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Thread: Instinct vol. 3

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    Instinct vol. 3

    Chap 1.
    Drajco: What I have to fight that kid?
    Cady: Hmm I'd watch him
    Plenthara: Can't be capable of that much he's just a kid.
    Cady: Guess you weren't paying attention to the first fight between those two girls.
    Drajco: Oh they weren't that strong, but they weren't weak either(walks toward the ring)
    Cady: Exactly , just watch out ok.
    Plenthara: look at the new Cady hehe
    Cady: Nothing has changed about me I just don't want people to think we are weak because he loses.
    Blank: (Better not hold anything back he's already pissed, why hasn't rose waken up yet, Everything is wierd here.)
    Drajco: I'm not one to bully people ,but I think you'd better just walk away from this while you still can.
    Blank: .......(closes his eyes)
    Drajco: Oh, the quiet type huh ? Well don't say I didn't warn you.( walks towards Blank)
    Blank: (eyes still close)
    Drajco: This quiet routine is starting to piss me off a lil bit (laughs, and continues to walk toward Blank)
    Blank: .......(eyes are still close, but he seems to know whats going on)
    Jake: That kid is either really scared or really tuff.
    Taki: doesn't seem scared to me.
    Sakuda: hmm, that Drajco kid better be careful.
    Kari: Hmph, this could get interesting.
    Loi: (looks at Kari) he he ya ,but you never really cared for fighting before, whats the interest now?
    Kari: Who said I never liked fighting? I just was always scared that you'd get hurt.
    Loi: Oh ( I'm not so sure if I won't get hurt now seeing whats happen so far), (looks at Alex and Rose)
    Drajco: (now infront of Blank) I'll make this quick (throws a punch)
    Blank: (Opens his eyes,and tilts his head envading Drajco's punch as if it was in slow motion)
    Drajco: Wha, so there's more than what meets the eye( smiles)
    Blank: (hits him with three blows to the stomach,and resumes the form , closing his eyes once more)
    Tryuwenn: Hey, Razor?
    Razorbeard: I know I know thats the form of the run away kid.
    Tryuwenn: They must be related,I'll look it up.
    Razorbeard: No need I know that kid's name.
    Tryuwenn: Well, thas Blank Yun Chao.
    Razorbeard: That missing kid's name was Zhen Yun Chao
    Tryuwenn:He should be about 22 now right?
    Razorbeard: Yea , but more importantly that style was...
    Tryuwenn: Shadow of the Seven Swords
    Drajco: I was hoping you wouldn't be a push over.
    Razorbeard: This could get dangerous if the system teaches him the forbidden techniques.
    Tryuwenn: Zhen never revieled that to the Tuchaun system.
    Razorbeard: Really I suppose we can stop it if it gets outta hand right?
    Tryuwenn: So you sure about this I mean Tuchaun was never predictable.
    Razorbeard: Trust me (teleports to the weapon rack) (looks at Tryuwenn and smiles) We want him to get all his training in this session.
    Tryuwenn: I guess yer right, can't be Shadow of the Seven Swords without a..
    Razorbeard: Sword! right ( tosses the sword at Blank)
    Blank: (Unconiously grabs the sword eyes still closed) (what the hell is going on here I didn't even think about it ...it's like my body knew it was there..attracted to it like it's apart of me.)
    Drajco: Hey , isn't this cheating you can't help him!
    Tryuwenn: Yeah this is like cheating no matter the circumstances.
    Razorbeard: Ha ha I realize that , but I also realized something that weighs this out.
    Tryuwenn: What would that be?
    Razorbeard: Look at Drajco's Face
    Tryuwenn: (Turns his head and looks at Drajco) Well I'll be damned that's mark of the Necromancer, that's the kid that fought with Zhen in this same training system.

