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Thread: The Last Chapter Series

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    The Last Chapter Series

    well, this is kind of like an introduction on the other story im writing over at the other website at, and im still working on ILYN i i may add... anywayz

    The Last Chapter: The Story of a Writer

    Chapter I
    The Beauty and Her Beast

    ~Act I~

    It hurts.

    The thought comes to mind as three goons’ kicks me down to the ground, lying face first on the muddy pavement of the street, protecting my head with my arms. But yet all I can think about is how it hurts being physically beat up by these goons.

    That’s why it hurts.

    Of course it does, who wouldn’t get hurt getting kick from left to right by three villains of society. Well, even if they weren’t villain, it would still hurt being kicked around like this.

    Ah, I’m blabbering too much on my mind.
    I feel like I just repeated myself from that last paragraph.

    Ah well, I wonder when this guys are going to be done kicking me to nothingness, I’m starting to get impatient, a little numb on my sides.
    I should sleep for a little bit, pretend to faint, maybe they’ll have enough if they see me unconscious.
    Two minutes of nap, maybe? Hmm, I wonder about that, I’m worried. Even though I told ‘her’ not to do anything, I’m still worried. So maybe two minutes would be enough.

    Ah as usual the police are late, no one coming to help a helpless me on the middle of a busy street, never mind… SLEEP MODE ON.

    I woke up.

    Well, I slightly woke up from the noise of a grocery cart being pushed around, and the bumpy road that’s seems to be such a bother.


    I think I’m in a grocery cart being pushed slowly by some unknown stranger.

    Am I being abducted?
    I checked my pocket before I faced off with those goons and if I remembered correctly, I have zero pesos. I left whatever money I have and gave it to Nao.
    Hmm, I’m pretty sure Nao wouldn’t put me in a grocery cart to carry my half-dead body around. She’d most likely carry me by her shoulders, since she’s that type of person.
    So, who is this unknown person?

    I slowly opened my eyes and looked behind at the unknown person pushing the cart. In my mind I wished for a beautiful girl with cute smile and beautiful eyes, but that’s just my imagination, my dream of impossibility, a myth or whatever else can be called impossible.

    And thus, my dream shattered.

    Ah yes, how I wish I never did opened my eyes, how I wish I could be blind after seeing the person pushing the cart.

    “Oh… you’re finally awake” said my dream shatterer with his squinty eyes and nice corny red suit. He gave me a faint smile, yet I gave out an annoyed look.

    “Robert” I replied with a somewhat irritated expression on my face. I turned my eyes in front and saw Nao holding my left foot, as if she’s holding her mother’s hand while walking at a park.

    I asked my somewhat-you call assistant. I have to.

    “Nao, am I dreaming? Tell me, seriously, I’m dreaming right? Please tell me that the tentacle freak isn’t behind me pushing the cart”

    Nao looked back at me with her soulless eyes and a blank expression on her face.
    For some reason, I knew, even if she hasn’t really shown much emotion this past few months that she was with me, I could tell that she doesn’t know how to answer my pleaded question. She’s the type who would dodge rhetorical questions and stay quiet and would certainly just look at me until a different question pops up.

    Yes, that’s Nao Eless, the soulless beauty.

    “I am sorry to say that this is not a dream, it is a reality that you should face and not wish or plead for a dream, you won’t be able to change reality no matter how much you think about it, Master… and again I’m sorry for this inconvenient answer”

    Scratch what I just said about Nao.

    “Aren’t you glad I’m here helping you out after being beaten half-to-death by those goons” said by the unwanted person from behind me.

    “Not one single bit” a quick and confident reply to your face you tentacle freak.
    “C’mon, can you at least lie you’re glad to see me”
    “Even if it’s a forced lie, I still can’t make myself be happy to see you, the God of Lies can’t even say a lie that He’s glad to see you” another quick reply to your face, strike two!

    Robert gives out a huge sigh. A sign of defeat from the tentacle freak I presume a complete win for the main character.

    “I can’t believe you let yourself get beaten up by those guys. Are you that desperate to attract the blonde high school girl you just saved? We’re you really waiting for sympathy from that high school girl after getting beat up… well this was according to what Nao said” said Robert as I paused, not knowing how to reply to his remarks.
    “You really are a lolicon are you?”



