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Thread: Instinct

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    Re: Instinct

    Instinct 6
    Naliaa: Ok guys and gals you'll be able to join this Special club when you tell me your ages
    Selaniaa: I'm 16
    Flaren: 15
    Drajco: 17 here
    Naliaa: everyone qualifies
    Naliaa: hey take this as a token of my gratitude( gives them a bag of money)
    Selaniaa: thank you
    Flaren: wow thanks
    Drajco: thank you Naliaa
    Drajco: WHOOO!
    Selaniaa: WOOT!
    Naliaa: well I guess you can say your already ,but if you wanna really go you must train with all your might to ensure that you don't lose in the ceremonial tournament.
    Selaniaa: I will!
    Drajco: already on it
    Flaren: hoping to it! (Naliaa walks away)

    Hashuto: Hey there Rai did you do as I asked?
    Rai: Yeah I got them for you they've been waiting to see you for a while now,they're all the same age.
    Hashuto: whoa all of them are really 12?
    Rai: that's right
    Rose: um h-hello mister
    Dianna: Hiya
    Hashuto:I have to go, one thing to say before I leave you...TRAIN HARD (smiles)
    Rai: leaving again? when will you be back?
    Hashuto: I will be back in 5 months.....To Arckaum that is..Letter will arrive on Christmas day.
    Rai: Ok well I'll take care of the kids for you ok, O and don't worry I've talked to their parents already and they All accept the offer.
    Hashuto: Doesn't matter I want the kids to want to come that's the whole process.Parents are only included to reasure them that their child is going to a safe place. So bacsically If a child wants to go parents have no say so, but this is for a better cause than most parents will not ever know. So either they participate or they disown their child.
    Rai: Man that's kinda harsh ,but I guess it can't be helped after all it's not against the child's will.
    Hashuto: Right ...I must go and get some free time.....before I return..so if you'll excuse me I'm off.
    Dianna: where did he go?
    Rai: ha ha to prepare himself for you all (really to enjoy hiself before going back to Arkaum being that this will be their next step to become teachers ha ha I never pictured you the teacher type Hashu)

    Blank: Train me Rai
    Rai: I wish I could, but you'll have to find out much as you can on your own before Hashu returns sorry little buddy I'm not allowed to intervene.
    Rai: (feels bad) Don't worry I'm sure you'll do just fine!
    Rose: Yeah we can train together.
    Rai: That's The Spirit!