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    Re: Instinct vol. 3

    Chap 2.
    Razorbeard: Yeah that was the first year that Tuchaun started to show some response.
    Tryuwenn: Yeah , but thats when everything started to get outta hand also. The SSS (Shadow of the Seven Sowrds) left that mark on that kids face.
    Razorbeard: but it also seemed to be a counter part of the SSS,it's like Tuchaun did that so they would be evenly matched.
    Tryuwenn: Yeah I remember now that happened after we stopped the fight,and then they ended up fighting again in the real tournament.
    Razorbeard: That time it was differen't than the training, since he had the mark it seemed as if Zhen and him were evenly matched until...
    Tryuwenn: The thing happen ...Zhen took those wraps of his head ,but I thought you said that Zhen didn't reveil the SSS forbidden techniques?
    Razorbeard: Your memory is going dull Cousin, We didn't have Tuchaun in both Arena's back then.
    Tryuwenn: Thas right, I forgot about that.
    Drajco: ( ok time to get serious now) (the mark on his face begins to grow covering his whole face and turning his eye's white.)
    Tryuwenn: So it begins....
    Fei: This Blank kid seems to know how to play the calm game well.
    Cody: He's brave that's for sure.
    Stan: I don't like that Drajco kid much ,but how could they hop in the battle like that.
    Jack: I'm sure they have their reasons.
    Drajco: ( teleports behind him ,but there seems to be another Drajco infront of him as well as behind him.)
    Blank: (takes the hit in the back to decide which is the real Drajco.)
    Drajco: (The Mark becomes more hideous turning him into a shadow like creature.)
    Blank: (Draws the Sword) (the blade is shining a bright sliver glow)
    Drajco: (Shoots a black fireball from his hand)
    Blank: ( Counters with his sword) (I'm sick of fooling around with this guy) (the Arena begins to glow underneath them)
    Drajco: whats going on now (sees blank hold his sword to the side )
    Blank: (Eyes turn black) (sword has a black aura around it now)
    Drajco: (The curse is almost finished turning Drajco) Hyaa!
    Blank: (Dodges the blows with ease) (Pulls out his Sword and slashes so fast that it seems as if he doesn't move at all)
    Drajco: Ack!
    Blank: (seven shadows surround Drajco) Each resemble Blank ,but they seem to be differen't personalities of Blank.)
    Drajco: ( Shoots out his own Shadows now they collide with Blanks) (Fully Transformed now a sword appears outta no where in his hand, it resembles a masamune Blade.)
    Blank: (Calls his shadows back and pulls a sword of black fire outta his chest.)
    Cody: (eyes big) Wha...is he a demon?
    Dante: I..would think so..loo..look at that, he pulled a blade outta his chest.
    Vergil: Not just that , but it's made of black fire.
    Drajco: (crazy laugh) I wondered when you'd get on with it.
    Blank: Sorry didn't mean to keep you waiting, but im not done yet.(pulls yet a second sword of black fire outta his chest)
    Drajco: Hmm whats this trick?( Teleports behind Blank)
    Blank: ...... (lets go of the swords as they float in midair)
    Aldaan: Who is that kid..