    Home run for the tentacle freak!

    I hate you Robert for calling me a lolicon (A lolicon means Lolita complex and if you still don’t understand, the simplified version would be cradle robber… if you still don’t get… well, I don’t know what else to say)

    Anyways, people from back at the government and from the industry kept calling me a lolicon, which annoyed me a lot.

    Hey, hey, I’m not, really, seriously, please believe the poor me.

    Well, this is actually what happened, I was at the bus with Nao of course, and we were sitting at the very back of the bus when I suddenly saw the damsel getting harassed by those three jerks, I mean literally, they we’re practically touching her all over. I didn’t want trouble, but I could see on the girl’s face she wanted someone to help her, and everyone was just ignoring on what was happening… tsk, society.
    Ah well of course they didn’t want trouble and so the stupid insane me stood up to them and helped the girl out. But as soon as I stepped in, the girl just up and vanish, thus the three goons focused there rage on me after losing a beautiful blonde girl on their grasps. I could seriously take those goons on if I wanted to, even if they had to bring a hundred more of them, but seriously, it was too much trouble, so I just let them beat me up, since I didn’t want anymore attention.
    But in reality though I am a magnet with younger girls, which is why everyone thinks I’m a lolicon or something. Ah no more explanation.

    I gave out a huge sigh. I ignored Robert’s remarks and asked the question that’s been on my mind since I woke up from this old grocery cart.

    "Tama-chan! "

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    Re: The Last Chapter Series

    “Stop the cart” I said to Robert with a commanding voice.

    As soon as he stopped the cart, I quickly hopped off and gave a serious look at Robert. Nao on the other hand, who’s wearing MY glasses by the way, fixes the glasses to her face and also gave a serious look at Robert.
    Robert looks at us with his squinty eyes and a puzzled expression on his face.

    “Anything wrong?” said the squinty eyed, tentacle freak.

    “Why…?” I said dramatically, seriously I got caught up in the moment.

    “Why what…?”

    “Why are you wearing that corny red suit?” Okay that’s not the real question I was going to ask, but I have to ask about the suit, it’s so loud, I can’t hear myself think.

    Robert laughs awkwardly; Nao looked at me confused, while I bit my lip in embarrassment not knowing why that came out of my mouth.

    Robert spun around like a famous model and gave out a wink and a peace sign acting all cute. Yuck. What is this, comedy? Can we be serious now? I’m tired of playing around, I mean seriously, can we take this joke of a character out of the picture and start focusing on the main character. Sigh, such a waste of my time.

    “Red represents the color of tentacles, don’t you remember?” said Robert pointing at me and no I don’t remember. “Tentacles usually wear the skin color of red, and since I’m an avid fan of tentacles, I have to be one myself” Die you stupid perverted ass, die already, you’re such a waste of space in this lone world of ours. “I might attract my runaway tentacle ‘character’ if I wear a lot of red”

    Ah yes, Robert’s ‘character’ is tentacles, I still can’t believe it myself, since most writers that I have seen in the past had human ‘characters’ and main character at that. But Robert’s weird, he has that tentacle as the main hero and villain. I’m not so sure how he can pull it off since tentacles… if people don’t know, are usually the type to rape women. Yes I said it. Tentacles are those alien or monster things that usually appear on hentai animes (porno anime if you don’t know the term.) They violate women in certain kind of ways… so yeah; please don’t ask why I know. Anyway, this guy is a high A-Class pervert; he is one of the stupid dirt in society. I should have never asked, curse me for being like this. And another note, his character ran away from him, and again please don’t ask why and how, since I myself don’t know, I hate digging in this pervert’s past.

    “Anyway…” Robert stopped his rants about his tentacle fetishes and gave me a serious look. “They want you back.”

    And of course with that line alone, I quickly turned my back away from Robert and began walking away, while Nao just by my side quickly followed.
    “Wait…!” exclaimed Robert.
    “I’m done with the government, If you want my ‘character’ take her, I don’t care much for her anyway, I’d live a surprisingly normal life without her, so take her” I said as I tilted my head back at Robert.
    “You know we can’t do that, only their writers can control them.”