    Keladorm: AHH so where are the rest of your friends Cody?
    Cody: They are on the far side of the playground where I can't go
    Keladorm: and why can't you go?
    Cody: it's only for 10th graders
    Keladorm: Says who?
    Cody: (shocked) Only All the 10th graDERs! their scary!
    Keladorm: Explain this to me cody how can you have friends in the 10th grade,but can't be invited to play with them?
    Cody: because Zaku and Yumi are different from the others and they don't want me to get picked on or do any of the stupid things they did to get in the club.
    Keladorm: hmm...,I see well you stay here and I'll go over and talk with them and see if they are interested in joining my club.
    Cody: ok
    (Keladorm walks over to the far side of the play ground)
    Keladorm: WHICH one of you is ZAKU and YUMI!?
    (all the 10th graders look in shock and spread out leaving Zaku and Yumi in the middle)
    Keladorm:Well it looks Like you two are the it's.. Come with me
    Zaku: We aren't going anywhere. I don't know you and niether does Yumi!
    Keladorm: How Cute, BOY! I'm your campus Admistrator Now follow me before your in more trouble!
    Yumi: We better Follow Him Zaku I don't wanna get in more trouble
    (they follow him out the crowd)
    (fat kid) Raff: Good luck guys ha ha
    Keladorm: Something Funny KID! EVeryone Continue what you were doing before I have Lunch Ended!
    Raff: AHh!
    (kids run away)
    Zaku: who are you?
    Yumi: I know who you are, your that man cody was talking about aren't you?
    Zaku: Wha! b-but I thought he was lying
    Keladorm: Lying why would a nice young fellow like cody lie? I'm standing here right now aren't I?
    Yumi: wheres cody?
    Cody: Right here! Guys I told You!
    Zaku: Sorry I didn't believe you the other day
    Yumi: Yeh, but why did you yell at us infront of all those people I do have a reputation that you may have hurt with your little approach.
    Keladorm: how else was I suppose to get them away from you, and, if I came to you acting nice you wouldn't take me serious.
    Zaku: Well I wasn't going anywhere unitl Yumi gave in.
    Yumi: You clown you did-
    Cody: -Guys listen up he has to hurry an tell you the Story.
    keladorm: What sto-O... you mean the training Story Well I wouldn't call that a story well not exactly nevermind that, you must quit your old club to join this and once you choose you can't go back ,nor can you abandon Cody you must train hard. What I mean by training is, excercise, Run,skip,jump,climb whatever you think training might be to you. I can only give you influence I can't force you to do anything ,but I will say this if Cody is your real friend Join this club.
    Zaku: O yeah why should we just quit our club and join this?
    Keladorm: that's the big surprise you can only find out by doing the things I mention.
    Cody: Are you guys in?
    Yumi: I'm in what have I got to lose, it's not like I have a coff* Coff* Rep or was vice-president of the keystone club.
    Keladorm: Thata girl.
    Yumi: (face turns red)
    Cody: Zaku?
    Zaku: Aw man ....why not I never liked the keystone club anyway.
    Keladorm: Before I go cody your 13 and Zaku and Yumi are both 16 correct?
    Zaku: Yeah, man you're good...(starts to glare at Cody) too good
    Yumi: He's gone.
    Cody: Don't worry he'll be back at Chirstmas
    Zaku: How do you Know?
    Cody: He said something about returning on christmas day.
    Yumi: I hope you are sure about this cause if I quit My Club I worked so hard to get in then I'ma kill you as my proof to get back in.
    Cody: (Gulp*) don't wo-worry it'll be cool You just wait.
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    Re: Instinct

    WOW!!!!!!! This is so interesting to me!!!! Sorry but yah!!!!!!!! Great job!!! Continue!!!! Continue PLEASE!!!!!!!! I want to READ MORE!!!!!!!!
    「When I'm sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead」

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    Re: Instinct


    Rose Mardis
    Hairstyle: Really curly and has her front curl braided into a rose.
    Haircolor: Black
    Accessories: A Rose Braided in her hair.
    Eyecolor: Deep Red
    Body: PreTeen
    Weapons: Razor Fan
    Mark: Black rose
    Fighting Style: Bajiquan (taught to her after her fight with Tashiaire)
    Hobbies: Picking differen't kinds of roses
    Likes: Roses
    Dislikes: being stuck inside.
    Past: Was saved because of a special Rose bush.
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: Be a scientist at Najusio
    Story: Rose was born with a disease that could casue her to die from the smallest sratch or cut. Rose snuck outside in her mother's garden and was playing when she saw the most beauty flower she'd ever seen, when she tried pick it she was cut by thorns which she didn't see. Now she was bleeding and started to cry ,but the blood soon started to stop as one of her tears landed into the cut. A chemical in the rose made a cure for her disease after being mixed with a certain compound which is found in a tear. When her mother found out she became rich for having this rose bush and used it to help other kids with Rose's disease. Rose goes to Arckaum just because all of her friends are going and she doesn't want to be left alone.

    Flaren Ashami
    Hairstyle: Two Pigtails
    Haircolor: BabyBlue
    Accessories: Black Hair ribbons
    Eyecolor: BabyBlue
    Body: Average
    Elemental: Fire,Earth,Wind, Water
    Fighting Style: Bajiquan
    Hobbies: Ice skating
    Likes: Roses
    Dislikes: Snakes
    Past: Flaren has died once before,but brought back by special medic's.
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: Wants to continue to train at Arckaum and maybe become and elder.
    Story: Flaren is up most under estimated becaue of her grace state of being nice,and taking time to make sure she looks her best where ever she goes. Flaren had a terrible accident when she was 8, she was ice skating and fell through the ice and froze to death,but special medic's resume to bring her back. She was pronounced dead 3hrs after she had fallen in to the ice. She was taken to the morge where her parents wanted her to be creamated. The same night Flaren burst through her parents front door shocked by her appearance Flaren's parents thought she was a ghost from the dead,for her skin had turn a pale blue when they realize she was still alive they rushed to her to comfort her. Flaren had been dead for 4hrs her hair style resembles icsicles. Flaren will surprise alot of people at Arckaum who take her as a fragile young girl.