    Blank: (starts to make hand signs with lighting speed)
    Drajco: (copy's blank, but can't seem to keep up)
    Blank: (the swords begin to act on their own)
    Drajco: ( Stops as if something is wrong with him)
    Blank: Ga bushin ha getsu( Last Breath)
    Tryuwenn: (Puts a barrier around Drajco) STOP! this is enough we don't want anyone getting killed.
    Razorbeard: Blank Resume you normal form.
    Blank: (something is wrong he doesn't seem to be aware himself.) I have no intention of returning dormant Razor.
    Tryuewenn: (Dumbfounded)
    Razorbeard: So your Blank's alter ego?
    Blank: I am the stronger better side of Blank and i have no intention of returning.
    Razorbeard: Well as long as dwell within Blank's mind then you will always be surpressed, wether i do it or blank himself does it.
    Blank: he is fully aware that I'm here , he wants me to test your strenght.
    Tryuwenn: Blank , If you continue to--
    Razorbeard: ---It's ok Tryuwenn haha how long has it been since we got to teach on the battle field.
    Tryuwenn: but this is against the rules.
    Razorbeard: So all the freshman will be extraordinary, what are they going to do fire us Haha ( jumps down to fight with Blank and teach other students)
    Blank: ( Stares at Razorbeard soon as he hits the ground)
    Razorbeard: (appears behind Blank) Well if you always wait this long , your gona die for sure kids.
    Blank: (swings at Razorbeard ,but theres nothing there. He looks over to see Razorbeard in the same spot as he landed)
    Razorbeard: I will do it like this, I raise my power percent everytime you beat one of my levels. So for example if I'm fightin at 1% then my power level is 1, you beat me at level 1 then i raise it up. I won't start at one though ,you much too strong for that. Instead I'll start at 6% lets commence battle.
    Blank: ( six percent is this guy crazy I'll destroy him at that rate.)
    Razorbeard: Well I guess I'll start..man they don't call you Blank for nothing do they.(charges at Blank )
    Blank: (Beard gets inline of his view and throws him off)
    Razorbeard: Oh you blocked it.
    Blank: Naturally, your not going to get anywhere with this power level.
    Razorbeard: Cocky, I would rather you wipe the blood off you face first before I come at you with more.
    Blank: ( face is cut up) heh, of coarse Razor, beard makes sense,I hope thats your
    Razorbeard: Tryuwenn set the system to observe. I'm just going to to go back to the original lesson.
    Tryuwenn: Ok, it's set now hurry this up we are almost at the sky's point.
    Razorbeard: alright alright, (see blank charging for him)
    Blank: Don't underestimate me!
    Razorbeard: (Body begins to glow yellow)
    Blank: (jumps back)
    Razorbeard: (Flys at Blank with lighting speed.)
    Blank: where did he go?...( Falls to the ground)
    Razorbeard: (emerges from blanks body, picks Blank up and carries him off the floor.)
    Tryuwenn: Ok Next! ( Fire rains down showing the names of Dante and Aldaan.)
    Vergil: Alright!
    Kelra: looks like thats you
    Selaniaa: Well, I hope you do your best
    Dante: Don't worry I will it's all I can do right.

