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Thread: Instinct vol. 4

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    Instinct vol. 4

    Chap 1.
    Darkwolf: don't worry diamina rarely goes wolf in public.
    Jack: Well thats a bummer , I was looking forward to that ,but then I wouldn't want to see that pretty face turn into a monster either.
    Darkwolf: HEY!
    Diamina: (Stops.)Why not I saw yours turn into a monster. (She continues to walk to the arena.)
    Kari: Your facing a girl Fei
    Fei: Ahh yea it seems.
    Kari: Don't under---
    Fei: Thats not something I do..
    Kari: Right go get her then.
    Fei: (Walks towards the arena) (Takes off his shirt)
    Sakuda: Whoa!
    Jake: Oh give me a break.
    Diamina: Your gonna want to put that back on.
    Fei: What you like it?
    Diamina: Well, I can't lie I do ,but I'm going to mess that nice body of yours up so you'd want to put you shirt back on before I do that.
    Fei: I don't plan on it gettin messed up ,but why don't you just come here and give it a rub (winks)
    Diamina: Not the time to play games with me kid, I'm a little (eyes glow purple) pissed off (rushes Fei kicking him in the face.)
    Fei: (shakes his head) Jeez you kick hard, Ok! time to get it on then
    (Arena Turns into a roof top)
    Diamina: (Trys to sweep kick Suksan,but fails as it is dodged)
    Fei: (lands a kick to her face) Hey , babe an eye for eye
    Diamina: (growls and starts to change,but she fights it)
    Fei: (what was that? oh god please don't let her be a demon or catwoman )
    Diamina: (rushes at Suksan again and knees him in the stomach and then the chest)
    Fei: (Fire surrounds his fist as he gives Diamina mutilple blows into her stomach)
    Diamina(Jumps back hitting Suksan with a roundhouse then another from the opposite direction.)
    Fei: (Feet burst into flames then he rushes Diamina busting out a mad combo of punches and kicks)
    Diamina: ( Grabs his fist with her leg) You don't want to do that..(I can't hold it back much longer I gotta finish this)
    Fei: Do what? beat you down? I have to( Flames grow bigger)
    Diamina: (Is forced to let go, she begins to run circles around Fei)
    Fei: I was hot ,thank you for the cool air,but I still gotta kick your butt.
    Diamina: (Calm down D' you can't Do what Aldaan did)
    Fei: (flys into Diamina sending her to tumbling ground.)
    Diamina: (Gets up wiping blood from the corner of her mouth..her eyes begin to roll) Ohhh that taste sooo good Fei...
    Fei: HUh? you got to be kidding me..
    Darkwolf: Fei hurry! nows your only chance!
    Fei:whats going on?
    Darkwolf: Just hurry and finish her off while you got a chance!
    Jack:Whats with you man?
    Stan: You don't tell someone to finish off you sister!
    Darkwolf: (Grabs Stan's Shirt in his hands pushes him against the wall) you know nothing! don't tell me---
    Jack: --Break it up!(pulls Darkwolf off Stan.)
    Stan: You are lucky your my friend , I could have---
    Jack: Shut it Stan! we aren't enemies here.
    Fei: Well you don't have to tell me twice (rushes towards Diamina and begins to pound the life outta her)
    Diamina: (takes on all the blows as if she is a ragg doll.)
    Darkwolf: (he's too late)
    Fei: Sorry for this,but I have to take you out( raise his fist for the final blow)
    Diamina:Hrrrrr( Snaps into werewolf form much quicker than Aldaan had done)
    Fei: OH Damn!
    Diamina: (Whispers in his ear) Sorry ,but an ear for an ear baby ( Grabs Fei's entire skull in her hands and drives it into the ground and then upwards into the sky.) Jokutsu! ( Diamina flys towards hitting him nonstop until her claws begin to tear into his skin; ripping skin off his chest with the claws of her feet she then grabs his arms and swings him into the ground)
    Fei: (flames die out)
    (Arena changes back)
    Diamina: Walks away from the arena still in her werewolf state.
    Tryuwenn: Well another one of Fang's kids.
    Razorbeard: haha she left the arena while staying in her werewolf form , in order to aviod what happen to her brother thats a smart thing to do.
    Tryuwenn: (takes Fei off the Arena floor)
    Razorbeard: (looks down at the red light flashing) Hey thats enough we are almost at Adea.
    Tryuwenn: Ok Kids wake up, (snaps his fingers)
    Jalia: Huh was that all a dream?
    Blank: (Wakes up to find himself back in his seat on the bus)
    Razorbeard: Ladies and Gentlemen that was called REM battle.
    Jake: You mean we never left our seats?
    Razorbeard: You Psysical body didn't,but your spirit did.
    Flaren: What? No way I remember gettin up from my seat and walkin through the exit door in the back of the bus.
    Razorbeard: From the time I turn on the bus you were put into a sleeping state. You have to be in a spirit like form to pass into the Realm of Tuechaun.