    Drajco Gubash
    Hairstyle: Mohawk
    Haircolor: Dark Green with Light green highlights
    Asscessories: Village Rope around his chest.
    Eyecolor: Black
    Body: Athletic
    Age: 17
    Weapons: Three Pole Nunchaku
    Fighting Style: Wrestling and Jeet Kune Do
    Hobbies: Dancing
    Likes: Fishing
    Dislikes: Ghost
    Past: child from a Village Curse put on him by a Necromancer before he was killed.
    Present: Student at Arckaum
    Future: Wants to a Commander at Arckaum
    Story: Drajco comes from a village where power and speed is everything ,Drajco was behind at his village where he was laughed at ,and punished for having the curse of the dead on his right eye. People of the village believe that he was the necromancer reincarnate. Drajco's parents gladly let him go to arckaum without question their minds corupted by their village. Drajco soul purpose in life is to make his parents proud,and to show the village that he is something great.

    Dianna Takawana
    Hairstyle: One pigtail on the leftside of her head.
    Haircolor: Black
    Accessories: Iron spike Bracelets(uses them for weights)
    Eyecolor: Black
    Body: PreTeen
    Weapons: None
    Elemental: Wind
    Mark: none
    Fighting Style:Tai chi
    Hobbies: Singing
    Likes: Playing piano
    Dislikes: Vegtables
    Past: Mother is a Famous Singer
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: wants to open a talent oraginization
    Story: Dianna is one of the most crazy twelve year-old girls you'll ever meet, she sings about almost anything she can (everything). Dianna was following in her mother's footsteps until she notice how stressful it was then she decided to help children that want their dreams to come true just like anyone else. She only joined Arckaum to learn how to fight. Dianna was sick of being picked on by the bully tom boy's at her school she sets to Arckaum to learn that she isn't helpless.

    Cody Egts
    Hairstyle: All of his hair combed forward hanging over his forehead.
    Haircolor: Blonde
    Accerssories: None
    EyeColor: Skyblue
    Body: PreTeen
    Age: 13
    Birthplace: Doeraun
    Siblings: none
    Weapons: Ice sword
    Elemental: Water
    Fighting Style: Ancient Ice sword technique
    Hobbies: Mediataing in the waterfalls
    Likes: Snow
    Dislikes: Summer
    Past: Cody's parents are both Dare Devils
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: Cody wants to be better than his parents
    Story: Cody Wants to be a Dare Devil like his parents ,but he lacks the courage to even jump off the high diving board at the pool. Zaku often teases him for being a scary cat,but Yumi reminds him of how great he can be if he puts his mind to things. Cody hopes that Arckaum will rid him of almost any fears he has or will have in the future.

    Selaniaa Bledsoe
    Hairstyle: Two short ponytails that come down infront of her shoulders.
    Haircolor: Gray
    Accessories: White hair clamps
    Eyecolor: White
    Body: Average
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Saz'Shara
    Siblings: none
    Weapons: Two three bladed Daggers
    Elemental: Dark, Fire,
    Mark: Curse
    Fighting Style: Ninjitsu
    Hobbies: Training
    Likes: To many things to put one
    Dislikes: popcorn
    Past: Comes from a military ninja squad.
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: Wants to get in to Xenoix
    Story: Selaniaa is a Miliary brat ,but not of guns and tanks and all the big airplanes ,but of Ninja arts. She started at a very young age training and grew to love training and bettering herself put in a high squad at only the age of ten Selaniaa displayed a side of her that seemed to awaken from her hatred built up over the years. Which was a sign of the banchee curse which is the curse of the Queen put on her kingdom under the influence of Nok's brain washing. Selaniaa grand masterery of Ninjitsu caught Nok's eye when he tried to take her the Grandmaster of the Ninjitsu stepped in and stopped Nok,but he knew it wouldn't be the last time he tried and he wasn't going to risk the chance of Selaniaa being taken, So he sent Selaniaa of to live with his Daughter. There Angela told that someone would come for her soon. Selaniaa confused didn't really put much thought into it. She made friends and when the time came she went to Arckaum.