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    Re: Instinct vol. 3

    Chap 3.
    Darkwolf: (face frowns up)
    Diamina: You look disturbed
    Darkwolf: Tch, you would think so, I'm just--
    Diamina: Angry because your not the one fighting him.
    Darkwolf: Yeah I guess so sis, You think this Dante stands a chance?
    Diamina: I don't think so, Dark..you know----
    Darkwolf: Yeah, we are differen't from all these kids.
    Diamina: I feel terrible because we had a advantage from the start.
    Darkwolf: I see your point ,but I've witness some really strong people here, you know they may not be---
    Diamina: Don't say it here I don't want it gettin out.
    DarkWolf: You know that Aldaan gonna show it off anyway, he always has to make a point.
    Diamina: And why shouldn't he? we have to, don't we? I don't plan to be walked over when we get to this Arckaum place...have you forgotten that quickly?
    Darkwolf: No, it's about to begin I want to watch if you don't mind.
    Diamina:I see, I'm going back to my team , catch you later lil bro, Oh and one more thing don't let your new friends cloud your mind.
    Darkwolf: (Closes his eyes then reopens them as to acknowledge Diamina)
    Dante: (upon entering the ring he glances at a sword and laughs)
    Aldaan: (Walks to the middle of the ring.)
    Dante: (Continues to meet with Aldaan at the center of the ring)
    Aldaan: I hope for your sake that you know how to fight.
    Dante: Umm, That depends on what you mean.
    Aldaan: (looks Puzzled, and then looks up) Well then we shall begin when we both are back at our seperate sides.
    Dante: Ok then.
    Darkwolf: Ohh no, Aldaan you deceiveing little punk you have no right to start off the battle that way.
    Stan: (over hears Darkwolf) What do you mean?
    Darkwolf: (has a flashback of him and brother sparring.
    Aldaan: We will begin when we both reach our serperate sides.
    Darkwolf: Right.
    Aldaan: (begins to walk away)
    Darkwolf: (walks away aswell)
    Aldaan: (With Quickness flys back and lands a hard blow to Darkwolf's back sending him to the ground)
    Darkwolf: Hck! (spits up a little blood) You...asshole...you
    Aldaan: Cheated? let me tell you something my little brother , in battle who decides the rules are you and me, meaning from the moment I walked up to you the battle could have commenced then ,but you chose not to. When I said separate sides I decided I had reached my side and it was time to begin while you kept walking still haven't reach your side in your mind.
    Darkwolf: You played a dirty mind trick on me..
    (the flashback is interupted by Stan)
    Stan: Hey you there man?
    Darkwolf: He's going to strike now
    Stan: (looks up at Aldaan turning around)
    Aldaan: ( Lands his elbow into Dante's spine sending him into the floor of the arena.
    (The arena begins to change into a desert.
    Dante: (Face lands first into the sand) Ahhh, I thought you said---
    Aldaan: (Picks Dante up from the sand and punches him hard in the stomach before he can get all of his words out)
    Dante: (Eyes roll back in his head)
    Aldaan: This is not all you have is it?
    Dante: (Eyes come back into focus, he then shoots a enormus beam from his mouth blasting Aldaan away from him.) You used a mind trick on me, that you will pay for.
    Aldaan: I'm going to stop playing around, these bus drivers want to see a show. ( he begins to howl, And his eyes begin to glow as his clothes are torn apart from his body.)
    Darkwolf: No Aldaan you didn't have to do this...
    Diamina: Well it looks like he's enjoying this too much. Tch wish that was me in there.
    Dante: What?!?.. are you?(looks upon Aldaan who has changed into a white werewolf his eyes glowing blue like sapphire.)
    Aldaan: (Growls and rushes towards Dante hitting him with a devastating blow pushing his head into the sand then stomping it further into the sand.)
    Tryuwenn: I don't believe my eyes it's Whitefangs children I thought they were
    Razorbeard: It wasn't confirmed that they were killed along with their parents.
    Tryuwenn: What a interesting group we have this season first the mark of the necromancer and that kid Blank now WhiteFang's kids are here too.
    Dante (blacks out, he begins to drift back to when he and Vergil practiced hard to become stronger. He makes a promise to someone as he looks down at the ground.)
    Aldaan: (Turns around and walks away)
    Dante: (gets up) I'm not finished yet..
    Aldaan: But you are your mind just doesn't know it yet.(looks as Dante Emerges from the sand flyin towards him)
    Dante: (swinging with lighting punches,but they are all begining dodged by Aldaan)
    Aldaan: ( nice speed you'd be able to keep up with me if you were stronger, in my human form that is)
    Dante: (continues to try and land punches and kicks he teleports behind Aldaan and almost lands his elbow into Aldaan's neck.)
    Aldaan: ( Blocks it with his hand and then grabs Dante's fist swinging him over his shoulder landing a knee into his skull)
    Dante: (hears his Bones crack and Sreams in pain) Ahhhhhhh!
    (The Arena changes back to normal)
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    Re: Instinct vol. 3

