Part One – A Maiden's Sorrow

In a dreary village of Ora, the walls that were once impenetrable are now as brittle as chalk. The buildings that once stood tall now are just in ruin. Once populated with farmers and nobles alike, all that's left now is a ghost town.

People have heard stories of this village and why the villagers disappeared. Long ago, legend has it that the village was once populated with lush cherry blossom trees and flower gardens as far as the eye could see. But the most beautiful part of this village was the Iris Maiden.

She was called the Iris Maiden because of the miracle that had appeared at her birth. It was said that the day she was born, it was the time of the garden of Iris flowers blooming, which only occurred once every century.

The story continues on saying that on her 16th birthday she was engaged to a handsome young man who was born into a wealthy family. Within the same month of their engagement, a feud went on between a neighboring village. The young man had promised the maiden when the feud was over that he would return and they would be married on that day.

Everyday, the Iris Maiden would wait until her beloved would finally come back home. Days went by and still he didn't return. Then days turned into weeks and still nothing. By the 6th week, a messenger had arrived to tell the head of the village, Hirota Mushiora, the most recent turn of events.

“Mr. Mushiora, I presume,” said the messenger.

“Yes, what's the status report of our soldiers.” Mushiora replied. “Are the men coming back soon? As you know, harvest season is coming and most of our best farmers are still fighting.”

“Well sir, I have come here to relay the message of General Shio Adowa,” the messenger stated.

“And?” growled Mushiora.

“The General wanted me to tell you that they are currently tending to the injuring and burying the corpses,” the messenger answered.

“Oh, that's right. The casualties.” Mushiora remembered. “What about my son? What has become of him?”

“Ummm...(gulps deeply)..Well, that's the thing,” the messenger retorted. “The General wanted to make sure I told you—”

“Well, out with it!” Mushiora commanded.

“—and the Iris Maiden about him!” the messenger quickly replied.

Within a few moments later, the Iris Maiden did what she was instructed and went to speak with the messenger and Mushiora.

“Yes, my lord,” the Iris Maiden said. “Why have you summoned me?”

“Well, I have new information from the General,” Mushiora answered. “The messenger said you would have to also be here to hear the news.”

“Your son's whereabouts are unknown at this point,” the messenger said.

“What!” Mushiora yelled. “You can't find my son.”

“We have reason to believe he has been captured by—,” the messenger quickly continued.

Before he could finish his statement, the Iris Maiden rushed out in tears. Although she was crying, it was tears of joy. She believed that there was still a chance that he's still alive.

“I know he'll come back someday,” the Iris Maiden said. “Until that day comes, I shall wait for him.”

Years passed by and she still waited. After twenty years went by, she was diagnosed with a terminal disease. None of the doctors could figure out the root of her condition. In the end, she died of a broken heart never to be reunited with her beloved. To this day, the whereabouts of the lost soldier is still unknown.

Afterwards, the town began lose its luster. The cherry blossom trees and flower gardens withered away. The crops would not grow anymore vegetables. It's seems that when they lost the maiden, the town lost everything. Years went by and more families began migrating other villages. Fourteen years after the maiden's death, not one person of this once proud village remained.

To be continued.....

Coming soon.....Part Two – The Wanderer

*This was my first fanfic I've written. Hope it wasn't too bad. If anyone has any comments or suggestions, please feel free to share them.