    Zaku Tao
    Hairstyle: Long and spiky (he ties most of it together)
    Haircolor: Black
    Accessories: Family signet on his Hair tie.
    Eyecolor: Black
    Body: Built
    Age: 17
    Birthplace: Saz'Shara
    Siblings: None
    Weapons: none
    Elemental: Dark, Fire
    Mark: Death Prince
    Fighting Style: Haryujuken
    Hobbies: Trains in secret
    Likes: Day Dreaming about his Kingdom
    Dislikes: Nok
    Past: Heir to his Throne
    Present: Student at Najusio
    Future: Wants to Claim His Throne as King of Saz'Shara
    Story: In Saz'Shara there are two heirs that aren't related, as this goes the king doesn't marry the Queen ,but instead marries a woman from the kingdom that he chooses. Same thing for the Queen their children are the next heirs creating two separate family lines. Zaku comes from the Queen's side wihle Yumi comes from the King's side. Nok kill his father and married mother and proceeded to kill Zaku ,but he escaped with Yumi who was banished. Now living with yumi's aunt who is actually no realation to him, he tries to make the best of his new life, but hatred burried deep within his heart turns Zaku into a different person he's more like a bully now picking on younger children which is broken by Darkwolf when they almost have a fight, but is completely broken when he fights Jack Madison. Zaku only goes to Arckaum because he doesn't want to be alone.

    Yumi Tao
    Hairstyle: Long straight
    Haircolor: Silver
    Accessories: Flower behind her ear. (which bares her family signet)
    Eyecolor: Black
    Body: average
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Saz'Shara
    Siblings: None
    Weapons: Two Katana
    Elemental: Water
    Mark: Death Princess
    Fighting Style: Haryujuken
    Hobbies: Watching Cranes
    Likes: Cherry Blossom flowers
    Dislikes: Nok
    Past: Heir to her throne
    Present: student at Najusio
    Future: Wants to claim her Throne as Queen of Saz'shara
    Story: Heir to her Throne which was sabotaged and taken over by Nok a samurai who got his hands on some forbidden armor and a legendary sword.
    Her Parents weren't killed,but worst their spirits were sealed in a Tomb where they are neither dead or alive, instead they are restless Yumi was banished away from her home and sent to stay with with her aunt who told her that she would have to forget about her home and try to start over. Yumi couldn't just start over as she had nightmares that disturbed her , Nok wasn't finished he still had a greater plan which seemed to involve her as the key. Not wanting to endanger her aunt she goes to Arckaum hoping they can either protect her or help her.
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    Re: Instinct

    Ahh.... read all I had missed... very nice, really enjoyed reading it and I'm interested to see how you continue this... can't wait for some action!!!!!!!!! ^^

    Nice work... it's quite ok... interesting to read...

    My recommended fanfic: "Dreamer" by Scourge

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    Re: Instinct

    Chap. 7
    Nahissar: (Wow this kid is a perfect never thought He'd be able to fight too! I think this will be the perfect time to greet him right Infront of his Parents.)
    Nahissar: Wait a min. ma'am..Sir I would like to make you a offer
    Paul: Hey there what kind of offer is it?
    Nahissar: I would like for your son to attend our Acamdemy with others with his poetinal
    Tanya: Our son? what kind of academy is this? and how much is it? do they get to write home?
    Paul: Honey hold up I don't know about this I need to see some ID or pamphlet or something
    Nahissar: Not a problem sir here you are everything you need to know( hands him scroll and his ID)
    Tanya: More importantly how often does he get to come home?
    Loi: Mom...Dad I wanna go.
    Nahissar: It's free of cost if your child however Fails to graduate he will be sent home.
    Paul: Well I don't see no Harm In letting him attend if it's free....When will he return?
    Nahissar: One year...it takes one year..is that a problem?
    Tanya: Well then, I guess you better get home so you can get your bags packed.
    Nahissar: Your not his parents are you?
    Paul: nope Loi is a orphan...which is why we want the best for him.
    Tanya: We have heard of this place, but never thought he'd get accepted...we just wanted to make sure that you were offical and not some Phony man looking for money.
    Nahissar: I can reasure you that I wil-
    Paul: You don't have to say it... I know.
    Nahissar: well I will send a letter in the mail to him that should be there on Christmas day.Mean while little guy You train as hard as yo-
    Loi: Can I bring friends with me? can they come too?
    Nahissar: I don't see why not If you think they got what it takes then bring em, but I must tell you two rules before I leave. You can only have two friends and they must be no younger than 11 and no older than 16.
    Loi: Ok bye mister
    Tanya: And what should you say to a nice ma-
    Loi: And thank you.
    Nahissar: No, thank you.
    Paul: Alright then lets go you gotta start preparing yourself.
    Loi: (thinks to hiself: I can't believe it Dad I'm going I'm really going to make it there I'll make you proud I promise)