    I give Nao an angry expression “I don’t control this psychotic bitch” Nao averted her eyes away from me and just looked down with a sad expression on her face. Even if she had helped me in a lot of ways, no matter what happens, a killer is a killer, the past I had with her will never be forgiven and forgotten, and I am stuck with this unusual character that I don’t even remember having one in my archives. I hate her. As long as she’s with me, I won’t find peace.

    “Being the first writer to ever make a character come out of the story and bring to our own reality… it’s not unusual they’d want to keep you on their hands, since they’d think of you as a threat. Plus, in all the ‘Writers’ who had the same ability as ours, you’re the only one who’s able to bring 100 characters out of the stories.”
    “Like I said…” I stopped Robert’s reasoning. “Take Nao away from me… and I’ll be nothing more than a normal writer, I don’t care much what you do to her, just get her far away from me as much as possible.”

    A rule about writers:

    • A ‘Writer’ creates the personality, the ability and the outlook of a character.
    • An ‘Artist’ draws out the characters to life within the ‘Writer’s’ characteristics.
    • Most of the ‘Writer’s’ who had the ability are their own ‘Artist’, while our Main character mostly rely on Nao, since Nao has what the government would call ‘The Pen and Paper’ ability, and Nao being the Artist for the main character.
    • ‘Writers’ are limited to one character, at least that’s how it is shown on the current stats of the government.
    • A ‘Character’ can come in and out of reality on certain amount of times, depending on a ‘Writer’s’ stamina, since the stamina is their food to become reality in our own world.

    There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the bizarre events that affected the writers all over the world. Nao Eless and Robert’s Tentacle character is also a huge mystery among them. In Robert’s case, his character is the only one who didn’t rely on Robert’s stamina, and never got attached to Robert, since most characters are attached to their writers. The main character is also a mystery, becoming the first writer, and breaks most of the rules on the writers.

    “Writer…” Robert gave out a sigh, a sign of giving up.
    “Don’t call me that” I hate that name, since the government and everyone I know calls me that, no one even knows my real name anymore, I think I lost my existence after the beginning of the bizarre events that took place between me and Nao from the past. Although I can’t use my Pen Name, since I’m on hiding (and clearly been found) and for some other reasons. Robert, it’s not even his real name, it’s his alias. The World Government people who deals with every supernatural event that transpire all over the world discarded their names and existence after being affiliated with anything out of the ordinary, I think it’s protocol, well I never really cared much for it anyway.

    “I won’t stop you… but as a friend…” Robert, I never once acknowledge you as a friend, so please, lay low on the fantasies, “I’m giving you a warning… they’ll do anything to get you back, they’ll most certainly be violent and take extreme measures, even if it means tracking down your past” said Robert worriedly.

    I ignored Robert’s warnings and continued my way home. Nao followed me home as usual.

    As soon as I got home, I looked around the small apartment that I have rented this past month, and the only thing that I have in this apartment is one futon for one person. I never bothered to buy any other stuff since it would be a waste, because I move out every month or so.
    “Things are going to be noisy around here…” I mumbled to myself “I better leave as soon as possible; I don’t want anyone to get involve with any of my affairs anymore.”

    I looked out the window and saw some kids playing around by the streets.
    The country I reside in: Philippines, this is the country I was born, this is the country I grew up, and after 17 years I had to move to America because of some certain circumstances. I’m currently in what probably most likely referred to as the suburbs. A lot of struggling families and people around this place, yet the rent in this small apartment is pretty good. Although the community is pretty poor, everyone still has that kind of serene looks on their faces, the children, the hard working parents, they enjoy life as it is, as how it is. I wishfully someday everyone in this community would find happiness in their own way, I’m sure they’re happy along with their family, but I’m hoping for everyone.
    “That’s why I can’t stay here any longer… I don’t want to trouble the community” I looked around the room and see Nao sit on her usual spot. Sitting on here heels, Nao looks at me with the sad expression on her face. I scratched my head “Ugh… I’ll take a nap for a bit, Nao, don’t move nor do anything please, and can you please wake me up in four hours or so” Nao nodded. I lie down on the futon and covered my head with a pillow.


    "Tama-chan! "

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    Re: The Last Chapter Series

    “Nao, seriously, please don’t do anything and stay put” I said to Nao while the pillow is still on my head.
    “Yes Master” she replied with a soft voice. After a few minutes of trying my hardest to not think about my situation on the whole ‘Bizarre Events’ as a ‘Writer’, I finally fell asleep.