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    Re: Instinct vol. 4

    This is great ,but why'd you stop writing lol I'm waiting for the next part!!!!! keep it up

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    Re: Instinct vol. 4

    My bad I hadn't been able to get on in a while lol , but I'll have something up here real quick
    I wonder if ppl even read this besides you.

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    Re: Instinct vol. 4

    Ceremony of elders...

    The Story so far... Students are on buses to arckaum and some have taken part and witnessed what is called
    REM battle (for of battle that allows one to fight to full extent w/o actually being harmed) They are now about to arrive to Sumit, a store that will accommodate them with their uniforms and weapons of their choice.
    with this being the last stop before Arckaum how will they prepare themselves for what lies ahead...

    Stan: So what exactly is this Tuchaun?

    Razorbeard: It's a unique system of fighting that allows one to train in combat to their full extent without actually being hurt.

    Stan: But how do you explain those powers that just came outta nowhere, I could never do that stuff before.

    Razorbeard: Thats where the unique part comes in to play, you see it can only teach you what you unconsicously know already.

    Jake: So basically it brings out your inner power?

    Razorbeard: Exactly

    Aldaan: So how does it decide who gets what powers?

    Razorbeard: It doesn't really decide what power you get, But more of how you get to your power. Wether it be from your ancestors or just your past alone. I'm sure everyone has questions as to how you saw a werewolf and a devil, with permission of these people will I only tell.

    Dante: I would actually like to know whats going on.

    Aldaan: I'd rather keep my business to myself.

    Diamina: Well, thats too bad because I want to learn what he knows about us.

    Aldaan: (closes his eyes) Do what you will..

    Razorbeard: With that said I will explain to you as much as I'm allowed to tell you. As I said before your power is your own so for dante to turn into a devil, it means that he must be part devil if not full blood devil , same with diamina , Aldaan, and Darkwolf. No sense in hiding it my boy, which brings me to another good point that you should keep in mind. Your Opponent may know your plan ,but the question that remains is can they stop it? I would also like to point out some little aspiring students that may be on your level of fighting even though they are young in age. Tashiaire the little pink haired girl that fought first demonstrated alot of power for her age, skills that archmages have only learned through studies as well as Rose and Blank. These are Students that should really be on this bus and not on the kiddy one.

    Selaniaa: What did you do to Blank?

    Razorbeard: Haha that? I simply put him to sleep so that his alter ego would
    go dormant.

    Jack: Isn't that like a problem?

    Taki: Umm yeah what if he can't control that and really hurts someone.

    Razorbeard: All this will be taken care of once he begins his training at

    Sakuda: Whats going to happen once we get there?

    Razorbeard: A ceremonial tournament will be held to show the elders what kinda of students the scouts have brought in.

    Plenthara: Elders?

    Razorbeard: The Elders are descendants of the founders of U'caediea.

    Darkwolf: U'caediea?

    Razorbeard: Aye, see Arckaum is but only one school there are a total of nine, arckuam being the lowest of them. This is why we start you out here.

    Aldaan: So this is just the bottom of the food chain?

    Razorbeard: You make it sound so bad, but really this is why we bring is fresh students in hope that they will make it better.

    Fei: Make it better? this obviously hasn't been working if your still at the bottom.

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    Re: Instinct vol. 4

    Razorbeard: There is truth in what you say never the less, there are always two sides to a story. You see Arckaum is the only school that sends it's scouts into the world you come from. The other schools only pick within this world. If we didn't up hold the original tradition of bringing in new people, then the true purpose would be lost, and you would never get a chance like this.
    Cady: So why did the other schools abandon this tradition?
    razorbeard: That's another story for another time, as we have arrived at the Summit. Everyone exit
    the bus please.

    Chris: Man, I had a question

    Alex: (looks out the window while walking off the bus) *jaw drops* Well your bout to have a whole lot more.

    Stan: AHHH!

    Darkwolf: Whoa, what is this?

    Razorbeard: What? I told you we've arrived at the summit.

    Drajco: B-BUt(can't get his words out)

    Tommy: Wow! we're in the sky! how many feet in the air are we?

    Razorbeard: some where along 400,000 ft.

    Sakuda: and we got up here on a bus?

    Razorbeard: Stop! with these silly questions I don't see how you can be so surprised after what just went on in REM battle. We are at the Summit of this world but also the door way to ours. Summit is the store that all freshman buy thier attire and school uniforms, oh and weapons of your choice.

    Alex: Ok , people he does have a point , believe anything is possible at this point.

    Razorbeard: I wouldn't exactly sa-

    Stan: Yeah I know, I bet I can fly now from here

    Razorbeard: Well you can't really-

    Taki: They better have some good looking uniforms

    Razorbeard: (sighs) I give up.

    Tommy: well i'm going in.

