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Thread: The Legend of the Archangel

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    The Legend of the Archangel

    (this takes place in NY, by the way)

    I saw her the next day. she was standing around. she looked up at the cathedral tower. She was staring at it.

    i floated behind her. she suddenly turned. i moved, she didnt see me.
    i flu away near the tower. she looked up suddenly. that proved it. she could sense me if not see me.

    i went to an alley.
    i turned around quickly.
    "oh, its you. what do you want?" it was an angel i knew.
    "i was just wondering what you were doing following the human girl"

    It was Touga Kurenai. i have no idea how he became an angel. he is a bisexual pretty boy. he has long golden hair, and is well..kind of the typical angel, but with a twist. he's actually annoying. More like an angel of sexuality.-think Cupid full grown.

    "none of your business, leave me alone"

    "i think it is, love. remeber what happened last time."

    "how the hell do you know about that?"

    "ive been around the block a few times, and i know things,even if she is the reincarnation, she'll pay the price, dear."

    "shut up! get away from me!"

    "*yawn*, bye love. i'll see you later."(winks and flies off)

    God damn it. Damn it all.

    i went the next day to see her. i decided, my love will never die. running from it wont mean i'll forget it. she stood there. same way. i decided, i'll take my human form. im sick of playing guardian. if anything happens, ill protect her, even if it is against the will of God.

    i walked up behind her. i tried to talk. i just made a strange mutter noise. she turned around. i disappeared.
    Damn it! how could i be such a wimp!.
    she looked confused. i followed her. she finally walked away when it got dark. she walked into an alley. she looked cold, and sad. my heart was screaming for her.

    she turned and walked into another alley. i silently followed her. then she stopped suddenly. she tried to walk in the other direction fast. i soon saw why. there were thugs mugging a guy in the alley. then they saw her. they yelled at her. she ran off. they ran after her. one tried to grab her arm.

    DAMN DAMN DAMN!! i couldn't do anything.

    i couldn't help it.

    i flew down as fast as i can. I spread my wings, the black streched across in front of her as a shield. i gripped the scythe in my hands. the thugs couldn't see me. a light beamed from behind me, i swung the scythe in the air. i knew the light would be blinding. i couldn't kill a human without reason.

    they ran off, freaked out. i slowly turned around. Her eyes were huge. she walked backward slowly. she tripped, and landed on her butt.

    i floated low to the ground, and held my hand out to her. she slowly took it. she stood up and looked me straight in the eye.

    (to be continued)
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    Re: The Legend of the Archangel

    Lol, Emo, don't steal Touga's Name! any way.
    i want more., gimme

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