    I started dreaming.

    I dream I’ve been having since I came back here in the Philippines six months ago.

    It always starts of as a fast forward style of dream from the past.

    My popularity skyrocketed as soon as my stories were released in public from Japan.

    A love from a voice actress I met in one of the anime studios… and the car accident that started it all.

    I remembered I was with someone, but cannot recall who. Everyone said I was alone and took off with the car by myself. I wasn’t drunk or sleepy that time, even the truck driver that was involved in the accident that time couldn’t recall what happened, which was something bizarre and what people and police called an ‘accident’.

    And then I met ‘Nao Eless’

    I woke up in a hospital bed full of bandages all over my body; I almost looked like a mummy from all the bandages back then. I guess it was really a heavy accident. I couldn’t move much and yet one I’m most worried about is my right hand, my writing hand. It seems it’s broken. I can’t even move the fingers, an injury that would really suck for a writer.

    “Oh, you’re finally awake” said a girl with a cheerful voice, yet I wasn’t sure where she was. I tried to move my head over to the left, but no one was there just flowers and ‘get well soon’ balloons, and then moved my head to the right, and again no one. Maybe it was just my imagination.

    “Over here, over here” said the girl with the cheerful voice. She was hiding by the foot of the bed; her eyes were the only one visible from the angle I was in.

    “H-Hi…” I said to the beauty that’s hiding by the foot of the bed, “And you are…?” I asked straight on with a distraught voice. She suddenly stood up from where she was hiding and I was surprised at what I saw. She was bare-naked.
    “Waa… hold on a minute, what’s going on here” I said to her, embarrassed at the situation while averting my eyes away from her. “Oh… uhm, you created me” she said pointing at herself, ignoring my reaction from seeing her naked body, “Shouldn’t you know my name… hmm, well… actually I don’t have one yet, and I was waiting for you to wake up to give me my name, since this is the first time we saw each other face to face” clearly it is the first time.
    Still embarrassed at the white slender naked girl in front of me, I tried covering my face as much as I can while asking the question “C-created?! What are you talking about? I have no clue what you’re talking about, and why are you naked!?”
    She crawled up my bed and slowly came near me, “Huh? What’s wrong? Are you still not feeling well? You’re all red, do you want me to call the nurse?” ehem… I’m clearly still not feeling well, thank you very much, and once again if I may add, she dodged my question of her being naked, what is wrong with this situation? Am I in a manga/anime or something? Or is this some kind of T.V. thing, you know, where they make fun of people behind cameras. Well this isn’t funny.
    She tried reaching for the device to call for the nurse, but before she could, I slightly pushed her away from me with whatever strength I had. It would probably be troublesome, embarrassing, maybe a scandal if someone sees a “High Celebrity” like me alone with a naked girl.

    “Who are you?” I asked once again with a confused/angry/maybe moronic look
    “Hmm...? You created me, you’re supposed to name me” she replied with the same answer. What is a she a robot?
    “C-created?! What are you talking about? I have no clue what you’re talking about, and why are you naked!?” but then again I repeated myself with that phrase. Am I robot now too? Did I turn into some kind of bionic man?! Robocop?
    Nooooo, I like being human please help me stop this delusions!
    She jumped off the bed and took my blanket as she covers herself with it.

    From that point on my dream became fuzzy, fast forward style with no sound, although I could still somehow see that she was saying something, but do not recall what it was.

    And then once again, the dream resumes. I had a look of surprised back then from all the things she said, and like I said, I couldn’t recall what it was.

    “I’m a nameless character huh?” she said with a sad tone on her voice.

    “Nameless huh” I said to her, still a bit confused on what she just said, “Hmm… I guess I have no choice but to name you like you said I guess…” she looked at me overjoyed and said “Really?! You’re finally going to give a nameless character me a name, I will finally exist!”

    “Ahaha… I guess… well Nameless… Nameless… Nam Eless… Ah… I know, since I’m not sure who you are, and you began as a Nameless character, you’re name from now on would be…”
    She looked at me with sparkling eyes and a huge smile on her face, anticipating a name that would come out of my mouth. I looked at her and said, “From now on you will be called…”

    “Nao Eless”

    "Tama-chan! "

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