Part 1

Narrator: Once upon a time when two young ladies are young, and not aware of there eternal friendship or demonic powers, they spend every moment together, at the age of 17 one of the grow in to the marvelous model by the name of Cookie Chin, she was built like a Stallion, long black hair, and fair skin, and caramel eyes, she attracted everybody that pasted her way, but her heart belonged to a kind man by the name of Jet, they were soon to get married at the age of 20.

The other lovely young lady was very mini for her size, she had caramel hair and you could say she was a small caramel candy, her eyes and skin were caramel as well, her name was Monty Luun, she has a commitment issue, but she has an eye for an Asian boy the name of Dimmy.

One day as they (Cookie and Monty) made there way to the Tokyo fish market, there were stopped by a very handsome boy that seemed a year younger then them.

Boy: Hey ladies I see you two are hot and ready to party. [Hands Cookie a flyer]

Cookie: Why should we come?

Boy: Because baby I throw get parties, and the infamous DBSK will be there.

(And with that the girls jumped and giggled like crazy)

Boy: So you both will come?

Monty: Of course! [The boy walked away] Cookie we're going to meet DBSK, I am so going to raped Micky!

Cookie: *giggles* you are crazy; I am going to sing with Yunho! Then get him to sigh me on there label!

Monty: Let’s get the fish and pick out outfits!

(Both girls did as so and ran home to await a disappointment they did not know yet. The day of the party has arrived and they are on there way there.)

Monty: It’s over here! [They both run to a door of a very large brown temple]

(They knock and the boy from before answers the door)

Boy: What’s happening ladies, the party is in here. [They both stepped into see no one was in the temple]

Monty: Huh where is everybody?! [A man approaches Monty behind her]

Cookie: Monty look out! [But the man has already got her, Monty screams and shouts to warm Cookie a man is behind as well but the sounds from her mouth comes out as broken cries. The man gets Cookie, Monty life’s flashes before her very eyes as they tear. The only word to escape Monty mouth was “sorry”. Monty did have second thoughts about the party but she saw Cookie was happy and just ignored it.]

(Seven days pasted as the two girls are gone, and Jet is worried half to death, Dimmy the boy Monty crushed on had been worried as well, and had join in on the search)

Jet: O gods, what if their hurt somewhere, raped or even worse dead! [Jet is holding back his cries] I don’t know what I’ll do if their hurt. I love Cookie.

Dimmy: Dude don’t cry, you got to be strong and keep looking, I miss Monty too, I loved the way see looking sweetly at me then smiled, I cant believe I never knew she liked me.[shakes head disappointed]

Jet: Man, she is like a sister me, so when we do find them treat her right. Maybe we should check down town, in the alleys some where.

Dimmy: When we find them I am gonna take Monty to my house—

Jet: Don’t wanna hear it!

Dimmy: No look, I am going to take her to my house and we watch a movie, and I know she likes me when I play the piano so I will play a note just for her then have dinner, under the moonlight, and give her that teddy bear she liked when I won it at the Tokyo fair.

Jet: Well I and Cookie is going to have it for the first time.

Dimmy: Ya’ll didn’t do it yet?

Jet: Nope.

Dimmy: And how long have you two been together?

Jet: Almost as long as she’s been friends with Monty, about 6 years. We should get going!

(The two exits out the door and in the temple were the abduction happened, both girls were fine. They sat there in chains that connected to the floor eating dinner)

Monty: Don’t you think we should escape while there gone, Cookie?

Cookie: Ok [Cookie uses the pointy end of the fork, to pick at the lock, then it breaks, Cookie starts to cry before Monty hands Cookie her fork, Cookie try’s again and it works, she successes in getting both her and Monty free, and just in time too, the men arrive, and starts to chase the girls around the temple, Mon and Cook make it out the door but is meted by to other men.

Monty: They brought help!

Cookie: run! [Both cook and Mon, run wildly so that the bullets that were being shot at them missed, the girls ran it to the woods and hid, Cookie hide in the shadows with her hair over her face kneed down, went in to a cave and curled up, she looked much like a brown wolf, the men past them, Cookie whistled and Monty came out, they both ran tell they came to town, and then home they went.] I can’t wait to see Jet!!

Monty: *sign* So alone….

(She they reached home and no one was there)

Cookie: Were are they?!

Monty: Probably looking for us.

(A knock on the door, Monty looked out the window)

Monty: It’s the men that took us!!!!!!!

Cookie: HIDE!

(They both hid in the bath room tub, and listened, they heard them break in, the girls were very scared, the men tore things down, and broke things maybe just for the hell of it, then they heard Jet and Dimmy’s voice)

Monty: Jet and Dimmy!!!

(In the hall way was a struggle, then a gun shot sound, the girls were so worried the ran out to the hall to see a hole in the wall and the two men laid out on the floor, Dummy and Jet are ok, the girls give their men huge hugs and kisses, not realizing that the kidnappers had made there way to there feet and headed toward s the young teens, with a big 2 by 4)

Dimmy: We’re happy you’re safe…….

(The gave each other a hug in thanks the other was there to support the other, one of the men whacked Dimmy in the back of the head and the other hit Jet in the legs, the back knocking him out instantly. Both girls screamed, and in an instant the kidnapping men were lifted in to the air and ripped in to the air, blood streaming everywhere and the girls eyes wide open to a sight they can believed happen)

Cookie: W-What happened?!

Monty: I don’t know, did we do that? (She looked around to see is there was anyone else, and no was there) I guess so! (Monty stared at the blood in hopes it would happen in a matter to clean it up, it didn’t) It happened when we screamed and held each other.

Cookie: Maybe if we scream it will happen.

Monty: I doubt it, maybe if we hold hands, (they held hands)

Cookie: Focus on the blood, hopefully it will clean up. (They focused on the blood and in an instant it clean up) Something happened like this before.

Monty: When was this?

Cookie: We were kids and that boy was taking our toys, and before we knew it the boy was lied out across the floor and the ambulance came.

Monty: Ohhhhhh…….. That was funny

Cookie: Yeah I guess it was *smile*
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Narrator: Now that the young Demons are know aware of there bond and powers, they have yet to figure out their purpose, in life which is to lead the army from hell, the army made up of the bloodiest killers, the ones that died a horrible death, and trapped in hell till the day the leaders come, the one born of wolfs blood, and soaked in gold. And the other shield by the darkness, and skinned toned according to devils coal law, Xia-mon and Ria-Cook, Ria is the one that all fear, but none respect, she has never been known to be trusted, that will be her down fall………………………

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