Kitsu was excited for his second mission so when the 1st squad captain came to the 5th squad for assistance he immediately jumped at the chance. Sitting in the large room with both Captain Lucius and Captain Commander Hychien Ki'tenio he was almost forced to the floor buy there spiritual pressure. But when the captain commander explained the situation to Captain Lucius, Kitsu jumped up and immediately offered himself for the mission. Irritated by Kitsu's childish behavior in front of both him and the Captain Commander, Lucius shot a mean nasty look at Kitsu. A look that said behave yourself in our presence.

Kitsu was awarded the mission simply because there we no other available seats above him that were available for the mission and the captain felt that anyone below the 4th seat would have a very hard time dealing with such a powerful hollow. But regardless of the situation Kitsu couldn't have been more pleased and was dedicated to prove to the captain that he would not regret his choice. “I may act childish and carefree here safe in the seriti but outside in the real world in a battle with a hollow, I couldn't get more serious!” and off he went to prove himself to the captain.

Running through the chilled air of the soul society Kitsu had his mind set. There would be no wandering thoughts this time. “It's about time I get rid of that habit.” he said to himself quietly. Slowly he approached the senkai gate that would take him to the real world. The gate appeared before him and looked as it always had. It looked as if you would pass right though to the other side, that it was just a door in the middle of open space. But as soon as the hell-butterfly appeared he knew it was more than just a door. Not to mention the magical looking glow that came from the doorway.

Kitsu reached the gate and stopped to speak with the guards. Koai and Kira have been his friends for years so he explained the situation to them and they wished him luck but also stated that he probably wouldn't need it. “Those two,” Kitsu thought as he passed through the gate “have always been overconfident in my abilities, but I hope that they are right.”

He appeared in a large grassy plain. The surrounding landscape...