"

    She walked to the stairs where he stand coming closer and closer. She had stopped right in front of him and replied,

    "Fine than I will! Since I know I rather not stay here with some loser!"

    She continue walking down the stairs as he shouted to her,

    "Good than! At least it gets you gone, girl!"

    She stop at the middle of the stairs and looked back to him with cold eyes yelling,

    "It's Callista you idiot. And remember even though I doubt we'll meet again. So bye forever, sir!"

    She continued walking again not looking back anymore as his eyes had gotten wide. He looked at her walk away until she had vanish and whispered to himself,

    "Callista you say..................."

    Boom! Boom! Went Callista's feet lightly walking in the hallways of her school, The Zero Academy. She looked at the clock on the wall as she whispers,

    "Waste of going back here.... the last bell about to ring in one more minute."

    She sighed and leaned on the wall waiting. Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Was all she heard from the clock waiting and waiting until footsteps from the distance was heard causing her eyes to glare at both directions of the halls.

    RING!!!!!!! Goes the school bells as she still stayed cautious. Every student in the school came out of the classes as she kept her eye out waiting for anything to hit her. She sighed again relaxed, calm and walked out with the students. She looked off not caring anymore thinking nothings going to happen. Yet once she had stepped out of the school she was suddenly pulled out of the crowd. Her hand was grabbed and than she was pushed to the wall at the backyard of the school. She looked to the tall standing figure in front of her and sawed a brown headed man this time. He pushed her hands harder to the wall as she squealed in pain. She yelled hesitating,

    "Le... LET GO!!!"

    He pushed his forehead against hers as she try to shake him off. He had moved his lips slowly to her ear and whispered,

    "So little Callista.... My father wants his pay by Friday leaving you only five days left."

    "I'll give your fathers stupid debt when I'm let go, Erik!"

    "Lets hope so ,my Callista. Cause as always father says your just another little slut just like your mother. Living in a pathetic house with those orphans. My correction you are an orphan who just tries to steal money from any greedy old bastard. I don't agree with that but you always have to go to me...... why? "

    "Thats not true! He doesn't know my mother! He doesn't know how I live! He doesn't know anything about me. He's that greedy old bastard who's using me nothing much but a slave!!"

    "I know. My father is one. But I know how you can pay it off."

    "Huh? How Erik? I'm in your fathers debt for life!"

    "By marriage ,Callista."

    Her eyes widen as she knew this marriage meant freedom. No more problems, no more anything.......................................... . Her mind went white causing a flashback of hers. As she suddenly started to continuously nod no yelling even louder

    "No! No! I won't! I can't! I would never! Kanu................... Kanu................... I'm still in LOVE WITH KANU! I ONLY WANT KANU!!!"

    Erik's eyes went angry and even grew angry hearing that name. He squeezed her hands tighter to the wall as she squealed louder and louder he kept going. She painfully blurted out,

    "Ah! Stop! It HURTS!"

    "Why..... why do you still love him....? He'll never come back cause he'll never grow up..... Even if he did love you back..... WOULDN'T THAT MEAN HE WOULDN'T LEFT YOU ALONE HERE!!!!!!!!! I MEAN WOULDN'T CAUSE I......."

    "I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! KANU IS THE ONE!!!!!! THE ONE AND ONLY!!!!!!"


    "He's in my heart. And now he isn't cause he took part of it so I need him back to COMPLETE IT!"


    He grew more angry hearing that name over and over again. His heart burning everytime that name was spoken as his eyes tuned black dead. He had let go one of her hand free and was ready to hit her raising his hand higher and higher. She closed her eyes to get ready for the pain but a familiar voice came,


    She opened her eyes already with tears as her eyes went big cause it was that black headed man from the shrine who came and saved her by him grabbing Erik's arm. He again continue speaking,

    "That ain't polite treating a lady like that. I'm I right, most beautiful one?"

    Her eyes widen more as she whisper to herself,


    Erik growled at him and shouted,

    "You! What are you doing here!? K.. Henry! Aren't you suppose to be in college!?"

    "I guess I got too attach to the school. Besides I'll go when I'm twenty. And it also seems someone forgot my name. I'll go with it. Hmmm..................Your older than me by one year yet still shorter and in school isn't that shocking. Plus touching a lady like that or hitting her is already harassment which means you can be sue by this fine lady or me myself. I'm her witness right now and there are cameras here in this school that have been recently install here ,by yours truly, so wouldn't that be an embarrassment seeing you live right here with her."

    Erik hesitated hearing those words. He let go of her as Henry let go of his arm. Erik stepped back and spoke,

    "What do you want anyway? This isn't your business in the first place."

    Henry grabbed Callista's hand and moved her to his body. He hugged her in his arms tight as she blushed in shock. He replied,

    "Actually sir it is cause this beautiful lady in my arms, she is my girlfriend. And I guess I overheard your talking so I'll pay for her debt to you got that."

    Erik's eyes went angrier than Callista's from before as he punched the wall cracking it. He blinked once and spoke once more,

    "Fine than! Make sure I get it in by tomorrow, Henry."

    "Don't worry you will little Eriky I'll get your little pay."

    "I can tell her your real nae you know....... You wouldn't want that huh?"

    "OooOOOOOoo! Trying to disadvantage me. Well than you wouldn't want her going all over me rejecting you. Now aren't we even than even though yours is ten times worse."

    Erik grunted and walked past Henry and Callista as Henry whispers lightly to Erik,

    "Goodbye best friend."

    Erik vanish away out of the schools ground. Finally Callista responded,


    Henry jumped away from her and spoke quickly,

    "Kanu! Oh thats an interesting name! Who's that!? Umm... is it a girl or a boy??? I bet it's a boy HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

    Henry started laughing weirdly as Callista kept staring at him. She walked him and hugged him tight saying,

    "Kanu............... it's Kanu......... Kanu I'm finally able to hug Kanu................."

    "I'm not Kanu ,Callista. Besides this is my first time hearing that name and do you have any prove?"

    "Only Kanu knew what my name meant... Kanu was always the one who helped me and only shout at me if it's something important. Back there at the shrine you only wanted me just to get my education to college but you knew you had to use force."

    "Well you know me well but I'm not Kanu...."

    "Than you wouldn't know Erik's name than. And why did he say about your real name? So it's you Kanu! Kanu!"

    She hugged him tighter and cried a little. Her tears wet his suit as her hands gripped him tight. He tried to wrap his hands around her but he nodded no so he pushed her lightly away. He spoke again,

    "I'm not Kanu."

    And walked away from her. She looked at him and ran to him to hug him again. She whispers in his ear,

    "You haven't grown up yet thats why you won't come back to me huh?"

    ~*End of Chapter 2*~

    If I mess up on anything than sorry. ^^

    Hope you enjoy!
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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    This is amazing make more! haha
    Your a really good writer.
    I think i posted one of my short stories on here somewere too ^_^
    Anyways, keep up the awesome writing! i want more

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    Re: I Wish you grew up already

    Aw thank you so much Kuwi!! I waited forever for this!!! I love your stories and i can't wait til the next ch.

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