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    Re: Instinct

    5months later chap. 8
    Dante: Thank you Mrs. Chawaki
    April: Not just yet I need to talk to your parents First.
    Vergil: Mom it's ok they won't mind we'll ask tomrrow can't we please?
    Vulcan: Not! We can just keep him here his parents might be worried about him it's 10:00
    (Kelra Pulls vergil aside)
    Kelra: o no! what are we going to do now Dante is a orphan he lives under the bridge how are we going to explain that to mom?
    Vergil: We don't have to I'm telling Vulcan. He can talk to mother better than we can right?
    Kelra: Only shot hurry
    (April and dante leave for the car)
    Kelra: I'll hold up mom( runs outside)
    Vergil:Ok.. Vulcan! sit down and listen to me
    Vulcan: no need to yell I know you don't understa-
    Vergil: No your the one that doesn't understand that Dante is a orphan so he can't go home he has no home.(crys)
    Vulcan: WHAT! ....nevermind that I gotta stop mom!
    Kelra: Mom remember what you said about never doing that thing.
    April: what are you talking about? Whats wrong with you two you act like he's never coming back.
    Kelra: (he might not out there and it's cold tonight) BUt MOm!
    April: Whats gotten in to you I don't wanna hear anoth-
    Vulcan: MOM! Stop!
    April: Shit! not you too come on now your to old for that.
    Vulcan: No, they have to tell you someting ,but I rather we discuss it in the house it's one of those matters.
    April: Fine ,but soon as we discuss this I'm taking Dante home, and I will think about him coming back for the summer.
    (everyone comes inside)
    Apirl: Ok make it quick
    Vulcan: I'm not telling her your doing this part, I stopped her now go ahead.
    April:someone better tell me something before I explode!
    Kelra: Mom.. Dante is.. an orphan
    Vergil: So you see... he can't ...go home(tears up)
    Dante: you didn't ....Kelra... I told you guys not(tears up) to tell anyone that!(burst into tears)
    (April holds dante coaxing him)
    Vulcan: how you guys play like he had a home for five months?
    Kelra: He wanted it to be a secret ,but I just couldn't bear it anyomore
    Vergil: Me either.... sorry Dante
    Dante: I can't trust anyone.....
    Vulcan: No! that's not true Kid thats nothing to play with what if something happen to you Out there?You can't expect them to bear something like death.
    April: Son if you wanted to stay here at my house all you had to do is ask.
    Dante: Really you wouldn't have sent me away and not let me be friends with Vergil and kelra anyomore?
    April: Heavens No what kind of person do you think I am? ha ha I'd never do that. Who did that to you?
    Dante: I use to have a friend until his parents found out I was orphan then they tried to send me to an orphanage. When I ran away from there and came back they made me leave there house saying that they didn't want Strays around their son. I never saw Jim again.
    April: thats horrible , honey if you wanna stay here then this is your home now ok?
    Dante: ..you really mean it
    Vulcan: Of coarse! That means your family now little bro
    Vergil: WOW now we can Train together.
    Kelra: Speaking of that I wanna go to mom I wanna go to the academy Vulcan went to.
    April: that's up to him
    Kelra: Vulcan?
    Vulcan: Train And I'll think about it.(who would of thought this would turn out here I am bout to go look for one more child when my lil sis volenteers herself....)

