Title: If He Had Eyes
Genre: Comedy , Romance , Drama , Ecchi , Fantasy
Overview: 2 Child hood Friends That Haven't See Each other Since 9 Years...but then Kaorus's Back but then Somethings Wrong!!!



Himeno Kaoru
Ayano Ayase

Scene 1:

Kaoru: Aya-Chan Look! i have Picked up a Flower and It Smells Nice
Ayase: Let Me Have it

** Aya Smells **

Ayase: Wow Its Nice
Kaoru: Would you keep that Flower For me...
Ayase: Why ?
Kaoru: So When i'm gone That Flower Will be my Remembrance For You...
Ayase: Do you really have to go...
Kaoru: Yes I Need To...So When i come come back i can see your Face....

Sayo: Ayase-- Ayasee-- Wake up, ohh..you're Crying again

Ayase: *Wiping Her Tears* Ohhh...

-to be continued