    Shopkeeper: So these are the new freshman coming to us this year?

    Razorbeard: Yea, this is one of those rare groups.

    Shopkeeper: (eyes get big) Hmm in that case everything is 50% off. (smiles)

    Tryuwenn: looks like I made it just in time (laughs)

    Shopkeeper: we go way back Razor, so I expect no less from this rare bunch.

    Razorbeard: Trust me they have already begun to impress me.

    Tryuwenn: Oh yeah, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    Jake: This is crazy they have everything!

    Darkwolf: I can't even choose what I want.

    Jack: well they have a bigger bat than this one and it's black.

    Stan: I'm getting what my eyes are set on right now.(looks ahead and sees chris)

    Darkwolf: What do you have those eyes of yours set on?(sees Stan looking at the cage of wolves)

    Stan: (runs up to the cage) I want that white one.

    Shopkeeper: Ahh a fascination for animals huh?

    Chris: Yeah, same here.

    Shopkeeper: Two for one deal they are twin wolves.

    Stan: I'll take both.

    Chris: No you won't!?!

    Shopkeeper: Hmmm how can this be settled? Coin flip?

    Razorbeard: Why don't you fight for them?

    Stan: ( shocked)

    Chris: If it can't be helped then , I guess I'm up for it.

    Stan: You know I wanted wolves forever.

    Chris: we both have, Stan don't be so selfish man.

    Tryuwenn: We don't have time for this nonsense.

    Razorbeard: what do you suppose?

    Shopkeeper: I was hoping to let this be a surprise ,but these are special wolves.

    Tryuwenn: You finally got those kinda wolves in huh?

    Razorbeard: (relieved) Great, let the wolves decide then.

    Shopkeeper: (Calls the wolves) Cloud!, Shadow! (wolves run to the front of the cage and sit side by
    side) The day has come that I told you about , these two boys want to take you with them , so we will let you choose as to who will have you.

    Shadow: ( talks in a child voice hence he's just a pup) I like them both.

    Cloud: (Talks in a child voice also) I will go with Stan, Shadow you go with Chris.

    Stan: Whoa he knows my name.

    Shopkeeper: Then it is decided.

    Jalia: Whats all the commotion over there about?

    Tashiaire: (shrugs shoulders) I don't know I'm too short to see.

    Jalia: (laughs)

    Kari: I think I'll take this( picks up a halberd)

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    Re: Instinct vol. 4

    Loi: I like this sword it reminds me of the one from home. (picks up Kori Blade , a wide sword with gold rings at the top.)

    Fei: (jaw drops) Gold..Nunchauku in gold color, with red dragons on it! these are mine!

    Aldaan: (sits at the front of the store eyes closed)

    Diamina: Don't tell me nothing here interest you? I even found something I like.

    Aldaan: A pair of gloves?

    Diamina: So? They are special gloves though

    Aldaan: What do they do?

    Diamina: They can't be torn up while im in battle (smiles)

    Aldaan: Tch,

    Diamina: ( frowns ) Fine suit yourself.

    Aldaan: (closes his eyes again, but not before noticing a masamune at the far end of the room) hmmm

    Selaniaa: I'll take this , and that, hmm maybe that too.

    Flaren: These things look nice , (turns to Razorbeard) What are these called?

    Razorbeard: Oh, those be gaunlets lass.

    Tryuwenn: Ok time to wrap it up everyone, almost time to go.

    Razorbeard: Yeah can't be late.

    Shopkeeper: Yea, You know how Goken hates that.
    (everyone finishes and heads out to the buses)

    Tryuwenn: ( Ash Nâr Tu) the buses connect into one bigger bus.

    Plenthara: Full of surprises

    Razorbeard: You've just begun the journey (smiles)

    Tryuwenn : Forward to Arckaum!(bus moves at a faster pace than before)

    Jake: I see so they made it onto one bus because we were late.

    Selaniaa: Seems that way we are going alot faster than before.

    Loi: but could'nt they just use the two buses and we still have gotten there just as fast

    Jake: Yea just speed both buses up.

    Razorbeard: (over hears them talking) Well you see in order to test your training we had to use Tuchaun, which is a portal made from the both buses, so to keep this portal stable we have to travel at a very light speed which just happens to be the same speed you all use in your world.( points to the window) Look

    Selaniaa: Oh, (dumbfounded)

    Loi: how is this possible?
    (other kids on the bus scream)

    Razorbeard: Looks like the rest of them caught on too (laughs to himself)

    Aldaan: (still has his eyes close dispite the commotion going on)

    Diamina: How are we going this fast?

    Tryuwenn: Get ready for Landing

    Elder Ren: This is Elder Ren speaking Tryuwenn do you copy?

    Tryuwenn: I copy that, Good Morning Elder Ren permission to land?

    Elder Ren: Permission Granted.

    Tryuwenn: Ahem, I would also like to speak with Elder Sujio I have dire information.

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