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    Re: Instinct

    Chap. 9
    Odhin: things have been running smooth I think I can leave them. Funny how friends follow one another Friendship is a very strong Thing, Guess I'll tell them that I gotta go today.
    Jack: Hey Odhin
    Tashiaire: Hi here's my permission slip
    Odhin: Whoa I almost forgot, thank you, everyone else got theirs?
    Tommy: I have mine right here
    Jack: I already gave mine along time ago remember?
    Odhin: yeah that's right, Ok kiddos you will recieve a letter in the mai-
    Tommy: We know, it says it in the letter.
    Odhin: Well I guess this Is good bye for now....keep training for me ok?
    Tashiaire: I 'll make sure they do.
    Tommy: you ok jack ?
    Jack: Yea yeah I just got a grain of dirt in my eye.( Odhin you better graduate I wanna see you again.)

    Khalipso: Ok class the bell is getting ready to ring for you to be out of school FOR THE

    Class: SUMMER!
    Khalipso: Jalia Start the count down ,Cady, blow the whistle, Plenthara, draw the Line and if anyone throws a water ballon before time then I will stop and we will stay here two hours later cutting into your summer time.
    Cady: YOu Bo-
    Plenthara: (grabs cady's lips) Shut-up so we can start
    ( everyone Throws their water balloons and have a big water fight on the way out of school)

    Grimm: Man this what I call a vaction!

    Mrs. Dona: Douze can you pick jake up from School today? I have to get my shopping done for jake to go with you to the Academy.
    Douze: Mom it's not till next year ,but I would love to pick him up.
    (gets in the car to pick up jake)
    (pulls up to the school)
    Douze: is that Jake what the heck is he doing sitting there I know he sees me.(rolls down the window)
    Douze: Damit I don't believe this how does someone Get in trouble on the last day of School doesn't make since.. I swear..
    Teacher: Hi I would like to tell you About your brother...
    Douze: Yes, I think I already know He does it at home.
    Teahcer: ya, well today He pulled a prank on a teacher. When I tried to confront him he ran .He lied once I caught up with him (^sighs^)... Just Troublesome today.
    Jake: what the I-
    Douze: I told you today was the last day and you could go on the trip ,but now yo-
    Taki: Hey Jake I Can go with on the trip and so can Sakuda
    Jake: (signals for them to knock it off)
    Sakuda: Hey Jakie sorry I took so long ,Sis and I had to get off the bus I forgot about the trip.
    teacher: O and he's also been talking about this school he's going to which is why he pulled what he did today.
    Douze: (angry with jake takes a deep breath) Um what did he do?
    Teacher: I thought you'd never ask, Well he and some other kids, who he won't tell me the names of put a snake in the teachers desk poor thing almost had a heart attack until she found out it was fake she couldn't find out who it was, because everyone ran out the class thinking it was a real snake.
    Douze: Are you going to give her the names?
    Jake: what are you crazy I'm not telling anything besides I had no part in it I just knew who it was thats all. she put me in it.
    Teacher: that's why I held him here because he wouldn't tell me the names of the Students.
    Douze: Come on fess up man so we can go
    Sakuda: (*whispers* Taki we should help him lets say we did ok)
    Taki: (*sighs* I guess It can't be helped) I Did it geez, If I knew that he was going to suffer that much, I wouldn't have let him take the blame.
    Sakuda: we're sorry jake.
    Jake: b- but
    Douze: BUT Nothing you apologize to the teacher so we can get outta here
    Jake: Sorry (grids his teeth)
    Teacher: Thank you ..you can go now...(smiles at Douze)Thank you young man
    Douze: No problem. come on you guys
    (everyone walks to the car)
    Douze: I can't believe you man!
    Jake: WHAT! WHY NOT!
    Taki: oh no
    Sakuda: .....
    Douze: You pulled a nice prank heh heh
    Jake: What? Aren't you mad too.
    Douze: Noo..Teachers are annoying sometimes...thats why I kept telling you, just say you did so we could go,but thats good you didn't give in. Who's the two friends?
    Jake: Sakuda and taki geiji
    Douze: (thinks to himself: What! are they related to Kaluis) Which one is your girl friend?

