In these world there are those who can control energy and those who cannot.
The ones who can control energy are divided into four types: Blasters, Fighters, Illusionists and Swordsmen. Among the swordsmen there are 7 who are known asthe strongest... they are called... the seven legendary swordsmen , each of them are ranked by the number of dots on his forehead. However 10 years ago there was a war known as the Ki war and in these war... The one known as the strongest the first legendary swordsmen... died.
The next part of the story starts with a 10 years old kid called Juthoshi Him ( Juto) who lives with his big brother Nilo Him, he studies while his big brother works to maintain the family. However one day Juto couldn't sleep and went to search for Nilo to his room but he couldn't find him so he went to search for him at the town when suddenly he heres a shout from the forest and goes rumning to the forest thinking that maybe there he could find Nilo. While searching in the forest Juto's shouts reach a master and his disciple who erre in the forest and they run quickly towards where the shout came from. While that happens Juto falls from a cliff and funda himself in front of a giant beast and luckily farts so hardware he id able to escape, while the fart's sound and smell reached the master and dtge disciple. However Juto falls again and becomes unconcious and when he wakes up he is again in front of the beast and is about to be slashed. But Just when he is about to slash the disciple proyecta him and defeats the beast with a strange power, then the disciple tells he is called Toni Silver to Juto ( He is also ten years old). Juto who is amazed by the power of Toni asks the master to train him at girar he doesn't accept but as soon as he sees Juto's determination and hears the last name Him he is surprised and decides to train him. Please comment it