This is the first chapter to Awakening (the first thread was an intro of sorts, to tie in to the climax). This is actually only a third of the first chapter, but seeing how long the chapter was, I've decided to post it in segments.

December 31, 1999

Felix sat down at his desk in his fiery red room and switched on his laptop. He looked out the open window and onto the active streets, filled with a myriad of young children, hovering mothers, surly teenagers, and many other people, as he waited for his computer to finish loading.

This was one of busier times of the constantly bustling year: winter. Because of all the tourists who came to Durango, Colorado for the snowy slopes, there were so many people; the amount even outweighed the number of tourists and family who came to take advantage of the cool weather during the summer.

But even tourist season couldn’t detract from the natural beauty of the land. Felix himself had recently moved to Durango from Houston, and he had to admit that the strong change in weather, especially temperature, was very welcome. The winters in Houston could be up to 80 degrees, and though Felix had a little trouble accepting the abrupt change of weather and air, he was certainly not complaining.

Felix watched the birds in the tree outside his room. They flew back and forth between the nest and the ground, or anywhere else, searching for twigs or leaves in the snow to build their nest out of and help pack in that little bit of extra warmth for their chicks. Sometimes, the birds would even bring back obvious discards from someone’s garbage.

Beep! And with that, Felix’s focus was disrupted as his computer backdrop of The Lord of the Rings* movie poster flashed onto the screen. The poster displayed the Fellowship* at the top, all armed with swords, bows, axes, or daggers, and the nine Ringwraiths* at the bottom, with swords raised high, searching for the One Ring*.

Even though it was only 1999, though nearing the end this very night, Felix already knew about the movie coming out in 2001. He had gotten onto an unofficial movie website and gleefully downloaded the picture to his computer.

Felix would openly admit that he was a Lord of the Rings* fanatic, but he couldn’t stand being called a nerd about it, even though in some people’s eye, he was. But the truth was that he loved reading and rereading the books, because during the brief time he was immersed in the story, it was as if he himself took part in all the epic battles side by side with his favorite characters. He often dreamed of being able to live out these fantasies, to be able to carry about weapons and wield powerful spells that he could use to fight off evil.

Felix’s room was decorated with printouts of more movie screens, and he had many two-year calendars hanging up, marked with the release date of the first movie in the epic trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring*. He felt that if he was able to cross off more than one day on his many calendars at a time, it would seem as if it would cause that many days to go as quickly as one.

Waking up from his reverie about the movie’s awesomeness (or so Felix hoped), he logged onto the internet and quickly opened two instant message boxes. After checking his friends list to make sure Felix’s two friends were logged onto the internet, he typed a message to moomoojacker and kgirl_86.

LOTRfan_713: hi kristen, isaac
kgirl_86: hi
moomoojacker: hi
LOTRfan_713: what are you doin?
kgirl_86: nothing
moomoojacker: same
LOTRfan_713: u wanna come over to my house?
kgirl_86: k
moomoojacker: why not
LOTRfan_713: I got a new book from my parents and it’s really old & weird. you would like it
kgirl_86: k
moomoojacker: see you then

Felix logged off and closed the screen to put his laptop on standby.

The book he had told his friends about was a book his parents had stumbled upon during an archaeological dig. Both his parents were archaeologists and had given the ancient book to Felix for Christmas when they deemed it no valuable part of history and a waste of an archaeological investigation. The decision had actually surprised Felix, since he never thought something like that was allowed. Which would explain why they had warned that if something did turn up about the book, or anything else of the sort, he would have to be willing to give it back.
Felix organized his room as best as he could before his friends got to his house, and sat at the front of his room, waiting. He didn’t have to wait long, for in a few seconds, the doorbell rang. Felix raced down the stairs and swung open the door.

“Ta-da!” Isaac exclaimed, throwing open his arms, with a huge smile occupying most of his face. Isaac was fairly tall with brown hair like Felix and piercing blue eyes. He was always smiling and cracking jokes, no matter how lame they were. That was probably why Felix liked Isaac so much. With a life like his own, Felix needed all the comical relief he could get.

Felix’s parents had divorced about three months ago. And after the divorce, his mother, who he lived with now, decided they needed to get away from their old home. So Felix had moved with his mother, unwillingly, a few weeks after the divorce to a new neighborhood. Felix had to transfer to a new school in the middle of the year. None of this was very good for Felix.

The jump between schools was one of the hardest parts of his life, that Felix had ever gone through. Felix’s old school wasn’t very high in setting standards, and thus it could be considered an easy school to pass. But Felix’s new school did have standards, and very high ones, to put it as it is.

And then, you had to factor in the accident.