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Thread: i'll get a title l8ter @_@

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    Okay just so you know, this is a combination of FFVII's some story and my own. (But its more like FFXIII time mixed in, you'll see). Bleh it'll be better than this l8ter @_@)
    Chapter 1 Part 1:1 : Returning Home (Sunset)
    A young guy was walking down the busy streets of Zarkosia(Has a sword on his back). The place was always lively with its merchants and street entertainers. All species interacted with one another in this peaceful kingdom. Not to mention a very famous play was to be performed tonight.
    The guy walked towards the stage where everyone was gathered. Near the back stood a girl around the same age as the guy. She was in wearing a dress, but it was military clothing, and it was the uniform of one of 4 generals of Zarkosia (Left eye had a white patch). The guy walked towards her.
    "I really do not like plays," he said.
    "Then why did you come?" she said.
    "They said it was good," he replied.
    She giggled, "Right sure..." She turned towards him. "Welcome home."
    "Thanks, I guess," he said. To be honest, he didn't feel comfortable coming back, the past still lingered around with him.
    "Oh come on Ciel, after 2 years of being a ranger squandering around the ruins and the plains of lorein, you should feel something to be back," she said.
    "I don't know, just not excited nor angry," said Ciel. "Not everyone loves adventure and comes to tell the tales of their journey when they come back Beatrix."
    "Hmph, and those who don't usually lack friends because they are so anti-social," she said.
    "You implying anything?" Ciel asked.
    "Maybe," she said winking at him.
    The play started as the curtains opened.
    "Why did you come back," Beatrix asked.
    "I don't know," said Ciel putting his arms behind his head.
    "Liar," murmured Beatrix.
    "I heard that," he said. Beatrix sighed and continued on to watch the play with Ciel.
    "Heard the princess is quite a handle," he said.
    "Oh so that's what its all about?" Beatrix said laughing.
    "Real funny... I don't even want to be around a person so nit-picky. I don't know how you can go around with someone who was so picky about your attire." said Ciel pointing at her dress.
    "At least she had some fashion sense," said Beatrix gesturing to Ciel's clothing.
    "Hey if I-"
    Suddenly there was an explosion on the stage. None of the actors were hurt, but there were 4 people who just appeared, and obviously not part of the play. One female wearing a cloak with a hood, and 3 men with unknown origins. She ran away towards the back of the stage with her pursers following her.
    "Trouble, wait he-" Before Beatrix finished, she saw that Ciel already was pursing the men.
    "I hate when he does that," she said.
    End of part 1:1

    Chapter 1 Part 1:2
    Ciel chased down the pursers through the alleys of Zarkosia. Finding it easier to track them from above, Ciel went to the rooftops. The girl and her pursers finally came to a dead end. Cornered she didn't know what to do.
    "Come nicely, and we promise not to hurt you," one of the pursers said.
    Then someone tapped one guy on the shoulder, the pursers turned around only to meet a fist.
    "That's for wasting my money back at the stage." Ciel said.
    The two other pursers charged at him full speed. Ciel made no hesitation and quickly tripped both men and kicked each one to knock them unconcious.
    "Dirty rats," he said. "Hey, you ok-". Before he knew it, the suspicious girl ran away towards the harbor.
    "What the-" He ran to purser her. The girl ran up then accidentally tripped on a rope and fell into one of the ships. Ciel continued to pursue her into the ship.

    Meanwhile back at the alley. One woman stood near the unconsious pursers. Looking at all of them with discuss, she lifted her hand and all 3 were shattered. Then she looked to the sky where one ship departed from port.

    Chapter 1 part 1:3
    The hooded girl went inside one of the storage rooms. From the looks of the style of the room and the loud noises from the engines, the ship was probable for cargo. She thought she was safe from her pursuers and relaxed.
    "Don't get too relaxed here," said ciel sitting on a crate right above her.
    She yelped as she saw ciel sitting in front of her. "That was the first and probably the last play i'll ever go to thanks to you," He said. He flicked the lights on but the girl's face was well concealed.
    She tried to make a run for the door, but instead she ran straight into the chest of Ciel.
    "Where do you think you're going? We're on a smuggle ship, it's best not to be seen." said Ciel.
    "Out of my way ranger I need to get away from here," she said.
    "Oh so you can talk? And I thought all hooded girls were mutes." He said.
    The girl got furious and took off her hood. "Watch your tongue! Think again who you're speaking to," she yelled. But Ciel wasn't paying attention to the words, he saw the face, and immediatly recognized it. It was Amalia, Amalia Rinoa, Princess of Zarkosia. Ciel raised an eyebrow, then Amalia realized what she had just done. Then she put her hands over her mouth, "Dear god,".
    "Smart..." said Ciel, "So much for trying to conceal yourself too."
    Flustered by his constant minor insults, she crossed her arms and turned her face away.
    "And what do you propose to do to get out anyways?" she said.
    "Nice to meet you too," he said sarcastically, "I'm Ciel." It was Amalia's turn to be surprised. "Ciel, you mean-" The ship went into turbulence. Alarms went off,
    "All hands to their station, monsters are approaching the ship!" the speaker said.
    Ciel quickly opened the door to see all the crewmen running to their stations. There was wide spread panic throughout the ship.
    "Hey you!" one sailor yelled out with a sword. Before the man could get any closer, Ciel quickly charged at him and knocked him out. Luckily no one noticed. He then turned around and signaled Amalia.
    "This way your highness."
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    made by me ^^

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