Elder Ren: Elder Sujio is busy, but I will see what I can do.

Tryuwenn: Thank you.
(Gates open to the Enormus school)

Chris: Aw man this is huge.

Shadow: I never been to this one before.

Chris you mean theres more?

Shadow: Yes I was born at Xenoix

Chris: wow thats crazy.

Aldaan: (it seems we are finally here)

Razorbeard: Ok, When you exit this bus do not forget what you've learn and went through the past two days. This is your time to prove yourself amoung Millions of peers, teachers,and scouts. You have already amazed me and Tryuwenn by far.

Tryuwenn: Diffinitly surprised me(winks and gets off bus and the crowd cheers)

Razorbeard: Cya round kids I enjoyed your company(gets off the bus and the crowd goes wild)

Zaku: Well what are we waiting for?

Stan: I'm actually scared

Darkwolf: same here (laughs)

Tashiaire: Jack?

Jack: (Stands there motionless)

Elder Goken: It seems they are a bit shy?

Elder Ren: Tryuwenn said this was a rare bunch and we should be expecting much from them.

Edler Sama: Tryuwenn Often exaggerates too.

Elder Gaia: (laughs) Thats true

Elder Goken: Well how long will they keep us waiting this ceremony is for them.

Cloud: ( heres the elders talking) Stan lets go some people are getting restless of us standing here.

Stan: (gulps) Ok,
(someone runs past him and off the bus)

Diamina: she's brave.

Kari: (exits the bus, and the silence feels her with a sort of joy and excitement)

Tommy: Do I have to do this again?

Tashiaire: This ceremony is for us right?

Yumi: I believe so

Zaku: Sorry I'm not waiting any longer (leaves the bus)

Elder Goken: I'll give them a little push

Elder Gaia: thats always fun to see go ahead ( laughs)

Aldaan: (runs towards the front of the bus)

Darkwolf: (He's never in a hurry what the hell)

Stan: Ahhh!

Yumi: Let me out!

Jack: How did...(runs)

Loi: (looks back to see his worst fear coming after him)
(all the kids try to fit out the door at once)

Elder Goken: Ahh thats better, is it not?

Elder Sujio: Haha what is this you did?

Elder Goken: I Probed each of their minds to find out what they feared most and used it to get them off the bus.

Elder Garland: You still amaze me at times, thats alotta minds to probe without them knowing.

Elder Goken: It was nothing.

Grand Elder Yaji: That is enough for now..

Elder Sujio: Exuse us Grand Elder.
(they all managed to get off the bus)

Grand Elder Yaji: Welcome Children , I'm sure you have alot on your minds right now , but you'll all have your questions answered in time. I'd like to take a little time for you to display what you have learned on your short Journey. Remember First impressions are not everything, but they help set the stage....