    Chap 4.
    Aldaan: ( changes himself back to his human form looks down at Dante and closes his eyes and walks away)
    Vergil: DANTE!
    Kelra: DANTE!
    Diamina: Why did he do that to that kid..(talks to Aldaan in his mind)( I swear if I go up against you then I'm going to crush you Aldaan)
    Aldaan: ( Get outta my head , was that a boyfriend of yours)
    Diamina: (shut out of Aldaan's mind ,begins to become enraged she almost changes into her werewolf form)
    Darkwolf: (grabs her)What are you thinking? it's like you told me
    Diamina: But, that was too far he knew that kid wasn't going to be on his level of fighting,and he---
    Darkwolf: Went in for the overkill, he just wanted to end quickly and not humilate Dante. I atleast give him that.
    Diamina: (glares at Darkwolf) You don't give me that! he could have easily taken him down in his human form you know that.
    Darkwolf: Yeah, but I told you he was going for the show I told you that! Now your feelings are so easily changed when before it seemed you sided with Aldaan. My question is, have you forgotten?
    Diamina: (Turns away)
    Selaniaa:That was quick..and that guy was a werewolf
    Taki: ohhh that was soo sexy when he turned
    Sakuda: Are you serious!?!
    Razorbeard: Well, it seems he's out
    Tryuwenn: Well there's always a dud in these seasons ,but then that was one of whitefang's kids so it's to be expected.
    Dante: (Flashback..to his birthday as he is walking the streets in the night he looks in a mirror while passing a store and sees figures standing behind him, they are so hideous looking he runs away.)
    Aldaan: (As he's about to exit the arena It begins to turn)
    Tryuwenn: Hmm whats this I never seen this before.
    Razorbeard: (looks closely at the arena change into a mansion) A big smile comes to his face.
    Tryuwenn: What's so funny?
    Razorbeard: This is about to get interesting...this is Vulcan's brother.
    Tryuwenn: The records, ahh forget it , I see it now.
    Aldaan: (turns around only to see Dante in his face Dante is so hideous looking he gasps)
    Dante: (Grabs Aldaan's throat and begins to crush it while laughing)
    Darkwolf: What's with this kid?
    Stan: He's a damn devil...he turned into a devil
    Dante: Aww wheres that patheic dog form of yours I'd love to see it again.
    Aldaan: (can't breathe and has no choice ,but to return to his werewolf state)
    Dante: (loses his grip of Aldaan's neck grasping only fur in his hands) Well it's about time I thought I'd have to crush your wind pipe.
    Aldaan: You will pay for that with your life!
    Dante: Oh my..,but you see you can't kill whats dead already.
    Aldaan: (stunnd stops in his tracks)
    Dante: (appears behind Aldaan forcing his hand through his chest emerging with his heart in his hands still beating.
    Aldaan: (whimpers,then grabs his chest to find it was a illusion then gasps again.)
    Dante: (Smiles)
    Aldaan: (argh I'm losing it snap outta it Aldaan)
    Dante: (walks towards Aldaan)
    Aldaan: (looks as Dante walks towards him , I got to strike now)(Dante appears in his face again)
    Dante: Strike me now eh? go ahead
    Aldaan: How'd you? ARgh Wolffang!(his body begins to glow as he sends his whole body flying towards Dante hitting him with a series of blows and finishing with two crescent kicks. Upon landing he finds Dante under his feet.)
    Dante: This is the end..(grabs Aldaans feet dragging him under ground)
    Tryuwenn: Rekogetsu!
    Razorbeard: Seems he intends to finish this as Aldaan did to him.
    Aldaan: (body flys outta the floor landing on his side he returns to his human form)
    Dante: ( Emerges from the floor picks up Aldaan's body and throws it outta the ring , after doing this he then falls to the ground blacking out again.)
    Vergil: That was.. Dante?
    Kelra:....he's a Demon.
    Selaniaa: I thought he was.. out cold
    Diamina: (Falls to the ground) wha..what..what..what.
    Darkwolf: Diamina Stop it! Aldaan brought it on himself for being cocky and naive.
    Diamina: Whats really going on here?
    Stan: I don't know.but it's starting to freak my ass out.
    Jack: I thought I had done that to you already?
    Stan: Yours wasn't that , ok so your was freaky too,but how many people just see Devils everyday, and how'd you know what Aldaan was going to do before anyone else did?
    Jack: Well, Darkwolf thats a easy question isn't it? Diamina and Aldaan are his siblings..
    Stan: Haha, that just melts the ice...so your a werewolf too Dark?
    Darkwolf: Yes..,but not like that..
    Stan: whaddaya mean not like that? you a different type of werewolf, I didn't know there were species of werewolf in fact I didn't know there were any at all.
    Diamina: (gets up and walks away)
    Darkwolf: Where are you going?
    Jack: She's up next...
    Stan: Ohh no
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    Re: Instinct vol. 3

    This is really cool I like this story, I went and read your others ones and I get the story now lol. I'll go read part 5 now , keep it up! ^-^

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    Re: Instinct vol. 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Zhen View Post
    This is really cool I like this story, I went and read your others ones and I get the story now lol. I'll go read part 5 now , keep it up! ^-^
    Thanks man I'm trying, I see you like wolves also.

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