    Jake: Taki!
    Taki: What did you say?
    Jake: O nothing
    Sakuda: (laughs)
    Douze: Where do they live so we can get home.
    Sakuda: We live around the corner from jake.
    Douze: O ok Then I'll just turn here then.
    (pulls up and lets Sakuda and taki out)
    Sakuda: Wait do we get to go?
    Douze: You have permission from-
    Taki: (hands him permission Slip)
    Douze: (glances over at jake) Well you seem to be eager to go..So yes then you qualify.
    Sakuda: Bye Jake
    Jake: bye ...bye Taki
    Taki: yeah

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    Re: Instinct


    Blank Yun Chao
    Hairstyle: Spikey
    Haircolor: Dark Red
    Accessories: HeadBan
    Eyecolor: Dark Red
    Body: PreTeen
    Birthday: October/30/1993
    Siblings: Zhen
    Weapons: Two short Swords
    Elemental: Dark
    Mark: Shadow
    Fighting Style: Shadow of the Seven Swords
    Hobbies:Moutain climbing
    Favorite Food: Tacos
    Likes: Snowboarding
    Past: Sealed with a special super DNA put together by Xianra Corp.
    Present: Student at Arckaum
    Future: Wants to leave Arckaum and take revenge on his Father and the corporation he works for.
    Story: Blank has lived in darkness his whole life not even knowing about his lost brother who escaped from Xianra, the corporation his dad works for. Only recently finding out this from his mother before he left to go to Arckaum, Blank is fixed on finding out who his brother is ,and why he was kidnapped by his father. His father searches for him to retreive the second part of the Super Genetic DNA that he sealed within him at birth. Although this is unknown to Blank, he suspects he's different from other children and therefore doesn't speak alot. Blank is continously training, developing
    different techniques.

    Sakuda Geiji
    Hairstyle: Short (kinda tom boyish)
    Haircolor: Brown
    Accessories: Neckban & hand guards
    Eyecolor: Brown
    Body: Amazon
    Siblings: Taki (Doesn't know about Alex, shush dont tell)
    Weapons: none
    Elemental: Dark, Wind, Fire, Earth,Water
    Mark: Sleeper
    Fighting Style: Ansatsuken
    Hobbies: Training
    Likes: Stan
    Dislikes: liars
    Past: Lives with her grandparents
    Present:Student at Arckaum
    Future: Wants to marry Stan
    Story:Living a life not know her parents, Sakuda became strong willed at an early age not one to be pushed into doing something she didn't feel comfortable doing. She finds herself crying every night wonder why her parents wouldn't come and visit or where they really were. thinking maybe they hated her and never wanted to see her again she becomes even more hardcore and ruthless. the complete opposite of her twin sister Taki sakuda hates studing and won't work hard unless it's someting that benefits her.

    Taki Geiji
    Hairstyle: Pulled back into a ponytail which she lets her hair Spikeout
    Haircolor: Black
    Accessories: Neckban body suit
    Eyecolor: Brown( but wears black contacts most of the time)
    Body: Average
    Siblings:Taki (doesn't know about Alex yet)
    Weapons: Sword, shuriken
    Elemental: Dark, Wind, Fire,Water,Earth
    Mark: Sleeper
    Fighting Style: Ninjitsu
    Likes: Jake, Aldaan,
    Dislikes: Jake
    Past:Lives with grandparents
    Present::Student at Arkaum
    Future:Want to be in the S.O.F.H.W (sign of hells winter) A very sercret organization.
    Story: Taki much like her twin sister Sakuda, most sister's fight and argue alot, but not Taki she had to be the person that Sakuda would lean on when times were rough. Taki is one of those girls that studies hard and makes it look easy , Taki is a person that enjoys learning and her drive to learn led her to some old books in her grandparents house which told her the truth about her parents and had scrolls of fighting techniques. Taki confronted her grandparents about this who told her the truth about her parents and how they disappeared after S.O.F.H.W mission. Taki showed Sakuda the scrolls and they both began studing with the help of their grandparents. Taki wants to find her parents, but goes to Arckaum when hearing from her grandparents that, her parents started out there.

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